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aka Girls with Ties EX Version

Unlike other stories I write, I'll lay down the rules for you right here and now, bro.

1) This story will update erratically. It may be one hour, it may be one month, it depends on if the other stories I'm writing get finished with their updates and if I'm still in the mood. The first three votes to agree with an option will confirm the decision.

2) Things may get a little raunchy. Unlike other stories, you will have to deal with whatever I write. Have fun gouging your eyes out, man.

3) Do not worry about changing the personalities of any of the characters within this story. It is no part of either Scientific Sun or Magical Moon, so anything you do won't cause terrible accidents to stories pertaining to those universes. In a fun twist, all the old characters that do end up in Trash of the New Generation will be mentioned to new characters who join the adventure. Not in a row. Silly.

4) Bad ends can and will happen. If it does occur, I will ask the audience the question I asked them in the beginning of our adventure. In the unlikely chance that the audience actually liked the main character at that time (as I said, pretty damn unlikely!), they can vote "[X] Reverse time" to get them back in the game. That decision differs from the first rule in that it will only work in majority vote; you shouldn't expect first response confirms from that. Also, I may tend to hate mentioned character even more. But only in this story.

5) Lastly, have fun. Don't trip, chocolate chip. I mean, wh-

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Three decisions must be made.

Who you are, what your sub-mindset is, and your eye color. Yes, your eye color.


who the fuck are you?

[ ] I'm from Team Shanghai Alice's Touhou Project and my name is _______________
>> No. 25974
[ø] I'm from Team Shanghai Alice's Touhou Project and my name is Yuugi Hoshiguma.

It's the only choice someone else agreed on, you know.

Now, two more choices.


[ ] Power (Suika Ibuki)
[ ] Speed (Marisa Kirisame)
[ ] Style (Parsee Mizuhashi)

And Eye Color:

[ ] Default (Brown)
[ ] Something Else (write-in)
[ ] screw you, man. I want my eyes to be god damn kaleidoscopes!
>> No. 25976
[X] Style (Parsee Mizuhashi)
Any oni can punch out fools, but it takes style to do it with your sake NOT EVEN DROP.

>[ ] Default (Brown)
Actually, Yuugi's eyes are
[X] Red
>> No. 25977
Hey man, shut up. It looks more like a mahogany to me. Ahhhh.
>> No. 25978
[X] Style (Parsee Mizuhashi)
[X] Red
>> No. 25980
[X] Power (Suika Ibuki)
[X] Red
>> No. 25981
[ø] Style (Parsee Mizuhashi)
[X] Red
>> No. 25982
[x] Style (Parsee Mizuhashi)
[x] screw you, man. I want my eyes to be god damn kaleidoscopes!
>> No. 25986
[x] Style (Parsee Mizuhashi)
[x] screw you, man. I want my eyes to be god damn kaleidoscopes!
>> No. 25988
[X] Style (Parsee Mizuhashi)
[X] Red
>> No. 25989
[X] Style (Parsee Mizuhashi)
[X] Screw you, man. I want my eyes to be god damn kaleidoscopes!

A very jealous Yuugi whose eyes cycle through patterns reminiscent of assorted bottles of alcohol?

Why not?
>> No. 25990
like a bad Mary-Sue?

[X] Style (Parsee Mizuhashi)
[X] Red
>> No. 25991
[x] Power (Suika Ibuki)
[x] Red
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File 126838812714.jpg - (1.03MB , 1000x1407 , TotNG1-1.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ø] Style (Parsee Mizuhashi)
[X] Red

Let's begin the game!


I never really did know what this town's all about. Everyone goes to do their thing, come back home, and sleep it off, just to do it all over again. See, that's why my job's interesting. It's different.

But first...

I'm on a stroll with Parsee Mizuhashi. She's a girl with blonde hair and pointy ears. I find those ears very very lovely, you know. She's also my friend and an enjoyable person to be around.

We waded through the crowds of people walking around the district and arrive at a news stand. Parsee decides to take her hood off her head and starts to sort through the magazines.

"Hey, Yuugi." Parsee turns her head and tells me. "Do you know what annoys me?"

"Not really," I shrug my shoulders. "I'm not you, you know."

She picks up one of the magazines off the rack and flips through the pages, scanning each one. Instantly, she finds what she's looking for and points it out to me.

The page she's showing to me has a picture of two blonde haired girls, dressed in frilly outfits which apparently has an autumn motif. The taller girl seems less into singing to the mic than her sister, or what I'd assume.

"Popular girls are such a nuisance." She finally mentions to me.

I joke on her behalf. "Is that because you're not popular, Parsee?"

"No, it's not that." Parsee pouted. "People clamor over them, men want them to bear their children, and they never get a moment of peace. I'd go insane from that kind of attention."

"Hey, I have no idea about that. I've never been popular."

She rolled her eyes. "I don't think you would be popular anyways, considering what your job is. You know, the one that worries me all the time."

I flapped my hand around, waving away Parsee's imaginary misery. "Being a bodyguard isn't that bad." I zip up my sports sweater in reaction to the cold gusts of wind today. Winter's not very fun.

"You are enjoying this day out together, right?"

"Yeah, pretty fun. No one wants me to work for them today, apparently."

"I'm done here, Yuugi. Nothing catches my interest here today and it's noon now. Where do you want to go?"

[ ] My favorite bar, of course.
[ ] The flower store. I haven't decided to get near that place yet.
[ ] The Scarlet Inc. building. I'd like to see what they're up to.
>> No. 26144
Because Scarlet Inc. is a stupid-sounding name that I could only sum up in the dead of night, it is subject to change.
>> No. 26146
[x] The flower store. I haven't decided to get near that place yet.

Flowers for Parsee?

Interesting alternate universe with the Akis being popular and all.
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File 126841090347.jpg - (41.90KB , 532x465 , 1267910959141.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] The flower store. I haven't decided to get near that place yet.

>Implying that you can identify a Mary Sue by the color of their eyes.
>> No. 26152
[X] The flower store. I haven't decided to get near that place yet.

Yes, it's a little ridiculous to state a character is a Mary Sue based on a physical trait. Though you can't deny that obvious Mary Sues tend to have unusual eye colors for their race. Sometimes a paragraph or more just to describe it.
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[ø] The flower store. I haven't decided to get near that place yet.

"We could go over to that flower store. Looks like an interesting place." I suggested to Parsee.

"Why is a flower store open in winter anyways?" She tilted her head. "Still sounds nice though."

Parsee then looked to the man selling the magazines and grabbed the issue that she showed me a couple minutes ago.

"200 yen, m'am."

She puts down two bills and the cash register rings.

"Okay, Yuugi, let's go." Parsee grabbed my hand and started running towards the flower store.


Finally, we stopped in front of the store... store?

Parsee looked at me. "It's not a store, is it?"

"Don't ask me," I shrugged. "I just thought it was."

There were people sitting at the white tables, with parasols shading the diners. The food wasn't very fancy, for it was just a small snack or a cup of tea.

We opened the glass doors and found out what the place really was.

On the counter, it showed the building's name with a pleasant presentation. "The Helioflora Café?" We both murmured.

A lady stood behind the counter. Her blonde hair was straight with curls at the ends, covered with a white round-rimmed hat. The golden eyes showed a strange personality that I'd never seen elsewhere.

Facing to the right of the counter were several pastries displayed in a glass case. Parsee was entranced by the variety of delicious desserts

"So, who are you anyways?" I asked the lady.

"Elly." She smiled. "Something wrong?"

"You know, I assumed this was a flower store."

Elly showed me the flowers behind her. "It is, actually. Just ask Yuuka and you can buy them."

"Interesting stuff..." I crossed my arms.

Parsee, however, was filled with glee. "These look so good!"

Elly smiled again. "Just sit down at a table or at the counter and I'll get the menu for you."

I scanned the café. Strangely, all the tables were occupied today, but there seems to be a table where I could sit with a blue-purplish haired woman, sipping her tea. Greeting people that way is fun, seeing that's how I get to know people at the bar, but we could just sit at the counter and talk with Elly here.

I just can't decide today. Maybe Parsee could!

[ ] Sit with the woman at the table.
[ ] Grab a seat at the counter.
[ ] Let Parsee decide.
>> No. 26387
[x] Let Parsee decide.

Let's see what she wants.
>> No. 26389
[x] Sit with the woman at the table.

Let's get Satori annoyed and Parsee jealous all in one vote!
>> No. 26390
[X] Let Parsee decide.

Satori has pink hair, not purple. That's either Kanako or Ichirin.
>> No. 26417
[X] Let Parsee decide

or Iku