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[X] Yamame said something about seeing where she lived, didn't she?
[X] Kisume will come too, right? It's not too late to eat lunch, is it?

"Didn't you say something about going to see your house, Yamame?" you ask.

"My house?" she looks puzzled for a moment, then realization hits and she smiles broadly. "Oh, yeah! we can go see where I live!" She looks down at Kisume, who's still clinging to Yamame's legs in a halfhearted attempt to hide from you. "That's okay with you, right, Kisume?" The smaller girl stares up at her for a moment, silent, then nods vigorously, her twin pigtails flapping up and down.

"Okay, then, let's go!" As Yamame speaks, her friend finally lets go of her, crouching back down into her bucket. A good thing, too; she barely manages to get her body inside before Yamame reaches down, grabbing the handle of the bucket, and, in one quick motion, swings her arm around in a full circle, turning the bucket and its occupant upside down, suspended by centripetal force alone for a brief moment. You cringe as she follows through, half-expecting her to end her wind-up by throwing the bucket straight at you, but she stops short, her arm slowing down to a casual swing.

And this is her friend? Just watching something like that makes you a little queasy; you can't imagine actually being subject to it. Kisume, however, seems to enjoy it; she's smiling for the first time since you met her, and you think you heard a small laugh somewhere in mid-swing.

"It's pretty close, so we can just walk," Yamame says, setting off away from the caves, and you follow after her. "I moved just a little while ago, so it's not as nice as I'd like it to be, but-- ah, what was that?"

Huh? "I didn't say--" Oh, she must mean Kisume. You didn't hear her say anything, but you are farther away from her than Yamame, and she doesn't seem like the type to project. You lean forward slightly and look at her, waiting for her to repeat herself.

She wilts under the pressure, though, staring at you like a startled animal for a long moment before ducking back into hiding, only her eyes peering out over the rim of the bucket at you.

"Kisumeee!" Yamame whines, a note of exasperation in her voice. "Come ooon..."

Silence. Her eyes are darting back and forth between you and Yamame now, as though she's worried that one of you is going to pounce. You pointedly look away, trying to relieve some of her tension by not staring at her, and you see her raise her head slightly in your peripheral vision.

"..you move..." You manage to pick out a few sounds somehow, but she's still barely managing to get the words out. "Where... did you move to...?"

All this for a simple question like that? You've heard of shy, but this is ridiculous. And why is she scared of you, of all people? If she's like any of the other youkai you've met so far,she could gut you without too much effort.

The rest of the trip continues without incident, with Yamame and Kisume mostly talking quietly to each other. Yamame tries to include you in the conversation at times, but the topics seem to switch between local geography and local society, neither of which you know much about, and you mostly keep quiet and listen. As you walk, you begin to make out something in the distance among the scattered boulders that pass for scenery. That can't be it, though, can it? Not at that size, not to mention that it doesn't look like a house at all. In fact, you can't see too well from here, but it almost looks like... a...

"Here it is!" Yamame says a few minutes later as you approach it, turning with a sweeping hand motion.

It's... a spiderweb. A huge one, easily as tall as Yuugi's house, stretching between two rock formations several dozen feet apart. It stands in stark contrast to the dirt-colored scenery, its white silk practically gleaming in the dim light of the cavern. Setting its size aside, it looks pretty similar to a usual spiderweb, with concentric circles spreading out from the center, spaced a few feet apart from each other. The strands are about as big around as a rope, but clearly very light; you can see the entire structure sway slightly with the breeze.

In retrospect, you probably should have expected this, you think, chuckling slightly at the absurdity of the situation. Yuugi did say that Yamame preferred the outdoors, and she is a spider youkai. This puts a damper on your plan to offer to make lunch, though.

"Do you like it?" Yamame asks, getting a vigorous nod from Kisume in reply.

"It's amazing," you say honestly. She made this thing herself?

Setting Kisume's bucket down lightly, she steps up to you and gives you... a look. You recognize this one from before, when you first met her and she wanted to take you to see Yuugi the 'fun way': pure enthusiasm, with a big smile and just a hint of puppy dog eyes.

"Wanna race to the top?"


A few hours later, you find yourself atop the web, sitting with your back against one of the rocks that the web is anchored to, enjoying the breeze as Yamame climbs back up to where you are.

After the first two races to the top ended up suspended when you accidentally touched one of the sticky strands of the web and Yamame had to cut you out, you finally made it to the top of the web (in dead last, naturally, though you're not quite sure how Kisume managed to climb that far without leaving her bucket). The top of the web, though still made of the same silk as the rest, is patterned differently, with multiple strands criss-crossing over each other to form a sort of rope bridge, several feet wide, between the web's two anchoring rocks. You're not sure enough of your footing to stand up on it like Yamame does, but it's comfortable enough to sit on, and you don't feel like you have to hold on for dear life every time a breeze comes.

Once you got there, Yamame suggested a different game; one that involved tying a stretchy piece of rope to your midsection, then jumping off of the web, letting yourself fall until the rope caught you and sprung you back up to the top. At first, you adamantly refused, nervous enough about being stories above the ground without actually throwing yourself off, but after watching the other two enjoy themselves (and not fall to their doom), you relented. The experience was... well, you can see what they like about it, but you think you were too scared to enjoy it properly. It was tiring, too; you were out of breath when you finally got back to the top of the web (although that could have been from the screaming), and it feels like your stomach is bruised from that rope.

Still, you've had fun. It feels like it's been a long time since you've done something like this; something that got you up and moving that wasn't just another job. Besides, you can't say that you've gained nothing from this; Kisume seems to be warming up to you, too, if in her own way. She still hasn't spoken to you of her own volition, and doesn't seem likely to, but at least you can meet each other's eyes without her trying to hide now.

"Ah, that was a good one!" Yamame says, pulling herself up on top of the web. Yawning, she stretches her arms over her head, then lets herself fall backwards onto the web. "I'm getting kinda tired, though. Is there anything else you want to do, Mr. Taizou?"

You are getting kind of hungry, now that you think of it. Still, it's a little late for lunch now, and there were some other things that looked interesting around here...

[ ] Go back to Yuugi's house for a late lunch.
[ ] Suggest something else to do.

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Finally, indeed. Also, get on IRC every once in a while, why don't ya. It'll make it easier to pester you to write.

[x] Go back to Yuugi's house for a late lunch.

We hunger.
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[x] Go back to Yuugi's house for a late lunch.
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[x] Go back to Yuugi's house for a late lunch.
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[X] Go back to Yuugi's house for a late lunch.
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[x] Go back to Yuugi's house for a late lunch.
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[x] Go back to Yuugi's house for a late lunch.
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[ze] Go back to Yuugi's house for a late lunch.
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[x] Go back to Yuugi's house for a late lunch.
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Updates where ;_;
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>updating the same story twice in one month
Don't be silly, now!
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I still check his /sdm/ thread several times a day.
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MoaV update is finally done, which means this is next on the list. Wednesday promises to be one of the worst days I've had in several years, so I'm aiming for Thursday updates.

You only say these things because you know it makes me feel guilty, don't y--


...right, then. Carry on.
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Glasnost ;_;
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[X] Go back to Yuugi's house for a late lunch.

"Actually, lunch would be nice," you say. "Is it all right with you if we go back to Yuugi's house?"

"That sounds good," Yamame agrees. "Are you hungry, Kisume?"

The green-haired girl nods silently, face serious, and Yamame claps her hands. "Okay, then! Let's head back!"

The flight back is somewhat less comfortable than the inward trip, with Yamame holding Kisume's bucket in one hand while still supporting you under your arms. The resulting positions also leave you staring down into Kisume's bucket for the majority of the trip, and its occupant takes poorly to the attention, diving so deep into her space-bending hideout that you can't even see her. Curiousity compels you to try to look further inside, but the feeling of invading someone else's privacy proves too strong, and you avert your eyes the entire way back.

The three of you land on the porch, and you stretch out your arms. "Go ahead inside, Mr. Taizou," Yamame says, setting Kisume's bucket down and kneeling next to it. "We'll be inside in just a bit."

"Sure thing," you say, slipping your shoes off and leaving the two friends to their private conversation. As you step into the dining room, though, you're surprised to find it already occupied: Yuugi is sitting at the low table, facing away from you. "You're back early," you say, sliding the door partway closed behind you as you step into the room.

"Taizou." She speaks your name quietly, pushing herself up to a standing position without turning around.

"How did things go in the city?" you ask, troubled by her demeanor. "Get everything delivered?"

"Taizou, I... I already know." Her voice chokes with every word, and you can see the tears in her eyes as she turns around. "I'd been guessin' ever since you showed up here, but now..."

"Wh-what?" Your heart turns cold at her words, and your mind races, trying to figure out what she's talking about. You haven't done anything wrong, have you?

"Still tryin' to hide it?" She laughs bitterly, choking back a sob. "And I let you live under the same roof with me..."

"Yuugi, I don't know what you're talking about," you say, taking a step towards her, unsure of what to say. "What did you--"

"Just leave, okay?" she interrupts, nearly whispering now. "Just... leave."

You... don't know what to do. What happened? You try to speak again, to say something, but your voice dies in your throat, and the two of you just stand there, you struck dumb and Yuugi sniffling quietly.

"Mr. Taizou, what would you like for lunch?" And then Yamame bounds into the room from behind you, swinging Kisume along with her, before noticing Yuugi. "Ah, Miss Yuugi! You're back earlier than--" She stops mid-sentence, and you watch her face drop. You turn to explain, to see if you can get her to make some sense of what's happening--

"You're not Miss Yuugi." Quicker than you can process, she shifts Kisume to her other hand, reaching out with her now-free left hand to grab your wrist and pull you back towards the door. You take the step unsurely, trying to figure out what's going on. This isn't Yuugi? Then...

"Damn. Busted by the arachnid yet again." Yuugi's whole body slumps as she leans herself against a wall, and her face breaks into an unsettling grin, an expression that doesn't fit her face. "Was I at least convincing this time?"

And then, in an instant, the person before you is no longer Yuugi. Long, blond hair shrinks, darkening to a deep red; her single horn splits into two, moving away from each other across her forehead; even her clothes shift from the sack-cloth shirt and shorts she was wearing to a kimono made of fine textiles.

"Last time, I got the speech patterns completely wrong," Rasetsu says conversationally, that same grin plastered on his face. "Hoshiguma has a wonderfully... uncouth way of speaking."

"Where's Yuugi?" you ask coldly, trying to hide your shock at the sudden change. "What are you doing here?"

"It would be quite charming, if she didn't hate me." He gives no indication that he hears you, continuing to talk, more to himself than to anyone else, it seems. "So where did I go wrong, my dear chelicerate?" he asks airily, stretching a hand out before his eyes and... changing it, morphing back and forth between his own hand and Yuugi's. "I know I got her body right this time."

"Answer my question," you say, extending an arm to draw Yamame behind you as you step between her and Rasetsu. Even as you move, you realize how foolish a gesture it is; Yamame's more likely to stand a chance than you, should he decide to attack.

"I've... studied her, you know," he says, abandoning his position against the wall and taking a slow step towards you. "Very..." Another step, and that omnipresent slasher smile falls off of his face, leaving him looking deadly serious. "...very..." He's close enough to reach out and touch you now. "...closely."

"Get the hell away from me," you say, face curling into a scowl involuntarily as you step back; regardless of whether he's here for a fight or not, this is creepy on every level, including a few levels that you hadn't realized existed. "Get out of here."

"Ah, temper, temper," he says with a cackling laugh, stepping out of range with a shit-eating grin on his face. "Besides, I can't leave before I've collected you."

"Collected me?" What the hell? Is he here to fight or not?

"Your presence is required at the council hall, by order of the council head." Rasetsu folds himself into a mock bow, then raises his head to smirk up at you. "You're looting the princess's house again, you lucky devil, you."

Satori? Has the council head already arranged another search? And why is this guy, of all people, here to tell you about it?

"Oh, and you might want to leave your..." He casts a glance at Yamame, and his grin flickers. "...friends here for the time being."

"Why would I do that?" you ask sharply, stepping back, next to Yamame.

"A large gathering of oni, so soon after an... altercation... Senseless violence is just waiting to happen, and I can't guarantee it wouldn't happen to them, should they choose to leave this house." He raises one corner of his mouth, resulting in an odd, unbalanced sneer. "There's a lot of crazy people out there."

Is this some kind of veiled threat? "The only crazy person I've met so far is standing in front of me," you say darkly.

"Crazy? Me?" he asks, face turning serious, and you're briefly reminded of the danger in talking back to someone that could vivisect you without too much effort. His lopsided grin returns, though, along with a light chuckle. "Nah. Now, let's be going, shall we?"

[ ] You'd rather keep your friends away from danger, and that may include Rasetsu. Follow him, and go alone.
[ ] Safe or not, you really don't want to do anything he suggests. Ask Yamame and Kisume to come with you.
[ ] Fuck the creepy little weirdo. You'll go, but not with him anywhere near you.
[ ] Don't go. If the council head wants you, he can come get you himself.
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File 125007360712.png - (207.55KB , 819x819 , alice_birthday.png ) [iqdb]
So my self-discipline has went to shit recently, but I do have something with which to bribe my way back into Anon's good graces. That something is a small H-scene with Kisume; something like the end of a hypothetical (non-existent) Kisume route. (The majority of this was written weeks ago, before I had entered the 'slacking off updates' phase, before you rage.) I originally started writing it as practice for later on, but it's actually not horrible, and I suspect your feedback may improve it, so if you approve, I'll post it. It really is almost done (and not my usual "lol tomorrow" version of 'almost'), so it won't take any time out of writing real updates either.

tl;dr Post Kisume H-scene? Y/N

Also, the 9th was my birthday. Pic related? You'll never know.
>> No. 21664
[x] Fuck the creepy little weirdo. You'll go, but not with him anywhere near you.

Seriously. Bugger off, you creepy little shit.

As for the Kisume scene, yes. You have severely piqued my interest in it, for reasons beyond just "lolsexsexsex!".
>> No. 21666
[x] Fuck the creepy little weirdo. You'll go, but not with him anywhere near you.

Not diggin' this guy. At all.

Also, it would be interesting to see a Kisume H-scene so if you'll provide, I'll read it~
>> No. 21668
[X] You'd rather keep your friends away from danger, and that may include Rasetsu. Follow him, and go alone.

With all the attetion to his movements and expressions, I really like the way Rasetsu is written. So I vote for more.

Also, holy shit glasnost and Harker updated on the same day. Time to buy a lottery ticket.
>> No. 21669
[x] Fuck the creepy little weirdo. You'll go, but not with him anywhere near you.
>> No. 21670

Indeed, he is written particularly well. Let's see what this option holds.

Also, the Kisume scene option intrigues me.

[X] You'd rather keep your friends away from danger, and that may include Rasetsu. Follow him, and go alone.
>> No. 21672
[X] You'd rather keep your friends away from danger, and that may include Rasetsu. Follow him, and go alone.

That and yes on the Kisume scene (it's the least since she won't be getting a route)
>> No. 21675
[x] Fuck the creepy little weirdo. You'll go, but not with him anywhere near you.

also Y on that hscene.
>> No. 21676
[X] Fuck the creepy little weirdo. You'll go, but not with him anywhere near you.
>> No. 21678
[X]You'd rather keep your friends out of danger, and that may include Rasetsu. Go with him, and go alone.

I'd rather keep an eye on this one. He's already proven he can fool Taizou, so a shapeshifter out of sight is a bad thing.

Also, tack on an extra Y to the H-scene.
>> No. 21681
[x] Fuck the creepy little weirdo. You'll go, but not with him anywhere near you.
>> No. 21684
>[x] Fuck the creepy little weirdo. You'll go, but not with him anywhere near you.

Except you won't be able to tell if he's following you because he can simply change his form.

[x] Don't go. If the council head wants you, he can come get you himself.

Some people can't tell a lie.

Some people can't help but lie in every breath they take and in every movement they make.

The council wouldn't have sent someone so unreliable to fetch you; rather, they would've sent Yuugi. And if chuckles here were acting in any official capacity at all, he wouldn't have attempted so plainly to drive you away as he just did.

This person has an admitted obsession with the woman you're cohabitating with. He wants to isolate you from your friends so he can destroy you. Being out in public is already dangerous for you; it's a simple matter for him to use your form (if he hasn't already) to start some kind of public row that ends with you either dead or Yuugi mortified.

You want to stay with Yamame because she gives you an alibi. He can use your form as much as he likes, but as long as you stay within sight of someone you trust, you'll be able to vindicate yourself later if it comes to it.
>> No. 21689

I change my vote from this to [x] Don't go. If the council head wants you, he can come get you himself.

Still Y for the Kisume H-scene.
>> No. 21690
[x] Don't go. If the council head wants you, he can come get you himself.
>> No. 21693
[X] Don't go. If the council head wants you, he can come get you himself.

Actually, yeah, why not?

Most oni are supposed to hate deception, and that seems to be all Rasetsu does. They probably wouldn't entrust him with anything, let alone anyone.

Changing vote, but still approving Kisume H.
>> No. 21695
[!/] Don't go. If the council head wants you, he can come get you himself.

Also, best option.
>> No. 21697
Changing vote as well.

[X]Don't go. If the council head wants you, he can come get you yourself.
-[X]Have Yamame stick with you for now just in case. No telling what Rasetsu will do.

Add-on and its benefits discussed and implied, but I wanted to add it anyways.
>> No. 21698
[X] Fuck the creepy little weirdo. You'll go, but not with him anywhere near you.
>> No. 21705
"[X] Fuck the creepy little weirdo. You'll go, but not with him anywhere near you." it is. Calling and writing; let's see if we can't get this done on a schedule of some sort.
>> No. 21712
Yes on Kisume H-scene only if the phrase "come/came buckets" is used, describes the situation, or is otherwise somehow implied.
>> No. 21716
[X] Don't go. If the council head wants you, he can come get you himself.
>> No. 21780
Updates on our new station, >>/underground/63.

I guess people can Touhou hijack this thread to drive it to autosage or something.