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/others/ won in the vote, so I'm starting it here.

I'll be giving information before the first few posts. First bit is that you should check everything. But use caution.

Status: 100%. Day 1, 07:45. Equipment: n/a.

You wake up tired one Monday after a long night of playing Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. You find yourself feeling that something dangerous is going to happen today. You are in a one-room apartment, cheap because you need money to fuel your nerdy habits. You have work today, unless you decide you want to call in sick. This is troublesome. Having to work is very annoying. But unemployment pay doesn't give enough money for your purposes. So you're stuck with a job. Getting out of bed, you find that you need a shave bad. Haven't shaved since Thursday.

On the north wall of the room, there is a computer desk with a computer on it. West wall you have a closet. The south wall of your room has your bed, with your hunting knife stuck between the matress and box spring. To the west is the exit.

[ ] Bathroom.
[ ] Check computer desk.
[ ] Check closet.
[ ] Check bed.
[ ] Check floor.
[ ] Check exit.

>> No. 1194
[X] Check closet.

Check for monsters
>> No. 1195
[x] Check closet.
Good point. Don't want to be eaten by a Grue.
>> No. 1196
[X] Check closet.

>> No. 1197
I'm going to go by three votes for a win until it speeds up a bit.
The stuff in your backpack won't be shown in the inventory.

Status: 100%. Day 1, 07:45. Inventory: Backpack.

You find your Ruger 10/22 Carbine rifle and a box of .22 bullets. The gun is locked, but you have no clue where you put the key. You also find a backpack, and sling it over your shoulders.

[ ] Bathroom.
[ ] Check computer desk.
[ ] Check bed.
[ ] Check floor.
[ ] Check exit.
>> No. 1198
Holy shit, this Anonymous is armed to the teeth.
[x] Check bed
Get our knife.
>> No. 1199
[X] Check computer desk.

Check the bed last
>> No. 1200
[X] Check computer desk.
>> No. 1201
[x] Check computer desk.
>> No. 1202
The candy. It is very good candy. Also, checking inventory items is a good idea.

Status: 100%. Day 1, 07:50. Inventory: Backpack, candy, Zippo.

You find your Zippo lighter laying on it, as well as a bag of candy. You place them both in your pocket. This is some good candy, it could prove helpful. You also grab your wallet and shove it in your back pocket. The computer is currently on.

[ ] Bathroom.
[ ] Check computer.
[ ] Check bed.
[ ] Check floor.
[ ] Check exit.
>> No. 1203
[X] Check computer.
>> No. 1204
[x] Check floor.
If we have no clue where the key is, that means it's obviously on the floor.
>> No. 1205
[ ] Check floor.

Might find a penny.
>> No. 1206
[x] Check floor.
>> No. 1207
There will be things hidden in lots of places.

Status: 100%. Day 1, 07:55. Inventory: Backpack, candy, Zippo.
You check the floor. You notice some loose floorboards and pull them up. Oh, that safe. You forgot you had a safe there. You open it up and find 100,000 yen and six silver .45 ACP bullets inside. You put the money and bullets in your backpack and close the safe, covering it back up with the floorboards. You get a sudden urge to go out and buy a tent.

[ ] Bathroom.
[ ] Check computer.
[ ] Check bed.
[ ] Go to the store.
>> No. 1208
[X] Go to the store.

>You get a sudden urge to buy a tent

Sounds like a hint to me.
>> No. 1210
[X] Check bed.

Finish checking everything before setting out for anywhere.
>> No. 1211
[x] Go to the store.

I'd rather have a caravan than a tent but whatever.
>> No. 1212
[x] Check bed.

Text adventure, guys. If you don't check everything you'll miss a key item and be screwed over twenty choices down the road.
>> No. 1213
[x] Check bed.
Changing vote to this.
>> No. 1215
The knife, it's probably a bad idea to grab that until you've not got anything else to do.

Status: 100%. Day 1, 08:00. Inventory: Backpack, candy, Zippo.
You pull your hunting knife out from between the matress and box spring. It would probably be a bad idea to carry this around outside the house, and you still feel like buying that tent. You set it on top of the bed. Yeah, buying a tent sounds like a good idea.

[ ] Bathroom.
[ ] Check computer.
[ ] Go to the store.
>> No. 1216
[ ] Go to the store.
>> No. 1217
[x] Go to the store.
>> No. 1218
[X] Go to the store.
>> No. 1219
When I said a 'bunch' of new characters, I meant two or three. The names of these people were decided on IRC and have nothing to do with anything.

Status: 100%. Day 1, 07:55. Inventory: Backpack, candy, Zippo.
You head off to the store to buy a tent. You get there and find a tent and a sleeping bag and throw them in your cart. Walking for a bit you also find a medical kit and a berserker pack, and throw them in the cart too. Having everything you came for, you decide it's time to head home.

[ ] Pay for the items.
[ ] Shoplift.
>> No. 1221

But we're not done packing, yet D:

[x] Pay for the items.
>> No. 1222
[ ] Pay for the items.

>berserker pack

>> No. 1223
[X] Shoplift.

>> No. 1224
[ ] Pay for the items.
>> No. 1225
Status: 100%. Day 1, 08:30. Inventory: Backpack, candy, Zippo.
You pay for your stuff and leave the store, heading back to your apartment. When you get back, you put the hunting knife in the backpack. You head to the bathroom and shave. When you finish with this, you hear a knock at your door.

[ ] Answer it.
[ ] Go back to sleep.
[ ] Stab yourself.
>> No. 1226
[X] Answer it.
>> No. 1227
[ ] Stab yourself.
[ ] Answer it.

With blood gushing out.
>> No. 1228
[ ] Answer it.
>> No. 1229
Now that unlimited continues is gone, continues will be explained. You'll get a continue for doing awesome things. A sufficiently humorous bad end won't cost you a continue.

You walk over to the door and answer it. Upon opening it, you find yourself in some sort of large field. You can't see any land marks in any direction. You can tell what direction you're looking by the position of the sun in the sky and shadows. You can head north, south, east, or west; or else you can stay here.

[ ] North.
[ ] South.
[ ] East.
[ ] West.
[ ] Stay.
>> No. 1231
[X] North.

The direction of death.
>> No. 1233
>You walk over to the door and answer it. Upon opening it, you find yourself in some sort of large field.


[x] North
>> No. 1234
[x] North.

In order to continue.
>> No. 1235
From this point on, you can do pretty much anything for a write-in.
You head north. After a while of walking, you come across a large lake. In the center of the lake you see an island. On the far shore of the lake you see a mansion. If you wanted, you could try circumnavigating it. There is a forest to the west.
There is also a girl in a blue dress with a blue hair ribbon, blue hair, and icicles sticking out of her back.

Choose difficulty.
[ ] Easy
[ ] Normal
[ ] Hard
[ ] Nightmare

Choose action.
[ ] Talk to the girl.
[ ] Circumnaviate the lake.
[ ] Head back south.
[ ] Head into the forest.
>> No. 1236
[x] Nightmare
[x] Talk to the girl.
>> No. 1238
[X] Hard

After MiG I'd rather not play another LUNATIC MODE CYOA.

[X] Talk to the girl.

Short updates with long wait times in between them is a CYOA killer. You should speed it up or write more.
>> No. 1239
[X] Hurt Me More
[X] Talk to the girl.
>> No. 1240
[x] X-X!V''Q
[x] Talk to the girl.

I'm feeling lucky.
>> No. 1241
[X] Hard
[x] Talk to the girl.

>> No. 1242
[X] Hard
[x] Talk to the girl.

Aight lets go.
>> No. 1243
[X] Hard
[X] Talk to the girl

No nightmare mode for you.
>> No. 1244
Jerl stepped out for a bit. As already stated, he should stick around longer an update quicker.
>> No. 1248
Lunatic mode would have been fun, guys.
You walk up to the girl. "Hi! Who are you?" She seems hyper. "Want to play with me?" "Sure. What do you want to play?"
"I can't play danmaku."
"What do you mean you can't play danmaku? Everyone can play danmaku!" She seems set on playing danmaku with you. Even if you can't.
"I really can't."
"What, are you scared? Well, I can understand being scared of the strongest. What do YOU want to play?"

[ ] "Teach me danmaku."
[ ] "Lets joust with ice spears!"
[ ] "Chess. Lets play chess."
[ ] "Lets play a bedtop sport for indoor types.
>> No. 1249
[x] "Teach me danmaku."
>> No. 1250
[x] Piss on the floor and have Cirno freeze it.
>> No. 1251
[X] "Teach me danmaku."
>> No. 1252
[x] Piss on the floor and have Cirno freeze it.
>> No. 1253
[x] Piss on the floor and have Cirno freeze it.
>> No. 1254
[x] "Chess. Lets play chess."
>> No. 1255
"Cirno, I'm going to piss on the ground. I want you to freeze it."
An annoyed expression comes to her face.
"..What. That's stupid. I'm leaving."
She flies off quickly. You're left alone on the shore of this lake. The lake is pretty calm at the moment. Left all alone, you find yourself getting drowsy. You lay down to take a nap. You're awoken by a sharp pain in your stomach. Waking up you find that some girl has shoved her hand straight through it. Seeing that you've woken up, she brings her hands up to your throat and slices it open with her sharp claws. You quickly lose conciousness and never wake up again.


Continues +1 for choosing something so stupid it made me laugh.
Continues left: 3.

[ ] Back 1 choice.
[ ] Back 2 choices.
[ ] Back 3 choices.
>> No. 1256
[X] Back 1 choice.
>> No. 1257
[ ] Back 1 choice.
>> No. 1258
[x] Back 1 choice.

[x] "Teach me danmaku."
>> No. 1260
You walk up to the girl. "Hi! Who are you?" She seems hyper. "Want to play with me?" "Sure. What do you want to play?"
"I can't play danmaku."
"What do you mean you can't play danmaku? Everyone can play danmaku!" She seems set on playing danmaku with you. Even if you can't.
"I really can't."
"What, are you scared? Well, I can understand being scared of the strongest. What do YOU want to play?"

[ ] "Teach me danmaku."
[ ] "Lets joust with ice spears!"
[ ] "Chess. Lets play chess."
[ ] "Lets play a bedtop sport for indoor types.
>> No. 1261
[x] "Teach me danmaku."
>> No. 1262
[X] "Teach me danmaku."
>> No. 1263
[ ] "Teach me danmaku."
>> No. 1265
IRC channel: irc.rizon.net #TAiG
"Teach me danmaku."
"What? Teach? You need to be taught danmaku?" She has a confused look on her face.
"Just think about shooting bullets at someone."
You think really, really hard about shooting danmaku at the lake. Nothing happens.
"You're doing it wrong!" She yells at you. She looks annoyed.
"You have to feel the bullets!" "Cirno, I can't feel the bullets." "What do you mean? It's simple! Like this!" She points her arm at the lake and a bunch of danmaku bullets come out. They freeze the water they touch.
"Try that!"
You attempt to do what she just showed you. Except you have no idea what it actually was that you were just shown.
"Cirno, I can't do it." "Whatever, lets do something else." She screws her face up in thought, then yells out "HEY! Lets fight with ice spears!" A large spear of ice appears in each of her hands, and she holds one out to you.

[ ] "Alright! Fuck yes, ice spears!"
[ ] "No, Cirno. Lets play chess."
[ ] "How about we play a bedtop sport for indoor types instead?"
[ ] Leave and head for the forest.
>> No. 1266
[ ] "Alright! Fuck yes, ice spears!"

Haha, were gonna die.
>> No. 1267
[X] "Alright! Fuck yes, ice spears!"

Bad idea GO
>> No. 1268
[ ] "Alright! Fuck yes, ice spears!"
>> No. 1269
I'm going to bump up the required number of votes for something to win to five.
"Alright! Fuck yes, ice spears!" "Yay!" Cirno giggles. She looks extremely happy.
"Prepare yourself!" She yells. She comes at you with her spear, but you get out of the way just in time. Swinging your spear back, you hit her.
"Aww, you hit me! I'm not going to go easy now!"
She comes at you again, exactly the same as before. You swing up your spear and block it. She looks surprised when it gets knocked out of her hands.
"Aah! You're good! Disarming me won't stop me though!"
She charges you again, this time a bit quicker. She swings her spear, and you attempt to block it, but you fail. You're knocked into the water, now totally wet. Cirno laughs at you.
"Hahaha! That's what happens when you challenge the strongest!" While she's gloating over her victory, you sneak up behind her and use your spear to knock her into the water. She screams, then falls in. "You'll pay for that!" she yells in a completely non-threatening way.
This continues for some time until you're worn out and tired.
"Cirno, I'm tired. Lets stop."
"Aww, okay." She looks slightly saddened.
Both of you are still sopping wet from getting knocked into the lake.

[ ] Find a towel.
[ ] Ruffle Cirno's hair.
[ ] Steal Cirno's bow.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 1270
[ ] Ruffle Cirno's hair.

>> No. 1271
[X] Find a towel.
[X] Ruffle Cirno's hair.
[X] Steal Cirno's bow.
>> No. 1272
[x] Steal Cirno's first kiss.
>> No. 1273
[x] Chill in the sunshine with Cirno.
>> No. 1279
Back down to three votes to win.
You and Cirno both sit down on the shore of the lake. She sighs and looks bored.
You reach up to her head and begin ruffling her hair.
"What are you doing?" You continue it. Cirno smiles. "Hey, stop that, it tickles!" you continue until she pulls your hand off of her head.
"Hey, that's a towel over there!" She runs over and grabs it, then dries herself off and throws the towel to you. You dry yourself off.
"Hey, give me my towel." A voice behind you demands. You turn around to face them.
You don't recognize her. She's about 5'4" with red hair. She's wearing some kind of frilly dress and has a bow in her hair.
"You going to give it to me?" She looks at you with an annoyed expression.

[ ] Give the towel back.
[ ] Ask her what her name is.
[ ] Tell her it is your towel.
[ ] Force her to the ground.

If option 4:
[ ] Kiss her.
[ ] Raep.
[ ] Headbutt.
>> No. 1280
[ ] Give the towel back.
[ ] Ask her what her name is.
>> No. 1281
[x] Give the towel back.
[x] Ask her what her name is.
>> No. 1283
[x] Give the towel back.
[x] Ask her what her name is.
>> No. 1284
This name was decided upon in the IRC channel. This girl has absolutely nothing to do with the Tsukihime character. Blame the IRC players.
"Here." You hand the towel back to her.
"Thanks." She turns to walk away.
"What's your name?" She turns to face you. "Kohaku.
"Just curious. Where is this?"
"This is the Scarlet Devil Lake. Why, are you lost?"
"I have absolutely no idea where I am."
"The human village is that way." She points to the west.
"I'm not from the human village." "What? Where are you from then?"
"I'm from-" You get cut off by Cirno.
"Onee-chan's going to play with us, right?"
Taken aback, Kohaku looks at Cirno. "Al..right. If Cirno asks me something like that, I guess I can't refuse." She smiles at Cirno, who smiles back.
Kohaku turns to you. "Where were you headed?"

[ ] Human village.
[ ] Scarlet Devil Mansion.
[ ] Hakurei Shrine.
[ ] Nowhere in particular.
>> No. 1285
[x] Hakurei Shrine.
"Reimu-san! Hey Reimu-san! I seem to have descended into the maw of madness. What do I do?"
>> No. 1286
[ ] Hakurei Shrine.
>> No. 1287
[x] Hakurei Shrine.
>> No. 1288
Ask Yukari.
[x] Hakurei Shrine
>> No. 1289
This name was decided upon in the IRC channel. This girl has absolutely nothing to do with the Tsukihime character. Blame the IRC players.
"I'm headed to the Hakurei Shrine."
"Eh? That's quite a distance from here. We probably won't be able to make it tonight."
"That's alright, I have a tent. We can camp out on the way."
"That's dangerous, we might get attacked by youkai in the forest."
"No problem!" You hear yelled behind you. Turning, you see Cirno with a confident grin.
"You've got the strongest in Gensokyo to protect you!"
Looking back to Kohaku, you see her smirk a bit.
"Oh, that's right. Silly me." She attempts to look like she means it, but you can see through it.
"We ought to get going now, the closer we can get in one night the better."
"Alright." "Follow me." She takes the lead and begins walking in a south-southwest direction into the forest. You and Cirno follow her.
You come across a large group of fairies some way into the forest. They see you, and start shooting danmaku at you.

[ ] "Kohaku! Do something!"
[ ] "Cirno! Show them what happens when they challenge the strongest!"
[ ] Charge the fairies with a loud roar. Attempt to grab one of them.
>> No. 1290
[x] "Cirno! Show them what happens when they challenge the strongest!"
Doesn't Cirno have a leader-like presence with the fairies? We'll have a fairy ARMY in no time.
>> No. 1291
[ ] "Kohaku! Do something!"
>> No. 1292
[X] Use the towel as a shield

Oh wait, you were too nice and actually gave it back.
>> No. 1293
Since when do fairies attack people?
>> No. 1294
They're trying to play a prank on you obviously.
Or maybe someone is leading them.
>> No. 1296
[x] "Cirno! Show them what happens when they challenge the strongest!"
>> No. 1298
[X] "Cirno! Show them what happens when they challenge the strongest!"
>> No. 1299
"Cirno! Show them what happens when they challenge the strongest!"
"Alright!" With a confident grin, she pulls a card out of her pocket.
"Freeze Sign ~Perfect Freeze~!" She declares her spellcard. Lots of colored balls of danmaku fly from her, then stop and turn gray. More gray balls fly from her and the existing ones start moving. The attacking fairies flee.

[ ] Go catch one.
[ ] Continue where you were going.
[ ] Climb up a tree.
>> No. 1301
[x] Go catch one
>> No. 1302
[x] Go catch one
>> No. 1303
[ ] Go catch one.

do it
>> No. 1305
Once again, name chosen in IRC. It being Cirno's name backwards means that if you do things right she becomes Cirno's opposite.
You head off to attempt to catch one. Following the direction you remember one of them going, you eventually find her hiding in a log. When she sees you, she suddenly looks frightened.
The fairy jumps. You reach inside the log and ruffle her hair. She initially looks shocked, but then starts giggling.
"Stop that, it tickles!"
"He'll only stop if you play with us!" Cirno yells with a big smile on her face.
"E-eh? Play with you?"
"Yeah! Play with us! It'll be fun!"
"So, what's your name?" You ask the fairy.
"Name..? I don't have one."
"ONRIC!" Cirno shouts, her smile even larger.
"Onric? Sounds viking."
"Whats a viking? Whatever it is, Onric is my name backwards!"
"You should stop wasting time or we won't get far enough today."
You continue traveling until you come across a small clearing.
"This looks like a good place to set up camp." Kohaku sets her stuff down.
You pitch the tent and roll the sleeping bag inside. Awkward, there's one sleeping bag and four people to squeeze into it.
When you're done setting the tent up, you climb out of the tent.
"We need to start a fire. Do you have any way to get wood? All we can get right now are kindlings that won't burn long enough to do anything. We also need food, do you have a way of getting any?"

For getting firewood:
[ ] Search for an axe.
[ ] Berserker pack and knock a whole goddamn tree over.
[ ] Try to cut a tree down with your knife.

For getting food:
[ ] Have Cirno fly to the lake.
[ ] Go hunting.
[ ] Eat your shoes.
>> No. 1306
[x] Berserker pack and knock a whole goddamn tree over.
[x] Go hunting.
>> No. 1308
File 121272126018.jpg - (48.53KB , 101x135 , doomguyclose.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Berserker pack and knock a whole goddamn tree over.
[x] Go hunting.
>> No. 1312
[x] Berserker pack and knock a whole goddamn tree over.
[x] Go hunting.
>> No. 1313
[x] Berserker pack and knock a whole goddamn tree over.
[x] Go hunting.
>> No. 1315
You guys did choose hard mode...
"Don't worry about it. I've got it covered."
"Ah, I see." She looks relieved.
You unzip your backpack and pull out the berserker pack. You pull out the needle.
"Wh-what's that?" Kohaku looks shocked. Of course, you just pulled out a big fucking needle.
You rub your forearm with the included alcohol swab and stick the needle into your vein. You take a deep breath, then push the plunger in, releasing the contents of the berserker pack into your veins. You feel quicker, stronger, and much more angry. You stand up and push over a whole fucking TREE for firewood. Kohaku, Onric, and Cirno watch in awe.
"What the hell was that?" Kohaku asks. You don't have time to answer questions, though. You run from the camp to find something to kill. You need food. Getting food is good. After a while of searching, you find a large bear. You walk up to it. It stands there unmoving.
"Bear? Big deal. He's some pickens. Rip and tear rip and..." You think to yourself.
You swing your fist forward, hitting the bear in the gut. Your intentions are to rip them out.
This never happens. Your berserker pack runs out at just the right moment. Your fist connects, and does nothing more than smack it. It's a fucking bear, all this does is alert it to your presence. The bear picks you up and throws you at a tree. That was painful. Good thing it didn't break your- Oh wait. You can't move your legs. I guess it did break your spine. You sit there unable to move as the bear mauls you. You can't even scream due to the paralysis. Your group doesn't find you until a couple hours later after they wonder where you disappeared to. Kohaku doesn't allow Cirno or Onric to see what happened. She herself facepalms at the fuckup you just made.

Continues left: 3.
[ ] Back 1 choice.
[ ] Back 2 choices.
[ ] Back 3 choices.
>> No. 1317
[X] Search for an axe.

Don't waste the pack on a tree

[X] Have Cirno fly to the lake.
>> No. 1318
[x] Search for an axe.
[x] Have Kohaku help you hunt things.
I don't trust Cirno with helping us find food. I just don't.
>> No. 1319
[X] Search for an axe.

[X] Have Cirno fly to the lake.

Ice cubes are fine too.
>> No. 1320
[] Use Cirno as an axe.

[] Eat ur shoe.
>> No. 1321
You head out and search for an axe. Not too far from the clearing, next to a tree stump, you find an axe. However, it's so small you probably wouldn't be able to use it effectively. You walk back to the camp with your find.
"I found an axe." You show it to Kohaku.
"Eh? That's tiny. You won't be able to use it properly."
"Ah, let me see that!"
Onric buzzes over and pulls the axe from your hands. Perfect fit.
"I'll go get some wood." She buzzes off into the forest.
"Cirno." "Yes?"
"Go fly to the lake and get some fish for dinner."
"Eh? Why do I have to do it?"
"So we can eat, obviously."
"But why me?"
"Because you know the lake best."
"Fine, I'll go get the fish." She flies off in the direction of the lake.
A bit later Onric arrives later carrying a bunch of firewood. The look on her face as she struggles to carry it is rather moe. She drops it in the center of camp, lands and sits on the ground exhausted.
Cirno arrives back not too much later with four frozen fishes. You set to work lighting the fire using the Zippo and some kindling. You get the fire going and start thawing out the fish. You cook the fish once it's thawed and eat it.
"It's time to go to bed now." Kohaku gets up and walks in to the tent.

[ ] Sleep.
[ ] Stare into the fire.
[ ] Converse with Cirno and Onric.
>> No. 1322
[ ] Sleep.

with Kohaku.
>> No. 1323
[X] Converse with Cirno and Onric.
>> No. 1324
[X] Converse with Cirno and Onric.
>> No. 1325
[ ] Converse with Cirno and Onric.
>> No. 1353
Sorry about the delay, my sleep schedule is currently adjusting to summer mode, and on top of that I am visiting someone. TAiG will probably be slowed down considerably until Sunday night.

Oh god this was horrible to write.
No, no. It isn't time to go to sleep yet. You haven't even talked to your new fairy other than when you found her. Kohaku's wrong. Not sleep time.
"So, what do you two do around here?"
"Play pranks!" Cirno says with a wide smile.
"Eh? I just follow the other fairies and do whatever they are doing." Onric looks semi-sad.
"What kind of pranks?" you ask Cirno.
"Things like freezing frogs and throwing them through peoples' windows!" she replies.
"Awesome, frog throwing. What else?"
"I like pranking that frog girl!" she responds, beaming.
"Frog girl?"
"Yeah, that frog girl that lives on the mountain. When I freeze all of the frogs on the mountain, she gets really mad and tries to kill me, but she can't kill the strongest!" Cirno says, standing up and putting her hands on her hips for that last part.
"That's right!" You reply, trying to force some enthusiasm into your voice.
You look over at Onric and see her staring into the fire.
"Hey, Onric, do you like fire?"
"Eh? Yes, I love fire." she replies without changing her blank expression.
"What do you find interesting about it?"
"It's pretty, warm, and bright. I'm also supposedly a fire fairy, so I love fire. But I don't have any control over fire as it is..." She looks a bit depressed.
"Eh, you don't need any. You're just a recently named fairy, you don't need much power yet."
"But I do need it! A fire fairy with no control over fire is a joke!" She responds.
"Stop talking about depressing things, you two! It's annoying!" Cirno says with an annoyed tone.
She's right. It is annoying to talk about depressing things.

[ ] Go to sleep.
[ ] Run off into the forest.
[ ] Throw Cirno into the fire.
>> No. 1354
[x] Ruffle their hair and bid them good night. Go to sleep.
>> No. 1357
[ ] Throw Cirno into the fire, watch Cirno melt.
"Eat the fire, Onric. ABSORB HER POWERS."

srsly though
{X} Ruffle their hair and bid them good night. Go to sleep.
>> No. 1361
[X] Throw Cirno into the fire.

Serious vote.
>> No. 1372
[x] Ruffle their hair and bid them good night. Go to sleep.
And then tonight... YOU.
>> No. 1374
[x] Ruffle their hair and bid them good night. Go to sleep.
>> No. 1377
[X] Ruffle their hair and bid them good night. Go to sleep.
>> No. 1378
Pushing Kohaku to the ground would have made this scene much different. And longer. Your loss.
"You're right, Cirno. Talking about depressing things is annoying."
You reach up and ruffle her hair. Upon completion of ruffling Cirno's hair, you proceed to ruffle Onric's. She seems a bit less depressed now.
"Unlike before, now it really is time to go to sleep. Lets go."
"Okay." they both reply. You smother the fire and proceed into the tent.
You lay down on the floor of the tent. Cirno and Onric lay down between you and Kohaku. In order to get the sleeping bag to cover everyone, you unzipped it and it is currently being used like a blanket.
You relax and find yourself falling asleep.

Choose dream:
[ ] 1
[ ] 2
[ ] 3
>> No. 1379
[x] 9
>> No. 1382
[X] 2
>> No. 1384
[x] 2
>> No. 1386
[+] π
>> No. 1387
[+] π
>> No. 1389
[X] π
>> No. 1391
File 121281420040.jpg - (139.74KB , 667x813 , b09d086917f6feeab2a19de60444865775ae64a0.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'll start adding pics to posts when you meet a new person. Since you've pretty much met all OCs you're going to meat for quite a while, this is every character.
You find yourself inside a math classroom. You've not been in school in years, so this is rather odd to you. Looking down upon your desk you find a scientific calculator, a mechanical pencil, an eraser, and the math textbook your current assignment is on. Gah, trigonometry. Trigonometry sucks. You hate it. HATE. It's fucking evil. Fuck you sin/cos/tan, fuck you.
Looking at the paper you've been writing your answers on, you find that your work is completely finished. Relief grips you and you put your head back down on the table. A few minutes later you're awoken by someone yelling your name. You open your eyes, expecting to be in the tent again, but find yourself still in the classroom.
"No sleeping in class!" the teacher yells at you.
"Alright, sorry. I didn't get much sleep last night."
You look up to see the teacher. She has blonde hair and yellow eyes, and is wearing a white dress with blue down the middle. She's wearing some sort of weird hat that looks like it may be hiding nekomimi or something under it. She has a fox pin on the front of her dress. She's returned to helping other students.

Day 2, 07:30
You wake up in the tent. It's bright and early in the morning.

[ ] Go back to sleep.
[ ] Wake up the others.
[ ] Go outside.
>> No. 1392
>> No. 1393
>> No. 1394

>> No. 1395
>> No. 1399
File 121281646864.png - (313.94KB , 500x628 , cb5d7d51e8a8ff38cdfdedd4abc70f5f18d6fb4c.png ) [iqdb]
You let out an ear-piercing scream. It awakens the people inside your tent, and the youkai that fell asleep just outside of it. Said youkai unzips the zipper to find out what just woke it up.
"What the hell was that?" She looks at you with an annoyed expression.
"Huh?" She looks much more annoyed now. Cirno rises from the bed.
"Argh, what was that scream about?" She notices the youkai that barged into your tent.
"Oh, hi Mystia. What are you doing here?" She says sleepily.
"Oh, god morning Cirno~ What is this man screaming about?"
"I dunno, he's weird."
You've been screaming your insanity the whole time.
"Time to shut him up~" She walks up to you and punches you in the head hard enough to knock you out.

You wake up some time later with a headache.
"Oww, what the christ."
You sit up and find that you are inside the tent with Kohaku watching over you. You can hear the sound of danmaku outside the tent.
"Kohaku, what's going on outside?" The sound of danmaku flying around isn't comforting.
"Oh, Cirno and Mystia are playing. Don't worry, they're not going to hit the tent."
You see Onric asleep still. Did she not wake up, or did she just go back to sleep after Mystia knocked you out?

In any case, it's morning. It's time for breakfast and you don't want to bother Cirno or Mystia while they're playing.

You step outside the tent.
As soon as you do, a bear suddnely walks into your camp with a loud roar.

[ ] Tell Cirno and Mystia to do something.
[ ] It's huge, that means it has huge guts! Rip and tear!
>> No. 1400
[X] "Fuck you Smokey, I put the fire out!"
>> No. 1402
[X] "Fuck you Smokey, I put the fire out!"
>> No. 1403
[X] "Fuck you Smokey, I put the fire out!"
>> No. 1404
What the fuck is this bear doing here? You put the fire out, god damn it!
"Fuck you Smokey, I put the fire out!"
The bear roars at you and runs towards you. Just before it hits you, a bunch of ice spears fly into it, killing it instantly. However, you get a fuckton of bear blood on your shirt.
"Thank you, Cirno." You smile at her. She smiles back.
You look back upon the bear. It would be a waste just to leave it sitting there, wouldn't it?
You pull out your hunting knife and begin carving steaks out of it for dinner. By the time you're done preparing it as food, the blood on you has dried and is smelling quite bad.
You go to start cooking the bear, when you suddenly wake up in your bedroom.

This is all just a dream, right? You just woke up from a dream. It has to be, how could any of that have been real?
Then you notice the bear blood covering your clothing.

You walk over to your bathroom and go through your morning routine of showering, shaving, and putting on fresh clean clothes. When you are through, with nothing else to do, you sit down at your computer desk.

Wait, wasn't your computer turned off? But it's got Opera and mIRC running. IRC is connected to the server you usually use and on the channels you usually are on. Something is wrong.

An MSN window pops up.

[11:46] 八雲 紫: YoU ShOuLdN't LeT ThInGs YoU cAn'T RePlAcE GeT DiRtY.
What the crap. Who's this?

Suddenly a flash of purple, and you find yourself in the middle of a desert. There is a horse which you don't know the name of standing there.

Reaching into your pocket, you find a shiny red, ruby-like marble and a piece of paper with only a small heart drawn in the center.

[ ] The horse.
[ ] Fuck the horse, walk your way out of this desert.
>> No. 1405
[X] The horse.

Damn that song.
>> No. 1406
>> No. 1407
>> No. 1408
>> No. 1409
>> No. 1411
Sorry, couldn't find a good pic.
The horse. That's the only way. Yelling obscenities at Yukari wouldn't do anything, and walking on foot through a desert is a very bad idea.
You climb on top of the horse. It's been saddled already, and it's got full saddleba- Holy shit, that's your gun. Unlocked and all. It's got a full magazine of ammunition. You sling it over your back.

You begin your travel through the desert. On the first of the journey, you look at all of the life. There were plants and birds and rocks and things. There was sand, hills, and rings. The first thing you met was a fly with a buzz, and it promptly attacks you.

[ ] Rifle.
[ ] Ruffle.
[ ] Zippo.
[ ] CQC.
>> No. 1412
[X] Give Marisa the ice ball.
>> No. 1413
[ ] Ruffle.
>> No. 1414
[X] Zippo.

>> No. 1415
[ ] Ruffle.

Primary skill ftw
>> No. 1416
[ ] Ruffle.

Why halo thar Wriggle.
>> No. 1417
Hard mode screwing you up again. Try something that is an actual attack this time.
Wriggle jumps and knocks you off the horse. You both land on the ground. Wriggle quickly pins you the ground.
You reach your hand up to ruffle her hair/antennae, but she quickly pins it to the ground.
"Don't touch me, human!" She uses her other hand to knock you out.

You never wake up. Your group back at the camp was alarmed by your sudden disappearance and went off to find you. They never found you, and eventually gave up and went off to do their own thing.


Continues left: 2.

[ ] 1 choice back.
[ ] 2 choices back.
>> No. 1418
[X] 1 choice back.
[X] Zippo.
>> No. 1419
[X] CQC.

Knock her the fuck out.
>> No. 1420
I'm torn between wresting with Wriggle and having a fiery firefly fight.

[x] Flick the lighter on but be prepared for CQC.
>> No. 1421
[X] Zippo.

We lack the strength to physically defeat her in any way so BURN BABY BURN
>> No. 1423
[+] CQC
Zippo, my ass.
>> No. 1426
[X] Zippo.

>> No. 1428
[X] Zippo.
>> No. 1445
Think about your decisions.
Wriggle jumps and knocks you off the horse. You both land on the ground. You quickly flick the lighter open and strike the flint, lighting it. Before you can do anything with it, she knocks it out of her hands and pins you down. Just before she's about to hit you, her clothes catch fire. She stops to put it out, and you take the opportunity to grab the rifle from the horse and hit her with the butt of it, knocking her out. You put out the fire on her clothing. It doesn't seem to have gotten far enough to do any real damage to her.

You could take her with you or leave her here to die.

[ ] Take her with you.
[ ] Leave her here to die.
[ ] Stay here.
>> No. 1446
[ ] Take her with you.

We need rations.
>> No. 1447
[ ] Take her with you.

Rations do indeed seem like a smart thing to have
>> No. 1448
[ ] Take her with you.

Rations, etc.
>> No. 1449
{X} Take her with you.
A new toy~
>> No. 1450
[x] Cook and eat Wriggle
>> No. 1456
Hmm, it would be best to take her with you. At the very least, she could be an emergency ration.
You find a spare rope in the saddlebags of the horse and tie her on behind you. You then get back up on the horse and continue riding for some distance.
Eventually you come across a giant scorpion. You didn't know they come that big. You attempt to ride around it, but it notices you anyway. Running and making your horse run out of water would be a very bad idea in a desert, so you're not going to do that. Isn't Wriggle supposed to have control over bugs? You could wake her up and threaten her to get the scorpion to gtfo. Or you could just kill it with the rifle.

[ ] Rifle. Waking Wriggle would be a bad idea.
[ ] Wriggle. The rifle won't do enough damage. It's only a .22.
[ ] Berserker pack. Surely the scorpion won't get to sting you before you rip it apart.
>> No. 1457
[x] Use berserker pack on horse.

This will be awesome. Trust me.
>> No. 1459
[x] Use berserker pack on horse.
Because this made me laugh, even though it's bound to BAD END.
>> No. 1460
{X} Use berserker pack on horse.
This can impossibly have bad consequences.
>> No. 1461
{X} Use berserker pack on horse.

Holy shit, I just read through this and I have to say that so far this is incredible.
>> No. 1464
[+] Use berserker pack on horse.

I like where this is going.
>> No. 1474
+1 spare continue for the awesome write in.
Waking up Wriggle for this would be a bad idea. You have no idea whether she'll just feed you to the scorpion anyway, and even if she didn't you don't know she'd actually help you either. No, that won't do.
And the rifle's no good either. .22? Fuck, how's that going to pierce the exoskeleton of a giant fucking scorpion? Maybe 7.68x39 M43, but not fucking .22LR. No, the rifle's no good either.
And the berserker pack. That won't work at all. Rushing at a giant scorpion with a giant stinger? No, you'd rather not. That's a stupid idea. More stupid that waking up Wriggle. You'll get stung for sure.

...Then what to do?

You realize something. You're sitting on your answer. Yes, this is the way. There is no other way.

You pull out the berserker pack and ready the needle. You poke it into the side of the horse and push it in, hoping you've hit an artery or vein properly. Luckily you have. The horse initially responds by bucking, but you hold on just fine. About half a second later, the horse is fully charged by the berserker pack.

You kick the horse in the side to get it moving. It starts moving, and it's speed is incredible. You couldn't imageine a horse doing this even after years of training to win the Triple Crown. Amazing. It quickly tramples the scorpion with unrivaled force. It then continues on through the desert, and when the berserker pack finally runs out you're at the edge of a familliar lake. To the south is a large field, and you can see a forest to the west. To the north the large lake stands.

Before you can make a decision, your group of friends land in front of you. Before you can think about how they could have known where you were, Cirno tacklehugs you.
"I never thought I'd see you! Ah, who's... Mystia! It's Wriggle?"
"Huh?" Mystia rushes over to find Wriggle strapped to the back of the horse. She gives you a glare.
"What happened? Why is she strapped to the back of the horse?" You can detect anger and concern in her voice.
"She attacked me in the middle of the desert. I had to knock her out to survive. She should be fine."
She stares at you for a bit.
"...Alright~ As long as you weren't hunting her or anything~"
Suddenly so carefree. Amazing.
"Well, now that we've found you, we should head off towards the shrine again. This time we're flying." Kohaku grabs your hand before you can react and the whole group takes off through the air. You eventually touch down at the place where your camp was. You roll up the sleeping bag and take down the tent, strapping them to your back.
"Done?" Kohaku asks, impatiently.
"Lets go, then."
She grabs your hand and you're airborne again. A rather short while later compared to last time, you touch down in front of a shrine. There is a donation box in front of you, and beyond that is the main building of the shrine. To all sides are forest.

[ ] Donate the 100,000 yen.
[ ] Donate candy. Who doesn't like candy?
[ ] Don't donate anything.

[ ] Head into the shrine.
[ ] Stay outside for a bit.
>> No. 1475
[ ] Donate the 100,000 yen.
[ ] Head into the shrine.

Hello~! Miko~! I'm here for some 'service'!
>> No. 1476
[x] Donate the 100,000 yen.
[x] Head into the shrine.
Reimu-san! Hey Reimu-san! Yukari is dumping me in random locations throughout Gensokyo, how about you tell her to stop that?
>> No. 1478
[x] Donate the 100,000 yen.
[x] Head into the shrine.
>> No. 1480
You keep closing routes. However, I'm not complaining.
What bastard visits a shrine without donating? And you've got so much money too...
You remove the wad of money from your backpack and drop it in the donation box. Looking up, you see your party giving you a look of shocked surprise.
Turning to look at the main path leading to the shrine's stairs, you see a red-white shrinemaiden with the same look on her face.
She proceeds forward to you. When she gets to you, she stares at you for a moment, then hits the ground genuflecting.
"Thank you, thank you, thank you thank you thank you thank you! You just saved me! I don't get enough donations, and that huge donation is going to keep me alive for months! Thank you! I can't even begin to show my gratitude. Come in! Make yourself at home!"
She directs you to the shrine's main building. You head inside and sit down with the rest of your group at the kotatsu inside. A few minutes later, the shrinemaiden walks in with tea and sets a cup in front of your whole party.
"Normally I'd yell at you for bringing youkai to my shrine, but after such a large donation doing such a thing would be stupid. Please, make yourself at home. You can stay for the night, but even with that donation I won't be able to support you living her permanantly. Especially with that oni..." An annoyed expression comes across her face during that last sentence.
As if on cue, a girl with orange hair and horns slids open a door and steps into the room.
"You called, Reimu?" The oni girl appears drunk.
"No." Reimu's expression of annoyance becomes stronger.
"Kay, I'll go back to drinking in my room then." The oni girl turns around and heads back through the door she came through.
"That's her. She keeps freeloading. But what can I do? Oh, by the way, my name's Reimu. But you probably knew that already."
She takes a sip of tea.
"So, how exactly does a normal human gather three youkai and two fairies into their group of friends?"
"By being awesome."
"...Okay. This is still abnormal. Under normal circumstances your bones would have been picked clean by now. ...You met Cirno first, didn't you? That would explain it. Kohaku too, she gets along with humans quite well. And they both would be able to convince both of those other youkai not to eat you."
"Yes. I met Cirno first, and Kohaku second."
"That explains it. So, what led you out of the human village to meet them?"
"I've never been in the human village."
"I just barely arrived in Gensokyo yesterday."
Suddenly Reimu looks slightly annoyed. She rubs her temples.
"This is troublesome. Sending humans back to the outside is always a bother. Please tell me you don't want to leave."
"I really don't care."
"That's good. Since you're an outsider, I guess I can let you stay here for longer than just tonight, but no more than a week. Got it?"
She takes another sip of tea.

[ ] Drink tea.
[ ] Offer Reimu some candy.
[ ] Ruffle hair. Everyone's hair.
[ ] Find that oni girl.
>> No. 1483
[X] Offer Reimu some candy
>> No. 1484
[X] Offer Reimu some candy
>> No. 1485
>[ ] Drink tea.

Moar liek [ ] Do nothing.

>[ ] Offer Reimu some candy.

It seems so…I dunno…insulting for some reason after we gave her that unexpected windfall.

>[ ] Find that oni girl.

lol drinkan

[X] Omniruffle

Only choice.
>> No. 1486
[ ] Offer Reimu some candy.

would you like this candy raymoo?
that's not like you, anonymous. sure i'll have it.
>> No. 1487
[ ] Find that oni girl.

Suika, always always always
>> No. 1489
{X} Limit Break: Omniruffle
>> No. 1490
>> No. 1518
Reimu's finished talking. She's got nothing more to say.
Silence is awkward. Nothing happens during silence other than boredom.
You need to do something. Something to end this boring silence.
You choose the obvious reaction to silence: ruffling hair. Everyone's hair.
First you reach your hand out to ruffle Cirno's. This was an obviousfirst choice.
Cirno giggles. You continue ruffling for a moment, then move on to ruffling Onric's hair. She looks a bit surprise, then also giggles. Good, so far it's going well. You reach out and ruffle Mystia's hair.
"Stop that~ It tickles~"
You don't stop. You continue ruffling. No good ruffle ruffles without finishing the ruffle. You continue ruffling until she starts giggling as well. Good.
Next target is Wriggle. She's still knocked out, so it's quite easy to just begin ruffling. You ruffle for a moment, then move on to Kohaku.
"What are you doing?" She glares at you for a moment, then seeing that you're not going to stop just lets you continue with the ruffle. Well, you got to ruffle anyway.
Final target is Reimu. You reach out to ruffle her hair, but before it gets to her head it's swatted away by her gohei.
"What are you doing? Just because you donated so much money doesn't mean I'm just going to let you do things like that."
Your ruffling is being challenged. This won't do. Ignoring the swinging of the gohei, you reach out and begin ruffling Reimu's hair. You continue until she pulls out what you recognize as a spellcard. Oh shit. This is your cue to STOP. Ruffling is not worth getting caught in Demon Sealing Circle. You stop your ruffling. Reimu just relaxes again and begins taking it easy.
Silence again. Boring, annoying silence.
Suddenly a card falls out of the air onto the table in front of you. No one else seems to notice it. You pick it up and examine it.
It looks quite a bit like the spellcard Reimu pulled out earlier. The only thing on the card are the words Affection Sign "Perfect Ruffle". You ponder what this card is for a bit, then shove the card in your pocket.
Inventory: Backpack, candy, Zippo, spellcard.

[ ] Drink tea.
[ ] Offer Reimu some candy.
[ ] Find that oni girl.
[ ] Use Zippo on card.
>> No. 1519
{X} Find that oni girl.
Must ruffle more.
>> No. 1520
[x] Offer Reimu some candy.
>> No. 1521
[X] Offer Reimu some candy.
>> No. 1522
File 121296464021.jpg - (39.51KB , 358x450 , 039_24990~Predator-Posters.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Offer Reimu some candy.
>> No. 1524
[ ] Offer Reimu some candy.
>> No. 1525
It's still silent. It's always calm before a storm, so if it's not calm a storm won't happen. Right?
You ponder what you could do to end this horrible silence. Silence is what you hear when you die. And you don't want to be dead.
What could you do? Drinking tea doesn't make it less silent. Finding that oni girl leaves silence in this room for everyone else to suffer. Burning the card would be stupid. You don't know what it is and Reimu might kick you out if you do.
You reach inside your pocket. Oh, that's right! You have candy! This is perfect. Not only is it nice to offer someone a piece of candy, but it breaks the silence too!
You remove a piece of candy from the bag and close it. You reach it out to Reimu.
"Hey, Reimu, want some candy?"
"Eh? Sure, why not. This isn't drugged is it?"
She takes the piece of candy and pops it in her mouth. Her bored expression is quickly whiped clean with an expression of surprise.
"Oh god, this is the best candy I've ever tasted!"
Odd, it's normal for candy from the outside. You take a piece out of the bag and put it in your mouth.
Holy shit, she's right. This candy is fucking AMAZING. How did it end up this good? That's right, you got given this bag of candy by a friend of yours. You didn't buy it. They said it was special. Obviously they were right.
"Hey, let me have a piece!" Cirno looks at you expectantly.
"Okay, Cirno." You take a piece from the bag and hand it to her. You also give a piece to everyone else in the room. They all show the same surprise as Reimu at how good it is.
In any case, after they stop exclaiming how good the candy is, it's once again silent.

[ ] This is a kotatsu. No one will notice. Rub <target>'s legs through the table with your foot.
[ ] Drink tea.
[ ] Find that oni girl.
>> No. 1526
[ ] Find that oni girl.
>> No. 1527
[ ] This is a kotatsu. No one will notice. Rub Cirno's legs through the table with your foot.
>> No. 1529
[ ] Find that oni girl.
>> No. 1530
[ ] Drink tea.
>> No. 1531
[] This is a kotatsu. No one will notice. Rub Cirno's legs through the table with your foot.

I want to see how she responds.
>> No. 1532
[X] This is a kotatsu. No one will notice. Rub Cirno's legs through the table with your foot.

Hell yeah.
>> No. 1534
[ ] Find that oni girl.
>> No. 1535
[x] This is a kotatsu. No one will notice. Rub Cirno's legs through the table with your foot.

Hittin' on some nineball.
>> No. 1539
Guys. There isn't and never will be a Cirno or Onric path in TAiG. Attempting to go down one will result in punishments that will force you not to.
Evil silence again. Must end this silence.
There are a few ways to do this, but there is only one acceptable way.
Since this is a kotatsu, no one will notice.
You reach across under the table and begin rubbing Cirno's legs with your feet.
She giggles. "Something's touching my feet under the kotatsu!"
Oh fuck. You quickly retract it before anyone can find out it was you.
Even without checking, though, everyone already knows what it was. Reimu glares at you. Kohaku doesn't seem to really care, all she gives you is a quick glance. Mystia gives you a mischievous smile. Wriggle, still not have awoken, doesn't do anything.
Kohaku takes a sip of her tea. She's quite passive about it. Hmm.
Onric slides the sliding door open and enters the room. Huh, you didn't notice her leave. She was stealthy like a ninja.
She sits down at the kotatsu and takes a sip of her tea. "What happened here?" She asks with a worried look after she notices the tension in the air.
"Nothing." Reimu replies without removing her glare.
Jesus, it's not really that big of a deal, is it, Reimu? Seriously.
After a few more minutes of glaring, she turns back to her tea and takes a sip.
"I'm going to go prepare dinner. Try to-" She looks at you. "Behave yourselves." You really fucked up this time, pissing off the Hakurei miko.
In any case, you have time before she returns with dinner.

[ ] Bring up the spellcard.
[ ] Attempt to wake Wriggle.
[ ] Go find that oni girl.
>> No. 1541
[X] Ask Mystia what she likes to do.
>> No. 1542
[x] Ask Mystia what she loves to do.
I love to sing-a
About the moon-a and the June-a and the spring-a,
I love to sing-a,
About a sky of blue-a, or a tea for two-a,
Anything-a with a swing-a to an "I love you-a,"
I love to, I love to sing!
>> No. 1543
>You reach across under the table and begin rubbing Cirno's legs with your feet.
>She giggles. "Something's touching my feet under the kotatsu!"

I saw that coming but I voted for it anyway. It was worth it, I had a good laugh.
>> No. 1544
[x] Ask Mystia what she likes to do.
Moving on.
>> No. 1547
Must end this silence.
"Mystia, what do you like to do?"
"Huh? I like singing~" she says with a broad smile.
"Other than that, I own a lamprey stand~ Or rather owned. That girl came by and destroyed it last night."
Cirno perks up. "Someone destroyed your lamprey stand!?" She asks with an angry expression.
"Calm down, Cirno~ All I remember is that they had silver hair. I was too busy escaping~"
"This is horrible! You don't intend to not get revenge, do you!?" Cirno says, her angry expression still there.
"No, Cirno~ I wouldn't be able to~ Too strong~"
"Stop worrying~"
Mystia is visibly calm through this whole explanation.
"This is why I was asleep in front of your tent~ After my stand got destroyed, I realized I'd have to go back to hunting humans to survive~ No matter how much I didn't want to~ I saw your tent, but fell asleep where I was standing before I could try and get at you~ I'm glad it was you inside, though, Cirno, so I didn't actually have to hurt anyone~"
Hunting humans. Well, she is a youkai after all. Good thing she doesn't particularly enjoy it. Or at least you don't think she does.
Reimu walks in with dinner and sets it on the top of the kotatsu.
"Reimu! Reimu! Someone destroyed Mystia's stand!" Cirno really seems to be bothered by this.
"So? Why do I care if a youkai gets attacked?"
"You're so mean, Reimu! You have to do something!" Cirno pleads.
"No. A youkai getting attacked is not of my concern."
You begin eating your food. It's surprisingly good, seeing as it's mostly rice.
Cirno turns away from Reimu and pouts, crossing her arms. She must actually be angry, but she looks like she's just a spoiled child not getting her way.
"Reimu, don't think of it as a youkai being attacked. Think of it as a food stand minding its own business in the road getting attacked. It could have happened to any human food stands." Kohaku makes her argument.
"While what you say is true, Kohaku, that doesn't mean it's my place to do anything. We don't even know that I even can do anything. Unless it happens to another stand, I've got no reason to do anything. Stores get robbed all the time. I'd be way overly busy if I did something about every incident." Reimu seems like she really doesn't want to do anything about it.
"Don't worry about it~ I can rebuild my stand any time~ It's no problem~" Mystia really is quite carefree about this.
In any case, after the argument is over, it becomes quiet again.

[ ] Bring up the spellcard.
[ ] Attempt to wake Wriggle.
[ ] Go find that oni girl.
>> No. 1548
[ ] Attempt to wake Wriggle.
>> No. 1553
[x] Attempt to wake Wriggle.
Just rice won't do, we need some meat to go with it. Time to use our emergency rations.
>> No. 1554
[X] Attempt to wake Wriggle.

Awaken your rations.
>> No. 1556
Silence again. Must break it.
Hmm, Wriggle's still asleep. You must have hit her pretty hard.
You crawl over to where she's been laid on the ground.
No response.
You nudge her. "Wriggle."
No response.
Hmm, this is going to be somewhat difficult, obviously. You decide to ruffle her hair again, maybe that'll get her to wake up.
You extend your hand and run it through her hair/antennae. No response. Damn.
How do you wake a sleeping person without them killing you and eating you for dinner?
"Mystia, how do I wake her up?"
She's quite carefree about her unconcious friend.
But you can't get Wriggle to wake up no matter how hard you try. This is troublesome.
Clapping your hands next to her head, blowing into her ear, even slapping her. None of it works. She's being quite difficult.

[ ] Maybe she'll awaken if you shove your hand down her panties.
[ ] Give up, go find that oni girl.
[ ] Give up, let the silence win.
[ ] Give up, bring up the spellcard.
>> No. 1557
[ ] Give up, go find that oni girl.

Why does no one want Suika for fucks sake?
>> No. 1559
[X] Maybe she'll awaken if you shove your hand down her panties.

Bad end, I'm sure, but it's worth it just for the chance to finger some hot Wriggle cunt.
>> No. 1560

[ ] Maybe she'll awaken if you shove your hand down her panties.
>> No. 1561
[x] Maybe she'll awaken if you shove your hand down her panties.
We're going to touch a penis. I'm calling it now.
>> No. 1562
[x] "Wriggle. If you don't want me to eat you... say something."
>> No. 1563
[x] Pinch the nightbug's nose.
>> No. 1564
[X]Poke wriggle while asking if you're 'bugging' her
>> No. 1566

Bad things are about to happen.
>> No. 1567
{X} Poke wriggle while asking if you're 'bugging' her
Bad end vibes.
>> No. 4390
>> No. 10165