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Cadenced rainfall.

Overcast expanse of azure, layer of gloomy grey facade lain over it like a blanket of clouds.

Through drizzle to a deluge, in just an hour, the reality had been soaken through, the bequest of heavens above.

Puddles of water scattered across the gravelled path.

Dribs of water flowing down the stuck together strands, miniature waterfalls, concealing the tears.

Beyond the cascade of grim, dark walls, world is nothing any more. No witnesses. No bystanders. No one to ponder the reason. How completely puzzled would they be as to find a girl crying helplessly in the heavy rain, sitting on a porch they'd seen her sweep happily a clock's round before. Would they come up and ask, gently, as not to rasp any open wounds, try to find out? That is for no one to know. That is... for no one ever to see.

Spectacle went on, although the whole theater had come to a standstill for the one crying. Other actors, each and every hustling on his own stage meant zilch to the lonely, despairing have-not. Have-not. Have-not... Vagrant despite the wealth she possessed. Because what value do riches hold if there is no one to share the happiness of ownership with? What could possibly still count, where the one who had made it all valuabe had dispersed to the other side...?

The girl kept on crying for hours in the end.

Until the clouds had slowly begun to be swept asunder, through young, weakly breeze, and the girl finally saw the light of day she hadn't had the pleasure of feeling the whole, weepy night.

Along with it, came a person. A person whose flowing wisps of hair matched the rays like nothing the girl had ever seen before.

"Everybody needs a little time away," she said, smiling like a blooming flower. Her lips seemed to carry honesty. "But if you wish to see your loved one again..."

The pause the stranger made served naught but fueling the girl's despair.

"I want to see her," she replied, not sure of anything anymore. "I just want to see her face again..."

"There's a choice each of us has to make sooner or later. Don't blame me for your mistakes."

The stranger glanced aside, leaving the girl to wonder. She held two palms outstretched: one open, and one closed, clearly keeping a thing hidden beneath the slender fingers, away from the girl's sight.

"Can you really help?"

Golden locks fluttered in the air as the woman returned her friendly gaze towards the one slumping on the stairs.

"No one can help you, save for you yourself. I only offer... a well-lit way."

"What does that mean?"

"You choose the open hand," the stranger nodded at the said. "And your life will continue as normal. There will be grievance. There will be sorrow. There will be troubles. There will be loneliness. But you'll keep on living. Fulfilling your dreams. Spending the time you were given by whoever you believe in."

"And if I choose the other one...?"

"It will all end. In an instant. It won't hurt. Well, maybe a bit. But that'll be the end. You'll be able to see those who have departed once more. For you yourself will depart as well."

Birds begun to sing at the top branches of the nearest tree. The girl raised her chin to look her redeemer in the eye.

She couldn't see.

Because the eyes, clearly felt fixated on her own face, were completely invisible due to the blistering sun on the firmament behind the stranger's head.

The girl reached out.

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Chill tale, brethren.
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> You'll be able to see those who have departed once more

Blankfag ;_;
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Interesting story.

Poor Mokou.
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I really wish I knew what this was in context to.