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Sorry for the latency between posts. I'm currently at my dad's house, and as a guest I didn't want to spend all of my time in front of my laptop. Also, #TAiG and #MiG on irc.rizon.net
"Kohaku, how have you been spending your day?"
"Well, I've been reading books in Patchouli's library."
Well fuck.
"I spent mine taking a nap in Patchouli's library."
"I see."

The dining room door slams open with a large bang. Everyone looks up at it in surprise.
"Onee-chan's mean, starting lunch without me!" a blonde-haired girl with a red dress shouts towards Remilia.
"I'm sorry, Flandre, I didn't want you frightening our guests." She waves towards your group.
"Guests?" Flandre questions with a confused look.
"Why would guests be frightened by me?" she asks.
Well, that's kinda obvious. She just slammed open a large, heavy door loud enough to alert the whole room of her presence.
"They're not used to little girls who can- well, giving you ideas would be a bad idea, I think."
"You're mean!" Flandre shouts at Remilia with a frown.
"Hahaha, I'm only joking, Flandre. Come, sit. I thought you were asleep and didn't want to wake you."
Flandre walks forward and takes a place right next to Remilia. Meaning they're both at the head of the table. It's somewhat cramped looking.
Well, now that that drama's over and you're still intact...

[ ] Just eat.
[ ] Talk to (specify) about (specify).
[ ] Write-in.

>> No. 2227
[ ] Just eat.

I am eating... I am eating... Curry. Om nom nom.

Piping hot, straight from the cook.
>> No. 2228
[x] Just eat.
>> No. 2229
I have to admit, I was tempted to write in:

[ ] Turn to Flandre, and stare at her. When she comments, tell her, "You're the scariest."
>> No. 2230
[X] Turn to Flandre, and stare at her. When she comments, tell her, "You're the scariest."
>> No. 2231
[X] Rub Wriggles leg with your foot

>> No. 2232
[X] Just eat.
>> No. 2234
You're too hungry to waste any more time talking to people. You finish your food at around the same time as everyone else. Everyone else filters out of the room once everyone's finished eating.
Well, you're alone in the dining room. You should find something to do.

[ ] Back to the library.
[ ] Go talk to remilia.
[ ] Wander the mansion.
[ ] Other (specify)
>> No. 2235
[ ] Go talk to Remilia.
>> No. 2236
[x] Go talk to remilia.
[x] Check the note and pray Yukari knows what Remilia would like in the event that she requests something in exchange for her silver bullets.
>> No. 2237
...You already have silver bullets.
>> No. 2238
[X] Go talk to Remilia.
>> No. 2239
The gun that's going to shoot them, then.
>> No. 2240
Hmm, you've not talked much to your host. This would probably be a good idea.
You step out of the dining room and wander through the halls until you figure out where you are. You then make your way towards Remilia's room.
When you arrive, you find the door shut. Remembering that Sakuya knocked, you decide to do the same.
"Come in." you hear Remilia yell from inside.
"Ah, it's you. I wanted to talk to you. First of all, I wanted to apologize if Flandre did startle you earlier. She's my little sister. She's also slightly nuts after, uh. Yeah. Anyway, she has the ability to shatter anything just by willing it."
That's quite an ability.
"Also, you should go talk to Patchouli in the library and learn at least the basics of how magic works. It's essential here in Gensokyo. You probably won't be able to learn much without months of studying, but to at least learn how it works would greatly improve your chances of survival."
Probably true.
"If you can actually manage to do some sort of magic soon, no matter how small and insignificant it is, I'll have a reward for you. Come and show me."
Must be that gun Yukari mentioned. or something.
"In any case, I'm about to do vampiric things. Unless you want to volunteer your blood, I'd suggest that you leave."
You don't like the idea of volunteering your blood just yet. You bid farewell to Remilia and leave her room.

[ ] Library.
[ ] Wander around the mansion.
[ ] Other (specify)
>> No. 2241
[X] Wander over to the Library.
>> No. 2242
[x] Library.
>> No. 2243
[ ] Library.
>> No. 2244
You decide to head to the library. You wanted to go there earlier anyway, and now that you've got a solid reason for being there you are willed into going that much easier.
You travel down the hallways of the Scarlet Devil Mansion until you find the door to the library. You enter and find yourself back in the same dark, dusty conditions as before. However, this time you decide to think before randomly wandering around.

[ ] Wander the library.
[ ] Call out for help.
[ ] Climb the book cases, see if you can see anything.
>> No. 2245
[X] Climb the book cases, see if you can see anything.
>> No. 2246
[ ] Call out for help.

Piercing whistle.
>> No. 2247
[ ] Climb the book cases, see if you can see anything.
>> No. 2251
[x] Climb the book cases, see if you can see anything.
>> No. 2264
[X] Climb the book cases, see if you can see anything.

Climbin gaems
>> No. 2272
Status: 60%.
You don't want to be lost. You also don't want to disturb anyone else in the library. There's only one way.
You set off to climb up a bookcase. You quickly find one suitable for climbing. You begin your ascent.
Without warning, you suddenly slip off. It seems that particular shelf was quite dusty and your hand slipped. You were relatively high up, too. You fall on your ass. It hurts a bit, but youb don't think anything's permanantly injured. Still, it hurts.

[ ] Call out to someone.
[ ] Take the pain like a man, wander the library on your own.
[ ] Fuck this, just stand there.
>> No. 2273
[X] Call out to someone.
>> No. 2274
[ ] Call out to someone.
>> No. 2279
[ ] Call out for someone.
>> No. 2281
When lost, one should yell out to someone for help.
"Heeeeey!" you yell out loudly.
A few seconds later, a red-haired succubus lands in front of you.
"What are you yelling for? This is a library, be quiet."
"I've got no clue how to get to where I want to go."
"...Ah. Well, you should probably talk to Patchouli first before wandering around her library. I'll take her to you if you want."
"Follow me then."
She turns around and begins walking through the library, with you in persuit.
Eventually she stops at a small lobby area.
"Miss Patchouli is in here, you sh-"
She gets cut off by a loud bang. You hear a girl laughing, and a couple bangs as if something's crashing into the book cases. You see a girl leaving the lobby area and flying towards the place the noises are coming from. It happens to be pretty near by, so you walk there. You find her and a girl dressed like a witch fighting with danmaku. The girl dressed like a witch quickly leaves. The other girl is panting.
You go to walk over to her, but she collapses.
Well fuck.
You pick her up and carry her over to one of the tables in the lobby area. You consider throwing something over her, but you don't really have anything useful for the situation since the sleeping bag would just slip off of her due to its weight. Damn, if only you'd kept that towel of Kohaku's. It would have been perfect for this situation.
In any case, you wait for her to awaken, which she does about fifteen minutes later.
"Argh, she got away again." she says while rubbing her eyes.
She opens them and notices you.
"Who are you?"
You explain your situation.
"Ah. Well, I can't teach you anything at the moment. Come back tomorow. Feel free to read as much as you want as long as the books don't leave the library."

[ ] Wander the library.
[ ] Ask the succubus girl to take you back to the entrance to the library.
[ ] Attempt to converse with Patchouli.
>> No. 2282

[ ] Ask the succubus girl to suck your dick.
>> No. 2283
>you wait for her to awaken, which she does about fifteen minutes later.

God damn it, that would've been a perfect chance to tell the Succubus to go get a towel or something, and then get a free continue.
>> No. 2284
[X] Where do you keep your dirty mags?
>> No. 2285
[x] Attempt to converse with Patchouli.

"So, is that normal or something?"
>> No. 2286
[ ] Attempt to converse with Patchouli.
>> No. 2287
[+] Ask Patchouli which books to look for
She should know that much, and be willing to help at least that much, I think. Pitch it to her as making the process of teaching us easier if we can learn some of the basics from books before she has to start instructing us.
>> No. 2312
Wow, didn't get 3 votes for anything after a whole day.
Well, just because she can't teach you magic doesn't mean she can't talk to you, right?
"What books should I look for? Do you have any books that would make it easier on you to start teaching me?"
She ponders for a second.
"Alright. Koakuma, go get the beginner's guide to magic. Unless you have anything else to ask, I'm too busy at the moment for a conversation."
You consider asking her where the dirty mags are, but decide not to. Staying alive would be good.
Koakuma shortly comes back with a book in her hands and hands it to you.
Well, you could leave now, or wander the library.

[ ] Wander the library
[ ] Ask Koakuma to take you back to the entrance to the library.
[ ] Ask Patchouli where she keeps her dirty mags.
>> No. 2313
[X] Wander the library
>> No. 2316
[ ] Wander the library
>> No. 2317
[x] Wander the library
>> No. 2319
Well, you've got time to kill.
You bid Patchouli and Koakuma farewell and begin wandering the library again. This time you know your way a bit better, but could still get lost any second.
You continue wandering until you come across another, smaller lobby area. Inside, Kohaku is reading a book. There's a small pile of books on the table next to her.

[ ] Continue wandering.
[ ] Ask her what she's reading.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 2320
[ ] Continue wandering.
>> No. 2321
[X] Sneak up on her and scare her.
>> No. 2322
lol no one else votes, with so many writefags out of action i guess this place gets slow
>> No. 2324
[X] Ask her what she's reading.

Woo! Three-way split!
>> No. 2326
[X] Try to remember the basics of CQC...
>> No. 2339
[X] Ask her what she's reading.
>> No. 2342
[ ] Ask her what she's reading.

Now get back to work.
>> No. 2343
She's reading a book, and you're interested in what it is.
You walk up behind her and try to read the book over her shoulder. However, your knowledge of moon runes fails you, you can recognize some of the katakana but the rest is gibberish to you.
"Hey, what're you reading?"
She turns up to you. Doesn't seem she was surprised by you at all.
"A book titled Nineteen Eighty-Four. Though I don't understand some of what's going on..."
Well, that's interesting. Nineteen Eighty-Four made its way to Gensokyo. You remember reading the book and finding it entertaining, though a bit slow at times.
"That's a good book."
Well, there's not much you can reply to that with. She seems absorbed by the book. You could probably ask her for a way out. Judging by the pile of books, you assume she knows her way around the library.

[ ] Ask her the way out.
[ ] Read the book Patchouli gave you.
[ ] It's too quiet in here. And that gun you bought from Kourindou hasn't been tested yet.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 2344
[ ] Read the book Patchouli gave you.
>> No. 2345
>[x] Offer to explain the contents of the book
>> No. 2346
[X] Read the book Patchouli gave you.
>> No. 2348
[x] Offer to explain the contents of the book
>> No. 2349

I hope you don't mean spoil the book for her.
>> No. 2350
[ ] Read the book Patchouli gave you.
>> No. 2353
[x] Offer to explain the contents of the book
>> No. 2369
If she doesn't understand parts of it, you should try and help her understand it. After all, you understood the whole thing without problem.
"So what is it that you're not understanding?"
"Basically how one person has so much control over so many people. That obviously doesn't work, even people like Remilia and Kaguya don't have such control. You can't control so many people, they'll group together to resist you."
Oh boy, Gensokyo sure is different from the outside world.
"...Kohaku, the outside world doesn't work that way. People out there have very little power. No one can fly or use danmaku. At least no one I've ever heard of. When one person gains respect over people, they'll follow what he says and when enough people are following what he says, he can suddenly become ruthless and have everyone do what he wants, and if they resist he'll have everyone else crush them. It'll get to a point where people are too afraid to resist and they will submit themselves to complete control. It's very different from here where every single person is like an army. Everyone here has too much power on their own to be suppressed by anyone."
"Eh? Such a thing happens in the outside world? Must be tough."
"Well, it used to. Eventually people DID group together and overthrow the ruthless leaders. But they didn't have nearly as much control as the government in that book."
"...I see. I think I understand."
She turns back to her book.
While you're here, you might as well do some reading as well. You sit down at the spot across from Kohaku and crack open the book Patchouli gave you.
You begin to read it. At first it doesn't tell you much, but as you read on you slowly learn more and more. You learn about how magic relies on mana that one has within their body, and also about some sort of "mana battery" designed for beginners that will store a small amount of mana. You continue reading and learn the basics of how magic works.
You and Kohaku finish reading your respective books at around the same time. She's a quite fast reader, it took you a lot longer than that to finish Nineteen Eighty-Four. In any case, you think that if you had any mana you'd be able to use magic, but you have no mana as illustrated by the constant failures you stumble into trying some of the simple things the book explains.
As soon as you close the book, one of those fairy maids comes to announce dinner.

[ ] Dinner time, you're hungry.
[ ] Nah, you'd rather (specify)
>> No. 2372
[X] Dinner time, you're hungry.

Wriggle harassin' time.
>> No. 2373
[x] Dinner time, you're hungry.
>> No. 2374
[X] Dinner time, you're hungry.
>> No. 2376
Dinner sounds good.
You and Kohaku follow the fairy towards the dining room and sit for dinner.
Everyone else eats in relative silence. There isn't really any conversation going on. It's currently quite boring.

[ ] Just eat.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 2378
[X] So, Kohaku, what kind of books do you usually like to read?

She's been growing on me.
>> No. 2379
[X] "CIRNO CATCH!" Throw food at Cirno
>> No. 2385

Too bad that route is closed. The only thing you can do now is become better friends.
>> No. 2387
Seriously? When did that happen? I must have missed it.
>> No. 2388
Indeed. A Kohaku route would have been possible if you chose [x] Force her to the ground and [x] Kiss her.
>> No. 2389
Pretty much when you met her, that's when the route was killed.
>> No. 2390

Damn it.
>> No. 2398
That's only because it's what people did during the first run on IRC, and for some reason he wants this to turn out the same way. Nobody was taking it seriously, so don't expect shit to make a lot of sense here.

Oh, and now you should be able to guess why I named her Kohaku.
>> No. 2403

Rape the maids?
>> No. 2407
Er, I never said I wanted it to turn out the same way. I'm just having the same results for actions.
>> No. 2409
[x] Just eat.
>> No. 2412
[X] "CIRNO CATCH!" Throw food at Cirno
Boring dinnertime is no fun for anyone.
>> No. 2413
Slow voting. I liked the food fight option, and it got the most votes, so I went with it.
Man, it's boring. No conversation. What to do?
Ah, that's a perfect idea. You'll start a food fight.
"CIRNO, CATCH!" you yell out as you pick up a piece of buttered bread off of your plate and throw it at her as hard as you can. Cirno stands to react, but before the bread gets to her it is cut in two by a knife thrown by Sakuya.
"What the hell are you doing?" she demands with a glare.
"It's boring. I was merely ending the silence."
"So you throw food around. UNACCEPTABLE." A knife appears in each of her hands.
"So you want to fight, Sakuya? I'm sure it would cause a bigger mess than any food fight."
"It will be over before it even starts." a knife zips towards you, and you dodge. It narrowly grazes your neck, doing no real damage.
"Your knife throwing skills are sub-par, Sakuya." you tell her as you grab another knife thrown by her out of the air and throw it in her direction. It misses, but if it weren't for her ability to seemingly teleport it would have left a gaping wound in her neck.
She appears behind you, and you quickly spin around to face her. You dodge a knife headed for your abdomen, and rush forward to attack her.
She teleports backwards a few meters and attacks again, but this time dozens of knives fly in your direction. You narrowly dodge most of them, but a couple of them cut up your arms. These knives are moving noticably slow. It doesn't even seem like they were thrown. In any case, you continue dodging.
After a bit of dodging, you realize that you're not going to get anywhere if you don't start fighting back. But how?
You reach down to your belt and unsheath your knife. At the least you can knock knives out of the air with it. No sooner do you get it out of its scabbard, though, do you notice a hole in her attack. Taking advantage of it, you move forward, dodging a few stray knives flying around. You grab one of the knives and throw it forward, knocking a knife out of your path and therefore clearing another hole. You proceed forward and find yourself getting ever nearer to her. Problem is, the closer you get the thicker the swarm of knives gets.
You need to do something about this. It's getting on your nerves.
You move a bit closer. When you get within a meter of her, her attack strategy changes. Instead of a swarm of knives flying in all directions, she throws a concentrated group of knives in your direction. You avoid out of the way and move forward. She throws another group of knives at you, and you avoid to the side again, getting closer and closer. Before she can throw another group of knives, you rush forward. She teleports backwards a couple meters once again, and pulls a spellcard out of her pocket and begins to activate it.
"Illusion World ~The Wo-MMPH"
She doesn't get the chance. You move closer to her and shove one of the paper amulets in her mouth before she can continue declaring it. You push her down to the ground before she has time to react, and point your knife to her throat while holding her arms down with your legs.
She spits the now wettened paper amulet at your face.

[ ] Finish her. Stab the knife through her throat.
[ ] Continue holding the knife to her throat, don't do anything else.
[ ] Stand up and release Sakuya.
>> No. 2415
[X] Continue holding the knife to her throat, lean in and kiss her.

"Time to claim my prize."
>> No. 2416
[X] Continue holding the knife to her throat, lean in and kiss her.
>> No. 2417
[X] Continue holding the knife to her throat, lean in and kiss her.

I like this.
>> No. 2418
[X] Continue holding the knife to her throat, lean in and kiss her.
>> No. 2420
[X] Continue holding the knife to her throat, lean in and kiss her.
>> No. 2422
Just letting her go would be stupid.
"Hahahaha" you hear laughter behind you.
"To think that a normal human defeated my Sakuya so easily!"
You ignore the voice from behind you. You've got better ideas.
Looking down at Sakuya, you see that she has a furrious expression. Understandable, seeing as you just knocked her over and pinned her down with a knife.
You notice her lips. They're slightly open, because of the expression she's showing.
"Hey, you listening to me?" You didn't even notice Remilia's footsteps approaching you. You wouldn't have known she were there if she hadn't said something.
No, you don't have to listen to her. She's just a distraction.
You bring your face closer to Sakuya's. She doesn't even know what you're about to do. Really, she doesn't need to. It would be harder on you if she did.
You move closer, until you can feel her breath on your face. Closer. Closer. She seems to realize what you're about to do when your lips are an inch from hers. That won't do, though. You can't have her yelling out for help.
You bring your lips to hers before she can say a thing.
You continue there. She tries to resist, but fails. You bring the knife from her throat. It's a little dangerous to be kissing her with your knife at her throat, when you can't see it to make sure it doesn't
This thought is cut off when two feet connect with your back, sending you flying. You rotate a few times in the air, and land on your back.
Fuck, you must have pissed Remilia off real bad just then.
You sit up. Your head starts throbbing. You must have hit your head when you hit the ground. You didn't notice until now because of the adrenaline.
As soon as the throbbing goes down to a tollerable level, you look up to see who kicked you.
You first look at Remilia. She doesn't have the expression of someone who just kicked someone across the room in rage. But if it wasn't her, who was it?
You look to her right and find Wriggle glaring at you. Her face is slightly red, and her expression is that of extreme rage.

[ ] "Wriggle, what the fuck?"
[ ] Knock Sakuya out before she can kill you.
[ ] Apologize to Remilia.
[ ] Dust yourself off and sit down in your chair like nothing happened.
>> No. 2424
[X] "Wriggle, what the fuck?"

Jealous Wriggle
>> No. 2425
[ ] "Wriggle, what the fuck?"

Wriggles gotta learn, we yearn to sew or wild oats
>> No. 2426
[X] Dust yourself off and sit down in your chair like nothing happened.
>> No. 2427
[ ] "Wriggle, what the fuck?"
>> No. 2429
What Wriggle did, it was... Well, surprising for one. It was also weird and unexpected.
"Wriggle, what the fuck?" you ask her while rubbing your head. The throbbing's still there, but managable.
"I should ask you the same question, pervert!"
Whoa, she's still holding a grudge for that?
"I'm sick of your face. I'm leaving."
She storms out of the dining room and slams the door behind her
What the hell got into her?
In any case, you've got everyone staring at you. Including Sakuya, who got to her feet and drew two more knives.
"I'm going to kill you now." she says. Her eyes flash red.
"Sakuya, sit down." Remilia's annoyed voice comes from the table.
Sakuya either doesn't hear her, or is ignoring her, as she's started walking towards you.
"SAKUYA!!" Remilia shouts loudly.
"Ah. Sorry, ojou-sama." She walks over and sits down in her seat. She begins glaring at you.
Your head hurts. Hell, your whole body hurts. That was a draining fight.
You pull yourself to your feet and begin walking towards the table, where you sit back down in your seat and continue eating dinner.
The pain in your head makes you unable to really taste the food, since it overwhelms everything else. Such is how migraines usually work. In any case, you finish your meal in silence and head back up to your room. The pounding in your head still hasn't gone away. You wish you had something with caffeine in it, but since you don't and you don't feel like going clear through the library to ask Patchouli to use magic to do something about your headache you decide to sleep it off instead.
Like usual for migraines, it is difficult to fall asleep. You find yourself first repeating parts of songs over and over, then short actions. It's like you've got an animated GIF forced into your brain nonstop, with a short section of a song repeating over and over obnoxiously.
You eventually fall asleep. You dream about...

[ ] Alternate realities, in which nothing makes sense and you can not escape.
[ ] Soaring high over the Olympus Mons.
[ ] Dark corridors, with danger lurking at every turn.
>> No. 2430
[ ] Dark corridors, with danger lurking at every turn.
>> No. 2431
[X] Alternate realities, in which nothing makes sense and you can not escape.
>> No. 2432
[X] Soaring high over the Olympus Mons.

This seems like the least creepy dream.
>> No. 2433
[x] Alternate realities, in which nothing makes sense and you can not escape.
>> No. 2434
[X] Dark corridors, with danger lurking at every turn.
>> No. 2436
{ } Dark corridors, with danger lurking at every turn.

Best to be wary of dangers
>> No. 2437
You wipe sweat off of your forehead. Killing demons is hard work. But someone's got to do it. And it's not like there's anyone else around here. At least it's safe in this room.
But there's also nowhere else to go. You could try and backtrack to the surface, but you'd rather be inside a small, closed room than the surface of hell. You may starve to death here, but that's got to be better than being ripped apart by a baron.
You sit down, leaning against a wall adjacent to the door so that if it suddenly opens you won't fall into the mouth of one of those flying heads.
Ah, it feels good to relax after spending so long fighting. You've been fighting for your life since you stepped into that hangar. Thinking back on it, you should have tried to pilot that shuttle off of the moon. It would be better than fighting you way through TWO moon bases filled with demons, AND hell its self.
Heh. You don't even know if there would be any one left on Mars. The demons could have gotten there as well.
Well, you've thought enough for now. Staying put for too long means certain death. The demons will come, and they will tear the door down. There's no stopping them then.
Just as you're about to get up to open the door, you notice the teleporter sitting across from it. You have no idea how you didn't notice it before. You must be exhausted. But taking a nap is one of the stupidest things you've done during this whole thing. Last time you did it, you barely woke up quick enough to avoid the fireball flying straight for your face. It's a damn good thing these demons are stupid enough to wake you up with a cry. In any case, it saved your life.
You're thinking too much again.

You grunt as you lift yourself off of the floor. This whole hell thing is really tiring.
Might as well go forward, then.
You step into the teleporter.

You hear the familliar ringing in your ears as you wake up on the floor in the middle of another small room. You're glad that the teleporter only momentarily knocks you out, otherwise you'd be demon food.
You sit up and pull your backpack off of your back and examine it. You've got plenty of bullets, an acceptable supply of shotgun shells, and a whole 100 of these awesome C-cell sized rockets. You don't happen to have one of the rocket launchers on your person though. You find yourself to be completely out of energy cells. You probably shouldn't have jumped the gun with the BFG earlier.
Seeing as you're currently limited to the chainsaw, the pistol, the chaingun, and the shotgun, you decide the shotgun would be the best weapon to carry. If you're going through tight hallways, like always seems to happen, a scattergun is the best weapon to have. And the shotgun's not let you down yet.
You stand up and unsling the shotgun from your back. You walk up to the door in the room, and open it. YOu find yourself staring down a hallway lined with technologic equipment. You have no idea what any of it does, only that seeing it in hell is a bad sign. You briefly think back to fighting that living dumptruck with a rocketlauncher arm. A shiver runs down your spine.
Well, enough of that. Best course of action would be to continue down through the hallway.

Reaching the end of the hallway, you stare out on a large field. In the middle is a small bu-hey that's a rocketlauncher! You step forward and pick it up.
Lucky timing, leaning over makes the lighting ball pass right over your head. If you'd ducked a moment later, you'd be fried.
You quickly pick it up and scan the area for the damned cacodemon that did this. You see it off in the distance, as well as one of those damned barons. These demons are starting to get on your nerves.
Heh, you must have been knocked out for longer than you thought. You're full of energy now.
In any case, you've got demons to kill.
You decide that the baron is the biggest threat. You take up aim and fire five rockets straight at his belly. They connect and turn him into a lifeless pulp.
Wait, what was that noise? You swear you heard a high pitched noise coming from your right.
Fuck it all, you're in hell. It must be finally getting to you. You take up aim and squash that damned pumpkin.
Then you hear it.
The sound of metal hitting the ground. The whine of the moving legs. You don't know that it's from legs yet, of course. You only find this out when the giant mechanical spider moves into view. It stops moving and lowers slightly. What the hell is it-OH GOD THAT'S A CHAIN SHOTGUN.
You quickly bolt back far enough that it can't shoot you. Holy fuck, that's a huge spider.
You stay there for a bit. The sound of its legs is torturing you.
Then another of those damned pumpkins decides to spoil your fun.
You fire upon it, turning it into a pulp fitting of being put in a pie.
These pumpkins piss you off.
Well, now that it's dead, you have some time to think. What are you going to do now? That thing's huge. But it's mechanical, so it doesn't have huge guts.
Man, now's not the time to think about ripping and tearing! You've got to figure out how to kill that thing.
You've got nothing. Absolutely nothing. The best thing you can think of is just rush forward at it. But that's a fucking stupid idea and you know it.
Well, might as well get this over with. Stupid idea or not, staying here you'll eventually get killed by something else anyway when you run out of ammo.
You dash to the end of the hall. You stop yourself when you realize that you can circle the perimeter of the area on a raised area. Like an arena, but there are no seats. You guess that demons don't care enough to sit while watching people get ripped apart by chain-shotguns.
In any case, you run. As fast as you can. You notice that the whole area takes the form of a large pointy X and a square part in the middle. You continue running, occasionally ducking to pick up rockets and energy cells conveniently left on the ground. You smash a couple more pumpkins as you're going, but that's all routine.
Killing demons is routine to you now.
YOu snap out of that thought as the giant spider comes into view.
"FUUUUUUUUCK" you exclaim as you start running again. You find yourself out of its sight once again, and count the cells you currently have.
Hmm, seems you have enough for three BFG shots. You hope that's enough to kill this thing.
Right, now's the time to act. You move forward towards your goal. It's in your sight. Luckily you're not in its sight yet. You're at a close enough range that if you keep strafing, it won't be able to get a good aim on you. you hope none of its shots hit.
You raise the BFG and pull the trigger. A massive ball of green energy comes forth, and you almost get knocked down by the blast. You've used it enough by now to know how to avoid this fate, though. You take aim again and pull the trigger. It turns towards you. But you're not going to give it any time to shoot. You pull the trigger the one last final time. It connects. You almost think you're fucked when it makes another screeching noise, then realize how wrong that assumption is when it falls over and the giant brain on the top turns to mush. Heh, you never noticed that part until now.
In any case, you're in a large area currently devoid of demons. You take a moment to lay on your back. You don't care if a cyberdemon decides to wake you up at this point. You drift off to sleep.
>> No. 2438
You're awoken by a loud banging noise.
Fuck, you shouldn't have fallen asleep. Now you're dead for sure.
You hear the banging again. You reach for your rocketlauncher and find it's not there.
Now you're fucked.
You hear more banging.

You open your eyes and find yourself staring at a scarlet painted celing. You momentarily think that the red reminds you of something you've seen recently, but it must have been in your dream. You can't remember a bit of it, only that you were scared as fuck when you woke up.

You hear pounding on your door. Must be time to wake up.
You sit up in your bed and stretch. Your headache from last night is completely gone, but you didn't get as good of rest as you'd have liked to have gotten. Must be somnething to do with that fright you were experiencing as you woke up.

"Hold on for a minute." you hell to the person banging on your door. The banging stops. You stand up and put your clothing on.
You walk over to the door and open it. A fairy maid smiles to you.
"It's time for breakfast."

[ ] She's right. You're starving.
[ ] No, you need to take a bath or shower or whatever, your dream made you sweat a lot.
[ ] Fuck breakfast, I'm going back to bed.
>> No. 2439
[x] She's right. You're starving.

Quite a wall you built there.
>> No. 2440
{X} She's right. You're starving.
>> No. 2447
[X] She's right. You're starving.
>> No. 2451
Yeah, that fairy's right. You're starving.
You follow her towards the dining room and sit down at your place. You're the first person here other than Wriggle. She persistantly avoids looking at you.
Slowly people file into the dining room for breakfast. Sakuya arrives last, carrying a pot of tea which she sets down on the table. Once she's seated, she flashes you a quick glare, then proceeds to pour cups.
Eventually everyone assembles in the dining room, except for Remilia and Flandre. Seeing as they're nocturnal, I guess that's to be expected.
In any case, Sakuya occasionally flashes you a glare.
Breakfast goes mostly uneventful. The fairies bring in a meal consisting of eggs and bacon. It's good, but not enough so to rant on about. Not much conversation happens, mostly it's just "pass the ___" or something to that effect. In any case, you find yourself standing in the hallway once again with little to do. You could head towards the library, try to find any specific member of your party to do something, or go take that bath or shower you were thinking of doing earlier.
Thinking about it, Cirno is probably off pulling pranks. Kohaku's probably in the library. You have no idea what the rest of your group might be doing, but you could always try and find out.

[ ] Library. Delicious magic, you must learn.
[ ] Try and find Cirno, pranking people is more fun when there's more than one person doing the pranking.
[ ] Find out what (specify) is doing.
[ ] Bath/shower.
>> No. 2454
[X] Find out what Wriggle is doing.

Apologizing games.

She is probably going to blow us off, but no harm in trying. Then we can use the rest of the day to do whatever.
>> No. 2455
[x] Bath/shower.
>> No. 2456
{X} Find out what Wriggle is doing.
>> No. 2462
[ ] Bath/shower.
[ ] Find out what Wriggle is doing.

shower first
>> No. 2464
[x] Find out what Wriggle is doing.
>> No. 2469
Hmm, you should probably apologize to Wriggle for last night. Even if you don't exactly know what you did wrong.
You head straight for the guest bedrooms and knock on the door to the room Wriggle is staying in.
You wait for a moment, and there is no response.
You decide to knock again. Similar reaction.
Third time's the charm, right? You knock again.
You hear someone move toward the door and start pulling it open.
"Yes, what is- go away." she says in a cold tone while slamming the door on your face.
Well, that didn't go as planned.
You lean up against the wall on the side of your room. The past while has been hectic. You don't have any clue what you did wrong, but you've got a migraine threatening to resurface. Maybe you should ask Patchouli to do something about it, you have no doubt that somewhere in the massive library there's a book on migraine remedying.
Just as you think this, Mystia zips down the hallway at a dangerous speed, stopping in front of her door. She goes to open it, but finds it locked.
"Ah~ You must have really pissed her off~" she says when she notices you standing there.
"Well, lets go do something then~ You should let her cool off~"
Mystia's probably right.
"Good~" she grabs your hand, and before you can react, you're being pulled through the halls of the mansion at high speed. You eventually fly out an open window and stop.
"So, uh, Mystia, what did you want to do?"
"Cause mischief~"
"...Any targets?"
"Well, it's difficult to find suitable targets~ I'm not like Cirno, I don't just prank everything that moves~"
Well, that's good.
"But what I do prank, I do a much better job~"
You make a mental note to watch out for Mystia in the future.
"Ah~ Over there~" she points towards the gate.
"That doorguard is sleeping on her job~"
You also notice someone walking through it.
"Aha~ This is going to be fun~"
Mystia begins flying in the direction of the gate, and sneaks in a landing without the person sneaking in noticing. You and Mystia look through the bush at her.
A black haired girl with black wings on her back. Another feature that strikes you as odd is her shoes. Only about three square inches of them touch the ground.
She seems distracted by reloading the camera she has on a strap around her neck.
"What to do~"
What to do indeed. How do you prank such a person?
You hear rustling in the bushes and look over to see Cirno also watching this girl.
Well, there's an idea.
"Hey, Cirno. Can you freeze the ground in front of her?"
"I'm on it!" she almost says too loudly. SHe crawls through the bush until she has a single hand sticking out, then concentrates for a moment. Sure enough, the ground in front of her develops a sheet of ice.
"Eahhhh!?" the girl shouts as she slips and lands backwards. She narrowly escapes banging her head on the ground.
"Cirno must've..." she looks down at the ground. The ice seems to have already melted.
"Eh? I wonder what might've caused that..."
You notice a distinct lack of Mystia. Before you can wonder why this is, Sakuya lands in front of her, knives drawn.
"Thought you could just sneak in without me noticing, Aya?" Aya looks up and gulps.
"Ahahahaha, I'll be leaving now..." she says as she turns away. Before she can get very far, Sakuya grabs hold of her collar.
"Don't think you're getting let off that easily, crow."
As Sakuya says this, Aya manages to slip out of her grip.
"See you later, Sakuya!" she yells back as she flies off at a speed you wouldn't think possible without a jet engine.
"Sigh. Damned troublesome crow."
Sakuya walks closer to the gate.
"MEILING!" she shouts, loudly enough that you can hear it clearly from the distance you're at.
The next thing you hear is a bunch of cries coming from the gate's direction, and the laughter to your left and right.
"ahahaha~ that was funny~ Well, I'll be off now~" Mystia and Cirno wave to you as they fly off.
You keep your hiding spot for now, since you know being around Sakuya alone after last night would be dangerous.
She stops in front of you.
"I know you're hiding in there. Come out on your own or I'll force you out."
Oh shit.
You start to stand up, but before you even fully get to your knees everything goes black.

"Argh." you groan. It feels like a hangover, this throbbing in your head.
You sit up.
"What the hell."
Those are the first words that come to mind when you notice you're in some kind of dungeon.
You look around at your dark surroundings. There isn't much light, however a tiny bit gets in through tiny windows on the wall to the... You're going to call the direction to the right east now. To the west, there is a large brick wall, though one of the bricks is an off color. Along this wall, there is a bookcase and what looks like a dresser. To the north is what looks like a door, but there aren't any handles on to open it from this side. Also along the north wall there is a writing desk, with a single piece of blank paper and no pen on top. There's also, of course, the table-like bed you're laying on. There's a small pillow, and a large area underneath. Too dark to see down there.
Looking at your stuff, you're missing your backpack with all of its contents, the rifle, the strange pistol, the hunting knife, and your Zippo. Everything else seems to be in order.

[ ] Input commands. LOTS of commands.
>> No. 2470
[x] Panic
>> No. 2472
[X] Go to the west wall using the odd colored brick as a starting point. Examine the brick a bit by touching it, attempting to pry it out, or pushing it in. After your done with the brick, go around the room using a spiral search method. When you come up to the bookcase examine the titles of the books to see if anything seems out of place. Give each of the books a quick tug and watch for anything reacting to your action, shouldn't take more than a minute. Make your way to the dresser and pull out the drawers. Examine the contents of the drawers and look for anything useful, also examine the empty slots where the drawers used to be (assuming you can even remove the drawers). Now on the north wall you should check out that door, check it's properties, is it wood, metal, hollow, solid, etc. Next check the writing desk, a blank sheet of paper with no writing utensil in this situation is awfully suspicious. Check the paper for ghost writing, which is simply when someone applies pressure to paper and engraves letters into the paper. Be careful to not damage the paper in anyway, hold it up to a light source to see if anything else can be seen. Now on the east wall, examine the window. How high up is it, will it open, can you squeeze through it, and what is outside of it? Lastly check your bed, look under the pillow and move the bed if possible. Finally return to the brick to assess what you have done.

I probably should of split that into paragraphs.
>> No. 2473
[X] Go to the west wall using the odd colored brick as a starting point. Examine the brick a bit by touching it, attempting to pry it out, or pushing it in. After your done with the brick, go around the room using a spiral search method. When you come up to the bookcase examine the titles of the books to see if anything seems out of place. Give each of the books a quick tug and watch for anything reacting to your action, shouldn't take more than a minute. Make your way to the dresser and pull out the drawers. Examine the contents of the drawers and look for anything useful, also examine the empty slots where the drawers used to be (assuming you can even remove the drawers). Now on the north wall you should check out that door, check it's properties, is it wood, metal, hollow, solid, etc. Next check the writing desk, a blank sheet of paper with no writing utensil in this situation is awfully suspicious. Check the paper for ghost writing, which is simply when someone applies pressure to paper and engraves letters into the paper. Be careful to not damage the paper in anyway, hold it up to a light source to see if anything else can be seen. Now on the east wall, examine the window. How high up is it, will it open, can you squeeze through it, and what is outside of it? Lastly check your bed, look under the pillow and move the bed if possible. Finally return to the brick to assess what you have done.

Huge write in is HUGE.
>> No. 2474
[X] Go to the west wall using the odd colored brick as a starting point. Examine the brick a bit by touching it, attempting to pry it out, or pushing it in. After your done with the brick, go around the room using a spiral search method. When you come up to the bookcase examine the titles of the books to see if anything seems out of place. Give each of the books a quick tug and watch for anything reacting to your action, shouldn't take more than a minute. Make your way to the dresser and pull out the drawers. Examine the contents of the drawers and look for anything useful, also examine the empty slots where the drawers used to be (assuming you can even remove the drawers). Now on the north wall you should check out that door, check it's properties, is it wood, metal, hollow, solid, etc. Next check the writing desk, a blank sheet of paper with no writing utensil in this situation is awfully suspicious. Check the paper for ghost writing, which is simply when someone applies pressure to paper and engraves letters into the paper. Be careful to not damage the paper in anyway, hold it up to a light source to see if anything else can be seen. Now on the east wall, examine the window. How high up is it, will it open, can you squeeze through it, and what is outside of it? Lastly check your bed, look under the pillow and move the bed if possible. Finally return to the brick to assess what you have done.

[ ] Check Yukari note
>> No. 2476
{X} ^
>> No. 2477
You head towards the west wall. Stopping at the brick, you thorougly examine it. It appears that you'd be able to pry it out if you had some sort of leverage. Otherwise it's not going to move.
You move over to the bookcase and examine it. Immediately you find a large, old-fashioned key. You pocket it.
You check all of the titles, to see if any of them look out of place. None of them do. You begin pulling on all of them and seeing if they react to your action. Nothing happens. You pull out each book and examine it. You come across a book that seems to be locked. Since it's obviously curious, you pull it from the shelf and toss it onto the bed.
Behind it on the shelf is a small box. You imagine you could fit your spellcard inside it if it were opened, it's just the right size. You put this on the bed. You continue examining the boocase and find nothing out of the ordinary.
You make your way over to the dresser and pull out the drawers that you can. Inside it's empty, but there's a locked one. You take note of this, you may find the key. You can't fully remove the other drawers.
You continue on to the north wall. That's one hell of a door. It's made of pure steel, it looks like. As is the wall it's connected to. You knock on it. It's solid. You probably wouldn't be able to pry this open even with a crowbar.
You check the writing desk. That piece of paper is suspicious. You check it thorougly. There doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary about it, though. Nothing at all.
You continue to examine the desk. You pull out the drawer, and find a really, really small key. You pick it up and realize it's the perfect size for the box you're now holding. You decide not to open the box immediately, though, because you haven't searched everything yet.
You head towards the east wall and examine the window. It's a good six feet off of the ground, and small enough that a cat could fit through it, but you definately could not. You look through it for a while.
Suddenly some thing horrible bangs against it, then it's gone. You can't even quite remember what it looked like, only that it struck you with pure fear for a moment there. Enough for you to fall over.
You stand back up and dust yourself off.
You take a few moments to recompose yourself.
Next thing to check would be the bed.
You walk over to it. You lift up the pillow and find a key, about the size of a modern housekey, but it has that old fashioned key design. You shove it in your pocket.
You begin moving and shaking the bed, seeing if you can move it. You keep trying, until you realize it's bolted down. Damn. You look underneath it. It's too dark to see much underneath it without some sort of light source. If only you had your Zippo...

You return to the brick and assess what you've done. You've found a locked book, a locked box, and three keys. You've found yourself to be quite trapped in, or so it seems.

You look closer at your keys. The medium-sized one seems large enough to open that locked dresser. So you do.
You unlock the locked drawer, and slide it out. Inside you find a small key, not as small as the one for the box but smaller than the one you used to unlock this drawer. You think it would fit the book. You try it, and it works. You flip through the pages, until you find a cutout. The cutout holds a small candle, about the size of a tealight, and a book of matches. That could be useful.

Well, you've got a couple options of what to do next. You could light that candle and check under the bed, you could examine your other items more closely, or you could open that box.

[ ] Check under the bed.
[ ] Examine items (specify)
[ ] Open that box.
>> No. 2478
[X] Check under the bed.
>> No. 2479
[X] Check under the bed.
>> No. 2480
[ ] Open that box.
>> No. 2484
[ ] Check under the bed.
>> No. 2485
Do we still have Yukari's note? if so,

[X] Yukari~! What should i do~?
>> No. 2489
[X] Give Yukari the box.
>> No. 2493
[X] Snatch the box from Yukari
>> No. 2495
[X] Yukari~! What should i do~?
>> No. 2500
Well, there's only one place you haven't checked so far, and that is under the bed.
You pull the tealight and the matches from the book, and light the candle. Sliding it under the bed, you find a narrow opening. You probably couldn't fit your whole body into it, but you can definately fit an arm.
So you try just that. You slide your arm inside. It takes you a while of feeling around, but you eventually find something. You pull it out carefully.
Once you get it all the way out, you blow out the candle and pull yourself out from under the bed. You set your newly acquired item on the bed.
Hey, that's your knife! Perfect!
You could use it for leverage on the brick, or even try and use it to pry open that door. Or you could open the box.

[ ] Use it to extract the brick.
[ ] See if you can use it to open the door.
[ ] Open the box.
>> No. 2501
File 121451482478.jpg - (20.31KB , 434x362 , boxietf3.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Open the box.
What's in the box?!
>> No. 2502
[ ] Use it to extract the brick.
>> No. 2503
[X] Open the box.


[X] Use it to extract the brick.
>> No. 2506
[X] Open the box.
[X] Use it to extract the brick.
>> No. 2511
[x] Open the box.
[x] Use it to extract the brick.
>> No. 2513
Yeah, you ought to check the brick before you try and pry open the door. The knife might not even be solid enough to do the job,and the brick can't be too difficult to pry out.
But before you do any of that, you've got to find out what's in this box. You've been curious about it the whole time you've had it. Might as well find out what's inside, you've not got much else to do.
You remove the tiny key from your pocket and insert it in the keyhole. It fits. You proceed to turn it, and are rewarded by a satisfying click. You open it. The hinges squeak a little, but otherwise it's a very nice box.
Inside it is lined with red velvet, to protect what's inside. Which happens to be some sort of card wrapped in a yellowed piece of paper.
You unwrap it and find inside a spellcard. You immediately notice that the drawings on it are extremely artistic, something that would take hours and hours to do with a magnifying glass for something this small. It has Forbidden Sign "Blaze of Life" written at the top in really well done calligraphy. You feel an energy coming from it, which you identify as mana from what you remember of the book. Didn't spellcards draw upon the mana of the user to activate, though? They're not supposed to have their own supply built in.
You discard that thought quickly as it's really not that important. You look at the piece of paper that was wrapped around the spellcard.

"If you're reading this, it means that I've failed to properly keep you held in my prison. There's another way out besides blasting a hole through the wall with this, and it would be recommended seeing as if you haven't already blasted a hole in the wall it means you don't have mana of your own to activate the card. This card only has enough mana for one activation, so don't waste it. You should be able to find the other way out if you've already found this card.
Also, once you escape, avoiding me would be optimal for your health and safety, since if you managed to piss me off enough for me to lock you in here, it means I will kill you on sight if I find you again.
Have a horrible day,

You recheck the name at the bottom, thinking that you misread Youmu's name. "Yumou." Yeah, not Youmu's name.
In any case, you've got a brick to check.

You walk over to the brick and push your knife into the gap between bricks. It slides in relatively okay, but you know it's going to be scratched up a bit because of it.
You slowly slide it back out, and the brick comes with it. At least enough that you can grab it with your hands and pull it out.
Inside is a small switch.

[ ] Press the switch.
[ ] Don't press the switch, wait for rescue.
[ ] Don't press the switch, do something else (specify)
>> No. 2514
[x] Press the switch.
>> No. 2515
[x] Press the switch.
>> No. 2516
[ ] Press the switch.
this screams hidden tarp but i gotta know
>> No. 2517
[X] Press the switch.

[X] Try the keys on the various other locks you've found.
>> No. 2518
You've unlocked all of the locks you've come across.
Also, writing.
>> No. 2526
File 121454372644.gif - (12.31KB , 250x160 , new_classic_doom_enem_pinky.gif ) [iqdb]
This could very well be a trap, and you know it. It took so much effort to find this switch that it's probably going to drop you through a hole in the floor, or explode, or summon a group of tengu ninja with an ear-piercing whistle.
Bah, you're a born lever-puller. Or switch-presser. You press it.
You jump backwards when you hear a loud metalic sound. You realize that it was coming from the north wall. Looking there, you find the door slowly opening.
You wait for it to finish opening. When it's open, you look inside. It opens to a small room, roughly nine square feet. On the floor is the rest of your stuff, which you quickly snatch up.
When you stand up from picking your stuff up, you notice a keyhole on the wall of this room opposite to the door. Pulling the last unused key from your pocket, you insert it into the hole. It fits.
You stop. This could be a trap too. It might very well be a bad idea to turn the key right now.
...Naaaaaah. It's better than being stuck in a room in any case.
You turn the key.
A metal gate quickly drops down to prevent you from leaving the room. The ceiling starts to come down. You get as close to the ground, to prolong your crushing death.
Which never comes. You look up and see that the ceiling started moving to the side instead, giving you a view of a much higher roof.
Once the ceiling has completely slid out of view, the floor starts sliding up like an elevator. Your source of light is cut off completely when the floor of this elevator passes above the ceiling line of the other room.
You wait until the elevator stops, and find yourself stuck in the darkness. You pull out your Zippo and light it. In front of you, there is a normal wooden door, thankfully with a handle. You open it and step through.
You walk out into a small clearing. Looking behind you, you find that the door was cleverly hidden on the back side of a normal looking house.
You take a look at your surroundings. To the 90 degree area spanning from the east to the north, you find a large field. It looks quite similar. The rest of the 180 degrees around you is forest.
Behind you you hear a loud snarl. You turn to see what grunted at you, and find a large pink demon-looking thing. You briefly think that you recognize it from somewhere, before the danger sense part of your mind screams "GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM IT YOU FUCKING IDIOT!" But before you can turn to run, it starts dashing at you. Faster than you could probably run. Just as you think it's about to close its giant mouth around your head, you find yourself in the middle of a vast sea of eyes.
You then fall on the floor of your room in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. The note flutters down and lands on your face.
You remove it from your face and read it.

"Oh boy, imagine my surprise to wake up and find you knocked out and locked up in a cell underneath the enemy's house! Sorry I didn't just gap you out, but watching you escape was too much entertainment to waste. In any case, you should probably stay inside the mansion for now, until Reimu or Marisa or someone resolves this incident.
I'll be watching you. <3"

Well, that explains how you escaped. In any case, you've got time to kill.

[ ] Visit the library.
[ ] Go see Remilia.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 2527
[ ] Wriggle Visit
>> No. 2528
[x] Go see Remilia.
Remilia-san! Hey Remilia-san! Who the fuck is Yumou?
>> No. 2529
[X] Run down the halls screaming "IT TRIED TO EAT MY HEAD"
>> No. 2531
[x] Go see Remilia.
>> No. 2534
This is amusing enough that I have to see where it goes.
[+] Run down the halls screaming "IT TRIED TO EAT MY HEAD"
>> No. 2545
>It opens to a small room, roughly nine square feet. On the floor is the rest of your stuff, which you quickly snatch up.
>> No. 2546
[X] Hotglue the note
>> No. 2551
[x] Go see Remilia.
>> No. 2575
Yeah, visiting Remilia sounds like a good idea.
You stand up and walk out the door. You head down the halls towards Remilia's room. Along the way, you pass up various fairy maids doing daily chores around the mansion.
You eventually arrive at Remilia's room. Several minutes pass with no response. You go to walk again.
"What are you doing?" a cold voice to your left says. You turn to face Sakuya.
"Visiting Remilia."
"The Mistress isn't at the mansion at the moment." Her glare is cold enough to freeze Helium.
"I'd suggest you go back to your room and stay there until lunch." she says with a threatening tone.
Before you can reply, she disappears and you are left alone in the hallway.

[ ] Wander the halls.
[ ] Visit the library.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 2576
[ ] Visit the library.
>> No. 2577
[x] Rape the fairy maids
>> No. 2578
[x] Rape the library
>> No. 2579
[x] Visit the library.
Patchouli-san! Hey, Patchouli-san! Who the fuck is Yumou?
>> No. 2580
[X] Visit the library.
>> No. 2585
[ ] Visit the library.
>> No. 2663
Sorry for the lack of updates today. There was yardwork to do. It'll be the same tomorow. Should lessen after that.
Fair enough, if Remilia isn't home there's no reason to hang around the entrance to her room.
You ponder for a moment about where to go, when it hits you: you've got an appointment with Patchouli!
That's right, you need to head to the library to begin your scheduled magic lesson.
You start down the hallway, passing fairy maids as you head through the hallways towards the library.
Along the way, as you're turning a corner, you run into a rather swiftly moving Flandre. The impact throws you through the air a few feet, landing face up on the floor. It takes Flandre a few moments to slow down to a halt and come check on you.
"You alright?" she asks without even the slightest inflection of concern in her voice.
"Yeah, I'm fine."
"As expected from someone who beat Sakuya so easily! Come play with me!" she grabs hold of your arm.
"No thanks, Flandre, I've got an apointment with Patchouli."
"Oh..." she says with a dejected expression.
"I'll play with you later if you want, Flandre."
"Okay! But I don't get let out of my room much, so... Anyway, bye!" She zips off at that dangerous speed she hit you with. She's got a lot of energy.
Well, you're almost to the library. You finish your treck there, and head through the large doors. You manage to find your way through the labyrinthine library alright. You soon find yourself at the main lobby area.
There's no one here.
Well, you've got to find her, in any case.
You wander more through the maze of bookshelves, and eventually stumble across Patchouli struggling to retrieve a book off of a higher shelf. It's rather odd to watch, seeing as you know she mostly floats around.
She must be really weak to be having so much trouble. It's probably a good idea to help her.
Yes. Delicious magic lesson, must obtain.
You stroll over to her casually and casually lift the book off of the shelf and hand it to her.
"Ah, thanks. I take it you're here for your magic lesson? Give me a few minutes, I've got to finish what I'm currently doing before I can help you."
She begins walking, or rather floating, through the library towards the main lobby, where she drops the book on the table and opens it up. You sit down across from her as she reads, waiting for her to finish. Eventually she shuts the book and looks up at you.
"So, you've finished reading the book I lent you, I take it." she states with an expressionless face.
"Good. That book was rather old, though. There are a couple things I should teach you about that are newer developments than even when I last read that book." she opens another book that you only now noticed that she always carries around and pulls out a spellcard.
"Namely about spellcards."
"I already have two of them, but one of them doesn't use magic and the other has its own single-use mana source." You pull your spellcards out and set them down on the table in front of you.
"...I see. Let me see them." You hand them to her.
She takes a few moments to examine them.
"This is strange. I've never seen a spellcard that holds its own mana. I've also never seen one so efficient. Whoever made this card is extremely skilled."
She hands the cards back to you.
"I take it you've not used them yet."
"Well, I used the nonmagic one a couple times, but the other one I just got earlier today."
"...I see. Well, The fact that you know about these makes that one less thing to discuss. Lets move on."

She begins explaining basic magic to you, starting with what a summary of what you learned in the book and moving on to more advanced stuff. Eventually she teaches you to concentrate the little mana you have into a small ball that honestly wouldn't hurt anything.
"Well, that's the best I can do for now. I've got other things to do, so I have to stop here. You can visit me another time to expand on your knowledge." She goes back to your book.
Just as you're about to get up to leave, you hear the crash of a broken window. You see that black-white witch from yesterday flying overhead. You've got a split second in which to make a move if you were to choose to do something.

[ ] Try that new spellcard. You can probably get Patchouli to recharge it as thanks for saving her books.
[ ] Don't do anything. This is the boring option.
[ ] Try the strange gun from Kourindou.
>> No. 2664
[ ] Try that new spellcard. You can probably get Patchouli to recharge it as thanks for saving her books.
>> No. 2665
[ ] Try the strange gun from Kourindou.
>> No. 2669
File 121474249744.jpg - (52.71KB , 572x322 , nero-devil-may-cry-4.jpg ) [iqdb]

[X] Try the strange gun from Kourindou.

1. Hold X
2. Wait until your right arm glows red
3. ???
>> No. 2670
>> No. 2671
[x] Ruffle Spellcard, go!

Impossible perfect ruffling, right? Then range shouldn't be an issue. Nail the witch.
>> No. 2672
[ ] Try the strange gun from Kourindou.

Release your Persona!
>> No. 2687
[x] Try the strange gun from Kourindou.
Let's kill Marisa on "accident".
>> No. 2688
[x] Try the strange gun from Kourindou.

Patchouli expands my knowledge if you know what i mean
>> No. 2690
[x] Try the strange gun from Kourindou.

>> No. 2691
[X] Don't do anything. This is the boring option.

>> No. 2692
File 121478874533.jpg - (67.60KB , 304x440 , persona3pppw.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Try the strange gun from Kourindou on yourself.

Freud-san! Hey Freud-san! My persona is a big breasted succubus named Lilim, what's up with that?
>> No. 2693
File 12147942094.jpg - (35.95KB , 501x562 , freud.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's because you repressed your sexual desires in your early teens and are unconsciously reminded that your father prefers big-breasted women, thus started the spark of your deep-rooted jealousy and your closed sexual drive.

Through transference from your newly-found persona; you crave you're father's throbbing cock, jya~?
>> No. 2699
God damn that black-white bitch. You're pissed. Who the hell does she think she is? You've got to do something.
You twitch to move your hand towards the spellcard you obtained earlier today. Surely Patchouli can recharge it, if it's got a built-in mana battery.
But no, what if she can't? That means you only get one use of it, at least for now. And what if it doesn't do anything special? You can't afford to waste time with this. There's only one way, and it's sitting in your pocket.
Grabbing the gun from your pocket, you make sure it is loaded. You take a moment to aim it at the witch.
You squeeze the trigger. You momentarily hesitate, remembering what Rinnosuke said about its power. No, it can't have too much recoil, right?
Suddenly you're hit with massive recoil, which sends you flying a few meters. You don't even get to think about whether you hit or missed, you're too worried about whether you're going to break your neck on a desk or something.
Luckily, you don't. You land on your back on top of one of the other tables in the lobby. Your arm broke from the impact with the table, but otherwise you're fine.
Looking up from the table, you see a bit of the blue- well, it's not smoke, it's some sort of energy that pushed the projectile from the gun with such high power, dissipating in the air in front of you. You look over to see Patchouli unmovingly staring at where you aimed. You look over and find a sizable hole blown in the side of the mansion's wall where the bullet hit.
Somehow, you force yourself off of the table and to your feet. As you do this, Patchouli stands up from her place at the table and begins floating towards where Marisa went down. You follow.
It takes a while to get through the maze of bookshelves, but eventually you make your way to where you find Patchouli bending down over the witch's body. You walk closer to inspect the damage.
It's horrible. It's like she was shot with a 12-gauge shotgun at close range. There's a good 13cm sized hole in her abdomen. There's blood everywhere. You can tell that she's already dead just by looking at her. The scent of blood, as well as the sight of her intestines through the hole in her belly, make it hard to hold back vomit. You look over to Patchouli and find tears running down her face.
She looks up to you.
"Get out of my library." she glares. "NOW." she continues with a threatening tone.
You honestly don't feel like fighting with her, especially with a broken arm and after having seen the aftermath of your decision to use the strange gun.
Wordlessly you set off to leave the library. Eventually you find yourself in front of the library's door.
You open the door. Outside, Sakuya's standing with her hand where the handle was on her side. Only instead of the air that should be there, there's a knife, which she promptly throws at you. Due to the close range and unexpectedness of the attack, you don't get a chance to block it or avoid. It penetrates deep into your chest, somehow missing your vital organs.
You reach for your knife, but before you even feel its handle in your hand you're knocked onto the ground and restrained by a furrious Sakuya. You'd fight back, but your broken arm proves to make it too difficult to mount a defense. She pulls the knife from your chest, causing blood to gush out of the hole. She then pushes it against your throat.
"You bastard. I should have killed you the second I saw you."
She pushes the knife harder.
"First you do indecent things to me, then you blow a hole in the mansion."
She pushes it a bit harder still, and it penetrates your throat. You cough as she continues speaking.
"I can't wait to ask the Yama how she judged such an unworthy soul as you."
She rips the knife to the side, cutting through your jugular.
The last thing you see before everything fades to blackness is Sakuya wiping the blood off of the knife with a rag.

>> No. 2700
In the dark blackness, a figure appears.
"Hello, I'm-"
The figure pauses for a moment. You take a quick look at her. She's got short silver hair and deep ruby eyes. She's wearing a black dress with red trimming.
"Well, I guess I don't want to tell you my name. Regardless, I'm here to tell you what you did wrong."
To your right, out of the darkness, a small table and two chairs appear. She walks in their direction and takes her seat. You do the same.
"Now, lets begin the explanation. You chose an option that in other situations would be the best to choose. However, in this one, it was the worst possible choice."
A teapot and two cups appear on the table. The girl pours a cup and takes a sip.
"First of all, there's the matter of whether you'd have been able to hit your target or not. She was moving rather quickly, obviously, and you were shooting with a handgun at a long range. Had you missed, Marisa surely would have retaliated for being fired upon. And in hitting, you bring upon yourself the wrath of whoever considers her to be a friend. Either way, you'd have made a lot of noise and blown a hole in the side of the mansion. This is obviously not a good thing."
She takes another sip.
"Second of all, a weapon designed to shoot down airplanes surely has massive recoil. Enough to make shooting it in a place where there's things to fall on dangerous. You're lucky you didn't break your neck on the table."
She takes another sip.
"Personally, I would have used that spellcart that-" she pauses again.
"...That you found earlier today. It would have knocked her out of the air, but she's surely taken a fall like that before during a danmaku battle. Patchouli would have thanked you for stopping her, too. And unlike the gun, you can have someone recharge the spellcard. You don't even know what kind of ammunition the gun uses. Getting more would prove problematic."
She takes another sip.
"In any case, you've got a few choices here. You can go back one choice, you can go back ten choices, or you can go back one choice and start the unlocked extra instead of immediately continuing the normal game. It's your choice."

[ ] Back 1 choice.
[ ] Back 10 choices.
[ ] Started unlocked extra (Back 1 choice).
>> No. 2701
[ ] Back 1 choice.
[X] Spellcard
>> No. 2702
[X] "It's so calm here, though. Do i have to make a choice so hastily? Why can't i enjoy my stay with such a beauty before me?

Playing with second chance gaems
>> No. 2703
Extra is tempting, but eh.

{X} Back 1 choice.
- {X} Spellcard
>> No. 2704
[x] Back 1 choice.
[x] Spellcard
>> No. 2706
[x] Back 1 choice.
[x] Spellcard
>> No. 2733
This witch, she's going to steal from Patchouli. You can't let that happen.
You reach into your pocket and pull out your spellcard. Patchouli quickly glances in your direction, then steps back behind you.
"Forbidden Sign 'Blaze of Life'" you declare, and you suddenly feel a surge of energy from the card into you. The energy is quickly released into two small balls of light to each of your sides. These balls fire two small beams in the direction of the witch, which expand into large beams about a meter wide each.
The witch takes the full brunt of the spellcard, and falls from the air, landing somewhere off in the library. You didn't expect the card to be so powerful, and you wonder if you overdid it any. Patchouli's expression of relief destroys that thought, though. Yeah, hopefully it taught that witch the lesson she needed to learn.
Patchouli starts floating over in Marisa's direction, and you follow. It takes a while to weave your way through the maze of bookshelves, but eventually you find your way to where the two of them are. Marisa's sitting on the ground, rubbing the back of her head.
"That was a good one -ze." She states, directing it at Patchouli.
"Get out." Patchouli firmly states towards Patchouli.
"Wait, that's not your kind of magic -ze."
"Are you even listening to me? Get out before I have Sakuya shred you!"
Marisa ignores Patchouli's threats and stands up. She turns to go off to wherever she was going to steal books from, and notices you.
"Ah, don't tell me it was you that did that -ze. But you're a normal human, normal humans shouldn't be able to do that -ze."
She walks over to you. When she gets close enough, she makes a sudden grab for the pocket you keep the spellcard in.
"Not quick enough, witch." you say as you firmly grab her hand before it connects.
"Ah, as I expected, you must be some sort of youkai -ze. But you're so much like a human. Hmm."
As she's saying this, she makes another grab for your pocket, which ends in the same result. Hopefully now that you've got both of her hands restrained she won't have any way to steal the card.
You hear steps behind you and turn to see Sakuya, holding a pair of knives in her hands. When she sees that you've restrained Marisa, a look of relief briefly passes over her face. It's quickly drowned out by her usual cold expressionlessness.
"So it was Marisa who was making all that noise. Again." She says with an accusatory glance towards the witch.
"Actually it was him -ze. He claims he's a normal human, but I know he's lying -ze."
Sakuya flashes you a quick glare before turning back to Marisa.
"I guess that since it led to the capture of her, it wouldn't be fair to punish you for making all of that noise. If you hadn't stopped her, she would have done a lot worse than you did. But." she points her knife at you. "If you do anything stupid like that again without a proper purpose, I WILL make you pay for it." she grabs Marisa from your hands, then quickly turns and leaves the library.
"Thank you for helping me with that." Patchouli says. You turn to her.
"If there's a way to thank you for it, I'll- Oh, right. That spellcard was rechargable. Let me see it."
You pull it out of your pocket and hand it to her. She concentrates intently on it for a moment, then hands it back to you.
"It's charged again. Don't go wasting it, I won't do it for free next time." She turns and heads back towards the lobby area, leaving you alone in the library spare the occasional fairy maid flying overhead.

[ ] Wander the library.
[ ] Go talk to Remilia.
[ ] Other (specify)
>> No. 2735
[X] Check on Wriggle
>> No. 2736
[x] "Calling me a youkai, trying to mindfuck me like that. Who the hell does she think she is?"
[x] Hold the note up to your face.
[x] "She's wrong, right? RIGHT?!"
>> No. 2737
[X] Check on Wriggle
>> No. 2738
[x] Go check on Wriggle.
>> No. 2740
{X} Check on Wriggle~
>> No. 2753
[+] Check the Note
real vote
[+] Check on Wriggle
bandwagon vote
>> No. 2754
Hmm, perhaps Wriggle's calmed down now. You still haven't gotten to apologize to her for whatever you did wrong.
You exit the library and head down the hallway to the guest rooms. You knock on the door. No response. You knock again. Still no response. You wait for a few minutes and nothing happens. You don't hear any sound coming from inside, so no one must be in there.
You remember what Remilia said about giving something if you manage to learn magic properly from Patchouli.

[ ] Kick down that fucking door.
[ ] Go see Remilia.
[ ] Wait, you've not seen the garden out back. That's probably a place to check.
[ ] You promised to play with Flandre. Find her.
>> No. 2755
Whatever you say, magic hint box.
[x] Go see Remilia.
>> No. 2756
[X] Go see Remilia.

What's the time?
>> No. 2757
[ ] Go see Remilia.
>> No. 2772
Yes, It's probably a good idea to go see Remilia. She said she had something to give you if you learned magic, so it's probably best to go see her.
You walk down the halls of the mansion towards Remilia's room. You knock.
"Come in." Remilia's voice sounds from inside.
You do just that, and walk into the room. Inside, Remilia is sipping tea at the small table inside.
"Remilia, I've vinished my magic training."
"Oh? That's good. Here, the reward I promised."
She walks over to a dresser and pulls out a silver Colt .45 Special, with gold engravings and what looks like a magic circle on it.
"Here. It's from the outside world, obviously. I don't have much use for it, but I figured someone from the outside world would." She moves to hand it to you.
"Wait. No. You're going to need to do something else first, too. Just giving this to you is boring."
She stands up and walks over to her door and opens it slightly.
"SAKUYA!" she yells out. She then returns to her seat.
Sakuya shortly steps into the room.
"Yes, Mistress?"
"Come here." She points to a spot on the ground near where the two of you are sitting. Sakuya moves over and stands there.
"Now, what I wanted you to do is this." she takes a sip of tea.
"Steal Sakuya's pads and hand them to me."
"WHAT!?" Sakuya exclaims. For obvious reasons.
Well, you've got a choice to make.

[ ] Do it.
[ ] Don't do it.
[ ] Jump out the window.
>> No. 2773
[x] Do it.
>> No. 2774
[X] Do it for the lulz.
>> No. 2775
>[ ] Do it.
Die by knife.
>[ ] Don't do it.
Die by spear.
>[ ] Jump out the window.
Die by fall.

{X} Do it.
>> No. 2776
[x] Don't do it.
>> No. 2777
File 121492274687.gif - (1.96KB , 128x94 , 1206824924214.gif ) [iqdb]
Now Jerl can write us a pad end.
>> No. 2778

>> No. 2782
[x] Do it.

>> No. 2783
[ ] Do it.
>> No. 2786
[x] Do it.

You heard what the mistress said, now buckle down, this is gonna get crazy
>> No. 2788
[x] Do it.
>> No. 2790
[x] Do it.
>> No. 2792
Heh, what an amusing task you've been given. It's just too amusing to pass up.
"If that's what you want me to do, Remilia, fine."
You stand up in your chair and walk towards Sakuya. She's blushing furriously, but also aiming an extremely angry expression at you.
"Sakuya, Remilia said to do it, so..."
You quickly shove your hand down her shirt and grab the pads tucked inside her bra before she can react. You quickly throw them in Remilia's direction, and she catches.
This isn't over yet, though. You KNOW that you're going to be turned into a pincushion if you don't stop Sakuya before she can hurt you. But how?
Oh right, that watch. It seems to be where her timestopping ability comes from. Disarming her from that seems like it would make her exponentially easier to fight against.
Yes, this is what you must do. Sakuya and you both reach for the pocketwatch in her pocket at the same time, but you get there just a little bit before she does. You quickly press the button on it. Time stops all around you. You don't know how long it'll last, so as quickly as you can you pull the watch out of her pocket, walk over to the table, set it down, and sit down across from Remilia.
Time resumes shortly after. Sakuya doubletakes when she sees you all the way over at the table.
"Hahahahaha!" Remilia's laughter fills the room.
"You really are great entertainment! Yukarin was right."
Sakuya's angry expression stays. She begins to walk towards you.
"Sakuya, go get more tea. This pot's empty."
She casts a quick glare in your direction.
"Yes, mistress."
She turns and leaves the room, without retrieving her pocketwatch.
"Well, here it is." Remilia hands the .45 to you. You examine it for a bit. The magic circle on it seems weirdly placed, but it can't mean much. It's probably just decoration.
In any case, you've got bullets for the gun. But it can't hurt to check if the gun's already loaded.
You find and press the magazine release button and remove the magazine. You find that it's not quite full, containing four normal copper-plated .45ACP bullets. You slide the magazine back into the gun, switch the safety to on, and put the gun in your backpack.
"Enjoy that. I never really could figure out a use for it, I don't need guns to kill people. In any case, it's yours now."
Remilia looks out the window.
"Oh my, it's getting late. I should get to bed. Goodnight." She pushes you out of the room and closes the door behind you, locking it.

Well, it's around noon and you don't really have anything planned at the moment. You could go wandering around the mansion or read a book in the library or somethi-
This thought is interrupted by the fairy maid that flies over to you.
"It's time for lunch." she announces. Well, you've been in a lot today. Lunch sounds good. But some other things sound good as well.

[ ] Lunch. You're hungry.
[ ] Go to the library.
[ ] Wander the halls.
>> No. 2793
[X] Lunch. You're hungry.

Then the library.
>> No. 2794
[x] Lunch. You're hungry.

That went quite well. Got to love messing with Sakuya.
>> No. 2795
[ ] Lunch. You're hungry.
>> No. 2796
[x] Lunch. You're hungry.
>> No. 2839
Yes, lunch sounds great. You've not eaten since breakfast, and a lot has happened.
"Thank you." You thank the fairy and follow her to the dining room.
Everyone's already seated at the table, other than the vampire sisters. Not really much of a surprise, seeing as they're nocturnal vampires.
Lunch goes mostly uneventfully. You learned your lesson last time you tried to break the silence, and while silence may be horrible, getting skinned alive by Sakuya would be even moreso.
When it's over, you exit the dining room. Deciding that you've got nothing better to do, you begin to wander the halls. You also start to think back on what has happened so far.

You suddenly found yourself in Gensokyo after stepping through your door. Normally you'd rationalize this as "Yukari did it", however she's stated that she had nothing to do with it and you don't have much reason to disbelieve her.
After that, everything was pretty much normal. You went back and forth between your apartment and Gensokyo a couple times, but it all ended up normal. You've gotten a few friends out of the experience, so it's all good.
Then the shrine got attacked out of the blue. That was unexpected. Reimu probably won, but judging by the fact that Yuka was helping whoever decided upon the attack it's worrying.
Then you woke up in that dungeon. That was off. Who is this Yumou person, and how did you piss her off? And what the hell was that thing that attacked you? You can only guess. Somehow you don't think Yukari would just tell you, seeing as she seems to be having fun watching you fuck up.
In any case, you're stuck taking refuge in the house of a vampire with no clue why any of this has happened. And this wouldn't be too bad if you hadn't fucked up on that first night, and ended up with Wriggle and Sakuya both hating you.

You're suddely pulled from your reverie by bumping into someone.
On the floor, apparantly knocked over by the bumping, is the mischievous night sparrow.
"Ow~ Be more careful~" she says in a carefree manner.
She quickly stands up and rushes off at an alarming pace, as if she's trying to escape something. You wonder why this may be.

[ ] Follow her. There has to be a reason.
[ ] Ignore it. She can handle herself. Continue wandering.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 2840
[X] Follow her. There has to be a reason.
>> No. 2842
{X} Follow her. There has to be a reason.
Yaay Mystia
>> No. 2848


[X] Follow her. There has to be a reason.
>> No. 2865
Guys, I'm sorry for the lack of updates. I've been busy with IRL things that take too much time for me to have any to write. It'll probably pick back up at its normal pace on monday, until then 1-2 posts a night if any should be expected.
...Well, at least it's faster than some other stories.
>> No. 2904
Man, you've never seen Mystia like that. She seemed to be in a rush. Usually she seems to be taking it easy for the most part. ...But then again, you don't really know Mystia too well.
In any case, there has to be a reason. And you're her friend, you should help her with whatever she's doing.

You turn and swiftly begin following her. She's flying, so it's a bit tough to keep up, but you manage. Fairy maids startle as you rocket past them at a rather high running speed. You wouldn't say you're a particularly fast runner, but you sure feel the wind on your face as you race through the halls following Mystia. You don't really pay too much attention to where you're going, seeing as you're following someone.
You only realize you're running to the guest rooms when you barely manage to make it through the door before Mystia slams it shut and locks it. A startled Wriggle looks over to the two of you.

"What the hell was that about, Mystia?" she asks.
"Oh, nothing~ Don't worry about it~" she says in a completely calm and collected voice as she hides herself under the bed.
You sit there in an awkward silence with Wriggle as she continues doing what she was doing, which happens to be reading an encyclopedia on insects that she must have gotten from the library. The silence! You must destroy it!

Luckily something else does it for you as you hear banging on the door. You walk over to it.
"Who's there?" you yell to whatever's banging on the door.
"I'm just a friend of Mystia~" she responds in a carefree tone. "Please let me in."

[ ] Let her in. No harm can come from it, right?"
[ ] Don't let her in. Mystia was running earlier.
[ ] Kick the fucking door out onto them.
>> No. 2905
[X] Don't let her in. Mystia was running earlier.
>> No. 2906
[ ] Don't let her in. Mystia was running earlier.

Sounds like Yuyuko is hungry again...
>> No. 2909
[X] Don't let her in. Mystia was running earlier.
[X] "I'm afraid Mystia is in no mood to play right now."
>> No. 2910
Alright, 3 vote limit only applies now when the post's been up for hours without getting a clear winner.
Oh shit, this must be who Mystia was running from earlier. You can't just let her in, that would be stupid as hell.
"No." you say bluntly.
"Why not~?" she asks in a carefree tone again.
"I'm afraid Mystia is in no mood to play right now."
"Nonesense~ Let me in please."
"No." You won't budge. Mystia has to have a reason for hiding, and you don't want to be a dick.
"Fine, I'll just let myself in then."
That can't be good. You should get out of the way of the door before it flies at you.
You step to the side to avoid this fate. A couple seconds later, the door flies open. Hundreds of butterflies flood the room through the opening. You realize that they're danmaku. Good thing you stood to the side.
Wriggle closes the book she was reading and stands up, walking over to the door.
"Wriggle-chan~ Where's Mystia? I want to play." the person says as she floats in through the door towards Wriggle.
"I'm not-" she gets cut off.
"Then get out of my way~" she pushes Wriggle to the side and begins examining the room, pulling out drawers and checking the closet. After checking the rest of the room, she stops.
"It couldn't be that she hid in such a cliche place as under the bed, could it?"
She begins floating towards the bed. You've got some time, you could stop her.

[ ] Use that spellcard. It's surely not a waste here.
[ ] Throw Wriggle at her.
[ ] Berserker pack.
[ ] Jump out the window.
>> No. 2911
[X] Tackle her

Using that card in close quarters? Sounds bad.

Throwing Wriggle? Stupid

Berserker pack? That would be a waste

Jump out the window? No
>> No. 2912
File 121524517927.jpg - (66.05KB , 513x444 , Touchdown.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Tackle her
>> No. 2913
It's probably not a good idea to tackle someone capable of killing Anon as a free action.

[ ] (Bluff) "Actually, she jumped out the window a minute ago. If you hurry, you might be able to catch her!"
>> No. 2914

That would be pretty out of character if she invokes her Death Power in something as minor as this, imo.

[x] Tackle her
>> No. 2915
She tried to kill Mokou in IN before even hearing her out - that's how she knew that it wouldn't work in the first place.

Then again, she might just think we're playing a game with her and go along with it.
>> No. 2918
[x] Tackle her
>> No. 2919
[x] Tackle her

I'm in favor of
>> No. 2932
[ ] Let Wriggle handle it.
>> No. 10629
>> No. 10630
more testing