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Hmph. Bored. There's only so much to do in the Human Village, you eventually have done them all and get bored, very bored. This damn border, if you could get Outside, it'd be so exciting. Or if you could meet with someone from Outside, that'd be fine too.

Lost hope. You go to the shop area in the village, you always do when stress gets to you. There's a few ways to relax, a restaurant is a nice example. There's nothing new here anyway. No wait, you're mistaken. You recall some hassle in the past with a nearby house. Wonder if they were setting up a new shop or restaurant or something? The house should've been around here...

Yep, there it is. The house that resembles a mansion. And there's a sign in front of it. "Youkai Scare". Youkai Scare? That's an odd name for a.. what the hell is this?

"You think you fear no one and can not be frightened? You want your girlfriend to shiver in fear and hold your hand? Just 1500 yen, and you can prove your manliness."

This is new, this is interesting, this is awesome. Youkai Scare? More like Youkai DARE!
You approach the front door, ah, there's someone next to the door. A youkai most likely, since she has antennae adorning her green haired head. She seems spaced out.

You cough to get her attention.
"Ah, sorry. Would you like to enter Youkai Scare?" She asks.
"Yeah, 1500 yen was it?" You hand her the money and reach for the door.
"Good luck... and it was nice knowing you." She says expressionlessly.

Nice knowing you? Wonder what's bugging her. You're such a sucker for puns.

Instead of entering a lobby area, you enter a narrow hallway. The only illumination is coming from the little window on the door. There's a gas lantern and a matchbox next to it. You've used matches once before, you got them from that rip-off Kourin. After a little fiddling, the room is exposed to your eyes. There's three doors in the hallway, one is at the far end, and the others are on the sides, opposing eachother.

[] Left door.
[] Right door.
[] Wrong door.
[] The door at the end of the hallway.
[] Observe, listen, there's definitely a trap.
>I will write Rumia's Haunted House at some point... from the perspective of a customer.

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[] Right door.
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[] Observe, listen, there's definitely a trap.
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[X] Right door.
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[x] Observe, listen, there's definitely a trap.

Ooh, the brave human winning the hearts of Youkai everywhere.
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[x] Wrong door.

The most interesting door!
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[x]Chicken out and go for the exit
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[X] Right door.
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> [] Right door.

So, a dark room is supposed to scare you? Ha! There's no hope a bunch of youkai can do that, you're the damn horror tale spinner of the village. Three doors huh? Most probably pick the left one, so let's throw whatever is hiding off guard and pick the opposite door!

Your steps are damn loud in this hallway, is everything supposed to be quiet? You can't even hear the shopping district beyond the door behind your back. You take a glance back whence you came.

There's no door? What the hell, there has to be a door! You rush back, there's just a wall, an abruptly ending hallway. It's certainly solid, this couldn't have slid in place. Right, it must be a part of the 'scary' part. You weren't creeped out by that at all!
[Creeped out 1/90] If it reaches 90, game over.

The right door, ofcourse, this hallway is annoying. A few steps close the distance. The door seems normal. Now to just open i-

CREAK! You jump up in surprise. It came from below!

It's just the damn floor, this Youkai Scare bunch made the floor creaky.
[Creeped out 3/90]

You step through the door.

Ah, no more hallways. This is a wider room. It feels cold. Your poor light source reveals a couch in the right corner, stairs leading to an upper room, and a... bar! Oh, there's drinks too!

[] That couch is suspicious.
[] Drinks!
[] Stairs!
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[] Stairs!
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[x] Drinks!
[x] Steel your nerves. The only thing to be afraid of here are the youkai themselves. The village will have your back if they decide to do anything, right? Right?
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[x] To the stairs.
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[x] Stairs!

Xavier's only weakness!
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[X] Drinks!

A little of the ol' liquid courage
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[x] Drinks!

"Hi Lloyd. A little slow tonight, isn't it?"
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[X] Drinks!
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[x] Drinks

Aww... this one's not dead already is it? I was kinda digging the concept.
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This is a good example of an abandoned story with a good plot.