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Since /forest/ is quite crowded, we all dislike tight squeezes, and a slot has recently been freed, I'll allow myself to start here.
The story will follow a single character - or a pair of these, depending on how you do at first, through something I would like to describe as... Perhaps a slowly accelerating story of money and love, led in in a calm, possibly a bit mysterious pace.
The places I have taken into consideration are: the aforementioned Forest of Magic, and... mainly it. Other possible landmarks are the Human Village, the Moriya Mountains, maybe a bit of other locations. The main course of action will unfold beneath the trees, though.

Let us begin.




――In ragged tatters of exhausted nothingness, something disturbs the surface of reality; a single ripple through an endless void, appears, and cracks open the world of stars above.

High, pendulous, navy-blue, radiant with dozens of bright, shining spots spattered over its grim darkness; like little, bright ships upon the depths of the darkest ocean. Tens of eyes, all the same blinking in regular intervals, gathered around a single, larger fleck of light – the ghastly face of Full Moon watching over its unruly children.
And me.
The tree behind lets a humming sigh carry through the space, while I tear myself away from the confinement of the painfully sharp blades of grass. The harsh soil greets my skin with nothing but unhealthy cold and rough gravel. On a hill overlooking the vast expanse of green, illuminated only by the lurid light of stars, wakes up me – in all confusion somewhat relieved male, who promptly looks around unsure of what the place he's woken up might be.
A gust of wind sweeps the air, filling his body with an unpleasant chill.
Why? – you'd ask? It would seem, looking at his mazed self, he's been stripped of all the clothes he may have had. Naked like a newborn child, sitting beneath the steel, dark sky, he ponders the circumstances that may have led to this sort of awakening.

――But there is nothing.

No matter how hard I try to recall, everything is a blur – as though someone had spread a veil of stupefying haze over everything related to myself before dropping me off here - in the middle of nowhere, without a hint or a clue of who I am –and why– I am, in this cold place. Under the watchful stare of the Moon, I scratch my head, trying to recall... What seems not to be there.
The cold wind feels as if it was dashing by only to mock the lack of clothes on me, on the way brushing the vicious blades of grass covering the field, while trees below –and around– dance along, swayed by the nightly breeze. Even though the hour is late, everything seems so clear in the pale light...
"... how scenic."—I mutter.
"Finally!"—comes a response from somewhere near. Startled, I look around, but see no one, and yet the owner of the upbeat female voice resumes, oblivious of my surprise.—"I was beginning to think your transfer might have failed! It has been several hours since I first attempted to contact you."—a bit deadened, but audible, happy voice. It definitely is coming from somewhere near... But from where? Glancing round yields no sights of anything but darkness and sleeping flora. It sounds almost as though it was coming from a poorly manufactured phone or a dictaphone...—"Your WISH has been granted!"—it states joyously.—"The prescribed amount has been withdrawn from your account's balance! Please continue to support us in the future!"
"... what the..."
Only one thing doesn't click. The old-fashioned stem-winder watch to be precise, dangling from my neck on a thin, golden chain. It shimmers weakly in the moonlight, whilst the polished hands mark distinguishable lines on the dial –sometime past two in the night– and the metal of the strap chafes my nape; warm, but unpleasantly harsh on the naked skin. I reach for the irritant, to take it off and maybe take a better look, when...
"Ah, don't!"—the watch protests all of a sudden. My fingers stop in their tracks.—"If you do, I won't be able to run the linguistic services!"
"... linguistic?"
"Precisely!"—it replies.—"As long as I'm in contact with your body, I'll be able to process the sound waves of your voice to fit your conversant's language. It was one of our contract's agreements, was it not?"
For sure, I've never heard that voice before. Not only that; I'm pretty sure I've never owned a talking watch, if mentioning 'knowing for sure' can be done when the one mentioning it can't otherwise recall a thing about himself. The lack of a horrid hangover rules the possibility of being dead drunk the previous night out, but then, why is there this mist of mystery blocking everything I try to remember...?
That thing on my neck is without a doubt a watch. That thing above – the sky. All these things around me – trees, and a whole lot of them. But who is this confused guy sitting naked on top of a hill, talking to a piece of metal like a loony?
"Pardon me,"—I blurt out, glaring at the thing.—"But who are you?"
"I am MARIBEL!"—the watch answers.—"Stancia 7, 'W.I.S.H. & Company', customer service and care. Your host, informer and advisor, as well as personal consultant! Now that I think about it, we hadn't been introduced before the first wish was placed, had we? My sincerest apologies."—I swear I heard the voice bow its head apologetically.—"Please forgive me this terrible omission."
"No offense taken, I guess... And about what you said before..."
"Do not worry."—she –because I'm sure it's a she, if watches can be of different genders– responds reassuringly.—"It lies within our Company's principles not to swindle with our clients' budgets. Your personal data is safe and sound, hidden in our databases, protected from any unauthorized access. The amount of money transferred over from your account perfectly matches the one established beforehand in our contract. If you do not believe, I can supply the exact sum remaining on your balance, followed by the amount your system had stated before the transfer took place. Shall I? If not,"—she quickly adds.—"May I inquire if there are any other wishes you might have?"
The wind blows by once more, sending shivers down my spine. What in the world earned me an awakening in a desolate, chilly night, with only trees to ogle what remains from the manly glory now conquered by the relentless cold? Accursed shrinkage. The aching butt of mine isn't exactly helping either. Cold, cold, dark and cold. No better circumstances to be lost and confounded in, save for maybe waking up in a rowboat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
"... heh..."
Why do I even remember what that is, while I'm not able to recall such trivialities as my own identity?
The answer is the awaiting silence of the ticking chunk of brass and serene humming of the environing trees. Naked against the world to see, I can only watch the seconds slowly float by along the edge of darkness. 'W.I.S.H.'? 'Account'? 'Balance'? If only I had a hook to grab...

[ ] "No. I've got a question instead: who on Earth are you?"
[ ] "... please do. Tell me about the money, that is."
[ ] "Wishes? Explain."
[ ] "... why am I naked?"
[ ] "My personal data? I could use a little remainder..."
[ ] "Contract? I don't remember signing anything?"

>> No. 19284
[X] "Contract? I don't remember signing anything?"

Good stuff.
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[x] "Two questions: One, what contract, and two, Why am I naked?"
>> No. 19287
[ ] "Contract? I don't remember signing anything?"
[ ] "... and why am I naked?"
>> No. 19289
[ ] "... why am I naked?"

YAF, is that you?
>> No. 19290
What the fuck?

Just what the fuck? I was going to write something on /th/ that was basically just this. Same way to start, too.

YAF, why do you rip off my ideas before I post them?
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[x] "Contract? I don't remember signing anything?"
[x] "... and why am I naked?"

not sure if YAF.
>> No. 19293
[x] "Contract? I don't remember signing anything?"
[x] "... and why am I naked?"
>> No. 19296
[z] "Contract? I don't remember signing anything?"
[e] "... and why am I naked?"

Kind of Eden of the East in here.
>> No. 19298
[x] "Contract? I don't remember signing anything?"
[x] "... and why am I naked?"
>> No. 19304

Damnit people! You guys need to pay more attention to the details! Here, look at this:

Hungry God's Youkai.

This is actually HY in disguise. Again.
>> No. 19306
Why would he write another story? He already has one running. A new one would put more stress on him.
You must be YAF.
>> No. 19307

>> No. 19314
Dark Spider, Ungoliant.

Though, tons of description paragraphs that lead nowhere. Seems like YAF alright!
>> No. 19315
[x] "Contract? I don't remember signing anything?"
[x] "... and why am I naked?"
>> No. 19317

Besides, even if it really is YAF, this will undoubtably be better if we pretend it isn't.

Now get back to work, nigger.
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File 124096887475.png - (335.13KB , 1000x1000 , 1232850159578.png ) [iqdb]

Don't mind me, just trying to reinvent myself.

Sorry YAF. Like stated many times before, your faggotass writing style is way too noticeable.

>> No. 19319

Have you forgotten YAF is HY's annoying ass groupie?
>> No. 19321
So are we screaming YAF every time a new story is made?
>> No. 19324
[x] "No. I've got a question instead: who on Earth are you?"
[x] "... please do. Tell me about the money, that is."
[x] "Wishes? Explain."
[x] "... why am I naked?"
[x] "My personal data? I could use a little remainder..."
[x] "Contract? I don't remember signing anything?"

When in doubt, vote everything.

I hope not. You should be screaming MOD before you accuse a YAF. Then again, YAF has this uncanny ability of making words in his trips.
>> No. 19325
We're screaming YAF every time a new story is made using his writing style.
>> No. 19328
Get the fuck out, YAF. We don't want you here anymore.
>> No. 19329
[X] "Contract? I don't remember signing anything?"
[X] "... and why am I naked?"
>> No. 19330
Hmm... No. It can't be YAF. The paragraphs aren't quite blockly and HUEG enough. Go ahead, check the latest BLAIR and SHRINE threads, you'll notice it too.
>> No. 19332
And why the fuck do we care if it's YAF?
>> No. 19333
[x] "Contract? I don't remember signing anything?"
[x] "... and why am I naked?"


That's what I'm wondering. Does it really matter that much?
>> No. 19334
File 124097605660.png - (16.38KB , 300x300 , ginko wriggle.png ) [iqdb]
YAF is far too much of a spaz to have been able to sit through Mushishi, let alone enjoy it.

[x] "Contract? I don't remember signing anything?"
[x] "In fact I don't remember anything at all."
>> No. 19336
ITT we project our hate for YAF onto Ungwëliantë.
i have no idea, it's not like YAF is the root of all evil like some guys want to make him look like. His worst enemy is he himself.
>> No. 19337
[ ] "... please do. Tell me about the money, that is."


STFU and read the goddamn story.
>> No. 19338
... this is somewhat discouraging.
>> No. 19341

You got votes, which is more than what some writers get. Deal.
>> No. 19342
>Since /forest/ is quite crowded
/forest/ has 4 active stories, this board can't even fit all the active stories on the first page, are you serious?
>> No. 19343

Ignore the bitching. Somehow, people here will always find a way to accuse a writer of being YAF.
>> No. 19348
Just write. The haters will be gone soon enough.
Let's put all the YAF hate in this thread please >>18374 No need to spill it over to other places.
>> No. 19360

Oh don't worry, your writing is fine. People here just love finding reasons to bitch and troll. So keep in writing!
>> No. 19361


Guilty till proven innocent.
>> No. 19365
[x] "Contract? I don't remember signing anything?"
[x] "... and why am I naked?"
>> No. 19367
A good sign of YAFism. He thinks he'll just be in the way of the good CYOAs. Other than /shrine/, /th/ and /others/, he won't post anywhere else, either.
>> No. 19368
Okay, I'm in no mood to play, and I get the hint. Truth be told, I only wanted to get this idea out. I wrote a few scenes, and I'm satisfied - and if you don't want it, it's your call, I understand.

This thread will disappear within the next 20 hours, just to make sure any potentially interested parties will be informed.

Yours Truly.
>> No. 19370
it's a shame. You always had people like that.
>> No. 19372
Seriously dude, you got a metric fuckton of votes, if that does not implicate interest then quite frankly: fuck you. Stop whining and get to writing, ignore the trolls, as was said, they'll leave you alone if you ignore them for a few threads. Just do your thing, count votes and write, ignore everything else.
>> No. 19373

>> No. 19375
Lol what? How the fuck did I make this?
>> No. 19376
You always had those trolls hating you. They always screamed fuck you gtfo my TP etc. It's not like you are writing for popularity. YAF was always controversial, walking on the borderline between Troll and Writer.
Stopping the last story because of too much critic trying to wake you up and help to improve yourself.
Now you are just quitting like that. Either write or never write again here.
>> No. 19377

It's more of you've dropped too many stories because of this exactly. You start getting some dissent and just drop stories, and you leave the people that wanted to see them completed hanging. It's bizarre how you can have such a big ego and have it so fragile.

I've had enough of it. Better they don't start at all.
>> No. 19378
Pointing out intended devices as flaws can't exactly be called 'constructive criticism'. Like >>19314 - descriptions lead nowhere 90% of the time, vide most of the creations from Romanticism. You know, the literary epoch? THEY had pointless descriptions. Detailed descriptions are meant to increase the IMMERSION factor of the story. If you want poor, laconic language that a kindergardener could read, go read WUiG.

And I had 'quit' this one -even before it started for good- because of the numerous suggestions of my unwelcome stay here. Your collective mind stated its opinion - and I listened. I fail to see any problems here.

Thread's going down in around 7 hours.
>> No. 19379
Must not troll~

Can't fall into trap~

This is just too obvious~
>> No. 19384
You're pulling on delicate strings here, you know.
>> No. 19385
Goddamn it, anon. Was it really that hard to just enjoy the story?
>> No. 19386
Enjoying something YAF writes is quite difficult in my experience.
>> No. 19387
File 124104374646.jpg - (77.95KB , 500x500 , 1238554723383.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is pretty fucking pathetic.
>> No. 19388
File 12410443668.gif - (138.68KB , 200x150 , 1240224583827.gif ) [iqdb]

On second thought, I find this to be absurdly hilarious.
>> No. 19389
>It's more of you've dropped too many stories...

This. Get back to writing BLAIR. I am still reading the second thread now, but it's been much better than TS.
>> No. 19390
File 124104592650.jpg - (125.24KB , 650x1378 , 5051e7ce2932cc81e2583522dd90f95a.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sigh. So what do you think I should do? Because I've already made other plans (not THP-related, rest assured. They're CoMN-related, though.), and now I'm having second thoughts.
On another note, don't forget to sage, Dr. Freeman.

Pic would-be related.
>> No. 19392
Write whatever people want you to write. Ignore trolls, they will leave after a while.
>> No. 19395
>So what do you think I should do?
Stop fucking whining and write? Like >>19376 said, you've ALWAYS had readers who love to hate you, this is not something new. And neither is anon making muddled and self-contradicting votes, which you seem to be increasingly unable to deal with, for some reason. Why has this become a problem?

If you want to write a CYOA with an actual plot in mind, you need to take more control of the story rather than trying to let your readers decide everything. That works for nonsensical action comedy like THIS SHRINE where we play chess on the ceiling, but if you want the story to go anywhere, you need to take the wheel before anon drives it off a cliff and sets it on fire as it falls. At most, you should be letting them tell you when to turn.

"They voted in favor of this girl but then in favor of another girl and against her and in favor of her and then forgot about her for another girl IT'S THE THIRD THREAD MAKE UP YOUR MINDS ALREADY AHHHHH FUCK I QUIT". What the hell, man. You managed to get TS to a reasonable end even after the Renko/Mary debacle. Did you forget how this shit works?
>> No. 19396
Well ... if YAF honestly isn't going to carry on with BLAIR, does Anon want someone else (me) to take it over?
>> No. 19397

He didn't forget how this shit works. He never even knew.

Personally, I'd rather have YAF leave for good. I gave up on him a long time ago after the original CoMN, and he's only lowered my faith into the negatives by this point.
>> No. 19399
File 124105161322.jpg - (38.03KB , 631x481 , 1240887957208.jpg ) [iqdb]
Just go write normal Fanfiction rather than this illusion of interactive bullshit you keep feeding us, because we're clearly ruining the perfection of your work.


Evidently none of us are as smart or motivated as you YAF, how could we mere mortals hold a candle to this seventeen year old pole that taught himself English through sheer intelligence, to this paragon of humanity. Yes it's the fault of our own failings that brings these stories down, you are of course beyond reproach. You're not failing US, it's the vast majority of others that are failing YOU.
>> No. 19400

No. You have another, much better story to work on.
>> No. 19401

Go for it. Maybe it won't be utter shit for once.
>> No. 19402

Isn't you own story enough of a strain? you do update pretty often.
>> No. 19403
I'd rather YAF left for good as well.

I'll miss the bastard, of course, but I think it would be for the best. I doubt he'll be pulling off anything as great as ceiling chess ever again.
>> No. 19404
Don't you fucking dare. Any time spent writing BLAIR could be time spent writing IPF but wasn't.
>> No. 19405

Don't waste your time with that shitty mess.
>> No. 19406
Please don't. I like IPF and want to see what happens with it.
>> No. 19407
>> No. 19408
Update Involuntary Pedo Fantasies, nigger
>> No. 19409
>> No. 19410
HY is currently in recovery mode. Please wait.
>> No. 19413
Blankfag is dead. Long live Blankfag.
>> No. 19415
Oh yeah, this reminds me. You got pissed at us for leaving Renji at the last second - well, you have to admit, after blocking/bad-ending us every time we tried, of course it was going to end up that way. What you don't know, is that many of the decisions were outweighed, so anon took a different path from what you wanted. You only have yourself to blame. That being said, I'm always up for a little Fuku. I loved CoMN, and probably even more so than TS pleasedonthitme.

Unless YAF is willing to stop the bullshit, then I'd be glad if anybody took it over.
>> No. 19418
People are pissed that you keep dropping and starting new stories at a pace that not even HY could accomplish.
You nigger, get back to plowing the fields. If YAF quits you can continue it. Trolls know they can hurt him finally so they coming to take him out of business.
>> No. 19421
YAF, please take >>19395's advice and take a more firm stance on your own stories. Stop giving the choice to fuck everything up and if there's a retarded write-in veto it. It's very easy to say "No, that's stupid" and move on. Sure, Anon will bitch, but that will happen no matter what. I'd rather be railroaded a bit into a good story than let another one die.

Also, if you have no intention to continue BLAIR, keep up with this one. It shows promise.