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Sometimes I write stories, on the spot, in #MiG. This is one of them... Well, kind of. This is more of a story summary, but if enough people enjoy

the idea, I'll write this one out...


<Myschii>So Lily has a multiple personality disorder.
<Myschii>She exhibits some of the symptoms.
<Myschii>Memory loss.
<Kiri>So, Lily black is her other self?
<Myschii>Finding herself in strange places.
<Giddy>What are you talking about?
<Myschii>Let me finish, GD

<Myschii>So she starts to break down mentally.
<Myschii>The Lily White side of the personality that is.
<Myschii>Lashing out at things that are "black"
<Myschii>she starts to go out less and less
<Myschii>afraid she'll trigger another shift in personality
<Myschii>Until it becomes a problem for gensokyo that spring hasn't arrived on time this particular year
<Myschii>So then enter Heroine number 2
<Myschii>Who's another mostly ignored touhou character?
<Myschii>I already write Tokiko in Afterthought. Someone else plz
<Kiri>I don't even know her.
<Pygmalion>You should be ashamed.
<Myschii>That'll do
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<Myschii>So daiyousei is eventually pushed into Lily's part of the faerie forest.
<Myschii>As a greater faerie, Daiyousei represents all the faeries who want and NEED springtime to come.
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<Myschii>Daiyousei, initially horrified at the state of which Lilly "Gray" (as she now insults herself) lives, tries her best to cheer up the wayward faerie
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<Myschii>Lilly, after being swayed somewhat by Daiyousei's words, begins to consider it.
<Myschii>Sorry bout that
<Niski>http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=3262719 delicious, sanae

<Myschii>So Lily finally decides that she will herald springtime...
<Myschii>And that's when things go wrong.
<Myschii>Daiyousei says something and triggers Lily's "Black" personality.
<Myschii>Daiyousei, having only heard of this side of Lily, is confused by how she's acting.
<Myschii>But after a few articles of clothing hit the ground, it becomes clear that Lily isn't herself right now.
<Myschii>Lily Black rapes Daiyousei.
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<Myschii>And this is where we skip some time ahead.
<Kiri>Can you stop being shitty for a sec?

<Myschii>Lily White who was dreadfully grateful to Daiyousei for helping her in her darkest hour
<Myschii>Is utterly confused about Daiyousei's behavior
<Myschii>Daiyousei always finds excuses to leave the area when Lily is around.
<Myschii>What's worse, is this kind of heart ache is something new to Lily.
<Myschii>Is this what they call love?
<Myschii>But what can Lily do to win Daiyousei's favor?
<Myschii>And why does it seem that Daiyousei hates her?
<Myschii>Give me a third character
<Kiri>Cirno, perhaps?
<Myschii>not popular please
<Myschii>but seriously no
<Kiri>that nurse person
<Myschii>which one?
<Kiri>or hmmmmm.... that something related to orange.
<Giddy>... what?
<Kiri>sorry. don't know much about PC98's.
<Giddy>... uh
<Myschii>you mean Orange?
<Myschii>Orange came first
<Myschii>I'll write some MystiaXWriggle after this
<Giddy>Nobody even knows who she is
<Myschii>She's playing third string to Daiyousei and Lily in an unwritten story summary
<Giddy>your summary sucks
<Myschii>why are you so mean?

<Giddy>So no.

<Myschii>It just so happened one day that Lily bumped into Orange.
<Kiri>Giddy is always mean.
<Kiri>well, mostly.
<Kiri>not always. but mostly.

<Myschii>Lily had been at her wits end for awhile now, and so she immediately dumped all her unanswered questions onto poor

<Giddy>No she didn't.
<Myschii>Which in itself was difficult
<Myschii>Since it was all mimed
<Giddy>go away

<Myschii>Orange, wondering exactly how she eventually understood all that, was shocked
<Myschii>Orange could only pass on some simple advice
<Myschii>Lily should make her feelings clear to Daiyousei.
<Ars>Happy fun times up in this channel, yo.
<Ars>Go update~
<Ars>And Yes.
<Giddy>Piss off.
<Ars>Not really.
<Giddy>Piss off.
<Ars>Make me.
<Ars>Oooooh, I SO went there.
<Myschii>Sorry to intterupt but how should I end the Lily story
<Ars>Listen to Giddy.
<Ars>Do nothing.

<Myschii>And so even to this day, Lily's feelings have gone unanswered.
<Ars>Poor Lily.
<Myschii>I'll write a happy end later
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<Myschii>poor kiri
<EX_Pygmalion>I will not deny it.

<Myschii>Daiyousei can only tremble in fear as her exhausted body can no longer fly to escape. A black clad Lily looming over her with a crazed grin.

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And I thought my jokes were bad
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I like it..
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Goddamn it stop necrobumping threads.