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Well, I should get ready for you all to tell me I fail and I should never come back again...but I'm pretty much used to failure anyways so...let's get started.


Well now, you wish to start an adventure in Gensokyo do you? I have no quarells against that. However the residents might but you probably don't care about that now do you? Oh well, we're getting ready to start this adventure so before we get going let's start with a few questions. Yes I know you're all probably saying 'Fuck you I wanna get going noa!!'

Well I wouldn't blame your impatience Anon, a sexually frustrated loser like yourself heading face first into a realm of feritle females. Hell any man would feel the same way. But this lil' journey of yours WON'T be an easy one Anon, however, that's not saying I can't help, so listen up and pay attention to what I have to say, you waste of sperm.

Now, then there's more than one way to go about this 'Adventure', depending on how difficult you wish for it to be, certain things will become more avaliable to you than on other levels of difficulty. For example, if you're on a Kaguya route there is a chance to snag a harem end as well, but only if you're man enough to fight your way through the higher difficulty. However, play through it on Gentle and you will still get a Kaguya route albeit, you just won't have the reward of a harem end, but keep in mind that different girls mean different possibilities so while some don't have a harem end on the lower difficulty levels, there are some that have this and thensome on their route, so basically which ever difficulty you choose will DIRECTLY effect the flow of the 'Adventure' as well as how other characters function. So with that said and done, what difficulty would like play on?

[ ] Gentle
[ ] Normal
[ ] Hard
[ ] HELL!!

Complete waste of time I know, but I promise to make up for it. While you vote, I'll be writing.

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[X] Normal

I was going to vote for a higher difficulty until you mentioned that it's possible to get a harem in them. Do not want harem.
>> No. 2521
[X] Hard

Let's die a lot!
>> No. 2522
[x] Dante Must Die
>> No. 2523
[x] Hard

Let's piss our lives away like gasoline.
>> No. 2524
[X] Ultra Violence
>> No. 2530
[x] Ultra-Violence
>> No. 2532
[X] Ultra Violence
>> No. 2535
[+] Batshit Crazy
>> No. 2536
[X] Ultra Violence
>> No. 2542
[x] X-X!V''Q
>> No. 2547
>> No. 2548
>> No. 2550
[X] Normal
no harem!
>> No. 2553
[X] Hard

Will we have Gig as a companion?
>> No. 2554
>> No. 2555
[ ] Normal

Get a trip, Lord Gussy
>> No. 2556
[x] HEAVEN or HELL mode
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I-ji- modo
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Shoulda posted this last night...
Also sorry for the rather weak update

. . . . .

You awaken to find yourself in a forest, albeit a dark and ominous forest. Why do this all seem so familiar, like you've done something like this before. But, that's impossible you don't remember passing out and waking up in the woods before...then again there was that one time back home where you...well, let's try not to dwell on the past, shall we? Right now you have to think about what needs to be done. You slowly pull yourself to your feet ignoring the fact you have a killer headache and that also can't really see straight. You wait for your eyes to focuse and then begin surveying the scene layed out before you. Your in a forest it looks like, but judging by how dark it is, It's night time now as well. Not wanting to see what lurks in these woods at night, you begin walking forward, maybe you'll be able to find someone's house or a town if you're lucky but right now you're trying your best to see where you're going in this pitch black wilderness.

As you continue on you begin to hear something not far off in the underbrush ahead. It sounds vaugely like breathing, albeit soft and lazy breathing. Though, you're a bit curious as to what's beyond the bushes, something in the back of your head screams to leave that shit alone. You ignore that voice and peer behind the bush, what could possibly go wrong. You see a small group of fairies (you count 5) sound asleep and generally not a threat to you entirely. You let out a sigh of relief and decide to keep moving so is not to disturb their peaceful slumber. Unfortunetly, before you can even get 3 feet away from them. A fairy wakes up and spots you just as you're turning around to leave. Mistaking you for a youkai, she lets out a cry that alerts her friends to wake up, and the 4 of them do just that...

By the time you turn around to see what the hell's going on, the group of fairies are now wide awake and firing off a storm of danmaku right for you.

"God dammit..."

[ ] Keep your cool. See if you can calm them down. They should go back to normal if you say the right things...
[ ] Fight! You must defend yourself!

-If you chose to fight...
[ ] look for an opening and try to 'graze' the oncoming curtain fire
[ ] Take cover and think! Use that thinking muscle of yours!
[ ] Fight them with your penis(?)
[ ] Try to kidnap one of the Fairies. Holding one of them hostage could tip the scales in your favor
[ ] Look for a bigass stick and BASH the ever-loving shit out of'em!

Take note you can get through this without dieing...but I already know since I put 'Fight them with you Penis' in the list of options, you'll choose that...welp get ready for a premature BAD END
>> No. 2567
[ ] Fight! You must defend yourself!
[ ] look for an opening and try to 'graze' the oncoming curtain fire

Let's see what this Anon can (and cannot) do!
>> No. 2569
[x] look for an opening and try to 'graze' the oncoming curtain fire
[x] Fight them with your penis
>> No. 2570
[x] look for an opening and try to 'graze' the oncoming curtain fire
[x] Fight them with your penis
>> No. 2571
[ ] Fight! You must defend yourself!
[ ] look for an opening and try to 'graze' the oncoming curtain fire

This boards going to move slow. Might I suggest 3 votes to win?
>> No. 2572
[y] Fight! You must defend yourself!
[y] look for an opening and try to 'graze' the oncoming curtain fire
[z] Fight them with your penis

I'd like to see what happens here.
>> No. 2574
[+] Fight! You must defend yourself!
[+] look for an opening and try to 'graze' the oncoming curtain fire
[+] Fight them with your penis
>> No. 2583
[ ] Fight! You must defend yourself!
[ ] look for an opening and try to 'graze' the oncoming curtain fire
[ ] Try to kidnap one of the Fairies. Holding one of them hostage could tip the scales in your favor
>> No. 2608
[X] Fight them with your penis

Remember, sperm counts as danmaku.
>> No. 2625
[+] Fight them with your penis
>> No. 2643
[ ] Fight! You must defend yourself!
[ ] Try to kidnap one of the Fairies. Holding one of them hostage could tip the scales in your favor
[ ] Fight them with your penis(?)

in that order
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Sweet Jesus this was awesome to write...besides the obvious parts

Also no pic cuz I lack any pictures of Fairies (go figure)

[ ] Fight! You must defend yourself!

-[ ] look for an opening and try to 'graze' the oncoming curtain fire
-[ ] Fight them with your penis


Seeing that running away or going diplomatic won't help things, you make the bold decision to stand up for yourself and defeat the fairies. First things first though, you need to get past this formidible curtain fire they've been shooting off. You remember vaugely of some sort of game like this before, and that if one is to survive it, you must look for a tell tale opening to squeeze through and catch your foe off gaurd, or at least get through to live. The bullets come screaming towards you and you manage to duck one and barely manage to get past 3 more that zoom past. Dammit where's that opening!

Your eyes dart about frantically looking for a way to get by the brightly colored bursts of energy, until finally, Success! You see a safe zone nearby right to your far left. You make a frantic dash through the storm of bullets getting nicked by several (and, on occasion, hit by a couple of snowball sized bullets). With a dive forward,You slip through the opening giving you a good chance to attack the fairies now. You glare at the faries you're facing showing your outrage to how they've just upped and attacked you when you didn't even do anything to them, so...you begin to undo you pants. And in a lewd flash you whip out your man meat flashing it to the group of fairies and waving it around trying to intimidate the lot of them (though you notice 3 of them seem to enjoy the show).

"You think you're the only one who can shoot bullets, think again!" You yell to them as you swiftly start jacking off, this is the best you could come up with, but it does seem plausible, albeit, a little crazy. Faster and faster your hand goes as your mind starts thinking about all those H-games and scenes you saw back home. Oh, such glorious images of the female anatomy only speed you closer to your climax. Before finally you feel a warm sensation rush up though your penis, but you hold it back. You needed to for this plan to work, even though such a thing hurt like a bitch. You desperately look for a target, locking eyes with the fairy nearest to you. Yeah, she'll do nicely. You dash forward the fairy gasps and tries to get away but you catch her by the leg throwing her on the ground. You jam your cock into her mouth and then...


The victim takes in the full brunt of your 'assualt' letting out a muffled squeal as she forces herself up trying to cough up the semen you just sprayed into her mouth. You look over to the others who are now visiably intimadated by the example you've made of their friend "The rest of you want some!" You shout to them, waving you 'deadly weapon' around to further scare them, and just as you thought they back down. Apparently, they didn't want to mess with a guy who could kill fairies with his gentialia.

But wait, the fairy you orally raped doesn't go 'POP', infact she's still behind you now making herself vomit to rid herself of the sticky substance you forced her to swallow. Well...no matter you'll just kill her now while she's expelling bile and sperm. You raise your foot above her head as you get ready to crush her. The other fairies rush in and grapple you trying their best to deter you long enough for their doomed comrade to get out of harms way, Unfortunetly for them fairies don't posess alot of physical strength to actually restrain an able bodied male, so you easily swat off the 2 on your arm. However, the other 2 crawl up to your penis and try to 'disarm' you and before you can even do anything about it, the fairies blast you're vulnerable cock at point black range.

The pain, in a nutshell, is like having your crotch inserted into a pencil sharpener on fire, and you show your pain by screaming out. Seeing they've succeded in damaging their enemy, the fairies continue to punish your groin. each hit more painful than the last. You needed to get them off you, and fast. Ignoring the mind numbing agony in you're crotch you grab the fairies by the scruff of their necks and toss them away from you, causing one to collide with a tree and another to fly into the bushes.

Finally free of your torment, you lookd down to asess the damage...and to your horror, your penis is now no more. Nothing but a scorched opening gushing blood. You stagger around before the fairy you orally violated works up the courage to take her revenge against you, by blasting you in the skull with danmaku. Instant death be falls you, soon after...

...But at least you can say that you orally raped a girl before you died...


Continues left: 4
[ ] Back one choice
[ ] Back to Prolouge

At 1st I was going let you guys get through this one and it probably would've been awesome if Anon, did manage to defeat them with his penis alone...but I digress. look on the bright side, I'll hand you another continue for making me write something I enjoyed for once. (This won't happen again...savor it)
>> No. 2645
[X] Back one choice

[X] Keep your cool. See if you can calm them down. They should go back to normal if you say the right things...
>> No. 2647
Should've added "HOW YA' LIKE ME NOW!" You have no clue how hard I laughed at the bad end.

[ ] Back 1
[ ] Fight! You must defend yourself!
[ ] look for an opening and try to 'graze' the oncoming curtain fire
>> No. 2648
[+] Fight! You must defend yourself!
[+] look for an opening and try to 'graze' the oncoming curtain fire
[+] Look for a bigass stick and BASH the ever-loving shit out of'em!
>> No. 2655
[X] Keep your cool. See if you can calm them down. They should go back to normal if you say the right things...
>> No. 2657
[ ] Back 1
[ ] Fight! You must defend yourself!
[ ] Try to kidnap one of the Fairies. Holding one of them hostage could tip the scales in your favor
>> No. 2712
Fuck, shoulda been posted this, hope it's of adequecy. Also sorry for taking so long with the story it's gonna move along alot smoother as soon as you get to out of this area.


[X] Back one choice
[X] Keep your cool. See if you can calm them down. They should go back to normal if you say the right things...

Things look grim, you know that but there's bound to be away out of this without having to resrot to violence (mainly because you don't feel too confident fighting a 5 on 1 battle with magic spewing lolis). "Hold on, I don't mean you any harm" You shout trying to grab their attention but it's no good. Your cries seem to fall on deaf ears as they still continue to shoot at you. You duck behind the nearest tree and take cover the danmaku tearing away at the bark with unbelieveable speed and power.

You have to try again or else you know you'll be put full of more holes than a gangbanged cheerleader. Thankfully there seems to be a lapse in their assualt giving you a chance to quickly put your plan into action "Stop don't shoot, I'm not going to hurt you" You say as you hold your hands up showing you mean what you say. Fortunetly, this time one of the fairies manages to hear your cries from within the chaos. The fairies soon enough stop their assault and now settle down. giving you a chance to explain yourself "Good, okay I was saying earlier that I didn't mean to scare you, I was just lost in these woods you see and I just accidently stumbled on you sleeping behind the bush over there" You explain stepping a bit closer to the group.

"So...you weren't trying to kill us then?" A fairy asks dropping her gaurd. Yes, it's working!

"No, I wasn't. I was just looking for a safe place for the night, honest." You reply with a calm smile, now confident that things would settle down.

However, despite you saying what you were searching for, the fairies direct their focus on the one who woke them up, who seemed to be the smallest of the group, mainly because she had disturbed their rest for nothing. "Why'd you wake us up for this! we could've been sleeping if it isn't for you!" The larger of the fairies shouts to the smaller one, it would seem the larger one is their 'leader' of sorts "I-It's not my fault I got scared, what if he really was a youkai or something" the smaller fairy cowers immedeatly submitting to the larger one's wrath "Does he LOOK like a youkai to you!" The larger one shouts

"W-well no b-but I-" Then another fairy stands up for the smaller one taking the verbal abuse from the 'Alpha Fairy' "Hey! Lay off, she was trying to protect us!" This outburst does not bode well with the larger fairy and It doesn't take long before all of them start arguing amoungst each other, their verbal argument quickly escalating into a physical one as now they're all piled up on top of each other hitting one another doing whatever they can to inflict injury upon the other. Biting, scratching, slapping, shouting loud profanties, questioning the other's virginity or whether they were 'straight' or not, it would seem that nothing's sacred in this no holds barred catfight.

As much as you wanted to watch them beat each other senseless, this was getting you nowehere closer to your goal. You let out an annoyed sigh applying palm to face, for you had just calmed them down only 3 minutes ago. You walk over to them and kneel down to the chaos below your feet attempting to (yet again) calm them down "Hey, hey, hey stop fighting, stop it right now dammit!" you say to them as you try to pry the fairies apart.

It takes a bit of work for some of them have their opponents hair tightly grasped in their hands, but eventually all of them are seperated and you stand in between all 5, like a day-care teacher trying to keep a group of 5 sniveling toddlers from pouncing on one another "If you keep fighting you all just might attract the attention of a 'youkai'...and you don't want that do you?" You say to them all sternly, with the lot of them nodding slowly

"Good. Now I need to know if there's a village or something nearby so I can have safe spot to crash for the night" The fairies remain silent for a bit before talking amoungst themselves. It's kinda odd how just a few minutes ago they were on the verge of yanking each others heads off, guess they're that whimsical. A moment later they turn back to you with their answer "Well, we think there's a human village further down a path over there we've never really been there though so we don't really know for sure..."

You nod and decide that even though it's a bit of a gamble, you're going to take it and find that path they were talking about. After all if there's is a path there's obviously a reason for it to be there. "Thanks" You say and you get up ready to head on into the woods again. That is, before one of the fairies stop you by tugging on your shirt. "W-wait! it's dangerous to go alone." Despite the slight familiarity of her words (you swear you've heard'em some where before), you can't help but notice how odd it is that they've suddenly taken a worry for your safety it could be because you proved to them that you were no longer a threat to their well being, but who knows. "Well...what else am I supposed to do, I'm sure as heck's not staying here"

"You...could stay with us" One of them offers taking her friends side "We don't mind the company" Interesting, the fairies wish for you to sleep over with them. Come to think of it, Sleep does sound pretty good, that incident earlier kind of wore you out.

Either way, you have a bit of a decision to make so whatcha gonna do?

[ ] Yes. Although, sleeping in the woods isn't really your thing, it's alot safer than wandering the woods alone.
[ ] No. Sleeping with fairies is gay!
[ ] Offer them to tag along with you. She said it was dangerous if you wen't alone, why not go together as a group?
[ ] Go it alone, the fairies will only slow you down...


Think carefully anon. What do you do when you're lost in the woods? Think.
>> No. 2713
[x] Yes. Although, sleeping in the woods isn't really your thing, it's alot safer than wandering the woods alone.

>> No. 2714
{X} Yes. Although, sleeping in the woods isn't really your thing, it's alot safer than wandering the woods alone.
I somehow see this ending bad.
>> No. 2719
[x] Take this!

[ ] Offer them to tag along with you. She said it was dangerous if you weren't alone, why not go together as a group?
>> No. 2720
[ ] Yes. Although, sleeping in the woods isn't really your thing, it's alot safer than wandering the woods alone.
>> No. 2721
[x] Yes. Although, sleeping in the woods isn't really your thing, it's alot safer than wandering the woods alone.

>> No. 2727
[+] Yes. Although, sleeping in the woods isn't really your thing, it's alot safer than wandering the woods alone.
>> No. 2768
>Also no pic cuz I lack any pictures of Fairies (go figure)

in b4 newfags whining that they didn't sign up for free accounts yet
>> No. 2784
[X] Yes. Although, sleeping in the woods isn't really your thing, it's alot safer than wandering the woods alone.

I blame YAF and HY for my love of the fairies.
>> No. 2785

Wait. What the fuck did I do? All I wanted was for anon to choose to EAT those damn fluttering retardfaces!
>> No. 2789

That's your own fault for making them so damn cute.
>> No. 2812
[X] Offer them to tag along with you. She said it was dangerous if you wen't alone, why not go together as a group?

Voting to see if this will move again.
>> No. 2820
[x] Yes. Although, sleeping in the woods isn't really your thing, it's alot safer than wandering the woods alone.

You hesitate for a while thinking on the situation and you look towards the group who seem eager to have you stay over with them. Well it couldn't hurt, after all you really don't think wandering around aimlessly in a dark and mysteirious forest is exactly the safest idea at the moment. "Alright, I'll stay" you say to them with a smile. The fairies cheer at your response and start crowding around you motioning you to sit down. They certainly have taken a liking to you...and at such a quick pace, you never realized that fairies were this easy to befriend...

As they all get settled down, the fairies sit around you in a circle with you in the center of said circle. You also take notice that not a one of them is getting ready for bed. Fact is, they all are wide awake and look as if they could stay up all night if they really wanted to. The fairies stare up at you with their wide eyes filled with wonder and excitement, which was cute a first now after having them stare at you for what seems to be 4 minutes (tops) it's getting a bit creepy.

More so, once you notice that they haven't blinked in that alloted time either. "Uh...shouldn't we be...y'know, getting ready for bed or something?" You ask, a little more than unerved by their stares at you. "Why? Can't we just talk for a while?" One of them asks in an eager tone. It would seem they want to learn more about you. Which explains the stares...sort of...

Conceading to this question, you decide to let them have their fun and chat with the little scamps for awhile. "Alright, what is it you want to talk about?" You ask to them. This seems to be where the fairies have hit their mental block, for they fall silent for a good 3 minutes.

"...You don't know...do you" You say to them, trying to avoid a applying palm to face.

The quickly fairies huddle together and start conversing amoungst themselves, the occasional 'No! that's a stupid question' or 'I could have thought of a better one!' springing up from their little pow wow. It takes them about another 3 minutes for them to come up with a valid question to ask. "What's your name?" One of them asks you.

Well this was a given, to think it took them 6 minutes to come up with this, and with the help of all 5 of them no less. Fairies must be a little slow around here. Oh well, they have their question you have your answer...

"My name is..."

[ ] Allen
[ ] Lucas
[ ] Kurtis
[ ] Toshiro
[ ] Revya...
[ ] (Write-in, cuz all these names all suck)
[ ] 'Can't remember shit' option

Writing the next part now, because this is falling behind and needs to move along plotwise. I'll insert the name you all choose in the parts that it's needed. So don't sweat that.
>> No. 2821
[x] Macheath, Mack for short.

This must win at least one CYOA.
>> No. 2823
[x] Gilgamesh, King of Heroes
>> No. 2825
[+] MacKeith, Mack for short.
>> No. 2826
[X] Locke D'Averam, a revenant named after the house of Averam
>> No. 2828
[x] Oberon, King of Fairies

Go Go Gadget Shakespeare.
>> No. 2829
{X} Gilgamesh, King of Heroes
Type-Moon faggotry is a go.
>> No. 2830

Changing my vote.
[x] Gilgamesh, King of Heroes

Let's get this show on the road.
>> No. 2831
We already have Shiki, Shirou, and Ryogi. Do we really need another TM name?


[x] Gilgamesh, King of Heroes
>> No. 2832
File 121505697373.jpg - (366.54KB , 640x2880 , thatwackyhuman.jpg ) [iqdb]
You forgot Lancer.
>> No. 2833
I haven't been to /border/ in a loooooooooooong time... my bad.
>> No. 2834
[x] Oberon, King of Fairies
>> No. 2835
File 121506249159.jpg - (17.85KB , 300x225 , FSN_GILGAMESH.jpg ) [iqdb]
Came mighty close to MacKeith, but Gilgamesh it is gaiz! Which reminds me, I must immerse myself in F/SN.

[x] Gilgamesh, King of Heroes

"Gilgamesh...My name is Gilgamesh" You answer to them, in an arrogant tone. Why? Because, you're the King of Heroes that's why! Such a glorious name of gold doesn't (and shouldn't) belong to no one else. The fairies do seem impressed by this name but are detered by it when they can't really prononuce it "Can we just call you, Gilga-kun!"

"Gh, what?" You stammer, your golden name is being challenged? diminished to the likes of a fairy who can't pronounce a 3-syllable name. "Can you at least TRY to pronounce it, say it with me Gil-ga-mesh" The fairies then try their hand at pronouncing it but all they can manage are horrid bastardaztions of your name. Eventually, you get fed up with these attempts and decide to quickly put this shit to an end "Forget it, just drop it!"

The fairies look at you quizzically before shrugging to one another, and allowing one of their friends to ask you something else abou yourself "So are you from the outside, Gilga-kun?"

Argh, that nickname...but that aside, what exactly did they mean by that? Could it be, that they meant outside as in another world or some thing, it was the only plausible explination so far so...you went with it. "Yes, that I am" You answer, though your tone is obviously of that of uncertainty. But the fairies don't seem to catch on to this either. They seem a bit more excited to find out that your from this 'Outside' they spoke of earlier. Was being an outsider really that special? Apparently so...

After they calm down for a bit, they turn their attention back to you "So...what's it like in the Outside world?"

"Tell us, Gilga-kun! Tell us!"

"Well, it's alot more...'modern' there than it is here. For instance we have cars in the outside world"

One of the fairies deadpan "Cars?...what's a 'Cars'?" Are they serious? they don't know what cars are?...Well she asked, and you shall enlighten her with your knowledge of modern day technology. "Cars are machines that we use to move around" You explain, dumbing it down for them so they can understand the concept of the automobile. "But...isn't that what your legs are made for" Another one of them replies "Having these 'cars' sounds like a waste to me..."

"You all have legs too, but you use your wings instead, do you not?" You reply with sly grin "So do you think having wings is a waste as well?"

The fairies want to answer this but can't seem to form words in reponse, which gives you the go ahead to continue on "Having something that replaces another doesn't always make it useless, it just makes the task easier to do. Just as to how you all choose to fly instead of walk, we choose to use our cars rather than walk" They seem to understand this, for they nod in agreement. "Now, what exactly are YOUR names, and where exactly am I" You ask now turning the tables so that you are the one to get some answers "If I'm to stay over, I have to know the names of my hostesses"

They all seem glad to give their names, probably because they've already pulled all the answers they wanted out of you anyways. The larger fairy steps forward and has apparently become the speaker for the group. "Well then I am, Shokuji" She then directs her attention to the others sitting around you, starting with the 2nd largest "Her name is Shio" then toward the 3rd largest "Hers is Ame" then a smaller one "Chiizu, is her name" And finally the final fairy "and lastly the runt there is, Juusu" The smaller one, you know now is Juusu, cowers a bit, seems like she's the weaker one of the group being she is easily frightened.

"Now for my next question, where am I?"

"Gensokyo" Shio answered bluntly

"Gensokyo?" You take look around, This Gensokyo looks alot like home to you, well besides the lolis with wings. "How is 'Gensokyo' any different from the 'Outside world'? They look almost the same to me...well besides the fact of you 5"

Shokuji thinks for a while before coming up ith the best answer she could put together "Well, we can use magic in Gensokyo"

Interesting, it would seem that while the outside world trades it's knowledge of magic for technology it is vice versa for Gensokyo. "So I'm guessing that is how you were able to use those energy bullets earlier on, am I right?" You say remembering back when you 1st came across them.

Shokuji nods "Mm-hm, that about sums it up"

You smirk as you imagine yourself with that kind of power, with it you'll be able to take on whatever comes your way in Gensokyo. And with that image in mind comes your next question to the group "Do you think I could learn how to use magic that way?"

The faires hesitate to answer, indicating that either they weren't going to tell you or they didn't know, and judging by how simpleminded they were before, it would prove to be the latter. "Well...we don't really know about that..."

You frown a bit at this response, for it would seem that learning how to weild such power would take a while, perhaps someone in the village would know how to utulize magic. You wouldn't know for sure until tommorrow though. "Well, either way, I think we've stayed up long enough, we should turn in for the night" You say, with the fairies agreeing with you despite them still looking as if they'd stay awake all night long.

It takes a while for you to get confortable being the ground is way harder than any bed you've slept on, you glance over at the faires and notice that they have already dropped off to sleep. Damn, that was quick. Not a moment ago they looked as if they wired up on caffine. You chuckle to yourself as you mentally picture the lot of them flying about in a twitchy manner screaming 'Gimme Coffeeee! Coffeeeee!'. But, eventually, you find youself drifting off to sleep...

. . . . . . .

You awake the next morning to the sound of birds singing and the morning air gentely caressing your face. It's painful when you first rise up, due to the cramp in your neck from sleeping on what looks to be a rock, But all in all you slept well (better than you have ever before anyways) and you feel recharged in a sense. You look around and see the faires are up as well, judging by how energetic they are it would seem they've been awake a tad longer than you have, how long exactly you don't really know. Either way, it's morning and it's also a bit safer to wander about the woods and find that path to the village those fairies spoke of last night. As you get up and stretch with a loud yawn, the fairies come to your side looking at you curiously...as if they were waiting for you to ask them something. You look at each of them with a weird look before saying "What?"

"Are you going to the village now?"

"Yes. Why?"

"Can we come with you?"

Well now, this is a surprise (or not). You could let them tag along with you on your little excursion to the village. But, then again, you're Gilgamesh when's the last time you've needed help from anybody?

[ ] "I'd rather go alone"
[ ] "Well, you know what they say; 'The more the merrier'"

lol, I just named the fairies after random foods and shit. Nothing special since I got tired of refering them to as Nameless Fairies. The fact that they now have names doesn't really mean they can play THAT big of a role in the plot. But this will depend on what decisions you make (obviously).
>> No. 2837
Fuck, now I have namer's remorse. We should've gone with Oberon.

[x] You don't hold back on your people, nor do you hold back on your food; They shall be used and eaten at your leisure.

"The more, the merrier", as how Gilgamesh would most likely say it.
>> No. 2838
{X} You don't hold back on your people, nor do you hold back on your food; They shall be used and eaten at your leisure.
Confusion ahoy.
>> No. 2841
[x] "Well, you know what they say; 'The more the merrier'"


You would make YAF proud.
>> No. 2843
[x] "Well, you know what they say; 'The more the merrier'"

No eating the fairies.
>> No. 2844
[+] "Well, you know what they say; 'The more the merrier'"
Not fairy eatan gaem.
>> No. 2849
[a] You don't hold back on your people, nor do you hold back on your food; They shall be used and eaten at your leisure.
Very well played words
>> No. 2856
[x] Gilgamesh option.

Better rename this story to "Pompous Demigod Jerkass in Gensokyo".
>> No. 2864
[x] "Well, you know what they say; 'The more the merrier'"
Fairies with food-related names. I see what you did there, and I'm not playing along.
>> No. 2930
Updates shall come tomorrow. Just saying to let you all know I don't intend for this to keel over and die.
>> No. 2996
File 121543700716.png - (26.00KB , 410x296 , reimu_computer2.png ) [iqdb]
[x] "Well, you know what they say; 'The more the merrier'"

You give them all a smile, how could you not take them along with you. Looks like you've grown a little attached to them O' mighty King of Heroes. "Well you know what the say; The more the merrier" You reply as you start walking through the woods. Hearing your approval the faires chirp happily and swiftly follow suit with you into the woods.

It doesn't take long before you come across the path that supposedly lead to the village, you ask the fairies if they were positive such a path lead to civilization which they all agreed upon, so you follow on down the road. Now in the clear as far as directions are concearned, You take the time to notice how the Fairy gang functions in general, as you expect Shokuji is the leader being she's the most outspoken and arrogant one of them all, Shio seems to be her 'Right-hand man' and agrees with her consistantly. Ame looks to be the motherly figure of the group, being she with Juusu giving her moral support, you took note of this before when you 1st met them, Ame was the one who stood up for the timid fairy when the others were angry with her. Chiizu looks to be highly talkative and energetic being she never seems to shut...EVER. And lastly Juusu seems to be of the lowest rank, for you've noticed most of the others bullying her, which Ame seems to ward off by telling the lot of them to stop. You wonder if Juusu had always been a bit of an inferiority complex, but you put it out of mind and focus on your task at hand.

The walk itself was uneventful to put it lightly, save for the constant chatter of Chiizu, you swear she never stops even to breathe. But, lucky for your sanity, your mind is elsewhere so it doesn't seem to bother you in the least, what your more concearned about is WHY exactly you were sent to such a place and on such abrupt circumstances. There had to be a reason for you being here if not a small one. Although you highly doubt any normal resident of the Human Village would, maybe there would someone who did, perhaps a wizard or researcher of somekind, either way you wasn't going to find out diddly until you got there which was taking forever...

Following the Path way a little more, you come to see a shrine it looks like on top of a large hill, though the forest road keeps on going into the wilderness, you assume the Village is still a bit more down the road. But still this shrine seems interesting, maybe you could cut out the middle man to see if anyone lives here...it's unlikely but it's worth a shot...

"Hey, does anyone live in that shrine up there?" You ask motioning toward the location in question.

The fairies look up to see you had stopped and go over to check out what you've found, the 1st to answer (as you expect) is Shokuji "Oh that's the Hakurei Shrine, I think the shrine maiden Reimu lives in there...but from what I hear she isn't really that pleasent to company...she's the kinda person who ya have to catch in a good mood in order to come over and tolerate being around..." Shokuji answers as she and her group await for you to follow behind them.

This 'Reimu' could have some possible answers to you being in Gensokyo, and though the subject wasn't really that improtant earlier, you find yourself growing more curious of it now...but in retrospect, you didn't want to be bothered with someone who, as Shokuji implied, was a total bitch.

[ ] Enter the Hakurei Shrine. See if this Reimu knows something about your existance here.
[ ] Keep moving, you don't have anytime to mess around with a ratty old shrine let alone it's bitchy resident.


Just so you know you don't HAVE to put up with the disagreeable Reimu...but it's totally up to you Anon, I only write this VN...
>> No. 2997
>Just so you know you don't HAVE to put up with the disagreeable Reimu

But that's the fun of being Gilgamesh. This will be a clash of egos, and Reimu will lose, because her shrine is filled with nothing but women and children.

[x] Enter the Hakurei Shrine. See if this Reimu knows something about your existance here.
>> No. 3000
[+] Keep moving, you don't have anytime to mess around with a ratty old shrine let alone it's bitchy resident.
>> No. 3006
{X} Enter the Hakurei Shrine. See if this Reimu knows something about your existance here.
>> No. 3007
[x] Keep moving, you don't have anytime to mess around with a ratty old shrine let alone it's bitchy resident.

Reimu would probably chase off the fairies, at least. Fuck that.
>> No. 3031
[X] Keep moving, you don't have anytime to mess around with a ratty old shrine let alone it's bitchy resident.

For the sake of the fairies.
>> No. 3053
File 121549387929.png - (71.28KB , 824x553 , Fuck Gilgamesh.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Keep moving, you don't have anytime to mess around with a ratty old shrine.

This Reimu sounds like she wouldn't be worth the effort of dealing with and by the looks of the shrine, the place could come down any minute. Whoever this Reimu is needs to learn how to earn some donations to keep her living arrangments presentable rather than waste her life being a bitchy miko to those around her. So, not wanting to deal with someone of her demeanor you continue on the path towards the Village, putting your earlier question out of mind until you reached your other destination. "If that's the case then I want nothing to do with her, I don't have the time to deal with a disagreeable shrine maiden, who obviously sees more interest in being a shrew than keeping her home well kept" The fairies nod in agreement and follow suit. A bit relieved you chose to move on rather than go visit Reimu.

As you make continue the trip to the village, you begin to grow curious as to why exactly Shokuji was the leader of the gang, Though you already assumed that it was solely because she was the largest fairy and therefore had dominant status by default, but something in the back of your mind keeps saying that this isn't the only reason. There had to be another reason if not a small one. You look to Ame and Juusu and decide to consult them on this being that Shokuji, Satou and Chiizu were busy with talking to each other about god knows what.

"Juusu, Ame" you say as you slow down a bit so they can catch up to you.

"Hm? What is it, Gilga-kun?" Ame answers temporarily leaving Juusu's side to come close to you.

"I want to know the reason as to why you follow Shokuji, is it because you look up to her or something different?" You ask glancing over to the other 3 ahead, who now seemed to be criticizing Chiizu about her verbal dysentery.

The both of them fall silent and seem to be rather frightened you ask them such a thing, did you hit a nerve when you asked that question?

It takes a few moments but Ame speaks up with her answer "Well...it's because she's the strongest" Ame puts on a smile which you can feel is absolutely false in every sense of the word, but you let her continue not showing that you knew she was lieing "I'd want to follow someone who can give us protection, right Juusu?" She nudges the timid fairy who hesitates and nods, not making eye contact with you.

It was painfully obvious that the both of them are hiding their true opinions on their loyalty towards Shokuji, but you didn't really want to push it if it made them uneasy. Instead you make a mental note to ask them later on the subject when the others are nowhere in the area.

- - - -

After what seems like forever, you manage to reach your destination with no harm done, the village itself looks to be that of a village set in fuedal japan of sorts though there are the occasional houses that have a more modern look to them which makes you wonder if there were more outsiders like you in the village. But either way, you're here and this means you're finally free to roam about and get some answers

But as you start through the gates you notice the fairies following behind you. You look back "What? Can't we come with you?" Chiizu asks with the others looking on in anticipation.

[ ] "Of course, I let you tag along this far didn't I? what makes you think I'd leave you behind"
[ ] "I only really needed you to get to this village, so I'm done with you"

2nd choice
-[ ] Look around town. There's bound to be something interesting here to do
-[ ] There looks to be a school in the distance, go check it out.
-[ ] Write in
-[ ] Just chill with your gang (Can't be selected, if you chose to leave the fairies behind)
>> No. 3054
[x] "Of course, I let you tag along this far didn't I? what makes you think I'd leave you behind"

Worst case scenario, we'll just eat their souls in order to get the mana needed to cast Gate of Babylon.

[x] There looks to be a school in the distance, go check it out.

Women and children, lol.
>> No. 3055
>Fuck Gilgamesh.png


[x] Charge back to the shrine and kick Reimu's ass.

This mongrel needs an attitude adjustment.
>> No. 3058
[X] "Of course, I let you tag along this far didn't I? what makes you think I'd leave you behind"
[O] There looks to be a school in the distance, go check it out.
>> No. 3145
[x] "Of course, I let you tag along this far didn't I? what makes you think I'd leave you behind"
[y] There looks to be a school in the distance, go check it out.
>> No. 3428
File 121575549943.jpg - (790.91KB , 909x1350 , 1210657529217.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry for the lapse, got taken in by other things, have an update for your trouble you'll find that someone we all know of is approaching...

[x] "Of course, I let you tag along this far didn't I? what makes you think I'd leave you behind"
[x] There looks to be a school in the distance, go check it out


"Of course, I let you tag along this far didn't I? What makes you think I'd leave you behind here?" You say to the fairies in an arrogant tone, before entering the village. Shokuji however doesn't seem to approve of your tone you took earlier and promptly confronts you about it "Hey, what do ya mean, 'I let you tag along'? if it wasn't for me you'd be dead already!"

"That's right! Shokuji-sama stopped us from kicking your ass!" Satou agrees living up to her 'Kiss ass' personality you branded her with sometime ago.
You basically tune out Satou's comment and focus on Shokuji, the root of the dispute. "But wasn't it YOU who asked me if you and your group could come along with me" You reply "In anycase, I should be the new leader of this gang since I am clearly the one who took up the position a while ago?"

"N-no way! I'm supposed to be the leader if something goes down, then it shoudld be because I said it should, Hmph!" Shokuji barks back at you, you never expected such a little person could have such an ego like yours...if only she knew how to use logic, she'd be dangerous then...

"Why? even if you ARE a leader, you are still but a woman" You reply with a smug look on your face. Checkmate, bitch!

"Wh-what's that supposed to mean?" Shokuji shouts her face a crimson red. It would appear that she doesn't like it when her authority is challenged.

"Hey yeah what is that supposed to mean" Chiizu adds in, as she looks at you with narrow eyes "I mean I can understand how you think cuz you're a boy you'd be a better leader or something but honestly I don't see what us being girls has anything to do with it, Shokuji's led us through some tough times just fine way before you came along, oh except for that one time though with that flower youkai, what's her name, oh yeah, Yuk-"

"Shut up, Chiizu!" Shokuji shouts, to which the talkative fairy promptly obeys.

You stifle a laugh and decide to just drop the situation for now, although this was your 1st time toying with Shokuji, you had to admit it, despite how annoying she can be, messing with Shokuji was actually pretty fun, perhaps you'll do it again sometime in the near future.

"Anyways, we should get moving now, we're starting to make a scene" You say focusing your attention on the village before you, although there were plenty of interesting locations in this village that a newcomer such as yourself could explore, you were more interested in what appeared to be a school not to far away. You assumed that there was probably a professor inside, or at least someone with enough knowledge to answer all the questions you have at the moment. "Look, there's a school back there, I think we should go check it out, if there's a professor or something in there I can ask him some questions I've had on my mind as of late" You say before Shokuji gets in your way again.

"What now?" You say, obviously showing how annoyed you were at the moment.

"I'm the leader! I say when we get to go!" She pauses as everyone waits for her answer "Okay, NOW we can go" Fairies with superiority complexes are fun to mess with, but dammit if they're not annoying...this is going to be a long day...

As you and your group are walking to the schoolhouse, you take note of the denziens of the village, as you would expect most of them were infact human, whether they were from the outside like you were or not was something you weren't sure of, nor did it really matter as of now. Although, you do notice that there are some residents of the village who seem to have animal like features such as ears or tails and such, it would seem that infact non-humans settle here as well. The walk in general is as uneventful as the initial trip to the village, beside from the fact that some of the residents seem to stare at how 5 fairies were following you, and you take note of a strange young woman who was heading away from the area you were heading, aside from the fact she gave you a mean look, you generally pay no attention to her and keep going. Though, you do question as to whether she IS a girl, but judging by her choice of clothing...she may not be...

Upon arriving to the school, You don't really bother with knocking and just enter the school's doors promptly announcing your presence to every one in it. Inside however it seemed that there was a lecture already in session for the were children seated in their desks and a woman in front of them. Though you don't really know why she's with the class for now (possibly an aide of some sort?) you do, however, take note of how attractive she looks, long silver hair, soft delicate looking skin, a nice set of tits, and a blue dress that compliments her feminine form quite nicely. The only thing that turns you off is that strange pagoda looking hat she wears...how the hell does that thing stay in place anyways? She got some kinda weird super glue on it or something?

The class of children stared at you before one of them notices one of the fairies and promptly speaks up about it. "Hey look everyone! Fairies!" The class immedieatly sent into an upheavel as the children get out of their seats to get a good look at the gang you dragged in with you. "E-everyone, please get back to your seats" The woman says to the uprooted children who look back "B-but, we want to see the fairies..." one of them whines, it would seem their lesson wasn't very engaging to them, as you would expect from children.

"Back to your seats or I'll double your homework assignments!" The children groan and whine for a bit but generally obey her orders and return to their designated seats. She then directs her attention to you, the one who disrupted everything in the first place "Now then, who are you and what is it that you want."

>> No. 3429
"I'm Gilgamesh, and I'm looking for someone, someone who can answer the questions I have to ask" you state as you scan the classroom for a researcher or someone of the similar sort, not knowing that what you seeked was right in front of you this whole time.

"Sorry, but we're in the middle of a lesson right now" the woman says as she steps forward "And I can see that" You reply dryly not really caring about what this woman had to say "So if you could come back later when the lesson is over I'd be happy to answer whatever questions you have"

"That won't be nessacary, just tell me where your superior is, you know the teacher of this class" You say still looking around the class

"Uhm, I'm afraid that I'm the only teacher here, Mr. Gilgamesh"

You deadpan for a few moments "You are?"

"Yes, I'm the history teacher here, Keine Kamishirasawa"

You don't really like the idea of asking a woman for anything but she does seem to e the only one here at the moment. "Fine...I guess I'll settle for you then" You mumble a little under your breathe.

Keine raises an eyebrow to your comment "Excuse me?"

"Nothing, let's go I have alot to ask you, I assume you're office, or whatever, is back here..." You reply as you start off towards the back but look behind you and see that Keine isn't following. "Aren't you coming?"

Keine looks to her class then to you "Are you sure this can't this wait? I have to finish the history lesson for today or I'll be behind, and besides I can't leave the children here alone" Keine asks you. You sigh and direct your attention to the fairy gang still hanging out in the doorway "You all, teach Keine's class until I'm done with her."

4 of the fairies nod in obedience, leaving only Shokuji to protest to your order, as you should have expected "Dammit! What've I told you about giving orders!" Shokuji snaps as she gives you an intimidating glare before looking at her gang "And you lot, stop obeying him!"

"Fine you give the order then" You say nonchalantly.

"Good." Shokuji waits for a few minutes then turns to her group "Alright let's do whatever it was that Gilga-kun said for us to do" Shokuji says to her friends who (after giving her a stupid look) obey and follow suit. You face palm at how stupid the elitist fairy has been lately, but generally don't say nothing else about it.

"W-wait, how can they-" You silence Keine by holding up your hand "Don't worry, they're quite compatent despite lacking common sense, besides the children will be fine with them, they were after all alot more interested in the fairies than they were of YOUR lesson" Keine remains silent for a moment before conceading to your wishes and begins to walk with you to the back. The walk is quite save for the echoes of the children who were still excited to have a group of faries 'teach' their class, you highly doubt they would actually teach the children anything but it would at least keep the lot of them occupied and out of your hair until you got what you wanted from Keine.

"So, those fairies back there, why exactly are they following you? Are they your friends?" Keine asks as a means of breaking the silence between the 2 of.

"I don't know exactly, but they do have some use, so having them around can't be all bad" You reply as you shrug. "So, you allow them to follow you only because you plan on using them for something?" Keine asks as she glances back to you, to which you smile in return "That depends on the situation" Judging by the tone of her voice you could tell she didn't like how you said you were using the loyalty of the fairies, so you weren't going to give off any hints to her. But still if she were in the situation you were in yesterday she probably would have done the same thing. As the 2 of you fall silent, you remember the strange young woman before and decide why not ask Keine about her, since the silence isn't really that settling now "Say, I say a woman come from here a moment ago...do you know who she is?"

"Yes, her name is Mokou, she occasionally stops by her and helps protect the human village from youkai attacks" Keine answers. Hm it would seem that even though this village is a safe haven for humans it is not completely safe from attack. "I guess even a safe haven such as this has it's weaknesses"

Keine sighs, as you generally proved a painful point just now. "Unfortunetly, You're correct, Mr. Gilgamesh, this area isn't completely safe and fatalities from said attacks can, and will, happen. But so long as I'm in this village I won't let anything happen to it or it's people."

You can't help but chuckle at this "A woman acting as a villages protector, how cute"

"I beg your pardon?"

"Nothing, just finding how amusing it is that a woman thinks she can keep an entire village safe" Keine doesn't reply and generally ignores you comment, but not without giving you a glare.

Now having arrived at your destination Keine takes a deep calming breathe, as she takes her seat behind the desk and motioning you to sit in the chair in front "Now, what is it you wish to ask me about..."

[ ] Ask her how and why outsiders come to Gensokyo.
[ ] Ask her about magic, and how you can utilize it's power.
[ ] Ask her about the village and it's residents
[ ] Ask her about something else (Write in what it is)
[ ] Show her that it should be a woman's dream to be held down and violated! (lol)

There ya go, Keine appears. Hope I did okay with her as far as protraying her character goes...And no I didn't realize this was a WoT.
>> No. 3434
This disrespect towards Kiene makes dySWN sad.
>> No. 3435
{X} Ask her how and why outsiders come to Gensokyo.
{X} Ask her about magic, and how you can utilize it's power.
>> No. 3439
File 12157637719.jpg - (104.77KB , 386x472 , Godu2.jpg ) [iqdb]
Gilgamesh wannabe who takes over a fairy gang and treats Keine like shit? This is the worst protagonist yet.
>> No. 3444
instead of whining how about voting
>> No. 3448

I disagree, FUIG set the bar for Worst Protagonist Ever, and in my opinion, NOBODY has surpassed it yet. Personally, a giant douche running around Gensokyo trolling everyone he sees is coming off as hilarious to me. That should be a route of its own.

That said,

[x] Ask her how and why outsiders come to Gensokyo.
[x] Ask her about magic, and how you can utilize it's power.
>> No. 3449

Well, if he wanted to vote, he wouldn't be complaining now would he?
>> No. 3451
Why's he here then?
>> No. 3452
[x] Ask her how and why outsiders come to Gensokyo.
[x] Ask her about magic, and how you can utilize it's power.
>> No. 3453

Statistics show that over half the regular visitors this imageboard don't actually vote.

>> No. 3454
Only voters have the right to complain~
>> No. 3467
[x] Ask her about magic, and how you can utilize it's power.

You can stop now, faggot. I read every story, I don't always vote.

FUIG was more like a parody of WUIG where the whole point was to be the worst protagonist possible. I wouldn't count that with the regular stories.
>> No. 3484
I love how people decided we should be called Gilgamesh, voted Gilgamesh choices, and then complain when we act like Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh was an egocentric prick that constantly demeaned anyone stupid enough to stand in the same room as him, and that's what made him awesome. We're an overconfident, unlikable, bastard; yet we're charismatic enough to make people (or fairies) obey our orders. The only difference between us and Nasu's Gilgamesh is that we lack the ability to shoot legendary weapons out of thin air.

That said.

[X] Ask her how and why outsiders come to Gensokyo.
[X] Ask her about magic, and how you can utilize its power.
[X] Ask her about legendary weapons.

We need to further reduce the difference between us and Gil.
>> No. 3489
File 121581097931.jpg - (556.30KB , 1057x1600 , 1197356241927.jpg ) [iqdb]
>people decided we should be called Gilgamesh, voted Gilgamesh choices, and then complain when we act like Gilgamesh
Because those are definitely the same people, right?

Besides, my main problem is that this anon's TRYING to act like Gilgamesh, but completely lacks the charisma to pull it off. Where's the overwhelming presence, the feeling of being in apocalyptic danger that Gil gives off just by fucking LOOKING at someone? This is worse than that spaz calling himself "Nanaya" in THIS SHRINE.

Good luck getting anyone besides fairies and a very kind and patient teacher to follow your dipshit orders. Although, I don't trust this writer not to make everyone cave in like Keine no matter how little sense it makes.
>> No. 3863
File 121626675011.png - (21.04KB , 400x400 , 1206883896194.png ) [iqdb]
Terribly sorry for the wait...now i feel like a father that's neglected it's child for some reason...Oh well updates all around, Anon.


[x] Ask her how and why outsiders come to Gensokyo.
[x] Ask her about magic, and how you can utilize it's power.

You take you seat in front of the history teacher as she asked and looked her dead in the eye as you prepared youself for the answers you've been waiting for. "Ok, First off, I want to know how is it that people like me end up in Gensokyo and why?" You ask with Keine thinking for a few moments on your question. "Well, a human from the outside can wind up in Gensokyo after having wandered beyond the border that seperates our world from yours, but usually if that happens the human in question will either be turned around and arrive back in their world or, if they wish to stay in Gensokyo, will be put off here in this village...but I'm sure you wound up in the woods instead, correct?"

"Yeah, just yesterday to be exact, which is how I found that gang of fairies back there" You reply not wanting to mention that they attacked you and almost put you full of holes, before you managed to calm them down. "Is there any other way for a human to come to Gensokyo?"

"Yes, and that's by the help of the Gap youkai named, Yukari Yakumo"

"Gap youkai?" You say with raising an eyebrow.

"Yukari has alot of power of the bounderies, she is the only one who is able to open 'gaps' which allow her to manuver between Gensokyo and the Outside World of her own accord. Yukari is also the one who usually brings outsiders (amoung other things) to Gensokyo...but usually for her own reasons though..."

It would seem that this woman 'Yukari' could be behind your appearance here, but as to why is still a question that's unanswered and probably will remain as such until you go see her in person to get some information. "So, if I wish to find out the exact reason WHY I'm here, I'll have to talk with this 'Yukari'?"

Keine nods in agreement "Exactly. But, finding her can be difficult, being she doesn't really live within Gensokyo per se"

"Well. where does she live exactly?" You ask trying not to show how anxious you were to get the answer to this.

"Somewhere along the border, no one can really say for certain" Keine replies with a sigh "However, if you can find her Shikigami, Ran Yakumo, you might be able to get her to take you to Yukari for questioning but even so, She usually comes to the village from time to time to buy groceries. However, Yukari isn't actually one to be...active or direct, so I wouldn't put my complete faith in getting answers out of her at least not in a straight foward manner"

"All I want are answers as to why I'm here, whether she's lazy, hard to find, or cryptic doesn't concearn me" You reply before moving on to your next question, which also happened to be the one you wanted her to answer the most "Now for my next question; I've already been told from my gang that in Gensokyo one is able to use magic, is it true that ANYONE can utilize it's power, if so how?"

"Yes, in Gensokyo magic is quite powerful here, though I do understand there are a few others who prefer the study of 'Science' and/or 'Technology' but because of how few in numbers these people are, they don't have any real influence" Keine answers before continuing on with her explanations "As to if anyone can use it, I can't really say, Humans in the village have some potential in it being they were born in a magically inclined world, however a human from the outside...well..." She trails off as if she doesn't want you to hear the rest.


"For you, since you're from the outside, learning to use magic just by itself could take a lot of time, and alot of effort just to perfect a simple spell, though I'm not saying it's completely impossible, it's just rather difficult for a human who was born on the outside."

You shake your head in disagreement that overconfident side of you kicking in once again "I don't think it should be any problem with learning it, after all I wouldn't be asking about it if I wasn't confident that I could make any progress in it" You chuckle giving Keine an arrogant smirk, showing how just how much faith you had in your success.

"It's nice to see you show alot faith in yourself, Mr.Gilgamesh" Keine replies with a smile "But you shouldn't be too confident, there were many outsiders before you who met an early end just because they were too arrogant. I'm not asking you to change Mr.Gilgamesh I'm only asking that you be careful so you won't get hurt or..." She pauses as if she's afraid to say that 3 letter word that's the past tense definetion which means to no longer live.

"No need to worry yourself, but your concearn doesn't surprise me, after all you haven't really had the majesty to see what I am capable of" You reply "Anyways, all I need is someone with a knowledge of magic, and then I'll be set"

"If what you're looking for is a teacher maybe I could teach you what I know-"

"No, you're just a HISTORY teacher what I need is a magician, someone who's actually SKILLED in the art of spell casting, not someone who re-teaches history to small children"

Keine looks rather hurt at your comment but still gives you advice regardless, dammit you have no regard for her feelings do you? "...In that case...You could look in the Forest of Magic and find Marisa, she's quite skilled in using magic. However I wouldn't rely on her too much being she can be...well neglectful at best. But, there is someone else who might be able to teach you. She goes by the name of Patchouli Knowledge and she resides in her library located within the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Though getting in to the mansion can be difficult being their gatekeeper Meiling is always on gaurd duty at it's gate, and rarely lets anyone past her...unless your Marisa...who some how always manages to get past her..."

"Alright then, it's settled, I'll go see this Patchouli and I'll be on my way to learning magic and all it's secrets" You state as you get up and make your way to the door "I thank you for the answers, Keine, now I'll be going"

"Wait, do you have any place to stay while you're here?" Keine asks with you shaking your head in response "If want you can stay with me, I don't mind it in the least"

[ ] Accept, sure why not, you need the free meals anyways
[ ] Decline, You'd rather do things on your own
>> No. 3864
[x] Decline, You'd rather do things on your own

Keine is too submissive for my tastes. Time to troll the shit out of somebody else.
>> No. 3867
[X] Accept, sure why not, this woman at least seems to know her place.
>> No. 3873
Voat moar, faggots.
>> No. 3877
[X] Accept, sure why not, this woman at least seems to know her place.
>> No. 3886
[X] Accept, sure why not, this woman at least seems to know her place.

>> No. 3929
File 121637478824.jpg - (125.09KB , 600x600 , e58c55a0d4c984f33449e92b24f77510.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Decline, You'd rather do things on your own

Gilnonymous doesn't deserve her.
>> No. 3934
[x] Decline, You'd rather do things on your own
>> No. 3935
[a] Decline, You'd rather do things on your own
>> No. 3939
[X] Accept, sure why not, this woman at least seems to know her place.
>> No. 3943
[X] Accept, sure why not, this woman at least seems to know her place.
>> No. 3970

Dude, we just started this VN, we start easy then heat things up bit by bit.

>Where's the overwhelming presence, the feeling of being in apocalyptic danger that Gil gives off just by fucking LOOKING at someone? This is worse than that spaz calling himself "Nanaya" in THIS SHRINE.

Well, you know...maybe it's because we are still just a normal human? When we finally have our own gates we can subjugate anyone.
>> No. 3986
>Well, you know...maybe it's because we are still just a normal human?
That's my point, we're acting cocky and arrogant with nothing to back it up, we're just bluffing at this point. But it's working anyway for no reason, which is also dumb. Keine is supposed to dislike people who are discourteous.
>> No. 4372
Sure has been awhile but what can I say I'm not a complete NEET...which is probably the problem, since in order to update periodically I'll need to have free time...Buuut I also need to eat...so yeah... CYOA Update/revival tommorrow (or maybe tonight if I write like hell).

Ah yes that's where I fucked up, I simply mistaked Keine's kind demeanor for that of a complete pushover (which she most certainly is not, especially in EX form dammit!). So I'll be a man and take responsibility for this as my mistake...since it's really no one elses BUT mine anyways
>> No. 4407
File 121757026099.jpg - (144.17KB , 386x650 , 1205776249197.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Accept, sure why not, this woman at least seems to know her place

You glance back at the history teacher giving her a smile, Keine seems to know her place when around you so why not stay, it could prove to be quite the experience...besides although you would never admit it, you kinda needed the shelter since sleeping in the woods wasn't really the most comfortable way to spend a night "Very well, I'll take you up on that offer, however..." You pause as you look away from Keine "My gang also stays as well, I'm sure you know that letting them part from me isn't something that's easy for them to do"

Keine hesitates for a moment taking in your words. "Well...I've never had fairies stay in my home before...but if you promise me you can keep them under control I'll allow them to stay with us" You chuckle and face Keine again "Controlling them is what I do best, Keine. You don't need to worry about that" This was indeed true, the 4 fairies seemed to obey your orders fairly well it was just Shokuji who seemed to get lippy whenever you ordered her to do something. Keine nods and rises from her seat motioning you to follow her back to the front "Although, I fell behind a bit in the lesson, I should be able to get some done before class is over, you're welcome to stay if you wish, Mr. Gilgamesh"

You shrug in response "Well I can't say I'll find anything else to do in the village until tommorrow so I guess I could hang around here for a while" You can hear the shouts of the children and the fairies get louder as you progress from the back, seems they never did settle down in the slightest despite being left alone for quite sometime. You wondered as to what exactly they all have been up to during you and Keine's abscene...hopefully nothing of the destructive sort but you're positive that the fairies themselves wouldn't resort to such an act unless they were outwardly threatened...but when you think about what happened when you 1st met them, this notion all but fades...

But to your surprise the classroom is still in one piece, there are no dead bodies anywhere nor are there any charred holes in the walls or signs of destruction. It's a little loud and chaotic, being there are numerous children running about and talking all at the same time, but that's nothing out of the ordinary as far as a classroom is concearned. Looking toward the front of the room you see Shokuji and Shio perched on Keine's desk and It would seem that Shokuji was telling everyone about all the places she's seen, all the people she's beaten and generally telling everyone how great SHE was and not giving her followers any credit what so ever. Though, despite her needless ramblings, Shio remained by her side acting as her ever present 'Yes-man', moreover she has also attracted quite a crowd of tentative listeners. Whether they were really geared to her self-absorbed run-ons were anyones guess though.

Looking to your right you see Ame protecting sniveling Juusu from a couple of children who wanted to play with the timid fairy...and by the look of fear on Juusu's face it would seem that they might have been a little to rough with her. It's a mystery how she would be able to survive on her own had it not been for Ame. Infact, you wnder if the 2 of them had been together before they met Shokuji and the others. Maybe later you'll ask them about that sort of thing.

And lastly is Chiizu who was located near the entrance chatting with the various passersby who as you would expect kept well away from the excessively-chatty fairy. Eventually after the last person runs away scream "My God she doesn't shut up!!" Chiizu turns to see that her leader and Keine have returned "Oh hey, Gilga-kun I-"

You quickly hold up your hand silencing the fairy for you know that once she starts so help you she'll never stop. "I take it you kept Keine's class entertained while we were gone?" You ask before freezing up and facepalming at your own stupidity.

Keine looks to you curiously as she notices your forlorn expression "Something wrong?"

"Just wait...you'll see..." You mutter

And so it begins... "Yeah, we had a lots of fun while you were gone Gilga-kun, I mean not that you aren't fun to have around or anything, but you know what I mean right? of course you do you know I wouldn't insult you outta the blue like that cuz you're a pretty okay guy, well besides the fact that you think you're better than everyone else, why is that anyways, I mean you're like everyone else too, but I guess it's not uncommon since Shokuji-sama is also like that too, hmm you know now that I think of it you 2 have alot in common, except you're more charismatic than she is for some reason but I-"

"Ok ok! I've heard enough!" You shout as Chiizu finally shuts her talking hole only to look at you curiously, before shrugging and joining Shokuji on Keine's desk. "THAT is why you never talk to Chiizu she...has issues with learning when to be quiet."

"Well, I suppose I'll have to remember that for tonight" Keine chuckled as she re directed her attention to her class which was clearly in need to be put back on track. "Either way sit down and relax until I'm done, I shouldn't be long since class is about to end" She adds before walking to her desk and kindly shooing the fairies away, only Shokuji is the one who gives her extra lip claiming 'She doesn't own this desk' and 'She's not the boss of her'. Before Keine can scold the fairu for being insubordinate Chiizu and Ame quickly pull the elitist fairy away all the while apologizing for her rudeness.

With Shokuji out of the way, Keine redirects the children's attention to the front of the classroom, the lot of them groaning as this meant the borefest of a history lesson was coming back up like bad burrito. But, like the fairies, they comply to her orders and take their seats generally signaling the history teacher to begin her lesson anew.

As Keine starts her lesson once again, you and your gang are sitting patiently in the back of the class awaiting her to finish. Your mind drifts off to your current tasks at hand, now that you knew what you had to do (or rather now that you HAD something to do). Though, you were a bit concearned as to how you would be able to push [ast that gatekeeper Keine informed you about. If anything you may need to utulize the full extent of you're fairy gang to subdue the gaurd and allow you access to Patchouli's library within the mansion. But, you won't know if this works out until you got there.

Time seems to drag on and before you know it the children aren't the only ones bored of this lesson, her once beautiful voice falling dull and uninteresting as she goes on and on about the creation of the Hakurei Border, and generally things you really couldn't give a rat's ass about. Keine claimed that she wouldn't be long with this lesson of hers, but dammit she sure is taking her sweet time with it. Could this be pay back for talking shit to her earlier on, you had to admit if this really was her way of vengence then it's worth some props...

[ ] Sleep. This history shit is a snorefest
[ ] Talk with one of your fairies (Which one), to pass the time.
[ ] Just sit tight and tough it. You can brag about how you withstood her boring lesson when she's done.
>> No. 4409
[X] Sleep. This history shit is a snorefest

I want to see Gilgamesh receive an epic Glasgow kiss.
>> No. 4411
[x] Just sit tight and tough it. Well played, Miss Kamishirasawa.
>> No. 4415
[x] Just sit tight and tough it. Well played, Miss Kamishirasawa.
>> No. 4423
[x] Just sit tight and tough it. Well played, Miss Kamishirasawa.
The strength of men is in enduring hardship. Show the woman that we do not lack for it.
>> No. 4504
[x] Just sit tight and tough it. Well played, Miss Kamishirasawa.
>> No. 5280
File 121921882468.jpg - (130.08KB , 768x1024 , 1208823741530.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Just sit tight and tough it. Well played Miss Kamashirasawa.

You hang tough. Keine was NOT going to defeat you like this, not by a long shot. A man perseveres in the time of great hardship, even moreso since you're the King of Heroes. You glance over to your 'allies' to see how they are fairing in this barrage of boredom and to your surprise (or rather lack there of), you find that they too have been put to sleep by Keine's attention destroying lesson, just like most of the children in the classroom. Bah, Weaklings, the bunch of them. No matter, they were but women, this is a man's battle. A battle to stay awake and alert!

The current history of the Hakurei Shrine? Hah, you've heard stories even more yawn inducing than that! You're boredom skills are most impressive Miss Kamashirasawa, but you are tougher you know this for a fact being you are, of course, a man and strapping young men such as yourself endure hardships such with an iron will and unsurmountable determination. There is no room to faulter nor is there a chance to weaken.

By the time you realize anything else you hear her voice shift "And that's all for today class, remember your homework assignments are due the next day you come to class so don't let them be late." You did it. You have won, much to your expectations. Keine may have had you for a moment but in the end you proved that you do not buckle under the intense pressure that is her lessons. The children eagerly rise from their seats and bolt for the door wanting nothing more than freedom from Keine's lesson and her prescense. Although despite you staying awake you did learn that this Reimu you heard of earlier is infact the key to the border that seperates this world from the outside, so maybe she could have been of some help had you went to see her. Oh, well it's not like she isn't there everytime so you make a mental note to pay her another visit despite you not really liking her personality as described by Shokuji.

Keine glances over to you seeing that you're still wide awake...although the same can't be said about the fairies who lay on top of each other in a deep slumber. "It looks like you were the only one who payed attention to my lesson" She chuckles as she walks over to where you sat. "I was expecting them to fall asleep but...not THIS soon..." You answer before glancing back at Keine with a sly smirk on your face, to which she looks to you puzzled. She may not have known why you were smiling, but you did. "However, it was I proved to be victorous in the end, but I'll give you some points for trying, Keine" You state arrogantly as you raise from your seat, Keine still giving you a rather confused look. "I don't understand what you're talking about, I know my lessons can be a bit...boring to some of the children, but what exactly are you implying Gilgamesh?"

You chuckle, she was still playing dumb, how cute. But you knew her true motives, no lesson is THAT boring and you knew damn well it wasn't. "Don't act like you don't know, that lesson of yours was your revenge wasn't it?" You said to the history teacher who gives you a rather shocked look. "Revenge? You haven't done anything wrong for me to plot revenge against you so why would you think of such a thing" She clarifies as she gives yo a stern look "Although I will say that your arrogance makes you a rude and disrespectful person. Let me remind you, that I am the one taking you in and giving you food and shelter for free, Gilgamesh. If you plan on staying under my roof you will have learn not to be so self-centered and respect the feelings of others" She's lecturing you...again, you basically tune her out and pretend to listen by nodding slowly to falsely confirm her wishes. "Fair enough" You say turning to Shokuji 1st and shaking her to wake her up, being you knew she would give you an earful if you didn't allow her to have some control over her gang (just a little anyways). She awakens and the first thing that comes out her mouth is something hostile "Why the hell did you wake me up, Gilga-kun!"

"Because the lesson's over and there's no point in sleeping anymore, besides we have to get going now" You reply as stretch to get your limbs and muscles awake once again. "Wake the others and tell them it's time to get going"

"You're not the boss of me! I'll wake them up whenever I feel like it!" And with that Shokuji turns to the pile up beside her and flies to the top of the chair gripping the back of it and then shaking it as hard as she could. The chair violently rocks back and forth shaking the remaining fairies along with it "Wake up! It's time to go!" She shouts to her comrades below who generally slip of the chair and plummet to the floor each landing with a low 'Thud'. As the fairies lay on the ground groaning from the pain of the fall they took, Keine looks at Shokuji like that of an angry teacher should "Did you have to be so rough with them? What if you got one of them seriously hurt by you shaking them off the chair like that"

"Hey! They're apart of MY gang so they don't get to sleep in. Only I do" Shokuji answers haughtly, her hands planted firmly on her hips. "Apparently not since I woke YOU up earlier" You cut in, contridicting Shokuji's answer to which the haughty fairy shoots you a glare in response, but generally not saying much in return. Which is a first, perhaps she's slowly becoming used to your position as leader?

On the floor, the other fairies are now up, Juusu being the first to notice the empty room "Wh-what's going on, Gilga-kun?"

"Keine offered me to stay with her, so I decided to take her up on that offer. The lot of you are coming with us too, but I expect you all to be on your best behavior while we're there, so that means no fighting or rough housing. You got that?"

The fairies nod to acknowledge your orders, you then look to Shokuji who you knew was going to protest "Hmph, you don't have to tell me that, I'm not a child y'know"

"Yeah that's true, but you certainly act like one at times..." You mutter sarcastically as you roll your eyes

"What was that? You got somethin' to say?" Shokuji growls at you her eyes narrowed in an attempt to intimidate you...which doesn't work, fact is, it does the exact opposite and makes you chuckle at how she looks. "Nothing, we should get going before we lose anymore daylight, besides I'm getting pretty hungry right now, I'm sure the rest of you are too"

"Yes. I don't think we've eaten anything all day" Shio states dryly

"In that case, I'll be sure to fix us a nice dinner" Keine says with a smile as she motions for the door, signifing she was ready to get going.

>> No. 5281

The walk to Keine's house is pretty much uneventful, besides the fairies conversing with her asking her on how she became a teacher and why. You generally pay no mind to their ramblings being their matters don't concearn you at the moment, what's really on your mind is the task you have given yourself to which you'll have to travel to the Scarlet Devil Mansion to complete it. You think of the one big obstacle in your path to getting in, the gatekeeper Meiling, who Keine says never lets anyone through to the mansion. If you have to guess you know she'll posses this magic that the fairies have no doubt it will stronger 10 fold or even 20 fold, so what you'll have to do is try to rely on your charisma and sly wiles to get past her, hopefully that should be enough but if not you'll have to resort to force. Looking up you notice most of the humans were still out and about but fewer were active now, and the suns position in the sky indicates why. If you could guess you'd say it was around 4 or 5 o'clock now.

It is only when you hear Keine's voice is that you break out of your thoughts "Gilgamesh, I don't think you ever introduced me to your...gang before, so do you think maybe you could introduce me to them now?" It only then dawns on you that she was infact right, she only knew them by their diverse personalities not by name, and seeing as to how you all will be spending an extended amount of time together it would be best to learn their names. But before you can even get a word in edgewise Shokuji butts in "Oh he doesn't need to introduce us, we can do THAT ourselves" She snaps her fingers and her comrades come to her side. She points to Shio 1st to which she states her name in that monotone voice you've come to know from her. After which she directs Keine's attention to Chiizu who proceeds to state her name and promptly shuts up after ward. Next is Ame who politely introduces herself to the history teacher. And lastly Juusu who...hesitates and shyly hides behind Ame obviously a bit hesitant to talk being she doesn't really know Keine that well.

Shokuji doesn't take to this response lag very well and promptly shows it by shouting at the timid fairy "Juusu! What the hell are you doing? Say your name!" She barked at the small fairy who squeaks in fright and clinches to Ame's dress tighter, her expression showing she was almost on the verge of tears...it would seem Shokuji's apporach isn't working. "Shokuji, don't push her! she doesn't have to say it if she doesn't want to" Ame defends before she starts to comfort the frightened Juusu, telling her everything's okay and eventually Juusu calms down. "Yes, it's fine, I already know of it now, being you already said it earlier" Keine adds.

"Hmph, fine." She then turns her gaze to Juusu "But the next time you freeze up when I ask you to do something, I'll be sure to personally shove your head up your own ass you got that!"


Upon arriving at Keine's home, you take note of how different it is from the other houses you've seen in the village, being a bit more modern than you'd expect, though still keeping to the theme of being in a village that seemed to be stuck in the 18th century. Keine insists that you and you're group make yourselves at home while she gets started with dinner, to which you comply with and proceed to kick your feet up in the 'living room area of her house. Although, Ame and Juusu are the only fairies who volunteer to help with dinner to which Keine happily accepts and they proceed to prepare the food. Shokuji as always complains about them making such a decision but you tell her to let them do what they will, seeing as to how they were the only ones to help and you tell the remaining fairies that you doubt the rest of them even know how to cook. Your assumptions are proven true with their silence on the matter.

Now, you must admit Keine would make an excellent addition to your team now that you know she could cook a meal, and seeing as the fairies didn't know shit from a spoon was more than enough reason to get her into your gang. Though, you highly doubt she'd be willing to leave this village seeing as to how she seems so dedicated to protecting the humans and teaching their children, despite them finding her more boring than a can of white paint. Besides you were a bit of a prick to her earlier so that would also play against you. Oh well, at least Ame and Juusu are in there, perhaps they will learn to cook by helping Keine. In anycase, the remaining fairies have occupied themselves with each other's company and are now talking amoungst themselves, Meanwhile, Keine, Ame and Juusu are still in the kitchen busy cooking tonights dinner. Although you can't really tell what it is exactly, it does smell damn good. Either way you are left with the task of waiting here until dinner's ready to be served...that is, unless you have something else in mind...

[ ] Go see what Keine's cooking. See just how good she is at the stove.
[ ] Dick around with the fairies. They seem to be having a good time over there.
[ ] Look around Keine's house. Maybe you'll find something of interest elsewhere.
[ ] Chillax. The foods almost ready so no need to waste anymore energy.


Yeah...it's not really my best work but I generally had writers block but I also didn't want to leave this alone for too long...
>> No. 5305
Holy shit, it updated.

[x] Go see Keine. She'll absolutely love to hear about your world's history(as well as your own), even more so when she's too occupied to go anywhere.
>> No. 5354
Holy shit, it updated.

>> No. 5369
[x] Go see Keine. She'll absolutely love to hear about your world's history(as well as your own), even more so when she's too occupied to go anywhere.
>> No. 5392
[x] Go see Keine. She'll absolutely love to hear about your world's history(as well as your own), even more so when she's too occupied to go anywhere.

Ok, next update in 15 days
>> No. 6442
You mean seven.

[x] Chillax. The foods almost ready so no need to waste anymore energy.

Live like a king, fuckers.
>> No. 10323
File 122404298424.jpg - (123.65KB , 485x461 , 1211252317747.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go see Keine. She'll absolutely love to hear about your world's history(as well as your own), even more so when she's too occupied to go anywhere.

You're feeling bored. Waiting around for Keine to finish dinner isn't really your way of spending this little bit of free time, you would pester the fairies but you've done enough of that on your way here anyways, so why not mess with a tittylicious schoolmarm to pass the time. You get up from your seat in the living room and head on in the kitchen, catching sight of Shokuji and the other fairies who are too caught up in their own conversation to really pay you any mind. Which is good seeing as to how you really don't want to be bothered with them at the moment. You will admit though you are tad curious as to what they were talking about, but then again women like to talk about alot of shit that men basically don't give a damn about, so why bother getting wrapped up in it.

As you pass the threshold of the kitchen you are met by an inviting aroma of meat being cooked, and vegetables being fried, the sizzle of the oil on the pans filling the room. Keine is diligantly stirring the sliced onions and generally making sure everything is cooking right and at a steady pace, Ame is to Keine's left helping her at the stove handing her the tools and ingredients she needs to complete her cuisine, and Juusu is setting the table, careful not to break anything. You take note at how this is the only thing she seems to do on her own in the while you've met her. Keine seems so focused on her cooking she doesn't notice you come in, that is until you announce yourself to her and the others. "So, what's for dinner?" You ask as you come a little closer taking a look at the food cooking on the stove below.

"Oh, Gilgamesh I didn't notice you come in" Keine says as she looks over her shoulder to see you walking over to observe her. "We're having Beef Vegetable Stir Fry, I'm not sure if you like Vegetables or Meat, but it's all I have at the moment." It seems Keine is really trying hard for you, cooking what she has left in order to keep you going, gotta admit girl's got a nice heart, unlike some you've met before your (supposed) cross dimensional journey. "Cooking what you have is fine, at least I now know you're good at doing it" You say nonchalantly to which Keine has nothing to add on to except her silence.

It is then while she's cooking that you get the perfect thing to talk to her about...and since she's occupied with cooking it would now's the perfect time to talk to her about it "So, Keine do you like history?" You ask as you pull up a chair at the table, telling Jusuu to scram for a second. "Of course, but can we talk about this after I'm done please I'm a little busy right now"

"Don't worry, I don't plan to take long, it's just something I wanted to tell you since you did tell me the history of Gensokyo after all" You say, once again disregarding the history teachers feelings for your own selfish desires. "Think of it as a type of 'thank you' for enlightening me on the history of this world" And without Keine's consent you begin the story of your world's (as well as your own) history. Not sparing any details and (deliberatly) taking the long way as far as explaining things goes. Keine, although very keen on history and it's wonders, doesn't really like being forced to hear someone's past and tries to tell you that your story is best left to be heard some other time, but you still decline and continue on. Your historic tale drags on and on as you move past the early years of mankind, but yet Keine seems to just ignore you only responding with 'Uh-huh' and 'Yes, I see'. Oh, a good move Keine, trying to play it so that it makes you SEEM like you're listening, a good move indeed, but you're smarter than that. So you opt to move on to your autobiography instead, and if she didn't listen then you'd catch her in the game because a history teacher can't know an individuals past unless they have records of them which you're certain Keine has absolutely NO access to being cross dimensions and all that.

You start off your biography as you would with any, explaining where you were born who your parents were and all that, before slowly easing into your childhood and later into your adolescence, then teenage years and finally your present day life up until your mysterious arrival in Gensokyo yesterday. All through the story, Keine continues to reply with the same flat responses of 'Uh-huh' and 'That's nice, Gilgamesh', just as you predicted that she would. "Well then...I think that's everything" You say to wrap up your relatively lengthy auto-biography. By this time, Keine has finished up the cooking and was now setting the delicious portions about the table, she had already dismissed Juusu and Ame to go and tell the other fairies that dinner was ready. "So, Keine, what do you think? I'm certain you find my history just as interesting as I do" Keine looks up to your for a moment, and it is at that very second you notice something off about her gaze, it's doesn't have it's usual glow as it does when you 1st met her, in fact you can't really tell what it is really it's just...something else. Before you can even come to a valid conclusion as to what the hell was going on with the teachers eyes, she answers your question with a smile. "Well, I am a little , it's rather odd that you would say that you're descendent of something as powerful as a god though"

What. The. Hell?! How could she have known that if she wasn't even listening to you in the first place? No doubt about it, you were damn sure that Keine was just humoring you earlier so you would shut up, no one else just says 'Uh-huh' when they're completely enthrolled by a story. You continue to think on the matter, trying to find a logical explanation to all this, but all your quearies lead to the fact that Keine may have really been listening to you this whole time, after all, there was no other way she could have known of that information, unless she was really listening...It would seem that you were wrong. No, The King of Heroes is never wrong, Keine must have used some matter of funky magic spell or something, yes that had to be the case, this IS a realm of magic.

As Keine takes her seat across from you and takes her share of the food, the fairies busrt in with Shokuji coming in first "Finally, I'm straving!" She said as she took her seat next to you, and began to devour the food in front of her. The others show a little more restraint then she does, you hear that Juusu and Ame are the only ones who thanks Keine for the meal while Shio and Chiizu just start eating. "There's no need to be greedy Shokuji" Keine comments to the ravenous fairy "I still have a little more indgredients left so I can make more if you want" Keine then looks over to you and seeing that you didn't even attempt to fix you a plate yet, decides to ask you what's the matter. "Is something wrong, Gilgamesh? You haven't even touched your food yet.

"It's nothing" You dismiss her worries and begin eatting. To your surprise this is just as good as it smelled, the beef steak you like the most to be honest (vegtables aren't really what you like), what's more is that this is really your 1st time really trying something like this. The only thing close to this was just your average steak. As everyone settles into their meal things fall into silence, you were hoping one of the fairies would do something retarded like they were prone to doing but, they seem to be more into their meal than they are at looking stupid in front of others. So it leaves just you and Keine to start a conversation.

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