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So I got bored and decided that this would be a much better use of my time then any bullcrap like “college course work”. Having read a number of stories and lurked around for a bit I’ve managed to convince myself, almost certainly wrongly, that “hey I can do this!”, but enough yakking let's see how bad I can fuck this up.


No one was quite sure what had happened to the sole former occupant of the building you now stood before; a single teenage miko. One day she’d simply vanished from the place without a trace, it had been on the news for awhile actually. The police had never been able to locate any signs of foul play though and the general consensus was she’d probably tired of her duties running the old shrine and took off. As was often the case nowadays the entire thing was rather quickly forgotten being rapidly replaced by new news stories, while the police had other cases they could spend time on and likewise moved on within a few months.

With no one coming forward to claim ownership of the place it had defaulted to the city. With the usual governmental indifference it was being allowed to slowly deteriorate for lack of care. This seemed to doom it to the fate of many historic buildings; left to rot and then plowed over in the name of progress once it became “an eyesore” with no one realizing what they’d lost until it was gone. People could be depressing shortsighted at times and you’d lamented as much to a few people.

Still you weren’t sure what exactly had drawn you here, professional curiosity mixed with a bit of boredom up supposed. After all as a…

[ ] Police Officer
[ ] Reporter
[ ] Historian

No write ins allowed for this one.

Assuming anyone actually votes whatever has the most votes when my lazy ass feels like it's time to start writing and calls it wins. I'll try to wait until people have time to weigh in though.

>> No. 27037
[X] Reporter

Aya is smalltime in front of us.
>> No. 27038
[x] Reporter

Good excuse to investigate everything and meet everyone and ask them lots of annoying questions.
>> No. 27040
File 127068198913.jpg - (416.56KB , 600x703 , 276fbebbd1829efbaba41fcb32f57247.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Police Officer
>> No. 27041
[x] Reporter
>> No. 27042
[ø] Police Officer
>> No. 27044
[X] Police Officer

I don't make the law, I AM the law!
>> No. 27046
[X] Reporter

Changed from "Historian" because that wasn't going anywhere and I prefer "Reporter" to "Police Officer". (We really need automatic runoff voting for choices like these.)
>> No. 27047
[x] Reporter

This sounds like the fun choice.
>> No. 27048
[Q] Reporter
>> No. 27049
[X] Reporter

"Reporting" for duty!
>> No. 27050
[equis] Reporter
>> No. 27052
Right-o reporter seems to be taking the lead. I rather expected it or Police to win really, Historian was sort of an also ran that could explain your interest in an old building, but I did have ideas for all of them.


As a reporter these sorts of oddities and mysteries tended to peak your interest. You hadn’t been around when she’d first gone missing, but you’d heard some collogues discussing it a few days ago and been a bit intrigued. It was a slow news day, you’d knocked off earlier from an assignment nearby and decided to come poke around here, just for the hell of it really.

You blithely ignore the “no trespassing” sign, as if such a thing has every stopped one of your breed, and proceed up toward the main building. The building itself now sits alone, abandoned, and increasingly disheveled as the grounds around it become overgrown, trash left from various drifters that had squatted in it at times litters the immediate area, and vandals disrespectful as usual of anything not being actively protected have taken their toll on it.

You’d been considering taking some photos, but with the poor place in a such a condition you feel like you’d be gawking at a rotting corpse. Indeed it almost seems like the entire area around the building is dying, like the life has just gone out of place. It’s wooded but most of the trees look sickly and weak, there’s no chirping of birds or any other small animals, it’s deathly quiet all around actually.

This is likely why the crack of a stick behind you stands out instantly and draws you attention to it. Always more curious then smart you decide to investigate the noise rather then ignore it, you spot no one outside around the corner and suspect they probably entered the building. The interior is just as bad off as the outside only with the addition of unpleasant musty smell not that dissimilar to a rain soaked woodpile. Oh well at least the moisture has kept the wood soft so there’s no creaking; though when you foot punches through a weakened section though you note that comes with other trade offs.

You peer into various rooms along the hall as you walk, but see no one in any of them. The end is approaching now and appears to open up into a common area which if empty probably means the stick really was nothing, or perhaps more accurately you wanted to the stick to be something it wasn’t. However surprising the logical side of you brain a bit as you round the last corner you catch sight of someone standing in the room seemingly just surveying it.

Most of the excitement ebbs quickly though when you realize it’s just a little kid. Probably just wandering around in here because they think it’s cool, as most young people do of anything people tell them not to do, like you know wander around inside deteriorating abandoned buildings. Her dress is a bit odd mostly the silly hat atop her head, but what did you know about the latest youth fashion trends, anyway she seems not have noticed you yet.

[ ] Ask her why she’s here; you are a journalist of a sort after all, asking questions is sort of your thing.
[ ] Warn her off there’s plenty of evidence squatters have been in here and those sorts aren’t always nice people
[ ] Leave her be, its best kids learn there own lessons about these things, lord knows you went lots of places you shouldn’t as a youth.
[ ] Write in
>> No. 27055
[ø] Ask her why she’s here; you are a journalist of a sort after all, asking questions is sort of your thing.
>> No. 27056
[x] Leave her be, its best kids learn there own lessons about these things, lord knows you went lots of places you shouldn’t as a youth.
>> No. 27058
[X] Ask her why she’s here; you are a journalist of a sort after all, asking questions is sort of your thing.

Why are you still here, Suwako?
>> No. 27064
It occurs to me that I didn’t really note that the “leave alone” choice is not some stupid “and then nothing happens and you go on normally lol!” choice. All of them are more like establishing a base line of how you act so this would basically boil down to "indifference, curious, lecture".

Your ass is getting spirited away for awhile no matter what you do.
>> No. 27065
[X] Ask her why she’s here; you are a journalist of a sort after all, asking questions is sort of your thing.

Don't worry; we know.
>> No. 27066
I figured, but then I've always found it better to say something outright then assume people will get it. Anyway it's pretty clear what's probably gonna win, but we'll see how it turns out tomorrow morning since I'm going to bed.
>> No. 27080
Nothing else today probably since I’ve got multiple assignments due.

[x] Ask her why she’s here; you are a journalist of a sort after all, asking questions is sort of your thing.

“See something interesting kid?” You ask making yourself known.

She jumps slightly and spins to face you, her surprises passes quickly though as she sizes you up and her expression turns to one of curiosity. “Huh I’m surprised you can even see me out here.” She notes absently as she begins roaming the room while keeping an eye on you out of the corner of her vision.

‘Out here?’ You muse mentally for a moment before responding. “You’re not exactly stealthy roaming around in a purple dress with a giant straw hat you know.”

“There are lots of things in the world most people can’t see no matter how obvious they appear to others.” She answers wistfully.

You frown slightly at this. She looks about ten, but she’s is not speaking like a ten year old in the slightest. You can’t shake the feeling you’re speaking to someone considerably more experienced then you yourself are. More importantly though your reporter sense is tingling, there’s a story here somewhere… you can smell it. “Perhaps so, but that hardly explains why you yourself ought to be difficult to spot, or why you’re here for that matter.” You note passively.

She doesn’t answer at first though she does pause in her wandering to look out a nearby open door, open because the panel has been knocked out of the frame. “This place won’t be here much longer at this rate, I suppose I just had a bit of nostalgia is all.”

“You lived here then?” Your earlier view is reinforced; few were the ten year olds that even grasp the concept of nostalgia.

“More or less, for quite a long time too, I only moved fairly recently.” She replied casually.

Her answers were simple and straight forward enough and yet that only served to add to the strangeness of the encounter. This was no normal little girl and what exactly she was now interested you considerably more then why she was here. You pondered how to go about popping the question for a few moments before deciding that sometimes the direct approach is best. “What are you?” Your question is polite, but demanding nonetheless.

“Do you believe in the supernatural?” She counters with a question of her own.

Alright no harm in a bit of verbal sparring before you get what you want, but two can play at the cryptic game. “I believe in lots of things, I happen to pride myself on having an open mind.”

“You’re avoiding the question.” She smirks at you.

“Well maybe if someone where to give me something more solid I might be able to give a better answer?” You reply with a pointed look.

She laughs slightly. “Well I suppose you suspect I’m abnormal already… So if you really want to know I’m a god.”

You’re silent yourself for a moment as you ponder that rather absurd declaration. Unsure how exactly to respond you finally opt for time honored sarcasm. “Aren’t you a bit short for a god?”

“Aren’t you a bit rude for someone lucky enough to meet one?” Her cheeks are a bit red and her voice carrying a hint of irritation. “Besides I get that enough at home without random mortals saying it.” She adds with a huff.

[ ] Apologize for the insult
[ ] Press on without acknowledging it
[ ] Too cute must tease more
>> No. 27081
[ ] Too cute must tease more
[x] Apologize for the insult
Let's not piss off Suwako before even getting to Gensokyo.
>> No. 27082
[x] Too cute must tease more
but yes
>> No. 27083
[x] Too cute must tease more
>> No. 27086
[ø] Too cute must tease more
>> No. 27090
[X] Godhood does not, eo ipso, warrant respect.
[X] Even if you're a god, there's still a whole lot of suffering in this world, isn't there?
[X] Either you're content with keeping it this way, or you're powerless to prevent it.
[X] If you're keeping it this way by choice, then you've got low moral standards, and you're not fit for my respect.
[X] If you're incapable of changing it, then you must not have a lot of power--in which case, even if you're a god,you're still not fit for my respect--at least, not for that reason alone.
[X] Q.E.D.

So yeah.
>> No. 27092
File 127077256053.jpg - (16.24KB , 305x305 , 1209189259623.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 27093
[x] Too cute must tease more
>> No. 27094
this but anon will be anon, and that includes moments of possible stupidity. But Suwako's mild mannered so saying she's cute might work. But making a remark to Kanako would be suicidal.

still I'll vote [x] Apologize for the insult
>> No. 27097
I'm interested to see where this is headed, but you've got to do some proofreading.
>> No. 27119
[x] To cute must tease more

“You’ll have to excuse me, but it’s not often one gets the chance to crack wise to a deity.” If she even is, sure there’s something odd about her, but a god? You’re not ready to buy that just yet.

“You have heard of the term hubris yes?” Her disapproving glare comes off as more cute then threatening.

“Indeed, but you seemed to have a sense of humor so I didn’t think you’d mind me making a bit of a joke about your stature.” You answer nonchalantly.

“You’re damn lucky you’re right about me having a sense of humor.”

“Or perhaps I’m an excellent judge of character?” You offer an alterative explanation.

“No somehow I got the feeling you’d open your mouth and speak your mind even if it really was a bad idea.” She replies knowingly.

“Well it is the job of a journalist to ask the hard questions and speak the uncomfortable truths.” You counter a tad smugly.

“Preferably hard questions and truths that move papers and make good copy though.” She rather quickly assures your ego is kept in check.

Wait weren’t you supposed to the one doing the teasing here? Oh well the target having some teeth of its own just makes it interesting. Though you’re curious that she almost seems to be speaking from experience on that, but that’s a question for another time.

“Well a man has to eat you know.” You reply irritably, but decide to move on quickly. “Anyway I’m going to go out on a limb and assume this was your shrine, and if so I’m going to ask if you know what happened to the girl that used to live here”

“It is, and probably.” She replies with a grin.

“Are you going to tell me?” You ask expectantly.

She once more seems to be staring off into space thinking and doesn’t answer right away. “I was thinking I might just show you.” She finally announces after a bit of consideration.

“Though I dislike assumptions I’ll make another and say that would involve some traveling.” You venture tentatively.

“In a manner of speaking, but it would be a short trip.” She replies mischievously.

“I’m also going to assume you’re not going to tell me much about where we’re going, and would defend that with some weak ‘the world can’t know about this’ logic, but really just don’t want to ruin the amusement value of shocking me.” You add flatly.

“… You know I might change my mind if you’re going to take all the fun out of it.” She deflates a bit into a slight pout as she pointedly breaks eye contact with you. You’re rather satisfied with that reaction, but man if all ‘gods’ are this cute you might need to reconsider your religious leanings. You’re still not convinced she really is one, but you’re convinced enough something strange is a foot to play along for now, and so it’s probably best to try and stay somewhat on her good side.

“I am a journalist Ma’am knowing when people are giving me half truths and trying to bamboozle me is my business, but I’m rather used to it by now and won’t hold it against you.” You reply flippantly before getting more serious. “Really though my only important question I suppose is do I get to come back?”

“Sure, it’ll be like a vacation.” She assures you happily, but somehow you get the feeling it would be her more then you who would be gaining amusement by this arrangement. Then again you supposed that if you were a presumably immortal being you might get bored enough to do things on a whim for amusement value now and again as well. Besides if true it could be one hell of an experience, assuming it’s not some elaborate trap to kill and/or eat you, but hey nothing ventured, nothing gained you know?

[ ] Ask if you can go right now (current equipment is a digital camera and recorder, a notebook, and a cellphone plus the clothes on your back)
[ ] Ask if you can go get some things first
[ ] Decline and be kidnapped anyway Ask for some time to consider the offer

And you should probably introduce yourself properly

[ ] Pick a name and what sort of media outlet you work for (legitimate local newspaper, Weekly World News, Freelancer, etc)

As for proofreading, well I do re-read my stuff, but I have a bad habit of just writing something fast and tossing it out in my excitement (and doing it late at night to boot). I’ll try to look at it more closely, but I’m no expert so improvement is unlikely to be immediate or dramatic.
>> No. 27121
File 127084625738.png - (111.00KB , 300x300 , Soku-portrait-suwako.png ) [iqdb]
[x]"Sure, I'll go. 's not like I really have a choice in the matter, do I?"
-[x]"I'm not mad, in case you're wondering. If gods can't be whimsical now and then, then who can?"
--[x] "Could I get some of my stuff before you 'spirit me away' though?"
>> No. 27130
[x]"Sure, I'll go. 's not like I really have a choice in the matter, do I?"
-[x]"I'm not mad, in case you're wondering. If gods can't be whimsical now and then, then who can?"
--[x] "Could I get some of my stuff before you 'spirit me away' though?"
>> No. 27132
File 127086538449.jpg - (157.88KB , 640x480 , grimmer.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x]"Sure, I'll go. 's not like I really have a choice in the matter, do I?"
-[x]"I'm not mad, in case you're wondering. If gods can't be whimsical now and then, then who can?"
--[x] "Could I get some of my stuff before you 'spirit me away' though?"

[x] Freelancer, Wolfgang Grimmer
>> No. 27134
[x]"Sure, I'll go. 's not like I really have a choice in the matter, do I?"
-[x]"I'm not mad, in case you're wondering. If gods can't be whimsical now and then, then who can?"
--[x] "Could I get some of my stuff before you 'spirit me away' though?"

[x] The Tokyo Sun, Freelancer. Kai Shiden
>> No. 27139
[x]"Sure, I'll go. 's not like I really have a choice in the matter, do I?"
-[x]"I'm not mad, in case you're wondering. If gods can't be whimsical now and then, then who can?"
--[x] "Could I get some of my stuff before you 'spirit me away' though?"

[x] CNN - Seiji Moriya
>> No. 27150


Cirno News Network? So our MC already has ties with Gensokyo?
>> No. 27152

>> No. 27153
[x]"Sure, I'll go. 's not like I really have a choice in the matter, do I?"
-[x]"I'm not mad, in case you're wondering. If gods can't be whimsical now and then, then who can?"
--[x] "Could I get some of my stuff before you 'spirit me away' though?"

[X] Kujo Hiroto, Sankei Shimbun
>> No. 27154
[x]"Sure, I'll go. 's not like I really have a choice in the matter, do I?"
-[x]"I'm not mad, in case you're wondering. If gods can't be whimsical now and then, then who can?"
--[x] "Could I get some of my stuff before you 'spirit me away' though?"

This wins and writing is underway though it's coming out a bit longer then I expected so late tonight or early tomorrow probably.

Seems none of the purposed names names/occupations combos got more then one vote so I suppose I get to choose the one I like…

>Freelancer, Wolfgang Grimmer

No I don’t think our hero here is the crazy friend of a psychopathic killer, nor did I really intend him to be a foreigner. (Though I wasn’t dead said against it either)

>Seiji Moriya

Temping, but perhaps a bit too obvious. Maybe a connection exists, maybe not, but if so you’re going to have to work a bit harder then that to find it.

>The Tokyo Sun, Freelancer. Kai Shiden

Also fairly tempting since I’m a bit of a gundam fag, buuut…

>Kujo Hiroto, Sankei Shimbun

I think we’ll go with this poking around at the surname also reveals some interesting possibilities. I like the choice of paper as well which I think works well with what I'd had planned.
>> No. 27159
nice to see you got part of the reference at least.
>> No. 27201
Yeah I said yesterday or earlier today, but I’m a lair because I just realized that Crysis Mechwarrior mod is out, and yes slowpoke etc. Then I had to prove I'm also a moron by copy pasting the wrong draft, so yeah take two.


[x]"Sure, I'll go. 's not like I really have a choice in the matter, do I?"
-[x]"I'm not mad, in case you're wondering. If gods can't be whimsical now and then, then who can?"
--[x] "Could I get some of my stuff before you 'spirit me away' though?"

"Sure, I'll go. It's not like I really have a choice in the matter, do I?" Yeah this was definitely giving you that ‘an offer you can’t refuse vibe’; no point being obstinate more or less just to be obstinate.

“Sure you had a choice, it might not change the outcome, but you had a choice.” She smirked.

While you’re tempted to argue the philosophical question of if two roads to the same end truly represent a choice you decide against it. You’re not really that upset about the situation in all honestly. "I'm not mad, in case you're wondering. If gods can't be whimsical now and then, then who can? Anyway I’d only ask if that be allowed to get some of my thing before you 'spirit me away'."

“Who far is it? I want to be back for dinner.” That rather pedestrian reasoning for haste amuses you slightly. Though it also calls to question why a god would need to eat, though you suppose even if they don’t have too they might anyway, you’d probably keep eating even if you didn’t have too.

“It’s only about a fifteen minute drive.” You finally announce after a pause to shake off your musings and actually answer the question.

“Well then I don’t see why not.” She nods her approval of your proposal.

You return the gesture and turn to leave whipping out your phone as you go to dial the office. Looks like hording all those vacation days is finally going to pay off for you, well assuming she’s telling the truth and you’ll be back fairly soon. The conversation is short and you’re finished by the time you reach the road and your parked car. It’s only after you hang up that you’re once more attentive enough you’re being tailed.

“I don’t recall anything about you coming with me?” You stop beside the car to address your shadow.

“I don’t recall anything about me not coming either.” She answers merrily.

As this is occurring though your attention is drawn away to a man that’s just walked by and given you a very odd look, but not seemed to even acknowledge the presence of the bizarrely dressed little girl. It takes a moment but then you put two and two together and some of her earlier comments suddenly make more sense. “They can’t see you can they?”


“And here I thought you were drawn to me by my magnetic personality.” You reply with mock melancholy as you hop into the driver’s seat. You note with a bit of interest that she can open the door of the car her own so she has substance but apparently can’t be perceived by most people. “Since it seems we’re going to be hanging around for awhile I suppose I should introduce myself, names Kujo Hiroto, Sankei Shimbun correspondent.”

“Suwako Moriya.” That name sounded vaguely familiar, but you couldn’t place it, perhaps you’d blundered across it while reading something, something to research in the future you supposed.

The trip back to your apartment takes the expected time as traffic is light this time of day. She remains more or less silent during the trip just watching the scenery pass by out the window. You can’t help but catch a slight look of melancholy on her reflection in the window as she rests her head on her palm and surveys scenery passing by.

You’ve got some thinking of your own to be doing though so you decide to leave her be. You’re fairly certain she’s something supernatural though you’re still not entirely buying that she’s a god. You’d read enough folklore to know that there were a fair number of entities that could do what she’s done thus far. On the other hand said same folklore indicated that even if she was one of those beings instead of a god you were still in a very poor position to defy her if half what you’d read was true.

You suddenly find you can sympathize with some of the figures from those old legends a bit more too. Trapped and coerced by things beyond them to ends they may not understand, or perhaps for no sensible ends at all. Oh well, truth be told you’d rather a short interesting life then a long boring one anyway. Whatever happens happens and it’s best to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

It seems such musings are a good distraction as before you know it you’ve arrived at your apartment building and parked. It’s not exactly high end, but it’s no dump either and the landlord is a nice and accommodating fellow. You’re also located on the ground floor very near the parking lot which for someone who comes and goes often such as yourself is another nice little bonus.

“Huh.” Suwako remarked seemingly a bit let down as she gets her first glimpse of the interior.

“’Huh’ what?” You ask curious.

“Well I was sort of expecting the place to be a mess. You know papers scattered all over, week old food containers, that sort of thing not so… tidy.”

“I apologize deeply for being unable to live up to the unfounded stereotypes of my profession.” You reply sarcastically as you head for you bedroom to get your things. Suwako remains behind casually wandering the room and examining the continents of the apartment’s supposed living area which is instead dominated by rows of bookshelves and filing cabinets. To be honest you live out of hotel rooms and the office more then you do this place which serves more as a warehouse then a home.

More importantly though all those trips, often on short notice, have compelled you to keep a pair of duffle bags stuffed with everything you’d need to leave on an assignment at a moments notice. It’s a lesson learned the hard way after you invariably forgot something the first few times when you simply crammed crap into bags in a hurry. After making a very cursory inspection of the contents, just to be sure, you slung one over each shoulder and headed back out.

Suwako didn’t seem to be expecting you back so quickly and was intently examining the contents of one of the shelves when you did. “See something interesting?”

“Just admiring your taste in literature.” She motioned toward the shelf stuffed full of books on all manner of occult and supernatural topics.

“It’s a hobby.” You reply idly.

“A rather large one judging by all this.” She shifted her gaze to a half dozen other shelves around it all just as full.

“I’ve… seen things now and again since a fairly early age. Curiosity took care of the rest.” You shrug back.

“I wouldn’t be surprised. If you can see me you’d probably be able to perceive a range of sprits, that’s a rare talent you know.”

“Perhaps so, but it’s not much good for making a living or staying out of an asylum nowadays.” You reply passively.

“No I suppose not, though it does explains why you seem to be taking all this so easily I suppose.” Suwako mused casually.

“I suppose you could say I can see just enough to know that I don’t know everything about how the world works.” You shift the bags slightly for comfort. “Anyway shall we get going?”

“Probably should.” She agrees as she heads back for the door and gestures for you to follow.

You’re slightly bemused to learn you actually have to drive back the Shrine first. Apparently for all her godhood she couldn’t just teleport you wherever you were going. She’d mentioned offhand something about “the barrier” still being weaker there due to the connection between the mirrored shrines. It sounded plausible enough from the perspective of magic, which it quite clearly was, so you figured you’d just go with it.

The trip back was equally uneventful though slightly less moody as she made a bit of small talk about your research on the supernatural; although it was fairly clear to you that she wasn’t an expert in the areas you were most curious about which was various sorts of sorcery and spell casting. The climb back up to the shrine after arriving almost made you regret going back for your bags, but preparation was very rarely a bad thing so you endured it. Arriving back on the grounds you weren’t quite sure what to expect though you figured this was the moment of truth one way or another. She paused in front of the building and seemed to focus fairly intensely for a moment and then…

Calling it a trip would be somewhat of a misnomer as you’d had no perception of travel or time. You’d simply blinked and suddenly found the entire scene had changed in the meantime. Where once you’d been standing before a decrepit rundown building you now found yourself before an immaculately kept shrine. The landscape was what really got your attention though; you were near the peak of a fairly large mountain with a commanding view of a sea of green down below.

[ ] “Neat trick, I don’t suppose you could explain how you did that?”
[ ] “I don’t think I’m in Kansas anymore, so where are we?”
[ ] “I need to get rid of these damn bags, anywhere I can toss them?”
>> No. 27202
[x] “I don’t think I’m in Kansas anymore, so where are we?”

We can ask about how we got into Gensokyo later. For the time being we need to get our bearings.
>> No. 27203
[X] “I don’t think I’m in Kansas anymore, so where are we?”
>> No. 27205
[x] “Neat trick, I don’t suppose you could explain how you did that?”
>> No. 27206
[x] "Suwako, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."
>> No. 27207
[x] "Suwako, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."
>> No. 27226
[x] “Neat trick, I don’t suppose you could explain how you did that?”
>> No. 27250
[x] “I don’t think I’m in Kansas anymore, so where are we?”
>> No. 27325
File 127126828698.jpg - (67.73KB , 640x800 , fd42a6788a481cda4742f4a237e6b138.jpg ) [iqdb]
So yeah before I was distracted by bullshit Philosophy papers where were we…

x] "Suwako, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."

“Well I suppose we're not in Kansas anymore.” You muse as you survey the vastly changed scenery. Landscapes have never really been your bag though honestly, but you suppose you should probably take some photos later all the same.

“Oz isn’t a bad analogy to this place actually.” Suwako replies casually as she began wandering off toward the shrines entrance.

“I’m surprised you got the reference.” You reply as you fall in behind her.

“Well I haven’t had much to do but sit around and watch things for the last century or two.” She shrugs in response.

“Just how old are you anyway?” You ask curious.

“That’s hardly a polite thing to ask a woman.” She glances back at you with a frown. “And if I were you I wouldn’t make any sort joke out of that.”

You jaw clenches back shut as quickly as it opened eliciting a smug look from her. “Why I wouldn’t dream of it, but actually I was rather wondering if you could perhaps enlighten as to where exactly we are?” You decide to move onto something else quickly.

“Gensokyo, it’s basically a sealed region isolated from the rest of the world.”

“Isolated how are we talking slightly out of phase with the rest of the world, pocket universe, or just a hidden location in the real world?” You ask for clarification as you unconsciously shift into ‘work mode’ as it were.

She pauses to consider the question for a moment. “I suppose the first would be closest, its part of the world and yet not quite in sync with it.”

“How long has it been isolated like this?” You continue on after setting your bags down just inside the door where she directed you to.

“I’m not really a history expert being a fairly recent immigrant, but a bit over century ago is when the border as it is now was put in place if I recall.” She replies heading back outside again as you rummage about to retrieve a camera with a good zoom lens before following.

“You mentioned before someone else lived here, shouldn’t you tell them about me before we leave?” You ask glancing back at the building.

“Its fine, its fine we can do it later.” She waves it off, but you get the impression what she really meant was ‘It’ll be a bother and I don’t feel like dealing with it right now’. Suddenly you have a slightly bad feeling about that frankly inevitable meeting. “I should probably let the neighbors know you’re with me too, they can be touchy about intruders.” She adds on as an afterthought.

The tone of voice she uses leaves you little doubt that “touchy” is a byword for “violent”. “And who would these neighbors be exactly?”

“Mostly Tengu up here, the Kappa mostly live further down the mountain, and then theirs everyone underground, but that’s stretching what we could really call our neighbors.” She replies casually rattling off the local population for you. “Still as long as you’re with me they won’t do anything so I can do that later.”

Tengu and Kappa? Yeah sure why not, you’re way too far down the rabbit hole to be questioning something like that at this point. Still you decide now is a good time to get a few photos and so you wander to the edge of a nearby cliff that provides a commanding view of the country below. It is pretty to be sure, but you’ve done enough traveling to have become somewhat jaded to scenic vistas and frankly you’ve always been a bit of an urban creature. Even so you snap a few wide shots and then put the zoom to work scanning the terrain below for anything of interest to get closer shots of.

At some point Suwako has come up behind you and is watching you snap away with mild interest. “See anything interesting?” She queries lazily.

[ ] (write in and specify something he could reasonably spot from the mountain with the aid of a zoom lens)
[ ] Ask here if she has any idea of somewhere interesting to go
[ ] You really ought to introduce myself to your housemate now
[ ] Seems like it might be a good idea to let her neighbors know about you now rather then later.

Writing in something completely different is welcome as well

We’ve arrived fairly early in the day and have a number of hours to kill so don’t worry about that if you want to go somewhere off the mountain.
>> No. 27326
[x] Look at her
-[x] "Besides the living hat? Yeah"
-[x] "I think I can see a village down there"
Well, he did said he was an urban person. As for which village was he talking about... it depends on how far from autunm we are. That'd be an interesting way of meeting the twins.
>> No. 27335
[x] Look at her
-[x] "Besides the living hat? Yeah"
-[x] "I think I can see a village down there"
Sure, whatever
>> No. 27336
[x] Look at her
-[x] "Besides the living hat? Yeah"
-[x] "I think I can see a village down there"

Then I think we should introduce ourselves to the other folks.
>> No. 27337
[ø] Look at her
-[ø] "Besides the living hat? Yeah"
-[ø] "I think I can see a village down there"
>> No. 27339
[x] Look at her
-[x] "Besides the living hat? Yeah"
-[x] "I think I can see a village down there"
>> No. 27381
[x] Look at her
-[x] "Besides the living hat? Yeah"
-[x] "I think I can see a village down there"

“Besides the living hat?” You responded eying the thing warily. At first you’d put it down to your imagination, but that was becoming an increasingly untenable explanation. It was, you were now convinced, at times clearly watching you and matching or emphasizing her words or expressions.

She laughed of you concern though “It’s not alive, well not in the sense you’re probably thinking anyway. It just reacts to changes in my mood is all.”

You weren’t entirely sure about that as you were pretty certain you’d seen it glare at you once or twice when she hadn’t seemed particularly annoyed. Then again you suppose she’d know more about magic mood hats then you would that or she was in denial about it… Regardless you decided there were better topics to discuss then creepy animate hats.

“So what’s the deal with that town down there?” You ask nodding your head in the general direction of the sole piece of significant civilization in sight.

“Ah that would be the human village, no prizes for guessing who lives there.” She informed him lazily. “There are a few smaller settlements about, but most of the population is centered there. Why thinking of making a visit?”

“Looks a bit far, would probably take half a day or so to walk.” You reply glancing up at the sky and guessing there’s not enough daylight left to make the trip today.

“That’d be about right, but who said anything about walking?” She smirks now hovering several feet off the ground.

“You do realize I can’t do that right?”

“Flying is easy.” She waves off your concern.

“Of course, I suppose I’ll just need happy thoughts and some fairy dust.” You reply sarcastically.

“Actually I’m all out of fairy dust, but I have a substitute. Happy thoughts are optional.”

“Well isn’t that convenient.” You remark blandly.

“Isn’t it just?” She grins.

[ ] Sure why not go, the place looks like it could be interesting
[ ] Maybe another time seems like going now might be getting ahead of ourselves, still learning to fly might be neat
[ ] You’d just assume keep your feet on the ground and explore the immediate area for now.
>> No. 27383
[x] Sure why not go, the place looks like it could be interesting.

First step in a strange new world.
>> No. 27385
[x] Sure why not go, the place looks like it could be interesting.

Why not? The worst that could happen right now if we play it safe would be getting a few weird glances because we're walking around with a god.
>> No. 27386
[ø] Sure why not go, the place looks like it could be interesting
>> No. 27387
'Getting ahead of ourselves' doesn't sound like someone our mc would do.

[x] Sure why not go, the place looks like it could be interesting
Flying: the dream of all men and wounded birds.
>> No. 27399
>'Getting ahead of ourselves' doesn't sound like someone our mc would do.

True, but the wonders of democracy mean that MC will occasionally do things that don’t make much sense.

[x] Sure why not go, the place looks like it could be interesting.

Normally you’d be a tad skeptical of her claims regarding how easy flight is, but after everything that’s already happened you’re not about to dismiss it out of hand. “Well it looks like it could be interesting, so sure why not?”

“Learning on your own would take too long, but I can lend you just a bit of power to get you off the ground.”

“This isn’t going to involve some ridiculous and silly ritual is it?” You ask suspiciously.

“Why, do you want it too? Though I wonder what sort of ritual you have in mind…” She asks leering at you in a way that’s frankly uncomfortable.

“No comment.” You reply stone-faced.

She is clearly not satisfied with this response and tries to put the screws too you. “Well then maybe I just won’t give you any power then?”

“Well in that case maybe I’ll just go introduce myself to whoever it is you’re avoiding inside?” Two could play at that game.

“Spoilsport.” She pouts in defeat turning her back to you in a huff.

“I’m not going to apologize for refusing to provide you ammunition to tease me with.” More importantly as you’ve already noted she’s awfully cute when she’s annoyed.

“Hmph you’re lucky I’m such a benevolent deity.” She grumbles with her back still to you. “Just focus on leaving the ground, visualization is key.”

You’re still slightly skeptical and you don’t feel any different, but you decide to obey all the same. You close your eyes and focus on imagining yourself lifting off the ground and are greatly surprised when you can no longer feel earth beneath your shoes after several seconds. Your eyes shot open and you’re mildly astonished to find yourself hovering several feet in the air.

Flying however is a skill you’ve certainly never had any practice at and you find keeping you balance quite difficult. Your feet begin to ‘slip’ out from under you and you end up flailing your arms rather comically in an attempt to compensate. This does nothing to help matters and merely increases your loss of control in addition to setting you in motion over the ground. You’re so focused on regaining a stable attitude though you completely fail to notice you’re picking up speed and running out of clearing in a hurry. Your first warning of this is the back of your head smacking a tree which breaks your concentration and unceremoniously deposits you at its base in a heap.

“Smooth.” After her earlier defeat Suwako is now unabashedly reveling in your failure.

“Ouch.” Is the extent of your thoughts on the matter as you lay slumped against the tree.

“Well it’s not the worst first attempt I’ve seen,” She begins consolingly “but its pretty close.” only to end with a barb.

She effortlessly floats over to you and grabs hold of your arm to steady you on the second attempt. The grip is surprisingly strong giver he stature and she seems to have no issue manhandling you about in the air for the next twenty or so minutes as she gives a crash course, pardon the pun, in flying. You suspect though that at best she did nothing stop, and at worst caused, several of your crashes and blunders in this time period, but figuring bringing it up would only encourage her you remained silent.

Initial mishaps aside, once you got the whole “flying in a straight line” bit down you had to admit that it was certainly a more convenient method of travel then walking. Despite your inexperience once underway you’re able to work up to a speed you’d guess to be roughly comparable to that of a car. It’s certainly an invigorating and fantastic experience, and one you suspect many a skydiver would kill for, but at the same time you don’t get to see much of the world when skimming over it at a hundred feet.

So it was without too much regret that you come in for a somewhat precarious but ultimately successful landing just outside the town and walk the rest of the way in. The town’s architecture was rather classical with even the newest buildings looking like something from before the turn of the century. It’s still perhaps a bit too sparsely populated for your tastes, but the sedate bustle and presence of small crowds does make you somewhat more comfortable.

“Well since we’re here anyway I have a few things I want to take care of, feel free to look around, but don’t wander out of village. I’ll find you when I’m done.” With that and a nonchalant wave your escort up to this point simply leaves you there alone.

As you watch her disappear from sight you can’t decide if it’s simply as she says or if this is some plan toward another end. Either way you’ve got some experience wandering into places where nobody knows you so you’re not entirely out of your element here. After snapping a few quick photos of the area you scan your surroundings for anything that looks interesting…

[ ] Write in

Brain is frazzled and can’t come up with decent options so I’m just rolling the dice.
>> No. 27401
[x] Isn't that a class in session at the schoolhouse? I wonder how the education is here.
>> No. 27430
File 127160742927.jpg - (162.19KB , 568x600 , PMiSS_humanvillage.jpg ) [iqdb]
My knowledge may not be what it used to, but isn't THE human village and the village at the bottom of the mountain two separate places?
[x] Try to find a local newspaper, and guide.
>> No. 27434
[x] Try to find a local newspaper, and guide.
>> No. 27435
I think Suwako took him to THE village, and in most Touhou fiction it's basically the only settlement around.
>> No. 27437
[x] Try to find a local newspaper, and guide.
>> No. 27439
[x] Try to find a local newspaper to see about what kinds of events go on around here and see if there's anyone skillful in your own proffession around.
[x] Isn't that a class in session at the schoolhouse? I wonder how the education is here.

Why not do both?
>> No. 27451
[x] Try to find a local newspaper, and guide.

Ah this vote actually gave me an idea for some foreshadowing I probably wouldn’t have thought up on my own.

[x] Isn't that a class in session at the schoolhouse? I wonder how the education is here.


Why not indeed though I’m gonna modify this just a bit, as I don’t think it was the point of the vote to specifically be an ass and our MC isn’t so clueless that he’d just barge in on a class that’s in session.


With a shrug you set off into the town at a casual stroll to get a feel for the place. It’s actually fairly densely populated for its size, probably a factor of a long period of growth without any real possibility of emigration. You idly wonder how long such growth could continue, it’s your understanding, based on a few question during the flight over, that Gensokyo was a fairly small region. With no way to discharge increasing population, and humans being humans, sooner or later they’ll grow to encompass everything within reach, and conflict will inevitably follow.

The earth itself isn’t big enough to prevent it outside so you see no reason it wouldn’t occur here given time. You wonder if the people that set this place up considered these facts and what plans they might have for dealing with them. Such questions would have to wait until after you learn who the aforementioned people are mind. For now though you really needed to find someone to show you around and maybe find a paper to get an idea of what was happening in the area.

As you pondered this you felt the ground under your foot suddenly take on a noticeably different consistency. Glancing down you saw this was because you’d just trampled a discard newspaper underfoot. You couldn’t help but pause and scan the area around you, more then a little suspicious at this latest coincidence.

Still curiosity, combined with a bit of perhaps irrational sympathy for seeing a fellow reporter’s work so mistreated compelled you to retrieve the paper from the ground. Flipping it over and dusting it off you found it titled Bunbunmaru, a bit odd, but then again this entire place is a bit odd.

The front of the paper was dominated by a story titled “Great Barrier in Turmoil!?” As you skimmed the story you actually gain some useful information about said barrier, which was apparently the mechanism that isolated this region from the world at large. According to this article there had been an increasing number of objects appearing from outside it, while a number of people and objects from inside had apparently gone missing in turn. Based on this shaky correlation the reporter had apparently leapt to the conclusion the barrier was weakening or destabilizing.

Given the scant evidence it presented to support this view the tone of the article was awfully reactionary. Once you got to the part where the writer began postulating the various different methods via which this development would doom them all you couldn’t help but smirk a bit. As you read on through the rest of the doom saying sensationalism you suddenly felt like you were right back home… Perhaps in the end this world wasn’t so different after all?

Now admittedly you couldn’t authoritatively vouch that this wasn’t all true, but you’d seen enough half truths in print in your day to have a good idea what bullshit smelled like. This particular paper wrecked like a malfunctioning sewage plant, which by the way you knew the smell of first hand, much to your ever lasting regret… Still you’d give the author credit for at least making it entertaining.

Folding the paper up and shoving it in the small pack you’d brought with you, you paused to survey your surroundings. You’d rather lost track of time while reading and wandered quite a ways from your starting point. You were quickly distracted again though as a door flew open a few feet in front of you and a small flood of children of various ages emerged. “Remember your homework for tomorrow, no excuses!” An authoritative female voice called after the chattering swarm from the doorway as it dispersed in all directions.

Curious you wandered up to the still open door and peered inside with camera in hand. Once you got a look inside the rows of desk and blackboard made it fairly obvious the building was a school house, old fashioned, but considerably nicer then a many you’d seen in rural underdeveloped regions. Not even thinking about it you instinctively raised your camera and snapped a few photos of the place.

“Can I help you?” The voice from beside you was polite, but a tad clipped.

Oh yeah there was someone in here wasn’t there?

[ ] Apologize
[ ] Hey she’s the one that left the door open, say as much
[ ] Might be best to just take your leave
[ ] Write in
>> No. 27453
[X] Apologize
[X] Introduce self
>> No. 27454
[X] Apologize
[X] Introduce self
>> No. 27456
[X] Apologize
[X] Introduce self
>> No. 27458
[X] Apologize
[X] Introduce self
>> No. 27474
[X] Apologize
[X] Introduce self