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1568 No. 1568
She won't wake up. You've tried everything, and she still won't wake up.
...Almost everything.
Could that really work?
Well, it's worth a try.
You slide your hand down her pants, into her underwear. You you can feel her slit, slightly moist. She still doesn't wake up though.
It's not until now that you realize that everyone is still in the room. You look over to find Reimu glaring at you angerly. Mystia looks shocked. Cirno gives you a thumbs up. Onric seems to have disappeared again.
"Get out."
Reimu's really pissed.
"Leave. Now. Get out of my shrine."
Oh shit. She's REALLY pissed.
You're forced out of the shrine. Your friends don't come with you, instead arguing with Reimu about kicking you out. They intend to find you after they leave the shrine yourself.
You walk down the path leading to the stairs that go down the hill the Shrine is on. Eventually you find yourself lost in the forest with very little to protect yourself with. You come across a large group of fairies similar to the ones you encountered before. Unlike before, they don't seem to mind your presence and don't attack.
"Who knew I'd find you here? I wasn't even looking yet."
Before you can turn around, you hear a gunshot. A rather loud one. You then collapse. The bullet went straight through your heart. You didn't stand a chance. You die then and there.

Continues left: 2.
[ ] 1 choice back.
[ ] 2 choices back.
[ ] Help (1 choice back)

>> No. 1570
[ ] 2 choices back.

>> No. 1571
[X] One choice back
[X] Give up, go find that oni girl.
>> No. 1572

{X} 1 choice back
{X} Poke wriggle while asking if you're 'bugging' her
>> No. 1573
[x] 1 choice back.
Yukari's playing the most dangerous game? She must be bored off her ass.
[x] Give up, bring up the spellcard.
It's kind of weird we just got one after performing the omniruffle.
>> No. 1574
Delicious Wriggle slit.

[X] Back one choice.
[X] Poke wriggle while asking if you're 'bugging' her
>> No. 1575
[X] Back one choice.
[X] Poke Wriggle while asking if you're 'bugging' her.

And if that doesn't work, we can try stealing a kiss.
>> No. 1576
Yukari's got nothing to do with this bad end.
>> No. 1577
[X] One choice back
[x] Pinch her nose.
>> No. 1578
[X] Back one choice.
[X] Poke wriggle while asking if you're 'bugging' her
>> No. 1579
>Cirno gives you a thumbs up.

I do like this mental image.
>> No. 1580
You didn't ask for help. You really, REALLY should in the future. I'm going to give you some anyway.
You chose hard mode. This means you should not fuck around with things you know are going to be a bad end.
She won't wake up. You've tried everything, and she still won't wake up.
Well, one last try. You continuously poke her.
"Wriggle, am I bugging you?"
She doesn't awaken. Returning to your place, everyone's staring at you for your bad pun. A couple seconds later they stop staring and continue eating.
Well, that didn't work. In any case, the silence returns.
Everyone finishes eating and Reimu takes the dishes back into the kitchen.

[ ] Bring up the spellcard.
[ ] Attempt to find that oni girl.
[ ] Find Reimu.
>> No. 1581
[X] Attempt to find that oni girl.
>> No. 1582
[x] Pinch Wriggle's nose.
>> No. 1583
[X] Play with Wriggle's antennae.

Those things are sensitive, right?
>> No. 1584
[x] Bring up the spellcard.
>> No. 1585
[X] Bring up the spellcard.
>> No. 1586
[x] Bring up the spellcard.
I have a feeling this is important.
>> No. 1588
[x] Bring up the spellcard.
>> No. 1589
Sorry for the short posts.
Hmm, this card. What is it?
"Hey, guys. What's this?" You pull out the spellcard and show it to them.
"Hmm, let me see it." Kohaku sounds interested. You hand the card to her.
"This is a spellcard. A rather unique one too, as it isn't meant to harm the opponent but rather show extreme affection. Well, I can't get that much more than that by looking at it. YOu should test it on someone. Any of those three would work fine." waves to Cirno, Mystia, and Onric.

[ ] Cirno. Who tests a hair ruffling spellcard on anyone other than Cirno? Seriously.
[ ] Mystia. She seems carefree enough not to care if you do this.
[ ] Onric. She's your little fairy, of course you're going to test it on her.
>> No. 1590
[X] Use it on yourself, pat your head and rub your stomach.
>> No. 1591
[x] Mystia. She seems carefree enough not to care if you do this.
>> No. 1592
[x] Onric. She's your little fairy, of course you're going to test it on her.
Once we give her enough affection, she's going to evolve into Mokou. Then, give her a little more rufflings, and she'll evolve again into Smaug.
>> No. 1594
[X] Use it on yourself, pat your head and rub your stomach.
>> No. 1595
[X] Mystia. She seems carefree enough not to care if you do this.

Dirty bird
>> No. 1596
[X] Mystia. She seems carefree enough not to care if you do this.

I loves me some Mystia.
>> No. 1597
[X] Wriggle. She probably isn't too fond of us as it is.
>> No. 1598
[x] Ruffle so hard that you distort space-time in order to reach the head of the Horse with No Name.
>> No. 1600
Mystia. She doesn't seem like she'd care.
"I'll test it on Mystia."
"Okay~" She stands up and walks over to you, sitting down in front of you.
"Go ahead~"
"Okay. Uh. How do I use spellcards?"
"Just declare it. Say its name, in other words." Kohaku explains.
"here goes."
You reach up to Mystia and put your hand on her head. You hold up the card and say its name.
You start ruffling her. You're doing it perfectly though. Normally ruffling someone would tickle, but this time it isn't. Instead, her whole body relaxes. After a while, she lets out a soft moan and starts blushing slightly. This.. This is amazing.
Eventually you hit the limit break. Mystia just sits there stunned for a moment, then snaps back into it.
"Wow~ That was amazing~" Mystia stands back up and sits down where she was before.
"Me next! Me next!" Cirno begs.
Well, to tell the truth, it drained a bunch out of you. You don't think you'd be able to do it again without resting first.
"No, Cirno. Not now. Maybe tomorow."
"Awwww, I wanted to get ruffled too!"
Just then Reimu walks back in to the room.
"Anything happen while I was gone?"
"I tested my new spellcard."
"Ah, oka-WHAT." She quickly examines the room.
"Testing a spellcard inside my shrine? Are you TRYING to get me to kill you?"
"Relax, it wasn't an attack card, Reimu." Kohaku possibly just saved your life.
"Oh, alright. Just don't break anything."
Reimu sure does take it easy, doesn't she?
The Eagles song is now playing in your head. Manually.
Hmm, maybe Reimu wants you to test the spellcard.

[ ] No. Too risky. Sit here in silence.
[ ] Yes. She wants it. If she says she doesn't she's being a tsundere.
[ ] Go find that oni girl.
>> No. 1601
[X] No. Too risky. Sit here in silence.

She didn't seem too thrilled last time.
>> No. 1602
[X] Go find that oni girl.

Getting drunk with Suika sounds fun.
>> No. 1603
[X] Go find that oni girl.

[10:49pm] <04Bastille> What is it with the voters and not wanting Suika
[10:49pm] <04Bastille> Bunch of fags
[10:49pm] <14Ataisai> almost exactly what I was about to say, bast
[10:49pm] <09%Jerl> D:<
[10:49pm] <09%Jerl> "That slutty little sparrow."
[10:49pm] <09%Jerl> RAAAAAGE
[10:49pm] <14Terminal-tan> WHY YA RAGIN
[10:49pm] <14Ataisai> "Well, you see, there's a very simple, logical reason for this. They are massive faggots." was how I'd have phrased it

Come on Anon, fix this mistake you keep making
>> No. 1604
[X] Go find that oni girl.
>> No. 1605
[X] Yes. She wants it. If she says she doesn't she's being a tsundere.

Take it, waki miko.
>> No. 1606
{X} Go find that oni girl.
Watermelon face
>> No. 1615
[+] Go find that oni girl.
I feel like doin' the Watermelon Crawl.

...oh, and I am of the opinion that it was worth a continue to see what would happen when TextAnon groped Wriggle. It confirmed, at least, that this isn't a futa-Wriggle story.
>> No. 1621

[x] Yes. She wants it. If she says she doesn't she's being a tsundere.

>The Eagles song is now playing in your head. Manually.

[x] "I hate the fucking Eagles, man!"
>> No. 1623
Silence returns. You decide that Reimu wouldn't be very happy if you attempted to ruffle her hair again, especially if you're activating a spellcard while doing it.
This room, it's silent. You must escape the silence. There is nothing left to say or do in this room.
Oh, right. There was that oni girl from earlier. I wonder where she is.
"Excuse me."
You stand up and head out the door the oni girl came in through. It leads into a long hallway.
There are six doors in this hallway. The first one on the left has the word "bathroom" written on the door. The one across from it has no markings. The next two rooms down the hall are unmarked as well. The final door on the left has been left open, the one across from it has a yin-yang orb drawn on it.

[ ] Check the bathroom.
[ ] Check the room across from the bathroom.
[ ] Check the second room to the left.
[ ] Check the second room to the right.
[ ] Check the open door.
[ ] Check the door with the yin-yang orb.
>> No. 1624
[X] Check the door with the yin-yang orb.
>> No. 1625
[ ] Check the open door.
>> No. 1626
[ ] Check the open door.
>> No. 1627
[ ] Check the open door.
>> No. 1630
{X} Check the open door.
>> No. 1635
Hmm, open door. Maybe that's where the oni girl went.
You walk through the doorway. Ah, it's the kitchen. No oni girl.
Maybe she's in a cupboard. Hiding from you.
You open all of them. They're all empty. No oni girl, and pretty close to no food. There's a couple bags of rice and a BUNCH of tea, but nothing else. Oh, a couple unopened bottles of sake.
You can't help but be reminded of how happy she was when you donated all that money. She must have really needed it.
In any case, no oni girl in here. There are five more rooms to check.

[ ] Check the bathroom.
[ ] Check the room across from the bathroom.
[ ] Check the second room to the left.
[ ] Check the second room to the right.
[ ] Check the door with the yin-yang orb.
>> No. 1636
[x] Check the bathroom.
She might be worshipping the porcelain god.
>> No. 1637
[X] Check the bathroom.
>> No. 1644
[x] Check the bathroom.

>> No. 1645
[+] Check the bathroom.
>> No. 1647
You decide to check the bathroom next.
You walk down the hallway until you get to the bathroom, and then knock to make sure you're not going to walk in on anyone. The fact that there is no response means that the oni girl probably isn't inside the room and you probably won't be walking in on anyone. You slide it open.
There is a normal looking bathtub, toilet, and sink. The toilet appears to have running water going to it, but you have no idea how that happens to work. You wonder about it for a moment before you remember that this is Gensokyo. It is probably powered by magic.
In any case, it's been long enough since you've used the restroom. You decide now is as good a time as ever.
When you're finished you wash your hands in the sink. You notice that the water that comes out is fairly warm. The shrine must be on top of a hot spring or something. In any case, it's nice to have hot water to wash with.
When you're done washing and have dried your hands off on the hand towel hanging on the wall next to the sink, you feel a vibration from your pocket.

[ ] Ignore it.
[ ] Why is the note buzzing?
[ ] Shatter that fucking marble.
>> No. 1648
[X] Why is the note buzzing?
>> No. 1651
[x] Why is the note buzzing?
Test Message from Yukarin: UR A FAGET
>> No. 1652
[X] Why is the note buzzing?

Kana, etc.
>> No. 1653
[x] Why is the note buzzing?
>> No. 1654


>> No. 1663
Why is the note buzzing? That's quite odd.
You pull it from your pocket and it stops buzzing.
Opening it up, you see writing on it. More than just that heart.

"Good job getting this far. Consider that spellcard a gift for providing entertainment. In any case, don't go ruining things that you can't replace. Namely your clothes. Getting so much blood on them was a bad idea you know. In any case, have a good day. Oh, and this is Yukari, by the way. <3"
That heart is the exact same one as before, only moved to fit the other text. It's probably just a way of telling this note from any others you may manage to pick up.
The moment you finish thinking about the note, there is a knock at the door.

[ ] "Who is it?"
[ ] Answer it.
[ ] Write in.
>> No. 1664
[X] Answer it.
>> No. 1665
[x] "Who is it?"
>> No. 1666
[X] Answer it.
>> No. 1667
[X] Answer it.
>> No. 1670
[X] Answer it.
I'm getting BAD END vibes but whatever.
>> No. 1671
Sorry for the short posts, can't really help it.
Hmm, answering the door is best. You're through in here anyway.
You walk over to the door and slide it open. Reimu walks past you into the room, pushes you out, and slides the door. You hear the sound of the lock locking.
Well, you've checked the kitchen and the bathroom now. Six more places to check.

[ ] Check the room across from the bathroom.
[ ] Check the second room to the left.
[ ] Check the second room to the right.
[ ] Check the door with the yin-yang orb.
>> No. 1672
[ ] Check the second room to the left.
>> No. 1673
[x] Check the door with the yin-yang orb.
Now that Reimu's in the bathroom, we'll steal some used panties for extra continues.
>> No. 1674
[x] Check the door with the yin-yang orb.

I like the way you think.

As odd as this is going to sound, panties are potentially important to the progression of the story. You can steal them from someone as long as they are sleeping or unconscious and if no one is watching.
>> No. 1675
[x] Check the door with the yin-yang orb.
>> No. 1676
Well, since you've never done an inventory or status check, I'll give you a free one for now. CHECK ITEMS WHEN YOU GET THEM.
About panty stealing, that was decided LONG ago in the IRC version.
Status: 100%, Mana: 0/0.
Abilities: Stealing panties. Required that they are being worn and that the wearer is unconcious. Panties will give an extra continue, and are important later on in the game if you get to the point where they become useful.

Candy. This is some pretty damn good candy.
Backpack. A large backpack. You can fit many things in it.
Tent. For sleeping in.
Sleeping bag. Also for sleeping in.
Hunting knife. A normal hunting knife. The blade is about 7" long.
Silver .45 ACP bullets (6). These were damn expensive. Pure silver bullets.
Ruger 10/22 magazine (10/10). A full Ruger 10/22 magazine.
Medical kit. You could use this to treat wounds.
Shiny red marble. It appears to be made of ruby. You have no idea where it came from.
Zippo. It's red. The lighter fluid in it has been recently filled.
Ruger 10/22. Your trusty old .22 rifle. Not very powerful, but semi-auto is nice.
Note. Apparantly from Yukari. Usually it is blank save the heart in the middle.
Spellcard. Affection Sign "Perfect Ruffle". It does what the name says. No mana cost.

Wriggle (unconcious).

It's time to check that door with the yin-yang orb.
You walk down the hall towards it. When you get there, you slide the door open carefully. Not locked at all.
Inside you find a normal bed, a nightstand, and a chest of drawers. It's dark inside the room. It's also very empty looking. There's obviously not much inside.
There is no used panties anywhere. No laundry bin, nothing. It's as if she were trying to hide them all.
In any case, you can check the various furniture.

[ ] Check the nightstand. This is where the panties are.
[ ] Check the chest of drawers. Mikosleves plz.
[ ] Leave.
>> No. 1677
[X] Check the chest of drawers. Mikosleves plz.
>> No. 1678
[X] Leave.

We can only take panties when someone is wearing them, and unconscious? If you say so, boss.
>> No. 1679
[x] Leave.
Fuck. We missed a chance to steal Wriggle's panties.
[x] Check the room across from the bathroom.
>> No. 1680

You can take them if you find them.
>> No. 1681
No, it just only grants a continue if that's how you get them.
>> No. 1682
[x] Leave.
>> No. 1683
This isn't going to cost you a continue. I'll give it to you for free. You couldn't have seen it coming very easily.
It's not a good thing to snoop around in a girl's room. You should leave.
You walk over to the door and slide it open. Just before you go to slide the door closed, Reimu exits the bathroom.
She stares at you.
You stare back at her.
"What the fuck are you doing in my bedroom?"
You don't have any way to respond.
"You going to answer for yourself?"
She pulls a couple 9" needles out of her mikosleeves.
You still can't answer.
Silence. There is a moment of that horrible silence. This can't end well.
She walks towards you. Every step she looks more infuriated.
"What. The fuck. Are you. DOING!?" SHe yells.
"Uh, looking around. I didn't know it was your room."
"LIAR!" She throws the needle at your head. You dodge it and it lodges its self in her wall.
"GET OUT. RIGHT NOW." She points towards the back door of the shrine.
She pushes you towards the door.
You don't have many options. You leave the shrine. With not much else to do, you circle to the front of the shrine and head down the path leading towards its steps. You walk down the steps. You find yourself walking along the path, without even knowing where you are going.
You come across another group of fairies. No, this has happened before. But when? You don't know, but your gut tells you to avoid the fairies.
You head off into the forest to attempt to avoid them. Along the way, you're attacked by a random youkai from behind. Before you can react you're pushed to the ground. Before you can struggle, your head is pushed against a rock hard enough to smash it open.
You die. The youkai has a rather good feast of your flesh.


Well, as I said, this couldn't have been foreseen if you weren't being very, very thoughtful about how things are going to happen. However, I'm going to stress the point that THIS IS HARD MODE. It's JUST BARELY below the difficulty level where when you meet Cirno she kills you and feeds you to Rumia. I'm going to let you off without wasting a continue this time, but think harder about things. This bad end is a warning. Things get progressively more difficult as the story goes on. Next time it will cost a continue.

Reimu was in the bathroom. Usually bathroom visits don't take a very long time. Obviously this is what happened here. You probably wouldn't have gotten KILLED if this were normal mode. Just kicked out before you were supposed to have been.

In any case, you're automatically getting one choice back this time. Revote for the last choice.
>> No. 1684
[X] Check the chest of drawers. Mikosleves plz.
>> No. 1686
>Usually bathroom visits don't take a very long time.

Evidence points to the contrary.
1. Reimu is a girl. They tend to take longer in the bathroom, partially due to needing more attention to personal hygiene.
2. Reimu's miko clothes take time to get into and out of. This would further delay her.

Not objecting to the BAD END - I saw it coming, really - but pointing out that you should consider this more carefully in the future.

Just out of curiosity, what happens if/when we run out of continues?

[+] Leave.
>> No. 1687
[x] Check the chest of drawers. Mikosleves plz.
Why are we voting for "Leave" again? That's what we voted for to get that BAD END.
>> No. 1688
If we didn't already,
[x] Close the door. Quietly.

[x] Check the chest of drawers. Mikosleves plz.
>> No. 1689
[x] Leave.

I doubt taking the Miko sleeves will turn out better.
>> No. 1691
Actually, changing my vote to
[+] Go back to >>1671
[+] Check the second room to the left
>> No. 1692
[x] Check the chest of drawers. Mikosleves plz.
>> No. 1693
[x] Check the chest of drawers. Mikosleves plz. Then leave as quietly as you can.
>> No. 1694
Alright, since "leave" almost won a second time, I was going to post a lecture. Most of the leave votes have been deleted, so there is no vote for that.
A question on one of them asked what happens when continues run out. You start over. Next time don't choose hard without knowing how the story goes.
Hmm, mikosleeves. You want to get some of Reimu's delicious detached sleeves. The best place to look: in her drawers.
You are sneaking inside someone's room. Your senses sharpen. You can hear the slightest noise, feel the lightest touch.
You walk over to them and open them. This is odd, all of them are empty, except for one that holds a bunch of 9" throwing needles and some of her paper amulets. You shove a few of each in your pockets.
You almost jump into the shadows when you hear the bathroom door slide open. Luckily Reimu walks in the other direction. You sigh your relief and close the drawers.
There's still more places to check.

[ ] Check nightstand.
[ ] Check under bed.
[ ] Check note.
[ ] Leave as quietly as you can.
>> No. 1696
[X] Check nightstand.
>> No. 1698
[ ] Check under bed.
>> No. 1699
[ ] Check under bed.

The nightstand is too obvious. The miko must hide her panties under the bed!
>> No. 1701
[X] Check note.

Now I'm curious.
>> No. 1702

No point in checking the note now. You will know when you need to check it.
>> No. 1707
[x] Check new items.
[x] Check under bed.
>> No. 1709
Persuasion needles (3x). These are the throwing needles Reimu uses. 9" long and sharp.
Paper amulets (3x). These are the paper amulets Reimu uses. You don't know how to use them.
You've not checked under the bed yet. Surely that's where hides her panties, right?
Pulling out your Zippo for light, you slide under the bed. It's quite empty underneath. There's nothing but space under here. Well, there's a spare set of blankets for the bed, but nothing else noticable.
You hear walking outside of the room. The door slides open, and someone walks in.

[ ] Check who it is.
[ ] Wait.
[ ] Check note.
>> No. 1710
[X] Wait.
>> No. 1711
[X] Wait.
>> No. 1712
[ ] Wait.
>> No. 1713
[x] Check note.
>> No. 1714
Hmm, waiting would be best. She won't know you're here if you don't make any noise.
So you wait under the bed.
"Hmm, he's not in here either. I wonder where he went."
Reimu doesn't really sound like she cares where you are. Which is a good thing, it means she won't check under the bed.
"Well, since he's not in here, I guess I'll change."
She closes the door and walks closer to the bed.
You can hear the sounds of her removing her clothing, and can see it on the floor as she's changing. She bends over to pick them up OH FUCK DON'T LOOK OVER HERE.
Luckily, she doesn't look, and you're not seen. You eventually hear Reimu walk to the sliding door and open it, then walk out and close it.
You wait for a few minutes just to be sure that she's not going to come back in and that she's not in the hallway to hear you.

[ ] Check note.
[ ] Check nightstand.
[ ] Leave as quietly as possible.
>> No. 1715
[ ] Leave as quietly as possible. Look for the oni.

>> No. 1716
You're in the process of looking for the oni, that's why you left the living room in the first place.
>> No. 1717
[+] Leave as quietly as possible.
>> No. 1718
[ ] Leave as quietly as possible.
>> No. 1719
[ ] Leave as quietly as possible. Look for the oni.
>> No. 1720
[x] Leave as quietly as possible

>> No. 1721
Gah, sorry for the slowness. Today I've been a bit busy compared to before. I'll try and not have it happen again.
Hmm, you don't want to risk getting caught sneaking around the miko's room. You have a feeling that it would end up with you getting killed somehow.
You exit her room and walk back into the hallway. You've got more places to check.

[ ] Check the room across from the bathroom.
[ ] Check the second room to the left.
[ ] Check the second room to the right.
[ ] Give up, you're not going to find her.
>> No. 1722
[+] Check the second room to the left.
>> No. 1723
{X} Check the second room to the left.
>> No. 1724
[ ] Check the second room to the right.
>> No. 1725
[x] Check the second room to the left.
>> No. 1726
This is it. You've got to check this door.
Excitement fills you as you walk down the halls to that one door.
It's right between the bathroom and kitchen. Such a perfect placement of a bedroom you've never seen.
You walk up to the door. You admire its simplicity. It's just a sliding door with white rice paper. However, its function is still there in full.
You walk closer until you're almost touching it. You notice that the door actually has a design woven into it by extremely fine thread. You admire the design for a moment, then move your hand to attempt to slide it open.
You touch the handle on the sliding door and feel it touching the pads of your fingers. You notice how the door handle appears to have a kind of grip on it, so you can grip it properly.
You start sliding the door open. You're met with a bit of resistance. You exert more force, and you feel more resistance. You try even harder, and find that it won't budge. You feel saddened for a bit as you realize the door won't open.

tl;dr door's locked.

[ ] Second room to the right.
[ ] First room to the right.
[ ] Giveup.
>> No. 1727
[X] Giveup.
>> No. 1729
File 121322538948.gif - (23.10KB , 647x393 , antispiral-justasplanned.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Giveup.
Antispiral option.
>> No. 1730

>It's just a sliding door with white rice paper.

[x] Emulate Kool-aid man
>> No. 1731
[+] Second room to the right.
>> No. 1732
File 121322634337.png - (478.60KB , 505x699 , dc71be6fdc009ecd34ea098865c98e34.png ) [iqdb]
What are you doing?! Don't give up yet!

[x] Second room to the right.
>> No. 1733
[X] Second room to the right.
>> No. 1734
Your next door to check is the second one to the right.
You cross the hallway to it and open the door. It's not locked, this is good.
Inside you find it to be very sparsely decorated. There's pretty much nothing in here. There is tatami mats on the floor, and a couple rolled up futons on a shelf to the left. To the right there is a dresser, but given the emptiness of this room it is probably empty.

[ ] Check under the tatami mats.
[ ] Check the futons.
[ ] Check the dresser. Maybe someone left something in there.
[ ] Leave. The oni girl isn't here.
>> No. 1735
[+] Leave. The oni girl isn't here.
>> No. 1736
[X] Check under the tatami mats.
>> No. 1737

It's possible Suika left the shrine.
>> No. 1738
[x] Give up
>> No. 1739
[x] Leave. The oni girl isn't here.
>> No. 1740
Damn, the oni girl wasn't in here either.
You decide to leave the room, seeing as there's not much to check in there. It looks like a spare guest bedroom, for situations like yours where you're visiting the shrine overnight.
In any case, you head out into the hallway.
You still have one more room to check, or you could give up.

[ ] Check that last room.
[ ] Give up, go to the living room.
[ ] Give up, go off into the night.
[ ] Give up, write in.
>> No. 1741
[ ] Check that last room.
>> No. 1742
[ ] Check note
>> No. 1743
[x] Check note
>> No. 1744
[x] Check note
Tasukette, Yukari!
>> No. 1745
>> No. 1746
[x] Check that last room.

watch her be outside passed out on the deck the whole time
>> No. 1747
You decide to check that note.

"My, I didn't expect you to check the note right now. However, I've still got some things to say. First of all, you owe me for not telling Reimu about you sneaking around in her room. Second of all, Suika's not home. Stop looking for her. Third, watch your back. I heard some fairies gossiping about some sort of fairy army being amassed. This could be dangerous. Be sure to tell Reimu about it as well. I hope you take my advice properly. Goodnight. <3"

A fairy army. You can't help but think that a fairy army wouldn't work exceptionally well. From your contacts with them, all of them seem to be too hyperactive to be useful on a battlefield. Even Onric, who seemed melancholy staring at the fire, was happily laughing with the other fairies in that group that attacked you. You find it hard to believe that someone would be able to mobilize them properly.

In any case, with Suika not here, your search for her ends now. But you could still check that last room anyway.

[ ] Check the last room.
[ ] Go back to the living room.
[ ] Other (specify)
>> No. 1748
[X] Check the last room.

What's the worst that could happen?
>> No. 1749
File 12132431437.png - (23.86KB , 687x432 , WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Check the last room.
>> No. 1751
[+] Check the last room.
Screw it, why not.
>> No. 1752
Hmm, well. You've looked at all of the other rooms, why not check the final one anyway? Who cares if Suika's not in there, you're feeling adventurous.
You walk down the hall to the door to the final room and slide it open.
It looks pretty similar to the last one, but there is a futon already laying on the floor as if this room has been used recently. A similar dresser is to your left. This room also has tatami mats.
Just as you finish examining the room, the door slides open.
"Ah, here you are. Where've you been? I've been looking for you."
You turn around to find Reimu standing in the doorway.
"Well, this is the room you'll be using. Your friends can use the one next door. Your futon is already prepared, I'll be taking the other one. Men and women sharing a room in a shrine is indecent, so you won't be sharing a room."
She grabs the spare futon from a shelf to the right, and leaves the room.

Well, you've searched the whole shrine and done all that you need to do. What next?

[ ] Back to the living room.
[ ] Off into the night.
[ ] Other (specify)
>> No. 1753
[ ] Burn down the shrine in a fit of insanity
>> No. 1754
[ ] Back to the living room.

One step at a time
>> No. 1755
[X] Back to the living room.
>> No. 1756
[ ] Burn down the shrine in a fit of insanity
>> No. 1757
[ ] Burn down the shrine in a fit of insanity

I like this.
>> No. 1758
Shit, three of 'em. BAD END incoming.
>> No. 1759
[x] Burn down the shrine in a fit of insanity
this is a good idea
>> No. 1760
What the fuck.
Well, you're sitting here with nothing to do. And going back to the living room wouldn't be much better. Either place you'll have to fight that dreaded silence. You have to figure out a way to end it once and for all.
You reach around your pockets, dumping all of their contents on the futon. The marble, the note, the persuasion needles, the amulets. You set the sleeping bag and tent down next to the futon, and remove the hunting knife. There's those expensive silver .45ACP bullets. You consider figuring out a way to set those off, but a gunshot won't end the silence for very long, even with the resulting chaos of people trying to figure out what it was. The rifle, but that has the exact same problem. And it's less loud. There's also the medical kit, but that's mostly useless.
Then you reach in your pocket and realize you've found your answer. The Zippo.
The shrine burning down would cause lots of noise, right? And then Gensokyo would be constantly talking about it for weeks, right? But how to light a whole shrine on fire with just a Zippo?
You grab the paper amulets. These should burn fine. Next you pitch the tent in the middle of the room, and run a sleeping bag over to the paper door. You then pull apart all of the bullets and scatter the gunpowder on top of the sleeping bag to make it burn better. You load the rest of your stuff into your backpack, then light the amulets and drop them in the tent. You wait for a moment to make sure the tent will actually burn, and find that it will. You swiftly leave the shrine and sit back to watch the fire.
About twenty minutes later, you hear yelling from inside the shrine and everyone evacuates. You don't let them see you, though, hiding in the shadows of the forest. At about this time the shrine really starts to burn. There's not much that can be done, Genoskyo doesn't have a fire department after all. You watch for an hour as the shrine burns to the ground.
Well, they'll probably figure out that it was you in a short amount of time. It's time to hit the road. You sneak west through the forest until you come across a small stream, and stop traveling there because you're generally tired. As you bend over to get some water to splash your face with, you hear a twig snap behind you.
"That was pretty daring, burning down the shrine. Turn around and I'll make your death extremely painful."
This person doesn't seem too nice.
"You know, when someone's trying to track you, it's not a good idea to tell them where you are. That's a very stupid idea. You shouldn't have done it."
You continue looking off in the other direction.
"Well, you're mostly unarmed. That makes it easier on me."
Before you can wonder what she means, you hear a loud bang. It sounds similar to a gunshot.
The pain you feel from where it hits you confirms that it is indeed a gunshot. You reach up to touch the exit wound from the bullet.
"Just die quickly."
You feel the barrel of a gun pressed against your head. You hear the trigger being pulled back, and then all is blank.


Continues left: 1.

[ ] Back 1 choice.
[ ] Back 11 choices.
[ ] idclev 38
>> No. 1761
>> No. 1762

[X] Back 1 choice, IDKFA
>> No. 1763
[x] Back 1 choice. IDKFA
[x] Hug the note in a fit of Stockholm Syndrome.
[x] Back to the living room.

We're going to get a GAME OVER from our own stupidity without even finding out who this Anonymous Hunter is. I feel sad.
>> No. 1764
People are trying to come up with WACKY, CUH-RAAAZY write-ins.
>> No. 1765
[x] Back 1 choice.
[x] Back to the living room.
>> No. 1766
The story's not going anywhere fast. Gotta be spiced up somehow.
If that means using up all continues, so be it.

[+] Back 1 choice, IDKFA
>> No. 1767
[x] Back 1 choice. IDKFA
too much drudgery and not enough AWESOME in our writefaggotry lately.
>> No. 1768
[04:31] <Kapow> jerl, in the first run of TAiG we got to gensokyo by choking on a shotgun, then we killed and ate rumia and snuck up on a sword tree
[04:31] <Kapow> I don't understand how these things can surprise you anymore
[04:31] <%Jerl> But they were going at it seriously for so long before this.
[04:31] <Kapow> sometimes anon gets bored
[04:31] <%Jerl> Hmm.
>> No. 1769
We've spent the last 3 days playing HOUSE SEARCHAN GAMES. I don't think anyone can really take this seriously anymore.
>> No. 1771
Not my fault people were hell-bent on finding Suika.
A single thought comes to your mind.
"idkfa." You say this out loud for some reason.
The note suddenly flies into your face. You grab it and look at it.

"My, trying to use cheatcodes. That's not going to work, but I guess I can tell you where to get the things it would give you if it did. You get the gun for those silver bullets from Remilia, that one gun from Kourindou, and the AK-47- You're not on the right path for that one, sorry. Fourth wall breakan gaems: the story will progress quicker today assuming you guys let it. Anyway, you should go to sleep soon. Goodnight. <3"

Damn. You wanted that BFG too. Anyway, you decide to head to the living room.
Upon entering the living room, you find everything as it was before, except that Cirno has fallen asleep under the kotatsu and Kohaku is drawing what look like spellcards.
"Hi~" Mystia's the first one to greet you, since she's not doing much.
"Eh? Oh, hello." Kohaku greets you next.
You take a seat at the kotatsu.

[ ] Bring up that fairy army.
[ ] Ask what Kohaku is doing.
[ ] Check on Wriggle.
>> No. 1772

[ ] IDDQD?
>> No. 1774
[x] Bring up that fairy army.
"I should be able to take them. After all, they're nothing but women and children."
>> No. 1775
[x] Ask them if Yukari has a computer at her house.
Yukari knows about Doom?!
>> No. 1777
[x] WWW
[x] EKG
>> No. 1778
>> No. 1780
{X} Check on Wriggle.
>> No. 1782
[X] Bring up that fairy army.
>> No. 1783
[x] Find Reimu.
[x] Bring up that fairy army.

Yukari did say we should tell Reimu about it.
>> No. 1784
[ ] Check on Wriggle.
>> No. 1785
+3 continues, but trying it again will have the same result as in Heretic.
That moment of the fourth wall being broken reminded you.
You've got no continues left!
That has to be fixed.
"iddqd." You say out loud.
"You'd what?" Kohaku looks at you confused.
Reimu walks into the room.
"Your rooms are ready."
"Okay." Kohaku replies. Mystia stands up and walks over to the door.
"What?" She looks at you.
"Reimu told me to tell you that there's supposedly a fairy army building up."
"...A what?" She looks at you with an expression of disbelief.
"Yeah, a fairy army. My response was similar to yours, but she told me to tell you so I am."
"...Okay. Fairies aren't a problem, though. I may look into it if I get bored enough."
"Alright. Yukari said it could be dangerous, though."
"Yes, for you. For me it's just an annoyance."
"I see."
Reimu pours three cups of tea and hands one to you and Kohaku. She takes a sip of hers. Kohaku doesn't even look up from her work. Taking a quick glance, you notice that the drawings on the spellcard she's working on are very intricate.
You and Reimu sit there in that horrible silence for a while as the two of you finish your tea.
"Well, it's about time to go to bed. You should sleep too."
She steps through the door that leads to the hallway and closes it behind her.
Kohaku stops drawing her spellcard, downs the tea in a couple gulps, then stands up and walks out the door herself.

[ ] Go to bed.
[ ] Carry Cirno and Wriggle to the girls' room.
[ ] Off into the night.
>> No. 1786
[X] Carry Cirno and Wriggle to the girls' room.
>> No. 1787
[x] Carry Cirno and Wriggle to the girls' room.
[x] Go to bed.
[x] Confess your love to the note.
>> No. 1788
[x] Carry Cirno and Wriggle to the girls' room.
[x] Go to bed.
>> No. 1789
[x] Carry Cirno to the girls' room and Wriggle to your room.
[x] Steal panties for continues.
[x] RAPE
>> No. 1790
It would be bad to let Cirno and Wriggle sleep out here, wouldn't? They could catch a cold or something.
You pick them up and carry them towards the girls' room. You knock on the door and it gets slid open.
"Ah, thank you~ I thought I was going to have to carry them here~" Mystia grabs Wriggle and Cirno from your hands and slides the door shut.
Well, you've got nothing much else to do. You walk over to your room and lay down on your futon. You soon find yourself drifting to sleep.

Your first dream is about a bag of candy that will never run out. The candy is delicious, the best you've ever had. Searching around in the bag you will eventually run into a familliar ruby marble, which gives you an odd feeling.

This dream ends, and another begins. You dream of a large black abyss, with only enough light to see a few feet in front of you. Looking down, you find that you're somehow held above an endless expanse of black by some force.
You hear laughter. Looking up, you see two ruby red eyes.
Everything goes white, and you awaken.
In your apartment.

Your computer is currently turned on. There appears to be a wrapped package sitting on top of the desk. You find your stuff laying in your room in about the same places you set it down in the guest room at the shrine. You gather it all up and lay it down on the bed.
Looking at the note, it is blank except for that heart in the center.
You jump when a sound comes from your computer. Apparantly your headphones aren't plugged in currently.

[ ] Check computer.
[ ] Go outside.
[ ] Check the package.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 1792
[ ] Carry Cirno and Wriggle to the girls' room.

>> No. 1793
[X] Check computer.
>> No. 1794
[ ] Check computer.
[ ] Check the package.

I prefer both.
>> No. 1795
[x] Check the package.
>> No. 1796
[x] Check the package.
Check the computer LAST, because that seems to be the trigger to enter Gensokyo.
>> No. 1797
That package. How'd it get here? it doesn't have any postal stickers or markings.
You walk over to it and open it. Inside, you find something awesome. A berserker pack. You shove it into your backpack. Another sound from your computer. Ah, that's Trillian. Someone must be trying to talk to you.

[ ] Check the computer.
[ ] Go outside.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 1798
[x] Check the computer.
We seem to be restocked now, now there's no need to go outside. Time to hit on Yukari.
>> No. 1799
[ ] Spend a bit o' time fappan.
>> No. 1800
[ ] Check the computer.

I wonder what would happen if we used the pack on Cirno.
>> No. 1803
[x] Check the computer.
>> No. 1804
[X] Check the computer.
>> No. 1805
[+] Check the computer.
>> No. 1806
It would be rude not to check a message someone has sent you, right?
You walk over to the computer and sit down. You take a look at the screen.

[07:21] NEET: Hi.
[07:21] > Hello.
[07:21] NEET: I'm going to send someone to wake Yukari to bring you back, but.
[07:21] NEET: You'll be oweing me.
[07:21] NEET: You're going to need to get me a few things. Namely a truck. Preferably a large semi, but a large vivilian truck works too.
[07:21] NEET: Once you get back, you'll have to get Mokou's panties for me too.
[07:21] > Okay.
[07:22] NEET: Good. I'll be expecting my stuff. Just wait until the gap appears.
[07:22] *** "NEET" signed on at Thu Aug 23 07:22:47 2007.

Alright. You've got a bit of time, and you should go get that truck.

[ ] Go buy that truck.
[ ] Breakfast.
[ ] Fap.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 1807
[X] Go buy that truck.

Then fap while in the driver's seat.
>> No. 1808
[x] Go buy that truck.
[x] Fap onto the seats.
>> No. 1809
[ ] Go buy that truck.
[ ] Go buy Breakfast.
[ ] Fap into Breakfast.
[ ] Serve to NEET.
>> No. 1810
[x] Fap in the breakfast, buy that truck, leave the cum-filled breakfast in the driver's seat of the truck, serve her the breakfast when you arrive
>> No. 1811
You need to go buy that truck.
First you check the balance of your bank account. You first check your checking account, and it looks normal.
Then you switch to your savings account.
"What the fuck."
When did you put $200,000 into your account?
You check your deposit history. Apparantly a company by the name of The Border, Inc. deposited the money into your account. Huh.
Well, that ought to be enough for at least a down payment.
You leave the house and take a bus to somewhere near the bank, and go withdraw the money. You then head in the direction of a dealership.
Arriving at the dealership, you browse the selection of trucks. You decide to use the money to buy a 4 door diesel.
You drive the diesel off of the lot. You eventually pull into a parking space at your apartment. Figuring you have nothing better to do, you begin fapping furiously.
A little bit after you finish up, you decide that, with nothing better to do, it would be good to take a nap in the bed of the truck. So you climb into the truck and attempt to do just that.
However, before you can do that, a gap opens in the air and a woman starts coming through. In a panic, you plant your boot to her face as hard as you can. She tumbles out of the gap, unconcious.

[ ] Cross the border.
[ ] Stay here.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 1812
[X] "Don't fucking surprise me like that!"
>> No. 1813
[x] Put the woman in the passenger's seat of the truck. Steal her panties. Drive into the gap.

Your continues and plot device. I'll be taking them. Also, TRUCKIN' IN GENSOKYO
>> No. 1814
I like that

[x] Put the woman in the passenger's seat of the truck. Steal her panties. Drive into the gap.
>> No. 1815
[x] Put the woman in the passenger's seat of the truck. Steal her panties. Drive into the gap.

too bad we just fapped in all the heat and glory, but still looks promising.
>> No. 1816
+2 continues, one for panties and the other for running a truck through a clothing store.
You pick up the woman and set her in the passenger seat.
Hmm, it would be a waste to just let her sit here, right?
That's it. You have to take her panties. It's the only way to be able to call yourself a man.
You reach up her dress and slide them down her legs, removing them. She doesn't even budge the whole time. You put the panties in your pocket.
Hmm, what to do next. You've got Yukari currently unconcious. There's no way to get back to Gensokyo until she wakes up.

That's it.
You shift the truck into gear and accelerate, leaving the parking lot of your apartment complex. You continue driving until you get to your destination.
You press the gas pedal to the floor. The truck takes off. You accelerate to a rather fast speed, before crashing into the side of the Gap. Alarmed customers inside scream as your truck runs through aisles of clothing. You don't stop until you reach the other end of the store, where you slam into the wall.
Quickly you're apphrehended by security and are forced to wait in a dimly lit room until the police show up. They do the standard job of sobriety tests, then arrest you. You're taken to the local police station and placed in a cell for holding.

You then wake up from your daydream. Whew, that was insane. In any case, Yukari's gap disappeared when she fell out of it, so you've got no way of getting back to Gensokyo until she wakes up.

[ ] Cross the border.
[ ] Stay here until Yukari wakes up.
[ ] Attack Yukari with a baseball bat.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 1817
[X] Wear Yukari's hat and cross the border
>> No. 1818
[x] Use the berserker pack on Yukari.

This is definitely the best course of action.
>> No. 1819
[X] Draw an arrow labeled "mouth" on her cheek.

If we have nothing to draw with,

[X] Pinch her nose.
>> No. 1820
[X] Give Yukari a wake-up fuck
>> No. 1821
[X] Give Yukari a wake-up fuck

Clearly the best course of action.
>> No. 1822
[X] Give Yukari a wake-up fuck

This makes me laugh
>> No. 1823
I suck at writing h-scenes, so blueballs for you.
What to do?
There's only one way.
You climb over to the passenger side of the truck.
Sliding your hand up her smooth legs, you eventually find your way to her slit. You begin touching it, rubbing her clit. You feel her getting moist. She still hasn't woken up yet, though.
Well, might as well go all the way.
You position yourself between her legs. You rub your penis against her slit, then push. It slides in slowly. She's rather tight. Either she doesn't have much experience, or she's been messing with borders.
She still hasn't woken up, though.
You slide your hand up her dress and grab ahold of her breasts. You can feel her getting more wet. You continue thrusting in and out, a moan occasionally coming from Yukari. She's not woken up yet, however.
You hear a tapping on your window. You immediately freeze.
"Excuse me, what are you doing in there, sir?"
You turn around and see a police officer looking through your window.
Yukari moves a little bit. You turn your head to look at her. Something caused her to wake up, and she's staring at you with a sinister grin.

Suddenly you find yourself in the middle of a lake, with all of your stuff on your person.
Fuck the fucking lake, you're not going to be threatened by something like WATER. You swim yourself out of the lake and collapse on the floor, panting.

For a while you just lay there exhausted. You swam quite a distance just then, and you're not exactly the most fit person.

After you catch your breath, you look up to find a girl dressed in black holding a stick in her hand to poke you.

"Oh, he's awake. That means I can eat him!"
She reaches down and grabs hold of your shoulder and pulls you up. Her grip is quite tight, and it hurts.
There's no way it's going to end like this. You reach up and begin ruffling her hair.
"Hey, what're you doing?" She gives you an excused expression. You continue.
"Ehe, that tickles. Stop it." Like hell you're stopping. This could well be saving your life.
"I said STOP IT." She glares at you. Oh shit.

[ ] The spellcard. This ruffling isn't powerful enough.
[ ] Maybe you can reach for the knife.
[ ] Try and get the rifle.
[ ] Call out for help.
>> No. 1824
[X] The spellcard. This ruffling isn't powerful enough.


[X] Get in a feel before you die.
>> No. 1825
[ ] The spellcard. This ruffling isn't powerful enough.
>> No. 1826
[ ] "I'm trying to recreate the influential discovery that set off the dawning of modern man, i.e. that of fire! Now, please cease your movements so I may induce the necessary friction."
>> No. 1827
[ ] I am the bullet of my rifle...
>> No. 1828
[X] The spellcard. This ruffling isn't powerful enough.

While the spellcard is in effect, headbutt her with a loud "OI!"
>> No. 1830
If this ruffling isn't going to work, you have to attempt even stronger ruffling.
You pull the card out of your pocket. She releases you and begins walking away.
"A.. Spellcard?" She goes to turn around to run, but you're too quick. You're already about to call it, you're not going to let her run away.
"No! Please! Don't hurt me!" She cries. You're not going to hurt her, though, obviously.
"Calm down." you tell her. It has no effect.
You activate the spellcard and begin ruffling her hair again. With the same perfection and precision as before, you ruffle her as perfectly as non-magically possible.
When you're finished, you look at her eyes. She's staring off into nowhere. After a moment, she snaps out of it.
For a moment, she just stares at you.
"I'm going to go show you to Cirno!" She yells. Before you can react, she grabs your hand and begins carrying you through the air towards the shrine.
You land in the front of the shrine.
"Cirno came here according to the fairies."
Before you can react, she starts dragging you to the door and slides it open.
"CIRNO!" She yells loudly. Everyone's gathered in the living room, and now they look shocked at the sudden yell.
"I found this guy at the lake!" She pushes you forward in front of her.
Everyone gives you a confused look.

[ ] Explain what happened.
[ ] Punch Rumia in the face.
>> No. 1831
Your thoughts race, you are going to die, unless...

[X] Sprint forward and dive over that fucking kotatsu, roll when you land. Turn to your foe "I WILL NOT BE HAD SO EASILY!". Run like a bitch down the hallway and lock yourself in a guest room and hide under a futon.
>> No. 1832
[X] Hello again.
>> No. 1833
[ ] Unleash the Odyssey
>> No. 1834
[+] Explain what happened. Do not mention the whole Yukari thing. Offer to repeat the favor.

(Note to selves: Yukari didn't kill us outright. That means she approves.)
>> No. 1835
[X] Explain what happened. Do not mention the whole Yukari thing. Offer to repeat the favor.
>> No. 1836
[X] Sprint forward and dive over that fucking kotatsu, roll when you land. Turn to your foe "I WILL NOT BE HAD SO EASILY!". Run like a bitch down the hallway and lock yourself in a guest room and hide under a futon.
>> No. 1837
[X] Explain what happened. Do not mention the whole Yukari thing. Offer to repeat the favor.
>> No. 1838
[ ] Punch Rumia in the face.
[ ] Run away.

{X} Explain what happened. Do not mention the whole Yukari thing.
>> No. 1841
[x] put your hand in rumia's mouth
[x] continue to insert your whole arm down her throat

>> No. 1842
[X] Explain what happened. Do not mention the whole Yukari thing.
>> No. 1843
>>1837 >>1835 >>1834
Explain to me what you guys mean by "repeat the favor."
>> No. 1844
Ruffle them all, of course.
>> No. 1847
I'm just going to ignore that part of the vote since it's ambiguous.
>> No. 1885
i'm guessing they were trying to redirect it back to rumia for lending you a safe ride, i guess