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2276 No. 2276
[x] Ask Mima how long she's been locked up.
[x] Ask Mima about the most troublesome residents in this town.

Mima doesn’t raise her head. “Already, huh? Well, I’m not exactly sure how long I’ve been locked up, myself. The days start to blend together. What’s today’s date?”
You give it to her.
She muses silently for a while. “Then, that would make it a little under three months.” You recall that Reimu had said that she was waiting to be called to trial by a judge in a larger city, but to wait for three months? Moreover, she doesn’t seem like she minds the wait at all.
Putting that aside, you voice the second question you had in mind. This time, she does look up at you.
“The most troublesome resident would be me, wouldn’t it?” Mima laughs. “But I think I can name a few other people. Marisa, for one, I’d say to watch out for. A bit overenthusiastic, that girl is.” You think back to your meeting with her, and are inclined to agree. “Apart from her, there’s nobody that’s really considered troublesome around here. But if you stay here long enough you’ll find out that most everybody living here is trouble in one form or another. Not to say that you should keep away from them. I’d say the best way would be to get to know them and draw your own conclusions, rather than listening to some old one like myself.” She flashes you another smile. “Well, did that answer your question?” You’re about to respond when you hear the sheriff’s voice.
“What are you doing?” You look at the office and see Reimu walking toward you, holding a tray of food. It’s not a feast, but it’s also by no means a meager meal. At least criminals don’t seem to be mistreated here. Glancing back at Mima, you see that she’s resumed her usual silent sitting. “If you’re trying to get anything out of her, it’s no use. She hardly ever moves, let alone says anything.” Reimu walks over to Mima’s cell and opens the door. Mima makes no move as she puts down the tray inside the cell, then leaves and locks the door. “Really, the only way I know she isn’t dead yet is that the food’s gone when I come collect the tray.” She takes one last glance at Mima, then puts her hand on your shoulder. “Now you, keep up the good work. And don’t spend all day just standing here, I expect there’s much more interesting things you could be doing.” With that, she turns and walks back into her combination office and house. As soon as she leaves, Mima reaches for the plate and starts eating.

[ ] Ask Mima another question (freewrite)
[ ] Leave (also freewrite)

>> No. 2277
[x] "So you never say anything, huh? I guess I've been speaking to a ghost all this time."

Har har.
>> No. 2280
[x] "So you never say anything, huh? I guess I've been speaking to a ghost all this time."

Me likey
>> No. 2288
[x] "So you never say anything, huh? I guess I've been speaking to a ghost all this time."
>> No. 2292
[x] "So you never say anything, huh? I guess I've been speaking to a ghost all this time."
>> No. 2293
[x] "So you never say anything, huh? I guess I've been speaking to a ghost all this time."

Mima puts down her fork, having already finished eating. “Very funny, kid. Nah, like I said, there’s just something about you. You’re a special case. Anyway, it’s not like anyone’s tried to make the effort to strike up a conversation with me. Of course, I don’t blame ‘em. If I wasn’t me I wouldn’t talk to me either. But I carry on. Now then, do you have anything else to talk about, or are we done for the day?”

[ ] No, thank her and leave
[ ] Yes, ask her about the sheriff
[ ] Yes, ask her about five years ago
[ ] Yes, tell her about Marisa
>> No. 2294
[ ] Yes, ask her about five years ago
>> No. 2295
{X} Yes, ask her about five years ago.
>> No. 2298
[X] Yes, ask her about five years ago
>> No. 2299
>Nah, like I said, there’s just something about you. You’re a special case.
Yeah. It's called a Y chromosome.

[ ] Yes, ask her about five years ago
>> No. 2302
[x] Yes, ask her about five years ago

I forget what was significant about five years ago. Is that when you defeated Sephiroth?
>> No. 2351
[X] Yes, ask her about five years ago

Mima fixes you with a piercing gaze before answering. “I see that you’ve been asking some questions since you’ve gotten here. If you’ve been told about it, you’ve probably also been told not to look into it too deeply. It’s sound advice, kid. This town is the kind where some things should just be taken at face value. That’s my advice.”
You can tell that Mima means for the conversation to be over.

[ ] Press the subject
[ ] Let it go, leave
>> No. 2352
A bit Innsmouth, huh?
>> No. 2361
[X] Press the subject
>> No. 2362
[ ] Let it go, leave
interrogation gaems later
>> No. 2363
Guy tries to play detective and is rebuffed by the townsfolk.

I've read this book before. Prying is generally a bad idea.
>> No. 2364
[X]Let it go, leave
>> No. 2365
[X] Let it go, leave

I'd rather not get transferred.
>> No. 2366
[X] Let it go, leave
>> No. 2367
[X] Let it go, leave

It’s perfectly clear to you that Prying on the matter will get you nothing at the moment. Now that you’ve settled the business for today and found a job, where do you go?

[ ] General Store
[ ] Shinki’s house
[ ] Church
[ ] Yukari’s house
[ ] The mansion
[ ] The inn
[ ] Elsewhere (freewrite)
>> No. 2368
[ ] Shinki’s house
>> No. 2394
[ze] General Store
>> No. 2404
>Guy tries to play detective and is rebuffed by the townsfolk.
In before the town pulls a Hinamizawa.

I'd like to go to Shinki's house, but...unless this is secretly a console RPG world, that would be too weird. But I'm curious who would be staffing the church (Moriya family?):
[x] Church
>> No. 2405
[X] Church
>> No. 2406
[ ] Church
>> No. 2410
[X] Church

You wouldn’t go as far as to call yourself devout, but you respect the Big Guy as much as anyone else. It at least wouldn’t hurt to pay a visit to the church.
The building looks like what you would expect from a church. From the back rises a steeple which holds a single brass bell. In the front, two large wooden doors open into a hallway lined with pews. At the end there is an altar, and behind that you see two people sitting and talking. The older one looks in her mid twenties and has short violet-colored hair. The younger looks about six years or so her junior and wears her long green hair loosely except for a part which falls over her left shoulder. After meeting so many other residents of this town, these colors seem completely normal to you. What seems most odd is their garments. Both are wearing an alb, the traditional priestly dress. However, the sleeves are, much like the sheriff’s, detached from the shoulders. The older one is also wearing a red stole. Certainly unorthodox vestments for any church you’ve been to. When you enter the hall, the girls turn at the sound of your footsteps, and the elder one remarks, “Oh? It certainly is rare to have a visitor outside of mass. And… ah, you are the newcomer who people have been speaking of. So then, what business do you have at this holy place?”

[ ] Just looking around.
[ ] I wanted to ask some questions...
[ ] Marry me.
>> No. 2411
[ ] Just looking around.

In before mind-numbing stupidity.
>> No. 2419
[ ] Just looking around.
>> No. 2423
[x] "Searching for divine inspiration or a way to waste some time, whichever I end up achieving first."
>> No. 2428
[ ] Just looking around.
>> No. 2435
[ ] "Just looking around and getting a feel for the town. Name's Eastwood; I'm the new deputy. How you folks doin' on this fine, fair day?"
>> No. 2449
[x] Just looking around.

Churches can be fun places to scope out. If you're not constantly going to them, anyway.
>> No. 2467
File 121443361956.jpg - (710.69KB , 1600x1200 , 1207443718413.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Just looking around.

“Of course then, this church is open to all people. Would you like me to show you around?” Having no reason to decline, you nod in agreement. “Well, the first matter would be names, wouldn’t it? I am Kanako, the bishop of this diocese, that is, this region. And this,” she says, motioning to the girl next to her, “Is Sanae, the pastor of this church.” The girl named Sanae nods in acknowledgement. This certainly is an odd church then. Aren’t women disallowed from positions in the clergy? You at least have that much religious knowledge. “I assure you, we are legitimate.” Kanako seems to have read your expression as she responds without you voicing a question. “Though we may seem different, we are officially ordained ministers.” You nod again. “But we should not tarry on these matters. Sanae, show them around.” Sanae turns to look at her superior with visible surprise.
“Ehh? But you-” she cuts off, silenced with a simple glance from Kanako. She sighs, then nods. “In that case, please come this way.” She motions for you to follow her.
The church itself is very ordinary, so there isn’t much to show you. A confessional and the bell you saw are the only two things of any significance. However, your guide talks to you all the way, about the church, its history, herself and Kanako, and general life. You find that they life in a house right next to the church, and that a third person lives with them. As she walks, she explains about the founding of the church.
“It was established by lady Kanako. Back then, this town was just starting to grow. She was, at the time, simply a wandering priest. However, like many others she liked this town enough to settle down here. She had some trouble at first, being that she was a woman. The church did eventually accept her, though, and made her the bishop of this area. It’s mostly a title, though, because this is the only church within our diocese. Still, we don’t mind it. As long as we are serving our faith, that’s good enough for us.” She stops, having reached the altar and ending the tour. Kanako, who had been watching you the entire time, gives a satisfied smile.
“And that ends our tour for today. Any questions?”
The tour was short, but nonetheless informative. You have none, and ask to take your leave.
“If that’s it, then may you go in peace.” Kanako gives you a blessing as you exit. Stepping out into the sun, the day is wearing on. The sun is meandering toward the western horizon, and you’d say it’s only an hour or two before dusk.

[ ] Back to the saloon for food
[ ] Back to the inn for food
[ ] Elsewhere
>> No. 2471
[x] Back to the saloon for food
>> No. 2481
[x] Elsewhere

Surprise me.
>> No. 2482
[X] Back to the saloon for food

>> No. 2483
[X] Back to the saloon for food

Get to know some more of the townsfolk
>> No. 2486
[X] Back to the saloon for food
>> No. 2487
[X] Back to the saloon for food

Now that you have some form of income, you can afford to spend a little extra on necessities like food. Speaking of which, you wonder how Reimu is faring working out a deal with Miss Shiki. However, as the saloon comes into sight all such thoughts fade from your mind. The smell of food which permeates the area around the building reminds you that you haven’t eaten since breakfast. Inside, the room is warmly lit as usual. The band is just setting up for the night’s performance and the seats are beginning to fill. Chen, as usual, is running about taking orders. Your attention is immediately drawn to a woman in a purple dress who seems almost collapsed at the bar. Ran is talking to her worriedly.

[ ] Sit near the woman at the bar
[ ] Sit near the band
>> No. 2488
[ ] Sit near the woman at the bar

It's near Ran, too--we ought to thank her for the advice.
>> No. 2494
[x] Sit near the woman at the bar
>> No. 2496
[X] Sit near the woman at the bar

I wonder if Yamame and Ranka are miners/prospectors.
>> No. 2497
[x] Sit near the woman at the bar

Purple dress? The only one that comes to mind is Yuyuko.... --geh! Here's for hoping she doesn't try and devour our food/money.
>> No. 2498

Purple dress. And you think of Yuyuko?

Yuyu wears blue. Yukari wears purple.
>> No. 2499
Huh. You're right. I guess my memory blended her purple hair and lighting effects with her dress.

Wait a second...it's Yukari? Gah! Delete post, delete post! Damn you auto-cache clearing!

[x] Sit near the band
>> No. 2504
File 121452016167.jpg - (317.14KB , 1075x1080 , 947150472698266819c3949d90a72d9e3e78e3a9.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Sit near the woman at the bar

You wonder about this woman. As you near the bar, you can hear Ran speaking to her. “But, Miss Yukari, why did you even come here?” So, this is the Yukari that owns this bar? Ran said that you wouldn’t usually find her here, but it seems this is a rare exception. In response to Ran’s question, the woman looks up and replies coolly, thrusting her thumb back over her shoulder in your direction.
“Him.” Ran looks up in surprise, having not noticed you before. Yukari pays no attention, but motions for you to come over and sit on the stool next to her. You comply, and she lifts herself off the bar for a better look at you. She seems to be more drowsy than one would expect for this time of day, but knocking back a glass of amber liquid on the bar in front of her seems to help her to steady herself. “So, I heard that you were assaulted in my bar yesterday. I know Ran has already apologized, but I feel that I should do so personally.”
Ran interjects. “But, Miss Yukari, you didn’t have to come all the way out here. You’re-”
“And you’re telling me what I can and can’t do now?” Ran attempts to stammer an apology, caught off guard by the rebuke. “But no matter. I’ve still got some strength left, even if I don’t act it. It’s well within my ability to walk around town.” Ran gives a resigned nod, and refills Yukari’s glass. Yukari meanwhile turns to you again. “I suppose I should, as owner, ask what you think of the Border. However, that’s boring and, in any case, I’ve done what I came to do.” She downs her recently refilled glass and lightly gets off her stool. As she leaves, she removes a parasol from near the door and, without regard to the time of day, opens it as she steps outside. Ran watches her with an anxious expression, and sighs once Yukari leaves the building.
“I don’t know what to do with her, sometimes,” she says, slowly shaking her head. Then, as if only just remembering you’re still there, she turns to you. “And what’ll you have? Or are you just here to talk again?”
The first order of business is food. You place your order, to which Ran nods and starts cooking. In no time at all you have in front of you a classic meal of steak and potatoes with a glass of whiskey beside it. Even with something so simple, Ran’s cooking skills manage to make it an outstanding dish. While eating, you thank her for her advice earlier.
“Ah, it was nothing at all. And how did that go? Did you find a job?”
You tell her about your meeting with Reimu.
“I thought that being a deputy would suit you. Well, congratulations on your new job. Who knows, you might even settle down here.” You think about this. It’s something that you’ve taken to considering in every town you pass through, but your wanderer’s spirit always wins over. Still, there’s something different about this town. Though you’re deep in thought, Ran goes about her business unaware that she had done anything other than make a passing joke. You finish your meal and thank Ran. Night has already fallen outside, and the saloon is becoming crowded. The band seems to be finishing their preparations and are about to play.

[ ] Stay (free vote)
[ ] Leave (free vote)
[ ] Leave, Wander
>> No. 2505
{X} Stay (Listen to the band)
>> No. 2507
{X} Stay (Chat with some of the regulars for intel)
>> No. 2509
[ ] Stay (nurse your drink, remain comfortably deep in thought)
>> No. 2512
[ ] Stay, get drunk.
>> No. 2537
What, are you expecting character development in our protagonist or something? I laugh at you: ha ha ha!
>> No. 2540
DX, you'd better show this nigger he's wrong.
>> No. 2557
Cut that shit out, nigger.

[x] Stay, get drunk.
>> No. 2561
[x] Stay (Listen to the band)

I love the way Yukari didn't actually apologize, but only said that she felt she should and then left.
>> No. 2715
[ ] Stay, get drunk.
>> No. 2716
[s] Stay (Listen to the band)
>> No. 2718
[x] Stay (Listen to the band)
>> No. 2722
Control > Settings > Character Voice
[X] On
[ ] Off
[X] Stay, get drunk

It’s been a while since you’ve indulged yourself, and it would be a pity to leave so soon. Your problems can wait until the morning, and even then you feel that you’ll have worse things on your mind. The band starts up a familiar tune as you finish your drink. You call over the barkeeper. “Ran, another.”
After your second drink comes a third. A fourth follows, with a fifth thrown in for good measure. Eventually you forget to keep on counting. In correlation to the number of drinks you order, Ran’s look becomes more and more stern, but you pay little attention. The good music, the chatter of happy patrons in the background, the warmth, and the smell of food mix together as your senses become less and less distinct. How many glasses now? Six or sixteen? You should probably stop after this next glass. But where do you remember hearing that before? You shrug it off and call for the next drink. This time, however, Ran is obstinate. “You’ve had quite enough for tonight, I think.”
“That, little missy, is one person’s opinion.” Some part of you in the back of your mind marvels at the fact that your speech is still coherent. Ran, unfortunately, is less than impressed.
“No, I think you really should be going off to bed now.” She crosses her arms in an expression of finality. Heedless, you continue on.
“Well, what’re you gong to do, throw me out?” She looks at you even more sternly before, then smiles. You don’t like that smile. Maneuvering to the other side of the bar, Ran firmly takes your collar and lifts you bodily from your seat. Apparently, she’s stronger than she looks. People turn to look at the spectacle, and the band stops playing. Carrying you by her hold on your collar, Ran takes you through the sea of patrons and out the door. As she leaves, she turns and calls back into the saloon.
“Chen, take care of the Border. I’ll be back in a little bit. I have something I need to take care of.” You attempt to muster an argument that you are not “something”, but it’s a futile effort. Ran continues to carry you across the road to the inn, and enters. Letty is sitting behind her desk, but she jumps up in shock upon seeing your condition. Ran tosses you onto a convenient couch that sits along the wall. It’s quite comfortable.
“Oh, dear me, what happened?” Letty asks, concerned. Ran looks at your disheveled form and back to the innkeeper.
“This man here had a bit too much to drink tonight. Be a dear and help him back to his room, will you?” With that, Ran turns and leaves. Letty looks at you again, and then sighs.
“Can you stand?” Her voice isn’t unkind. You manage to sit up and test your legs. It seems the won’t hold your weight too well. You shake your head.
She moves to the door and calls inside.
“Dai, Dai! Could you come here for a little? One of the tenants needs some help getting to his room.”
“Alright.” A reply comes from beyond the door, and moments later a green-haired girl steps out of the door. She speaks to Letty in and undertone, and Letty replies. She nods, and they both move and lift you. Putting their shoulders under your arms, the help you ascend the stairs and enter your room. They lay you down on your bed. The new girl leaves, and Letty follows after a last worried look back. Before you fall asleep, you can’t help but notice that while the couch was very soft, Letty was nice, too…
--day 2 END--
>> No. 2726
Hm, we just get a job as a deputy and get drunk almost afterwards.

What a nice start.
>> No. 2728
This is the Old West. It's not uncommon, and we didn't misbehave when under the influence, so nobody will be looking at us funny for it.
>> No. 2729
>“Dai, Dai! Could you come here for a little? One of the tenants needs some help getting to his room.”
>“Alright.” A reply comes from beyond the door, and moments later a green-haired girl steps out of the door.
Ahh, at long last. Daiyousei showing up in an LA I read. Awesomeness.

Heh. At least Suika is the other deputy. So we may be in luck. For Reimu, drunken deputies may be par for the course.

Happily, WesternAnon isn't an especially belligerent or violent drunk.
>> No. 2734
As >>2537 I would just like to point out that I was right. We just got embarrassingly drunk for no reason. Hoo-rah.
>> No. 2739
There was indeed a reason, and it was that that was the choice that won.
The first thing you notice when you wake up is that it’s night. The second thing you notice is the moonlight shining through the window, illuminating the third thing you notice: Mima. The drink, which you haven’t entirely managed to sleep off, doesn’t much help you fully comprehend the situation. “Kid, you awake?” Hearing her hushed voice helps you to focus.
“Yeah, but-” Mima continues quickly, cutting off your reply.
“I’m leaving. I’ve been doing some thinking since I talked to you. Though that cell wasn’t bad; I got enough food and water, if maybe not quite as much space as I would have liked. But there’s more to life than just surviving, and that’s what I’m chasing after. Remember, yesterday. I asked you if you liked your life. Now’s the time for you to respond.”
“What are you getting at?” You ask, still confused.
“What I’m getting at is this: I want you to come with me. Join my band of outlaws. You’re a drifter, aren’t you? I know how it is. That independent spirit, the unwillingness to be bound by a single place or person. That’s what we’ve found, me and my band. Outside the law, we answer only to ourselves. What do you say? Do you want to join me?

[ ] Yes
[ ] No
>> No. 2742
In-character reason, I meant. And I'm pretty sure you knew what I meant, too. Ho-hey.
>> No. 2743
[ ] No, while I'm at it.
>> No. 2744
Bandit or law route huh?

Say, are there still plenty of routes if you take her offer?
>> No. 2745
In-character reason: we were thirsty. There. You are happy money, now?

[X] "Offer's flattering, but I'm gonna have to pass."
>> No. 2747
Daaaaamn. Now this is quite a choice. ...or maybe it's not a choice at all, since becoming an outlaw would probably require leaving town and most of the cast behind. Hmmm.

[x] Yes
Because it's Mima. And because I'm curious how the story will flow when this may mean cutting the cast of available characters (and character interactions) by 90%.
>> No. 2749
[x] Yes
>> No. 2751
Well, the story focuses mainly on larger paths rather than individual character routes. Think Tsukihime Far and Near. That doesn't mean that character routes are insignificant or unavailable, though. That being said, there will be multiple routes for the bandits, but less than if you were to stay in town.

There are many in-character reasons which may apply. Celebration of your new job, because drinking is enjoyable, some form of alcoholism, etc.
>> No. 2758
Chaos or Law, huh?
Goddamn you, Tactics Ogre.

[x] Burn the town.

And fuck you too, Vice, you automatically-opposing fuckface.
>> No. 2766
[ ] Yes
>> No. 2769
{X} No
>> No. 2771
[x] "I try not to go back on my word. You'd have to kidnap me if you want me to come along."
>> No. 2780
[X] Yes
>> No. 2787
>[x] "I-it's not like I want to join you or anything! I have obligations here, you know! I...I wouldn't be able to come along unless you 'kidnapped' me."
>> No. 2802
[x] Alright.
>> No. 2807
[X] Yes

Mima is right, you've never felt at home in a normal town. That’s why you became a wanderer in the first place. Being among like-minded individuals, even if they were bandits, is an opportunity too good to pass up. You nod once and give your reply. “Alright.” Mima moves over from the window to the door.
“Hurry, and make any preparations you need to. Meet me at the stables as quickly as possible. Remember that time is of the essence.” Leaving the door open, she exits quietly.
You quickly dress and gather your few possessions. Now, all that’s left is to…

[ ] Go to the stable
[ ] (free vote)
>> No. 2808
[x] Go to the stable

Time to do some riding into the sunset.
>> No. 2809
[X] Go to the stable
>> No. 2810
And now we go undercover to expose Mima's gang.
>> No. 2819
[X] Leave a note for Mokou before leaving: Thanks for the chit-chat.
>> No. 2846
[x] Leave a note explaining that you are being hunted by someone, and that it has something to do with "the curse".
[x] Put it behind the clock.
>> No. 2847
{X} Leave a note explaining your infiltration of Mima's gang in Reimu's desk.
>> No. 2852
[x] Leave a note in Reimu's desk: "Off to infiltrate Mima's gang. May not be home for lunch tomorrow. Sorry for leaving so suddenly. Love, your newest deputy.
P.S.: Hug Suika's horns for me."
>> No. 2853
[x] Leave a note in Reimu's desk: "Off to infiltrate Mima's gang. May not be home for lunch tomorrow. Sorry for leaving so suddenly. Love, your newest deputy.
P.S.: Hug Suika's horns for me."
[X] Leave a note for Mokou before leaving: Thanks for the chit-chat.
>> No. 2854
[x] Leave a note in Reimu's desk: "Off to infiltrate Mima's gang. May not be home for lunch tomorrow. Sorry for leaving so suddenly. Love, your newest deputy.
P.S.: Hug Suika's horns for me."
[X] Leave a note for Mokou before leaving: Thanks for the chit-chat.
>> No. 2855
Changing vote to:
[+] Leave a note in Reimu's desk: "Off to infiltrate Mima's gang. May not be home for lunch tomorrow. Sorry for leaving so suddenly. Love, your newest deputy.
P.S.: Hug Suika's horns for me."
>> No. 2857
Curse you treacherous lawfags!
>> No. 2921
[x] Leave a note in Reimu's desk: "Off to infiltrate Mima's gang. May not be home for lunch tomorrow. Sorry for leaving so suddenly. Love, your newest deputy.
P.S.: Hug Suika's horns for me."
[X] Leave a note for Mokou before leaving: Thanks for the chit-chat.
>> No. 2922
[x] Leave a note in Reimu's desk: "Off to infiltrate Mima's gang. May not be home for lunch tomorrow. Sorry for leaving so suddenly. Love, your newest deputy.
P.S.: Hug Suika's horns for me."
[X] Leave a note for Mokou before leaving: Thanks for the chit-chat.
>> No. 3041
[x] Leave a note in Reimu's desk: "Off to infiltrate Mima's gang. May not be home for lunch tomorrow. Sorry for leaving so suddenly. Love, your newest deputy.
P.S.: Hug Suika's horns for me."
[X] Leave a note for Mokou before leaving: Thanks for the chit-chat.

You glance around the room. Finding pen and paper on the desk, you sit and write two notes. The first is for Reimu, explaining that you’ve gone to investigate Mima’s band. You yourself aren’t sure whether that is indeed your goal, but it’ll help to allay suspicion at least. Pausing over the message, you feel there’s something missing. Struck with inspiration, you add a postscript: “Hug Suika’s horns for me.” It doesn’t really mean anything, but for some reason the note feels incomplete without it. Satisfied, you turn your mind to the next message. Writing this one out to Mokou, you add a rather simple message, but one which is heartfelt. Mokou may have been the person who you’ve grown closest to during your brief stay, and you did enjoy talking with her. Having finished both messages, you take your belongings and the two notes and leave the room. Moving as quietly as you can down the stairs, you move through the small reception area and out of the inn’s door. Moving quickly, you head for the sheriff’s office. All is quiet. The door is unlocked, and you enter with all the stealth you can muster. If you get caught, it’d be hard explaining your trespassing in the sheriff’s own home and office, with or without the note. Though the door wasn’t locked, the desk is. You decide that you’ll settle for placing it on top of the desk. Turning to leave, you notice Suika lying passed out in a corner, a bottle still clutched in her small hand. Fortunately, she seems to sleep like a rock. Taking care, you exit the office and hurry to the stable. When you arrive, you see Mima leaning against a pole. Turning to you, she says in an undertone, “You ready, kid?”
“Not yet, I have one more thing to do.” Mima nods. It wouldn’t do to just put the note down, the wind would likely blow it away. Glancing around, you spot a hammer and move to pick it up. Mima watches interestedly as you take the hammer and use it to weigh down the note, placing it on the beam of an unused animal stall. “Now I’m ready.”
Mima looks from you to the paper and smiles knowingly, but says nothing.
The two of you move quickly, waking up your horses and saddling them. Though in Mima’s case, you’re not entirely certain that it’s her horse. Mounting your steeds, you look at each other and nod wordlessly. You guide the horses out of the stable, and with a crack of the reins, you’re off.
Once you’ve made some distance between yourselves and the town, Mima allows herself to laugh openly. When she speaks, her tone is ecstatic. “I knew you’d come, kid. Like I said before, there’s something about you. I was certain you’d understand.” Mima lets out a long sigh. “But I haven’t felt this good for a while. I didn’t mind the cell, but there’s really nothing like riding through open land on a horse, is there?” Compared to Mima, however, you feel slightly less joyful as a headache starts to set in.
You keep riding. You don’t know how many hours it has been, but the sun comes up, giving relief from the stinging night air. By its direction, you’re riding north. However, a quick glance at it causes you to wince involuntarily. The alcohol is running its course, and there’s nothing for it but to endure. After explaining your situation much to Mima’s amusement, she lent you her waterskin, you having not had a chance to refill yours before leaving. The water, of course, doesn’t completely cure the hangover, but any amount of relief is welcome. You can at least function now.

[ ] Ask something before you get there (free vote)
[ ] Remain silent. Hangovers are no good for talking.
>> No. 3042
[X] "So, tell me about your little band of merry marauders."
>> No. 3064
[X] "So, tell me about your little band of merry marauders."
Sounds dandy.
>> No. 3068
[x] "So, tell me about your little band of merry marauders."
>> No. 3247
[X] "So, tell me about your little band of merry marauders."
Rogue's Gallery tiem
>> No. 3249
[X] "So, tell me about your little band of merry marauders."
>> No. 3256
Where's mah updates, DX?
>> No. 3286
[X] "So, tell me about your little band of merry marauders."

Mima laughs at that. “I don’t know if I’d call them merry marauders, but you’re right. It’s just as well that you know something about them before walking right into the thick of ‘em. First of all, we’re outlaws. Don’t go expecting all of us to be Robin Hood type fellows. Many are just your standard criminals. For the most part, though, they’re pleasant enough, as long as you don't get on the wrong side of their gun. Well, I was the leader of the lot of ‘em, until I got caught. I gather that Marisa’s taken my place while I've been gone. I told you about her, right?" You'd know her even if she hadn't told you. "But she's not really fit for the job. That's why it for the best that I'm going back. Anyway, I'm sure they miss me. Ah, I can just imagine the look on their faces when they see me! Oh, and here we are now." Looking ahead, a rocky crag can be seen in the distance, about a mile or two off. It's a large formation, going up probably 30 yards at your estimate, and seems even larger against the bare expanse that has stretched before you until now. You have to marvel at the fact that Mima was able to navigate her way without any sort of path or markings, at least none that you could discern.
"That's it?" You ask, uncertain. It doesn't look too homely.
"That's it." Mima notices your expression. "Heh, it's a nice enough place. Now then, the hero returns at last! Don't worry about the introductions, let me handle everything. As long as I'm in charge, I'll make sure they don't treat you too roughly." You're not sure whether that statement was supposed to be encouraging or not, but there's not much you can do.
You and Mima reach the crag soon after. Mima motions to a cave opening in the side of the rock. Unquestioningly, you follow her inside.
The cave is pleasantly cool, and periodic lanterns light the dark tunnel. Your hangover’s getting better, you can look at these directly at least. The headache is still there, though. A small ways inside, you come upon a hollowed-out portion of wall, about ten feet deep, where eight horses are tethered. A stone trough and some hay provide food and drink. It's definitely not on par with Mokou's stable back in town, but it serves its function. "You can leave your horse here," Mima says, dismounting. The two of you tether your horses and continue on foot.
Passing a bend in the tunnel some five yards past the horses, you meet who you can safely assume to be one of the brigands. The first male you've seen in weeks, he has short dark brown hair and a stubbly beard, and wears a black vest. Noticing first you, then Mima, he stops dead. A look comes over his face reminiscent of someone who's just seen a ghost. "Mi... Mi-Mima!" He manages to stammer out his leader's name, before turning straight around and running at full speed back down the hallway. He rounds another corner and disappears from sight, followed by Mima's laughter.
"Y'see? I told you, priceless!" Mima says, still laughing. Chuckling, Mima continues along the passage until it ends, opening up into a large room. You can hear voices murmuring and someone saying, "I told you, I saw her! She's back. Just down the-" The speaker cuts off as you, along with the subject of the conversation, step into the room.
It's completely silent, only your footsteps are heard as you walk behind Mima to the center of the room. Shock is plain on every person's face, even, you notice, Marisa's. The blonde-haired rogue is the first to act. Recognizing you, she draws her pistol in a flash. You were too taken aback to notice in the saloon, but she’s fast, fast enough that you could hardly have told she moved at all, if not for the peacemaker she was now holding.
“You’re that guy! What are you doing here? And what are you doing with Mima?” Mima looks between the two of you.
“Ah, you two know each other? That’ll make introductions a bit easier then.” She looks sharply at Marisa. “And put that away before somebody gets hurt. This person is here at my request. Boys, this is our new recruit.” This time, shock quickly gives way to more murmuring, not all of it sounding pleasant. Marisa sheepishly returns her weapon to itsThe one you met in the hall steps forward and speaks up. “Mima… you escaped?”
“I thought I had already established that,” Mima replies.
“How?” The man asks, and is echoed by some of the others. Mima grins.
“You didn’t think that that girl could keep me locked up, did you? I had a few tricks up my sleeve. I felt it was the right time, so I broke out and brought this kid here with me.” You still have objections to being called kid, but now isn’t the right time to raise them.
“Yes, and about that one,” the same man says, pointing at you, “A new recruit you say? Is he competent? Is he trustworthy? We can’t just accept him without knowing anything about him.”
“Well then, call him a prospective recruit for now if you like. I have confidence in this kid. He’ll do well, I’m sure of it.” Mima says this as though she truly means it.
“You say that with everyone you recruit.”
“And I’ve been right so far, haven’t I?” The man grudgingly accepts this. “In any case, we have other matters at hand. Due to my circumstances, I’ve been out of touch for a few months. I’ve been able to overhear bits of news, but I’ll need someone to fill me in on any major events. Marisa, you go into town often.” Marisa nods. “Then you come with me.
“Boys,” spreading her arms, Mima turns to face the room as a whole, “We’re back in business!” With a motion to Marisa and a returned nod of the head, the two women leave the room, down a side corridor. Taking a better look at your surroundings, there are three of these, including the one you entered from. The various undesirables which make up Mima’s gang have positioned themselves sporadically among the groups of wooden crates which border the room. Some are looking at you with mixed expressions, some are making an effort not to look at you. You count six people present. Out of them, the ones that stand out most are two girls sitting on opposite sides of the room. One is wearing an odd-looking brown dress and seems rather pale. The other wears colorful clothes and a scarf, and is looking at you dubiously.

[ ] Talk to the pale girl
[ ] Talk to the dubious girl
[ ] Investigate the corridor Mima went into
[ ] Investigate the third corridor
[ ] Do nothing; wait
>> No. 3290
[X] Talk to the dubious girl
>> No. 3304
{X} Talk to the dubious girl
>> No. 3312
[+] Talk to the dubious girl
>> No. 3319
>One is wearing an odd-looking brown dress and seems rather pale. The other wears colorful clothes and a scarf, and is looking at you dubiously.
Spider youkai and Alice?

[x] Do nothing; wait
>> No. 3323
[x] Talk to the pale girl
>> No. 3324
[ ] Talk to the pale girl
>> No. 3336

Actually, I'm hoping it's Parsee. It's more than likely Alice, but one may as well hope.
>> No. 3362
[X] Talk to the dubious girl

As you approach the girl, her expression becomes even less friendly. On closer inspection, what you notice more than her emerald-colored eyes are her unusually pronounced ears, which are slightly pointed. However, you disregard this for now, it being exceptionally unwise to comment on to a person who already seems to dislike you. Stopping in front of her, you open your mouth to say something, but she speaks first.
“What do you want?” Her tone makes it perfectly clear that she doesn’t actually care about what you want at all, and would not make the effort of asking if it didn’t make you piss off any more quickly.

[ ] Free vote
>> No. 3426
I have no idea what to vote. Where the hell is the Anon with the brilliant write-ins?
>> No. 3427

I got nothing.
>> No. 3430
[x] "I figured I'd get some names. Course' there's a few names I've already got for you in my head if you'd rather not tell me."
[x] "Can't guarantee you'd like those, though."
>> No. 3431
[x] "I figured I'd get some names. Course' there's a few names I've already got for you in my head if you'd rather not tell me."
[x] "Can't guarantee you'd like those, though."
>> No. 3436
Excellent, thank you.

[x] "I figured I'd get some names. Course' there's a few names I've already got for you in my head if you'd rather not tell me."
[x] "Can't guarantee you'd like those, though."
>> No. 3437
[x] "I figured I'd get some names. Course' there's a few names I've already got for you in my head if you'd rather not tell me."
[x] "Can't guarantee you'd like those, though."
Not bad, anon. Not bad.
>> No. 3441
Bandwagoning for lack of better ideas.
In before we get our ass handed to us again.
[x] "I figured I'd get some names. Course' there's a few names I've already got for you in my head if you'd rather not tell me."
[x] "Can't guarantee you'd like those, though."
>> No. 3499
[x] "I figured I'd get some names. Course' there's a few names I've already got for you in my head if you'd rather not tell me."
[x] "Can't guarantee you'd like those, though."

The girl’s voice is menacing. “A real joker, you are. Just remember that I’ve killed men for less than that. Since you’re new here, though, I understand that some concessions must be made. You wanted names? Mine’s Parsee. As for everyone else’s, why don’t you try asking them yourself? But don’t bother telling me your name, I don’t care. Not everyone is as welcoming as our boss.”

[ ] What do you have against me?
[ ] Ignore her, talk to someone else (specify)
>> No. 3500
[X] "Oooh, I'm shaking in my little spurs."
[x] Talk to the pale girl
>> No. 3506
[x] "See? That wasn't so hard after all!"
[x] "...Seriously, though, whatcha got against me?"

Depending on her answer, we must now be passive-aggressive to Parsee and be as warm and friendly and cheerful as possible to her.
She'll fucking lose it, and shit will be so cash.
>> No. 3515
[x] Ignore her, talk to the pale girl.

It's pretty Subterranean in here.
>> No. 3605
[x] "See? That wasn't so hard after all!"
[x] Give her a cheerful smile and talk to the pale girl.
>> No. 3606
>It's pretty Subterranean in here.
And that's how I like it.
>> No. 3613
[+] Ignore her, talk to someone else (specify)
[+] The pale girl
>> No. 3652
[x] "See? That wasn't so hard after all!"
[x] Give her a cheerful smile and talk to the pale girl.
Oh Parsee, you lovable bitch.
>> No. 3691
>> No. 3701
Nothing's technically won yet.
>> No. 3719
well, shit.
>> No. 3720
[] "See? That wasn't so hard after all!"
[] Give her a cheerful smile and talk to the pale girl.
>> No. 3739
Late due to being hard to get right.
[x] "See? That wasn't so hard after all!"
[x] Give her a cheerful smile and talk to the pale girl.

Though Parsee is acting exceedingly impolitely, you can understand her feelings. Not everyone would trust someone like you with only another’s word for assurance. Therefore, you try to keep your cheekiness to a minimum as you smile and cheerfully reply. “See? That wasn’t so hard after all!” Parsee’s expression doesn’t change, but she doesn’t get up and murder you where you stand, either. You suppose, then, that this is one of the better situations you could hope for. With that, you turn and look for less hostile company. That pale girl draws your eye. Out of everyone in the room, she’s the only one who doesn’t seem to be paying any attention to you. She simply sits there, staring vacantly at one of the boxes beside her. Her hair is blonde, like Parsee’s, but tied up into a bun. Her dress is a plain brown, but flares unexpectedly below the gold-colored ribbon she uses as a sort of belt. She doesn’t slip out of her reverie until you’re right in front of her. “Excuse me, miss.”
“Ah… a person?” She notices you for the first time. “You’re the new one here, aren’t you? I’m Yamame, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”
“Likewise.” The girl doesn’t attempt to continue conversation. Tough crowd tonight, huh?

[ ] Attempt conversation with Yamame again
[ ] Investigate the corridor Mima went into
[ ] Investigate the third corridor
[ ] Do nothing; wait
>> No. 3740
[x] Burn down the hideout in a fit of insanity.
>> No. 3741
[ ] Attempt conversation with Yamame again.
[ ] "So, what do we do around here for fun? Rob banks? Trains?"

oh u.
>> No. 3744
>[ ] Investigate the corridor Mima went into
Why not walk in on Mima changing? Kuahahaha.

[x] Do nothing; wait
>> No. 3829
[z] Attempt conversation with Yamame again.
[e] "So, what do we do around here for fun? Rob banks? Trains?"
>> No. 3945
Fuck, I was wondering where this had gone.
[X] Attempt conversation with Yamame again.
[X] "So, if you don't mind me askin', what do we do around here for fun? Rob banks? Trains?"
[X] "...Trains owned by banks?"
>> No. 4002
You're doing it wrong.

[z] Attempt conversation with Yamame again.
[e] "So, if you don't mind me askin', what do we do around here for fun? Rob banks? Trains?"
[~] "...Trains owned by banks?"

The tilde is critical.
>> No. 4022
File 121662560020.jpg - (151.31KB , 500x681 , ec05abead3f5acd045329f61cef7bfc6bb6d6dff.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm sorry for not updating for a while. I'm surprised, it's really been almost a week since the last one. I guess I need to take it less easy. Even though I say that, the update still isn't finished. I feel bad for leaving people with nothing, though, so I'll post what I have now.
[X] Attempt conversation with Yamame again.
[X] "So, if you don't mind me askin', what do we do around here for fun? Rob banks? Trains?"

She chuckles at this. “You won’t find trains or even banks this far out. The general idea is right, though. We raid the town and the occasional merchant caravan. Though I wouldn’t say that it’s for fun.”
“Then why?” Though you knew it would come to this when you joined, you can’t help but feel a twinge of guilt. You really did like that town, regardless of whether you wanted to stay there or not. You couldn’t imagine wishing any ill upon it.
“It’s simple. We do it to survive. We don’t take everything, only what we need. We’re fair, not cruel, and we hold no enmity toward the town or its people. We just do what we need to.” You nod.
“But why even become bandits in the first place?”
“Each of us has our reasons, not all of them alike. But most see this just like any other job, and simply chose this above the others.” You nod, thinking about this. She smiles blithely at you, then looks away and lapses back into silence. Turning to leave, you stop at the sight of one of the male bandits, one that you haven’t spoken to before, striding toward you. Out of the two girls you spoke to, one seemed indifferent and the other outright unfriendly. How would this man greet you?
“Man, you’re sure something.” Praise? That’s one of the last things you were expecting. “This may go without saying, but I’ve been watching you ever since you arrived here. You’re the new recruit, and yet you had the guts to speak to Parsee like that. Let me tell you, even Marisa would have clammed up with the look she was giving you. What’s more surprising than that, though, is that you even lived. She wasn’t making empty threats back there. If I had spoken to her like that, I’d have a knife in my back by now. She’s not one to cross, comrade or not. Then you come over here and talk to Yamame.” He jerks his head in the girl’s direction. “I can count the number of times I’ve talked to her on one hand. Hard to tell what she’s thinking, and not one to mince words. It’s rare you can get more than a phrase from her. Maybe Mima was on to something when she picked you out, you’re no ordinary guy. Speaking of which, how did-” He cuts off and turns as footsteps can be heard echoing from the corridor Mima disappeared into earlier. Moments later, Mima herself enters the room, followed by Marisa. Much different from how she acted before, Marisa seems to be almost skipping with joy just from Mima being back. It almost reminds you of a dog and her master. Putting this rather amusing analogy aside, you hear Mima say, “Well, I’m finished with catching up on the news.” She rubs her chin. “For me being gone so long, there’s surprisingly little of it. But that’s not important. I’d say what is truly important right now is lunch. It’s about that time, isn’t it? Or have you people forgotten how to eat while I’ve been gone?” She laughs at her own joke. “I, for one, haven’t eaten since last night, and could do with something nourishing. Anyone who feels likewise is welcome to follow. Where is that sloth? She’ll be down that way, I’d expect?” Without waiting for an answer, she takes your arm in a firm grip and leads you down the third passage, followed by the rest of the bandits.
Down the tunnel is what looks like a supply room. Boxes, barrels, and burlap sacks fill much of the room, with a fire pit in one corner. The pit is, like most of the things here, carved from stone, and has a rough stone structure above it for placing cookware. However, there is no fire at the moment. Instead, a woman lays sprawled unceremoniously across the floor near it, snoring. You note her blonde hair is unusually normal for this area. Mima strides over to the woman and, smiling, nudges her with her foot. She stirs a bit. Mima nudges her again. She moans softly and opens her eyes blearily. As she stretches, you become uncomfortably aware of her prodigious chest, the largest you’ve seen to date. “Hnnn?” She catches sight of you, and her hazy brain begins to figure out what she’s seeing. “Who’re… Who’re you?” She lifts herself up onto her elbows. She stares at you for a second, rubbing the sleep from her eye, then suddenly gets to her feet, alarmed. “Wait a second, who are you?” She looks at you, then her eyes shift over to Mima. “And, wait, it…” She takes a step backward out of shock, which proves too much for her balance. She topples backwards, landing on her rear. “But… eeeeeeeeeeh?”
>> No. 4023
Fucking awesome in every way.
Looking forward to the rest!
>> No. 4024
That's Yuugi. Yamame is the spider.
>> No. 4025
Read harder.
>> No. 4033
>> No. 4046
The tail end of this update is probably shorter than you expected. It's shorter than I expected, too.
Mima is laughing raucously at the look on the woman’s face. The woman sits on the ground for a few seconds, stunned. Then her mouth splits into a wide grin as she lunges forward, knocking a surprised Mima to the floor. Both lay there, laughing, as the other members of your new group enter the room. They watch the scene with bemused expressions on their faces. After the brief reunion, the blonde-haired woman gets to her feet, sighing. “I have too many questions to ask you. I don’t know where to start.”
“How about you start with lunch, then?” asks Mima.
“You were never one to skip a meal. Lunch it is, then, but I want some answers afterwards.”
While the woman gets ready, you decide to talk to…

[] Her
[] Mima
[] Parsee
[] Yamame
>> No. 4061
[+] Her
[+] Mima
>> No. 4063
[] Her
[] Yamame

We must have the spider.
>> No. 4066
[X] Her
[X] Yamame
>> No. 4068
[] Her
[] Yamame

I wonder if she wears silk underwear.
>> No. 4082
[x] Her
[x] Yamame

>> No. 4096
[x] Her
[x] Yamame

>> No. 4130
[z] Her
[e] Yamame

Big butt, or poofy skirt? Let us see what we shall see. At least, until right before we would get slapped for it.
>> No. 4167
I promise faster updates. Hopefully.
[X] Her
[X] Yamame

Watching, this woman seems to know the room like the back of her hand. Moving between and sometimes over the boxes which lay about the room, she gathers all the supplies she needs from their contents. Turning away, you see that girl, Yamame. The bandit said that she doesn’t talk much. You wonder why that is? The simplest way to find out would simply be to ask her.
Again, she doesn’t seem to notice you until you speak. “Um…”
“Ah? It’s you again. Did you want to ask me something?”
“Yes. I was wondering why people say you don’t talk much.”
“They sat that because it’s true.” You wait for more, but it doesn’t seem to be forthcoming.
“Why don’t you talk much?” She shrugs.
“I say what it occurs to me to say at the time, nothing more and nothing less.” Such an odd girl.
“And who is she?” You ask, motioning to the blonde-haired woman.
“Why don’t you go and ask her yourself?” She doesn’t say it in a rude way, but as an honest question. You look at her, then at the woman, then back to her. Shrugging, you turn and walk to the woman, who has now gathered all her materials.
“Hey, I didn’t get your name,” You say to her.
“What do you mean you-” she begins to say, turning. When she sees you she gives a surprised yelp, which prompts Mima into laughing again. “Who the hell are you?”
“The new recruit.”
“New recruit? Since when?”
“Since about an hour ago.” Mima nods.
“How come I never heard of this?”
“You were asleep.”
“Fair enough.” She nods, then laughs. “The name’s Yugi. I’m the quartermaster of this group. As you can see, I’m also the de facto cook. Though lately, there’s not been much to cook.” She looks down at the food she’s preparing for a moment, but then she looks up, perfectly fine. “But it’s food on the plate, so I can’t complain.” She stops preparing the meal for a second to look you up and down. “So, you’re the new recruit, huh?” You nod an affirmative. “Well, if Mima thinks you’re good for it, so do I. Welcome aboard, kid.” Kid again. She lights a fire in the pit, and puts a pot on top. Soon, she has some form of stew cooking. Aroma quickly fills the room. For the first time since you’ve arrived, you allow yourself to relax.
Cooking doesn’t take very long. Soon, the food is ready and placed in bowls. Alcohol is provided, and, though it’s not like what you had back at the Border, you have a filling meal before you. It really isn’t that bad, either. While eating, Yugi turns to Mima. “Now, I asked for answers, and I expect to get them.” Mima sighs.
“Yes, I’ll try to answer as best I can.”
The first question is very simple. “How?”
“As I’ve said to the rest, do you think that just that girl would be able to keep me locked up?”
“No, but that doesn’t explain how you did it.”
“There are some methods that are trade secrets.”
“Even to old friends?”
“You’re not giving up, are you?”
“You said you’d give me answers.”
Mima relents. “Alright, it’s answers you’ll get. It was nothing, really. I just had a lockpick on me.”
“That’s it?”
“That’s it.”
“And the sheriff never found it?”
“I’ve been in this line of work since before she was born. Of course she didn’t find it.”
“So then, why did you wait until now? Why didn’t you break out sooner?”
Mima shrugs noncommittally.
“That’s always been your problem, you know? You do whatever suits you, and damn whoever would tell you otherwise. Though that’s also one of your good points.”
“That can’t be all you wanted to ask me, though. No questions about the kid?”
“Ah, the kid? I trust your judgment with him. And well, the rest can be discussed in private.”
After lunch, Mima stands up. “Well, it’s been a good day, but I think the newbie and I are pretty much beat. I think it’s good if both of us retire early.”
“What?” asks one of the crowd. “It’s only noon!” But it’s true, you didn’t get proper sleep last night. Considering everything, you’re surprised you can still stand. Taking this blessing, you make your way toward the sleeping quarters, which are within the passage which Mima went down with Marisa earlier. Though you enter the room, Mima proceeds further down the corridor. As with most other things here, it’s not quite as good as back in town. Instead of beds, you get cloth cots, about seven of them. But you’re at least provided with a blanket and pillow, and considering your state, are able to sleep soundly.
--day 3 intermission--
>> No. 4171
>Mima stands up. “Well, it’s been a good day, but I think the newbie and I are pretty much beat. I think it’s good if both of us retire early.”

Damn, I thought this was an H-scene lead-in, for a moment.
>> No. 4173
Ah, I really wasn't on top of it yesterday. I forgot to add:

[] Dream
[] Choose a character
[] Don't Dream
>> No. 4175
[+] Dream
-[+] Choose a character: Mima, Yamame, Yuugi, Marisa. All of 'em.
>> No. 4176
The character choice is a sub-choice of '[ ] Dream', right?

If so:
[x] Dream
- [x] Yamame
>> No. 4178

>> No. 4186
[x] Dream
- [x] Yamame
>> No. 4187
[x] Dream
- [x] Yamame
>> No. 4188
[x] Dream
- [x] Satsuki Rin
>> No. 4204
[x] Dream
- [x] Yamame
>> No. 4205
[x] Dream
- [x] Yamame
>> No. 4220
[X] Dream
-[X] Yamame

The darkness of sleep fades as a dream floats through your shifting consciousness.
Your eyes slowly open. You’re lying in your cot. It’s hard to tell the time inside these caves, but you couldn’t have slept for that long. You wonder what awoke you. Then, out of the corner of one eye, you see a slight movement. You hear rustling as a figure approaches you. It’s Yamame. But her expression is different from before. Softer. “Did I wake you?” She’s right next to you now.
“Oh, uh…” You look around. Predictably, nobody else is around. “I-” She puts a finger on your lips.
“I wanted to say thank you. You know? You’re-” tears start welling in her eyes. “You’re the first person that’s really tried to talk to me since I came here. The others just ignored me. Though I might not have showed it, I was lonely, really lonely. I… I just wanted to say thank you for that.” She falls on top of you, sobbing softly. You slowly reach up, and put your arms around her. Both of you stay like that for some time. A few seconds? A few minutes? You can’t tell. “That’s why,” She rises, releasing your hold on her, “I wanted to repay you.” Smiling, she wipes away her tears, leaving only two faintly wet streaks on her face. “I- I don’t have much that’s my own, though. Which is why…” She blushes a deep red. “I hope it’s fine if you just take me.” What? Your mind is somehow both overdrive and at a complete halt.
“Please, let me. It’s the least I could do.” Her expression changes, and though her tone remains unchanged, you feel almost like she’s begging. You nod, your mouth suddenly dry. Her smile returns. She reaches up to the back of her dress and tugs. From behind her she pulls a string, as her dress slackens. Slowly, she pulls herself out of it, leaving only her black undershirt and panties. You get a better look at her body now. She’s definitely not fat enough to fill out her dress. In fact, she looks rather skinny after how you’re used to seeing her. While you inspect her lower half, she reaches up to her neck and removes another string. Tugging, at her neckline, she loosens her shirt, then reaches down to pull it up and over her head, revealing her chest. You really couldn’t tell through her dress, but she really does have a sizable bust. The clothes out of the way, she leans over you, reaching down…
And the vision fades into swirling darkness. Somewhere, at the back of your mind, you hear laughing, as though someone somewhere is acutely aware of what just happened and finds it uproariously funny. As the laughing dies, the darkness shifts and gives way to a different dream.
A world, colored in grays. You watch a woman, lying on a bed. She doesn’t move. You pull on her hand, but she doesn’t respond. Looking back, many people stand in the doorway. They don’t look happy to see you. A man grabs you, picks you up. The people are saying something angrily, but you can’t hear them well. Again, the world changes. Outside the town. It’s the same town you were in. The man is still carrying you. His breathing is heavy. You clutch his shirt tightly.
And you awake with a start. What was that dream just now? You don’t remember any of it. However, thinking about it… you mentally shake yourself. There isn’t anyone in the room, and you can’t tell the time in these caves. You go…

[] Further down the tunnel, where Mima went
[] Commons chamber
[] Storehouse
[] Look for (character)
>> No. 4227
[ ] Sit there and think to yourself for a while. No need to rush anything.
>> No. 4228
[ ] Sit there and think to yourself for a while. No need to rush anything.
>> No. 4230
[ ] Sit there and think to yourself for a while. No need to rush anything.
[] Go down the tunnel, where Mima went.

We love you, Yamame. ;_;
>> No. 4235
[x] Further down the tunnel, where Mima went

What are we supposed to do here, anyway?
>> No. 4237
{X} Sit there and think to yourself for a while. No need to rush anything.
{X} Go down the tunnel, where Mima went.
>> No. 4239
[X] Sit there and think to yourself for a while. No need to rush anything.
[X] Go down the tunnel, where Mima went.

That’s right. With all that has happened, you should take a moment to collect your thoughts. You lay back in the cot. Foremost in your mind are the people you left behind in the town. Mokou, Reimu, Ran, Chen, Letty, and the rest. What are they doing now? They must have noticed your absence by now, as well as Mima’s. Do they suspect that you freed her? You left Reimu a letter, but would she believe it? Would the rest of them? How would they feel? Shocked? Betrayed? What if you had stayed? What would you be doing now? If you had stayed… Why did you leave in the first place? Did you really believe in Mima, or are you here just to see what she’s up to? You feel that you’ll have to make your decision soon. But these people don’t seem too bad. You remember what Yamame said. They’re not cruel. Thinking on Yamame was an entirely different matter. Her, Mima, Marisa, Yuugi, and Parsee. They must each have their own reasons for joining this group. Ah, these matters are still difficult to sort out. If only there was someone you could talk to.
But there is. You remember that Mima said that you come see her any time. There’s no reason why that shouldn’t still be true. You remove yourself from the cot. Once you leave the room, you turn, heading farther down the passageway. At the end, there are two doors, one on the left and one on the right.Both are almost completely identical. They really couldn't have made this easy, could they? You...

[] Knock…
[] Open…
[] Left door
[] Right door
>> No. 4240
{X} Open…
{X} Right door

Right is left is correct~
>> No. 4246
[] Open…
[] Left door
[] Knock…
[] Right door

And we didn't even need quantum physics to do it!
>> No. 4249
Seriously though:
[] Knock…
[] Right door
>> No. 4250
[] Knock…
[] Right door
>> No. 4258
[x] Knock…
[x] Right door
>> No. 4261
[x] Knock…
[x] Right door

In this situation, either’s as good as the other, really. You stand in front of the right door and knock. There’s no answer. You knock again. Maybe Mima is still sleeping, or perhaps you have the wrong door? As you prepare to knock one last time, there’s a sound behind you. You turn to see Mima peering out of the doorway. Her long hair is disheveled, and she rubs the sleep out of one eye as she speaks. “Eh? Kid? What’s the matter?”
“I’m sorry, did I disturb you?” You ask kindly.
“Nah, I was just getting up anyway.” She says with her signature grin. “Well, whatever it is, you’re welcome to come in.” She steps aside and you enter the room. It’s a small room, but a private one, different from the one you sleep in. It contains only simple furniture: a bed, a desk with chair, and a dresser. She takes the chair and pulls it up near the bed. She motions for you to sit in it, and you do so. Mima herself then sits on the bed. “So, did you want to talk to me about something?”

[] freewrite
>> No. 4264
I bet the people who thought going to Mima would automatically advance the plot are kicking themselves right now.
>> No. 4265
....dammit. It's true. Very well, then. And damn you, Deus Ex, for making me think.

[x] "Well, seeing as how it's my first day here, I wanted to come ask our fearless leader what she wanted me to do, assuming I've seen what there is to see."
>> No. 4287
[x] "I had a weird dream and wanted to sleep with you."
>> No. 4289

[X] "I had a weird dream... can I come sleep with you tonight?"
>> No. 4290
Mima's just woken up, so it's probably morning.

[x] "Well, seeing as how it's my first day here, I wanted to come ask our fearless leader what she wanted me to do, assuming I've seen what there is to see."
>> No. 4296
[x] "Well, seeing as how it's my first day here, I wanted to come ask our fearless leader what she wanted me to do, assuming I've seen what there is to see."
>> No. 4298
[x] "Well, seeing as how it's my first day here, I wanted to come ask our fearless leader what she wanted me to do, assuming I've seen what there is to see."
>> No. 4299
[x] "Well, seeing as how it's my first day here, I wanted to come ask our fearless leader what she wanted me to do, assuming I've seen what there is to see."

Mima considers this. “Yeah, I think you’ve seen just about everything we’ve got here. It’s small, but it’s home to us. As for something to do, I was just getting to that. Go to the commons, that’s the large central chamber, and wait there. I’ll be right out.” She toys with her hair a bit. “Just need to make myself presentable first.”
Taking your leave, you realize you’ve forgotten to ask something. “What’s the time? Somewhere around early morning?”
Mima looks over her shoulder at you. “Hard to tell in here, isn’t it? You’ll get used to it eventually, don’t worry. But right now, I’d say it’s a good time past nightfall. We probably missed dinner.” Nightfall? Not only did you guess quite poorly, but it also means hell for your sleep cycle. Sighing, you wave a wordless thanks at her and close the door behind yourself as you leave.
The commons is much in the state it was in when you first arrived. Parsee broods on one side of the room, while Yamame gazes absently opposite her. Marisa is now here, sitting alone and cleaning her revolver. Meanwhile, the other bandits are sitting in a group, playing a dice game. You have a little time before Mima arrives. You…

[] Talk to Parsee
[] Talk to Marisa
[] Talk to Yamame
[] Look for Yuugi
[] Dice
[] Wait
[] Burn the fort down in a fit of madness
>> No. 4300
[x] Dice

I feel lucky
>> No. 4302
[] Talk to Yamame
>> No. 4303
[] Talk to Yamame
>> No. 4304
{X} Talk to Yamame
>> No. 4308
[x] Talk to Yamame
>> No. 4310
[x] Talk to Yamame

Talkin' to the taciturn gaems.
>> No. 4311
[x] Talk to Yamame

For some reason, you now feel a connection between Yamame and yourself. As you near her, she looks up and greets you. “Oh, hello.” Not expecting this, you’re taken aback for a brief moment, but manage to respond.
“Hi there.”
“Do you need anything?” She asks, with a vaguely quizzical look.
“No, I just wanted to talk.”
“Just… talk?”
“Alright then,” she says with a faint smile. She scoots over a little on her box, giving you ample room to sit down. You do so. You’re tempted to move closer to her, but after a quick mental struggle decide against it. For now, anyway. Instead, you content yourself with talking. “So then, you told me that most of you just consider being an outlaw as a sort of job. What about you, though? Is that the reason you became a bandit?”
“No,” she says simply, shaking her head.
“Then why?”
“Why do you ask?”
“I’m just curious.” You shrug.
Yamame seems a little uneasy now, looking down as she fidgets slightly. “Well, that is…”
“You can’t say?”
“Rather, I don’t want to say.” She looks up at you.
“Is it something bad?” You’re not sure what to think about this. She seems overall to be a peaceful soul. You have trouble imagining her even speaking ill of another.
“You could say that…” The look on her face is one of unease, and now uncertainty. “But believe me, I’m not a dangerous person. Well, I’m not… I mean…” She looks away. She’s obviously very uncomfortable being put on the spot like this. You place a hand on her shoulder in an effort to comfort her, which makes her jump slightly. She turns back to you, surprised, but her face softens and she relaxes. She allows herself a small smile as she says, “Thank you.” You had gotten your meaning across without having to say anything. You stay like that for a moment before you hear the sound of Mima approaching. Snapping back to reality, you hastily withdraw your hand while Yamame looks away, her pale face aglow.
All eyes turn to Mima as she enters. With clean clothing, she looks fat more beautiful, and perhaps far more intimidating, than you’ve seen her before. “Gentlemen,” she says in a commanding voice, “I’ll bet you’re tired of sitting on your asses all day. I’ve got some work for us.” There’s some scattered cheering at this. “And that is, a caravan that’s approaching from the north. It’s heading toward town, and credit goes to Marisa for finding it.” Marisa fits the final piece of her peacemaker back into place, then spins the cylinder experimentally. Satisfied, she grins, using the pistol to salute the room. “Now, it’s partially a supply caravan, and partially a merchant one. As you know, out this far they really can’t be picky. As always, we’ll target our needed supplies, mainly food, first, leaving most of the goods intact and in place.” You notice some poorly-concealed looks of dissatisfaction at this announcement, but Mima either doesn’t notice or ignores them. “You all know your roles. Except, of course, for the new guy. You’ll be under supervision from…” Mima looks around the room. “Parsee.” Parsee’s expression at this announcement is understandably resentful. “Just do as she says and everything will turn out fine. Most likely. Other than that, the finer details will be discussed early tomorrow with the captains. And we’re leaving at sunup tomorrow, so I suggest you all get some sleep.”
You’re the last one in the room. Yamame had left, casting a final look in your direction before disappearing down the tunnel toward the sleeping quarters. Though you have many things on your mind, you decide you should…

[] Head back to town to alert Reimu
[] Go see Mima
[] Go see Parsee
[] Sleep
>> No. 4312

>She looks fat more beautiful.

>> No. 4313
Curses, spellcheck. You've failed me for the last time.
>> No. 4315
[+] Scrounge up some food. Eat first, then go sleep.
>> No. 4316
Of all the things I ever expected from an Old West Touhou CYoA, Yamame route was NOT one of them.

Nevertheless, I am pleased by this.
>> No. 4317
Forgot my vote.

[X] Scrounge up some food. Eat first, then go sleep.
>> No. 4319
{X} Scrounge up some food. Eat first, then go sleep.
>> No. 4324
[X] Scrounge up some food. Eat first, then go sleep.
>> No. 4326
[X] Scrounge up some food. Eat first, then go sleep.

In before Yuugi CAVES us for raiding the larder.
>> No. 4327
[X] Scrounge up some food. Eat first, then go sleep.

After all that’s happened, you can’t betray Mima’s trust, or the trust of the other members. Getting off the box, you look toward the supply tunnel. Having missed dinner, you’re hungry. Surely it wouldn’t hurt to get something to eat before sleeping. With this in mind, you set off down the tunnel. At the end, you find Yuugi, sleeping. You look at her for a second, deciding whether to wake her or not. Figuring that you don’t know where anything is in this maze of boxes, and that you’d probably be better off asking her first anyway, you decide that it’s a good idea. You put a hand on her shoulder and gently shake her. She mumbles. You pause for a moment, then shake harder. She stirs, and opens her eyes. She blinks up at you for a moment, then with a flurry of movement you suddenly find your positions reversed, Yuugi pinning you to the ground. Her grip is surprisingly strong. It takes a few more seconds in this position for Yuugi to recognize you. “Ah…” She realizes the situation, and quickly dismounts you. “I’m sorry, reflex,” she says sheepishly. You wave off her apology.
“It’s no problem.” After all, it was nigh impossible for you to have failed to notice that her hold had given you a rather nice view.
“Well, what are you here for?” asks Yuugi. Clearing the pleasant thoughts from your mind, you turn to her.
“Since I missed dinner, I was wondering if I could have something to eat.”
“Oh, ah, of course.” Yuugi nods. “I still have some leftovers. I’m afraid there’s not much left to go with them, though.” Yuugi takes the pot which held the day’s meal from atop one of the boxes and places it over the fire. While it warms, she looks into a few boxes and produces a bottle. She hands this to you along with a bowl of soup. “Yeah, soup again,” Yuugi says wryly. “Get used to it, you’ll be having it often.” She sits down as you start eating and watches you thoughtfully.
Looking around at all of the boxes, a question comes to you. You note to Yuugi, “Mima said that we were running out of supplies. But there’s quite a few boxes in here.”
“Oh, that? It’s because most of these are actually empty, or filled with other supplies.”
“So you keep stock of everything in here?”
“Yep, down to the last bone. It’s some work, I can tell you. But someone’s got to do it.” She stretches as she rises, then goes off to get a bottle for herself. The two of you sit quietly, enjoying your food.
When you’re finished, Yuugi takes the bowl. “how was it?”
“Not too bad.”
“That’s a relief,” she says, grinning. “Well, you’d better get off to bed now. It’s an early start tomorrow, and the last thing we need is a sleepy newbie.” She thumps you on the back as you leave, causing you to stumble. You look back at her ruefully and she waves a silent apology to you. She really doesn’t know her own strength.
In the sleeping quarters, the men are already asleep. None of the girls are here; you assume they have separate beds. You get into your cot and try to get some sleep.
--day 3 end--

[] Dream
-[] Choose a character
[] Don’t dream
>> No. 4328
[] Dream
-[] Yamame

>> No. 4329
[x] Dream
-[x] Yamame
>> No. 4330
[X] Dream
-[X] Parsee
>> No. 4331
[x] Dream
-[x] Yamame
>> No. 4332
[x] Dream
-[x] Yamame

>> No. 4334
[x] Dream
-[x] Yamame
>> No. 4336
>After all that’s happened, you can’t betray Mima’s trust, or the trust of the other members.

I'm torn between voting Parsee to see some melting tsun, or Yamame for more delicious spider loli... But out of curiosity, I'll go with Parsee, this once.

[z] Dream
[e] - Parsee
>> No. 4337
[z] Dream
-[z] Yamame

Yamame dreamin gaems.
>> No. 4339
{X} Dream
- {X} Parsee

>> No. 4340
[x] Dream
-[x] Yamame
>> No. 4341
[x] Dream
-[x] Yamame
>> No. 4343
[+] Dream
-[+] Yuugi
Oni loev~
>> No. 20137