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That's right, another one. Skip the next paragraph if you don't care about my self introduction.

All the other stories don't seem to be moving right now, so I figured now is a good a time as any to throw out some of the ideas I've had. This would probably fit better on the general board, as I'm not going to limit the characters you can meet, but I'm putting here to avoid the whiners who complain there are too many on general. This board is pretty much dead anyway so I don't see the harm. This story will be a little different from the others. Unlike the others, I will not be throwing you into Gensoukyo, I will be throwing Gensoukyo at you (in the human world). Don't expect it to be serious or mind-fucking like MiG or have any huge romantic love triangles, you'll hopefully see the direction I'm going after the first character joins. I'm not completely confident in my writing abilities and I'm a very slow typer, but please take care of me *bow*. I hope you enjoy.


You wake up to the sun shining in through the window aided by the sound of your alarm clock. You just spent half the night reading touhou fanfiction even though you have university to attend, but it was worth it. You're incredibly tired, but you force yourself out of bed, turn off the alarm and get ready. You are an anon approaching 20 years, living by yourself in a small rundown house you bought using money you borrowed off your parents. Spending most of your days on the internet with your one true love, Touhou, and going to school to eventually earn a living. When you finished getting ready, you're out the door and walking to university. You're too poor to afford a car, but it's only about half an hour to get there.

The streets you travel are often empty with the exception of one or two cars that pass by. Today, though, there is a girl with short brown hair topped with a black hat. She wears a suit with a tie which makes her look a bit masculine, but she's in a skirt so she must be a girl. She's looking at her watch and complaining that her friend is late. You must be fucking tired. She looks like Renko Usami, but that can't be right, you're mixing up fiction with reality. She notices you staring at her so you quickly look away, walking passed her, feeling embarrassed.

You spend the next few minutes walking in a depression. You're projecting your fantasies into real life. Next thing you know, there's a little girl flying in the sky...


...wait a minute. There is a little girl flying in the sky.

You stop to take a look.

[ ] It's just your imagination. Continue walking.
[ ] Try to get a closer look.


FUCK, that took an hour to write. I hope I get better at this. How do you like it so far? Should I move to general?

>> No. 197
[ ] Try to get a closer look.

Don't expect things to speed along in this board, either.
>> No. 198
[x] Try to get a closer look.

Your writing style is fine, don't sweat it. Also good luck.
>> No. 199
[X] Try to get a closer look.
No matter if you're slow, Limited Adventure style should give writefags more freedom when compared to ones on main-board.
>> No. 200
[x] It's just your imagination. Continue walking.

No reason supplied.
>> No. 201
It does look like someone's flying up there. It's hard to tell, it doesn't look like a plane or a helicopter. You stand on the tip of your toes, but that does nothing. You climb a nearby fence, still no help.

After a couple of seconds of staring at it, you do notice something. It doesn't appear to be actually flying. It's not floating either. Yes... it looks like its... falling...

... SHIT...

The next instant there is a loud booming thud, dust is flying everywhere. You're struggle to stand there, almost coughing your lung up. After the dust has cleared, you finally breath in. There's a crater several meters in front of you. Oh shi... That might have hit you if you had kept walking. From within the crater you can hear small voice.

"OWWWWWWWWWWIE... Huh? Where am I?"

The little girl seems to have survived the landing.

[ ] Try to help whoever it is.
[ ] It's your imagination. Ignore it. Keep walking.
[ ] That's it. Now you've lost it! Strip your clothes and go streaking across the neighbourhood.
>> No. 202
>>it looks like its... falling...

[x] Wish upon on a falling star
>> No. 203
[X] Try to help whoever it is.
>> No. 204
[ ] Try to help whoever it is.
>> No. 205
[x] Try to help whoever it is. Ask them what the hell's going on.
>> No. 206
File 120966197024.jpg - (26.21KB , 300x300 , suika.jpg ) [iqdb]
You carefully descend into the hole. "Eheheheh" you snicker to yourself. You entered a HOLE. But enough sexual innuendo, you need to find out what's going on!

Upon closer inspection, it is indeed a little girl, complete with delicious flat chest. It is so flat, you feel like singing a song about it, but no time for that now. You also notice two large horns sticking out of her head. You recognize them immediately.

"Wha...? Who are you? Do I know you?" She breathes out a huge yawn after asking that.

She doesn't look hurt. In fact, she looks like she just fell out of bed. Your head is aching, one of the girls from that game you like fell from the sky. She's swinging her head back and forth, examining the surroundings. She's obviously more confused than you are.

The area is still misty from the dust that picked up, but you can hear a commotion. People are starting to gather. Well, of course people would gather, there was a huge fucking explosion.

For some reason you don't want other people to see her.

[ ] Grab her and run, before anyone can see!
[ ] Who cares if people see her. Ask her what's going on!
[ ] Leave. You have a very strong imagination.
[ ] Find the nearest authority and hand her over. This is none of your business.
>> No. 207
[ ] Grab her and run, before anyone can see!
>> No. 208
[X] Grab her and run, before anyone can see!

This loli! It was made for me!
>> No. 209
[ ] Grab her and run, before anyone can see!
>> No. 210
[X] Grab her and run, before anyone can see!

>> No. 211
File 12096624707.png - (38.02KB , 180x292 , pedobear1.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Grab her and run, before anyone can see!
>> No. 212
Just so you guys know. If you had chosen to streak across the neighbourhood a choice ago you would have ended up in a mental hospital for seeing 2D characters in real life. There you would have met a guy named Fred who has a friend named Billy who looks and acts exactly like Fred, but you would never be able to meet them at the same time for some reason, and you would have been best friends with both of them.

Fred/Billy true end MISSED!

Sorry if you're disappointed.

Grab her won. Writing next part now.
>> No. 213
Well I'm enjoying it so far
>> No. 214
You don't think about it. You just grab her arm and start moving your legs.

"Woah! Hey! What's going on?!" Although she's yelling, she not struggling at all. Probably due to the confusion.

You run out of the dust dragging Suika along behind. Luckily, it looks like nobody noticed you. Oh? Scratch that. You just ran past someone. Wait, isn't that the girl from a couple minutes ago? The one that looked like Renko. No time to ask. You increase your speed with the oni in tow.

Your house is the only logical place you can think of to bring her... Well, you could bring her to a dark abandoned alleyway... Hmm, no, you house would be much better. Good thing you live alone.

You make it back to your place. After checking if anyone followed you, you lock the door. You ran as fast as you could. You have trouble breathing, you need a minute to catch your breath. You're really out of shape.

"Hey! Who are you?! Where am I?!" She just stands there with a confused face. She doesn't show any sign of fatigue.

You finally calm yourself down and think for a moment. What do you do now?

[ ] Ask her how she got here.
[ ] Ask her if she'd like a drink. She's a guest in your house, be a proper host.
[ ] Introduce yourself.
[ ] RAPE!
>> No. 215
[ ] Ask her if she'd like a drink. She's a guest in your house, be a proper host.
[ ] Introduce yourself.

You can't rape her, she's stronger than you
>> No. 216
[x] Ask her how she got here.
>> No. 217
[X] Introduce yourself.
[X] Ask her if she'd like a drink. She's a guest in your house, be a proper host.

Explanations come after proper etiquette, in so far as we can be polite after yanking her up and running off with her.
>> No. 218
[ ] Introduce yourself.
[ ] Ask her if she'd like a drink. She's a guest in your house, be a proper host.

Both, in this order.
>> No. 219
[x] Ask Suika if she is my Master.
>> No. 220
>You can't rape her, she's stronger than you

Congratulations! You spotted an obvious BAD END!


"Sorry for dragging you here. I'm..."

[ ] My name is (Write-in vote)
[ ] My name is (Random background noise that blocks out your name)
[ ] You can call me "Anon"
[ ] You can call me "Onii-chan".

Note: This will determine how I deal with your name the rest of the story.
>> No. 221
[ ] You can call me "Onii-chan".
>> No. 222
[x] My name is Cu Chulainn, Legendary Celtic Hero.
>> No. 223
[ ] You can call me "Onii-chan".
>> No. 224
I don't get this. I see it a lot, what's the joke/reference?
>> No. 225
[X] You can call me "Onii-chan".

Alternatively, "Aniki," and other variants are acceptable.
>> No. 226
☞ You can call me "Onii-chan"

>> No. 227
[X] My name is Write-In Vote.
>> No. 228
Oh u.
>> No. 229
[ ] My name is (Random background noise that blocks out your name)

I was going to use the same shtick for my story.
>> No. 230
I took a while to contemplate whether to do this, but I thought 'Hey, we're already several votes in. Time to fuck things up!'


You try to tell her to call you "Onii-chan". Unfortunately, you're still very tired from running a marathon, combined with the fact that, try as hard as you might, you're NOT Japanese. You wonder how you're even talking to her.

"Oni Chan... Oni... A-are you an oni? Is that why you brought me here?" Fucking prolonged vowels! She looks at you with anxious eyes. You can tell part of her is excited in finding one of her kind, but most of her is prepared for disappointment. OH FUCK!

[ ] "Uh... yes! I'm an oni. Just like you!"
[ ] "N-no! I said 'OnII-chan'!" REALLY stress the 'ii'. "You know. Like 'brother'"
[ ] "WHAT? No, that's not what I said! I said..." Choose another name.
>> No. 231
[ ] "Uh... yes! I'm an oni. Just like you!"
>> No. 232
[X] "N-no! I said 'OnII-chan'!" REALLY stress the 'ii'. "You know. Like 'brother'"
>> No. 233
[ ] "N-no! I said 'OnII-chan'!" REALLY stress the 'ii'. "You know. Like 'brother'"
>> No. 234
☞ "N-no! I said 'OnII-chan'!" REALLY stress the 'ii'. "You know. Like 'brother'"
>> No. 235
[x] "N-no! I said 'OnII-chan'!" REALLY stress the 'ii'. "You know. Like 'brother'"

So tempted to pick the "I'm an oni" running gag.
>> No. 236
[ ] "WHAT? No, that's not what I said! I said I'm the Manly Purple Man!"
>> No. 237
"N-no! I said 'OnII-chan'!" You REALLY stress the 'ii'. "You know. Like 'brother'"
"Oh..." She stares at the floor and droops her shoulders. You feel like shit knowing you made her sad.
"Of course you're not an oni. You don't have any horns... Huh? Why 'brother'? You're not my brother... I mean, of course you're not my brother." She's no longer looking at you. She's turned her head to the wall, her stare is blank.

[ ] "That's my real name! Oniichan!"
[ ] "It's a nickname. Everyone calls me Onii-chan!"
[ ] "I want to be your brother..."
[ ] "Don't you think it's CUTE?"
>> No. 238
[ ] "It's a nickname. Everyone calls me Onii-chan!"
>> No. 239
[ ] "I want to be your brother..."

I honestly can't think of any answers to this that don't sound like a pedophile

>> No. 240
[X] "I want to be your brother..."
>> No. 241
☞ "I want to be your brother..."
>> No. 242
[X] "It's a nickname. Everyone calls me Onii-chan!"
>> No. 243
[X] "I want to be your brother..."
>> No. 244
[x] "I want to be your brother..."

Suika was kinda lonely, right? then let's give her a brother!
>> No. 245
"I want to be your brother..." You say in the most sincere voice you can muster. You really have no idea where you're going with this.
"You want to be my brother? We just met. Why do you want to be my brother?"
You stare at her for a moment. Then, you shrug. You seriously have no idea. She stares back for the same amount of time.
"You're weird." She finally breaks the silence and motions for the door. Looks like she's trying to run away. You try to stop her, but she fades away into a fine mist. You almost forgot she can do that. The mist slips between the cracks in the door, there's nothing you can do.

Damn, you scared her away. Why must you be so creepy Anon?
You continue to watch the cracks between the door.
You were this close to living with a girl. Or at least having friend. Doesn't matter if she was a figment of your imagination.
Goddamnit you're lonely ;_;

You turn around and head inside your house. You take your time, you have nothing to do after all. As you slowly shuffle your feet you recall that you skipped classes... Ah, who cares.

As you take your first step into the next room, you hear a small voice behind you.
"Um..." Suika came back. For an instant you can feel the relief well up in you. "...Where am I?" But soon realize she just came back for directions.
"Well," You turn to face her. You not sure how to say, so you just blurt out "... You're in the human world."
"What? How'd I get here?" She's shaking her head again in confusing, but there's not much for her to see in your house no matter how many times she looks.
"Uhh... you fell from the sky..." Well, it's true.
"Yeah, I remember that. All I remember before that was taking a nap at the back of the Shrine."

She was sleeping behind the Shrine. That sounds very trivial, but for some reason, you feel that you should make a mental note about it. Hmm, is it important?

Suika interrupts your thought process "Um... Well, I don't know how to get back and I have nowhere else to go... C-can I stay here?"
"I thought I was a weirdo..." You are, really.
"Hmph, if you try anything..." She raises her hand and clenches her fist tight. "...I'll smash you." She starts to giggle. You know it's a joke, but can't help feeling slightly scared. She can easily throw huge boulders after all.
But still, she's offering to stay. That's what you wanted in the first place, isn't it? You try not to show your excitement, but you can't tell if you're doing a good job. You quickly gesture her in.
You can see a small smile upon her face. "Thanks... Onii-chan..."

[ ] "No problem!"
[ ] "You don't have to call me that if you don't want to..."


Sorry I took so long to update. Combination of chores and writer's block. This story is turning out a lot more depressing than I planned it. It gets a lot more light-hearted later on, I promise.
>> No. 246
[X] "No problem!"
[X] "You don't have to call me that if you don't want to..."

She can call us whatever she wants.
>> No. 247

[ ] "No problem!"
[ ] "You don't have to call me that if you don't want to..."
>> No. 248
[X] "No problem!"
[X] "You don't have to call me that if you don't want to..."
>> No. 249
[x] "No problem!"
[x] "You don't have to call me that if you don't want to..."
>> No. 250
[X] "No problem!"
[X] "You don't have to call me that if you don't want to..."
>> No. 251
You feel a bit awkward for telling her to call you that, so you tell her she can stop.
"It's okay... Maybe... You really can be my brother..." Her smile turns to a grin.
You try to hide your blush. "Ladies first." You step aside and she strides into the living room.

Ugh, your place is a mess. You do live by yourself, but that's not an excuse. You regret not cleaning up before inviting her in. You can only mumble out "Sorry it's... not clean..."
"No problem. Reimu gets lazy sometimes as well." Suika plops down on the couch. It's an old one that wobbles a bit and is very springy. She starts bouncing up and down, she's having a lot of fun with it. Her child-like laughter sounds so innocent, so moe, so HNNNNNNNNNNNGH.
You pull yourself together and decide to get some refreshments. The kitchen is the next room over. Suika calls out to you from the couch as you decide what to get.
"Oh yeah! When I first got here, you said my name. How did you know me?"

[ ] Tell her without holding anything back "I know you from a video game."
[ ] "A man called ZUN has chronicled the exploits of the Hakurei priest. I recognized you from one of them."
[ ] "Huh? Is Suika your name? I had a sudden craving for watermelon."
[ ] "What? I didn't hear you. By the way, what's you name?"

What do you get for her?

[ ] Water
[ ] Fruit juice
[ ] Soda pop
[ ] Coffee
[ ] Tea
[ ] Beer
>> No. 252
[ ] "A man called ZUN has chronicled the exploits of the Hakurei priest. I recognized you from one of them."

[ ] Beer
>> No. 253
Don't care about the first, but the second is obviously

[X] Beer
>> No. 254
[ ] "A man called ZUN has chronicled the exploits of the Hakurei priest. I recognized you from one of them."

[ ] Beer

Nothing could possibly go wrong. NOTHING
>> No. 255
[X] "A man called ZUN has chronicled the exploits of the Hakurei priest. I recognized you from one of them."

[X] Beer

The first isn't really lying. It's just not outright saying it's a VIDYA GAEM. The games are technically chronicling her exploits.
>> No. 256
[X] "A man called ZUN has chronicled the exploits of the Hakurei priest. I recognized you from one of them."

[X] Beer
>> No. 257
You grab two beers from the fridge. You're not sure whether they have canned drinks in Gensoukyo, so you open the can before handing it to Suika. With your own beer in hand, you take a seat beside her and begin telling her about the Touhou series. Just the story part anyway, you leave out that it's a game series. Wait... if Suika's here, maybe it's not just a game. You start to think of the possibilities.
It seems Suika was completely absorbed in your talk. "Wow! This ZUN must be a very powerful man. He lives in the human world, but can see everything in Gensoukyo." Out of her trance, she finally notices the can in her hands. "Hey! This has alcohol in it!" She chugs the whole thing down in one breath.

ZUN? A very powerful man?

[ ] Yes. I'd be honoured to be in his presence.
[ ] Well, he does have hundreds of followers.
[ ] No. He's just a drunkard who can't draw to save his life.
[ ] Laugh your ass off.


This choice doesn't affect anything. I planned it out as a joke, but now that I've written it I realized there's no funny. But it's already typed so I might as well post it.
>> No. 258

>> No. 259
[ ] Well, he does have hundreds of followers.

I kinda grinned.
>> No. 260
Enough of this. We have more important things to think about. Specifically, what is Suika doing in the human world. To get here, she would have to pass through the boundary, so that means either Yukari or Reimu are involved, possibly both. You turn to Suika to ask if she saw either of them before coming here.
You're a little surprised when you notice she's no longer sitting beside you. She's coming back from the kitchen with a six-pack, although four of them are already empty. "I hope you don't mind." She has a huge grin on her face. You're still halfway through your first can.

"Hmm, I already told you I was asleep when I came here."
"But what about before that."
"... Oh, Reimu was setting something up. I don't know what it was. When I asked, Reimu said it was none of my business. So I took a nap." She's certainly carefree.

You're gonna need more info, but Suika doesn't look like she knows anything else.

[ ] THE INTERNET. The internet knows everything.
[ ] Check the news on TV. Maybe something happened.
[ ] Wonder aimlessly on the streets. Maybe you'll run into something.
[ ] Ask Suika again.
>> No. 262
[ ] Check the news on TV. Maybe something happened.
>> No. 263
The television news will just be full of sensationalist bullshit, as usual.


>> No. 264
[x] THE INTERNET. The internet knows everything.

See if a million new articles just popped up on wikipedia. We'll know if Keine is here or not.
>> No. 265
[X] THE INTERNET. The internet knows everything.
>> No. 266
Sorry for not updating, got distracted by everyone else's updates. I'm really tired right now, so I'm going to bed. I might write something in the morning, but I won't be able to use the computer for long tomorrow. I'm free all day on Saturday though, look forward to it.

Also, is this a vote for TV? >>263
In any case, more votes needed.
>> No. 267

Yeah, that's a television news vote. For the BBC World News, more specifically.
>> No. 268
[ ] Check the news on TV. Maybe something happened.
>> No. 269
[ ] THE INTERNET. The internet knows everything.

I wish my dog were around. He's better at it than me!
>> No. 270
[ ] THE INTERNET. The internet knows everything.

I'm sure /th/ will know something about it!

[ ] Drink faster.
>> No. 271
File 120976550567.jpg - (41.85KB , 549x467 , th.jpg ) [iqdb]
Wall of text! I had fun with the first part, sorry if you weren't mentioned. I won't be able to update again today. See you tomorrow.


It's time to consult the vast knowledge of the world wide web. You walk over to your computer and boot it up.

"Oh, Suika, I need to check on something. Feel free to anything in the kitchen and take it easy."
"Okay. All this waking up in another world has made me tired. I was still in the middle of my nap when I came here." She finishes off a third pack of beer before falling onto the couch.
This is good. Now you don't need to worry about boring her. There's not really anything for her to do here.

Turning back to the computer. You go over every site you can think of, but there's nothing about people falling from the sky.

Out of habit, you go to your favourite site, /th/... Wow... This is incredible! You can't believe your eyes. All the writefags are up and WRITING LIKE THE FIST OF THE NORTH STAR! JESUS CHRIST!!!

-clickclickclick- GODDAMNIT IT YUKIRA! Your bad ends have left me in despair!
-clickclickclick- Hey, GM posted an update. F5F5F5. Huh? No more? Aww, 7 minute break...
-clickclickclick- Oh, Captain Anon, you smooth player you...
-clickclickclick- Oh shi... Nanayanonymous is such a psycho.
-clickclickclick- WOO! The party's getting CRAZY 'hunting' vampires in the SDM.
-clickclickclick- Hey. Someone started a new one. It looks like it has a lot of potential.

-clickclickclick- F5F5F5 -clickclickclick-

Hmm... this thread has something interesting...

> I was watching the news this morning and thought I saw a touhou character in the background. I must be spending too much time here...
> Yes you are, but I understand. I wish I could really ruffle _________'s hair, if you know what I mean.
> so ronery ;_;
> I think it's time for PROMOTIONS!

The thread is soon filled with lewd pictures of all your favourites. You save all of them so you can 'use' them in the future.

"Hey, Whatcha doin'?" Suika is standing behind you. You panic and quickly turn off the monitor. She watches you with a curious look. "What is that?"
"It's nothing." You don't want her to see what is on your computer and try to change the subject. "Weren't you taking a nap?"
"I did! I'm completely awake now!" She jumps up and down, full of energy.
"Huh? That fast? That wasn't a long..." You look at the clock. It's already 5 PM, it was early afternoon last you checked. You spent the entire day like you always do. You're not sure how to feel about that.

But you think back to the thread you just saw. No, not the promotions. About seeing someone on the news. You grab the remote and turn to the local news.
"What's that?" Suika is asking you a question, but you're listening too intently to the TV to respond.

You see the crater that Suika caused. Luckily, they say it was caused by broken underground gas pipe. You guess noone would believe it was caused by a little girl crash landing there.
There's something else of interest. They say a gang of women of varying ages were setting off fireworks around the city. You don't get out much, so you don't recognize some of the places. They mention the areas around the city river, the downtown mall, the park, and a few other places. Citizens are warned to stay away from those areas until they can be determined to be safe.

This might be what you were looking for. Those 'fireworks' must be danmaku, you think. There are other Touhoues here and you need to find them. You can't just sit here. You need to get out there and investigate.
Suika's watching the TV, wondering what it is. It looks like she doesn't understand what the news is saying.
"Suika! We're going out to look for your friends!"
"Huh? ...Yay!" Her face changes from confusion to excitement. For some reason you're getting excited as well.

It might be a little dangerous, but you figure Suika can protect you if things get rough. You not anyone special, so you have no weapons. Not even a pocket knife like Shiki, or a bat to go L5 with. You could take a knife from the kitchen, but it doesn't fit in your pocket and that may raise an eyebrow if you were caught waving it around.

You wonder if you need anything else.

[ ] No, nothing. Let's go!
[ ] You need the most important thing for any Touhou creature. Some sort of head accessory!

If second choice:

[ ] Cap
[ ] Bandanna
[ ] Sunglasses
[ ] Wear one of those sweaters with a hoodie.
[ ] Take an umbrella
[ ] Make a paper hat
[ ] Wear your underwear on your head
[ ] Put a green bag with a question mark over your head
>> No. 272
File 120976616251.jpg - (388.70KB , 2048x1024 , YukaYukari001.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] You need the most important thing for any Touhou creature. Some sort of head accessory!


[X] Take a cap. A Gatsby cap.
[X] Take an umbrella.

The umbrella is the sign of true powerhouses: see Yuuka and Yukari.

Now to wait.
>> No. 274
[X] You need the most important thing for any Touhou creature. Some sort of head accessory!
[X] Take an umbrella

Last time I checked umbrella wasn't a head accessory, but it might prove useful.
>> No. 275
[ ] You need the most important thing for any Touhou creature. Some sort of head accessory!
[ ] Paper hat

Suika's horns will rip a cap/hoodie, the glasses do nothing, as well as umbrella and etc. Paper hat seems to be only fitting.
>> No. 276
☞ You need the most important thing for any Touhou creature. Some sort of head accessory!
☞ Take an umbrella
>> No. 277
[x] You need the most important thing for any Touhou creature. Some sort of head accessory!
[x] Tinfoil hat
>> No. 279
>Suika's horns will rip a cap/hoodie

Why would this matter? She isn't putting either one on.
>> No. 280
So, you'd rater let a drunken and horned loli stroll around with you in broad daylight with police/spectators in every direction?

Great plan...
>> No. 281

She can turn herself into mist, and she can miniaturize herself. Keeping a low profile with her won't be hard.
>> No. 282
[x] You need the most important thing for any Touhou creature. Some sort of head accessory!
[x] Make two paper hats, for suika and you
>> No. 283
I know I said I'd be free today, but I'm going shopping with my family soon. I'll write something when I get back.

To speed things up, decide your first destination:

[ ] Downtown mall
[ ] Park
[ ] River docks
>> No. 284
[x] River docks
>> No. 285

[X] Park

Likeliest place to find Yuuka, Lily, Medicine, etc., who happen to mostly be my favorites.
>> No. 286
[X] Park
>> No. 287
File 120984956664.jpg - (229.78KB , 1280x1024 , nerochaos.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Park
Our final confrontation begins now.
>> No. 288
☞ River docks
>> No. 289
[X] Park
Becuase of this >>285
>> No. 290
File 120986195345.png - (72.42KB , 512x504 , 120985803430.png ) [iqdb]

Well then, let's kill each other.
>> No. 291
Thinking about all you know about Touhou, you come to realize the most essential piece of equipment needed to survive in Gensoukyo. A silly hat! But thinking further, you remember one powerful youkai that can blow through the competition without one.
Digging around the mess you call home, you find your cheap old plastic umbrella. Looking at it, you're a little disappointed. It's nothing like the parasol you imagine, it would probably break if you try to use it as a weapon. A stubborn voice in your head tells you to take it anyway. "I'm sure this will come in handy somehow..."

You start to open the door, but a thought crosses your mind. You turn back to Suika. She's gonna stand out with those big horns. You don't want that kind of attention, so you ask her if she can do anything about it.
"Sorry, their attached to my head really tight." She pull's on them to show you. Both of you think hard about a way to hide them, or at least you do. You can't tell what she's thinking, but she continues pulling on her horns. You think long and hard about what she can do and come up with the perfect solution.
"Suika! Can you shrink yourself really small?" You show the size you want with your hands. She doesn't understand, but after a minute, her eyes light up like a lightbulb.
"Oh! I get it! I know exactly what you're thinking!" In front of your eyes, Suika's height shrinks down to about an inch. "Noone will see me like this."
You hold out your hand and before you know it, Suika runs up your arm, jumps up to your head and grabs a bunch of your hair. "I'll hold on tight! Don't worry about me falling."
Uh... That's not what you were thinking. You actually meant for her to hide in your pocket. She's still in plain view there, but at least now, if anyone asks, you can say she's a toy. You'd look wierd but it's believable.
And can't she fly? Why does she need to sit there? You decide not to raise any objection, as you feel a sort of delight from letting her ride you. She's seems to be having fun too.


I'm back! Sorry I took so long. I originally planned on giving you a choice here, but that other anon already posted about the Suika problem, so I went with my favourite solution. Still typing up the next part.
>> No. 292
File 120986349848.gif - (315.52KB , 704x396 , uruchaiuruchaiuruchai.gif ) [iqdb]
>"Oh! I get it! I know exactly what you're thinking!" In front of your eyes, Suika's height shrinks down to about an inch. "Noone will see me like this."
>You hold out your hand and before you know it, Suika runs up your arm, jumps up to your head and grabs a bunch of your hair. "I'll hold on tight! Don't worry about me falling."

My god.

I better hear Suika say "Chut up! Chut up! Chut up!" at least ONCE.
>> No. 293
At last, now you can finally begin your adventure. You decide to start at the park. You've been there a couple of times before. It's a rather large park, plenty of greenery and the entire thing is surrounded by a tall iron-pole fence with hedge bushes on the inside. It's a perfect place for a youkai to hide.
You also remember from the news that people were told to avoid the area. Nobody was hurt and the 'fireworks' were only eye-witness reports, as people outside the surrounding area didn't hear any explosion, so it's likely there will only be a few police officers there just to check for them.

As you walk to the park, you spot something in the bushes along the sidewalk. It's a doll.
No, it's not Medicine. Nor is it Shanghai or any of Alice's dolls that you recognize. It's very old, crudely made and beaten up. The owner obviously didn't care for it and threw it away.

You're not sure if it's of any importance...

[ ] Take it with you.
[ ] No, it looks ugly.
>> No. 294
[X] Take it with you.

Anonymous is a packrat.
>> No. 295
[x] No, it looks ugly.
It's trash. Trash, right? It's trash.
>> No. 296
[x] Take it with you.

Anon's inventory must grow
>> No. 297
You decide to take it with you. You dust it off and pocket it. The rest of the walk to the park is uneventful

You reach a side of the park blocked off by the fence. It's too tall to go over and the bars are too close to go through. You need to go around to one of the entrances.
At the gate, you spot two officers talking to each other. You decide to hide behind the corner and listen in.

"I'm tellin' ya, chief! The flowers were attackin' me!"
"Look! I know this is a big park, and we're the only ones searching it, but you can't come up with lame excuses like that to get out of work!"
"I don't have a problem with work, but the flowers..."
"What? Are you allergic or somethin'? Just say so. Maybe you can help with one of the other searches..."
The scrawny officer is pleading with his superior to believe him, but he doesn't seem to be listening anymore.
"Get some rest. We'll get someone else here tomorrow."

Both of them are walking away.

[ ] Now your chance! Sneak in!
[ ] On second thought. Let's go somewhere else.
>> No. 298
Getting something to eat. Back in a while.
>> No. 299
[X] Now your chance! Sneak in!

Time for some Tactical Espionage Action.

First, we find a box...
>> No. 300
[X] Now your chance! Sneak in!

Delicious Yuuka, must confront.
>> No. 301
[x] Sneak in

This will end well.
>> No. 303
You've been given an opportunity. No reason to turn it down. You sneak past the officers with ease.

You head deep into the center of the park and determine that the coast is clear. Your head is starting to hurt from Suika pulling on your hair.
Suika leaps off your head and returns to normal size. "That was fun! Let's do it again later." It certainly was, but your hair is a mess now.

You wander around, looking for any sign of life. It's getting dark. The sun is about to set, but the street lights haven't turned on yet.
You come across a patch of beautiful flowers. Hey, didn't that guy say the flowers were attacking him. That could mean Yuka Kazami is here. Wait, is that good or bad?
Before you can decide, you hear the bushes rustle behind you.
You freeze. It could be a deadly youkai about to kill you. A few seconds of silence pass by. You finally gather the courage to turn around.

[ ] "Who's there!"
[ ] Stand your ground. Stay silent.
[ ] Get a closer look.
[ ] Shit! You're gonna die! Run away!
[ ] Hide behind Suika
>> No. 304
[x] Stand your ground. Stay silent.
>> No. 305
[X] Calm down. "Who's there?"
>> No. 306
[x] Get a closer look.
>> No. 307
[x] Calm down. "Who's there?"
Seconding this. Gotta keep your cool around the hostile youkai.
>> No. 308
It's too dark to see. You can only stand there and strain your eyes to look into the bush.
You're caught off guard as something jumps out. It's running in your direction, but all you see is a blur.
You jump back and use the umbrella to protect yourself, but nothing touches you. The blur is already beside you. It knocked down Suika and is now straddling her.

But it's not what you were expecting. It's shouts in a high loud voice "SUIKA!!"
"Huh? CHEN!!" That's right, it was a cat girl. Chen jumps off Suika so she can get up.
You can't imagine how happy they are to see each other. The two of them are dancing in each other's arms and laughing. It warms your heart.

"Chen I told you not to wander around without me. I don't want you to get lost." Out of the shadow steps a nine-tailed fox girl. Chen is still playing with Suika
"... but I see you found a friend, so I'll overlook that." Ran Yakumo turns to you. "Oh, are you a friend of the oni?"
She scans you over. Everything happened so fast, you still have the umbrella at ready. She tries to hide a giggle at your feeble attempt to defend yourself.

[ ] "Wha... What just happened? Wasn't Yuka supposed to be here?" Get an explanation first.
[ ] "Yeah, we're friends." Put the umbrella away.
[ ] "Yes, Suika and I are friends." Open the umbrella and try to look as high class as you can.
[ ] "I'm her brother, and I hope I can be yours too."


I didn't get as many updates today as I was hoping. It's getting late, so I'm going to bed now.
>> No. 309
[X] "Yes, Suika and I are friends." Open the umbrella and try to look as high class as you can.

So, I hear some women find a complete failure at being smooth to be cute.
>> No. 310
[x] "Yes, Suika and I are friends." Open the umbrella and try to look as high class as you can.
>> No. 311
[ ] "Wha... What just happened? Wasn't Yuka supposed to be here?" Get an explanation first.

If anyone would know why Touhous have invaded the outside world, it'd be Ran. We need answers.
>> No. 312

Damn, I just love these sorts of choices.
>> No. 313
[ ] "Yeah, we're friends." Put the umbrella away.

We can look like an ass as much as we like later.
>> No. 314
[X] "Yeah, we're friends." Put the umbrella away.
Umbrella has done it's job.
>> No. 315
[X] "Yes, Suika and I are friends." Open the umbrella and try to look as high class as you can.

heh, cool.
>> No. 316
[X] "Yeah, we're friends." Put the umbrella away.
>> No. 317
[x] "Yes, Suika and I are friends." Open the umbrella and try to look as high class as you can.

Ran Tails Ran tails ran tails. Let's amuse her with our attempt to be cool.
>> No. 318
[X] "Yes, Suika and I are friends." Open the umbrella and try to look as high class as you can.

Awesome pose
>> No. 319
If we attach some frills to our clothes and bows to the umbrella our power level will rise over 9000
>> No. 320
File 120992468197.jpg - (235.22KB , 1000x714 , yakumo.jpg ) [iqdb]
You open the umbrella and rest it on your shoulder. Straightening you back and standing as tall as you can, you answer "Yes. Yes I am!" You smile and use the back of you hand to brush away you hair... Your hair is still a mess and you imagine you look like an idiot.
Ran stifles another giggle. "My. You're quite an... interesting individual. I am Ran Yakumo, and this is Chen Yakumo." Chen takes her place beside Ran and they both give a small bow.

Suika runs up behind you and give you a pat on the back, she didn't quite hold back enough and you barely keep your balance.
"Onii-chan is a pretty cool guy! He's letting me stay at his place and he isn't afraid of anything!" You quickly regain your posture and continue smiling like an idiot.

Ran raises an eyebrow. "Onii-chan?"

[ ] "It's just a name. You can call me whatever you want."
[ ] "Yes. Call me Onii-chan."
[ ] "My name is really ___________"
[ ] Change the subject. "What are you doing here?"
>> No. 321
[X] "It's just a name. You can call me whatever you want."

Why not the girls come up with nicknames for us on their own?

Hell, maybe they'll all think we look like an "Onii-chan" and everyone will call us that.
>> No. 322
[x] "My name is really Cu Chulainn."
>> No. 323
☞ "My name is really Cu Chulainn."
>> No. 324

I don't get the joke. At all.
>> No. 325
[X] "It's just a name. You can call me whatever you want."
As awesome as >>322 is, this Anon isn't really acting like Cu Chulain. In contrast to one on Shrine.
>> No. 326
[►] "It's just a name. You can call me whatever you want."

being called Cu Chulainn is stupid.
>> No. 327
You tell her to call you what she wants to.
"That's quite alright. It's a nice name, sir." She says that, but you can tell she's avoiding calling you Onii-chan.

Well, now that the introductions are done, you need to know what Touhou is doing in your world. You ask Ran if she knows anything and tell her Suika has no idea.
"My apologies, sir. I don't know how we got here as well. Chen and I were taking care of the house when things became hazy and we found ourselves in the sky above this city. I fear my master may have had something to do with it. I haven't seen her since yesterday, she's often disappears without telling me, and yet she expects me to be there when something happens." There's an annoyed expression on her face for a second. "Anyway, when we realized this was a different world, we tried to find my master, but I can't contact her with anything I try. We eventually settled down here. The flower youkai scared away all the humans, so we don't have to worry about causing a scene with our appearance." You notice Ran and Chen's tails waving behind them. You feel like stoking them, but you restrain yourself.

[ ] "So you're staying here tonight?"
[ ] "Where's the flower youkai you mentioned?"
>> No. 329
[ ] "So you're staying here tonight?"
>> No. 330
[X] "Where's the flower youkai you mentioned?"

Delicious Yuuka is delicious, and must be found.
>> No. 331
[X] "Where's the flower youkai you mentioned?"
>> No. 332
[¿] "So you're staying here tonight?"

>> No. 333
[ ] "So you're staying here tonight?"

Do want 10% house party.
>> No. 334
[x] "Where's the flower youkai you mentioned?"

She's here. We're here. We're human. And with 2 top-tier Touhou with us. Therefore, it's time to run.
>> No. 335
☞ "So you're staying here tonight?"
>> No. 336
[X] "Where's the flower youkai you mentioned?"

Want to house as many touhoes as possible.
>> No. 337
[x] "So you're staying here tonight?"

Ran, Chern and Suika sleepover?
>> No. 338
[X] "So you're staying here tonight?"
>> No. 339
>Ran, Chern and Suika sleepover?

This gives me strange mental images.

[X] "Where's the flower youkai you mentioned?"

Why not add one more?
>> No. 340
It's so close. I'll just go with both.


You decide to ask what happened to Yuka.
"There was a human here shortly before that was going through the flowers." Ran points to the flower bed behind you. "She was quite upset, but I told her killing a human would attract unwanted attention. We need to learn how we came here, without becoming center of public eye. She scared him off, but was still in a sour mood. She complained that someone attacked her yesterday, that may have added to her mood. Then, she left, I don't know where she went and I don't believe she'll be back anytime soon, so you don't need to worry."
You're a bit disappointed for missing her, but imagine what would happen if you ran into her with her bad mood and decide it's for the better.

You then ask if she's sleeping in the park.
"Yes, Chen and I can take care of ourselves. This is a very splendid place, and it would be nice to admire the scenery." Both of you look around to admire the surroundings. It is a well kept park. It would be nice to rest on the grass. Ran continues speaking. "Is there a problem if we stay here? We can hide ourselves from the humans. Or are you offering us an alternative?"
You compare your place to the park. Your house is a dump and there's not many places to sleep. You have one extra room you don't use and you bought a futon when you were feeling incredibly weeaboo a few months ago, but you stopped using it as your bed is more comfortable. Someone could also sleep on the living room couch.
You also realize if you run into anyone else in need of shelter you won't be able to take them in. Ran and Chen have this place to stay, but if a lot of people suddenly popped up, it's not hard to believe some of them might not be as lucky.

[ ] "I insist you stay at my place!"
[ ] "No, there's no problem. This place is great!"
>> No. 341

[X] "No, there's no problem. This place is great!"

Our place is a fucking dump. Don't want to make a bad impression, now do we? When we get back, we should clean it up.

Unless we decide to take in Marisa. She'd probably feel right at home in that mess.
>> No. 342
[x] "I insist you stay at my place!"

Must aquire moar touhous
>> No. 344
I'll give you guys a hint. There is a solution to the problem of having enough space in your house that also solves the problem of cleaning the whole thing. I probably made it obvious, but I'll leave you to figure it out.
>> No. 345
Suika=gathering Oni. Have her to clean up?
Did I win? Did I win?
>> No. 346

Alright, then.

Commence search for Sakuya.
>> No. 347
Gaps, amirite?
>> No. 348
Manipulation of time is identical to manipulation of space.

Sakuya is a maid.
>> No. 349
Well let's get on with the sleepover and go Maidhunting guys! This'll be fun
>> No. 350
Changing vote to:

☞ "I insist you stay at my place!"
>> No. 351
[X] "No, there's no problem. This place is great!"
Let's find some way to make more room and clean the place before inviting Ran and Chen over.
>> No. 352
Well, that solves the mess problem, but your house is still small. I won't say anything about the other comments.

Also, I'm taking the rest of the day off to catch up on anime that's been piling up on my hard drive. I'll update tomorrow.
>> No. 353
[x] "No, there's no problem. This place is great!"
i don't think ran would be happy to see your messy room and chen would instantly play with your figurines and asks you about the white stuff on some of them.
>> No. 354
[ ] "How do you hide from the humans?"

I'm curious.
>> No. 355

[►]"I insist you stay at my place!"

Explain the mess/size, but hey, it has a roof and walls.
>> No. 358
So, are we gonna get more of this awesomity today?
>> No. 360
There's a tie right now, but no one's breaking it. Saying no was in the lead 5 hours before the tie, so I'm going with that.

Magic! Also, she can fly.


You come to the conclusion that the park may be better than your place. The weather is nice and you imagine camping out might be good for some people. Not you though, you live too much of a sheltered life and rely heavily on technology. "No, there's no problem. This place is great!"

"That's good to hear. I rather like this place. It has a certain homely kind of feel." Homely? Well, she is an animal.
Suika steps up to add "And it's clean, too. Cleaner than Onii-chan's house. His place is worse than when Reimu finishes a job." Suika starts laughing like she just told a funny joke.
"Suika!" You try to hold her back. You don't know how bad that is, but you can't picture it looking too good.
All Ran can comment is an astonished "Oh my."
Chen speaks in disbelief "Really? That Red-white is always leaving a mess in her wake. It can't be that bad."
You try to steer the conversation elsewhere. "Hey, is there anything else you know? Have you seen anyone else from Gensoukyo?"
Ran shakes her head. "I'm sorry, besides the flower youkai, you're the only ones we've met."
"Oh, that's too bad." It looks like that's all you'll find here.

"It's getting late, you two should be returning home. If other youkai have appeared in this world, it may be dangerous to be out in the dark."
She's right. There's no more reason to hang around here. "You have a point. I better get going. It was nice meeting you." You shake Ran's hand and ruffle Chen's hair, but she's wearing a hat so it's more like a pat to the head.
"It was nice meeting you, too. It's a relief that Suika has made such a good friend. If something happens, you can find us here. I hope we can see each other again."

Suika has a look of disappointment. "We have to leave now? But we just found each other!"
Ran puts her hand Suika's shoulder and looks her in the eyes "Suika, we can play again together when we return to Gensoukyo. You should stay with the human. He seems to be trying to involve himself in this. I can tell he has good intentions, but he could end up pushing himself. Take good care him."
Suika understands and cheers up. "Okay. Don't worry, he's not getting into trouble on my watch! And we'll find all our friends and go home!"

With that out of the way, you wave goodbye to your new friends and leave the park.
At the entrance, you notice the time. It really is late, you need to get back home.
It's unlikely you'll see any people walking the streets this late and it's hard to see in this darkness. Suika probably doesn't need to hide, although it looks like she wants to as she's smiling and seems to be about to shrink down.

[ ] Let Suika ride on your head again.
[ ] Tell her to walk. It hurts your head to carry her.
>> No. 361
[x] Let Suika ride on your head again, but only on the condition that she speaks with a lisp and eats melon bread.
>> No. 362
[X] Let Suika ride on your head again.

It hurts, but she's cute.
>> No. 363
[X] Let Suika ride on your head again.
>> No. 364
☞ Let Suika ride on your head again.
>> No. 365
[ ] Let Suika ride on your head again.
>> No. 366
File 121001661047.jpg - (54.76KB , 499x649 , chibisuika.jpg ) [iqdb]
You allow Suika to jump back onto your head and start walking home.

There's been something on your mind ever since you first let Suika upon your head.
"Hey, Suika. Would you mind saying 'Chut up! Chut up! Chut up!' like you were angry?"
"Huh? Why?"
"I just want to hear you say it."
You can't see her on top of your head, but you can feel her wiggle around. "Chut up! Chut up! Chut up! ...Like that?"
You have to stop to take a breath, it felt like your heart just stopped. "That's great, Suika! Thanks!" You quickly regain your composure and continue walking.

The streets really are empty at the this time of night. It's kind of lonely, but you have oni on your head and that blows away any feeling of loneliness out of your mind.
She's also having a great time, as she's humming a nice melody that raises your spirit. You give her a compliment. "That's a nice song you're humming."
"What? I'm not humming anything. I thought that was you." That's weird. It really wasn't her. The melody continued while she was talking. In fact, it's getting louder. It's coming from behind...

Before you can turn around, something pushes you down and your face meets the sidewalk. You feel someone kneeling down over you and a small hand on your back pinning you to the ground.
You hear a sweet, but frightening voice above you. "Finally, I'm starved! You'll make a nice dinner, won't you? Hold still and it'll be over quickly." You don't like what she's saying.
With you pinned to the ground, you can't see who it is. Suika fell off your head when you were caught by surprise. You can't see her either, especially considering her size.

[ ] Try to stall until Suika helps you. "You don't want to eat me. I taste terrible."
[ ] Struggle and try to get her off you.
[ ] Open the umbrella.
>> No. 367
[x] Open the umbrella.
>> No. 368
[x] Try to stall until Suika helps you. "You don't want to eat me. I taste terrible."
If we're an otaku living in a dirty house, we're probably telling the truth, too.
>> No. 369
☞ Open the umbrella.

>> No. 370
[X] Open the umbrella.

"Don't make me use this!"
>> No. 371
[x] Open the umbrella.

>> No. 372
File 121001902573.jpg - (118.28KB , 480x640 , mystia.jpg ) [iqdb]
You act fast. Gripping your umbrella by the handle, you point it towards your assailant.
"Huh? What are you tr...?" Without letting her finish, you press the button release to open the umbrella. "...ying to-- WAH!" The umbrella swings open pushing off whoever was on top of you.
Seizing your chance, you hastily get up on your feet. You get up too fast and you drop your umbrella.

You look to see who it is that attacked you. It's Mystia Lorelei, the Night Sparrow youkai. The humming you heard must have been her.
"Stupid thing! Getting in my way!" She smashes your umbrella to pieces. Aww, that was your only one. "Now, where were we? Ah yes, I was about to eat you!"

"Sorry, but I'm not on the menu!"

[ ] Charge her and try to knock her out.
[ ] Guard yourself and watch her carefully.
[ ] Look for Suika.
[ ] "Hey! Do you know how you got here?"
>> No. 373
[X] Guard yourself and watch her carefully.
[X] "Hey! Do you know how you got here?"

i think onii-chan is a cool guy. eh dodges attacks while talking and doesn't afraid of anything
>> No. 374
[x] Charge her and try to knock her out.
You broke my umbrella bitch!
>> No. 375
☞ "Hey! Do you know how you got here?"
>> No. 376
File 121001986456.png - (145.31KB , 640x480 , Yakitori.png ) [iqdb]
[ ] Charge her and try to knock her out.

Gotta catch something to eat tonight
>> No. 377
[x] "Hey! Do you know how you got here?"
[x] Charge and knock her out
Catch her off guard with a question out of nowhere so she won't tear us apart when we get in melee range, then down her with a well placed punch. She's a birdbrain, I bet she'll fall for it.
>> No. 378
[►] Guard yourself and watch her carefully.

Best choice for stalling, I think.
>> No. 379
[x] Charge her and try to knock her out.

Hay guyz, this thrwead still alive?
>> No. 380
You push off against the ground and lunge towards the birdie. It's only a few meters, you close the gap quickly.
When you're within reach, you throw your fist towards her face. "MYSTIA! CLENCH YOUR TEETH!"
Yes! You're going to connect! The tip of your knuckle touches her cheek...
"KOPH!!" Somethings wrong! You just coughed up blood. You fist swerves and slides across the side of her head.

You slump over Mystia's body. You feel tired and... your chest...
there's an incredible pain like something's missing...
You try to push yourself off Mystia, but only manage to fall to the ground.
You look up at her. She's holding something...
it looks like its pulsing...
She brings the pulsing object to her lips. "You're quite fast, but..." She's licking some sort of red liquid that's dripping out of thing. "...the early bird gets the worm!"
Oh! You know what that is! It's your heart! Why does she have it?
"Thank you for the food!" That's the last thing you hear as your vision fades...



OK. I know there was just a kickass fight over in shrine and you're invading a ship in forest, but you're not Nanaya, you're not Captain, you're Anonymous! I thought I made that clear in this story. Don't think you can take out a youkai by yourself.

Select something else from the last choice.
>> No. 381
☞ "Hey! Do you know how you got here?"

>> No. 382
[X] Guard yourself and watch her carefully.
[X] "Hey! Do you know how you got here?"

Same choice as last time. I thought it was apparent that we are not a badass in this one.
>> No. 383
Told you guys we should've distracted her first, but nooo, you guys have to charge at her when she's fully expecting it.
[x] "Hey! Do you know how you got here?"
>> No. 384
[ ] Look for Suika.
[ ] "Hey! Do you know how you got here?"
>> No. 385
"Hey! Do you know how you got here?" You ask. Doesn't hurt to learn about the situation while you have the chance.

"What? Oh! I flew down from the sky! I have wings, see?" She flaps her wings so they stand out.
That's not what you meant. Well, you didn't phrase it correctly, so that's understandable.
"Er... No. I mean, how did you come to the human world, outside Gensoukyo."
"THIS ISN'T GENSOUKYO?!" A look of shock spreads across her face.
You feel like bringing your palm to your face and connecting the two because of her response, but you need to keep an eye on her. "You didn't notice you're no longer in the Forest of Magic?"
"Ah, well... Early this morning, that Red-white attacked me and ran away. I wasn't even bothering anybody, she just appeared out of nowhere and fired danmaku at me and disappeared! I got angry and went to show her a thing or two, but I got lost..." She beats her hands together in realization. "Oh, that's why I can't find my way back!"
You're not sure how to feel about this. Your head aches, but that may be from Suika riding you or hitting the ground.

"... Hey! Don't try to distract me! I'll eat you, then figure out what to do after."
Your vision begins to fade. No, not completely, you can still see Mystia, but you'll have a hard time finding Suika now. This must be Mystia's doing.

Mystia jumps several meters into the air and dives toward you.

[ ] "Bring it!" Counterattack.
[ ] Duck underneath her.
[ ] Jump to the side.
>> No. 386
[ ] Duck underneath her.

"Don't you want to know what happened?"
>> No. 387
☞ Duck underneath her.
☞ Call out for Suika
>> No. 388
[►] Duck underneath her.

hahaha, 'duck,' get it?
>> No. 389
[x] Duck underneath her.
[x] Goose her

I'll get my coat
>> No. 390
[X] Duck underneath her.

Hah, the touhoes are used to danmaku! She won't expect us to move vertically.
>> No. 391
Don't forget your hat!
>> No. 392
Oh wow! I seriously did not notice the duck pun till it was pointed out.
>> No. 393
No time to hesitate. You move forward while lowering your body.
"What the?!" She didn't see it coming. She stretches her arm down to grab you as she continues moving forward, but your just out of her reach.
A second later you're directly below her. You see an opening!

Just as quickly as you moved down, you push upward and hit her legs.
Still in a dive, she flies into a spin and crashes into the ground.
"...UUUUUUUUUGH..." Her eyes are spinning. She's down, but not for long.

[ ] Use your body to pin her down.
[ ] Keep your distance and watch her.
[ ] Look for Suika.
>> No. 394
[x] Look for Suika.
>> No. 395
[ ] Look for Suika.
>> No. 397
[x] Keep your distance and watch her.

Delicious Mystia, must not kill.
>> No. 398
☞ Use your body to pin her down.
>> No. 399
[X] Keep your distance and watch her.

We ain't going to find Suika unless she's real close, thanks to nightblindness. Let's just keep dodging the delicious nightsparrow until she gives up and start crying after flinging herself into the walls too many times.

If I know my video game patterns, she should give up after three failed attempts.
>> No. 400
Someone, break the tie.
>> No. 401
[X] Keep your distance and watch her.

Here you go, then.
>> No. 402
We should pull on her wings.
That bright purple color stands out from the rest of her design, it's obviously a gigantic weak point.
Then, we hit her in the face with a pokeball.
>> No. 403
File 121003949323.jpg - (163.46KB , 594x800 , mystiasong.jpg ) [iqdb]
Reasoning that approaching her would be too dangerous and finding Suika would take too long, you back off and keep your eyes only on Mystia, waiting patiently for her to wake up.
After about a minute she regains her senses and gets up. "Grr! You'll pay for that!"

Once again she takes to the air and charges towards you. Also once again, you go under, but you trip at the last moment. Your timing is off and you miss your chance to knock her over.
"Haha! I'm not gonna fall for that again!" She didn't do anything different, you just missed.

She flies at you again. This time you dodge to the side. It's much easier, but there is no opportunity to take her down.
The two of you repeat this a couple of times. Her pattern is completely predictable.

You decide the next time she flies by, you'll try to take her down again.
You prepare yourself, but... she stops...

"Ooh! This is taking too long!" She takes a deep breath.
She's starting to sing! You don't know what to do. That may be because of the song.

[ ] Take her down! You need to stop her!
[ ] Cover your ears. Remain calm.
[ ] Run away!
>> No. 404
[X] Cover your ears. Remain calm.

If she's trying to summon lesser Youkai, she might be in for a surprise.

Best thing to do for now is keep our cool. Loosing it in battle is liable to get you killed.
>> No. 405
[x] Cover your ears. Remain calm.
>> No. 406
You quickly use your fingers to plug your ears. You only heard it for a few seconds. You don't know how much of an effect it had, but you feel dizzy.
After a moment, she finishes her song. "That should do it. You're mine now!"

She's flying toward you again! Much faster than before!

[ ] Backward... No wait! Forward!
[ ] Under... Huh? Over!
[ ] Left... That's not right! Right!
[ ] Twirl!


>> No. 407
[ ] Under... Huh? Over!

I like this. Weaker youkai are always better bad end material.
>> No. 408
File 121004199711.gif - (78.45KB , 225x225 , 120850974760.gif ) [iqdb]
[ ] Twirl!

>> No. 409
[x] Twirl!
Anonymous became confused!
Anonymous hurt himself in the confusion!
>> No. 411
[X] Twirl

Bloody mess from the beginning of the show, even after trying to please the rowdy crowd, the great actor's hard work ends up in a cremation, Turn Turn Turn Turn Turn Turn Turn!
>> No. 412
Whatever direction you went. You just stepped on something.
"WOAH!" You lose your balance and fall backward, practically flying through the air like Mystia.
"H-HEY! DON'T JUST FA--!" Mystia can't stop in time and her face lands perfectly against your shoe. Both of you hit the ground hard.


The world is spinning. You don't know how long you were out for.
What were you doing? Oh yeah! You were attack by Mystia!
Hmm? Where did she go? You try to remember what happened.
"Grr! You're too troublesome! I'll look for food somewhere else!" Yeah... That's what she said.

Uhh... Now, what do you do?

[ ] Look for Mystia.
[ ] Hey! What did you trip over?
[ ] Go home.
>> No. 413
[x] Hey! What did you trip over?
If it's Suika, we need to collect her. Then, we need to find Mystia as soon as possible before she exposes the existence of monster girls to Earth.
>> No. 414
[ ] Hey! What did you trip over?

I'm curious
>> No. 415
[X] Hey! What did you trip over?

Could be important.


[X] Look for Mystia.

We don't want a rash of murders in town, so we'd better track her down and help her find something else to eat.
>> No. 416
[ ] Hey! What did you trip over?
[ ] Look for Mystia.
[ ] Once Mystia is found, commence raping.
[ ] Go home.
>> No. 417
Better find Mystia before she causes any trouble.
You sit up. Well, she's not in your line of sight.
Getting up entirely and looking around, you can't find her anywhere.
You were out for who knows how long. You don't know what direction she went or when she left. She could be anywhere by now.
You give up. You're just gonna have to hope for the best.

Hey, you fell over something back then, didn't you? What was that?
You walk back to where you were and examine the floor.
There's something there! You gently pick it up.

It's Suika! Still in miniature form. She has a shoe print on her and a bump on the head.
You look to your side and see a fence post. She must have hit the corner when she fell off your head.
You decide to dust the shoe print off her before she wakes up.
Perfect timing! Just as you finish, she slowly opens her eyes.

She yawns. "Oh? Did I fall asleep?" Oh, Suika. As carefree as ever.
She catches you staring at her. "Huh? Did something happen?"

[ ] "No, it's nothing. Let's go home."
[ ] "You just missed an awesome fight! I kicked a bird youkai's ass!"
>> No. 418
[X] "You just missed an awesome fight! I kicked a bird youkai's ass!"

If inadvertently.
>> No. 419
[x] "No time to talk Suika, Mystia's on the loose and we need to catch her RIGHT NOW, before somebody dies."
>> No. 420
[x] "You just missed an awesome fight! I kicked a bird youkai's ass!"
>> No. 421
You have no idea where she went or any idea where to start looking. Don't worry, something will result from this and you'll see Mystia again, but it's not what you're expecting.

Oh! And Anonymous wants to show off, eh? I wanted to go with a sweet "Nothing! Anon just did what Anon does!" but I guess we'll tell her the story.

Do you make yourself sound awesome? [Y/N]
Do you mention stepping on her? [Y/N]

Also, this is a good stop point for today. I'll write it tomorrow.
>> No. 422
Do you make yourself sound awesome? [Y]
Do you mention stepping on her? [Y]

An average unarmed human taking on a notorious Youkai and surviving deserves to be a story made awesome, even if the win was by a fluke.
>> No. 423
Yes to both.
>> No. 424
Do you make yourself sound awesome? [Y]
Do you mention stepping on her? [Y]
>> No. 427
"You just missed an awesome fight! I kicked a bird youkai's ass! Come on, I'll tell you about it on the way back." You place the miniature oni back on your head and tell her your grand tale as you walk home.

"... she had me pinned to the ground, but I remained calm. I broke free and smashed her face with my umbrella!"
"Then, she tried to charge at me. I merely scoffed at this. With slight movements, I grabbed her leg and threw her against the pavement!"
"She was down and completely open, but being the gentleman that I am, I allowed her to stand. Hitting someone when they're down isn't my style."
"But wouldn't you be in trouble?"
"Maybe, if I was someone else, but I was in control the entire time. She became enraged and her attacks became quicker! Some may say that she was as fast as lightning, but to me it was like she was moving in slow motion. Soon after, she gave up trying to hit me directly and began to sing one of her songs of confusion..."
"...but it had no effect on me. I grew tired of playing with her and decided to end it. 'You, who attacked me and my sister! You have incured the wrath of the Gods to challenge me! You shall suffer in the flames of my passion! Take this! Finishing Move! EXPLODING! ONII-CHAN! KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!!!'"

...Uh oh! You got carried away. It's no longer believable. Anyone who thinks any of that was true must be a--
"Uh-huh? Uh-huh? And then what happened?!" Anyone who thinks that was true must be a little oni girl that sits on your head. Suika hops around your head, waiting for the rest of your story.
"Nothing! She was done for. There was no trace of her left."
"WOW! I wish I could have been there!"
"You were there! I stepped on you in the middle of the fight."
"AWESO-- Huh? Wait? What did you s--"

You return home after a long day of adventure. Suika jumps off your head and grows back to her normal height. You collapse on the couch, you're exhausted.
"Hey, I'm hungry! Got anything to eat?" Suika interrupts before you can shut your eyes.
She has a point. You're hungry as well. Neither of you have eaten all day.
You pull yourself together and head to the kitchen to make something.

...Oh God! ...This is horrible! ...This is absolutely terrible! You're out of eggs! What kind of Anonymous are you without eggs!
You sift through the kitchen and can't find anything to make a proper meal. You haven't restocked it for quite some time, You've been too busy reading your Touhou stories for the past few days. All you have is some cheap instant noodles that won't fill either of you completely.

If you hurry you can make it to the convenience store before they close.

[ ] Eat the instant noodles.
[ ] Go to the convenience store.
[ ] Too tired. Go to bed.


Sorry if updates are slow for the next couple days. I just got Persona 3 FES.
>> No. 428
[ ] Eat the instant noodles.
>> No. 429
[ ] Go to the convenience store.

one more tired foray into the wilderness
>> No. 430
[x] Go to the convenience store.

The egg is the symbol of anon's power.

As the anti-dubding dude i'm, i decided to download the undub version of FES.
>> No. 431
[x] Go to the convenience store.
Not just to get an actual meal, but because of the chance of another random encounter.
>> No. 432
[X] Go to the convenience store.
>> No. 433
I agree with this man, we gotta catch more touhous.

☞ Go to the convenience store.
>> No. 434

[►] Convenience Store

oh man, we got the munchies and we're raiding the 7-11. Slurpee and Doritos for everybody!
>> No. 435
Need clarification.

Convenience Store like 7-11/Gas Station


Convenience Store like Stop'n'Rob/Liqour Store/Party Store
>> No. 436
"Sorry, Suika, we're out of food."
"But don't worry, I'll be back with some right away!" You're out the door before she can respond.

You make it to the convenience store just in time. It's a small store, and with the time that it is, it's almost empty. There's only two people here. You quickly grab enough to last a couple of days and walk up to the register.

The cashier is getting ready to close up. With nothing to do while you impatiently wait for him, you look around.
There's one other customer here besides you. She looks suspicious... Hey! She's stealing food!
The cashier hasn't noticed anything.

[ ] Look the other way. None of your business.
[ ] Stop her.

If you stop her:

[ ] Pay for her.
[ ] "Hey! I caught a thief!"
>> No. 437
[ ] Stop her.
[ ] Pay for her.

It's better to spend your money than let people steal.
>> No. 438
[ ] Stop her.
[ ] Pay for her.

I don't know, this feels like something they'd do in the movies.
>> No. 439
[►] Stop her.
[►] Pay for her

Obvious choice be obvious.
it's just some meth addict though.
but really, what's the difference between a touhou and a meth addict?
>> No. 440
[x] Stop her.
[x] Pay for her
What's our budget? Can we support this person as well as ourself and our Oni?
>> No. 441
[x] Stop her.
[x] Don't bring attention to the fact. Walk out with free shit.
>> No. 442

I'm assuming we have a credit card. We'll worry about magic 2D lolis before we worry about budgeting.
>> No. 443
File 121012432250.png - (25.68KB , 400x480 , alice.png ) [iqdb]
You walk up behind her and grab her arm as she tries to pocket another one.
"Huh?!" She gasps and look towards you.
Now that you take the time to look at her, you recognize she is Alice Margatroid.

You hear the cashier behind you. "Hey dude, is this everything?"
You drag Alice up to the register and place everything she was hiding with your stuff. "Ah! What are you--"
"I'll be buying all this as well!"
The both of them look at you confused, but the cashier soon rings everything up and you pay.

Outside the closed store. You hand Alice a grocery bag with her food.
"Thank you! I didn't have any money to pay with... You really helped me..." She's looking down and avoiding eye contact.

[ ] "You're Alice Margatroid, correct?"
[ ] "No problem! Bye!"
>> No. 444
[ ] "You're Alice Margatroid, correct?"
>> No. 445

[x] "Is there anything else I can help you with?"
>> No. 446
[X] "You're Alice Margatroid, correct?"

Another one to the harem.
>> No. 447
[x] "You're Alice Margatroid, correct?"
[x] "So I hear toehoes have been falling from the sky. Have nice flight here?"
>> No. 448
[ ] "You're Alice Margatroid, correct?"
>> No. 449
[ ] "You're Sarah Conner, correct?"
>> No. 450
[ ] "You're Alice Margatroid, correct?"

Want some penis?
>> No. 451
"You're Alice Margatroid, correct?"
"What? Yes I am. How do you know me?"
"People from Gensoukyo have been popping up all over. Suika's staying at my place."
"The oni from the shrine?"
"Yeah! So, do you know anything about how any of you got here?"
She thinks for a second. "No, I was in my house having tea with my dolls. Things get hazy from there. When I came to, I was floating all by myself, I don't think Shanghai or Hourai came with me. I explored around to find something that could tell me what happened, until I got hungry. I was in quite a pinch, it seems Gensoukyo's currency is different from the one of this city. I'm sure you know the rest of my story. I'm sorry I'm not of any help."

Hmm, you think over what you've learned today. No one seems to know anything. This whole thing is confusing.
"..." You try to think, but you notice Alice start to fidget. "Umm..." She's trying to say something, but hesitates.

[ ] Wait until she speaks.
[ ] "Could you stop moving? I'm trying to think!"
[ ] "Do you have a place to stay?"
[ ] "You've fallen for me! I'm touched."
>> No. 452
[x] Stare at her
>> No. 453
[O] Wait until she speaks.

This could take a while
>> No. 454
[X] "Do you have a place to stay?"
>> No. 455
[ ] "Do you have a place to stay?"

She must stay with us. Build our harem!
>> No. 456
[x] "Do you have a place to stay?"

She can stay with us. She can clean the house, since it's a mess.
>> No. 457
[X] "Do you have a place to stay?"

You gonna get taken home.
>> No. 458
[x] "Do you have a place to stay?"
>> No. 459
It's obvious what it is she wants to say. You launch a preemptive strike. "Do you have a place to stay?"
"Huh? I-- er... well--" You caught her off guard.
"You can stay at my place if you'd like."
"Wel-- er- ah! Thank you!" Her face lights up. She's giddy with relief, at least for a second. Quickly, she tries to regain her composure. "I mean... i-it's not like I have nowhere else to go... b-but I'll accept s-since you offered. Don't misunderstand!" It's an obvious lie. She avoids eye contact, but you can see her blush.
It's a bit funny, you can't help but give a small laugh. She notices and looks a bit angry, so you try to move along. "Come on! I'll show you the way."

The two of you are walking back. Neither of you are speaking. The night is silent, but it's a nice sort of silence.
Then, you remember. That doll you found, maybe Alice knows something about it.

[ ] Ask her about the doll.
[ ] It looks like junk. Keep it to yourself.
>> No. 460
[X] Ask her about the doll.

It's sorry state makes me sad. Maybe she can fix it.
>> No. 461
[ ] It looks like junk. Keep it to yourself.

We'd hurt her craftswoman's pride if we insinuated she made the trash.
>> No. 462
[ ] Ask her about the doll.
>> No. 463
[X] Ask her about the doll.

I think our writer is giving us a hint.
>> No. 464
[x] Ask her about the doll.
Specifically, how she can empower it to become our personal maid.
>> No. 465
You take the doll out of your pocket and show it to her. "Do you know anything about this?"
"What is...? Hey! This is mine!" She grabs it out of your hand.
"What? Really?" You wouldn't think she'd make something like that.
"Yes. I've been making dolls for a long time. This is one of my early works. I wasn't always an expert, but I cherished each and every one of my dolls. This one..." She examines it closely. "I gave this one as a gift to Marisa when we became friends. It looks like it's been through hell! Where did you find it?!"
You have no reason to hide it. "I found it in a bush on the side of the road. It looked interesting so I picked it up."
"What was it doing there?!"
You shrug. You have no idea.
Alice sighs. "I'll have to ask Marisa when I find her. Thank you for finding this, it means a lot to me." She smiles.
"I-it's nothing..." Now you're the one that's blushing.

You make it home and open the door. Suika's there waiting for you. "Finally! I'm starving!"
"Hey, Suika! Look who I found!" You step aside and let Alice in.
"Oh! It's the puppet master! Alice!" Suika jumps onto Alice.
"It's nice to see you too, Suika." Alice pats her on the head.
You leave the two of them to get reacquainted. You go to the kitchen to prepare a meal fit for the occasion. You're sure everyone is hungry.

Everyone enjoyed the dinner, which mostly consisted of eggs.
"That was great! I'm full!" Suika voices her opinion loudly.
"That certainly was delicious. You're quite the cook."
Aw, shucks. Not only did you have dinner with two girls, but they really liked it too.

"It's getting late, we should get some rest for tomorrow."
Suika yawns. "Yeah, you're right..." She stretches out her arms as if tired.
Now that you think about it, all Suika has done since she got here is eat, drink, and sleep. Mostly sleep. You decide not to say anything about it.
Suika goes over to the couch and starts bouncing on it again. "Can I sleep here? I like this thing."
"Yeah, sure." That oni sure likes to have fun. You turn to Alice and lead her to the empty room.
"Sorry, it's not much." You bring out the futon out of storage.
"No, this is more than enough. Thank you very much." She bows to you as you leave the room.
Both of you say "Good night!" as you close the door.

Man, you're tired. Very tired. You enter your room and collapse. The second you hit the bed, you doze off.


Dream-that-potentially-turns-into-a-spin-off TIME!
I'm not using 1, 2, and 3 because we all know that 1 and 2 are lonely numbers and 3x3 = strongest. So, just to be different:

[ ] 4
[ ] 5
[ ] 6


We got through a whole day now! That took a lot longer than I thought it would. You may have noticed I sort of auto-piloted near the end there. I just wanted to end the day. New thread tomorrow.
>> No. 466
[X] 5

Nice, solid number.
>> No. 467
[ ] 6

As many toes as I have on my hand.
>> No. 468
File 121013535077.gif - (17.70KB , 294x271 , yugi.gif ) [iqdb]
>[ ] 4
>[ ] 5
>[ ] 6
[x] 5
>> No. 469
[X] 4
[X] 5
>> No. 470
[x] 4

Because four penises sounds awesome
>> No. 472
[x] 4
[x] 6

Either one. Fuck 5, seriously. Get the fuck out of here, 5.
>> No. 473
☞ 6
>> No. 474

Latent rage is boiling.
>> No. 475
[x] 5

It's the king of numbers. King Of Gets agreed, don't bother him.
>> No. 476
I agree

[x] 5
>> No. 477
File 121018220397.jpg - (16.64KB , 432x288 , Unimpressed.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>King Of Gets
>> No. 479
[x] 6

KoG is a plague upon decency.
Go with upside down cirno instead.
>> No. 480
Now that I think about it, my side story for 5 might be more appropriate after we find the SDM crew in the main story. It was originally an idea I had for when you first meet them, but I scrapped it after deciding it was too silly. I still want to do it, so I'll leave the vote open a little longer while I play Persona. I'll tell you now that they're all parodies. And no! None of them are card games, but KoG is giving me an idea.
>> No. 481
A BAD END where we become Remi's mind slave?

[xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 5
>> No. 482
File 121020140541.jpg - (86.88KB , 927x279 , Cirno 5555555GET.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 483

Btw, that's a vote for [X]5
>> No. 484
What? I don't know how you came to that conclusion. I said it was silly, not mind-fucking, and that it would be a parody.

5 won! I'll start writing it up. For those who are curious, 4 would have been Anonymous: Ace Attorney, and 6 would have been Mystic Suit: Touhou Seed.
>> No. 485

New thread right? This one doesn't bump anymore
>> No. 486
Touhou seed? it would be better if it were Touhou the 08th danmaku team.
>> No. 505
It wouldn't be too much like Seed. It would be about a war between human and youkai in future Gensoukyo. You live in a neutral village in the middle of nowhere, when the mechs of both sides started fighting in the skies above. Then, a mech from the human side crash lands in the middle of town. Fearing the fight may hurt your friends and family, you board the mech, which is currently piloted by a bitchy, but injured, miko. You use the mech, codename: the Hakurei, to fight off the enemy. It's meant to be a very generic plot, Gundam was the easiest title I could think of that I could turn into a Touhou parody.
>> No. 9330