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Continuation from >>1268, took me awhile to write up a suitable intro, could have gone down a little better, but quality will pick up once the ball really gets rolling.

Winning vote was:
[X] Lancer (Much like Fighter, but is a bit more magically inclined and can use Summons. Light uses buffs as spells while Dark uses debuffs)
-[X] Sanae (Light Cleric)
-[X] Remilia (Dark Lancer)
-[X] Meira (Dark Fighter)
for those who didn't catch it at first.

Also, while I'm at it, class change for the other party memebers IS possible, since the ones selected are essentially just Nuetral Dark or Nuetral Light, when the time comes to class change you can select if they go Dark-Dark, Light-Dark or whatever. I wasnt thinking straight when I said they couldn't...

In anycase, let's get started.


Once, when the world was yet trapped in darkness, there existed a powerful preistess who felled 8 abominations of disaster that led the world to destruction, the God-Beasts, with the Sword of Boundaries, the beasts were sealed in 8 keystones scattered across the most remote parts of a the world. And, as the darkness left, Gensokyo was created.

The priestess, with her work finished, mysteriously disappeared leaving behind the tasks of monitering these things to her daughter. Many years passed and the wheels of peace continued to turn...

However, due to the actions of some who to plot to release the god-beasts from their bindings, obtain powers far greater than the gods themselves and make the world their own, conflicts break out heralding the end of the long peace that used to be known in these lands...

In the midst of it all, Mana is also rapidly disappearing from the earth, even the seal on the keystones are beginning to weaken. If things continue as they are, those vile beasts will once again roam free and all life will inevitably perish...


There is still hope for the world...hope that will be born in the most humble of beginnings...

- - - - - - - - - - - -

- Human Village ~ Yasaka's Day -

Your eyes slowly begin to open as your biological clock tells you it's time to rise from your sleep and begin the tasks for the day. The light from the morning sun is annoyingly bright at first, evoking you to screw them shut as a way to retreat back into the darkness your eyes were used to, but eventually, your sights get used to the sunlight flooding your room in it's morning ambience. You rise up from your bed and glance out the window to see that there were others roaming the streets of the village as well, most were probably up before you were, but that doesn't nessicarily concearn you that much. Seeing that your already awake you swing your legs from out of bed and scratch your head as you try to remember what it is you were to do today.

You recall Keine, the village schoolmarm, telling you about a need for village sentries and soldiers. This was due to the increasing number of conflicts that were suddenly flaring up in other nations, and thus this heightened the chance that the village could be attacked by outside forces. So far, security was lax with only about 2 sentires, likewise for combat ready soldiers so the decision to fortify the village and train it's citizens in the art of combat and war was pretty much a given due to the current circumstances. Today was the time for any able bodied men (or women) to apply for either of the two, and you decided on doing that yesterday. You had experience in the matter, having worked as a gaurd to the Heida house in the past, so now you feel that it's time to expand on this and protect the entire village rather than just a single mansion. With your thoughts in place and your mind made up, you pull yourself out of bed and go about doing the usual morning activities to prepare for the day ahead...


At the pace you were going, finishing up your morning routine doesn't take that long to complete, the only thing taking more than several minutes to finish is the good sized breakfast of eggs, bacon, fried sausage and a side of milk you prepared to build up your strength for the day. When you throughly devour your breakfast, you then go about finding what armor you had from your former job by rummaging through the closet located near the stairs. As you toss out various junk that should have been in the attic, a faint knocking taps on your door. "It's open!" You call out and come to hear the hinges creek as whomever was behind your front door enters.

"Ah, I see you're awake." Came a familiar voice, you look up from your crouched position and saw the visage of Keine standing in your open doorway. The school teacher was the sole educator in the village, teaching a group of children of different ages in the schoolhouse just down the street from where you lived. The kids find her...rather boring at best, but everyone else knows that she is far from it. Keine not only teaches school, but also works on matters involving the secruity of the village and has repelled a good number of threats on her own. Because of her acts of protection, Keine is seen as something of a savior to the humans who live here and most decisions on what happens with the village, be they security related or no, usually goes through Keine first.

"Oh it's you," You say as you continue to rummage through the closet, now pulling out a trunk that held your equipment for the coming occasion. "So what do you need, I was just about ready to get going."

"Hm, well I came by to see if you were ready to go, but I guess you've already remembered on what you need to do today." Keine says.

"Of course, I wouldn't forget something as important as that." Well, you almost forgot, but Keine doesn't have to know that. You pop open the wooden trunk, peerng inside to find a single breastplate, some chain mail, and gauntlets. Your spear was located in back corner of the closet, still looking as it did from the time your father first gave it to you. "So, you have any idea as to what they might make us do?" You ask the school teacher as you pull out your armor and place them on the table, but not before putting on your chain mail first.

"I think it's going to be the same as before, a simple toruney to decide which 5 are best suited for the duty of gaurding village." Keine says, her arms folding underneath her ample bosom, as she starts to stare off into space for several moments, before she continued on a crestfallen note. "But that usually depends on how many will actually sign up to participate..." Judging by her tone, she wasn't really looking forward to knowing how many humans enlisted to be sentries. This was justified solely by the fact that very few people actually go through with such a thing and the number of people avalible as gaurds, sentries or soldiers are usually disappointingly low...with the Heida family located here, one would think there would be a far larger assortment of defenses...

"Still think people are ducking out on this?" You ask Keine now slipping on your standard breastplate. This was actually given to you from your last job, the chain mail underneath was something you found in the attic. Either way, both have served you well during the times in the past, despite being simple and basically low grade gear as opposed to what true warriors come to lug around with them. After this, provided you actually land the job as sentry, you may want to invest in buying higher grade equipment. A single breast plate and chain mail may not be enough to protect you against all the dangers that threaten the village. "You have to realize that there is the glaring aspect of dieing in the line of duty, and you know alot of people don't really like the fact of throwing their life on the line for just about anyone."

"That is true," Keine replied, with a sigh chasing after her words. "But even so, they know I'll be assisting those on sentry duty if anything happens, so there's no need to worry..."

"Speaking of that, are you going to oversee this?" You ask to the teacher as you pull your trusted polearm from the closet.

Keine shakes her head in response. "I have several classes to teach this morning and I promised the children I would take them on a 'field trip' later today. However, I will be informed on the progress of things."

"Ah, that's a shame, I'd feel more at ease if you were watching." Even with the , it's still a good idea to find time for a joke now and then.

"You'll do fine." The school teacher tells you, an amused smile spreading across her face. "Remember, you were a gaurd to the Heida house before this, so this should be easy for you." She actually has a point there. You're well versed in combat despite your tender age, and you're known among the other gaurds as being a talented in the usage of your spear. Still, you can't stop yourself from being nervous about this whole thing, after all you had no idea as to what was in store for you.

"Well, I guess I should be off," You told Keine now pulling your spear from the closet and giving it one last look down before turning to the teacher and saying your goodbyes. "I guess I'll see you whenever I get back." You say as you walk past Keine and head out the door, the sound of the active village filling your ears the moment you step outside.

"It's possible." Keine replied, following behind you and shutting the door as she came. "You just focus on doing your best."

"I plan on doing nothing else." You tell Keine with a confident smirk on your face.


After you and Keine part ways for the day, you find that the walk to the gates isn't as uneventful as you thought it would be. You find yourself meeting up with several of the other people who enlisted as well, but if what Keine says is true, you can tell that the few surrounding you are pretty much the only ones that will be going through with this. Most of them were about the same age as yourself, each with varying weapons and armor, but you could tell that only a few of them were really ready for the job. Either way, you socialize with the lot of them to pass the time and come to learn a good deal about them in the process. Like how most of the enlistees only signed up for this because of nothing better to do, while only about 4 or so did this for something more than just a way to kill of boredom. Respectively, the latter would most likely be the ones to make it in.

Eventually, the lot of you arrive at building that sat near the gates of the village, two other men were standing in front of, what looks to be, a desk of some kind. "This must be the place." A sword weilder commented as he continued forward, with the rest following close behind to join the line, leaving you to be the last one, which doesn't really concearn you. It will be your turn eventually, and this sort of thing usually only last several minutes as all you have to do is give the person at the desk your name. Time passes as it's prone to doing, and the line quickly shrinks with each name that was given to the one who sat at the desk. It doesn't take long before you're next in line, you look up from your thoughtful state and see a white haired woman sitting at the desk, you don't really know her as a person but she's seen with Keine alot so you can assume that she's involved with this village at least.

"Same goes for you." She says in an impatient tone. "State your name and we'll get right with pairing you up with your opponent."

[ ] (You know what goes here)


Decided to go with a variation of how Duran's story starts out, only adding on to it for sake of it not being 'flat'. If any of you have started with Duran, you'll know what comes next (or at least can make a valid guess).

Also, you may commence with the 'Ku-chan' votes

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Man, we already had a Cú Chulainn, and he was wonderful. Let sleeping dogs lie. If you're going to go that route, at least use Setanta or something.

I'll throw out a vote for:
[X] Lugh mac Ethlenn

Other noteworthy lancers could include the legendary Arthur Pendragon, as he was known to have used the spear Rhongomiant; and maybe Honda Tadakatsu for his use of the Masazane's legendary Tonbogiri.
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How about we combine some and get:

[x] Setanta Lecarde
>> No. 21793
[X] Lugh mac Ethlenn

Ku-chan? Meet your father.
>> No. 21794
[X] Lugh mac Ethlenn

If we're a Lancer, gotta be Irish...

And plus...

>> No. 21795
[X] Lugh mac Ethlenn
>> No. 21799
[x] Setanta Lecarde
>> No. 21801
[x] Lu Bu

Do not pursue
>> No. 21802
[X] Lugh mac Ethlenn
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Alright, I'll be updating this shortly.

I'll also take this time to say that updates are in order for my other story as well, for those who read that.
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Ugh, I really don't know why it took me this long for an update of this length...

I can be sure this won't happen again, though.

[x] Lugh mac Ethlenn

"Lugh mac Ethlenn, huh?" The woman repeats as she jots your name down on a piece of paper laid on before her alongside the few others. A quick glance at said paper is also enough for you to see just how few the cadidates are, only 5 signed up, and judging by how inexperienced the lot of those 5 seemed, you didn't think anyone else would make the cut BUT you...and maybe that other guy with the sword. He seemed cool. "Keine's told me about you, sayin' you were a gaurd at that Heida girl's house a while back."

"Well, it's nice to know that Keine mentions me." You reply with a friendly smile despite this girl's rather moody disposition. She must not like doing desk work, her rather boyish appearance appearance gives off a kind of aura that doesn't fit such a thing. If anything she's more of a fighter than a desk worker. "But Keine hasn't really told me of you, though."

"Name's Mokou. I'm usually here to help Keine pick up the slack of protecting this town, and by the looks this sign up sheet...you guys really need it." 'Mokou' commented as her eyes scan over the paper once more, and she lightly taps pencil she held lightly on each of the names for a she wrote down. Mokou then rose from her seat and motioned you to follow her into the building, which was where most of the other guys had retired to while they waited for things to continue.

"I take it you're not one for desk work?" You venture as a way to have a bit more conversation with Mokou while you walked. "You seem like more of a fighter than anything else."

"You're right, this paper work junk isn't what I like to spend my time messing with." Mokou answered "The one usually in charge of this stuff is Keine, but since she had other matters to attend to I'm filling in for her." As the both of you pass through the open doors of the building, you come to see the other men had taken their seats on a bench to the wall underneath the long bulliten board that was plastered with various posters and notices, all of which are from different times. The lot of them had already began socializing with one another, all of their conversations mostly on things that had nothing to do with sentry duty...mostly of women and other things. Yes, such things are interesting to talk of, but shouldn't they focus on the fight at hand?

"Alright, since there are like, five of you here there will have to be one who sits things out while the other 4 go at it, or something." Mokou announced as she came to stand in front the men sitting on the bench, a stray fiddling with on of the many bows that adorned her silver hair. Seriously, does anyone need as many bows as Mokou has? Probably not. "Anyway, who's going first?"

[ ] Speak up now and volunteer to go first, you're itching to feel the heat of battle.
[ ] Wait. You wish to see just how good the competition is this time around.
>> No. 21837
[ ] Speak up now and volunteer to go first, you're itching to feel the heat of battle.
>> No. 21838
[x] Speak up now and volunteer to go first, you're itching to feel the heat of battle.
>> No. 21927
[x] Speak up now and volunteer to go first, you're itching to feel the heat of battle.
>> No. 21928
[x] Wait. You wish to see just how good the competition is this time around.

This way we get the best for last.
>> No. 21929
[x] Speak up now and volunteer to go first, you're itching to feel the heat of battle.
>> No. 21989
[x] Speak up now and volunteer to go first, you're itching to feel the heat of battle.

Mokou looks to you for a moment seeing you had your hand raised and had spoken up on being the first one in the fray. "Want to get down to fighting already, huh?" She says with a bit of a smirk before turning to the others to see if any of them were as eager to fight as you were. Given how young most of them looked, the rest were probably just as eager to jump into battle like you were. "Anybody else willin' to go first and take him on." Mokou then announced to the group, blonde young man raising his hand the moment Mokou finishes her calling. Getting a good look at him, he was nearly the same age as you were, but had chosen a sword as his weapon (in fact, most of these guys had swords save for one who had no weapons at all, you could only assume that he was planning on using his fists). He had a fair amount of armor on, a little more than you did, but otherwise as as lightly equipped as you were. The sword he carried looked to be like any ordinary one, if not a bit thinner than most and with a mauve streak that lined the center of the blade. Odds are, he had it custom made to look this way, which maybe a sign that he had some status to him.

"I'll take him on." The young man says a hint of confidence in his voice as he turns to face you and looks as though he was sizing you up for a moment. "So, what's your name?"

"Lugh mac Ethlenn." You answer. "And you?"

"People usually call me Galahad." The young fencer says as a confident smirk snakes across his face, putting alot of emphasis on his name. The name itself is fairly impressive on it's own, but the one who claims ownership of it doesn't look as though he fits the bill. For some reason, you feel as though 'Galahad' isn't this swordsmen's real name and that he only really emphasised it as a way to make himself look as though he was someone powerful. This sorta thing happens often, as many normal people don't usually question those who claim to have names of legendary people and simply get out of their way for fear that they'll have their asses kicked. You on the other hand don't question it out of sheer curtosy. "Hey, where will we all be fighting?" 'Galahad' spoke up to Mokou.

"Well, let's see..." Mokou trailed off as she looked at the front and back of her paper, before she hissed a curse and rushed to the back of the room and began to frantically dig through the unorganized mess of papers that were scattered about on the large desk that sat there. Apparently, it looks like Mokou has misplaced a sheet that tells her the essentials of where everything would take place...looks like she really isn't one for desk work. After a brief moment of searching and profane mumblings, Mokou finally pulls out the piece of paper she's been looking for. "Uhm, says here everyone's going to be fighting in the room upstairs," She looked up for a moment and scratched her head. "Well...I guess that's a good place for it, this is a spacious building anyway."

"We should probably ask that schoolmarm to make plans for constructing an arena for these occasions." The other swordsmen suggested. "It couldn't hurt, even if we only hold these sort of things annually."

"Well, we could do that, I'll ask her to see if she's okay with it. People don't always like paying increased taxes you know..." Mokou replied with a shrug before she motions everyone to follow her upstairs. "Anyway let's go and get this over with, the sooner you guys fight the sooner we can see who'll be our next sentry."


When everyone arrives in the room that will hold the little tourney, you come to see that it's rather spacious, about the size of the room downstairs, but only because all of the tables and chairs were moved to the sides of the room (save for a few chairs that look to be where the others would be sitting while they observed the fights). The other 4 men take their seats at the left side of the room, while Mokou stands in front of a small chalkboard, leaving you and Galahad to take the center of the room. "Alright, you all know the basic ground rules, First to either give up or falls unconcious loses the match. Last guy standing at the end of all this, is our new sentry who will join the others on active duty effective tonight at 8 pm tonight sharp." Mokou explained, the sound of chalk quickly scratching across the blackboard indication that she was drawing up the tourney tree. "You two can start whenever you're ready...oh, and try not to each other."

"I hope you brought you A-game," Galahad comments arrogantly as he unsheaths his blade and takes on an offensive stance. "Because you're going to need it against me." As soon as he finishes his sentence he doesn't waste any time and comes charging in, laying ready to strike the moment he gets close enough to you.

[ ] Charge in along with him and try to attack first. Come in fast, come in strong. (Offensive, Count up+1)
[ ] Charge in and get in as many hits as you can. (Offensive, Count up+2)
[ ] Use your speed to dodge the attack, then counter when Galahad shows an opening worth exploiting. (Defensive switches to Offensive, Count up+1)
[ ] Start off defensive, hold your ground and take what he can dish out. No need to rush things, you can always attack later on. (Defensive)
[ ] Let Galahad attack you first and parry what he throws at you. Let's see just how strong he is with that blade. (Defensive)

[ ] Whirlwind Lance Count gauge: 0/4


Okay this is how things will work; in order to use your Tech, you'll need to do the same thing in SD3, get in several hits on the opponent first (in this case, you'll need 4 hits to execute Whirlwind Lance, they don't have to be consecutive so long as they connect it doesn't matter). Offenisive tactics raise the Count gauge faster as opposed to defensive ones like gaurding and so forth, however when going offensive, your open to counter attacks and run the risk of taking damage. Basically any normal attack will raise your Count gauge. Magic spells and items, either offensive or no, do NOT raise Count, but I'm sure you already knew that.

Write-ins...well, they can be accepted, but offensive tactics that are write-ins have a default of only gaining 1 Count with a maximum of 2 if the action being suggested is pure awesome.
>> No. 21991
[ ] Use your speed to dodge the attack, then counter when Galahad shows an opening worth exploiting. (Defensive switches to Offensive, Count up+1)
>> No. 21996
> Pure Awesome


Nah, not really. That's more like magic.

[X] Use your speed to dodge the attack, then counter when Galahad shows an opening worth exploiting. (Defensive switches to Offensive, Count up+1)
>> No. 22005
[X] Use your speed to dodge the attack, then counter when Galahad shows an opening worth exploiting. (Defensive switches to Offensive, Count up+1)
>> No. 22274
[x] Use your speed to dodge the attack, then counter when Galahad shows an opening worth exploiting. (Defensive switches to Offensive, Count up+1)

'Galahad' is coming in pretty fast, but you feel that you're a tad bit faster than the young swordsman, more so in the skills department, but let's not get over confident. With Galahad nearly close enough to strike, you swiftly side step to the right, just moments before he can attack you with his sword. The young warrior stumbles forward several inches and straightens up, as he realizes that his attack has hit nothing but air, he glances back to see you standing unscathed and still at the ready for his next attack. Galahad chuckles fot a moment, holding up a finger to you as he spoke "Ah, using your speed to your advantage, quite clever, but..." He pauses for a moment, brandishing his blade once more and prepares himself for another strike. "You'll soon see that's not going to work for long, have at you!" And with the same amount of speed and vigor, Galahad comes right back back at you and this time swings his sword in a side-way motion in an attempt catch you even if you jumped to the side. However, you act as quickly as he attacks and hop backwards causing Galahad's attack to fall short yet again, although the sword itself did managed to scrape against your breastplate.

Seeing his attack miss yet again, the swordsman doesn't say anything snarky or arrogant in response and simply gives you an antagonizing glare as he rushes back in the same fashion that he did earlier, only his blade is gripped tightly in his raised right hand and raised high ready to chop right through you. By the looks of things he's pretty much thrown whatever reason he has to the wind and simply wants nothing more than to bring you down, if his frustrated expression wasn't proof enough. "Raah!" Galahad shouts, bringing down his weapon with enough force to probably break an arm, if not injure to an extent. Again, you utulize the same defensive tactic as before and evade his attack by stepping to the opposite side of the swordsmen, his blade coming down with untold amounts of speed and jamming itself into the wooden floor, sending small splinters into the air upon impact. Unfortunately for Galahad, you see that this reckless attack isn't without it's consequenses, which come in the form of the warrior's sword now being throughly lodged into the floorboards. Galahad grunts in frustration as he tries to dislodge his blade from the floor, unaware that he's left himself wide open for what would probably, be a few seconds.

Not one to let an oppurtunity slip through your fingers you grip your spear and lunge forward with great speed, thrusting your polearm into the armored plated area of his side. Galahad, whom is too focused on pulling his sword from the floorboards, is comepletely caught off gaurd by your counter attack, and lets out what can only be described as a yelp of some sort before the full force of your attack sends his body toppling over on itself. The swordsman rolls a few inches away before coming to rest flat on his face, backside in the air. You pause for a moment awaiting him to get react but only hear him mumble a few curses and nothing else. The other warriors start whispering amoungst themselves, mostly at how easily Galahad was downed by such an attack. Mokou appears to be holding back her laughter on the spectacle, to which you don't blame her for wanting to laugh. To be honest, you didn't put too much power behind that thrust, at least not enough to bowl the young swordsman over like it did. Was he perhaps baiting you to think he's down so he can get in a cheap hit? Or was he really this...weak?

Whatever the case maybe, it's still a good idea not to count this young man out, surprises do have a nasty habit of showing up when you least expect it.

[ ] Taunt (Defensive, baits Galahad to attack you prematurely)
[ ] Pin him down, make him say uncle. (MAY end the fight prematurely)
[ ] Attack him while he's vulnerable. (Count up +1)
[ ] Wait for him to raise and attack you again.

=Unleash Tech=
[ ] Whirlwind Lance Count gauge: 1/4


Agh, I'm out of practice, sorry if I'm boring anyone with this...the beginnings are always so rough for me...

Trust me, things will get better once we pass this.
>> No. 22277
[0] Taunt (Defensive, baits Galahad to attack you prematurely)
>> No. 22279
[ODIN] Taunt (Defensive, baits Galahad to attack you prematurely)

"What is the matter, brave sir Galahad? I see no Grail in the dust where you wallow."
>> No. 22280
[x] Taunt (Defensive, baits Galahad to attack you prematurely)
>> No. 22281
[x] Taunt (Defensive, baits Galahad to attack you prematurely)
>> No. 22308
[X] Taunt (Defensive, baits Galahad to attack you prematurely)


[X] "What is the matter, brave sir Galahad? I see no Grail in the dust where you wallow."
>> No. 22419
[X] Taunt (Defensive, baits Galahad to attack you prematurely)
[X] "What is the matter, brave sir Galahad? I see no Grail in the dust where you wallow."
>> No. 22557
[+] Taunt (Defensive, baits Galahad to attack you prematurely)
Not voting against the write-in, but I'd also like to see what Gussy comes up with for this.
>> No. 22566
[X] Taunt (Defensive, baits Galahad to attack you prematurely)
[X] "What is the matter, brave sir Galahad? I see no Grail in the dust where you wallow."
>> No. 22764
>> No. 22877
Well, I think that was a long enough break. I'll get to updating this tomorrow.

That said, I may hold back update(s) for Touhou/Mother CYOA in order to give this one some attention.
>> No. 22878
File 125834863364.jpg - (380.07KB , 1279x858 , cirno hooray.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 22903
[x] Taunt (Defensive, baits Galahad to attack you prematurely)
-[x] "What is the matter, brave sir Galahad? I see no Grail in the dust where you wallow."

Really...is this all he has?

From his arrogance earlier you were really expecting something a bit more than this comical excuse of a warrior. Well, maybe you shouldn't call him excuse, at least not yet anyway. Galahad as the name of a legendary knightof King Arthur's Round Table and one of the esteemed three acheivers of the sacred treasure; the Holy Grail. If anything, you were expecting him to at least be better that...well, what's laying before you. Hm, perhaps it's time to play his game and maybe in the process he'll finally tighten up his game and fight you seriously. After all, you're making this look onesided, what with the way he hasn't gotten in any hits on you yet...

You walk closer to Galahad's side, keeping your gaurd up for any sudden movements or attacks, and come to stand over his downed form. The swordsman pulls his head from the dusty floor, and cranes his head upward to see you looming over him. Much to your surprise Galahad doesn't say anything snarky in response to being knocked down, oh well, this gave you a perfect opening for your next attack. "What is the matter, brave sir Galahad?" You question to the young warrior below you, putting every ounce of arrogance behind the words that flow from your mouth and aim to strike Galahad where it hurt the most; his pride. "I see no Grail in the dust where you wallow."

Surely, he had to know of the legend that surrounds the name in which he bears? Or did he simply brand himself with such a name just to make himself look alot better than what he is? Before you can even ponder on this any further you come to see the swordsmen up on his feet at coming at you once again, this time he's alot faster than normal and you barely have enough time to parry his attack. You swiftly bring your spear in front of you and take Galahad's attack, a loud 'CHING' echoing through out the room as his blade made contact with your polearm. The two of you remained locked in this position, you're grip on the spear quivering as Galahad tried his best to have his sword slice through your only means of defense. "What, so you think you're better than me now?" Galahad snarls, the fierceness of his eyes speaking volumes of how angry he was at that taunting remark you flung at him earlier. "If you're so much better than I am, then why aren't you coming at me with all you got, Lugh mac Ethlenn?" That was, sort of, true. Although you were merely holding back to gauge Galahad's strength. Well, either way you put it, it was still holding back...

"I should be saying THAT to you," You grunt, now beginning to push Galahad back using sheer force alone. "Do you really think someone with the name 'Galahad' would be this bad in combat?" You thrust yourself forward and shove Galahad off of you, the swordsmen sliding back a few feet before halting himself by jamming his sword into the floorboards, leaving behind a long and deep gash in the wooden floor. it is at that very moment you can hear Mokou mutter something about 'Keine not being happy about replacing the floor boards'. Anyways, you have a fight to focus on. "If you want me to fight seriously, then I suggest you do the same...Sir Galahad."

"Fine, you want me to get serious, then I'll show you why I'm given the name Galahad" The young warrior says, ripping his blade from the floor below and bringing it in front of him. You can tell you've managed to hit a nerve with that taunt of yours earlier. There's something different about the warrior now, the look in his eye, and the stance he takes, tells of a knight who's ready to do battle with a powerful advisary. Now THIS was the Galahad you knew of However, unlike the times before, Galahad doesn't make the first move; instead he simply stands and waits with his hands gripped tightly to the hilt of his sword and his eyes ready to read any form of movement you may make...

You may have to heed his words from before and fight him as seriously as he is about to fight you...

[ ] Taunt once more to lure him out. (Defensive, baits Galahad to attack you prematurely)
[ ] Wait for him to raise and attack you again and counter his movements (Defensive, sitches to Offensive. Count up +1)
[ ] Attack him while he's vulnerable. (Offensive, Count up +1)
[ ] Sir Galahad wants you to be serious, huh? Then come at him with everything you got! (Offensive, Max Count)

=Unleash Tech=
[ ] Whirlwind Lance Count gauge: 2/4
>> No. 22904
[x] Wait for him to raise and attack you again and counter his movements (Defensive, sitches to Offensive. Count up +1)

I doubt he'd fall for the taunt again, but he seems angry, and thus impatient.
>> No. 22905
[x] Wait for him to raise and attack you again and counter his movements (Defensive, sitches to Offensive. Count up +1)
>> No. 22906
[x] Wait for him to raise and attack you again and counter his movements (Defensive, sitches to Offensive. Count up +1)
>> No. 22928
[+] Attack him while he's vulnerable. (Offensive, Count up +1)
If my hunch is correct, he's trying to take the time to cast Saint Saber. Don't let him. Still, if I'm wrong, best to not commit everything to a single attack.
>> No. 22929

This is the first token encounter of the story, I doubt he even knows that. (Though if he ends up a persistant rival, he might end up able to do that)
>> No. 23107
Sir Galahad wants you to be serious, huh? Then come at him with everything you got! (Offensive, Max Count)

All out attack! All out Attack!
>> No. 23255
File 126004039577.jpg - (53.71KB , 324x540 , galahad.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Wait for him to raise and attack you again and counter his movements (Defensive, switches to Offensive. Count up +1)

While going in and giving it you're all is also a fine option, not to mention a good show for the ones watching, you must remember to keep your wits about you even when matched with someone like Galahad. Now that he's shown that he's going to be serious about this fight there's more than enough reason to be careful of what he'll pull off to win this match. Of course, this doesn't mean you'll be holding back while doing so...not by a long shot. Countering movements is always a good strategy to go by for it allows you to further read your opponents movements and make for a better strategy to combat them. Still let's see what Sir Galahad has up his sleeve this time...

The two of you square off, both of your eyes fixated on each other waiting for any sudden movements. The air between you becoming thick with the tension that was quickly spreading through out the room. You weren't sure if the others watching were commenting on things, but by this point their very breathe would be a distraction to you and your goal of defeating Galahad. Sure this is only a tournament and not something of the life or death sort, but still being one of the people who fight for this village this is still a big thing no matter how you slice it. There could only be one victor here, and you were going to make sure it was you. Eventually, Galahad seems to grow tired of standing around awaiting you mvoes and comes at you with an attack of his own, the warrior dashes forward and swipes his blade at you in a horizontal slashing motion.

The attack is alot faster than you first thought, too fast to dodge, but you manage to parry it with the body of your spear, but not without being knocked back a bit from the initial impact of the warriors assualt. You nearly lose your footing but manage to catch yourself just in time to see Galahad coming at you again. Geeze he's gotten fast, but hey, he said he was going to be serious so its only to be expected of him. You quickly regain your footing long enough to parry Galahad's assault, only this time you hold your ground and shove him back before charing forward and jabbing your spear into the center of his armor, the impact nearly enough to knock him down onto his back, but he stands firm and counters with his own attack and hits you square in the breast plate you had on.

For once in the entire fight you feel the wind being knocked from your lungs as your sent back from Galahad's attack, you nearly fall on your back had it not been for you using your spear as a cretch to stop your fall. However as you look up from trying to regather what breathe you lost, you see Galahad gearing up to attack again, unrelenting in his efforts to defeat you right here, right now. At the way he's coming at you now, there's a good chance he might win the match simply by holding his blade close enough to your neck (that's how most matches end really, either that or the opponent gives or falls unconcious). With you still being in this crouching position, there were only a few options avaliable, you could either...

[ ] Roll back and evade his attack, you need some elbow room from his relentless assualts. (Defensive)
[ ] Attack where you are and hope it hits. Galahad may win the match if you don't attack fast enough. (Offensive, Max Count! Chance of a Loss)


Got tired of my posts being picture-less. Seemed kinda bland to me...
>> No. 23272
[x] Attack where you are and hope it hits. Galahad may win the match if you don't attack fast enough. (Offensive, Max Count! Chance of a Loss)
>> No. 23280
[+] Roll aside, tripping him with the butt end of your spear. (Defensive, turns to Offensive, count +1 (Max))
-[+] Finish with a Whirlwind Spear!
>> No. 23314
[X] Roll aside, tripping him with the butt end of your spear. (Defensive, turns to Offensive, count +1 (Max))
-[x] Finish with a Whirlwind Spear!

Like this better.
>> No. 23429
[X] Roll aside, tripping him with the butt end of your spear. (Defensive, turns to Offensive, count +1 (Max))
-[x] Finish with a Whirlwind Spear!

>> No. 23660
Updates are set for later on today as soon as I get some sleep. Let's finish this fight!
>> No. 23678
Sorry for being late.


[X] Roll aside, tripping him with the butt end of your spear. ( Defensive, turns to Offensive, count +1 (Max) )
-[x] Finish with a Whirlwind Spear!

There was one other option you had up your sleeve; if you rolled to the side and tripped him with the end of your spear it would not only stop your opponent dead in his tracks, but it would also prove to be the perfect chance to finish this with your special technique. For the most part, that was the best option you had in light of finishing off this fight...or at least dealing out some serious damage to the oncoming Galahad. The warrior doesn't slow down in the least and now raises his sword, his features slowly giving way to a smirk as he appears to think he's already won this battle...he truly believes that he has established his absolute victory over you, simply by knocking you down. No, you're going to show him just how wrong this sword weilder is, and you're going to do it by faking him out first.

Before Gallahad can even bring down his weapon to finish the fight, you throw your entire body to the left side of his attack, Galahad's sword coming down onto the bare floor with a loud *CLANK* letting him know that his finishing blow didn't go over as he had hoped. However, you never give him the chance to realize what truly happened as you swipe the butt of your spear onto his legs, taking them from under the warrior. Galahad flails his arms about in a frenzy as he feels his weight suddenly shift and gravity taking immediate effect and pulling him down to the floor below with a low 'Thud'. With your opponent down, you waste no time and pull yourself up from the very floor you forced Galahad kiss and preparing yourself for when he rises again. For when he does...you have a nasty surprise waiting for him...

"Ugh...dammit..." Galahad mutters to himself as he uses his sword as a crutch and pulls himself up, shaking his blonde head to regain what senses were knocked loose from the fall. Galahad quickly regains his composure though, and glares to you with the same aura of determination he has before and soon throws himself toward you once more, his blade held near his waist as he looks to be ready for a stabbing manuver. You grip your spear tightly within your palms and thrust it into the air, twriling the polearm about at speeds that even you thought weren't possible, before your throw all the force you gathered from spinning the spear forward in one mighty thrust, taking the incoming Galahad by surprise as he tries to turn back and dodge the attack.

But it's too late now...


Your spear plunges straight into Galahad's armored chest, the young warrior's eyes wide with surprise as he feels the full extent of the power that was thrust upon him. Before he can even cough out the breathe you're sure you knocked from his chest, the warrior is sent flying backward toward a set of tables. You were positive you didn't put enough force for him to touch the tables themselves, but this is proven false as you, and the others watching, witness Galahad's tumbling form forces his body to not only touch the tables but send him straight through the vulnerable wooden furniture with a "CRASH." The impact spewing forth an eruption of wood splinters as the tables immedeatly give way to Galahad's weight and simply collapse. "Heh, there goes the meeting table for tonight..." One of the spectators joke, the other two chuckling in response. However, there was only one who wasn't exactly laughing at this whole ordeal.

"Dammit, Lugh..." Mokou mutters as you look up to see her apply face to palm while shaking her head. "Keine's not gonna be happy when I have to tell'er the meeting table's been trashed..."

"Ah...sorry..." You apologize to the silver haired woman in a slightly embarrased tone. Although, there is apart of you that's laughing uproarously at the display that you put on. After all, you never knew you had the strength to put a man through a table with just one thrust of your spear. Perhaps you were fit to be gaurdian matieral after all. Even so, there's no need to voice that in front of Mokou, who obviously doesn't seem to be in any mood for such an arrogant response. "I suppose I put too much force behind that..."

"You suppose...well...I guess this is what we get for not holding the tourney outdoors..." Mokou replied sarcastically, simply sighing and looking up to where Galahad lay; the young man wasn't too badly hurt by the attack, or the fall, but was certainly knocked senseless by it. "Oi, you still up to fight, if so you're still welcome to come at'em again." Mokou informed Galahad, as she leaned against the wall and awaited his answer.

"N-no..." Galahad wheezed out from where he lay, his trembling hand slowly rising to the air as he speaks his next words. "I-I...relent..."

"Well then, with that, it looks like we have ourselves a winner...Lugh advances to Round 2." Mokou shrugged as she turned to the board behind her, marking out Galahad's name and placing yours in a slot for the Semi-finals. "Next match is, ooh this is a good one, Knight Thorndyke and Grappler Levin...let's see if you two can keep furniture intact."

"Don't worry, I don't plan to take very long, Miss." The knight answers, possibly taking a pot shot at the grappler who was quick to pick up on his words and shoot him a threatening glare. The knight himself was a tad bit older than most of the other competitors were, you could guess that he was at least 3 or 4 years ahead of you at the least, his features looking worn and chisled with several scars from battles past. Unlike everyone else, Thorndyke also had facial hair, at least in the form of a goatee, which matched in color of his brown, shoulder length, hair. The armor the knight wore looked far tougher than Galahad's, if only due to some of the scratches it harbored on it as mementos from combat or war. Each of the shoulder plates alone were wide enough to double as makeshift sheilds. Thorndyke's weapon of choice appeared to be a broadsword, and quite the well sized one at that, being wide enough to possibly take two average sized swords. On top of that, he held a sheild as well which only seemed to add to his already near impregnable defenses. No doubt his opponent was going to have hell trying to deal any sort of lasting damage to him...

The grappler Levin, on the other hand, wasn't heavily armed in any way; only wearing a simple sleeveless vest of the orange color, thin green trousers and arge gloves that seemed to be equipped with armgaurds as a form of defense against any attacks. His hair was about the same color as Galahad's, only Levin's was more dirty blonde than anything else. Still the fist-fighter looked to be a quick one, not being weighed down by too much muscle, and thus could have this knight outclassed for speed if only to trade it for power that is surely needed to break his opponent's tough defenses. This match up, as one-sided as it may seem, should prove to be interesting...especially if they both house specialized techniques.

"You do't have to stay if you don't want to." Mokou spoke up as you walk back to the set of chairs, the two combatants taking you and Galahad's place in the ring to begin their match, to which, Thorndyke appeared to be using only his sheild for the match. "The Semi-finals and Finals will start early tomorrow, due to the meeting...so, if you want, you can just go out on the town and do something. But, if you wanna stay, that's cool too..." You pause for a moment and think on Mokou's words as Galahad trudges past you, crestfallen by his loss today. If you stayed you could watch these two warriors battle it out, but you also had the rest of the day to yourself as well...

[ ] Sit and watch the other combatants fight, who knows it could be interesting...
[ ] Ask Mokou if she knows where Keine's feild trip is. You may just pay the teacher a little visit later.
[ ] Catch up to Galahad, see if he's up for a round at the local Pub.
[ ] Head back home for the day. The next round won't start for tomorrow anyway...
[ ] (Custom Action)
>> No. 23681
[X] Sit and watch the other combatants fight, who knows it could be interesting...

Knowledge is power. And knowing is half the battle.
>> No. 23682
[X] Sit and watch the other combatants fight, who knows it could be interesting...
>> No. 23689
[X] Sit and watch the other combatants fight, who knows it could be interesting...
>> No. 23840
Sorry for the hold up, I've been spending Christmas diving in Disgaea 3. I'll get to writing s'more today.

Touhou/Mother story will return as well.
>> No. 23844
Ah you too eh?

Glad to hear you're returning on various fronts nonetheless.
>> No. 23879
God dammit! I really need to get on the fucking ball with this...


[x] Sit and watch the other combatants fight, who knows it could be interesting...

Perhaps staying would be a good idea, now that you think of it, after all the ensuing battle between these two fighters looked to be shaping up to be rather interesting at best. Even Mokou went so far as to say it was, a bit earlier on. "You're not going to stay for the fight, Sir Galahad?" Thorndyke called to the young swordsman who was just nearing the doorway, apparently not one to stick around for this battle to begin. "This fight is going to be a real treat, gaurntee it." ...He was making another shot at the grappler again...you're not sure, but the way his tone was, it made it sound as if he was joking around with the younger opponent. Well, given how outmatched he was in terms of armor, you couldn't blame him for messing around with the martial artists a couple times. Still, bare knuckle brawlers, such as Levin, aren't to be counted out because of their lack of armor. While such a thing does lower their defenses compared to knights and the like, they still make up for it with being highly agile and not only that packing some rather powerful martial arts tech under their belts...there was even talk of an entire race built on the ways of the fist alone. According to Mokou and Keine, it's located somewhere within an immense bamboo forest...

"No, I'm...gonna head back home for now, see you guys later..." Galahad answers to the older knight as he issues a weak wave of his hand and disappears beyond the arches of the doorway to head home (or the local Pub, which ever comes first).

"Geeze, he just took a turn into depression mighty quick..." The other fighter commented leaning back in his chair with a sigh as you come to take the seat aside him, your gaze still fixated on the door for a moment. Galahad's, once egocentric, disposition did seem to have taken a dive just now...

"Well, from what I heard, Galahad tries pretty hard to be exactly what his name calls him, a legendary knight." Mokou explained "I guess him losing so quickly really hurt his pride." Well, that would explain it. Of course, no one likes to lose, but apart of losing is to learn from what mistakes you made and coming back later to do better next time. You're sure the young swordsman knows that so he should be alright for the time being, his pride may need a bit of mending, but he'll be fine none the less. "Anyways, you guys can get started anytime you're ready." Mokou spoke up, jarring your attention from the empty door way and too the center of the room where Thorndyke and Levin were ready to begin.

The room once again falls into the sea of silence as the two warriors square off, sizing each other up as they await an opening strike. Apparently, the both of them were set to counter any form of attack the opposition may throw at them. This seems to continue for a good 2 or 3 minutes, before Levin decides to break the drought between him and Thorndyke and issue the first attack. Thorndyke immedeatly put his shield in front of him, the grappler's fist slamming into his form of defense before he swung his leg forward into the shield with every ounce of strength his muscles could summon.

Much to your surprise, Thorndyke is actually pushed back a good distance from the sheer amount of force put into Levin's combo attack, but even so the knight didn't look to have sustained any noticeable damages to himself or his armor alike. Something the fist fighter wasn't too pleased with, his face contorting with disappointment before he threw himself at the knight once again, rolling to his side and thrusting his leg forward.

The knight was a bit too slow to react, and as a result, Levin's kick managed to connect a powerful 'Bang' echoing through the room as if a small explosive had just went off. Thorndyke let out a dull grunt, his body being pushed aside once again before Levin bolted forward in a relentless charge and threw his leg up and roundhoused the knight right upside his vulnerable head.

"Holy shit, he's fast..." You comment with a low whistle as he witness Thorndyke fall onto his back, Levin standing ahead of him awaiting his next move.

"You ain't kiddin', but from what I hear, most fist fighters are pretty speedy in their own right." The fighter next to you responds as he leans back in his chair, placing his hands behind his head as he looks on to see what Thorndyke would do in retaliation against Levin's unrelenting strikes and combos. "Still it's a surprise that the big guy's actually losing though."

"Yes, it is strange...seeing as to how he was obviously better equipped for this than the grappler." You remark, seeing Thorndyke get up only to have Levin presistantly charge back at him and laying a serious beating on his shield. Despite the advantage Thorndyke had over the persistant martial artist, it would seem that judging the fight before it started was a mistake, seeing as to how Levin was actually laying more hits on Thorndyke than you ever would imagine. The grappler's speed was the one true factor in this fight that had put him above the heavily equipped knight, Levin having ran complete circles around him twice in a row and pummeling him with a storm of lightning fast punches and kicks. It would appear that while Levin may not be able to do some lasting damage to Thorndyke he could at least keep the pressure on him until he does.

Tenacity seems to be Levin's ultimate weapon against foes who are much stronger than he is...

However, despite being beaten left and right by the much quicker Levin, the opposing knight isn't going down just yet as he continues to remain on the defensive holding up his shield as Levin countinued yo pound away at it with an increasing amount of vigor and strength. Eventually, Levin jumps back a few feet from Thorndyke before crouching down and pouncing forth with a flying kick that smashes into the knights shield with an incredible amount of force. Thorndyke is sent back a little ways, the larger knight almost losing his footing from the initial impact, allowing Levin dash in under the shield and issue a devastating uppercut to Thorndyke's chin, knocking him off his feet and, once again, onto his back.

"Hah...by the gods boy, I never would have realized you were this tough. I think I'd need a new jaw if you would have hit me a bit harder." Thorndyke admitted to his opponent as he wiped his mouth for a moment checking to see if he had drawn blood, it didn't seem like he did though. Thorndyke didn't seem to frustrated by the battle itself or the fact he was getting beaten left and right by someone he was making fun of before, you can only assume he's either got a plan up ahead or he's actually having fun with all of this. "Of course, you realize you're only making things worse by being so persistant right?"

"Ah don't come at me with that reverse psychology mess," Levin scoffed as he threw himself to the knight once more and began his assault on his shield once more, punching it harder for each second thet ticked away. It didn't seem like Levin was going to give in to any sort of advice his opponent was will to give him, his mind far too wrapped up in his prospect to beat Thorndyke and come out of this fight a winner, as Levin continued his tireless bare knuckled assault on the knight before him.

Never stopping...

Never slowing...

Wait, hold on a second...

"Oh I see what he's up to now..." You mumble to yourself with a nod, catching the attention of the other fighter and Mokou who haven't seemed to notice just yet.

"What's that Lugh?" Mokou spoke up with a raised eyebrow.

"You'll see." Indeed they will, for the fruits of the knights tactic was beginning to grow in as Levin's assaults began to slowly grow more weary, the grappler's once powerful hits now being reduced to nothing more than tired taps against the knight's unshakeable shield and armor. However, even though Levin's assault is starting to slow, the grappler contineus to fight against Thorndyke even though his punches aren't even pusing the knight back like they were when the battle first started. This continues on for about several more minutes until Levin is standing before Thorndyke, sweating a mile a minute, and thoroughly exhausted from the immense amount of energy he put into bringing the knight down.

"Now do you see, Grappler?" Thorndyke spoke up, "You have came at me with all of your speed and might, yet here I stand not the slightest bit winded from our duel. Your spirit and tenacity in combat is remarkable, but it is all for naught I'm afraid." That it was and you can tell Levin is able to see it now, given how his face has contorted into an expression of frustration, Mokou and the other fighter (you really should learn his name) also seem to take notice of what was going as well. Still, it doesn't look as though Levin will just roll over and give up, the persistant grappler trying to put aside his exhaustion and focus on at least doing some damage to the armored knight.

"Yeah...I'm pretty tired, but that don't mean I can't kick your ass, Thorndyke!" Levin shouts to the knight as he summoned what energy he had left and rocketed himself toward Thorndyke at a speed you thought wasn't humanly possible. Before you can even realize it, you hear a thunderous BANG emanate from the center of the room and come to see that Levin had punched Thorndyke's shield once again...

Or so it seemed...

Upon closer inspection you can see Thorndyke had put his fist out and thus allowing Levin to run head on into it. The force of the collision managed to push the knight back a few feet, but in it all, Levin was the one who fell to his side, having been knocked unconcious from the initial blow of running into a gauntlet at the unworldly speed he was going.

"Well, I guess it's obvious who the winner of this is..." Mokou spoke up turning to the board behind her and marking out Levin's name. "Thorndyke advances to Round 2 and with that we're pretty much done with this...until tomorrow anyway." The lavendar haired woman walks into the 'ring' and looks Levin over, checking the martial artist for any injuries. Looking at the area he was 'hit' at, there did seem to be a bit of a bruise there, but otherwise there doesn't seem to be any thing of real worry. "Just a minor bruise, but it ain't nothin too serious..." Mokou mutters as she hoists Levin onto her shoulders and eyes the lot of you. "You guys can head on home if you want to, I think we finished a bit early so you have a good amount of time to yourselves I guess."

"Ah, Indeed," Thorndyke nodded as he walked back to his original seat to retrieve his large sword. "Well, gentlemen, it looks as though we will be facing off in the arena tomorrow."

"That we are," You reply with a bit of a smirk. "Of course, we all know who will win."

"Oh ho, it seems Sir Galahad's confidence has rubbed off on you, Lugh mac Ethlenn." Thorndyke laughed heartily, as he turned to head out the door. "Let us hope you can keep it for when we do battle, I look forward to facing an opponent like you in the ring."

"Likewise..." It would indeed be tough battle now that you thought on it. Thorndyke proved that he was worthy of being a gaurd, his unshakeable defenses along with his sharp tact makes for an excellent warrior. No doubt you will need every once of skill and strength to beat him.

"Hah, don't you guys go forgettin' about me now~" That other fighter quipped in with a chuckle, a smug look in his eyes. "I may be a bit of a joker, but that don't mean I can't whoop ya'lls behind."

"Haha, we shall see tomorrow, young warrior." The knight replied, as he headed for the door issuing his goodbyes as he left. "In anycase, I shall take my leave, good day."

Well, now that this was over you pretty much had the day to yourself, like Mokou said. You had a good number of choices on what to do, however it's still a good idea to remember you have a tourney to attend to tomorrow so it's best not to do anything you'll end up regretting tomorrow...

[ ] Stay behind and spend some time with Mokou, maybe help her out a bit?
[ ] Get to know that other fighter, he seems like an interesting character to hang around with.
[ ] Hang out with Thorndyke a bit
[ ] See if Keine's returned from her field trip yet.
[ ] Volunteer to take Levin to home.
[ ] Head back home for the day. The next round starts tomorrow so it's best to prepare...
[ ] (Custom Action)
>> No. 23888
[x] See if Keine's returned from her field trip yet.
-[x] If doesn't work out, hang around Mokou and possibly give her a hand.
>> No. 23899
[x] See if Keine's returned from her field trip yet.
-[x] If doesn't work out, hang around Mokou and possibly give her a hand.
>> No. 24001
[x] Get to know that other fighter, he seems like an interesting character to hang around with.
>> No. 24019
[x] See if Keine's returned from her field trip yet.
[x] If that doesn't work hang around Mokou and possibly give her a hand.

Hmm, maybe Keine has returned from that field trip she had today. Despite having finished early today, a large amount of time has passed since this morning so there's a good chance that the history teacher was back from...where ever it was she had taken the children.

You turn your gaze to Mokou who looked to be busy with getting things organized for tomorrow's big event. Case in point, she didn't seem to enjoy messing around with this sort of thing, if her expression of exasperation was any indication on the matter. You do feel rather bad for leaving her here all on her own, given that other fighter had just silently left a moment ago. So maybe if Keine wasn't back, you would return here to keep Mokou company and help out. "Hey, you think Keine's back yet?"

"I'unno, depends on where she went." Mokou replied bluntly her attention somewhat glued to the tasks at her hand.

"Oh...well, you have any idea where she went?" You inquire, "She said she was taking the children on a field trip somewhere."

Mokou pauses for a moment, her hand rising from the paper and coming to her chin as she began to think on your words. "That's right, she did go on that trip today, otherwise I wouldn't be here..." Mokou mutters her eyes trailing off into the distance, as her mind began to slowly drift away from her tasks and onto the current subject you brought up. "...I'unno where Keine went for that trip of hers, I guess she forgot to tell me when she left this mornin', so you'll just hafta to go check the school to see if she's back yet...you know where it is right?"

"Yeah, it's not too far from the market, I live near there so it's hard not to forget."

"Ah, well that saves me the trouble of tellin' you directions." Mokou shrugged as she turned back to reorganizing things, which mostly consisted of picking up the pieces to the broken table you and Galahad broke during the fight before. You silently take your leave as you hear Mokou utter several vile profanities about having sustained a splinter...


The walk to the schoolhouse doesn't really take too long, even though the outpost is a fairly good distance away from it. Before you realize it, you're already rounding the corner to the marketplace and now standing right at the entrance to Keine's school. The school itself is one of the more larger buildings of the village, second only to the Inn and the Heida House located near the outskirts of town. Keine was the founder of the school as well as the only teacher, although there are others who momentarily volunteer to work as either aides or teachers themselves, most who do such things are usually travelling scholars or up and coming instructors.

You haven't really done much here as far as jobs go, to be honest, you're not exactly sure how good (or bad) you would be as a teacher. The only knowledge you hold is that of combat, and you're not sure what value that will hold for the future of the children...well...unless they wanted to be Warlords or something, but there are places a person can go to train to become such things.

Looking around the schoolyard, you don't see anyone here, at least not outside, so you decide to have a peek inside the school.

"Now, read this sentence..."

"The...b-boy...and his...his dog...deci...decided to...go...to the...mark...et."

"Very good~"

Huh, so there was someone here, although the voice you heard just now, certainly wasn't Keine's. You peer inside and come to see two individuals sitting in the center of the classroom, the both of them looking to be reading a small paperback book of some kind. One of them is a small girl looking no older than 6 or 7 years old, and the one sitting next to her was also rather young and female, but she was someone you knew...

"Oh, Miss Akyuu, what're you doin here?" You spoke to the purple haired girl who looked up from the book and gave you a friendly smile as she came to see who called out to her. This wis Heida no Akyuu, the girl who's parents had you gaurd their vast estate a while ago. The two of you hadn't really interacted that much during your time as a gaurd. Only once do you remember exchanging words with her, and that was during a point where she was coming home from the schoolhouse. For her age and size, Akyuu was a smart girl, far more intellectual than yourself.

"Ah, Lugh, it's good to see you again." Akyuu says, quickly realizing the reason behind your visit. "Here to see Keine I take it?"

"Yeah...but it doesn't look like she's here..."

"I'm afraid not," Akyuu shrugged as she turned to the girl who's stare was fixated on you and your spear. Akyuu gestures the youngster to play with the blocks located in the corner for a moment and the girl swiftly removes herself from her seat to do so. You begin to wonder if you may have frightened the young girl or something...given how fast she ran off, it's likely that you might have. "Anyway, Keine hasn't returned from her field trip just yet, but she'll be back shortly."

"Hmm, somethin' told me, she wasn't going to be back yet," "I wonder where she went...?"

"I believe she's taken the children to the 'Gemstone Valley' to see the Keystone of Earth." Akyuu answered. "She was teaching the children of the Mana Keystones and their history before and thought a field trip to the nearest one would be a great learning experience for them."

"Gemstone Valley..." You echo, remembering the name of such a place from a conversation between two warlords long ago. "Isn't that place kinda dangerous?"

"Yes, it is." There's a hint of worry in Akyuu's voice when she answers you, which can be understood given the place Keine had decided to go to. However, Keine was a sensible lady, she wouldn't go to a place like that unless she was sure it would be safe for not only her, but for anyone that's traveling with her. "Although, Keine seems to have hired a good number of men to take care of the monsters before hand to ensure a safe trip to and from the valley itself..."

"Geeze, why didn't she call me to the job, I would have loved to go and slay some monsters for her..." You sigh as you pause, remembering the way you worded your complaint and swiftly decided to change it's meaning a bit. "I mean, you know it's my job as a warrior and all."

Akyuu simply giggles "I suppose, Keine didn't think you were ready just yet, a good number of the warriors she hired were Paladins and Duelists after all. Not that I'm saying you're inadequete just that Keine didn't want you on such a dangerous mission." Which made sense, you were no where near Paladin or Duelist grade material yet, so you would probably just get in the way...but someday...you'll be just as strong as them.

"Anywhom, you're welcome to stay here if you wish, I'm sure Keine will be back shortly..."

[ ] Stay here with Miss Akyuu and wait for Keine to return. You got nothin' but time.
[ ] "Nah, that's alright, I'm gonna head back to Mokou."


Yeah, a bit of a curveball, but I figured I had to put Akyuu in there somewhere...for some reason. Hope it's okay with you guys.
>> No. 24021
[x] Stay here with Miss Akyuu and wait for Keine to return. You got nothin' but time.
>> No. 24029
[x] Stay here with Miss Akyuu and wait for Keine to return. You got nothin' but time.
>> No. 24118
[X] "Nah, that's alright, I'm gonna head back to Mokou."

We should at least help with the disaster we made.
>> No. 24609
File 126453314413.png - (1.23MB , 1500x2000 , 43d4d6cfc2b7448710b04da3458935e8.png ) [iqdb]
[ ] Stay here with Miss Akyuu and wait for Keine to return. You got nothin' but time.

Ah, you've got a whole day ahead of you, and there isn't much else left to do as it is, so there isn't any harm in staying here with Akyuu for a little while longer and awaiting Keine to return home from her trip to the Gemstone Valley. Still, you're kind of worried of her going to that place; was it really nessacary for her to go to that valley? Yes, Akyuu did say that she had some hired muscle to take care of the monsters for her, but you still couldn't help but be a little nervous for the history teacher and her class. Oh well, the best you can do is remain here and hope for the best...besides, you don't even know how to get to the Gemstone Valley...you only recently heard of it in passing. Well, either way, Keine wasn't here just yet and you felt like spending time with Akyuu for a little while, so you walk inside the class room and take your seat near Akyuu.

"So, I've heard that you're taking part in the tourney being held here." Akyuu spoke up, mostly as a means to start some conversation as it did become invaribly quiet in the classroom.

"Yeah, I thought it was about time to shoot for something higher than a simple house gaurd." You remark, pausing for a moment as you realize the house you gaurded belonged to the girl you were conversing with. Whoops. "Erm...no offense..."

"Ah none taken, it's never a bad idea to do something more if you ever have the chance." Oh that's right...those very words bring to mind of the fact that Akyuu couldn't really do alot in terms of activities. From what you've heard from Keine, and various townspeople, Akyuu was a rather sickly child and was also rather frail as well. Injury and illness are a common factor in Akyuu's life and because of this she's often confined to her home. Luckily she's found a hobby for herself in the form of writting...

"So, how has life been treating you?" You ask to Akyuu, having not seen her for awhile, you felt it was only customary to ask on how she's been doing lately. "You doing okay now that I'm gone?"

"Hm, you weren't the only gaurd at my house you know, Lugh." chuckled Akyuu, catching wind of your rather arrogant words several moments ago. "Anyway, I've been doing fine these days, although I did have a rather nasty head cold."

"In that case, it's good to see ya back up and running."

"Indeed, and I would have come out to watch you in these tourney's, but my illness set me back several weeks or writing already, so I'm afraid I'll have to miss out this time." Akyuu's writing is actually very important to the history of Gensokyo as a whole. The Heida family is well known in this village and many others for having the largest collection of historical records and documents about the very world in which you lived.

Still, you were quite curious on who that odd girl was, and why she was here. Yes, Akyuu was filling for Keine's teaching, but it couldn't hurt to ask Akyuu about her, right? "Hey, I've been meaning to ask..." You speak up as you glance over to the quiet young lass playing with the blocks in the corner. "Who's that girl over there? She come here often, cuz I rarely see her...if at all."

"Hm? Oh, you mean Chizuru? She attends the school, but she's not the most...outspoke amoungst the other children so it's common that you might not notice her." Hm, Akyuu seems to know of her, then again, she was just teaching her something not long ago. Akyuu then scoots a bit closer to you and continues in a softer tone of voice, perhaps so is not to alert the child to their conversation. "Chizuru is also illiterate and can't read very well, on top of that an orphan from the Moonlit Bamboo Forest, so she's never had anyone to teach her to read until now."

"Oh I see...poor girl." You don't really know of that place, but, much like the Gemstone Valley, you've heard others speak of it's name...and the residents who live in and around the forest. "So does anyone know what happened to her folks, like...what killed them or caused them to y'know abandon her?"

"No one knows what happened to her parents...from what I've heard, some travellers from this village simply found her near a river in the nude...there was no one else around for miles..." Akyuu explained before turning her next words back toward the orphaned girl.

"So...they just took her in and brought her here?"

"Pretty much, yes." Akyuu nodded. "The orphanage agreed to take her in, but had little staff to help teach children who couldn't read. So, Keine agreed to turtor the girl when she found out that she was illiterate."

"Ah, well that makes sense, Keine's always going that extra mile when it comes to helping out humans." Indeed she was, there was nothing Keine wouldn't do if it involved helping a human (or humans) in need. You often wonder to yourself on where she finds the energy to do all of the things she does, on a daily basis. But you can guess that it's most likely the joy out of helping humans that keeps the schoolmarm going.

Indeed, although something has been bother us lately about Chizuru..." Akyuu mutters, her glance shifting to the girl in question as she appears to look back toward the both of you with her large red eyes before getting up to find something else to do. You're not exactly sure what Akyuu's worried of, but decide to simply ask in on it and learn for yourself...

"On her own, Chizuru's actually rather quiet and shy, but on certain nights she acts...rather aggressive for unknown reasons, and this very aggression seems to grow worse when a full moon is present..." Aggressive at night? That does sound rather odd now that you thought of it.

"How bad does it get?"

"Well, it's usually nothing short of being irritable and generally cranky or upset," "However, Keine has told me once that she had gotten into a fight with one of the other children at the orphanage during one of those nights, I'm not sure about the details on how it started, but they say she beat him up pretty badly..."

You glance over to the girl once more, noticing her swiftly look away from you the moment you gaze into her eyes. Before you can ask Akyuu anything else, the cacophony of young children approaching begins to fill the room, both you and Akyuu looking up to see the door of the classroom open to reveal the visage of Keine, a flood of excited youngsters pouring into the room with their disonant voices of youthful awe of what they had just seen. "Alright children find your things and-" Keine's voice suddenly halts in her throat as she caught sight of you and Akyuu. "Oh, Lugh you're back early."

"Yeah, we finished a bit earlier than expected." You reply as you pull yourself up. "I can go if you're gonna have class..."

"Oh no, I was about to dismiss class anyway." Keine replies as her eyes catch glimpse of several children examining the spear you had set near the door. "Children, don't touch that, it doesn't belong to you." The kids nod and leave the polearm alone as they join the crowd of youngins near the center of the class. Now that Keine's here you can finally talk to her about...whatever it is you had on your mind...or you could do something different...?

[ ] Talk to Keine.
[ ] Entertain the children before they go.
[ ] Continue the conversation with Akyuu.
[ ] Try and talk to Chizuru.
>> No. 24610
[x] Excuse yourself with Akyuu.
[x] Talk to Keine.
[x] Perhaps resume the conversation with Akyuu if possible.
>> No. 24615
[x] Excuse yourself with Akyuu.
[x] Talk to Keine.
[x] Perhaps resume the conversation with Akyuu if possible.
>> No. 24746
[X] Excuse yourself from Akyuu
[X] Talk to Keine.
[X] Entertain the children before they go.
>> No. 29002
This going to be updated as well?
>> No. 29014

Eat a dick.
>> No. 29029
[x] Excuse yourself with Akyuu.
[x] Talk to Keine.
[x] Perhaps resume the conversation with Akyuu if possible.
>> No. 29034

This story is dead.
>> No. 29057
Just on a long Hiatus. If it was dead we'd have heard something by now.
>> No. 29196
Except that the key difference between a long hiatus and being dead is "not having heard something by now."
>> No. 29198
it's THP most folks are never good about status reports, and most of Gussy's fans know that basically updates aren't common but he hasn't given up.
>> No. 29489

Secret of Mana's composer is doing a Touhou album.

Sure it's not an update, but it's something to look forward to.