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Sorry about this taking so long to come into existance. Yesterday was the last day of the semester, and over the week I had a fuckton of shit to finish and turn in to avoid failing classes. Beyond that, blame animu.

New thread, new chapter. This is the prologue of chapter 2.

Well, it's probably Tewi. You really don't have any reason to believe otherwise, and she's at least a way back. Finding her would at least be as good as getting lost, and potentially better. It's best to find her quickly and ask her to take you back to Eientei.

You enter the forest to try and look for her. After a couple minutes of looking, you decide that calling out to her would be a good idea. It's best to get her attention, assuming she's not just going to run. Honestly, that's a risk you're willing to take. You can just follow your footprints to get back to the road if you don't find her.

"Tewi!" you shout out, attempting to not sound panicked. It's difficult not to sound panicked when yelling out for someone, but you pull it off well enough. A couple minutes pass with no result. Deciding that it's too much of a bother at this point, you decide to turn around.
Right as you've hit the 180 degree mark, suddenly everything goes black. Damn, that was quick, Yumou.
You blink and everything's back to normal. No darkness, no change in location, no ninjas about to kidnap you. That's odd. Perhaps it's a result of undersleeping, or something. Oh well, this has little significance.
Following your footprints, you quickly find yourself back on the path you left from. Time to decide which direction to go. Except it's all black again. Perhaps you're just hallucinating again. But that would mean you're doing something you aren't, since you would be thinking you were doing something else and then finding out that you weren't. But when the light returns, you appear to have just been standing there like normal. So it can't be the same hallucinations. Maybe different ones, but not the same ones, definitely not. But it's still unimportant. You've already established yourself as fucking nuts, so finding out that you're fucking nuts isn't anything new. Instead, you need to make it back to Eientei.
But it's hard to do that when you can't see, and everything's black again. MOving your hand up to your face, you find out that it's probably not somthing wrong with your vision- you can very, very faintly make out your hand in front of your eyes, just barely. Still doesn't rule out hallucinations, though.

As suddenly as you stop thinking about hallucinations, suddenly a hallucination comes out of nowhere and throws you to the ground. It being pitch-black, you can't see what it is, but it appears to be holding you down quite well. This kind of strength, you wouldn't be able get enough to escape. A quick check proves this: you cannot move your arms any at all. Your legs are useless; the thing is sitting on your chest. You aren't flexible enough to stretch your legs that far. Sitting up wouldn't work either, she appears to be just a little too heavy for your abdominal muscles to lift.
...She. Where'd you get the impression of it being female? Well, everyone you've come across so far outside of the village has been female, that could have something to do with it. it could also be the smallish body, but that could be attributed to a male being young. Perhaps the hands? But you wouldn't be able to tell that they were female-like if you weren't already looking for a reason to find out.
Well, perhaps it's the fact that the clothing somewhat appears to be a skirt? No, that's not what it is. But from somewhere in your mind, you know that this thing on top of you is undoubtedly female. The small size tells you that it's most definitely another youkai attacking you. This time, however, you're helpless by yourself. You can't move effectively. The only thing you can see is the girl's red eyes, only slightly brighter than the darkness that surrounds. The only way to avoid getting killed would probably be to call out for help. But who to call out for help from? If this person was the person you saw earlier, it's useless. But you don't know that it was. It could very well just be something that got alerted when you called out for her. Right, that's what this is.
Calling out for help, though, isn't the only option, though. You're not sure exactly what this other option is, though. You can feel it floating around in the back of your mind, and you can tell that it's a plan for escape that would be rather effective. However, you have no clue exactly what it is. You just know that it would work, and the first step you'd have to go through to make it work. And it feels like this is the one that would work better.

[ ] Call out for help (optionally specify a person to call out for). Plans that you do not know cannot be followed.
[ ] Do whatever your mind is telling you to do. Remember, your insanity led to you lighting Yuka on fire. She was firing lazers the size of fucking semi trucks around. You don't know that this youkai is any more dangerous.

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[ ] Do whatever your mind is telling you to do. Remember, your insanity led to you lighting Yuka on fire. She was firing lazers the size of fucking semi trucks around. You don't know that this youkai is any more dangerous.
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[ ] Do whatever your mind is telling you to do. Remember, your insanity led to you lighting Yuka on fire. She was firing lazers the size of fucking semi trucks around. You don't know that this youkai is any more dangerous.
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[x] Do whatever your mind is telling you to do. Remember, your insanity led to you lighting Yuka on fire. She was firing lazers the size of fucking semi trucks around. You don't know that this youkai is any more dangerous.

More blanket H Scenes please.
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[x] Do whatever your mind is telling you to do. Remember, your insanity led to you lighting Yuka on fire. She was firing lazers the size of fucking semi trucks around. You don't know that this youkai is any more dangerous.

I wonder what we'd do to Rumia~
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[X] Do whatever your mind is telling you to do. Remember, your insanity led to you lighting Yuka on fire. She was firing lazers the size of fucking semi trucks around. You don't know that this youkai is any more dangerous.
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You can't ignore your mind. Ignoring your mind is ignoring yourself, and if you can't pay attention to yourself how can you pay attention to anything? Even on the most basic level, thinking about it, the world inside of your head is different from the world outside. Not necessarily because of your insanity. It's more...the perception. The way you percieve the world is how the world is to you, and how you interact. It's impossible for a human, at least one in your current situation, to percieve the universe as it is, because that would involve knowing everything about everything in the universe, and that's not something you can do. Normally one would treat them as the same universe, which they technically are. The universe you percieve is still a part of the universe it is a summary of. But that feels...wrong. Like you're denying the universe in your mind the ability to be separate like it should. You can't put your logic into words. You're not sure there ARE words to put this logic to, should you even choose. Right now, however, this is all irrelevant. All of it. You're in a situation where you are just about to die, and you've got nothing you can really do about it. Your mind is trying to tell you something. You need to trust your mind. But what is your mind telling you? Right now it's saying to pay attention to your previous line of thought. Something about the percieved universe being different from the real universe. Why is it different? You can't see everything that's going on, you can't hear everything that's going on, you can't feel everything that's going on. But can everything that's going on see, hear, or feel you? No, that would be ridiculous. So does this mean that every object has its own internal universe? Well, no; it would need to be able to percieve. What here can percieve? You, and this girl sitting on top of you. Or, you think she can percieve. Can she? Can you? If she can percieve and you can percieve, why can't you both percieve the same thing? If these percieved universes are all part of the same universe, they're part of the whole universal whole, the same everything. That means they're linked in some way, made up of the same base stuff that is whatever existance may be made of. That means that when taken to the highest level, they're one in the same, both parts of the same massive machine that is this universe. If you take someone who doesn't know what any of the parts of an automobile engine do and show them an engine, they'll think of it as one object: the engine. To them, they percieve it as such: one object, even though it is many.

...where the hell are you going with this? Even though all of these thoughts occured in a fraction of a split second, it still feels like you're wasting your time trying to come to a meaningless point.
Right, perceptions. That line of thought obviously leads to you wanting to percieve whatever it is that this person is percieving for some reason. But that seems like a lost cause. None of this is useful, it's all useless, existential logic that leads nowhere from nowhere with no result and no benefit. Why the hell are you thinking these useless thoughts? Is your brain trying to occupy its self to lessen the shock of death or something? That could be it, but you don't want it to be it. But it has to be it, there's no other excuse. Your mind is racing trying to fill up any voids that can be taken thinking about how painful getting ripped apart and eaten alive by this little blonde haired youkai girl. It's racing, but it's not getting anywhere. Each of the separate parts of your conscious thought separate and start arguments among themselves, each carrying its own voice inside of your head. At this point outside conflict no longer matters to your lightning-fast internal conflict with yourself. You're not even sure if it's physically possible to think this fast, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that you're thinking so fast that the world seems to have slowed down, and the internal bickering of the different segments of your personality are all arguing. All of them except four distinct voices you remember hearing in separate situations. Two of them appear dead, the other two just appear to be bored. They're sitting there on a chair in the corner watching the violent conflict between all of your other thought processes as they slowly kill each other, just to revive full force a couple seconds.
Finally one of the four stands up.
"SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!" he bellows louder than any of the other voices could possibly be able to muster. "This is just annoying and unproductive. let me do the thinking this time, or there won't be a next time." the voice shouts. Everyone but the other three distinct voices begin staring at him. The other alive voice just looks completely uninterested, as if he knows that no matter what he does nothing he could do would be of any help in the current situation.
A common consensus appears to spread through the group that they should listen to this man. After all, if they chose not to, he could force them with the sheer power of his voice.

The second this all finishes you snap back into your normal frame of mind. Just a couple milliseconds appear to have passed. Time is still moving slowly, but right now what you see is the girl in front of you, about to take a bite right out of her neck. You haven't got any ability to move, so what do you do now?

...It's dark. It's really dark. It's so dark that you're amazed youc an even see this girl. Maybe her ability is manipulation of darkness. She could surely use this to make herself appear just visible enough to be frightening? But why do that? For fun? That's insane, it's wrong, it's unsensible... Something you might potentially do if left unattented in a situation like this one.
But that's right, it's dark. And you want this darkness gone. It's no help to you, and it's just an advantage for your enemy. Kill the darkness, generate light. Light is generated by fire, fire was the first thing used for light besides the sun. Fire sounds inviting. You want fire. You need fire. Fire is a force of destruction. You need to destroy this girl sitting on you. But you can't. Why?

Your internal monologue continues on like this for a couple more fractions of a second before you suddenly do something different: without thinking, you light this girl on fire with just your mind. it's something you had no conscious control over, but it was oh so satisfying to hear her screams of agony not from the burning but from the light. Seeing her clutch her burning hands over her ruby red eyes to prevent the now showing daylight from rotting them out or something. THe girl continues burning until she stops moving. Kicking her corpse with your foot, you find that she appears to be dead.

...Ah. No, that wasn't you that lit her on fire. It would have to be your new fire-controlling tomboyish friend who got in a fight to the death with her arch-nemesis. It just felt like you did it because you were going even more insane.

"Jesus christ, I come out to find you and find you being attacked by that weakling and losing so badly. I was told you killed Yuka without flinching from her attacks, but this was pitiful. You really need to learn to protect yourself or you're going to die." She seems...not concerned, but not non-concerned either. It's hard to word.
"Well, I found you. That's all that matters. Let's go back."
You agree, and the two of you begin your journey in the direction of Eientei.

jesus christ, it's late and I'm tired. This is an almost 7500 character long update, so it's pretty close to the charlimit anyway. I guess I'll be posting this, then finishing the update tomorrow.
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>you light this girl on fire with just your mind.


>...Ah. No, that wasn't you that lit her on fire. It would have to be your new fire-controlling tomboyish friend who got in a fight to the death with her arch-nemesis. It just felt like you did it because you were going even more insane.

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>"Jesus christ, I come out to find you and find you being attacked by that weakling and losing so badly. I was told you killed Yuka without flinching from her attacks, but this was pitiful. You really need to learn to protect yourself or you're going to die." She seems...not concerned, but not non-concerned either. It's hard to word.

You underestimate my ability to confabulate: You only killed her because I willed it.
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Well, I got distracted by things, so this is just a bit late.
You set off on your journey to Eientei quite quickly. You're not particularly in a hurry, but Mokou just keeps walking quickly. No big deal, there's no real scenery that you'll be missing.
You run into a couple stray fairies, but upon a stern glare from Mokou they flee quicker than the rabbits did from you. While that seems a bit harsh, you're not going to mistrust her judgement.
While walking, the two of you begin more conversation about various mundane things, and a couple less-mundane things. According to her, Eirin kept both her and Kaguya strapped down until they agreed to behave. They did behave, at least minimally, long enough to realize that you were missing from the mansion and decide to check around for you. Mokou left on her own to look for you, while Kaguya had Reisen and Tewi come search.

You arrive at the main door and the two of you enter.
"Right, Kaguya wanted to talk to you. Go find her wherever she lazes around all day. I'll be burning stuff outside." She leaves back through the door.
Well, might as well follow her advice. If your host wishes to speak to you, you should grant that wish; else you may end up kicked out. While that'd be perfectly fine if you could end up in your apartment, but you'd be kicked out into nowhere, and you're not particularly sure Yukari would really help you.

You guide yourself towards her room and knock when you arrive.
After a minute or so of waiting without so much as hearing, you decide to open the door just a tiny crack to see if anyone's inside. It's dark inside. Not the kind of dark it usually is, all the monitors appear to have been switched off. Either Kaguya's asleep or just not in her room. Well, that's not very helpful to you.
The next place you check is Eirin's clinic. Eirin's inside, but quite busy. Kaguya is not inside, however. This leads you one place left to check: the entirety of the rest of the mansion.


Well, after an unmeasured amount of time spent searching the giant mansion, getting lost a couple times on the way and having to trace the outside perimeter a couple times to find your position, you still haven't found her. Granted, the place is massively massive, but not so massive that you'd expect not to find her after this much searching. Then again, you never looked into any bedrooms. It's perfectly possible that there's a new guest who she is talking with.
You guide yourself back to the guests area, where you hadn't heard or seen anything in the hallways to suggest that there's anyone in any of the rooms. However, this time, one of the rooms has talking inside. The voices you identify as Kaguya's and Reimu's.

"And that's how it is." Reimu speaks, followed by the sound of sipping tea from a cup.
"I see. I'll have Tewi increase security then."
"That's not enough! This is more than just a minor nuisance! It's a full incident, and if you're going to be any useful you'll have your rabbit help me find and punish the instigator." Reimu sounds slightly annoyed.
"Reimu, this is unlike you. Normally you'd have left on your own to deal with the problem and probably would have it solved by now."
"Yeah, well, I have absolutely no clue where to start. First thing that could possibly come to mind given the fairies thing would be Cirno, but she was with him when he came to visit so it's unlikely she's involved at all. The person behind the problem wasn't where she usually lives; all that was there was a bunch of metal things and a few fairies that appeared to be in uniform."
"I see. Well, you work on that. I'm content just to keep him safe here in my mansion for now. Unless something happens, that's exactly what I'll do."
"Fine, be that way. When your mansion's burning down because you kept an attitude like that, though, don't come begging me for a place to stay. My shrine's a bit too small for a couple thousand rabbits to live in."
"Hahahahahaha, Reimu. That's not going to happen. Even if they did get through the rabbits, which I doubt given the person in question, they've got Inaba, Eirin, and I. Even Mokou's here, even though I tried to throw her out. I really haven't yelled at Eirin enough yet, geez! Anyway, no. Inaba's staying here for now."
"Whatever. I'm leaving." The sound of footsteps come to the door, and you step out of the way. Reimu opens the door and steps outside, where she notices you.
"Oh, it's you. Right, take these. Don't die, that would be troublesome for me. If you die I'll make you suffer."
As little sense as that makes, the threat is real enough that you can just nod your head and accept what she's giving you. Taking a quick look at it, you find it to be a pack of ofuda bound together like a stack of money bills by a strip of paper. You shove them in your pocket for now, as you can't really think of any use for them as anything other than kindling.
Reimu turns and leaves, you turn towards the door and step inside. In the center of the room is another kotatsu, at which Kaguya is currently sitting. There's a teacup across from her where you assume Reimu was sitting.
"Ah, it's you. Please, sit down." Kaguya politely asks. You comply.
"As it seems that there are a few problems currently going in in Gensokyo, you'll be staying here for a bit longer." You nod.
"In any case, I still owe you for bring me Mokou's panties, and then even more for showing me where I can easily kill her at." she says with a sadistic grin. "So, to pay you back, I'll be giving you this." She reaches into her pocket and produces a short thin tube, about the size of a AA battery, which she hands to you.
"It's one of the last things I still have from the moon. It's similar to a battery, it holds a small amount of magical energy. I doubt you have any real use for it, but it's a good memento anyway, isn't it?" You nod. It surely is a unique gift.
"Now if you'll excuse me, I've got things to do. See you later." Kaguya flashes you a smile, then gets up to leave, rending you of anyone to talk to.

Well, you've got to find something to do.

[ ] Write-in
>> No. 13677
[x] Go see if you can find Eirin. Tell her that her drugs didn't do jack to help your psychosis.
>> No. 13681
>You shove them in your pocket for now, as you can't really think of any use for them as anything other than kindling.

ha ha ha

[x] Go see if you can find Eirin. Tell her that her drugs didn't do jack to help your psychosis.
[x] For that matter, ask her is she has any shady new drugs that would allow you to see in the dark, just in case you stumble across any more Rumias.
[x] If you run across Mokou, warn her that Kaguya will be camping her respawn point.
[x] Check to see if Yukari has updated your stationary.
[x] Try setting one of the ofuda on fire. Just for the heck of it.
>> No. 13687
[x] Go see if you can find Eirin. Tell her that her drugs didn't do jack to help your psychosis.
[x] For that matter, ask her is she has any shady new drugs that would allow you to see in the dark, just in case you stumble across any more Rumias.
[x] If you run across Mokou, warn her that Kaguya will be camping her respawn point.
[x] Check to see if Yukari has updated your stationary.
[x] Try setting one of the ofuda on fire. Just for the heck of it.
>> No. 13688
[x] Go see if you can find Eirin. Tell her that her drugs didn't do jack to help your psychosis.
[x] For that matter, ask her is she has any shady new drugs that would allow you to see in the dark, just in case you stumble across any more Rumias.
[x] If you run across Mokou, warn her that Kaguya will be camping her respawn point.
[x] Check to see if Yukari has updated your stationary.
[x] Try setting one of the ofuda on fire. Just for the heck of it.
>> No. 13696
[x] Go see if you can find Eirin. Tell her that her drugs didn't do jack to help your psychosis.
[x] For that matter, ask her is she has any shady new drugs that would allow you to see in the dark, just in case you stumble across any more Rumias.
[x] If you run across Mokou, warn her that Kaguya will be camping her respawn point.
[x] Check to see if Yukari has updated your stationary.
[x] Try setting one of the ofuda on fire. Just for the heck of it.
>> No. 13698
[x] Go see if you can find Eirin. Tell her that her drugs didn't do jack to help your psychosis.
[x] For that matter, ask her is she has any shady new drugs that would allow you to see in the dark, just in case you stumble across any more Rumias.
[x] If you run across Mokou, warn her that Kaguya will be camping her respawn point.
[x] Check to see if Yukari has updated your stationary.
[x] Try setting one of the ofuda on fire. Just for the heck of it.
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Well, might as well go see Eirin. The other people you can think of to go see, those being Tewi, Reisen, and Mokou, all are bad decisions for various reasons. Tewi is Tewi. You're not going to risk it. Reisen is probably busy. Mokou was outside burning stuff; you don't even know where to find her. That leaves Eirin. She's possibly busy too, but she didn't seem to hate your guts just yesterday the way Reisen did. Besides that, you have to tell her just how well her medicine helped your psychosis: absolutely none.
...Wait, wasn't that a vaccine? Either way, doesn't matter.

You stand up and leave the room to begin your journey through the mansion to the clinic where Eirin works. It's a somewhat long walk, as you lose your way a couple times on the way because of an occasional spaceout thinking about something dumb. Mostly a continuation of the thinking you went through while being attacked.
Yes, that. If you can synchronize your reality with someone else's, it becomes more real of a reality, right? Wait, that makes no sense. Where's your basis in the idea that reality is based on perceptions? It's the other way around. Reality creates faith, faith doesn't create reality.
...But what if that's wrong? You can't rule that out. Everything that's happened in Gensokyo is evidence that your perception of what is real is flawed, or at least doesn't apply here. Perhaps here, some fundamental things are flipped around. Perhaps faith creates reality, meaning that a perceived reality combined with other percieved realities create the real reality by taking the greatest common factor of them all? Well, that could potentially lead to some flaws. Or, well, maybe not. maybe it's not the GCF it gets, but rather the average. Yes, that makes a hell of a lot more sense. It takes the average of all of the percieved realities and uses that to make the real reality, which influences the percieved realities causing the real reality to change again...
Bah. Stop. You're getting out of hand. Overthinking things like this isn't good. Well, maybe it wouldn't be so bad if these thoughts weren't racing through your head so quick that that entire internal exchange only took you a fraction of a second. Something's wrong with that, but that's still irrelevant.
...But now that the train of thought is there, it won't leave. You find yourself slipping into another one of those hallucinations. Again, this one appears to be only internal, not affecting your external body. You hope.

"Come on, do you really believe that?" One of your internal voices shouts at another. "That's not possible, it can't be! It defies all logic!" Almost screaming, at all of the rest of them. You notice a nametag on his shirt. It identifies him as Logic.

"...Hey, wait. We've been arguing too heatedly recently. And who the hell are those guys? They too often step in on our debates and force us to do something that isn't very good. Especially him." he points at one of the four people sitting on chairs away from the rest of the group. His nametag simply says "Pe".
As soon as Logic finishes talking, Pe raises his hand and points it at him. Suddenly he's bound by ropes. It felt more like a dream binding, though, where you don't even question why the binding happened. Is it possible that this state is similar to a dream.

"Shut up. You're weak, if I let you do anything you'd just get us all killed." the ropes tighten and Logic begins gasping for air.
"I'm stronger than you. So much so that every single one of you combined together couldn't stop me. Don't even try, I swear I'll kill you all." The rest of the group shows frightened expressions.
...Hey, isn't that a bit... Wait, aren't these all parts of your mind? Everyone else seems to be a normal thing that would normally be present in a person's thought processes, everyone except those four. Their nametags all are too short to draw a conclusion from. There's Pe, Py, C, and A. C and A both appear to be dead, or at least weak enough to not be able to sit up. Pe and Py, however, look strong, confident, assured, and dangerous.

"Pe, you can't get them to remember your lesson without proving to them that you'll kill them all." Py speaks up while pulling a red Zippo, exactly like yours, out of his pocket. He flips it open and rolls the wheel, causing sparks to ignite the wick. Simultaneously all of the rest of the people inside of this empty dark space, save Pe, Py, C, and A, catch on fire and start rolling on the ground attempting to put it out.
...Wait! That's really going to kill them! Those people are your mind, what you use to think! You don't know who the hell these four people are, but they can't be good if they're going to kill your thinking and take over your mind.

"STOP." Without thinking, you give a stern, strong command. Hey, you can talk? That's interesting.
"...Oh, what have we here? They manifested into one thing. Ah, wait. No, he's the manifestation of all of us. But he still can't be as strong as us, right?" Pe speaks with a sadistic grin. Hmm.
You're suddenly bound by ropes, but they take no effect. You can move just straight through them. This is all a hallucination, after all, even if parts of your mind are embodying themselves.
"Geh, guess not. Looks like we're going to have to wait until he isn't there anymore."
"Yes, let's kick him out." As soon as this is said, everything starts dimming, then brightening again. You find yourself in front of the door to Eirin's clinic.
...Well. At this point it doesn't really matter whether that was a vaccine or an anti-insanity shot she gave you, you're asking her for some help right now. Suddenly you don't feel comfortable with your insanity. It feels out of control, like it's going to wreck the rest of your mind and everything else along with it. It feels more dangerous and important to take care of than if you were to suddenly be attacked by Yumou. It's pressing that you get some help.

After knocking on the door, it opens quite quickly. Reisen greets you and lets you in, saying that she's too busy to talk about anything and that you should go directly to Eirin's office.
...Wait, you seem to have gotten a different clinic from before. This one seems more like, well, a clinic. There's a smallish lobby with a desk on it, kept neat and organized. To the left there's a narrow hallway that ends at a 90 degree angle at the end. In front of you and to the right there's another narrow hallway, but you can see multiple doors along its walls, as well as a branch that leads somewhere else.
You notice some colored strips along the celing. Each of them is labeled differently. One of them says "materials storage." One says "expirament lab". Another says "examination room a", and two more totaling 3 examination rooms. The final one says "main office", and you decide to follow it.
Along the way you find another colored bar that leads to where you just were. It says "lobby." There's another one that leads to the hallway, and says "patient rooms."
You really can't remember any of this clinic. You helped carry Kaguya and Mokou here last night, but by the time you got there you were a bit too tired to take much notice of anything. Combine with that the fact that you just left them in the lobby and Eirin and Reisen both took them to their separate rooms.

You arrive at the end of the "office" line. It stops right above a normalish door with a small glass window above the doorknob. You reach up and open it. Inside you find it to be the same room as you'd initially met Eirin in, only you're entering from a different angle this time.

Eirin is sitting at her desk writing something into a notebook. The title from this angle appears to be something about superstimulants.
"Oh, it's you. I heard you disappeared. Seems you made it back alright." She finishes what she was writing, then closes up the notebook.
"Take a seat." You comply.

"So, for what reason would you be visiting me for?"

>> No. 13720
"Right, well. I've been going a bit nuts since I came here in Gensokyo." You explain. "Strange things happen in my head." You decide to be perfectly honest. She is a doctor, after all. "For example, somewhat soon after finding myself in Gensokyo, I got separated from Cirno. When I attempted to find her, I got attacked by a youkai. Up until this point everything was fine. In my head, I mean. Anyway, she knocked me out with a poison dart, then tied me up. I don't remember the exact sequence of what happened after that, but the next thing I knew I'd gotten free and held her down. This is when my mind went. Instead of seeing what was really happening, what I saw, felt, heard, smelled, and tasted was me inside of a freezing cold room. In the room was a warm, fluffy blanket. I pulled myself inside to get warm, and well. You get the idea. It was metaphoric in a way, but it was completely different from what was really happening. And I didn't even notice it while it was happening. It felt so natural, so real. And then I snapped out of it and found the youkai tied up underneath me, and myself recovering from the orgasm resulting from raping her. I don't know what the hell happened between getting free and snapping out of that hallucination, I just know that it's completely insane." You pause to take a breath. "Then when Yuka attacked Reimu and I at the shrine. I stood up to attack her. Then everything changed. Everything around me was dark, except the girl in bondage lit up by candles. I was attempting to light one with a green wick, but it just wouldn't light. Finally it did, and I moved back over to pour the candle wax on the girl who was tied up. But instead of melting like a normal candle, it burned like wood. I then snapped out of it to find Yuka's head burnt black and herself dead. And then just earlier today I got attacked by another youkai. I couldn't see a damn thing. Suddenly my mind shifted to the individual voices one would normally have in their head to make decisions arguing over something. But there were four that were out of place. One of these four took charge, then I snapped out of it to find the youkai girl who attacked me covered in flames. It was Mokou who lit her on fire, but that's not the point- the point is I'm going insane. And on the way, a very similar thing happened, except I had to tell my mind to behave its self and suddenly I found myself in front of your door and I don't know what the hell is going on with me and and and and and and"
"Calm down." Eirin's voice brings you out of your rant.
"This sounds like a serious problem. I'd like to do a thorough analysis of your mind, but... I'm a pharmacist. I don't know enough about psychology to do anything about it. Hmm... Well, for now, I can give you something to make it more managable. Hold on." She stands up and leaves the room. A few minutes later she returns with a bottle of pills.
"Here, this ought to make it more managable. They'll increase your libido, but, well... If you really need it, I can "prescribe" some tissues, and if you need it, petroleum jelly."
Well, a doctor just told you to fap. Awesome.
"Alright, thanks." You take the bottle from her.
"If it weren't for the incident, I'd ask Yukari to take you back to the outside world to see a real psychologist, but she's not likely to do that any time soon."
"Yeah." You agree with her. Well, Yukari might not be your only way out... But you don't want to say anything about that.
Ah, while she's giving out drugs...
"Hey, do you have anything that will make me able to see in the dark or something like that? I don't want to be screwed if I run into another youkai. Both of the times I've survived have been flukes. I'm optimistic, but believing that I'd keep surviving after multiple youkai attacks is beyond optimism, but rather foolishness."
"Well, I do have something that will make you able to see in the dark, but it has a nasty side-effect of your eyes falling out of their sockets in a few days. But I have something else that could be of help to you. A recent project I've been working on. A superstimulant. Based on something currently being researched in the outside world. However, I've made it many times better. I'd be willing to give you a sample."
"What exactly does this superstimulant do?" You're curious.
"Well, uh. Hmm. I remember Kaguya went off on a western games kick a couple years back. One of the games she played was an old one called "Doom." ever played that?"
"Of course. That's a classic." It's been a while, though.
"DO you remember the berserk pack pickup? The one that made the screen go red and your fist attack ten times as powerful as normal?"
"That's basically what it does. It's a cocktail of consentrated adrenaline with a few other chemicals to enhance its effects. I got around the side effect it previously had of cardiac arrest, and it should be fairly safe to use as long as you don't go crazy after injecting it."
"I see sounds useful. If you're willing to give a sample, I'll take it."
"You know some common sense, then. Normally I'd make you pay for it, and it's not exactly cheap. Definitely worth the money for someone magicless like you, but you'd need to have money to spend, you know?"
"Yeah." Well, it's true.
"Do you have anything else to talk about?" She asks warmly.
"Well, not really." Because you don't.
"Well, I've got to go begin my next expirament then. I'll see you later. Lunch, maybe?" She stands up and heads out the door.
"Oh, and be careful." She says ominously before departing.
Well, you've got to find something to do. Nothing much you can think of.
Ah, wait. Those ofuda. They were given to you in quite a similar situation to the one you're currently in. Your first reaction was "well these are useless as anything other than kindling." Only thing you can think of to do is find out if they work for that.
Heading outside, you light one with your Zippo. It catches on fire like you'd expect paper to. It burns rather slowly, though.
After a bit of burning, it suddenly explodes. Nothing too major. It's similar to a firecracker. However, it's enough to alert you to the fact that you need to find out what the hell they do before trying something again.

You're currently located outside of Eientei. You need to find something else to do.

[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 13721
I like how Eirin just took all of this completely in stride.
And then gives us...a libido-enhancer? We raped someone. That's bad. So she gave us a libido-enhancer!

Oh, lawdy lawdy lawdy.
>> No. 13723

Hey look, it's the powers we had to choose from at the beginning!


Seems we're neglecting our Affection and Candy aspects... Only one thing to do! Offer candy to the most relevant target, Tewi, and then apply affection followed by using perversion as our finisher due to being our main power.
>> No. 13761
Whoops, seems I completely missed it saying we have to do a write-in for our votes... Oh well... Bit disappointed we can't do anything to save the other aspects of our personality but oh well. We may as well embrace what we have.

[x] Track down Tewi to see what you can get out of talking to her. If possible, rectify the situation between you and her. Preferably in a bed together.
[x] Talk to Mokou about see what she can do regarding your pyromantic tendancies. Perhaps she can help you strengthen them and learn to harness them better.
>> No. 13762
[x] Track down Tewi to see what you can get out of talking to her. If possible, rectify the situation between you and her. Preferably in a bed together.
[x] Talk to Mokou about see what she can do regarding your pyromantic tendancies. Perhaps she can help you strengthen them and learn to harness them better.
>> No. 13765
[x] Track down Tewi to see what you can get out of talking to her. If possible, rectify the situation between you and her. Preferably in a bed together.
[x] Talk to Mokou about see what she can do regarding your pyromantic tendancies. Perhaps she can help you strengthen them and learn to harness them better.
>> No. 13766
[x] Track down Tewi to see what you can get out of talking to her. If possible, rectify the situation between you and her. Preferably in a bed together.
[x] Talk to Mokou about see what she can do regarding your pyromantic tendancies. Perhaps she can help you strengthen them and learn to harness them better.
>> No. 13784
[x] Track down Tewi to see what you can get out of talking to her. If possible, rectify the situation between you and her. Preferably in a bed together.
[x] Talk to Mokou about see what she can do regarding your pyromantic tendancies. Perhaps she can help you strengthen them and learn to harness them better.
>> No. 13790
[X] Track down Tewi to see what you can get out of talking to her. If possible, rectify the situation between you and her. Preferably in a bed together.
[X] Talk to Mokou about see what she can do regarding your pyromantic tendancies. Perhaps she can help you strengthen them and learn to harness them better.
>> No. 13827
Well, you just know that you're going to regret the decision later, but right now it seems sound: You're going to find Tewi and see what you can get out of talking to her. You'd also like to rectify the situation between the two of you.
...A short flash in your mind tells you that you'd like to do it in a bed together. You're fairly certain that it's Pe's doing and promptly ignore it for the time being.
Ah, you can ignore it that easily? Suddenly you feel a lot more sane. In fact, you'd think you're the most sane you could possibly get due to being able to block him out.
...But your attempts to block fail. After all, in reality, they're all a part of your mind, a part of you. You're trying to block yourself, and that's not something that one can do. As it turns out, the only reason it initially worked was because of your conviction that it would. Placebo affect. In other words, the power of faith. How applicable in a place like this.
Regardless, you simply cannot stop thinking of all the things you'd do to "rectify the situation" with Tewi. You've got it all planned out. First you'd "eat her meat buns", then "crawl inside of her blanket", and finish with "rape her while she's gagged with a few of those ofuda Reimu gave you." After that perhaps let her have a turn to decide what to do. After all, an objective viewpoint can lead to lots of interesting and entertaining discoveries. Who knows what she'd want to do.
That aside, your search for the rabbit girl goes unsuccessfully. Either she just naturally moves about too much for tracking her down on purpose to be a success, or she's purposefully avoiding you, whether it be due to hating you or your irritation at not finding her giving her amusement.
In any case, you decide to forget looking for her. Next best idea would be to go find Mokou. The first place you check, being so close and all, is her bedroom. Empty. A quick visit to the clinic reveals no dead or dying Mokou on an operating table, and a quick visit with Kaguya doesn't reveal anything either. After this, you decide to head outside.
Success! Maybe. Over the top of the bamboo stalks, you can see a small pillar of smoke, likely caused by someone burning something. It's a better lead than you'd normally expect to find. You decide to follow it in. Eventually you happen upon a small clearing filled with a lot of smoke, some fire, and a dutifully working Mokou. She appears to be building something and burning something else at the same time. Kneeling on the ground, tending to a small fire, and assembling what looks like some sort of makeshift grill made out of bamboo stalks.
"Hey." You make your presence known.
She looks up at you. "Oh, hi." She returns to her work. "It's dangerous to be out in the forest this far, you know."
"You seem fine." This may or may not cause a verbal disagreement.
"Well, I simply can't die. You can, however, and from what I know doing so would lead to worse things than death in your case."
"Yes, I've been told something similar to that... Four times now? In any case, all of this is just a bit irritating. I'd like to just go back home and be normal, you know?"
"Heh, that's odd. Most outsiders fight tooth and nail to stay here when Reimu kicks them out. You're given a free pass to paradise in exchange for just surviving and you object to it? You really are different, kid." ...Kid? Well, doesn't matter. You ignore it.
"Not that I care about how different you are from normal. I'm quite abnormal myself." YOu can only respond with a nod. It's rather true, after all.
"Well, in any case, I still owe you for last night. From what I remember, she gave you that magic battery thing, right?" Inquisitive sentence with an introductory clause.
"Might as well learn to use it then, right? But I'm not patient enough to teach you to do anything. I'll just tell you how to start." You nod. "First of all, consentrate really, really hard on what you want to happen. Like, for example, imagine the log over there catching on fire. Push all of your belief into it bursting into flames."
You do as she says, then look up at the log. It..It's burning? Jesus christ, it's really burning. You lit something on fire with your mind!
"Holy shit, that's badass." You comment on your newfound ability.
"Well of course something someone else does will seem impressive if they're good at it." ...So you mistook your own fire for MOkou's again.
"Hahahahaa, just joking. This is how you really do it."
SHe gives you a crash course on magic. Nothing useful. Just knowing how it works and the basic way of manipulating it, but not anything on how to actually do anything. That would "take too much time" as she said. You don't know whether that's true or not, but you're not going to doubt her.
After she finishes, you practice just a bit to get better at it, then snap yourself back to full reality and find MOkou working quite hard on something again.

[ ] Ask her what she's doing.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 13831
[x] Ask her what she's doing.
>> No. 13833
[x] Ask her what she's doing.

You need to catch those double capitalizations better Jerl. Also boo for not allowing a scene with Tewi...
>> No. 13834
>"Hahahahaa, just joking. This is how you really do it."

dick move bro

[x] Ask her what she's doing.

I'd be surprised to learn Mokou has a hobby other than murdering Kaguya. I kind of want to inject her with the berserker pack and watch her go to town on Eientei.
>> No. 13852
[x] Ask her what she's doing.
>> No. 13906
[S] Ask her what she's doing.
>> No. 13934
Wait a minute, what exactly is she doing? You can't tell what it is. She appears to be breaking sticks and tying them together...huh? What the hell is she trying to do? This makes no sense to you. What the fuck?
"Hey, Mokou. What exactly are you doing?" Best to just ask.
"Well, I was seeing if I could rebuild my grill out of bamboo. Not quite working, is it? Ah well, it was a dumb idea. Any idea where I could get a metal one? Well, no, you wouldn't. Hmm. Ah! Kourindou! But I don't feel like going all the way out there yet. Hmmm..."
Kourindou? Is that a shop of some kind?
"Hey, Mokou. What's Kourindou?" You ask in curiousity.
"A store selling junk ran by a weirdo. There isn't much there. Just junk, mostly odds and ends from the outside world. Almost all of it being from after I came to Gensokyo, so I don't know what anything does. It's fun to look sometimes, though."
Well, you're definitely at least a bit interested. Odds and ends.. Perhaps you'd be able to find something internet-capable. An old laptop or a PSP or something. Doesn't really matter to you at this point. Internet. Internet. Internet. Internet. That's why you ended up here, isn't it? You lost your computer. It was your connection to the internet. So you attempted to replace it, but instead it got replaced by conflict and danger. Conflict and danger everywhere. All around you. All these dangerous youkai that will attack you. They all need to burn. You'll burn them all. Yes, burn. Burn burn burn burn burn burn burn.
...Ah!? The hell? That feels like you're slipping into an episode of insanity.
It's not that dangerous here. Look, you've got Mokou right beside you! She's definitely powerful enough to protect you from most anything. You don't really know that for sure, but you can guess. She lit that one earlier on fire, right? And just a few minutes ago, she lit that thing on fire without seeming to have to consentrate at all. She surely is proficient in magic.
Yes, you're safe. You're safe for now. As long as you're within Eieintei's limits, or are nearby someone friendly and powerful, you're safe. In such a situation, there's only two people that you know of who could put you into danger. Yukari wouldn't hurt you because that would be coutnterproductive. Yumou probably won't hurt you, since you've cooperated with her as much as you can and you don't really feel like staying here afterall. Other than those two, you don't know of anyone who could get close enough to harm you.
Yes, safety. Safety is good.
Speaking of good things, there HAVE been a couple of good happenings. Even if you can't remember a single bit of it, there was that episode with that youkai.
Yeah, it was rape. So? It was sex. And just the aftereffect that you could still feel after snapping out of it was good. Hell, the hallucination felt plenty good to do it again. You'd rape Mokou right here and now to get that sensation if you didn't know that you'd be dead before lifting a finger.
...Holy shit, did you just think that? Honestly? No, no, no, no, no! You're letting those two fags take control of your mind again!
"Hey, what's wrong?" Mokou's voice breaks through your reverie. Wait, how long have you been sitting there thinking? And you were staring at Mokou the whole time, too.
"Hey, why don't we go there?" You ask directly. "I'd like to have a look around."
"Eh. Well, if you want to go, and I need a grill, I guess that's enough reason to go there. Here, grab my hand." She reaches it out as if to give you a handshake. You grab it.
She grabs harder. Goddamn, it's as if she's testing your pain endurance level. But said level should be quite high. You manage to ignore it until she apparently gets bored.
"...Ehhh. Let's go." As suddenly as she says that, massive wings made of fire shoot from her back. They don't move or anything, just remain static. Ah, wait. That's just a magic seal of some kind, isn't it? Since it's not doing anything, and is really a static 2-D design. That's a sign of it being a magic seal, right? In any case, you're now flying. It's not as scary as flying with Cirno. She doesn't rush, but she also doesn't go that slowly either. Just the right speed for you not to get bored but also not get scared.
After a few minutes she slows to a stop and drops the two of you on the ground. The wings disappear in a flash of light.
"Well, we're here. Look around I guess. I'm not buying you anything, before you ask." She walks up to the door, slides it open, and steps inside. You follow behind her.

...Earlier, when she said "junk", she was right. Most of this is useless garbage. Broken stereos, televisions without screens, and other similar junk fill the room. You imagine looking through it would be difficult. Mokou's already begun looking for her grill, though. Might as well start looking for something yourself.
But what? Internet... You can borrow a computer from Kaguya, right? There's bound to be something more interesting here.

[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 13947
[x] Guns. Lots of guns.
>> No. 13948
[X] Headphones. CDs. Tapes. Music--music. Just music.
>> No. 13949
[X] Headphones. CDs. Tapes. Music--music. Just music.
>> No. 13950
[x] A costume, a mask, and a cape.
>> No. 13957
[x] A length of silk rope.
[x] A pair of handcuffs.
[x] A few candles.
[x] A blindfold and gag.
[x] A whip.

Working towards our strengths is best.
>> No. 13958
[x] Headphones. CDs. Tapes. Music--music. Just music.
>> No. 13960
[x] A length of silk rope.
[x] A pair of handcuffs.
[x] A few candles.
[x] A blindfold and gag.
[x] A whip.

It's the idea I keep pushing for but Jerl just won't allow! Playing to our strengths!
>> No. 13961
[x] A length of silk rope.
[x] A pair of handcuffs.
[x] A few candles.
[x] A blindfold and gag.
[x] A whip.
>> No. 13963
[x] Headphones. CDs. Tapes. Music--music. Just music.

We need something to drive away the insanity. And the blues won't cut it.
>> No. 13964
[x] A length of silk rope.
[x] A pair of handcuffs.
[x] A few candles.
[x] A blindfold and gag.
[x] A whip.

Picking the one option that isn't completely boring.
>> No. 13965
[X] Headphones. CDs. Tapes. Music--music. Just music.
>> No. 13969
[x] A length of silk rope.
[x] A pair of handcuffs.
[x] A few candles.
[x] A blindfold and gag.
[x] A whip.
>> No. 13971
[x] A length of silk rope.
[x] A pair of handcuffs.
[x] A few candles.
[x] A blindfold and gag.
[x] A whip.
>> No. 13972
[X] Headphones. CDs. Tapes. Music--music. Just music.

Screw you Perversion.
>> No. 13974
[x] A length of silk rope.
[x] A pair of handcuffs.
[x] A few candles.
[x] A blindfold and gag.
[x] A whip.
>> No. 13977
[x] A length of silk rope.
[x] A pair of handcuffs.
[x] A few candles.
[x] A blindfold and gag.
[x] A whip.

This is who we are. With great power comes GREAT SUCCESS.
>> No. 13980
[x] Headphones. CDs. Tapes. Music--music. Just music.
>> No. 13983
Jesus christ. This many votes, in just two days?
In any case:
These two are votespam according to Mode, which leads to a tie of seven between the music option and the perversion option. One more for either and I'll write.
>> No. 13984
[X] A length of silk rope.
[X] A pair of handcuffs.
[X] A few candles.
[X] A blindfold and gag.
[X] A whip.
>> No. 13985
[x] A length of silk rope.
[x] A pair of handcuffs.
[x] A few candles.
[x] A blindfold and gag.
[x] A whip.

Voting to tip the scales.
>> No. 13997
The answer to that question, it suddenly comes out of nowhere more suddenly and alarmingly than if quantum physics led to a giant rock popping into existance just above your head and crushing you before you even knew it was there. Of course, the obviousness of it hits even harder. The answer, of course, is to look for fetish-related stuff: a length of silk rope (better than the coarse stuff you have right now if you're going to use it to tie someone up willingly), a pair of handcuffs, some candles (these ones have real wicks that don't just turn black when you try and light them), a blindfold and gag, and a whip.
You quickly begin browsing. First thing you find that's a little bit interesting is a blanket. It's quite warm and fluffy, and smooth. Normally you'd just throw it out of your way, since you're not looking for blankets; however, this is exactly like the one that was in your hallucination. That's quite a coincidence. Definitely is a coincidence, though. No way anything like that happened on purpose.
Setting it aside, you look at what's underneat it. A stack of old newspapers. Thinking you found a way to research Gensokyo a little more, you pick up one of them. You find that it's written in Japanese, and therefore unreadable to you. You toss it aside and pick up the next one. It's a fairly popular outside-world newspaper...from 1984. Outdated, unneeded, irrelevant, etc. You toss it aside as well. The next one is the issue of the local newspaper from the city your apartment is located in, from the day you disappeared. Huh, might be worth looking into. You set it aside for now, but in a separate pile from the junk you didn't want.
Moving on, you run into countless little trinkets that would be useful if you were into specialized things like soldering or cutting people up into little pieces. You're definitely into neither. Though you may be quite perverse, you're not into guro. That's just one step too far for you. Soldering is useless in here. First of all, you don't know how to do it. Second of all, you don't know anyone that could teach you how. Third, there's nothing TO solder, electricity appears to be quite rare. You skip these items and begin looking around the junk some more.
You quickly glance up at what Mokou's doing. She appears to be examining quite a few grills. One of them appears to have been cut off of a large barbecue. Another looks like one meant to be suspended above a small fire pit. A bunch of them look like just the standard squareish grills. The one that catches the eye the most, though, is the oddest one. It appears to be a car radiator, drained and cleaned. While it's not quite the grill of a car, it..might work as one. If you were insane enough to eat something that was cooked on a grill that was at one point used to hold antifreeze.
Right, you'll look back at what you're doing.
Immediately you find one of the things you were looking for. Two red candles. One of them appears to have been lit at some point. The other is brand new, with the green wax covering the wick intact.
...wait a second.
Reaching into your pocket, you pull out your Zippo, flick it on, and light the candle on fire. Nope, works just perfectly. Can't be the same candle. That would be too odd, too improbable. You're fairly sure there is no Heart of Gold in Gensokyo as well. That's a bit too advanced for their technology. Quite a bit. Unless they used magic, but really? What could cause them to decide to build a machine for using probability to move across massive distances? They're held in by this bubble, and if they're using it to get out there's definitely ways for them to accomplish it. So why? Overall, them building an improbability machine causing something as improbable as this being the same candle as you lit in your hallucination is so improbable that you can't even imagine it happening.
Regardless, you move them into the same pile as the newspaper you picked up.
After more looking through junk, you eventually find something else that is interesting: one of those new iPhones. Of course, you think that even when brand new and functioning they're junk just because of who they're made by, but this one is definitely moreso. The screen is cracked in half across the middle, and the parts that aren't scratched appear to have had a course sandpaper taken to them. Yeah, not going to work for displaying very well, and touch-control isn't going to work at all. You set it down.
And find another one of the items you were looking for. Right next to where you set down the broken failure sits a coil of rope. Unlike the rope you already have, it's smooth and silky. Meaning that is really is silk. It's a deep, dark black color. Though weaker than the rope you already have, it's less painful to tie someone up with. Satisfied, you set it down in your pile and begin looking again.
This time you spend quite a bit of time digging through stuff you'd throw in a dumpster. A pair of speakers from headphones that have been pulled off of the part that holds them together, leaving just a pair of speakers and a wire which also happens to be cut. An SD card that has been snapped in half. An old dull knife that appears to have been broken into 3/4s of its original size, leaving it tipless and useless. Some blood-covered razorblades that you'd rather not think about the origin of. A pair of binoculars that have had the lenses broken and the tubes smashed. The power switch to...something. One side says "off." The other side says "CAUTION". It appears to have been switched to caution. You'd also rather not think about what the origins of this could be. You disregard it.

>> No. 13998
The next thing you pick up is a small box. For some reason, you get the feeling it's quite significant. You also get the feeling that it definitely isn't for you and that opening it would most definitely be a bad idea. You decide to set it down as such. After that, what you find next is a pair of books stacked on top of each other. The way you can tell that they are related to each other is the fact that they have in the same font the words "volume 1" and "volume 2". On a whim, you crack open the first one. The first paragraph gives an absolutely, completely unarguable logical proof that there is a god of some kind, he does exist, and he's just on a tea break. The other gives an absolutely, completely unarguable logical proof that first of all if there was a god he wouldn't go off on tea breaks, and then further logical proof that there isn't a good. Trying to debate them, even when you suddenly slip into one of your hallucinations with the different sections of your mind and have a proper debate about it, just gives a splitting migraine that suddenly disappears when you stop thinking about it. You decide to close both books. By the time they're both closed, you can't remember any points of the arguments in either book. All you know is that they paradoxically discredit each other thoroughly. Normally you'd expect someone to go insane trying to think about it even at this point, but you've already had a proper discussion with all of the parts of your mind about it and all of them have decided to give up on thinking about it, with a little help from Pe and Py who kept the stance of it being useless waste of calories to think about something so useless. You collectively thoroughly agree with them, and so the memory of the books is dropped from short-term memory, and hopefully from long-term memory as well.
The next thing you find is quite a nice fetish whip, of the craftsmanship one would rarely find in the real world. Of course, this one had to have been handmade, so its quality is obviously going to be better than that of a cheap one that was mass-produced. The feeling you get when you swing it once is...satisfaction. You do get the feeling that somehow this is more effective as a weapon than it should be given its intended purpose, but that just makes you want it more. Into the pile it goes.
After a bit more searching, you can't find anything more. You found enough of what you need to be somewhat satisfied, though, by the time Mokou appears to be mostly decided on the type of grill she's going to reserve. While she's doing that, you decide to take a look at that newspaper.
It's thoroughly normal. Nothing that big happened. Kid got kidnapped somewhere in a state halfway across the country and the press is making a big deal out of it, price of gas still going up, a shipment of firearms disappeared and the proper authorities are looking into it with probably a bit less enthusiasm than they should be given the fact that it's a fuckton of assault rifles. Overall it was quite pointless to read this paper, so you fold it back up and put it back in its position with the rest of the newspapers.
You gather the things you decided you wanted and go up to the counter, where Mokou and the shopkeeper are finishing up the dealings with the grill she's buying. She decided to go with three or four of the normalish grills instead of something fancier or poisonous, which you think is quite sensible. Once they negotiate the price, Mokou tells you that she'll be waiting outside for you and to hurry up.

"Oh, you're going to buy those bondage gear things? Good, I wanted them out of here. No one wants them and people give me weird looks for having them out in the shop. I'll give you a discount just to get them out of here. Let's see. That's quite a fine whip, and that's some high-quality silk in that rope. I'd be willing to let the lot go for 5000 yen."
Well, that sounds quite reasonable to you. The quality he mentions is definitely there. The candles are of course ordinary, but whatever. They're not the cause of the price.
You reach into your pocket and pull out four 1000 yen bills. Where you got them you don't feel like questioning at the moment. You surely didn't have them before, but that's irrelevant. You're a thousand yen short.
"...Hmm. Have anything on you to make up the cost?" You probably do.
In your pockets, you have your lighter, the buck knife, the note, the marble, the spellcard, the bottle of pills, the syringe of superstimulant, the pack of ofuda, and the magic battery Kaguya gave you. In the backpack, you have a bag of candy, a half-capacity bottle of lighter fluid, a length of rope, a small bandage box, a towel, a hunting kit, and a box of condoms.
Thinking about this stuff, you decide that there's only one item you're particularly willing to part with, that being the condoms. Instead of giving the whole box to the man, you take three out for yourself and give him the rest. He accepts it as payment and you start out the door.
And stop. Thinking about it, your stuff is quite disorganized. You decide to organize it differently. Currently you haven't made use of the front pocket of your backpack. You decide to put the bottle of pills, syringe, bag of candy, magic battery, and three condoms inside of it. Left in the main pocket of the backpack are the normal rope, the bandage box, the towel, the hunting knife, the new whip, the silk rope, the candles, the bottle of lighter fluid, and the pack of ofuda. You arrange the whip inside so it could be removed just by reaching back there and grabbing it then pulling it out. In your pockets you put the the Zippo, the buck knife, the note, the marble, and the spellcard.
Right, time to leave. But you're suddenly hit by a bout of curiousity about that box earlier. An urge to go see what's inside.

[ ] Let it pass, leave.
[ ] Check the box.
>> No. 13999
[ ] Check the box.
>> No. 14002
>a shipment of firearms disappeared and the proper authorities are looking into it with probably a bit less enthusiasm than they should be given the fact that it's a fuckton of assault rifles. Overall it was quite pointless to read this paper, so you fold it back up and put it back in its position with the rest of the newspapers.


[x] Check the box.
>> No. 14008
[X] Check the box.
>> No. 14009
[x] Check the box.

>> No. 14013
[x] Check the box.
>> No. 14014
That box. It calls for you. Taking a quick glance, you're overcome by the feeling that it was made for you. You have to open this box and look inside. No matter what. Its contents could be a cat that you're going to kill by collapsing a waveform or whatever it was in the Schrödinger's cat experiment. Or it could just be an empty box with nothing in it. Either way, you're curious enough to check it out.
Walking over to it, you lift the lid and look inside. Rage bubbles up inside of you.
Right as you're about to throw the vile thing at something, everything freezes.

Everything. You can't breathe, you can't move. You're not suffocating, though. It's as if the world really froze, everything except your mind and your sense of vision. You can't stop staring at the box, at the simple thing inside that seems to have caused this to happen.
This enraging thing. Are you going to be stuck like this forever, forced to stare at something so incredibly undesirable as what's inside of thix box? If you do, you'll never forgive the thing.


After what feels like a literal century of staring- enough for you to actually rethink the books you read earlier, and piece together what they arguments probably were and then break them down, and find logic flaws in both side that only exist if both sides are simultaneously correct and incorrect at once, causing a paradox inside of a paradox that would probably give you a migraine if the blood vessels in your head were capable of expanding to cause it to happen- after that period of time that feels like a century, you catch some movement in the corner of your eye. Being unable to turn to look at it, you are unable to tell what it is.
As the unmeasurable periods of time pass by, eventually more things start moving in the edges of your vision. One of them comes close enough to your central vision for you to be able to make out what's happening. The objects are disintegrating, turning into little bits of colored dust that flies about and buzz around for a while, only to return to position. This strikes you as quite odd for quite a number of reasons; first being that it's the only thing that seems capable of moving, second from how impossibel that should be. Then again, freezing time but still being able to think should be equally impossible, but that's irrelevant. Instead of worrying about how possible it is by yourself, you decide to consult the different parts of your mind
Over the, well, massive amounts of time, you've come to respect the voices inside of your head that you can hallucinate into. One of them even has a watch, but it's useless. It never ticks. It's also nice to move around inside of the hallucination like you're able to; standing still for so long, you occasionally forget how to move your muscles. A few minutes in the hallucination and you remember...Or at least seem to. It's a hallucination, you don't know what will happen.
Regardless, after the initial few years, which is really only a guess, of this, A and C, who both already seemed almost comatose, seem to have completely died. Their bodies disappeared in gusts of sand right before your eyes the second you visited the hallucination. At the same time, Pe and Py both seem to have weakened. They can barely keep their eyes open. You only know they're alive becuase they're breathing, and the fact that they're still there.
Every other part of your mind, though, is intact and functioning. Now that the bad influences have stopped having any power over you, you've returned to something that's, well, as sane as you can be after staring at something like THAT for so long. In other words, you've been able to properly discuss things without getting interrupted and without parts of your mind getting barbecued alive until half-dead, or raped with chainsaws. Of course, since these are just physical manifestations IN YOUR MIND of parts of your mind, the damage never lasts more than any one hallucination- except for the fact that every time you saw it happen until Pe finally gave up, it damaged your psyche just a little bit. There's still scars, of course. Scars in your mind, that will never be healed. Thankfully, these are just hemorrhoids. Though you'd rather not know of the digestional tract workings of the individual pieces of your mind...There's not much else to talk about at this point. You already thorougly know yourself, every part of your mind. Your mind already thoroughly knows you. So the only thing to talk about are the things that can't be known, such as things that have to do with the current hallucinations.
You've given a bit of thought to how the hallucinations are still accessible even though Pe, Py, A, and C are all uninfluential. You decided that since you'd gained the ability to do it on your own, it became a normal part of you. It's a bit helpful. Internal dialogs are a lot more rewarding like this.

..What's this? Things are starting to return to normal. You can begin to move your body. This! This is amazing! You've been waiting for this for such an immense period of time! Well, motion being relative applies to the motion of time as well. Relative to your mind, an extreme amount of time has passed. Relative to the real world, it's probably been instantaneous. Regardless, stuff is moving! And it appears to be increasing its ability to move by 1mm/h*s!
Slowly, everything speeds up. When it gets to a point where you can actually do something with your arms, you move them to close the damn box.


You stare at the box. Didn't you open this already? You swear you did, but...You have no memory of the event. You lost about four seconds of time, it feels like. Somehow it feels your mind has been changed. Regardless, you continue staring at the box.
Yes, you came here to open it. Here goes...


Continues left: 5.

[ ] Back 1 choice.
[ ] Back to chapter 2 start.
>> No. 14015
[ ] Back 1 choice.
>> No. 14017
[x] Back 1 choice.

Haha, god damn. I love this guy.
>> No. 14018
[x] Back 1 choice.
>> No. 14022
[x] Back 1 choice.
[x] Check the box.
>> No. 14026
[x] Back 1 choice.
>> No. 14034

Why didn't you post the pic on /at/ already?
>> No. 14040
Why didn't you?
>> No. 14043
It takes a bit of effort, but you manage to make the urge subside. No, your first instinct was probably a good thing. And there can't be anything good that will come out of it. Also, you suddenly got the feeling that something bad might happen. Not as strong as your will to go see it, but it's enough to tip the scales in favor of just leaving.
So you do just that and leave. Outside you find Mokou leaning against the outside wall of the shop, grill in her left hand.
"You done?" She asks.
"Yes." You're scared if you don't leave now you'll go check what's inside the box.
"Alright, let's go then." She walks towards you.
"Alright." She reaches out her hand, and you grab it firmly. You begin raising off of the ground slowly until you're probably 20 meters off the ground. You're unsure since you're not used to using SI measurements. Either way, you're a good distance from the ground. At this point you begin moving forward in the direction you came from.
Mokou decides to begin conversation.
"Once it's rebuilt, you should come eat at my yakitori stand sometime. That is, if you're still in Gensokyo. I'll give you your first order for free! That is, if you come back. If you don't, I'll track you down and beat the money for it out of you." Wow, that's...
"Alright." That's your only response. You're not sure how to respond to something like that.
"So what's the outside wor-argh. I hate running into bugs while flying, especially the hard ones." You look up at her arm and find, well, not a bug.
"...Huh? What's this? How'd this get up here?" She pulls the needle embedded in her arm out.
"Huh. Well that's something." She says. Hey, that needle looks familliar.
"Ow, christ. What the hell." Another needle. She pulls it right out of her arm.
"Alright, we're going to laand and find whooever's shooooo..." Mokou's voice loses its power, and you begin drooping towards the ground. Thankfully not at 10m/s². Looking up, you find that she's apparently fallen asleep.
You hit the ground. It's not particularly hard of a landing, but it's definitely not soft either. Especially with mokou falling on top of you like she did. And you got hit in the face by her grill, too. Definitely not soft. Good thing no bones broke.
You shove her off of you. She hasn't woken up, so you give her a couple shakes. She just murmers something and ignores you, continuing to sleep.
Well shit. Now how're you going to-
Your thought stops its self and replaces its self with this: HOLY SHIT. It does this because out of nowhere a needle, more like a long nail, embeds its self inside of Mokou's throat. Blood begins bursting out of the hole. Mokou doesn't seem to wake up.
If you're immortal, maybe you don't care if someone's killing you when you're tired? Oh well. Regardless, you're under fucking attack, and your only clue is the familliar looking needles and the fact that they appear to have put to sleep.

The large needle that flew from the cover of trees at you appears to have just narrowly miss you. The only way you knew it was coming was the sound it made when it sunk a good twelve centimeters into a tree.
Another one comes from another angle. You actually see it this time, and consciously dodge it.
Again. Grazes your arm. You're bleeding, but you can ignore it until you're not under attack any more.
Once more. Your clothing is ripped, but you're unharmed by it. You'd thank any god out there if it weren't for your own effort that you avoided them.
"Tch. Stand still." A somewhat familliar voice comes from all around. "It's hard to kill you quickly and efficiently if none of my attacks hit." Yes, it's definitely her. She's definitely pissed, too. It was definitely a bad idea to rape her, and then definitely a bad idea to leave her alive afterwards. It's also definitely a bad idea to just let her kill you now.
"Maybe if you got a little closer, your accuracy would be better." You say semi-mockingly into the forest. You're not sure if you said it in the correct direction, though. The voice definitely is directionless.
"You're right. Maybe I will." She steps out of the forest directly behind you. The way you can tell is the fact that she unstealthily breaks a few loud twigs as she walks.
You quickly turn around to face her.
"But I'm not very good at close-range combat. Damnit, I hate the spell card rules. Why doesn't everyone else? It's riddiculous! Anyway, stand still. It's like getting a shot, you don't want to wriggle or it'll hurt more." She walks towards you, pulling another one of the bigger nails out from inside her sleeve. You notice off-hand that she appears to be dressed and kept better than before. Her clothing appears almost brand-new, and she's rather clean compared to before. You decide against asking where she got it from. Mainly because she's now moving towards you at a somewhat quick pace with a razor-sharp needle in her hand.

[ ] Whip.
[ ] Spell card.
[ ] Knife.
[ ] Telepyrokenesis (is that a word?)
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 14044
[ ] Telepyrokenesis (is that a word?)
>> No. 14046
The word you're looking for is "pyrokinesis"

[x] Pyrokinesis
>> No. 14047
[x] Knife.

She's bad with close range, right? Either way, we need to buy some time for Mokou to regenerate.
>> No. 14049
File 123345647961.jpg - (67.12KB , 483x737 , Richter.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Lighter + Whip = FLAMING WHIP OF DEATH

Die, monster! You don't belong in this world!
>> No. 14050
[x] Whip.

Screw aiming for a kill. We're going to teach her what happens to those who try to attack us by taking it out on her body, and we've shown we have some understanding at least of how to use a whip.
>> No. 14051
[x] Whip.
>> No. 14053

Because I don't have the original pic.
>> No. 14054
Neither do I.
>> No. 14067
[X] Spell card.
>> No. 14068
[X] Scream and run
>> No. 14069
[X] Whip.

Whip it.

Whip it good.
>> No. 14070
>You notice off-hand that she appears to be dressed and kept better than before. Her clothing appears almost brand-new, and she's rather clean compared to before. You decide against asking where she got it from.

[x] Whip.
[x] "Nice of you to fancy up for me."
>> No. 14094
[x] Whip.
[x] "Nice of you to fancy up for me."
>> No. 14095
[x] Whip.
[x] "Nice of you to fancy up for me."
>> No. 14100
[x] Whip.
[x] "Nice of you to fancy up for me."
>> No. 14103
If voting continues like this, I may raise the minimum required for writing to seven votes.
"Heh." You can only laugh at the situation. You avoid certain death from whatever was waiting for you inside that box after somehow surviving getting jumped by an even stronger youkai than this one, only to have your only lifeline killed without even knowing what the hell is going on. This is just great. This is the best day of your life, of course. Couldn't think of a better one if you tried. Nope, none. But then, your memory seems to be killing its self right now. Your brain is trying to process what's going on around you instead of memories. Higher priorities and whatnot. So why are you just sitting here thinking like this? Sure, these thoughts are racing by faster than you'd be able to read them, but that doesn't mean they're not wasting time.
Right. It's time to come up with a plan.
The quickest weapon you can get at is most likely the whip. The long stiff riding crop you bought from Kourindou just a bit ago. You'd like to see how effective it is in causing pain. However, it's probably not a good option for a real fight. The next thought is the spellcard. It's a good idea to use it, right? Keep yourself alive. That's a good thing, worth wasting a spellcard that you don't know if you'll be able to get recharged.
But the knife is a good idea as well. Not as long as the hunting knife in your backpack, but it's long enough to get the job done. You don't remember this youkai being particularly strong. There's a possibility you'd even win this thing, if not just stretch it out until Mokou heals, however the hell long that takes. You'd rather not wait for a few hours while fighting, though. You'd wear out before the youkai.
The final idea that comes to mind is attempting to light her on fire with your mind. That will never work. Mokou tought you the basics of using magic, but only that. Nothing on how to actually DO anything with it. You literally can't do anything with your knowledge than say that you have it.
The thought of lighting the whip on fire comes to you, but that's dumb. You'd waste this whip, this perfect whip.
Right, so the best idea is the spellcard, you assume. And if it's not, at least it'll be flashy and distracting enough to switch to the second best, right? That means it's time to declare the card and use it.
You reach your hand into your pocket, then shout the card's name out loud.
Except that's not what you really do. Despite you commanding your arm and voice to do otherwise, instead what happens is you reach behind your neck and grasp the whip.
"Nice of you to fancy up for me." You state cooly and calmly to the youkai just before she gets in range with her needle. With a mechanical accuracy and speed, you then withdraw the whip from your backpack and knock her in the face with it rather hard. Harder than you expected, even; the force sends her stumbling backwards a bit.
"But I'd honestly prefer it if you just came in nothing at all, to say the truth." Once again your mouth voices such insane things without your approval. Not that you disagree, but god damn.
The result of this is quite apparent in her face. The rage boils up inside her, taking control and causing her expression to contort in fury.
This expression is quickly replaced by a confident grin, however.
"Oho, attacking me with something as simple as a whip are you? Are you fucking retarded? Or just batshit insane? Either way, there's no way it's going to work."
Yeah, that's why you decided against it. It seems kinda like it's working though.
Almost too fast for you to see, she reaches inside of her sleeve and produces four or so long needles. Probably nine inches or so. Quickly as you'd expect a gun to fire, she throws the needles at you...and narrowly misses. Her accuracy seems a bit off.
"Still can't hit even this close I see." Your mouth once agai speaks on its own. "I can assure you, though, that my whip will land spot on target to produce the most pleasure possible. Care to try it?" She ignores you, or appears to at least, and instead reaches into her sleeve and pulls out one of those smaller needles, sending it in your direction.
This time your luck isn't quite so good, however, and it sticks into your arm quite painfully. You quickly pull it out, but you can feel tiredness washing over you anyway.
"Haha, this fight is mine now! The anesthetic in that was formulated to put even oni out! I'll have to thank Eirin when I drop your body off at their place, won't I?" God fucking damnit Eirin.
"Nah, I'll be kicking her ass for giving out things like that so carelessly before you get close to that stage." Mokou's voice comes from behind you. So she's healed already? Her voice sounds the way one's voice does when they're trying to avoid making a sore throat hurt worse.
"Oh really, now? We'll be seeing about that."
"No, it's prett-" the sound of things traveling at a high speed through the air, then the sound of blood hitting the ground. You turn your head to look at what could have caused Mokou sto stop her speech, and find her neck stuffed full of both sizes of needles, in such a way that if you pulled them all out, her head would barely stay on. She falls over dead.
Well fuck.
"Now that that disturbance is gone, we can continue. Hey, I'll make you a deal. You sit there and submissively let me kill you and I'll make it as painless as possible. Alright?" Of course that's not alright.
"Submissive, you say? Shouldn't it be the other way around, though? I'm the one with the whip, afterall."
"Tch. So noisy." She removes another three needles from her sleeves and throws them at you.

The battle appears in your favor. Your opponent, whoever the hell they are, chose to make a stupid fucking move: a three-pronged attack. And the dumbest part of it is that they're all attacking your front. It's quite simple to just attack them from behind, but that's no fun. Instead, you maneuver your army through the gap between two of the prongs, just barely escaping detection. Completely ignoring the soldiers you have cleverly avoided, you instead find their general hiding a ways back from his army, his tools of war. What do you do? Of course, you attack him. Take him prisoner. Like any good general who captures another good general. There is definitely rope, and lots of yelling. Interrogations and everything.

You suddenly snap out of the hallucination and find that you're holding her down, her arms pushing you away as hard as she apparently can. Somehow it's ineffective, however, and you can even reach into your backpack and attempt to pull out the rope.
As you do so, however, you get hit with another of the smaller needles, right in the arm. The fact that instead of being thrown it was used as a stabbing weapon makes it hurt. Just enough for the pain to overcome the sedative.
Ignoring it, you begin tying her up, overcoming all of her resistance. The closer you come to getting her tied up, the weaker her resistance gets. She appears terrified.
After a final struggle from her, you finally get her tied up properly.

[ ] Time for punishment.
[ ] You know what this option does.
[ ] Neither of those, wait for Mokou to revive and then just go home.
>> No. 14104
[ ] Time for punishment.
>> No. 14105
[x] You know what this option does.

Rape, right?

Because history needs to repeat itself.
>> No. 14107
[x] You know what this option does.

This option better do what I think it does...

Also, leave it at 5 Jerl. Speeds things up since 7 only happens every now and then.
>> No. 14108
[ ] You know what this option does.

You know, rape is love isn't it?
>> No. 14109
[x] Neither of those, wait for Mokou to revive and then just go home.

Fucking useless-ass immortal can't even take down a nameless youkai.
>> No. 14112
[x] You know what this option does.
>> No. 14113
[x] You know what this option does.

>"Nah, I'll be kicking her ass for giving out things like that so carelessly before you get close to that stage." Mokou's voice comes from behind you.

Keep dreaming, fireplug.
>> No. 14115
[x] You know what this option does.
>> No. 14116
[x] You know what this option does.

Great Success!
>> No. 14117
>Rape, right?

It's rape.

[x] You know what this option does.
>> No. 14118
[ ] You know what this option does.
>> No. 14119
[x] You know what this option does.
>> No. 14120
If we rape her enough times, can we has her as a sex slave?
>> No. 14123

No, no. It's better this way. She keeps trying and failing to kill you, and you keep getting to level up your perversion skill.

It's XP farming. But with rape.
>> No. 14126
o rly
>> No. 14127

When the voting choice is as clear as this, or the end result is desired by the populace, votes come a lot faster. Putting it at 7 will slow things down immensely once a hard choice comes up
>> No. 14128

ya rly

now get to writing
>> No. 14131
Yes, you definitely know what this option is, this option you're going to take. It's the best option by far. The others are a waste of time; one figuratively, one literally. Regardless, neither of them are any fun, at least compared to this one. It's obvious what you want to do, isn't it? It's been obvious since the first time you did it. Screw Py, he's got nothing to do with it at all. This is all you. Which is technically still Py as he's a part of you, but this is ALL of you. There's only a couple voices inside of your head shouting against this option, and though they do as much as they can for their causes as they can their voice is outnumbered by all the other ones. Even reason is siding with you, which is sort of unexpected in a way.
Regardless, it's time to continue on with it.

A malicious grin spreads across your face.
"You know what happens now, right?" You say with a voice full of anticipation. You'd love to just do it right now, but there's such a thing as foreplay that you'd rather still comply with even though this is how it is. It's painful, but it's a necessary pain that leads to even more pleasure.
However, your words start her struggling again. The struggling is irritating. If it were a human it'd be fine, but this girl is a youkai. That means that struggling is...well, dangerous, of course. You have no clue if she'll be able to break the rope if you push her far enough, even if she seems unable right now.
Ah...AH! Right, sedatives! But you don't want to give her enough to put her to sleep. You can't have that. Just enough to prevent her from thrashing about.
You reach into her sleeve and find...Nothing. Well, her arm is there of course, but the sleeve is em-AH FUCKING SHIT
You remove your arm quickly. Out of nowhere one of the large needles just materialized. In the middle of your hand. Needless to say, it hurts like a son of a bitch.
Pulling it out, you find that it isn't bleeding. Seems the would is sealed, at least.
Oh man, she's decided to be a bad girl.
With a strong swing, you slap her across the ass with your whip. It causes her to flinch from the pain. Looking at her face, you find tears welling up.
"Y-you..." She chokes back between sobs. She then just immediately shuts up. Good girl.
It's time for a good girl to recieve her reward.
You slowly, painfully (for you, it's said slowness, from her it's due to the panties rubbing against fresh welts) remove her clothing, cutting what needs to get cut to leave her perfectly naked. You get hit by a tiny bit of remorse. She DID fancy up for you, after all. It feels a bit like a waste. The thought crosses your mind that for feeling remorse for only that, you're a monster. You push it out immediately before it can corrupt you.
With due slowness and hesitation, you begin pushing into her. This is about the point when hallucinations are supposed to take effect, isn't it?
...Where are the hallucinations? You're confused. Not that it's a bad thing, but it's a little bit...WHere are they? You should be experiencing SOMETHING by now. It's a bit creepy. Something's off.

Your rough, quick thrusting slowly builds your pleasure even as your mind is preoccupied.

No hallucinations...Yet you're doing something as perverted as this.
The pills.
But you never took any.
Were you drugged?
But when could that happen?
A headache forms. Your pleasure is decreasing fast.
So if you were drugged, that means that something happened without you noticing it.
Could other things have happened without you noticing it?
That..that's scary. You don't want to think about that.
To refresh your mind, you take another look at the girl below you.
Except...There's a problem.
Instead of the girl, there's-

Dark, black, emptiness.
Where the girl was. Where everything else was. All the world, as suddenly as possible, has turned black.
Footsteps. The soft sound of shoes coming into contact with the solid black colorless floor.
"Oh shit. I didn't want to do this. I didn't want to HAVE to do this. I'm sorry." Yumou's voice, sounding a bit frightened, comes from behind you.
"This will take but a second. Sorry, this is how it has to be."
As soon as she finishes the sentence, your whole body erupts with intense pain. The pain of all your cells eating themselves.
This pain only lasts for a couple seconds, however. As soon as you die, it all stops.
"This is what I was afraid of. God damn it, I thought I could potentially get him to help me in the future too."

Well, you're quite dead now, obviously.


Continues left: 4.

[ ] Back one choice.
[ ] Back two choices.
[ ] Back to chapter start.
>> No. 14132
[x] Back one choice.
[x] Neither of those, wait for Mokou to revive and then just go home.
[x] "Thanks for the backup."

She joked about how we fared against Rumia, so it's only fair we get her back.
>> No. 14133
[x] Back one choice.
[x] Neither of those, wait for Mokou to revive and then just go home.
[x] "Thanks for the backup."
>> No. 14134
[x] Back one choice.
[x] Neither of those, wait for Mokou to revive and then just go home.
[x] "Thanks for the backup."

>> No. 14135
[x] Back one choice.
[x] Time for punishment.

I have no regrets. and plenty of continues to spare.
>> No. 14136
oh well

[x] Back one choice.
[x] Time for punishment.
>> No. 14137
>You'd love to just do it right now, but there's such a thing as foreplay

WRONG! in such situations you should always Put It In ASAP. countless villians have tried it the polite way, only to be cockblocked violently moments before getting to the good bit.

let that be a lesson to you all. if you can't do anything about the sudden inconveniences that inevitably crop up during rape, at least get your dick in before they happen.
>> No. 14138
there is also the fact that the chance of interruption (and possible subsequent death) decreases exponentially after penetration. so, play it safe, kids. Put It In First.
>> No. 14139
>...remove her clothing, cutting what needs to get cut to leave her perfectly naked. You get hit by a tiny bit of remorse. She DID fancy up for you, after all. It feels a bit like a waste.

damn right it's a waste. you need to play more h-games, Jerl. the sex is always better when mostly clothed. not least because you can ruin the dress with bukkake. a little tearing is fine, but taking it all the way off is a no-no.
>> No. 14140
[x] Back one choice.
[x] Neither of those, wait for Mokou to revive and then just go home.
[x] "Thanks for the backup."
>> No. 14141
[x] Back one choice.
[x] Time for punishment.
>> No. 14143
[x] Back one choice.
[x] Time for punishment.
>> No. 14144
[x] Back one choice.
[x] Time for punishment.
>> No. 14145
[x] Back one choice.
[x] Neither of those, wait for Mokou to revive and then just go home.
[x] "Thanks for the backup."
>> No. 14146
[x] Back one choice.
[x] Time for punishment.

No regrets, only path, etc
>> No. 14147
[x] Back one choice.
[x] Time for punishment.
>> No. 14170
[x] Back one choice.
[x] Time for punishment.

I can understand getting murdered by something in the scene, like say the youkai girl that has managed to prick us a few times with her sedative needles, but getting bad ended by something random? That's a low blow.
>> No. 14171
Heh. For someone so hell-bent on killing you to have been so easily overcome and tied up like this, isn't it a bit pitiful? And she did such a good job dispensing with Mokou so quickly. That was a wonderfully coordinated attack, timed and aimed just perfectly for the maximum effect. The type of move only a true killer would be able to pull off as suddenly as she had. You're a little bit jealous of her, but then again, you don't really plan on killing people enough to need to worry about it. but it was a beautifully played out move.
...Wait a second. Why, exactly, didn't she play it out on YOU? Could it be that she didn't feel threatened enough by you that she felt she could take her sweet time? That would make sense, but you'd expect someone who really wants someone dead to just kill them as quickly as possible. Unless she had a reason not to.
...Sedative needles. Could it be? It would make sense, if she was planning on torturing you. After all, that's basically what you did to her when you lost control. It's probable that she wants payback.
Regardless, it means she was being naughty.
"Naughty girls need to be punished." You smack her ass with the whip. She recoils from it.
"And you've been naughty, it seems." A smile spreads across your face as you smack her with it again.
"Stop!" she commands, as if she were in control. "Or instead of just killing you, I'll cut you up bit by bit and slowly feed you to bugs." But that threat is hollow, and you know it.
"Still being naughty? Perhaps I haven't hit hard enough." You hit her in the ass with the whip harder this time, causing her to let off a little sound of pain.
"You..." she declares defiantly. She still hasn't learned. You hit her again.

This continues for a while. Eventually she stops trying to say anything to stop you, and all that's left coming from her mouth are little cries of pain when the whip hits. Tears have begun slowly flowing down her cheek, but they're quite obviously just from the pain. She doesn't seem mentaly broken at all.

"Ugh. What the hell happened?" Mokou's voice startles you a little.
"Ah, that's right. That bitch cut off my head. Hey, what the hell are you doing to her?" said in an entirely uncaring way.
"She was a bad girl. I'm punishing her." Saying that out loud makes you feel like a weirdo. It's one thing to BE a weirdo, but feeling like one sucks.
"Ah, I see. Well, if you're anywhere near finished, we should get going. Ah, and we're bringing her, too. I want to throw her at Eirin." That's an amusing prospect.
"Alright. But you don't expect me to carry her, do you?"
"Nah, I have two arms. I'll fly a bit slowly if you're scared." That's another challenge. You're most definitely not scared of flying, not at this point.
"Don't worry about that. Let's just go." Grabbing the still tied up girl by the waist and you by the hand, she lifts off the ground and begins flying. She's staying quite low to the ground. Perhaps she's near her limit? Well, she DID just get her head cut off.
"Right, I'm done dying for today. This is just irritating. I swear, if I die one more ti-"
The sound of a gunshot from below is followed by the beginning of a 10m/s² fall. Goddamnit, fuck this bullshit.

You hit the ground. Quite painfully, it must be said. Though not as painfully as the youkai girl you landed on, but then again she now has her teeth sunk into your arm. You quickly unsink them by smacking her with the whip, then tear off a piece of her clothing to bandage up the wound. God damn motherfucking potshots, shooing you out of the-hey wait, you're in Gensokyo. No one should have guns, and on the off chance that they found one, they shouldn't be able to aim that damn well. What the hell?
You hear a commotion coming from nearby. Deciding that you've got nothing better to do and will probably die left alone like this with the only company being a youkai girl you just beat with a fetish wip until she cried and a dead immortal girl who got hit in the head with a stray bullet, you head to the source of the noise. In the middle of a semi-clearing, four fairies are exchanging danmaku. Three of them are dressed the same way- black dress with white trim. The other one is dressed in a red dress. She's getting ganged up on by the other thr-ah wait, no. There they go. Pop. That's the sound fairies make when they get hit by danmaku and explode, dropping colored squares of something on the ground that disappear soon afterwards. The one remaining, however, seems a lot better than the other two at danmaku, and is holding her own.
Well how about that. It's obvious that the one in red is getting picked on. No reason to let that continue, is there? No, there definitely isn't.
Readying your still in-hand whip, you sneak up behind the fairy. With a little difficulty, of course. The red one doesn't see you there or doesn't care, so her danmaku, as unconcentrated as it is, quite often gets close to hitting you.
But now you've got the black fairy between the two of you. Whip ready and-!
She evades your whip quite easily, leaving you right in the open to get hit straight in the face by the red-clothed fairy's danmaku. Owch, that hurts. Feels like getting hit in the face by a tennis ball. Not a pleasant feeling.
The black one suddenly flies up into the air and turns to face you.
"Huh? Who's there? Who-AAAHHHHHH! It's him! It's him! Oh wow, it's really him! I've got to go get the others!" She half-screams as she begins spraying your general direction with danmaku. You avoid it, as it is even less concentrated than the red-dress fairy's danmaku. It's quite easy to get around, but even so you have a few close calls. Immediately after finishing her short burst, she disappears into the trees.
"Get the others"...That sounds dangerous. You should probably leave. But you don't want to leave this fairy behind, who has done nothing wrong.

[ ] Grab the fairy and run.
[ ] Just run, ignore the fairy.
[ ] Stay here. They're just fairies, you can take them.
>> No. 14172
[x] Stay here. They're just fairies, you can take them.

I'm interested. Just what the fuck is Yumou's problem with you now?
>> No. 14173
[x] Grab the fairy and run.


Man, Mokou is just comically inept at staying alive. First getting her neck filled with needles while talking smack by someone who's apparently had a lot of practice, then it's a random bullet to the head. With her luck when she regenerates again it'll be just in time for the fairy squad to show up and Swiss cheese her ass. At least she's useful transportation.
>> No. 14174
[x] Grab the fairy and run.
>> No. 14175
[x] Stay here. They're just fairies, you can take them.

Damn fairies. Stand still and taste the whip.
>> No. 14176
[x] Grab the fairy and run.
>> No. 14177
[x] Grab the fairy and run.

I'm all in for recruiting more lolis into the party.
>> No. 14178
[x] Grab the fairy and run.
>> No. 14181
Yeah, you can't just leave her there. She'll just get killed.
But staying here is a dumb fucking idea. Yes, that's really dumb. You have no idea how many of them there will be, and less of an idea of what they're capable of. It's best just to leave.
But you can't leave the fairy behind.
...So take her with you, duh.
You quickly grab her tiny fairy hand and pull her behind you, utilizing the fact that she happens to be floating to your advantage. She lets out a little shriek as you begin running. You quickly make it back to where Mokou and the youkai are. Mokou lays on the ground, dead still apparently.
The fairy looks back and forth between the bondaged youkai and the blood-covered, dead mokou with a horrified expression on her face. Well, if you suddenly got pulled off by some stranger to a clearing where there's someone dead and someone tied up, you'd be freaked too.
Mokou slowly sits up.
"Son of a fucking bitch!" she half-screams.
"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE A ZOMBIE!" the fairy behind you suddenly becomes the fairy in front of you, and Mokou bursts into flames.
"ARGH WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THIS DAY" she says as she begins rolling on the ground to put out the fire.
It gets put out rather quickly.
"Alright, I'm not dead from that. Good. Now, bring that fairy here so I can show her how to REALLY light someone on fire." Mokou looks furrious. You'd be mad too if you got killed as many times with as little time in between as Mokou has been today.
"GET OUT OF MY WAY!" Cirno's voice comes from behind her, and then the sound of something long and hard impaling a person's body.
"I FUCKING GIVE UP." Mokou screams before becoming limp once again.
"THERE YOU ARE! Yumou said that if I found you I should take you to her so you can go home and be happy!" Cirno sounds as cheerful as usual even though she just killed Mokou with a six-foot long ice spear, which is currently being melted by Mokou's hot blood.
"There he is!" another small voice comes from the right.
"Fire!" suddenly one of them starts shooting at you with a goddamned AK-47. What the flying fuck? An AK-47? How the hell? That's just too...
"What the hell are you doing? You're not supposed to kill him, just take him to Yumou-sama!" One of the other fairies, who is differentiated from the rest by red trim instead of white around the bottom of her black dress, shouts at the one with the gun.
"Right, right, sorry." The one that shot at you doesn't seem like she cares too much.
"I found him first!" Cirno shouts at the fairies.
"What? No, I did!" the one that you attempted to take a swing at earlier counters.
"Yeah but I met him when he first came to Gensokyo so yeah!" Cirno proudly, triumphantly shouts at the rest of the fairies. Murmurs between them start.
"Well how about we decide this with danmaku then?" the red-trim fairy shouts in Cirno's general direction.
"Alright!" As soon as the word 'danmaku' is mentioned, Cirno summons a half-dozen ice spears similar to the one she impaled Mokou with.
Jesus christ, you don't even know what the hell is going on any more.

All hell breaks loose. Bursts of light fly from one way, glinting razor-sharp ice spears from another, and from behind you you've got a youkai biting into your arm after you forcefully moved her and Mokou out of the way of the crossfire. You'll have to get her to let go as soon as you can stop staring at the fight in front of you.

Cirno makes short work of the other fairies soon enough, and is left standing almost spotless.
"Hey, John, you can come out now!" she shouts.
Well, if she's with Yumou, and Yumou wants to send you back to the outside world... You can't find any problems with going out there. You drag the youkai girl and Mokou with you, the youkai girl finding a new place to sink her teeth in at your ankle.
"Eeeh! Stop biting him!" Cirno swings down one of the spears so a non-sharp edge of it swats at the youkai biting your ankle. She lets off.
"Alright, let's go! But I don't think I can hold up four people." She ponders for a moment.
"Hmm. I'm the strongest, so I should be able to hold you up. But I can't! That means that you're heavy, one of you!" Mokou begins slightly stirring.
"But can't you leave them? Yeah, I can carry you by yourself. But not the-"
Before she finishes her word, she's cut off by a massive beam of energy coming from the left, sending her flying. She lands on the ground a few meters away out cold. A girl dressed in black flies quickly through where she was just standing, then disappears into the forest.

...Alright. Status: You're not in the best shape. Wounds from fighting the youkai earlier and from her constantly biting you afterwards aren't good for the health.
Mokou's mostly dead still. How many times is that? Three? Four?
The youkai is tied up and helpless except when she gets a good hold with her teeth.
The fairy is frightened and hiding behind a tree.
Cirno is out cold a few meters away.

This is enough events for one day, much less a couple fucking hours. You're sick of this. You just want to go home, sit in front of a computer, and relax. But right now, you're stuck in a forest in the middle of a bubble world called Gensokyo with no way of getting home at this very moment.
"Ugh." Mokou awakens again. "I can't believe I've died so many times already today. This is a horrible idea, taking you to Kourindou was a horrible idea, and staying at Eientei is probably going to end up overall being a horrible idea. Just one horrible idea after another. God fucking damn it." She punches a tree. Quite hard, actually. Left quite a dent.
"Well, let's get going. I at least want to get somewhere that if I die I know what the hell will happen between said death and waking back up. I don't even want to ask what all of this melting ice and all of the smoking trees are all about. Let's just go." SHe quite forcefully grabs your hand, and grabs the youkai by the waist once more, then takes off.
Hey, wait. What about Cirno?
"You just going to leave Cirno there, Mokou?"
"Yeah. She killed me. I'm not giving her a lift." Well, fair enough.
The other fairy seems to follow you back to Eientei on her own.

The rest of the way back, surprisingly, goes quite uneventfully. Discounting suddenly getting swarmed by TWO swarms of fairies, one swarm being dressed like the one before and the other swarm being dressed normally. Normally this wouldn't be too bad, but you ran into them at the same time, and they were in the process of firing danmaku at each other. Mokou skillfully weaves through the dense energy shot fire, however, and you all make it through without taking a hit. The other fairy just completely avoids the whole scene. Regardless, you don't run into anything major after that. Just a couple minor youkai getting in your way. Nothing you wouldn't really expect of a place like Gensokyo.
"...Why is everyone so combative today." Mokou asks as if it's strange. "Even for an incident, this is too goddamn much. Haven't been this many fights since the flower incident." Huh. Must not be normal, then.

>> No. 14184
You really hate Mokou, don't you?
>> No. 14185
No, she's just good comic relief for my purposes.

However, you make it back to Eieintei. Mokou opens the door, and is promptly skewered through the chest by a long pole held by Kaguya. She just facepalms and dies uncaringly.

"...Huh? What happened to her? Usually she'd at least try and kill me too..." Kaguya asks as if she's really concerned about someone she just ran through with a long pole. Why are so many people armed with long, thin objects like that?
"Long story. I need something to drink. Preferably something strong enough to make me forget the last two hours."
"...I see." She sounds concerned about you. You believe it more than her concern over Mokou.
"And what's that?" She points to the youkai currently being held slightly off of the floor by Mokou's still strong grip, even as she's being held up by a pole through the chest held by her arch-enemy.
"I'll tell you what that's about when the alcohol wears off and I remember the last two hours again."
"...Ah. Well, this and that should go to the clinic." She waves at the youkai and Mokou, referencing them both as objects rather than people. "INABA!" she shouts. Reisen appears, facepalms herself, then carries the two mentioned people off towards the clinic.

Whatever this is, it isn't particularly strong, in both flavor and effect. However, it is definitely better than nothing, and you accept it greatfully, filling your stomach with the slightly warming liquid.
"So what exactly happened?"
"Like I said, a long story. I'd rather not talk about it until after the hangover is done, like I said."
"I see." Silence. Kaguya sips her alcohol.
The silence is definitely comfortable, though. For the past while, there's been nothing but noise. The silence combined with the slowly intoxicating effect of whatever it is you're drinking leads to a blissful calm within you. You just remain like this for a while. Kaguya seems to be affected more by the alcohol than you, but that's just appearances. You have no clue how it's actually affecting her.

While the silence is comforting for you, you get the impression that Kaguya is bored. You should probably do something about that.

[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 14186
[x] Keep drinking.
[x] You can't keep it in anymore; the story of today just begs to be told, and Kaguya is a more than willing audience.

Hey, maybe it'll be cathartic.
>> No. 14189
[x] Keep drinking.
[x] You can't keep it in anymore; the story of today just begs to be told, and Kaguya is a more than willing audience.

Christ, Mokou is useless. Let's add a heaping helping of shame to her already pathetic, worthless self.
>> No. 14190
[x] Keep drinking.
[x] You can't keep it in anymore; the story of today just begs to be told, and Kaguya is a more than willing audience.
>> No. 14191
[x] Keep drinking.
[x] You can't keep it in anymore; the story of today just begs to be told, and Kaguya is a more than willing audience.

It's a shame Kaguya must have one hell of an alcohol tolerance compared to us
>> No. 14201
[x] Keep drinking.
[x] You can't keep it in anymore; the story of today just begs to be told, and Kaguya is a more than willing audience.
>> No. 14211
[x] Keep drinking.
[x] You can't keep it in anymore; the story of today just begs to be told, and Kaguya is a more than willing audience.
>> No. 14214
You get a feeling that you should do something, but... There's nothing you can really think of to do. You'd talk about something, but there's not much to talk about. She wants to hear your story, and probably won't stop being bored until you're in the process of telling it to her. The other option is leaving her be to entertain herself with her computers, but that's no good, seeing as you're trying to get as drunk as possible and you're currently only a bit buzzed.
You finish the saucer...thing full of whatever this is, you're going to go ahead and assume sake at this point. Kaguya silently fills it back up for you, and you take another sip.
Yeah, it's not strong enough. You're trying to get drunk to remove thoughts from your mind, not to socialize. You need something stronger. But it's a bit rude to demand such a thing when you're already being given alcohol, isn't it?
Then ask politely.

"Hey, Kaguya. Do you have anything harder than this? This is fine for if you're trying to get a nice buzz going, but I'm trying to get smashed. Nullify some trauma."
"Heh, I was wondering when you were going to ask. I was just testing you." She reaches under the kotatsu. You hear the sound of a refrigerator door opening, then glass clinking inside. The door closes, and Kaguya removes an unlabeled bottle of something. The plastic cap tells you it's from the outside world. She also produces a pair of shotglasses, and fills them both with the clear liquid.
"Here, try this." She hands you one of the shotglasses. You down it.
You don't really taste much other than the taste of alcohol. But how it burns! It feels like you just drank acid. You clench your throat. Kaguya giggles, then swallows her shot. She shows quite a similar reaction.
Tears form in your eyes as the burning finally subsides. What you're left with is a rather quite warm sensation in your stomach, and a rapidly spreading increase in mood as the superstrong alcohol starts to take effect.
Now you're curious. What the hell did she just give you?
"Jesus christ, what the hell was that?"
"Hehe. Something I had Yukari get me. I asked her what the strongest alcohol there is is, and she said Everclear. I asked her to get me some, and this is it."
Jesus christ, everclear. You've never had it before. So this is what 95% alcohol per volume is like?
"Want more?" she asks, as if it even needed asking.
"Hell yes." You respond.


Well, you're quite drunk, now. Four shots of everclear... Is that even safe? Well, there's a doctor in the building, so you should be fine.

"So are you inebriated enough yet to tell me your story?"
"I thought it was after the inebriation and resulting hangover disappear that I'd tell you. Oh well." You say, putting forward your best effort to avoid slurring. If any happened, you're too drunk to notice.
"Oh well, I'll tell you anyway." You take a sip of what's remaining in the dish thing with whatever weak stuff you started with.
"After you left me alone, I decided that I wanted to find something to do. First thing I did was walk to Eirin's clinic. This is where the shit started. On the way there, I slipped into a hallucination in which all the different parts of my brain were arguing over something. The ones for my insanity, who were called Py and Pe, were about to kill the others when I told them all to stop. Shortly after I stopped hallucinating and found myself in front of Eirin's clinic. I went inside, found her, and talked to her about my less than perfect mental state. She prescribed me some pills which I never took and gave me a syringe of her new superstimulant, which I guess would have been useful to remember later on damnit. Anyway, after that I went outside and found Mokou trying to build a grill out of wood and it wasn't working so we flew to Kourindou where Mokou bought a new grill and I bought a whip and some rope and some candles, then we started coming back but suddenly Mokou got hit twice by some sleep needles and fell asleep and on the ground we got attacked by a youkai and Mokou got killed twice and I punished the youkai with the whip and then we tried to come home again but mokou got hit in the head by a stray ak47 bullet and we fell to the ground and my fall was cushioned by the youkai and I heard some noise nearby and went to check it and found a bunch of fairies attacking the one I brought home and she killed all but one of them and when I tried to kill it it flew away. I took the fairy back to where mokou and the youkai were laying on the ground and mokou came back to life and the fairy lit her on fire and she put it out but cirno impaled her with an ice spear and she died again then the group of fairies came back and attacked Cirno and Cirno killed them then a witch on a broom knocked her out with a giant lazer and then we tried to come back and got held up by fairies and youkai on the way back then when we got here you impaled mokou again and now we're here drinking."
Towards the end you stopped caring about sentence structure and just let them flow into a run-on sentence.
"That's... Quite a story you've got there. Heh, Mokou died five times today~ It's a good day for me."
"not for me." You state semi-coldly.
A knock comes at the door. Kaguya stands up and crosses the room to answer it.
"Dinner is ready." You hear Reisen say.
"Alright, we'll be there soon." Kaguya tells her.
"Okay. I'll be waiting."
The door slides closed, and you hear Kaguya walking towards you. The footsteps slow down on the way back.
"Wooooahhh the everclear is kicking in" she stumbles.
"I might not make it to dinneeeeeerrrr." She mumbles as she falls to the ground, landing with her head in your lap. Luckily, your balls did not get hit.
You shake her in an attempt to wake her up. She just mumbles something, but does not respond. Reisen is waiting at dinner for both of you.

[ ] Carry Kaguya there. (specify which)
[ ] Go by yourself.
[ ] Don't go.
>> No. 14215
[x] Unzip your pants and do what comes naturally from there

This can't go wrong!
>> No. 14217
[X] Unzip your pants and do what comes naturally from there

This sounds like a good idea.
>> No. 14218
[x] "Did you see what God just did to us, man?!"
[x] Carry Kaguya there, on your shoulders.
[x] Ignore the stares; sit down and see if you can both eat in that position.
>> No. 14219
[X] Unzip your pants and do what comes naturally from there

Nothing can go wrong with this plan.
>> No. 14220
[X] Unzip your pants and do what comes naturally from there
>> No. 14221
[X] Unzip your pants and do what comes naturally from there

We have nothing to lose, except maybe a continue.
>> No. 14222
[X] Unzip your pants and do what comes naturally from there
>> No. 14227
As can be seen from previous posts, I really, really dislike writing h-scenes.
Reisen is waiting for you, but...
Kaguya isn't going to wake up. And you don't want to carry her. You're pretty drunk yourself, and it wouldn't be very hard to imagine you dropping her or falling over yourself. No, you don't want to carry her. You also don't want to go by yourself. That's rude to Kaguya, and like said before, you might fall over yourself. The alcohol is really working on you. You're beginning to lose the ability to think.

Kaguya rolled over, and her face is now burried in your crotch. As such, inebriated as you are, you're having trouble preventing yourself from getting erect.
A few long, torturous minutes pass with her like this before she rolls back over. Whew. That was close. But now you're hard as a rock. You're using all of your being to prevent yourself from just whipping it out and doing what comes natural from there.
...And failing.
Your hand, slowed a bit by your constant commands to stop, slowly unzips your zipper. When it gets to the bottom, it reaches inside, through the opening in the front of your boxers, and pulls your dick out.
Oh man, this is fucking crazy. Kaguya is passed out, but that isn't necessarily permanent. And Reisen is waiting on you, too. Since you're not likely to reach the kitchen any time soon, she's probably going to come back to find out what's wrong. And she'll find you furiously rubbing your cock with Kaguya's face so close. But the insanity of the situation isn't enough to stop you, not after four shots of goddamn everclear.
Right, Kaguya's face. Kaguya is beautiful. Probably the most attractive girl you've ever met. Which is strange, she doesn't necessarily have a great figure. It's about average, nothing out of the ordinary. But her face... It's unearthly. Probably because she's from the moon, and a princess on top of that? Could be. But that doesn't matter. Not right now.
Your grip on your throbbing penis tightens reflexively. Her face, it's so beautiful. Her cheeks, so soft and round, flushed red from alcohol; her lips, full and luscious; her eyes, deep, dark brown orbs staring into yours...
...Wait a second. Something's wrong with that.
Her beautiful reddened cheeks, slowly growing darker; her parted, full red lips; her dark black eyes that show you eternity...
Yeah, something's wrong with that. But what is it? You can't seem to figure it out. Part of your brain is saying "hold on something is majorly wrong" but the rest of it is ignoring it and refusing to tell you what exactly it is.
"Hehehe." her cute voice, giggling softly.
"It's quite rude to masturbate onto someone's face while they're sleeping." Yeah, that's right. You should stop. If she woke up and saw you...WAIT.
"Especially when you hardly know them, and you're borrowing a room from them." She's obviously still drunk, as evidenced by the slurring still happening to her words.
"Just because I'm drunk doesn't mean I won't care if you do something like this~" But her voice is carefree, contradicting the words of the sentence and making its contents void.
"I'm going to have to ask you to stop, now." You comply, and start fumbling with your zipper to put your thing away. You suddenly stop when the signal from the tip of your penis finally reaches your brain and is properly processed. Kaguya has grabbed the tip of your erection between her thumb and forefinger.
"For doing something like this, I'm going to have to punish you." She slowly slides them down your shaft, until they reach the bottom.
"I can't have perverts wandering around in my hallways, you know." She slowly slides them back up, right below your head.
"Such a thing might" she sits up and grabs you with her whole hand.
"Lead to" she torturously begins sliding it down to the bottom.
"Some rabbits" She picks up the pace a little bit.
"Getting molested. Right?" She suddenly stops. You're barely able to speak at this point. It feels like the slightest touch will cause you to explode.
You manage to nod a response.
"Hehe, that's right." She repositions herself, her hand no longer on your tortured manhood.
"Heh." her warm breath on your throbbing member. "Time for your punishment."
You feel her lips kiss the very tip. Torturously. Softly, but it's still enough to drive you insane.
She takes you into her warm, moist mouth. You could blow your load any second.
She begins circling her soft tongue around your erection.
Finally you can't take it any more and release right into her mouth. You hear her gulp as she swallows it all.
"Uuuuuh. Sleepy..." She falls on her back, immediately asleep again.
You slowly lose your ability to stay awake, as well.

Drinking so much everclear was a horrible mistake. Going without dinner afterwards was also a bad move. Making yourself tired and falling asleep while so drunk without any supervision was completely foolish. With no one to notice, you choke on your own vomit soon after falling asleep. Reisen quite soon afterwards comes to find out what's holding the two of you up, and finds your dead corpse lying in a pool of vomit, Kaguya passed out nearby.
See, normally she'd make sure you got a proper burial and such. But since she found you in the state you were, that being with your penis out in the open like it was, quite obviously put that way, well. She's the only person that knows what happened to you after that.


Continues left: 3 NULLIFY

[x] Back one choice.

I'm giving this one to you without making you use any continues, mainly becasue making you use one of them for this would be just unfair.
>> No. 14228
[x] Carry Kaguya to dinner.

She'll sober up fast enough... And if not, we'll just blame Reisen
>> No. 14229
[x] Carry Kaguya to dinner.
>> No. 14230
[x] Carry Kaguya to dinner.
>> No. 14232
[x] Carry Kaguya to dinner.
>> No. 14233
[x] Carry Kaguya to dinner.
>> No. 14235
"Hey, Kaguya. Wake up. It's time for dinner." You give her another shake. Harder this time.
"Wake up!" You shout right into her ear. Her response is rolling over.
Great. At this rate, to get both of you to dinner, you're going to carry her there. And avoid falling over on the way. Awesome.
"...Ugh." You lift her. She's not that heavy, but a human body will always be heavier than you want to carry that far by yourself. Especially while drunk.
Ah! No, don't fall over here, that woul-
Oh, good. You managed to balance. Somehow. Right, moving on.

Slowly, cautiously, you walk towards the door, slide it open, and step outside. You almost slip on the floor outside, which, unlike the tatami-mat inside of Kaguya's room, is slick wood. You recover only slightly shaken and begin walking towards the dining room. You get lost a couple times on the way, alcohol getting to your brain and clouding your thoughts. Eventually, however, you make it.
Sliding the dining room door open, you make your way inside, setting Kaguya down at one of the places at the table.
"Ah, what happened? You look horrible right now." You're unsure whether Eirin means all of the various cuts still left from that youkai or the fact that you're absolutely smashed. You don't have the brainpower to think about it either. Hey, that food looks delicious.
You reach out and grab your fork. Except there is no fork, they've placed chopsticks out for use. Nevertheless, you grab your fork and attempt to use it to eat. But since it's not really there, nothing happens. Of course, this all happens because your reflexive motion to pick up the fork had already gone through all the way with its action before you noticed there was no fork there, and you'd already began moving on to the process of impaling your food with it, forgetting about there being no fork in your hand as your mind spends its time processing the realization. Of course, once you realize your blunder, you quickly correct it by grabbing the chopsticks. Funny, you can't seem to remember how to properly hold them.
"Uh, are you alright?" Reisen sounds concerned.
"Well, of course I'm alright." You fumble a bit with your chopsticks. "Jus' a bit buzzed is all."
"Heh, that's an understatement. Hey, are you really a man? You can't have had enough sake in that period of time to get this drunk, unless you're weak." Mokou tries to jab at you, but you don't even process her words. You're too absorbed in trying to get a grasp on this bit of food that you can't particularly identify.

...Oh. God, what's this. Suddenly, you're nauseous. Very, very nauseous. It's scary. You don't think you can hold it back.
Hold it back! Yes, that's what you have to do. Hold it back. Hold. Hold. Hold...
Oh, fuck. There it goes. All over your food and everything. And you were planning...on...eating...that......

The world is all black. Surprisingly, you feel completely sober.
World is black? You recognize this situation. Definitely. Ah, there she is.
Walking over to the table, you take a seat.

"How's it been?" You ask as friendly as you can.
"Busy. Things have been progressing, but there are a few more minor annoyances. For example, those troublesome fairies who decided to unite against me. It'd be less annoying if it didn't mean having to send a scout party to recover all of my lost weapons, while they don't have to do anything like that- when they respawn, it's fully armed with everything they'd normally have." She explains.
"Oh, I see." Wait, f-Oh, right. Those fairies were saying things like "Yumou-sama" and "you're not supposed to kill him." And then those other fairies that were fighting them. However, it all seemed rather disorganized, on both sides.
"You know, both sides seemed rather disorganized from what I saw." You bring up your point.
"Yeah, I know. Unfortunately some of the lower-ranked fairies dislike following orders and will instead just rush at whoever's attacking them. That's why I stopped giving most of them guns. Sigh. This just makes it more difficult." She takes a sip of tea.
"But getting this drunk was a bad move. Really, what were you thinking? Just because some bad stuff happened to you today right in a row doesn't mean you have to take it out on your liver, you know."
She's right. But you couldn't really think of any other way to relax.
"No, no, no! Don't think that way! There are plenty of ways to relax. Like, for example, reading! I'm sure there's some interesting books SOMEWHERE in this mansion! Something on the history of the moon, or something." Uhh, you're not particularly interested in that kind of thing, but..Wait, did she just read your mind?
"Don't worry about that, it's fine for now. I don't know exactly how I did it either, but that's not something that matters. I've been looking into ways to help combat your insanity without killing you or medicating you. Oh, right. Don't take those drugs Eirin gave you. You probably already realized this, but taking things to increase libido when one the major part of your insanity is an increased perversion isn't that bright idea. Really, Eirin should be more careful than that. In any case, I think I found someone that can help, but it's quite a bit out of the way and it took a lot of time to find my way here. I'll be abducting you sometime soon to try it out, so stay alive until then, okay?" You nod. That was already your plan, anyway.
"Oh, looks like she's already finished. It's time for me to go. Try not to scream too loudly." Suddenly she disappears, and all the black disappears.

>> No. 14236
It is replaced by a painful, blinding white light. It burns right through your closed eyelids.
The next sense that comes to you is sound. You're aware of the sound of some machinery in multiple directions. Huh, strange.
Smell and taste are next. Namely vomit. Ugh.
Next is pain.
Not the kind of pain you'd expect from a hangover.
It's a searing, burning pain across your whole body. It hurts like a motherfucker, is the best way to put it. It feels like you've been lit on fire. SHe told you not to scream too loudly, but it hurts too much to even think about moving a muscle.
Slowly the pain fades away, and is replaced by a calm, cool, collected feeling. But you're still quite tired.

You force your eyelids open. Right above you is an extremely bright light. You close them almost immediately to prevent loss of vision, a tear forming from the sudden assault on your retina.
"Oh, you're awake." The light disappears. You open your eyes again. This time, the lighting is a bit more normal.
Sitting up, you find yourself wired up to various machines, tubes inserted into various veins and a cable connected to your brain.
"Eirin, what the hell is this?" You want to know exactly what it was that she was doing to cause so much pain.
"Life support equipment. Had to be sure in case the drug for sobering someone up I was testing failed."
A drug for sobering someone up? Well, the pain it caused was much more than the pain of waking up with a hangover, so you're not quite sure whether to call it a success. Still, testing a drug that could kill you, without you even knowing about it...
"What the hell, Eirin. If it was that dangerous, why were you testing it out on me without me knowing?"
"It's not really that dangerous. I'm just cautious. Anyway, how do you feel?"
"Tired. Very tired. And my eyes hurt due to that light. Why was the light there? I can't think of a single thing a super-bright light would be useful for in killing a hangover or keeping someone alive."
"It was to keep your eyes shut. Didn't want you waking up and seeing life support equipment connected to you without you knowing why, would I? That'd cause more shock than I'd like and could mess up the experiment."
Well, that makes sense, but...Still.
"Here, have a glass of water. You're going to need it." YOu take the glass and down it. She refills it and gives you a pill. Looks like the ones in your bottle.
"Well, I'll see you in the morning. I'm quite tired myself. I trust you'll be able to find your way back to your room."
She closes the door behind her.
Right, the water.
You drink the whole glass, and drop the pill in your bottle. Then find your way back to your bed, and fall asleep from there.

>> No. 14238
Right, rest of this tomorrow.
>> No. 14260
Scenes 28-29
You're rudely awakened by a loud sound of some sort. You can't remember quite what it was. However, you're awake now.
You rub your eyelids and sit up. Right. Yesterday, it was a horrible day and you're thorougly glad it's over with already. Today will be a much better day.
Getting dressed is quite quick. You had a set of clean clothes laid out for you, presumably by Reisen as she's the only person here who is actually likely to do such a thing. The other rabbits just wouldn't do it, and Kaguya and Eirin would have Reisen do it. Therefore, whether it was her idea or not, it's most likely that Reisen laid them out for you.
The backpack goes on your back. You've had this thing with you every minute you've been in this bubble world, it seems. You're grateful for it too, as it's saved you many times.
Ah, but you need to take a bath. You went straight to bed instead of bathing after last nig-

You don't finish that thought. Instead you replace it with a quite different thought, which happens to be "what exactly the fuck was that." This new thought taking the place of the old thought was caused by another loud sound, but this time more recognizable, likely due to you being more awake.
It sounded like a rather loud explosion coming from quite a ways away. From the angle, it has to have hit one of the further away sections of the mansion.
Yes, what is happening indeed.
You stand up and walk out the door. Outside your room, the chaos is evident. Rabbits running this way and that, some of them carrying what looks like a ray gun from a science fiction movie, some of them carrying various boxes, one of them carrying a tied-up youkai girl. This rabbit is different from the rest, though, in that she is Reisen. In that, she's probably a good person to talk to about what exactly is going on.
You follow her, attempting to catch up. You succeed, but at a cost. Your body feels worn out. Perhaps a side-effect of the alcohol, perhaps a side-effect of the cure for it, or perhaps a side-effect of yesterday as a whole.
"Reisen, what's going on? Why are there explosions and rabbits running everywhere?"
"Ah, good. You're awake. We're under attack. No time to explain. Just follow me." You take her word for it and follow her. Eventually she comes up to a rather normal looking section of wall, other than being of a bit different shade from the rest, and stops.
"Please look away for a second." You comply, and hear the sound of wood grinding on wood. Looking back, you find the wall sliding up, revealing a small room that doesn't look like it should exist, seeing as the window right next to the opening doesn't show any such room on the outside.
"Quickly, get inside." You comply, and she closes the door behind you.

"Hey! Untie me already!" The youkai girl complains. "I'm beginning to get pissed off at being unable to move, especially when the celing suddenly explodes in my face and I am forced to crawl like a caterpiller through and around rubble trying to find a way out of the room!" Alright, you'll give that one to her.
But you can't just cave to someone who tried to kill you, just like that. You've got to leave an implied threat. So, you pull the whip out of your backpack and hold it in your hand. Reisen raises an eyebrow at this, but you ignore it. Soon the youkai girl is untied and capable of movement again.
"I can move again!" She yells with glee. Different from the personality you remember, a bit.
"But are you sure it was a good idea to untie me?" Suddenly her personality shifts to a more combattive one, and you're forced to dodge a needle thrown at you, followed by one held by her hand.
"Both of you cut it out or we're all going to get killed!" Reisen assertively asserts, instantly ending the fight that had broken out.
"Now, let's move on." She kicks a the floor, and it suddenly opens, revealing a ladder which she climbs down. You make sure the other person present is the next one down, to avoid any "accidents." You follow, and find yourself in a hallway. At the other end of the hallway, a solid steel door. Reisen pulls on a rope, and you hear the trapdoor above closing. She then continues through the hallway, arriving at the door and knocking. You see a pair of deep brown eyes through a slot that slides open, then the door opens, revealing Kaguya in a state similar to yours. The three of you enter, and the door is closed and locked shut. Inside, Kaguya, Eirin, and Mokou have already gathered, sitting around a table. In the background is a large screen, which is currently showing nothing but a blue backgound and some icons. Situated around the table are various other computer parts.
"Finally made it, eh? Thought I was going to have to go up there looking for ya." Mokou says in her usual way.
"Right. Now, can someone tell me exactly what's going on? I'd really like to know." Yeah, you're a bit irritated at this point. Being rudely woken up by explosions like that doesn't feel good.
"Right. That's what we were about to find out." Kaguya picks up something that looks like a pen and jabs it into a small board thing, twice. On the large screen, an icon gets double-clicked, that being the icon for Firefox, and a Firefox window opens with the address You choose to ignore for now that such an IP address does not exist and instead pay attention to what pops up.
A screenful of cameras, showing various angles outside Eientei and in the halls. There are lots and lots of rabbits running around. In one of them, looks like the front entrance, there's a danmaku battle being waged between rabbits and fairies dressed in that black. There's also a cannon, but no one is firing it.
The small group of fairies, as it is quite small now that you pay closer attention, is easily overwhelmed by the rabbits.

"Alright, what was that all about?" Mokou asks immediately. "Did you piss someone besides me off, Kaguya?"
Kaguya glares at her, then gives the rest of you an answer.
"Right, something about the fairies acting weird. This must be something to do with that. But why would they suddenly attack Eientei?"
"Indeed. This is a rather unusual occurance." Eirin answers.
"Probably because he's here. They said something about capturing him alive yesterday, or something. Hey, let's throw him out there! It'll be a lot less trouble for us, right?"
It's the youkai girl's turn to be glared at. Not by you, though, as you find her idea a bit amusing.
"No, we won't do that. We promised Yukari we'd protect him as much as we can. And they're gone now." Eirin defends you.
"Eirin, I'm not sure I want to keep that promise exactly." Kaguya speaks up.
"I don't want to just kick him out, but this is a clinic. People come here to get treated for illnesses and injuries. Hospitals being attacked like this is not good. We can protect him by finding someone else to protect him, right?" She asks.
"Indeed you can." Yukari's voice comes from slightly overhead. Yukari falls through a hole in space right onto the top of the desk, narrowly missing the tablet.
"It's correct that this place is a hospital. I should have thought about that earlier. I'm sorry for inconveniencing you with him. Now."
She turns to look to you.
"You've got a few options on where to go now. The Scarlet Devil Mansion, Hakugyokurou, the human village, or..." She looks over to Mokou. "The forest. I guess that's a viable option at this point." Mokou shrugs.

Only two of those options are any familliar to you, those being the village and the forest.

[ ] Scarlet Devil Mansion.
[ ] Hakugyokurou.
[ ] Human village.
[ ] Forest.
>> No. 14264
[ ] Scarlet Devil Mansion.
This will be interesting.
>> No. 14265
[ ] Forest.
>> No. 14266
[B] Hakugyokurou.

We went to the SDM last time, didn't we? I don't really remember.
>> No. 14269
[ ] Scarlet Devil Mansion.


>> No. 14270
[x] Forest.
>> No. 14272
[x] Scarlet Devil Mansion.

The forest is a death trap waiting to happen people... THIS IS NIGHTMARE REMEMBER?
>> No. 14273

That's why it's awesome!
>> No. 14274
[x] Forest.
>> No. 14275
[x] "What's wrong with Mayohiga again?"
[x] Forest.

We're just going to get chased out of everywhere else eventually in exactly the same manner.
>> No. 14278
[x] Scarlet Devil Mansion.

I'd take my chances at a place with at least something resembling safety
>> No. 14279
[x] Scarlet Devil Mansion.
>> No. 14286
[x] Scarlet Devil Mansion.
>> No. 14299
File 123442484340.jpg - (181.54KB , 750x562 , 8af82a08c91883e2ff343a2d971d359e.jpg ) [iqdb]
Calling the vote now: [x] Scarlet Devil Mansion.

I need a bit of time to prepare Nightmare for its next stage. As such, the next update will come tomorrow. Sorry for not updating today, but I need to make a new flowchart, and to do this I needed to know what the winner of this vote was.

Meanwhile, enjoy some some guitar Cirno.