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[x] Morroc, desert city. Thieves learn their skills around here.

Ah, Morroc. You've actually never been to Morroc at all, you've only heard about how the city was a hive of scum and villainy, how every Moroccan person is a thief, or how ridiculously sandy it was. The primer Miss Kamishirasawa gave you included a map and a few descriptions of Morroc and the Guild you were supposed to go to.

So far, in the past three hours you've been here, the only thing you've experienced was lots and lots of sand. Friendly people, though some of them were a bit dry, as in they didn't have much humor.

You look at your map and grumble to yourself about how large every city just had to be. Thieves Guild was past the northwest wall of Morroc, and you head on, adjusting your hat to shield yourself from the sun.

Morroc actually wasn't as large as you'd thought, it was less populated and definitely smaller than Prontera. Aside from a small earthquake (!), nothing else was strange. By the time you reach the Pyramid, it's a bit past noon and positively roasting. You head inside quickly and sigh in contention; the Pyramid was a lot cooler than outside, but a fair bit darker. The interior is a laze of twists and turns, and it seems you don't have a map for the inside. You remember people talking about bats getting violent in here, and you grip the small sword given to you. Of course, you had no idea how to use it aside from flailing wildly, but at least you could kill Porings without it feeling like an epic battle of life and/or death, as adorable as they are.

Time passes, and besides a near-fatal confrontation with a green poring, and running screaming from a pack of six very angry bats, you descend (screaming) down a flight of stairs, and the bats just turn tail and fly away.

You're in an eerily quiet hallway. There's a guy with his back turned to you, and you swear you can see a bit of green hair and a headgear of some sort retreating into the room. If you follow the hair, the guy won't see you. Or you can talk to the guy. People did talk about Morroc being a bunch of kidnappers and cutthroats.

[] Green hair.
[] Guy
[] Write-in

Think Aquaman! Think adventure! I should say it right now that none of you should worry about bad ends, since I'm not going to punish you for them. Having to read through dying like a black guy in a horror movie would be enough.

P.S: Critique would be nice. Always looking to improve.
P.P.S: This CYOA needs a name.
P.P.P.S: Yowza, took me more than a month's worth of writing and attempting to write.

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[x] Green hair

It is always wonderful.

"Touhougnarok Online" is what I've been saving it as.
>> No. 25214
[x] Green hair

Wriggle? I hate missing updates, but considering how cheeky our heroine has been, a thief would be a rather fitting choice. But there's nothing wrong with Wriggle time. I just hope that she isn't as much of a kill joy as Youmu.
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[x] Green hair

It doesn't hurt to gather more party members before venturing forth.
>> No. 25240
[x] Green hair
Touhourock Online. Yeah, that works
>> No. 25241
>Touhourock Online
That sounds like a story about Kaguya playing Guitar Hero.

Touhougnarok/Touhounarok works better imo.

[x] Green hair.
>> No. 25264
[x] Green hair

>> No. 25341

Can't post the image because of filesize issues, so instead I'll provide a link because I really like the image.

You chase after the more interesting option, your footsteps eerily quiet on the stone floor. The other person in this hallway sneezes, and you run into that room.

Nothing at all?

The room itself is extremely plain, there's a chair and a table. Weird. Exploring the room, you find nothing of value until something catches your eye... A lock of green hair, dangling from the ceiling. How queer. You can't reach it as you are... but stacking the chair on the table, you can reach it!

You give the hair an experimental tug, not too strong, just a light pull to test it out. It jerks around in surprise and disappears, reappearing a moment later. A hat with a small embroidered sun comes down first, attached to a currently annoyed looking face, attached to a head with really, really long green hair.

She's now giving you a peculiar look, and is face-to-face with you. Part of her body is sticking out of the stone ceiling.

Oh boy, more ghosts.

[] Write-in.
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[x] "I'm sorry for pulling your hair, but I curious about someone that went into here"
[x] "I followed you here sine you seemed to know this city and could help me out."
[x] If she doesn't know or refuses, try asking about someone who does.

It's a shot, though it could be improved.
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File 126671944924.jpg - (301.79KB , 2400x2400 , mima.jpg ) [iqdb]
Since that Danbooru link isn't going to work, here's the picture itself.
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[x] "...You're the one that watches me when I touch myself, aren't you? AREN'T YOU?! I demand an apology!"

Well, she is a ceiling ghost.

...Yeah, I'm not doing much better with response ideas either, I'm afraid.
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[x] "Errmm... you have nice hair, Miss...?"
[x] Watch her warily, wistfully waiting to wrap your arms around the woman.
>> No. 25358
[x] Politely ask if she knows where the Thieves' Guild is
[x] "By the way, can ghosts have sex?"
>> No. 25359
[!] Politely ask if she knows where the Thieves' Guild is
[!] "By the way, can ghosts have sex?"

We must know, in the name of scientific inquiry!
>> No. 25360
[x] "Errmm... you have nice hair, Miss...?"
[x] Watch her warily, wistfully waiting to wrap your arms around the woman.
>> No. 25362
[x] "Hey lady, what'cha doin?"
[x] Watch her warily, wistfully waiting to wrap your arms around the woman.
[x] "Why?"
[x] "Why?"
[x] "Why?"
[x] "Why?"
[x] "Okay lady, I love you, buh-bye~!"
[x] Hug (and grope) time!

Add more "Why?" as necessary for maximum kawaii.
>> No. 25402
[x] "Errmm... you have nice hair, Miss...?"
[x] Watch her warily, wistfully waiting to wrap your arms around the woman.
[x] Something about a Thieves' Guild?
>> No. 25482
[x] Politely ask if she knows where the Thieves' Guild is
[x] "By the way, can ghosts have sex?"
>> No. 25549
I've waited long enough. Going with the following:
[x] Politely ask if she knows where the Thieves' Guild is
[x] "By the way, can ghosts have sex?"

[x] "Errmm... you have nice hair, Miss...?"
[x] Watch her warily, wistfully waiting to wrap your arms around the woman.
If I can wrench it in.
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its 1 am and i'm drnuk, sort of fuck this took too long

"Hey, you have any idea where the Theives' Guild is...?" You ask with a straight face at the ghost. She giggles and drops from the ceiling, righting herself in mid-air.

"Of course it is! Although to be frank I don't consider this the Theives Guild, nowadays Theives are all pansywaist faggots. Back in my day..."

The ghost goes on and on about how back in her days Theives were all hardcore motherfuckers, stealing and stabbing people and stuff. Like they could steal the beak off of a PecoPeco and then kill it and then take another beak off of it without the bird even noticing.

She rambles on and on about unimportant thief shit until you interrupt her with a question: "By the way, can ghosts have sex? You also have really nice hair. :3"

She laughs in that Kodachi from Ranma 1/2 way, you know, "ohohohohohoho" or something. "You'll have to find it out, little girl~. Anyways, what brings you to this shithole?"

[] You want to become a thief.
[] You just wanted an introduction because your Teacher over at Prontera Adventurer's Guild recommended it, but you're considering it.
[] nah theives suck why would you want to steel
[] writein
>> No. 25950
[ø] You just wanted an introduction because your Teacher over at Prontera Adventurer's Guild recommended it, but you're considering it.
>> No. 25951
[x] You just wanted an introduction because your Teacher over at Prontera Adventurer's Guild recommended it, but you're considering it.
>> No. 25953
I don't remember writing this.

>> No. 25957
Don't drink and Write; there's a good reason why Norseman follows that rule.
>> No. 25958
Duly noted.
>> No. 25962
[x] You want to steal precious things

I just realized, Marisa is some kind of Stalker/Wizard hybrid.
>> No. 25969
[ℤℯ] You just wanted an introduction because your Teacher over at Prontera Adventurer's Guild recommended it, but you're considering it.

>KKL!kIdtJdFjZc 10/03/08(Mon)00:22 No. 25953
> I don't remember writing this.
Probably not a good sign, for you.
>> No. 26030
I thought his rule was write drunk, edit sober.
>> No. 26506
[x] You just wanted an introduction because your Teacher over at Prontera Adventurer's Guild recommended it, but you're considering it.

"I'm considering joining! You respond with energy and vigor.

"They're still doing that shit? Great, you can see how inferior most of the rest are." She makes a waving motion like she's waving things off. "Anyways if you're here just to waste my time, I'm out."

And she's gone.

[] what do you do yon little novice?
>> No. 26508

you steal you stab you slap reality around like it's your bitchin your own special way,you steal again and uh make merry and get drunk like im not

but sure if you want to vote for it go ahed, exposition is fun esp from different sources

spoiler: old mima is ooooooold and mima
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Try not to get drunk so much; your liver will thank you for it.

[x] Go back home for lunch and seeing what to do next.
>> No. 26528
[x] Go back home for lunch and consider what to do next.

Isn't home a long ways away, though?
>> No. 26815
Update and stop writing while drunk.
>> No. 26836

And I'm not drunk this time! ヽ(´▽`)ノ

[x] Go back home for lunch and consider what to do next.

Leaving Morroc was easy, the hallway outside the room was clear and exiting the Pyramid didn't involve running away and screaming in fear.

Home. Payon was in the middle of a large portion of forest, uncreative called Payon Forest. The city of Payon had a smaller village attached to it, called Payon Archer. It was here that archers received instruction and elite warriors guarded the entrance of the caves leading underground to Old Payon. In addition, the House of Eternity was Payon's most prominent building and medical center. You knew almost nobody there, only the masses of rabbits, and their leader whose name you don't quite remember.

Plus, while you were home, you could knock something else off your list, you might be interested in archery after all. Or you can visit family. You haven't seen them for a while, and you did feel a bit homesick.

[] Payon Archer, lern2archer.
[] House of Eternity, you have no idea what to do here.
[] Go home. Oh fun!
[] Leave to somewhere else!
[] Write-in.
>> No. 26838
[x] Go home. Oh fun!
Then we check out the other places.
>> No. 26862
[x] Go home. Oh fun!

Meet the parents.
>> No. 26866
[x] Go home. Oh fun!

We're about to go off on adventures across the globe! We should tell them about it and get our gift.
>> No. 26922
Thought I posted earlier, derp. Go home option wins. Will write when I can.
>> No. 26945
Good lord, I actually posted an update, and it didn't take forever. Now I just have to make this good...
Oh, this is going to be fun. Your father was a blacksmith--one of the best in his eyes. He owned a modest shop (with your home on the second and third floors, and partially on the first floor), and business tended to vary. His prices were more expensive than his competition, but according to his customers (and his boasting) quality was top notch. He was also very loud in speech. Why think of all this?

He very much wanted you to follow in his footsteps, much to your personal dislike. So much he threatened to give you the boot from the family before you skedaddled on out. Your mom insisted he was just being dramatic, and your brothers teased you as usual. You and your father left on bad terms, and you had no idea if he'd hold the grudge or what.

You knew home like the back of your hand. Listening for smithing noises produces nothing, something you find unnerving. There's always something going on.

Carefully, you begin the move to another window, in order to assess the situation.

Or not. A hand clamps down on your shoulder, and you freeze on the spot.

This is ... and belongs to...

[] Large... your father.
[] Normal-sized... your brother. Or one of them.
--[] Number, 1 to 3.
[] Kind... your mother.
[] A dream... or is it real?
>> No. 26953
[x] Kind... your mother.
>> No. 26960
[] Large... your father
>> No. 26963
[x] Normal-sized... your brother. Or one of them.
--[x] 2
>> No. 27013
[x] Normal-sized... your brother. Or one of them.
--[x] 2

Touch me more, onii-chan~
>> No. 27076
[x] Normal-sized... your brother. Or one of them.
--[x] 2

Wins. Writan.

Onii-chan will never love you.
>> No. 27096
Onii-chan is a meanie.
>> No. 27793
"Yo, Freya."

Ah, Azhar. The oldest, and smartest of your three brothers, he was also the nicest. You could even hear the smile in his voice.

"Oh, hey. I thought you were still at uh..." You didn't actually remember where he left to, first it was Geffen, then he sent a letter home to...

"Yuno. The weather's nice, and despite being so high up, it's easy to breathe." He takes his hand off of your shoulder, and you turn around to face him. He even looked like he came back from Yuno, his arms under a cloak that seemed more for show than protection from cold. He went to Geffen to study magic after all; the first of your brothers to leave the house. "So what brings you home? If it's about father, I don't think now is a good time. Too soon for him to forgive you." He chuckles, and adjusts his glasses.

"... Do you really think so?"

"He'll calm down, Freya. In the meantime, what brings you here? We could talk over food, I bet you're hungry." He continues smiling, waiting for your answer.

[] blah write-in

So going against my better judgment and leaving this train wreck to die, I've decided to attempt writing this again.

Also it's nearly im-fucking-possible to find male RO art on danbooru.
>> No. 27795
[x] "That sounds good, sure! Is that place I like still open?"

It doesn't have to be RO exactly. Any generic fantasy art will do as long as there's not a night elf/blue elf/Mithra/etc. in the picture, clearly identifying it as being from one game or another. RO is more or less the fantasy template everyone builds off of, now.

Just pick something that looks right, and you'll be fine.

Also, welcome back!
>> No. 27797
[x] "That sounds good, sure! Is that place I like still open?"

This is far from a train wreck and I'm glad to see you writing again.

Really? I guess the mods must have something against it, since I've seen bits of art other places. Well it's not too hard to use generic male fantasy figures, since RO is basically a Korean take on western fantasy sans elves or dorfs.

I don't think so, I don't think RO is that influental if anything it didn't start the trend but followed it.

WRPG MMO follow more in the line of D and D

Easter MMOs follow various courses, not any one set pattern.

Having said that there's only a small % of MMOs that are actually good. I'd consider RO among those.
>> No. 27798
[x] "That sounds good, sure! Is that place I like still open?"
>> No. 27799
[x] "That sounds good, sure! Is that place I like still open?"

Glad to have you back. I really enjoy this story.
>> No. 27801
Well, unless four/five other people show up like a ninja cat squad ambushes a lone dog knight, I do believe we have a majority of:

[x] "That sounds good, sure! Is that place I like still open?"

Also hearing you guys liking my writing makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Writing, will post ASAP.
>> No. 27843
>> No. 28213
>Writing, will post ASAP.
this makes me cry...
>> No. 28216
File 127621649293.jpg - (144.83KB , 704x396 , kintaros.jpg ) [iqdb]
>makes me cry
My strength has made you cry!

On a more serious and less narcoleptic note, I sort of have been lazy these past what, three weeks? But I've been pretty much unsatisfied with whatever I've been making, thus discouraging me from actually posting it.
>> No. 28218

>> No. 29381
"Hmm... That sounds good, sure! Is that place I like still open?" You smile at him. You could predict how the following conversation would go, and you suspected he knew how it'd go too.

He smils back. "We'll have to see, Freya. I haven't beenn home in a while, too." He rubs his chin in an exaggerated fashion. The two of you smile and stand there, and with a sudden move, he runs off. It takes you a second to register his trickery before running after him, shouting in glee. A few people stare at you two as you run, some shaking their heads, some holding back laughter at how childish both of you were acting. You didn't give a Tarou's crap.

After a short race through Payon, both of you arrive at the shop. It's busy as always, filled with customers. Inside, the noise is still as loud as you've remembered, with people talking, shouting, and enjoying the atmosphere. "Hey, shrimps!" A tall, pudgy, aproned, brown-haired woman calls out from behind the counter that divided the customer's area and the surprisingly large kitchen.

"Bao!" Azhar calls. "You've expanded the kitchen?" He makes his way to a seat near the counter, while you tag along.

She smiles. "Took me an Obeanue's good dead and more 'n 'nough interactin' with those pesky bureaucratic mages than I'd ever wish on any a' you, no 'fense to you Azzy." By now, you've found a seat and were enjoying listening to her go on and on about her good old days of travelling the lands with friends (and enemies), along with stories you've heard enough times to tell them for her, accent included. Your usuals are promptly made ("Don' order, I know what you shrimps want"), you preferred brown long-grain rice with generous amounts of grilled savage and various negetables with honey herbal tea, while Azhar favored tender Payonese beef marinated with local herbs and spices and wrapped in lettuce, washed down with glasses of Moroccan fruit wine.

There's still some time before the food is served. Azhar seems to be lost in thought, a far-off look in his eyes.

What do?
[] Write something in.

Bonus option/Booby Prize for waiting this long! If you waited at all.

Bao's storytime corner through her cornea! Pick one.

[] Payon in Peril! Eddga rounds up the forest!
[] Aiming for the top snack! Defrost that Garm!
[] Not so grand, not so bland?! Bao defeats rogue mages!
[] Back in my mother's day you might have been worth something! Phreeoni gets chumped again!

Haha, took me long enough! I blame the vidya, animu, college, and a lack of motivation/writer's block. Mainly the first two. Especially the first one.

Anyone play Recettear? Fun stuff.

Also the bonus was because I like writing fight scenes. That and it's an apology.
>> No. 29382
[x] What are you thinking about?
[x] Any interesting stories while I was gone?

[x] Aiming for the top snack! Defrost that Garm!
>> No. 29389
Holy shit you came back.
[x] What are you thinking about?
[x] Any interesting stories while I was gone?

[x] Aiming for the top snack! Defrost that Garm!
>> No. 29390
Hooray, you're back!

[x] What are you thinking about?
[x] Any interesting stories while I was gone?

[x] Not so grand, not so bland?! Bao defeats rogue mages!
>> No. 29410
herp forgot my trip.

[x] What are you thinking about?
[x] Any interesting stories while I was gone?

[x] Aiming for the top snack! Defrost that Garm!

Wins, and writing now. The questions are directed at Azhar and Bao respectively, or both at Azhar?

See you guys December 16th.
>> No. 29413
Both at Azhar, I think.

>December 16th
>> No. 29457
So it turns out that college is kicking my ass big time. I've got roughly half of the next update done, but in between my public speaking and french classes, I've already got a mountain of bullshit to wade through, and that's not even counting in my other classes.

Or maybe I'm bad at managing time. Either way, just posting to inform you my joke about my updating in December might turn partially true.
>> No. 29483
>> No. 29504
So, in between homework I've finished writing the Garm story, and I actually like it. Want me to post now or along with the update?
>> No. 29506
Go ahead an post it. Something to tie us over until you finish the rest.
>> No. 29507
File 128592814067.jpg - (22.12KB , 297x399 , garm card.jpg ) [iqdb]
Bao shivered in the cold; this was the exact reason why she hated Lutie so much. But, this was potentially good money, especially since the Garmhunter guild practically monopolized this specific area, and the "sport" of hunting the Garm.

That, and it was fun. Fun enough for a year-long waitlist and stringent qualification standards; Bao herself had barely passed the tests this year. It was all standardized and regulated up until you had to stare down the nose of the Moon Chaser, at which point it was all on you. Bao and her group of friends have been doing this for years; this was their sixth Garmhunt. They had their routines figured out.

Bao was the Crybaby, her job along with the other four was to keep an eye out for Garm Babies--not an easy feat due to the constant swirling winds and snow combined with the fact they were made of ice, but someone had to do it. Once spotted, they'd fill it with arrows and kill it as quick as possible, repeating as necessary until the actual Garm showed up wondering why its spawn was going missing. The rest of their job was to continue putting down the babies that attempted to support their parent, and if the melee wasn't too much of a mess, assist in destroyig the Garm.

For now, Bao and her group of Garmhunters wandered the fields surrounding the town of Lutie, searching for the Garm. Chatter was mostly dead, save for talks of the mission at hand. Bahn, Bao's hawk, was perched on her left shoulder, an act that annoyed her to no end. Apparently, the bigshot wizards could magically make it so a hawk didn't freeze itself to death in this weather, but can't apply it to people or clothing. Bao took another deep breath, and snapped out of her short mental distraction from the patrolling around the snow-covered fields.

The moment you snap out of your distraction, Jessamine, a fellow Crybaby, caught your attention with a slap on the arm. Just in time, too. With a gesture to two o'clock, you spot the diminutive Garm offspring. Somewhat cute, if not for the fact that they eventually grow bigger into actual Garms. You pass along the message to the rest of the Crybabies, and then to the priests nearby. Several seconds pass by while the holy men applied their blessings to the entire group, starting with you and your team.

At Jessamine's signal, the four of you unleash a storm of clear breeze-tipped arrows, four hawks racing after the arrows. The Garm Baby goes down with a squeak as a barrage of four arrows impact its body, another four arrows flying right into its head. The four hawks circle around the body, and then dive towards a patch of snow, talons poised to attack. A Garm Baby barks in protest as the birds harass it, tearing out chunks of ice. The pup quickly dies as the birds make another pass--this time ripping out chunks of its face and eyes, while another series of arrows snuff its life out quickly.

The birds fly back to their owners, and in the nick of time too. An icy howl is sounded to your left, and the Garm comes bounding out from... well, nothing close-by looked like it hid the beast. In response to the Garm's lupine challenge, six knights charged the wolf, all armed with shields, spears, and warcries. Three priests moved forwards to assist the spearmen, while one stood by to assist the back-liners. All four of you archers moved forward to get a better bead on the little shits that would eventually pop up, while the magicians hung back and did their thing.

You'll never quite get completely used to the chaos. Almost immediately as the spears penetrated the beast's hide, those runts seemed to explode from the snow, baying for blood. Four archers, five babies. Two archers to a baby, then move on. The utmost concentration was placed into each shot, along with the swiftest speed. To you, that rush of combat heightened your perceptions in a way that gave you a kind of out of body experience.

As the knights dodged, blocked, and stabbed at the Garm, the mages behind them got to work, preforming their own magical rituals to cast their spells. They couldn't cast their biggest, flashiest, and most effective spells, it would blatantly interfere with the rest of the group.

It was a good thing all six of them were seasoned warmages, and didn't only have the biggest and flashiest spells. As soon as the hunters got out of the way, and sole priest was reasonably close to them, the mages got to work. First, they blocked off the sides and covered their backs with walls of magically created ice, then they used a flame spell to give themselves a moment's breathing room should something hostile approach them. Having already added their allies to their spell's "no kill" clause, five arcanists began their work, globes of lightning forming around their hands. Words weren't strictly needed to cast spells, but they helped to focus. With cries of 'Thor's Lightning Sphere,' each wizard fired spheres of crackling lightning, two pairs of spheres shredding two fresh pups into water, and the leftover two striking the Garm in the head. It takes a moment to smash a knight aside with its paw, before howling into the sky, summoning a ripping winter whirlwind above the unprotected mages. One of the spellcasters finishes tracing a symbol into the air. With a stomp on the snow-covered ground, a circle of runes projects outwards to cover all six magicians and the priest.

The whirlwind ripped around them, but other than causing them to shiver at the coldness, nothing happened. Wasting no time, the five wizards go back to their spellcasting while the sage reaches out with his magic, prepared to do what he was best at; interfering with magic, regardless of the user.

Spears and arrows pierced the hide of the Garm. With a snarl, it knocks down and steps on a knight with one of its forelegs, and lays into another one, a quick bite and toss sending him careening into a tree. It howls again, and the beginnings of a blizzard appear again, abruptly stopping before it reaches full steam. The four standing knights take this moment to jam their weapons into the beast's neck's underside, while a torrent of electricity strikes its head, followed by a barrage of arrows.

With a gurgling whine, the great Moon Chaser dies, falling to the ground.

And then everyone looted the body of everything it was worth and left. The knights were perfectly fine thanks to magic, hooray. But then the magic wore off and they were confined to bedrest while their bodies healed from getting beaten around by a giant wolf made of ice that aspires to eat the moon. And yes, the priestesses/nurses/whatever that were tending to them were hot, although there was no scoring. Just manly talks about which girl they'd have sex with and more euphemism, double entendres, and innuendos than hats in the collection of an extremely devoted hat collector.
>> No. 29508
>> No. 29511
>more euphemism, double entendres, and innuendos than hats in the collection of an extremely devoted hat collector.

Some creative knights right there.
>> No. 29512
Yeah, I kind of lost steam at the end.

Now I can't play Recettear, dohohoho. Don't shoot me.
>> No. 29541
Took me two times to get that joke.
>> No. 29608
File 12868335217.jpg - (52.71KB , 800x600 , You lost me.jpg ) [iqdb]

Also, bumping for updates.
>> No. 29729
Recettear requires that you have Steam. I think.

And yes, update please.
>> No. 30097

While I'd like to say otherwise, this story might be dead. KKL, can you at least give us a status update or something, so we know if you're on a break or if it's dropped?

Sage, so noone gets false hopes.
>> No. 30128
I'm still here, it's just I'm extremely bad at writing. Well, that is to say I'm bad at putting my thoughts into words. I've been told that I'm a decent writer who needs polish to get better. And the regular stuff that lends to one becoming a good writer.

Also I'm far too critical of my own work. This, coupled with my self-esteem issues and depression kind of make me go on and off in regards to writing. I'll often write an update, put it aside for proof-reading, then come back later and find some flaw in it which causes me to either hate myself and stop, or rewrite the entire update to where I feel it's fine. Which usually triggers my intense self-hatred, causing me to enter a loop.

So to answer your question, I'm still writing, but I'm never satisfied with myself so it's on a bit of a hiatus while I yearghblebul and waffle on the update proper.

Also I've been playing DFO and Umineko like crazy.