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Back on track~


[X]"Aside from Yuuka keeping a firm schedule of things and I maintaining certain areas of the house, myself offering that service by choice mind you, I'm for the most part free."
-[x]"In fact, Yuuka did offer to let myself wander around the nearby for a bit, but considering I don't really know my way around well enough, among other things, I just decided to stick around instead this time."
--[x]"I'm glad I did though..."
[x] "If I catch you on a day off, think you can show me around; or do you think perhaps your sister would be willing to?"

It was only natural that Shizuha was curious of how you lived with Yuuka. After all, most of the people in the town seemed to see Yuuka as someone to fear and basically the last person you would want to be caught dead living with. Even so, another part of your mind seemed to think that this curiosity, as natural as it seemed, was all but the product of some other emotion. Well, either way, you had a question to respond to, and it wasn't going to get answered with you being silent, so you push these thoughts aside and focus on Shizuha's question toward you. "Aside from Yuuka keeping a firm schedule of things and I maintaining certain areas of the house, myself offering that service by choice mind you, I'm for the most part free." Which is true, Yuuka has granted you a fair amount of freedom upon letting you stay at her house, alot more than you thought she would, as a matter of fact. "In fact, Yuuka did offer to let myself wander around the nearby for a bit, but considering I don't really know my way around well enough, among other things, I just decided to stick around instead this time."

"Ah I see, that makes since then." Shizuha nods in understanding, leaning back in her a little in her chair. "Mino and I didn't wander around much when we first got here either, but now, I'd say we know a good chunk of this city like the back of our hand...well, sorta."

"I'm glad I did though..."


"I'm glad I stayed behind, if I didn't I probably wouldn't have been able to hang out with you." You speak up, with a friendly smile. It is now that you manage to come up with an idea. "Say...If I can catch you on a day off, do you think you can show me around; or would your sister be okay with doing it?"

"Hmm, me and Mino do share the same work schedule...well almost, depending on if the old man has alot of errands to run." Shizuha said, her chin resting in her palms as she appeared to be thinking on a suitable response to your tour offer. "But I think we can show you around sometime. Heck, we might even be able to do it tomorrow, seeing as the old man's going to a wedding or something that day." Ah that's rather convenient, isn't it? However, before you go getting excited over this little field trip, you have to make sure you do one thing first...

"Cool, just lemme ask Yuuka first to see if it's okay with her."

"Ask Yuuka, what?" You flinch to the sound of Yuuka's voice, turning your head to see her peering at a group of flowers not to far from where you and Shizuha were chatting. It...makes you wonder just how long she's been there or how much she's been listening in on. Well, to be fair, you weren't exactly paying too much attention to where Yuuka was or what was going on for that matter...

"Oh, uhm...I asked if Shizuha and Minoriko could show me around town a bit tomorrow," You explain, before you pause for a moment, taking a second to gather some courage to ask the youkai on what you wanted to do. Then again, if she was standing here...shouldn't she already know? Or was she just drawing you out again...the answer is anyone's guess really. "So...can I go with them?"

"Sure go ahead. Shizuha and Minoriko aren't really strangers to me, so I'm willing to trust them with you for this." Yuuka replies turning her head back to the flowers. "Just know that if Marisa comes by while you're away, I'll be the one to deal with her~" Oh right...you completely forgot about that.

"Marisa?" Shizuha echoed, "You mean that witch who lives in forest and steals stuff from people?"

"Yeah, I sorta made a deal with her about the Yuuka's library. It's so she doesn't steal anything from Yuuka, which...isn't really a good idea." You pause for a moment before you face Yuuka, knowing exactly what she meant by her words before. "Now that I think of it...Yuuka, what DO you do to people who steal from you anyway?"

An odd silence hangs in the air as Yuuka blinks to your question before she casually answers with, "I don't think I'm supposed to talk about that sort of thing to a minor." Oh dear...is it really THAT bad? You want to ask further in this, but then again, you still want to eat lunch later, so...let's not dig any deeper than we should, shall we?

"Well...try not to hurt Marisa too badly if she stops by, okay?" You say to Yuuka. "Even though she has a history of stealing books and stuff, she's still my friend."

"Oh alright, Thomas. I swear, you and your father are nothing alike when it comes to having fun~" Yuuka sighs a bit, twirling the closed parasol in her hand a bit. You were well aware that you and your father were quite different when it came to a sense of humor (you take more after your mother in that department), but you begin to wonder on what Yuuka and your dad actually did together that they both found 'fun'. Certainly it's something you can ask her about later or something. "Anywho, you can go with Shizuha and Minoriko, but I want you back before dinner and not a second later. There's this odd gang of delinquents that's been running around here at night and I don't want you getting caught up in their nonsense."

"No need to worry, Yuuka." Shizuha speaks up with a smile. "We'd treat'em like he was our own."

"I'm sure that you would, otherwise I would be quite unhappy camper." Yuuka chuckled, a smile spreading across her face but, looking at it yourself, this smile proves to be something a bit...darker than what's intended to be seen at face value. You have a distinct feeling that this smile is Yuuka's way of adding an undertone of 'Or Else' to her, otherwise polite, response. Shizuha seems to understand what this expression of Yuuka meant to her as she starts to shrink in her seat a bit and chuckle nervously in response uttering no further comment on the matter. "Now then, say goodbye to Miss Shizuha, it's about time we headed on home."

"Oh, we're leaving so soon?" You ask, feeling that it hasn't been all that long since you arrived here.

Yuuka quirks an eyebrow, "So soon? It's just nearly Lunchtime." You blink in confusion and gaze at the nearest clock, located on the wall behind Shizuha. Huh, turns out it actually IS Lunchtime, or at least mid day. Time really does fly, doesn't it? "You and Shizuha must have lost track of time when you were over here chatting." Yuuka adds as you shrug your shoulders a bit and get ready to head on out with Yuuka.

"I guess, I'll see you tomorrow, Shizuha."

"Sure, we'll be sure to come and get you when we're ready." The blond replies with a friendly smile. "Oh and we'll be sure to let you know if any new flowers come in anytime soon, although honestly, you should buy some sometime; it'll save you the trouble of coming out so much."

"Oh I don't mind the trip, it makes for good exercise~" Yuuka hummed in a cheerful tone. "But...I'll think about buying some soon, I could use a few more flowers to decorate the otherside of my house." Yuuka then begins to walk off towards the door, you wasting no time in following as you quickly turn and wave goodbye to Shizuha. Outside, Minoriko has all but finished whatever job she was doing out here at first and had come to sit on a folding chair nodding off to sleep once or twice. With how comfortable it feels outside, it's no wonder she's giving in to the Sandman. Then again, sleeping on the job is never really a good idea unless you know you can get away with it. Even so, you take the time to wake Minoriko up a bit by telling her of what you and Shizuha were talking about inside and she seems to like the idea quite a bit.

Tomorrow was already gearing up to be quite the exciting day and the current one is no where near over yet~

[- Mugenkan ~ Yuuka's Abode -]
(♬) BGM ~ Home, Sweet Home {http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6UrOCDiNbE}

Arriving back home didn't take as long as you thought it would, probably because you were able to talk with Yuuka a bit more as you walked. The both of you didn't talk about much, just the city in general and what you could expect to see once you left with the Akis tomorrow. Although Yuuka does seem to give you a good idea of , you can tell she's not telling you everything you need to know. You can only guess that she's doing this so she doesn't "spoil" the trip for you, after all, it would be far more exciting if you saw everything first hand for yourself rather than allow someone to tell you about everything.

Lunch passes without incident, well save for fairy shenanigans anyway. Apparently, they were slacking off on lunch and didn't really have it ready when Yuuka got home, all the winged maids were thrown in a panic and placed the blame on a larger one who they all claimed they could cut some slack and put off on Lunch. Yuuka doesn't seem to punish the fairy too much, well...if you don't count whacking the fairy with her parasol as "nothing much". Of course, Yuuka tells the fairies that it could have been much worse had they not fixed lunch at all. The fairies quickly apologize greatly for their mistake and take their leave.

"Sometimes I wonder who's the bigger kid here, you or the fairies." Yuuka sighs a bit as the dining room falls silent, your eyes narrowed a bit at the fact that Yuuka still calls you a kid...even though you kinda are, being 15 years old doesn't really make you an adult, now does it? "Anyway, you have the whole day to yourself, Thomas. What are you gonna do?" Yuuka asks, the answer to her question being something you have to think about a little bit. Although you did want to read up on the book you found in the library (you believe it was a book pretaining to PSI), you're still free to do other things. You doubt Marisa's going to come back anytime soon so you didn't really have to hang out in the library, that and you recall that you haven't really talked to Elly all that much either.

In anycase, what you do now is up to you. The day is still far from ending so, depending on how long you take doing one thing, you may have time to do something else behind it before bedtime.

[ ] Head to your room and nap.
[ ] Go to the library and read.
[ ] Spend some time with Auntie Yuuka~
[ ] Hang out with Elly, you don't think you've ever talked to her much.
[ ] Play with the fairies.
[ ] (Write-in)


I'm not exactly sure how folks will take the fact that Thomas is rather young as far as MCs go, but I'm sure that won't matter too much, right?

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[x] Spend some time with Auntie Yuuka~




It's fine
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[x] Spend some time with Auntie Yuuka~
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[x] Spend some time with Auntie Yuuka~
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[x] Spend some time with Auntie Yuuka~

>I'm not exactly sure how folks will take the fact that Thomas is rather young as far as MCs go, but I'm sure that won't matter too much, right?

Yuuka: Hey Thomas, wanna /ss/?

Just kidding.

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So anyway, what the hell is /ss/? Google only returns stuff pertaining to Social Security and the Schutzstaffel..

As for the whole young thing, it's fine as long as there's nothing revolting like shota-rape.
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/ss/ on some imageboards means /ss/ - Straight Shota.
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[x] Spend some time with Auntie Yuuka~
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[x] Spend some time with Auntie Yuuka~
Sweet! I was wondering when this would start up again.
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>As for the whole young thing, it's fine as long as there's nothing revolting like shota-rape.

You monster.
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I'm all for shota rape and.. wait,w rong board

[x] Spend some time with Auntie Yuuka~
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[x] Spend some time with Auntie Yuuka~

And probably a bit too late, but:
[x] Maybe ask her about how she knew dad.

Why not kill two birds with one stone? Spend time with Yuuka and learn something at the same time.
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[x] Spend some time with Auntie Yuuka~

But I just noticed we're 15? By the way Thomas is actin' I thought we'd be like friggin' 9 or 10 (and I was kinda hoping for that too since I'm looking at Yuuka x Thomas. Damn you for making me a pedo!)! He should be at least a bit more interested in the girls or a little less innocent or something! I'm not saying he should be a protagonist like a typical high schooler smokin' weed and drinkin' just cause it's cool or being part of that high school drama BS. Just have him be a little more of a typical 15 year old.
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Hooray for updates!

[X] Spend some time with Auntie Yuuka~
-[x] Talk more about Psi abilities and whether Dad shown something like it when he visited.

>But I just noticed we're 15? By the way Thomas is actin' I thought we'd be like friggin' 9 or 10

Thought he was younger too considering the "Earthbound/Mother2" references. Heck Ness's around 10 - 13 years around there...
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It's not rape, it's Yuuka teaching him how to handle a woman.

Thomas is simply a good boy, that and this does have some general earthbound spirit.

[X] Spend some time with Auntie Yuuka~

Fine way start the rest of the day, we can read that book later.

I don't mind Tom being younger, all it does is make me want to see a Tom/Yuuka scene.
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[x] Spend some time with Auntie Yuuka~
I must object, there is nothing wrong with shota-rape if it's done by Yuuka.
>> No. 28553
it's not rape if it's willing.
>> No. 28559

Oh I don't have a problem with him being good, I just think he's a little TOO good and innocent. I guess I just like a protagonist that's a bit more believable and relatable in my eyes. Right now I think he's a tad creepy, like stereotypical Mormon kid creepy. I still like him a good bit though.
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File 127847021910.jpg - (344.11KB , 900x2100 , 1263246419089.jpg ) [iqdb]

You would be a good and proper boy too if you lived with Yuuka.
>> No. 28561
Better than stereotypical US TV drama horndog or Matoko Ito. And the kid's getting used to a new type of life.
>> No. 28563

Not to mention Yuuka's the only being keeping him alive and well from other would-be-hostile denizens of Gensokyo.

Besides eventually as he bonds with Yuuka & Staff more, becoming something else beyond that of being a concern of Yuuka occasionally, he's bound to be more bold in his interactions and relaxed with the more friendly.

Especially after what; losing a home and family, suffering strange headaches relating to mysteriously hidden powers, finding salvation with one of the most feared beings in Gensokyo, becoming acquainted and befriending with an eccentric, thieving witch (got to be rather wild to chance stealing anything from Yuuka leisurely), exploring a mind fuck of a closet with creatures that would attempt to eat him...


I'm sure he'll turn out just fine soon enough.
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[x] Maybe ask her about how she knew dad.
Adding this to my vote. Im damn curious now.
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Alright, quality time with Yuuka it is. I'll get to writing in a bit.
>> No. 28641

Quality time with Yuuka is time well spent.

And I'll throw in a 'Hooray!' for good measure as well.
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File 12793477145.jpg - (69.22KB , 600x689 , 7ba15e5f05dc9635c6b72de601a1e93d.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Spend some time with Auntie Yuuka~

Hmm, maybe you could spend some time with Yuuka for a change. Those books are really going anywhere anytime soon (unless Marisa starts getting grabby), and you're sure Elly's not either, so let's see if Yuuka doesn't mind some company for the time being. As Yuuka stretches a bit, more than likely preparing to head off to where she was going, you stand from your seat and wave her down for a bit. "Hey Yuuka?" You speak up, the flower youkai opening one eye to gaze at you while she stretched. "Mind if I hung out with you for a while?" To be honest, you really have no clue on what Yuuka was going to do for the rest of the day. Given her liking for various flowers and such, you had a thought that she would most likely spend her entire day outside gazing at the sunflowers...although, that does sound a bit silly...even for Yuuka.

"Yes, I do. Go away." Yuuka replied in a rather nasty tone. You cringe a bit and open your mouth to apologize only to hear laughter escape Yuuka's lips. "Just kidding~" Apparently she was just joking. "You can come along with me if you want to. Although, I can gaurantee you'll get bored~"

"Why, what did you plan on doing?"

Yuuka pauses as she ponders on what she had planned, but eventually she came up with nothing and simply shrugged there after. Well...that would explain why you would get bored, can't find enjoyment while doing nothing. neither of you really had much to do or rather neither of you didn't know what to do. Of course, there's probably alot of stuff that can keep the both of you occupied, you just have to find it and make sure it's interesting. You take a moment to think, and manage to come up with at least two things that are worth mentioning...maybe.

"You wanna watch TV upstairs, there's probably something good on." Eh, probably. Television wasn't what it used to be, in all honesty. There were alot of good shows that are pretty much canned or off air now and most of the stuff that comes on now are...well, pretty stupid.

"Hrm, television's not really all that good anymore, even the Home and Gardening Channel changed for the worst..." Yuuka huffed a bit. You're not really all that surprised that Yuuka seems to watch the Home and Gardening Channel, although you do wonder if she actually pays attention to the "Home" aspects of that channel...

"Yeah...I remember some of my friends saying all the good stuff only came on at night." You comment with a sigh, before you look up and find that Yuuka's giving you a rather stern look. The reason behind this odd change in expression isn't something you can readily grasp at the moment, so you simply return a puzzled look of your own to the youkai.

"...I won't have you watching that garbage in this house, Thomas." Yuuka finally spoke up, her tone mirroring the hard look she's giving you. You still have no idea as to why Yuuka suddenly seems so bent on keeping you from watching stuff that came on after dark. It's not like anything dirty came on during those hours.


"H-Hold on a sec, Yuuka!" You choke a bit, holding your hands up as you feel your face heat up from embarrasment. "Th-those were all my friends back at home who watched that stuff...I-I never watched that sorta stuff before!" Which is true...well sorta. You still retained a faint memory of catching a glimpse of one show your Dad was watching late at night about several years ago (you can't really remember how many). From what you can remember, your dad had left to go do something elsewhere when you passed by the television to get a glass of water. It was during the few seconds of passing in front of the television that granted you the first few minutes of what a woman does when she once she sells her body for money. You can vaugely remember Dad catching you watching the scene but you don't recall on how he reacted...although, you can say it wasn't really of what you expected.

Of course...Yuuka didn't have to know of any of that...

"Alright then but, I mean what I say, Thomas." Yuuka told you, her finger pointed out toward your head. "It's bad enough you children are watching such filth, I won't be having you follow behind them. Maybe when you're a wee bit older, I'll let you but, for now no late night TV."

Okay, I won't mess with the TV after dark. Scouts Honor." You nod to Yuuka, before you bring your focus on whether you two were going to go to glue your eyes to the old boob tube or not. "Still...you want to watch TV or not?"

"Well, it doesn't really matter too much. To be honest I didn't have anything big planned for today except for that Flower Shop visit earlier today." Yuuka remarked, walking past you and heading for the door. You follow on behind her so you can hear what she has to say and an "I'm up for whatever you have in mind."

[ ] "Yeah TV's good."
[ ] "You got any board games?"
[ ] "Oh, I know! Let's play a video game!"
[ ] "Meh, chatting is just fine with me."
[ ] "Wanna do something outside?"
[ ] "Maybe...you can teach me some stuff on PSI?"
[ ] Don't Care (Randomly Selects)
[ ] (Write-in)


This could have been done long ago (and a longer length) but, ugh...it was such a busy week...
>> No. 28719
[x] "Oh, I know! Let's play a video game!"
Vidya, when played with family can be quite fun, though I think Yuuka's going to pull a surprise skillset on our asses if we play something competitive.
>> No. 28731
[x] "Wanna do something outside?"
-[x] "We can have a chat as well if you wouldn't mind."
--[x] "Maybe...you can teach me some stuff on PSI?"

>This could have been done long ago (and a longer length) but, ugh...it was such a busy week...

Take it easy~
>> No. 28732
[x] "Wanna do something outside?"
-[x] "We can have a chat as well if you wouldn't mind."
>> No. 28733
[x] "Wanna do something outside?"
-[x] "We can have a chat as well if you wouldn't mind."
--[x] "Maybe...you can teach me some stuff on PSI?"
>> No. 28734
[x] "Wanna do something outside?"
-[x] "We can have a chat as well if you wouldn't mind."
--[x] "Maybe...you can teach me some stuff on PSI?"

Making the most out of Yuuka time.
>> No. 28735
[x] "Wanna do something outside?"
-[x] "We can have a chat as well if you wouldn't mind."
--[x] "Maybe...you can teach me some stuff on PSI?"
>> No. 28742
[x] "Wanna do something outside?"
-[x] "We can have a chat as well if you wouldn't mind."
--[x] "Maybe...you can teach me some stuff on PSI?"

Sounds good to me.
>> No. 28773
>> No. 28839
Sorry to leave you all hanging but, there were a good number of birthdays this week (mine included) so, I had to set time apart to take care things on that front.

I'll get some writing done tomorrow since this looks like it will be a calmer week.

...Even though classes start 2 weeks from then...
>> No. 28840
Oh, well then a late happy birthday to you!
>> No. 28845
File 128022342552.jpg - (793.10KB , 1459x1140 , koakumaisalwaysrelevant.jpg ) [iqdb]
Happy late Birthday!
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File 128047062951.png - (6.10KB , 240x160 , Learnan PK.png ) [iqdb]
Pic is just me being silly with PK LOVE naming. Although it is semi-related to the current situation with Thomas so...


[x] "Wanna do something outside?"
-[x] "We can have a chat as well if you wouldn't mind."
--[x] "Maybe...you can teach me some stuff on PSI?"

Going outside sounded like a good idea...even though . Still, whether you just came from outside or not, this doesn't change the fact that you couldn't recall any time where you and Yuuka every sat down and chatted about anything, espeacially PSI. Now that you know you had the ability to use PSI, maybe it was about time you tried to learn how to use a little bit of it? If it was too soon for such a thing, then surely Yuuka would say so. if not, then now's as good a time as any to brush up this sort of thing. You can read more on about it later in the library. "Hey, you wanna do something outside?" You speak up as both you and Yuuka head into the foyer of the mansion. You completely forgot about the dirty dishes on the table, but your sure the fairies are going to take care of those like they do everything else around here. "We can chat about stuff too, if you want." Well, this was more a given than anything else. You honestly had nothing else planned for going outside other than talking with Yuuka and maybe getting her to educate you on using mind powers and the like. You're not sure if you will actually be able to pull anything off, after all, it was only about several hours ago that you learned you actually had PSI powers. Still, practicing things first hand is always a good way to learn, even if it would be all for nothing on your first try.

"A chat...hm, I can't recall a time where we ever had a heart to heart chat with each other, now that I think of it." Yuuka pondered, a rather nonchalant shrug following these words before she turned to the front door and gestured you to follow along behind her. "Alright, let's head on out then, tell me what's on your mind."

"Maybe...you could teach me some stuff on PSI?" It's best not to mince words, since your positive that you want to do this. However, Yuuka pauses for a moment in her walk around the house, curious on why she suddenly stopped you turn around and see her giving you blank look.

"Hmm, you want to learn how to use PSI, eh?" Yuuka says, an odd smirk creeping across her face. Whatever the reason is behind this change in expression is beyond you. "Are you sure your ready, you ARE just learning about your powers after all." Ah yes...that point again. It was a good idea to know your limits, but with something as mysterious as PSI, you don't really know what your limits could be. If it turned out you couldn't do anything with them on your first go, then that's fine, but...you're honestly just curious about them in general. Heck, anyone would be eager to learn how to use what is essentially a mentally super power.

You turn to Yuuka and give her a stern nod of your head. "Yes, I think I'm ready..." You pause for a moment. "...even if it's only been a few hours since I learned about them..."

"Fine, fine...follow me. We'll see just how "ready" you are in a moment..." Yuuka chuckled, as she turns to head elsewhere. You follow behind her as she says, the direction she takes headed around the house and looks to be headed toward the backyard of her abode. You can only guess that she's taking you here to grant the both of you more space when it comes to your lesson in PSI. Huh...now that you thought of it, the front yard DID have alot of stuff in the way. Most notably alot of flowers that you're sure Yuuka wouldn't like for any one to tread upon, be it an accident or otherwise.

It doesn't take very long before you reach the back yard of Yuuka's mansion, this being the first you've ever seen of it since you arrived here. It's not all that surprising in terms of looks, given that it's nothing short of a small garden. Yuuka comes to stand at the very center of the garden. "I'm going to be honest with you, learning how to do PSI isn't going to be easy, Thomas. PSI is an unnatrual thing for a human to be capable of, this isn't saying it's impossible, mind you. It's just going to be difficult."

"How many humans know of PSI anyway?" You query to the green haired youkai. "You say it as if there were other people who knew how to use it."

"There are. You're friend Marisa, for example, knows how to use PSI, but she usually refers to it as "magic' rather than PSI." Huh, so Marisa had some know how in PSI too? With that in mind, it would seem you and her had a little something in common now. You can only begin to wonder on how she would look once you told her you could use PSI just like her. "Your father also knew how to use it."

Wait, what...?

"My...dad?" You echoed. "My dad was able to use PSI?"

"Yes. In fact, your father was one of the first humans I saw who could use PSI as well as us Youkai." Yuuka replied before she paused and raised an eyebrow to your surprise at this revelation. Apparently, she figured you should have already known, given it's...well, your dad she was talking of. "What? Didn't he tell you about it?"

...That's the thing, though. Your dad never did tell you about PSI or the fact that he actually knew how to use it. That said, you highly doubt your mother knew about it either. Why would he not tell you about something like this? Was it because it was dangerous, or was he just not all that concerned with telling you? Ah...questions that you have no answer to...isn't this a familiar feeling. "I...can't really say that he did." You reply with a light shrug. "Hey...this wouldn't happen to be dangerous would it?" This is really an attempt to shed light on one of the questions your mind managed to cook up before. More or less pretaining to why your father never told you about PSI in the first place.

Yuuka gives you an odd look upon hearing this, her head tilting to one side. "Depends on how complex the skill you want to use." She replied. "We're not going to be doing anything mindblowing. You're still a beginner so we're going to take things slow."

"Ah, right..."

"If you're scared, we can always turn back." Yuuka remarked, taking note of your question earlier and seeming to assume that you were having second thoughts on learning PSI. "You may have the potential to learn PSI, but you don't have to learn it if you don't want to. What you do with your potential is up to you, not me." She's right, but you have already made up your mind on this. Plus, you're certain Yuuka wouldn't let anything happen if something did go wrong...so let's put aside our doubts for now and try to learn how to use some psychic powers.

"No, I'm gonna see this through."

"Alright then, if you're sure about this then let's get started." Yuuka said as she begins to pace. "As I told you before, PSI is a mental ability that allows you to do supernatrual things. A good number of people here usually lump it in with magic, but in reality, the two are one in the same. Now then, since PSI is a mental ability at it's core, this means you're going to have to concentrate and remain focused to perform it correctly. If you're anxious or confused, your PSI won't work right and will fail until you settle things upstairs, for this reason, it's best to use PSI only when you're clear at mind and are free from mental distractions."

"So basically...all I have to do is focus and concentrate and I can use it?" Although, something tells you it's alot more complicated than that...

"For you, it's not that simple." Yuuka shakes her head. "Concentrating is a good way to draw out your PSI abilities but, it's not enough to use it. You remember the headaches from before, yes?"

"Oh yeah, those." You do indeed remember them, however it is only now that you realize that, you...don't seem to have them anymore. Matter of fact, they've been gone ever since you left the house for the Human City earlier today. "Now that I think of it, I...sorta don't have those anymore."

"Really now?" Yuuka says as she crosses her arms over her chest, her eyes glancing off elsewhere. Her general expression gives you the feeling that she's thinking about something. "Hmm, then in that case, I guess you're more than ready then..."

"Wait, so the headaches disappearing means I'm ready to use PSI?"

"Yes. The reason behind the headaches is your body's reaction to something foreign developing in your brain. Once your brain is used to this, the headaches stop and thus you're ready to take things a step further." Yuuka explained. "However, you can't take things too far, do that and you'll get a migraine like you wouldn't believe..." Another point to watch out for in case you ever were going to try this on your own. You don't think you'll be so careless as to overdo it, but just in case, you make a note to use moderation when ever you're trying to use some PSI junk.

"Alright, now that we got all those words out of the way, let's focus on actually doing something with our PSI, shall we?" The flower youkai says with a smile as she approached you, ready to begin the real lesson. "Tell me, what is it that you want to learn first; at this stage you can probably learn how to project psionic shields and use some minor offensive PSI, at best."

[ ] "I want to learn how to protect myself."
[ ] "Teach me how to fight back with PSI!"
>> No. 28874
[ ] "Teach me how to fight back with PSI!"

Every teen-aged boy wants to blow shit up.
>> No. 28880
[X]"I want to learn how to protect myself."

What, and pass up an ability that lets you soak up most physical or PSI hits like they're nothing?
>> No. 28881
File 128050256210.jpg - (26.60KB , 271x271 , 9f51aa11b67af923540258ab3d0891632f6a1e5d.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "Teach me how to fight back with PSI!"

Works for me~!
>> No. 28884
[x] "Teach me how to fight back with PSI!"

Didn't we choose a Ness(Offense) type anyways?
>> No. 28886
That you did. However this can also be a chance to learn one (of the only two) defensive skills you can get as well.

Just putting that out there.
>> No. 28888
[x] "Teach me how to fight back with PSI!"
Yay, updates, feels good.
>> No. 28891
Would this be the only chance to get it?
>> No. 28892
Probably not. Thomas is still a beginner, so he's going to need a little help and practice to get started with PSI. I plan on having it so that you can try to learn PSI from other Touhous (being there are a large amount who know PSI) but, you'll have to be wary of what type of PSI they'll be willing to teach you.

If it wasn't already obvious, Yuuka favors Offensive PSI and trades it for Speed.
>> No. 28991
Well since there's another opportunity later...

[x] "Teach me how to fight back with PSI!"

Why learn (comparatively) subpar defensive techniques from Yuuka when you can learn awesome attacks?
>> No. 29032
[x] "Teach me how to fight back with PSI!"
>> No. 29052
[X]"I want to learn how to protect myself."
Defensive techniques are fine, we can get offensive techniques from marisa or from Yuuka at a later time
>> No. 29059
>> No. 29067
File 128166754327.jpg - (194.82KB , 500x600 , Learnan from the breast-I mean best.jpg ) [iqdb]
A short update and a crude attempt at a riddle, all in one~!


[x] "Teach me how to fight back with PSI!"

You have two options of self defense here, one in which you can literally defend yourself with PSI or use PSI as a weapon against anyone hostile towards you or those close to you. The former option, while useful in it's own right, just...doesn't seem to catch too much of your interest when it comes to learning it. What you really want to do is learn how to actually fight using PSI was your supernatrual weapon. Yeah, maybe a part of this did stem from the excitment you were getting when you thought about what you could be capable of once you actually got the hang of PSI, but there is still the issue of where you now lived. Yuuka's mansion (as cozy as it seems) has a freakin' door to another dimension and on top of that houses a monster girl who tried to eat you. Going back there alone is out of the question, but you still feel you need the extra protection of PSI seeing as fighting things physically might not cut it.

"Yuuka, teach me how to fight back with PSI!" You speak up to the youkai, confident the answer you gave her. Offense seems to be the only thing on your mind, which is understandable given where you live...and maybe there's also a hint of an oppurtunity to show off your skills to others...?

"Oh, going for power I see. Good choice~" Yuuka chuckled, flashing a bit of a smile to your answer. Was she expecting you to choose the power route? There's really no telling when Yuuka's concearned...she's such an odd youkai. "However, with power comes with responsibility. Even though what I'm going to teach you is fairly lowkey PSI, it can still be considered harmful to other people if it hits them. For this reason, I want to know if I can trust you with this power, you maybe living with me but I will not tolerate you running wild with a power I have given you. If I catch you doing anything with it besides defending yourself, you're going to be grounded. Understand." Yuuka adds, looking to you with just as much seriousness as she had in her eyes when you first told her about your run-in with her freaky closet. Needless to say, you're not one to disagree with such a face.

"Y-yes, I promise I'll be careful with it." You replied to the youkai, who nods silently and drops her serious look and begins to slowly pace around you. In all honesty, you weren't really all that sure on what Yuuka's version of grounding meant, but if your hunch is correct it's something you do not want to find out on your own.

"Now that we have all that straightened out, let's begin with the actual lesson; you remember what I said earlier, on how PSI will fail or mess up if the person is not concentrating or focused?" Yuuka begins, "With offensively based PSI this is where that notion blurs a bit. This is because attack based PSI is fueled by person's frustration and anger. Basically, something that most believe cannot go hand in hand with concentration. However, that is certainly not the case when it comes to using attack PSI; you see, learning how to use attack PSI is actually quite simple...you just have to learn how to use both your ability to concentrate and your frustrations at the same time." Hmm, that's a rather interesting concept, and not one that you really thought you would have to know of when you first made the choice of learning offensive PSI. In all honesty, you just thought you would just have to focus and you would be able to fire off PSI stuff out the wazoo. Apparently it's a bit more complicated than that.

"I'm...not really sure I follow." You reply with a puzzled scratch of your head.

"Think Thomas." Yuuka says as she walks toward you and taps her finger on your forehead. "I'm not going to answer this for you...heck, it practically answers itself." Oh sure it does, Yuuka. Well, since Yuuka isn't going to be giving any lifelines on how to answer this, it's all up to you. How could you concentrate when your all but frustrated? Yuuka claims it's none to hard to figure out but...

[ ] (Write-in)
>> No. 29077
[x] Concentrate on your frustrations?

I suck at riddles.
>> No. 29082
>"However, with power comes with responsibility.

Uncle Ben?

[x] Concentrate on Killing Intent
>> No. 29084
File 128172513082.jpg - (24.74KB , 267x400 , rice.jpg ) [iqdb]

[x] Concentrate on your frustrations?
>> No. 29113
[x] Concentrate on your frustrations?
>> No. 29114
[x] Concentrate on your frustrations?
>> No. 29115
[X]Pick a suitable target, then imagine it as something that frustrates you. Focus only on that frustration, and let it go from there.
>> No. 29171
[x] Constipation

Sorry it just reads like that to me considering the conditions required to get a hang of it. Still beats the idea of focusing rage
>> No. 29323
[x] Dead?
>> No. 29324
[x]Killed off by Yuuka?
>> No. 29325
My write-in was so bad that I scared away the writer.
>> No. 29365

I'm just increadibly busy at the moment. You know, what with classes and such, I'll get back to this though, don't worry.
>> No. 29380

Ah. Fair enough. We shall wait. It is worth the wait afterall.
>> No. 30778
File 12943814681.jpg - (874.23KB , 1000x1412 , 199452cc90795e71d3ecaad287a09e9f.jpg ) [iqdb]

After god knows how long, I think it's about high time I continue this and get things rolling again.

Terribly sorry to my readers for the long haitus (especially those who were interested in Black Soup). In anycase, sit tight and I should have an update out by weekend, Friday at the earliest.

And have a Yuuka for your troubles.
>> No. 30791
File 129442731070.png - (74.52KB , 330x400 , Frustration_Relief.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Concentrate on your frustrations?

That's really all you can think of at the moment. The riddle itself seemed simple enough, at face value, but when it actually came time to figure out an answer for it...there didn't seem to many choices that could be considered a 'correct' response for it. As a matter of fact, the more you begin to think on this, the more it seems to make sense to you; if PSI is going to be offensive and something is frustrating you, what better way to relieve this frustration than to focus your powers on making the origin of stress disappear? Indeed, this had to be the answer, nothing else you could think of, for what little it was, would actually fit for a valid answer. With this in mind, you crane your head slightly and face Yuuka, confident in the answer you managed to pull forth from your mind. "Uhm...Concentrate on my frustrations?"

...Well, almost...

"That's right, Thomas." Yuuka replied, as she put on a smile. "See, I told you it would answer itself~" Well, maybe for her it was easy to understand from the get go because...heck, she's older than you by, what...how many years? Then again, all it required was for you to just think on the matter a bit, so perhaps it was that easy to understand. You were just lured into how easy Yuuka was making it out to be. "Anywho, the power of offensive PSI relies on the frustration and stress of the user for them to summon it. This is actually one of the most primitive ways of dealing with frustration, if you think about it; focusing your attention on getting rid of your source of anger or generally anything that evokes a negative response in you." Basically, it's like a say...punching someone who's been annoying your for quite sometime. Only in this case, you'll be doing it with your mind, rather than your hands.

"This being said, offensive PSI is also hard to control in this sense, for obvious reasons." Which was indeed, obvious; remaining focused and calm when you're angry, isn't actually easy...at least for some people it isn't. "If you're going to use it, then you can't go all out when it comes to concentrating on your source of frustration. If you do, you'll run the risk of losing control of your powers and that's not good at all." So it would seem that PSI users with anger management issues would probably lose control more often than those who didn't. Hm, you don't remember having any real problems with anger...so maybe it will be slightly easier for you to control? Well...let's try not get ahead of ourselves here...

"Have...have you ever lost control of your PSI before, Yuuka?" You felt compelled to ask. After all, there was bound to be a point in time when even Yuuka was a novice at using her powers. Whether she'd actually tell you or not, is up to her...

"Oh, trust me, if I ever did lose control some areas, or people, might not be existing right now~" Yuuka answered, glancing elsewhere with a somewhat unsettling smile that spread across her face. One that didn't do a very good job of telling you if she was proud she didn't lose control or if it was due to something else entirely. There seemed to be alot of emphasis on 'people' too, now that you took a moment to think on it. "In anycase, we youkai function a little differently in terms of honing our skills in PSI, I for one, used dreams. Others will use different methods that suit them. For you, however, all you have to worry about is practicing and you'll eventually get better at using PSI." You felt kind of disappointed that you were stuck with just practicing when the youkai got to do some other stuff that, generally, seemed much cooler than what you had to do. Ah well...at least it was simple enough to understand anyway and, unlike Yuuka, you wouldn't need to be asleep in order to practice your PSI. So...maybe that's a bit of a plus for this?

You're barely able to catch Yuuka's next words as you find yourself pondering on the situation, "Speaking of which, I think it's about time we tried to see if we can get you to call out some of your power. Since you said your headaches disappeared a while ago, we're ready to get down to business." Ah yes, she did mention that you were ready to finally do some stuff with PSI since your headache problem disappeared sometime ago. However, your excitement on the matter is soon overriden with curiosity as it occurs to you that...you'll probably need something of a sparring partner in order to use offensive PSI. At least, that's what you'd like to believe anyway...

Yuuka's next words seem to confirm this as true however, "Now then, you'll be needing a 'training dummy' to get started, I'd suggest a fairy since they're generally weak but a great enough nusiance to awaken at least some PSI within you. Of course, there's also Elly and myself...but I wouldn't recommend going for either of us, unless you're that confident in your abilities." So it would seem you have at least 3 different choices as far as training partners go. An average fairy sounds like the easiest one to deal with but, should be great for a beginner such as yourself. Fighting Elly or Yuuka sounds like it would be a little much for you, however, if you hold enough confidence in yourself then maybe...you'll be able to manage one of them.


[ ] "A fairy's fine with me."
[ ] "I want to fight Elly instead."
[ ] "Let's fight, Yuuka!"


Bah...not as long as I'd want it to be, but...yeah. In anycase, take note that which ever one you choose will give out a different type of attack PSI; Fairy giving out the weakest while Yuuka giving you the strongest. Which is basically PSI Rockin α. Take note however, if you go with the above two, it won't exactly be easy.
>> No. 30798
>An update

Wow, sorta just stared at the screen for a minute in surprise when I relized you hadn't actually dropped this story yet. Thanks for the update. I'll post a vote later, not sure who would be the best one to fight right now.
>> No. 30799
Holy updates Batman.

[x] "Let's fight, Yuuka!"

No regrets.
Only path.
>> No. 30800
[x] "A fairy's fine with me."
Better get our feet wet first.
>> No. 30801
[x] "A fairy's fine with me."
>> No. 30803
[x] "Let's fight, Yuuka!"

The optimum build.
>> No. 30804
[x] "A fairy's fine with me."

I would rather start slow. Having the strongest is nice and all, but how do you think control will be?
>> No. 30805
[x] "Let's fight, Yuuka!"

The only way we and our PSI powers will grow is if we have both the courage and confidence to take that first big step. It may hurt yes, of course if we are afraid of failure and danger then we'll never grow up and reach or even shatter the limits of our potential. Also if we decide to be afraid, how can we ever protect anything we love and consider dear?

Also if we get our asses kicked then Auntie Yuuka may help nurse. Nice dream there...
>> No. 30814
[x] "A fairy's fine with me."

Don't get ahead of yourself.
>> No. 30822
[x] "Let's fight, Yuuka!"
>> No. 30837
Stalemate, so one more vote and I'm calling it. After that, it's to the writing cave for me.

Thanks for the votes.
>> No. 30838
[ ] "Let's fight, Yuuka!"
>> No. 30869

>> No. 30892
Alright, with that. I have the floor to write.

...However, I'm under attack by an epidemic of the flu virus that's going around my general area. Not saying I can't write something up, but if you don't hear from me in a couple days (or more) then you can be wise to assume that I caught the bug that's going around.
>> No. 30903
Take care man.
>> No. 46723
Well, it's been a while, huh?

Okay, enough bullshit, I have an update brewing up as we speak and I'll finally make the comeback I shoulda made...a while ago.

Cheers, folks. Also no trip since, I'm writing this from collage.
>> No. 46725
File 134617166943.jpg - (23.73KB , 366x301 , 21897_Aragorn.jpg ) [iqdb]

How do we know Hanged Gussy XII is even alive?
>> No. 46732
Holy shit
>> No. 46733
File 134622139291.jpg - (52.53KB , 300x250 , 071311_holy_robin_compilation_t.jpg ) [iqdb]

I'm going to have to read this again, but this was one of my favorite stories out there. You best be finishing this one foo'.
>> No. 46742


Sure you weren't in a coma?

Either that or that's one hell of a flu virus to knock you out for over a year.

Gonna have to re-read it all
>> No. 46784
Any news on an update? Not trying to rush you, but this story was on par with crack for me.
>> No. 46860
File 134714896061.gif - (132.81KB , 256x224 , Psirockin.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] "Let's fight, Yuuka!"

There didn't seem to be any better way to do this than physical combat, and with the options you had, you found it best to simply challenge the one who knew the most about PSI and how it functioned. Besides, bringing out the psionic abilities of oneself sounded fairly simple when explained, all you had to do was concentrate. "Alright then," You begin, clenching your fists and giving Yuuka a confident nod. Now was the time to tap into your hidden potential and bring it out into the form of...something. "Let's fight, Yuuka!"

Yuuka remains stationary, her green eyes blinking in silence before she chuckles and shakes her head. "Quick to take on the most challenging of opponents, hmm? I like that~" The youkai gives you a smile, though you can practically feel it darkening by the second. Something in your head tells you that this was probably a mistake but, by this point, Yuuka's already set and changing her mind wouldn't be the easiest thing to do. "Of course, don't expect this to be easy. I won't seriously hurt you, but...true gain doesn't come without a little pain~" Oh yeah...you might have made a huge mistake in agreeing to this...

Yuuka places her finger in between her lips and whistles, one of her dutiful (but dim-witted) fairy maids appearing to answer the shrill call the moment it sounds out. The fairy arrives on the scene and settles at your side, carrying a box with an assortment of...well, all you can see is random junk. The winged humanoid turns the container toward you as you peer through it; you find all sorts of makeshift weapons, from a frying pan to a baseball bat. More or less any hefty household item you can think of, which could be used to bash someone at least, resides in this box. Although, you note that none of them actually seem especially dangerous or deadly.

"What is this junk...?" You ask Yuuka, rummaging through the selection of household items, pulling out and examining an old Golf Club.

"You need a weapon, right?" Yuuka shrugs, "Trust me, I may be unarmed, but you'll need the handicap." But of random household junk she got from...well, god knows where? Well, to be fair, you were just training so, perhaps this will fit just fine for what you were going to do.

Speaking of which...

"So, are you going to attack or are you just going to sit there with a thumb up your ."

"Are you sure?" You come out with, golf club clenched tightly in your grasp as the thought of actually attacking Yuuka just...didn't sit well with you. "I mean...you're not going to ground me for landing the first hit are you?"

"Hmph, hardly. In my opinion, you getting , is a step forward to manhood." Yuuka shrugs again, arms folding underneath her bust as she remains where she is, wide open and ready for your first move. "What's the matter? Don't you want to be 'The Man'?"

"What does that...?"

"Well, if you're okay with NOT being a man, that's fine." Yuuka interrupts, taking whatever words you were planning to say and forcing them right back down your gullet. Needless to say, what she's going on about only seems to make the after taste even worse. "I'll have to remember to leave all the house work to you then. Maybe we could get you a maid suit while we're at it? I'm sure the fairies would love having another among their brainless lot."

Okay, what the hell?

By this point, you feel yourself bristle with aggression, finding absolutely nothing funny about Yuuka's teasings of your masculinity. Sure, you were still fairly young but, you knew for a fact that you wouldn't be stuck doing the house work in a frilly maid uniform. The fairies would never let you hear the end of it, given how childish they seem to be. You don't even want to think about what Marisa would think...

"Oh, what's this now~" Yuuka cooed as she seems to have taken quick notice of your subtle show of aggression. The youkai struts up to where you stood frowning at her and leans forward to meet your gaze at eye level. "Did I strike a nerve or two? Well then, what are you going to do about it~?" With little warning, her fist comes to your face and her finger plucks the center of your forehead.

"Come on, Thomas. You want to prove you don't fit in a maiden's dress, then stop doing nothing~" The youkai persists, now having risen and has proceeded to lightly slapping your face. You turn to try and get Yuuka to knock it off, attempting to catch her hand before it connected with your face but...the nimble flower youkai only seems to slip just out of your reach to bop you on another area of your head. To say it wasn't a little annoying to be caught in this loop was...an understatement of the highest degree. "My, my such a lazy maid you'll be. I dare say the fairies would do a better job at being one then you~"

You can feel a burning fury boiling deep in your body, your grip to the handle of the Golf Club tightening by the second as Yuuka continues to taunt and tease you with little sign of letting up. If Yuuka wanted you to act on this, then you'll do just that! Without any other word, you yell out and swing your weapon as hard as you can manage at Yuuka. Focusing entirely on getting Yuuka to hush and stop teasing you was all your mind could register as you hear the swift 'woosh' of your club...

And nothing else.

"Not good enough~" Yuuka taunted, as she stands a small ways away from where your attack should have landed. "What are you aiming at? You should have easily been able to hit someone as slow as me."

"Fine, I just won't miss this time!" You proclaimed loudly, quickly closing the gap between the two of you and swinging wide to try and hit Yuuka again. This time, the youkai doesn't even make an attempt to dodge and merely puts up her hand to defend. The golf club immedieatly yields to the much stronger entity it collided with and despite your efforts to push past Yuuka's had, the golf club could move no further.

"You didn't miss but, you still aren't good enough." Yuuka says, taking her hand to your chest and forcefully shoving you back onto the ground below. You feel your hands slip off the handles of your only weapon as your body tumbles and slides backwards on the grass. It takes a moment or two to regain what lost breath you had, Yuuka's push to your chest doing well to knock you breathless despite it being only a simple manuver in and of itself. Yuuka may have been holding back, but you could still tell that she was ruthlessly strong...

"Stop flirting with my grass and fight, Thomas." Yuuka goaded, her two of her fingers gesturing you to be up on your feet. You take another minute but, you're eventually off the grass and back on your feet, now seeing that you're without your weapon as Yuuka holds it in her right hand. The youkai seems to take not of your naked hands and smirks, waving the golf club in front of you as if you were a dog awaiting to snap up a dog buscuit. "Looks like I got your weapon. Think you're a bad enough man to come over here and get it back~?"

You're an angry enough boy to try and get it back, that's for sure.

Wasting no time, you jump back into the fray and make your best attempt to snatch the weapon back from Yuuka's grasp. Unfortunately, the charge seems to have been a bit too brazen and Yuuka puts her hand up and catches your forehead in your advance. The much taller youkai holds the golf club away from you as your stuck pushing against her palm, reaching feebly toward a weapon you definitely could not reach in this position.

"Very sloppy, Thomas." Yuuka berates, paying absolutely no mind to the flailing arms pelting her in a sad attempt to retrieve the golf club from her grasp. "You're not even using your frustrations correctly."

What was she...?

Oh right.

"Once I get my club back maybe...I'll do it right..." You snarl out, readying to hit at her once again, if not harder for that little comment earlier.

"Yeah, you're doing a fine job with that." Yuuka snorted in sarcasm, rolling her eyes before using her hand to your side and shoving it against your head. It doesn't take long before, you're on your back again, 'flirting with' Yuuka's grass. Even though she made it so easy in words, actually doing this was only tedious in Yuuka's constant . "Don't make this a waste of time, Thomas. Use your head."

You remain on the ground, angered eyes staring at Yuuka who met your gaze from above. It wasn't that you didn't understand how to vent your stress, it was more in the fact that...you were doing it the wrong way to fully tap into your latent psychic powers. Yuuka's words, 'Use your head'...they held far more meaning to them than they let on. You slowly get to your feet again, this time making no attempt to jump at Yuuka. Rather, you stay put and, indeed, use that head of yours, placing your mind in focus over the flower youkai ahead...

She is the source of stress...

"Finally up from your little dirt nap?" Yuuka chuckled, unaware of what you were preping up for release. Or at least, tried to, anyway. "Well then, bring it on. I'm sure you'll be put right back down there in only a moment~"

You stay your ground despite Yuuka's taunts, keeping your frustrations from running wild in a physical outburst and forcing them to redirect to another, more unconventional, vector. It's difficult to keep this consistent however, as your emotions are wild...untamed and furious. It's like trying to gain control of a raging beast with little more than your bare hands to aide you. Even so, you can feel something stirring in the back of your head.

Something you've never felt before...

Your hand finds its way to the side of your head as the gray organ pulsates with an unexplained energy, the stressed emotions you fought to control and rally now manifesting an enormous wave of laving psionic energy within your mind. You can feel it's unearthly power begging you to let it out but, it holds no shape other than a chaotic storm of multi colored strife.

"Hey Thomas~"

Ugh, dammit Yuuka...

"What-!?" You chided, to see her standing in front of you a dark smile spread across her features as she holds your weapon ready to strike.

"You're wide open~"

The concentration you held on your psychic strike breaks as an instinct to get the hell out of Yuuka's range takes over. You scramble and make a leap to the side just in time to avoid Yuuka bringing down the golf club like a gulliotine, the impact is strong enough to pierce the earth it slams into, giving rise to just how much force was behind it...

"You think an enemy's just going to sit there and wait for you to charge your attack? What do you think this is, some role-playing game or something?" What had you in a loop wasn't the attack itself, but Yuuka actually attacking you full force.

"But, I thought-!"

"Ah, ah, the only thing you should be thinking about is that PSI attack you've got stuck in your head~" Yuuka comes charging toward you again, your heart literally leaping into your throat as adrenaline takes over and forces you to run. Yuuka wanted you to use your PSI attack while she was trying to club you but...that's a little hard to do considering a single strike breaks the fucking ground!

You can feel your concentration slipping as fear runs wild within you, the sound of Yuuka's wild swinging of the golf club only motivating you to stay the hell away from her at all costs. But...you also needed time to focus on her to use your PSI!

"Yuuka, stop!" You shout, hiding behind a bird bath and using it as a means to keep something in between you and Yuuka.

"No~!" Yuuka outright refuses, shoving the bird bath over with little effort and advancing toward you. You make another attempt to flee but, find the collar of your shirt grappled by Yuuka's outstretched hand. Panic sets in and you flail about only to have your body thrown to the ground like a slab of meat placed on a cutting board, Yuuka's golf club being the knife set to slice you into many pieces. "Well, looks like you couldn't awaken your PSI after all. What a shame."

Yuuka places her foot on your chest to prevent you from escaping, that same . "Looks like you're going to have your head handed to you." She raises her golf club, "Quite literally."

You needed to do something...not just anything, but you needed your PSI to save you. The memory of what you did earlier comes rushing back in an emergency attempt to prolong survival, your frantic mind uses what it recieves to lock onto Yuuka's form and precieve her as a threat...

The rest comes rushing back like a tidal wave unleashed from the flood gates...


An otherworldly echo screams through your mind before you finally make an attempt to unleash this psionic burst. Your opened mouth lets loose with a wild scream as you throw your palms down to Yuuka and give rise to a spectacular wave of harsh lights, laden with technicolored polygons of varying shapes and sizes. The wave of furious psionic geometry slams into Yuuka and erupts into an even brighter explosion that belches forth a hexagonal explosion that does well to completely engulf Yuuka in it's fury. It's...difficult to truly grasp but, you can at least tell that you hit Yuuka with every ounce of your frustration.

With your supernatural attack unleashed, you feel a sudden drain of energy as your . Your mind is muddled and disoriented from the attack, your brain in no shape to form coherent thoughts as it takes a moment to try and cool down from a psionic induced overheat to regain any form of normal function. You crane your head and see that Yuuka is no longer pinning you down and has been sent back a ways from your desperate attack. However, she doesn't appear to be damaged at all, and only seems to have retained a dirted attire from being on the ground.

"Good work, Thomas." Yuuka finally says as she dusts off her plaid dress. "A little untrained but, I'll let that slide for you being a newbie." Not to mention only attacking from being cornered...

"My head..." You mutter in pain, taking an outstretched hand from Yuuka as as she helps you back to your feet. Despite Yuuka having claimed before that the headaches would stop once you awakened to your PSI abilities, you feel like yours is about to split in half after using that attack. Your brain may have regained normal function but, it's no registered just how far you've pushed it in that one psychokinetic blast. It was like punching Yuuka in the gut, but breaking your arm in the process. "I thought you said my headaches...would stop once I learned PSI..."

"They would, you just used something a little too big for your own good." Yuuka replies, taking a moment to wonder on something before speaking up again. "That said, I don't think I've ever seen such a PSI attack. Not sure if that was a result of severe panic, or something new entirely but it's got some 'oomph' regardless."

So...this was PSI?

It definitely felt supernatural enough to be regarded as such. It felt empowering to know you had something very few could ever command at your finger tips, but with it you also held a feeling that things could grow complicated if you're not careful with your powers. Yuuka spoke once about control...perhaps it would be a good idea to ask her about it sometime as a means to learn ways to keep your PSI from running wild.

For now though...

Thomas realized the power of PSI!

This is an entirely unique PSI! Do you wish to name it?
[ ] PK (Write-in)

And then...

[ ] Call Yuuka out for going full force. That was dangerous and you could have been hurt real bad from that!
[ ] Thank Yuuka for the training. It was dangerous, but...you learned a lot from it.
[ ] Something else? (Write-in)
>> No. 46861
Really enjoyed the story and happy that it was started up again. Good to have you back.

[x] Thank Yuuka for the training. It was dangerous, but...you learned a lot from it.

Yuka's tough love helps build characater
>> No. 46865
[x] Thank Yuuka for the training. It was dangerous, but...you learned a lot from it.
>> No. 46866
[x] Thank Yuuka for the training. It was dangerous, but...you learned a lot from it.

I'm bad at naming stuff so I'll leave that for someone else.
>> No. 46893
[X] PSI Flora
[X] Thank Yuuka for the training. It was dangerous, but... you learned a lot from it.

Tried to come up with one that a) matched Yuuka's flower theme, b) sounded more interesting than "PSI Flower", and c) still sounded like something that could plausibly show up as the default favorite thing ala "Rockin'" and "Love".
>> No. 46894
[X] PSI Flower Power!
[X] Thank Yuuka for the training. It was dangerous, but... you learned a lot from it.

Surprising it's hard to think of a Yuuka inspired name for this PSI.
>> No. 46896

Forgot to think of some names so

PSI Blossom
PSI Cluster
PSI Overgrowth
PSI Floral Wave
>> No. 46897
PSI spark? A spark that gets fuel will turn into a raging inferno. Spark = Psi, Fuel = yuuka training, Inferno = us with our full powers.

[X] Thank Yuuka for the training. It was dangerous, but...you learned a lot from it.