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Well, I decided that writing TAiG has gotten somewhat tedius. TAiG is a bit, well, boring the way it is now. Without ALWAYS being in danger, it leaves a bunch of time where absolutely nothing interesting is happening. Points of absurdity aside, it gets boring. Writing gets boring too, since it seems to have sorta gone off track from what the original was like. This is entirely my fault, but I'd like to not break it this time.
Therefore, I'm going to start a second run of TAiG on the side. Only it will be in Nightmare mode, and therefore quite different. I hope it's a bit more entertaining to read and write.
Notes on Nightmare mode in the postscript.



Gah, alarm clocks. What an evil invention. Always waking you up right as your dream got good.


Then again, they make you not late. And being on time is a good thing.


...But it's a weekend. Right now it's just a nuisance.


Fuck, now it's broken. It's the third time this month.

You manage to pull yourself the rest of the way awake. Your body has a nasty habit of waking up your snooze button arm before anything else. Which means it doesn't wake up the part of your brain responsible for deciding how much force to press said button with. It results in broken alarm clocks and sore fists.
Sitting up in your bed, you take a glance around the room, illuminated by your computer monitor's blue light.

...Blue light? You left it at your homepage, which happens to be a friend's website. And happens to be all black. No blue. AND, you turned your screen off. Or you thought you did. Maybe you didn't press it hard enough, and in your late-night tiredness went to bed without realizing that your screen was still on?
Oh well, doesn't matter.

As usual for a weekend morning, you get up and go through your normal morning business in your small bathroom, then return to your computer chair. Looking at the screen, it's decidedly blue. Except for the whitish fixed-width text... Oh fuck. This is a blue screen of death. You've never had a blue screen of death with XP before. Goddamnit, and you'd been putting off imaging your hard disk. This is troublesome. You're going to have to dig up your bootleg installer again.

This ruins a perfectly good weekend morning. You had planned to do something fun, like play videogames or write better IRC scripts or...
...Yeah. But now you're stuck here computerless. The only thing you own for entertainment happens to be your computer. You get television from a TV tuner card. Right now, the fact that you do just this is pissing you off.
Enough to blow some of your hard-earned savings to just buy a brand new computer. Yeah. A laptop. That sounds like a good investment. Buying a prebuilt desktop computer would make you a laughing stock. However, buying a prebuilt laptop is, well, pretty close to the only way to get one.
Right. Time to go out and buy one. You'd like to just order one from the internet, but well, that doesn't quite work.

Grabbing your backpack off of the desk, you look inside to see if you've left anything too bulky inside that would interfere with carrying a laptop home in it. Lets see:

A bag of candy, a hunting knife, your old Zippo, and some strange grayish box thing with a red cross you found laying around somewhere. Looks kinda like one of those berserker packs from that videogame. You never bothered opening it to find out what's inside. For all you know, it's a boxful of anthrax or some shit like that.
...Well, this all barely takes the space of the bottom of the backpack, so you decide that the laptop would fit. You grab your wallet and head out the door.

The busride to and from the electronics store went alright. Of course, you still have to walk about a half-mile home from the nearest stop to your apartment, but that's alright. You're used to it. Opening your door, you step inside your room.

And land on your back.
The strange physics of this are of no concern to you, however, as you just landed on your back. Where the laptop was. Quickly removing it from the backpack, you open the box and look inside.
Pulling the laptop out and opening it, you find that the screen is cracked. Not just the screen part. It cracked all the way through.
Great. You just bought this.
And now it has dirt all over it, too. That can't help with the warra-
...Wait, dirt? There's no dirt anywhere near your apartment. How the...

Looking around, you find yourself in a large empty field. To the north you see a lake. To the east, you see what looks like the beginning of a desert. In all other directions, you see what looks like a forest.
The only particularly interesting direction would be north towards the lake. Everything else seems like the direction one would take if they wanted to practice wilderness survival skills. The lake at least holds the hope of it having a marina or something where you could get a guide back to civilization. But there's always the possibility of it being just as lifeless as the forest or desert would be.

Sitting here, though, would be a mistake.

[ ] North, towards the lake. If nothing else, it's water.
[ ] East, into the desert. Preferably with an unnamed horse.
[ ] West, into the forest. Somehow you get the feeling that there's a higher chance of civilization in this direction.
[ ] South. Somehow it feels like either a way out, or a dead end.

Also, choose a skill.
[ ] Pyromania
[ ] Candy (huh?)
[ ] Affection
[ ] Perversion

Alright, footnotes on Nightmare mode.
In Nightmare mode, it's more likely that people will try to kill you. People who you might have befriended easily in the main story might try and kill you for food unhesitatingly. There are also likely to be more suicidal options given. Write-ins are allowed, but discouraged because, well, I really don't find anon to be good at saving his own life in situations.
You will start with six continues instead of three. They won't be counted until you first run into someone.

>> No. 11860
[x] West, into the forest. Somehow you get the feeling that there's a higher chance of civilization in this direction.
[x] Candy (huh?)
>> No. 11861
[x] South. Somehow it feels like either a way out, or a dead end.
[x] Perversion

It's rapin' time!
>> No. 11862
[x] South. Somehow it feels like either a way out, or a dead end.
[x] Perversion
>> No. 11868
File 122812458374.jpg - (82.58KB , 484x618 , sakuC1.jpg ) [iqdb]
>[ ] East, into the desert. Preferably with an unnamed horse.
Desert... it's easy to see the enemy from every distance. If they aren't hiding in the sand, we can prepare for the attacks as they come. But also low chance of survival because of starvation and dehydration.
>[ ] West, into the forest. Somehow you get the feeling that there's a higher chance of civilization in this direction.
Forest... Lots of ambush place. A civilization also give us more chance to die (being in hard mode and all) so I'm not gonna pick this.
>[ ] South. Somehow it feels like either a way out, or a dead end.
The word death disturbs me.

[X] North, towards the lake. If nothing else, it's water.
[X] Candy (huh?)
just stay away from the water.
>> No. 11869
[x] North, towards the lake. If nothing else, it's water.
[x] Perversion

This is going to be such a gong show at times
>> No. 11870
[x] South. Somehow it feels like either a way out, or a dead end.
[x] Perversion
>> No. 11871
[x] Candy (huh?)

Sweets could be instrumental in convincing unfriendly youkai not to eat you. Perversion? Not so much.
>> No. 11874
[x] Counter-spinward.
[x] Showing affection by shoving burning candy into perverted places.
>> No. 11876

But perversion sounds more fun, and Jerl re-started TAiG because it was boring.

[x] South. Somehow it feels like either a way out, or a dead end.
[ ] Perversion
>> No. 11879
[x] North, towards the lake. If nothing else, it's water.
[x] Perversion
>> No. 11880
[x] North, towards the lake. If nothing else, it's water.
[x] Perversion

Pervision + Cirno = ???

Here's hoping for profit, but this is also lunatic so...
>> No. 11885
[x] Counter-spinward.
(Touhou Ringworld oh yeah)
[x] Pyromania
How did nobody pick this? Huh?
>> No. 11886
[X] North, towards the lake. If nothing else, it's water.
[X] Perversion
>> No. 11888
Thinking about it, north is the only good option. The other directions, they don't seem as promising as going north. And it's not that far a distance anyway, you could easily backtrack back to where you are right now and choose a different direction. Nothing stopping you.
Before you head off, you give your brand new laptop a proper goodbye. You never got to configure it, install any programs... Not even any porn. A computer isn't truly yours until you've got a porn collection on it.
Of course, this is just because you're a pervert.

Leaving the laptop behind for good, you begin your trek north towards the lake. You're used to walking, but not in a field. Walking on uneven ground is a lot more tiring than walking on flat cement, even if you go slowly. Your legs do fine, but it's your ankles that burn. Well, at this point you're too close to the lake to worry about it anyway.
Along the way, you see what looks like a tree covered in swords. As much as you'd like to take one of those swords, you're sure they were left there for a purpose- some sort of landmark, perhaps? And besides, you're not sure you'd want to carry one wherever you're going, and if you're going to hitch a ride, it'll be difficult to get someone to stop for you if you've got a two-hander resting on your shoulder.
Oh well, it was never to be.

You eventually arrive at the shore of the lake. Looking out upon it, the cold blue water gives you the creeps. Like it's claimed the lives of many people before. Well, that's got to just be in your head. Of course a lake's going to claim lives. Drowning isn't that uncommon.

From here, you can't see any marina. The lake isn't that large, you can practically see across it. Except for the fact that on the other side there's an island that appears to be close to the shore. It's possible, in fact likely, that there is a marina on the other side; especially given the mansion located on top of the island. But the mansion gives you the creeps more than the lake its self. It's a crimson color, made of stone with the apperance of a medieval castle keep. Around it there's a crimson wall, but it's much less castle-like. It's not quite tall enough, and rather thin for something meant to be fortifying. Oh well, it's not like you're going to try and knock it down or anything. Likely the most you'll do is knock on the door to ask for directions back to civilization. Assuming someone's home.

Well, might as well get going then.

Just as you're about to leave, a small girl wearing a blue dress darts out in front of you, chasing after a frog. You're about to ask her for help, when she catches the frog and...it freezes solid in her hands. At this point you notice the razor-sharp ice shards floating in the air like wings.
Yeah, that has to be the most creepy thing in this scene.

[ ] Just...Ignore it. Continue your way around the lake towards the other side. Like you never saw her.
[ ] Run. Sticking around a girl like this is dangerous. However she froze that frog, you're not sure whether she'd be able to freeze YOU like that. And razor-sharp icicles are dangerous.
[ ] Try and talk to the girl, ask for help. She's just...messing around, right? Whatever she froze that frog with, it's like a kid with a BB gun shooting squirrels. She won't hurt you. ...Right?
[ ] Just stand and watch. This girl... She's cute. You feel like kidnapping her and taking her home.
>> No. 11889
[ ] Try and talk to the girl, ask for help. She's just...messing around, right? Whatever she froze that frog with, it's like a kid with a BB gun shooting squirrels. She won't hurt you. ...Right?

Running away after you've seen Cirno gets you nothing! Talking to her might give you a bad end!
>> No. 11890
[ ] Just stand and watch. This girl... She's cute. You feel like kidnapping her and taking her home.
>> No. 11891
[X] Just stand and watch. This girl... She's cute. You feel like kidnapping her and taking her home.

Based on our special skill, this is the only way out.
>> No. 11894
[x] Just stand and watch. This girl... She's cute. You feel like kidnapping her and taking her home.
>> No. 11895
[ ] Just stand and watch. This girl... She's cute. You feel like kidnapping her and taking her home.

Is this the first BAD END we will get?
>> No. 11896
No, this is the only path.

She'll get curious and freeze us anyway if we do anything else.
>> No. 11902
But you've been called creepy before, too. Mainly by normal people who stumbled upon your porn collection.
In fact, it had been porn involving real people, you would likely be in jail. Luckily lolicon is legal. Not that it's the only kind of porn you kept. It's just the only porn you kept that is relevant to the situation.
Yes, the best way to beat creepiness... Is to become creepy!

This girl, she hasn't noticed you. She appears to be playing with the frog. That's good for you. She won't notice you until she's already under your control...

Sneaking up behind her, you prepare to grab her by the waist and sling her over your shoulder, so you can take her home. Of course, you couldn't resist this. A little girl, out in the open, and you can't see any parents around. Perfect opportunity.

You grab her around the stomach. She startles.
"EEEEEH!" you hear her startled yelp. Normally you would like to hear that. But right now, it's horrible. Reflexively, she started beating her razor-sharp wings. This resulted in some pretty serious wounds to your person. Without immediate medical assistance, you are quite likely to die.

"Oh, it's just a human. But he's dressed weird. I wonder where he's from?"
While she ponders this (it takes her a whole half-hour to come to the conclusion that you're from outside the border), you bleed to death, the pain too unbearable to try and sit up and get help.

When she finally notices you're dead, there's nothing she can do but freeze your whole body and give away pieces to her friends for a bit of a snack.


Continues left: 6 NULLIFY

[ ] Back 1 choice (specify vote)
[ ] Back 2 choices (specify vote)
>> No. 11903
[x] Back 1 choice.
[x] Ask her a difficult riddle. Offer to take her home while she is thinking about it.
>> No. 11904
[x] Back 1 choice.
[x] Ask her a difficult riddle. Offer to take her home while she is thinking about it.
>> No. 11905
Sounds promising. Adding a little tweak here.
[x] Back 1 choice.
[x] Challenge her with a difficult riddle that you already know the answer. If she answered it wrong, she have to do something for you.

Well, if this works we should get something out of it at least.
>> No. 11906
File 122818556522.jpg - (30.05KB , 407x405 , advicecirno.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Abduct the fairy

>No-one is watching
>> No. 11910
[x] Back 1 choice.
[x] Challenge her with a difficult riddle that you already know the answer. If she answered it wrong, she have to do something for you

This trickery just might work!
>> No. 11911
> Cirno has joined the party!

You don't feel any better
>> No. 11916
File 122819282512.jpg - (36.05KB , 485x440 , 0c2dc53fa58a13b62c6c3ff21d5de949.jpg ) [iqdb]
But you've been called creepy before...
...No. That's a terrible idea.

You shake the terrible idea from your head. It's too dangerous to pursue.

Yeah, you've been called creepy before. No reason to fear something similar to you, right? Well, that logic is debatable, but it suits you just fine for now, so you'll let it be.
You shake the thought you just had from your head. Kidnapping her would be too dangerous. She's got razor-sharp icicles sticking out of her back. What if when you tried to grab her, they cut or stabbed you? That wouldn't be a good thing at all.
If you were to attempt to kidnap her, the best method would be by befriending her. But that can also be an advantage if you don't intend to kidnap her. Befriending her will make it easier to get information from her, and she might even show you places to go.

Little girl with razor-sharp icicles sticking out of her back and the ability to freeze things at will. This... Doesn't necessarily mean she's up to no good. It could just be the, uh, fairy equivalant of a kid wandering a field with a BB guns shooting squirrels? Right, that has to be it. She isn't dangerous unless you startle her. So you'll attempt to befriend her before anything else.
How do you befriend her, though? You don't know anything about her, or what icicle lolis like to do or talk about. Something nags in the back of your mind to try a riddle. The front of your mind agrees. Riddles are good ice-breakers with children, right? It's perfect for the situation.
Hmm, but what riddle to use? There are lots to choose from.
Maybe one that isn't quite a riddle? She'll never get this one...

"Hey." you speak up towards the girl.
"E-eeh!?" she startles and quickly turns to face you.
"Oh, it's just a human. And he came up to me on his own. Doesn't that mean you're challenging me? I'll teach you to challenge me, the strongest!"

Suddenly the surrounding air drops a couple degrees in temperature.


What's worrying is those floating icicles. They're at least as sharp as her wings, and much bigger. Therefore, much more dangerous. The physics of floating icicles don't matter at the moment. Saving yourself does.

"Hey, wait! I didn't mean to challenge you! I just wanted to talk to you!"
"Trying to back down from a challenge from the strongest, eh? I'll teach you!"
Wait, didn't she think YOU challenged HER? This is ridiculous.

The icicles floating in the air between the two of you suddenly jolt towards you. You narrowly avoid getting hit by rushing forward towards her.
...Huh. They don't seem to be rushing towards you at this angle. That's odd.
Looking up at the girl, she looks a bit flustered.
Time to break the ice.

"Hey, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?"
"Wait, wait! What has four wheels and flies?"
"...Ah." suddenly all of the icicles fall from the sky and begin melting.
"four wheels and flies. Four flies and wheels. flies with four wheels..."
...Well, that was an unexpected consequence. But not unwelcome. But should you ask her for help? If you distract her from the riddle, she could attack again. Kidnapping her...Yeah, that premonition you had pretty much proves that it won't work. Escaping? Well, you don't want to leave a girl sitting here trying to figure out a riddle. Especially when she doesn't seem to be the smartest you've met. She could be out here for days.

[ ] Ask her to show you where civilization is.
[ ] Ask her to play with you.
[ ] Escape while you can, dying to a freezer loli without even raping her first isn't a way for a man to go out!
>> No. 11917
[ ] Ask her to play with you.
[ ] "And if you lose, you will give me your panties"
>> No. 11921
[x] Ask her to play with you. Decide on a game that you can win without trying.
[x] Tell her that if she wins, you'll be her friend. If you win, she'll be your friend.
[x] Confuse her with words if she tries to argue.

Nightmare Mode Cirno is still Cirno.
>> No. 11923
[x] Ask her to play with you. Decide on a game that you can win without trying.
[x] Tell her that if she wins, you'll be her friend. If you win, she'll be your friend.
[x] Confuse her with words if she tries to argue.

This has to work.
>> No. 11924
[x] Ask her to play with you. Decide on a game that you can win without trying. (Challenge her in burn-a-twig contest. You can use a zippo, while she can only freeze it.)
[x] Tell her that if she wins, you'll be her friend. If you win, she'll be your friend.
[x] Confuse her with words if she tries to argue.
Hahaha oh wow, witty guy.
>> No. 11933
[x] Ask her to play with you. Decide on a game that you can win without trying.
[x] Tell her that if she wins, you'll be her friend. If you win, she'll be your friend.
[x] Confuse her with words if she tries to argue.
>> No. 11980
Leaving her here alone would be bad. Even if she just tried to kill you. She's a kid, right? Obviously she just doesn't know that it's bad to throw razor-sharp ice spears at people. Yeah. And you'll be the one to teach her. You'll take her home and you'll--
...No, you ruled that possibility out already. But still, you can't let yourself leave her here. And she really could be helpful. Assuming she actually knows where civilization is.
But just asking her to show you to civilization might not be the best idea. It'd distract her from the riddle, and it might lead to her attacking you again. That wouldn't be good. Not at all.
But how do you- Actually, no. It's quite obvious. This is a great idea.

"Actually." the girl looks at you.
"Ah! You tricked m-"
"I did intend to challenge you. Just not like that." Hope this works.
"Eh? Oh, you challenged me! But if you aren't challenging me at danmaku, what are you challenging me at?" A confused expression on her face.
"Let's see who can light this twig on fire the quickest. If you win, I'll be your friend. If you win, you have to be my friend."
"Trying to sample with me, are you? I'll show you the luck of the strongest!"
Sample? Oh man, this is going to be extremely easy.

After a short bit of searching, you find two twigs to light on fire. Giving one to her, you count down the start of the contest.
"Ready, set, go!" you shout. Immediately you pull out your Zippo and get to work lighting the twig. It'll take a bit of time to get any more than an ember from it, but... You've got all the time in the world.
Meanwhile the girl is throwing icecubes at her stick and trying to verbally abuse it into spontaneous combustion. You have to hold back laughter.

The twig catches on fire. You close your Zippo, making sure to make a loud click to make her look in your direction.

"Eeeeeeeeh!? You beat me? How is this possible!? I'm the strongest!"
She genuflects in despair.
..."She." You really ought to get her name. The use of common nouns and pronouns to refer to her is getting annoying now.

"Hey, think on the bright side. I'm your friend now!"

She jumps up, apparantly snapped out of despair instantly.

"Really? But all my other friends are stronger! How do I know you're really my friend?"
"Well, if they're stronger than me and I beat you, wouldn't that make it so you're not the strongest? Either you're not the strongest, or I'm stronger than you AND your friends."
"I don't understand!"
"...Don't worry about it. By the way, what's your name?"
"I'm Cirno! What's your name?"
"I only tell my name to little girls after I've molested them."
Shit, did you just say that out loud?
"What's 'molested' mean?" Cirno asks curiously.

This isn't helping you get to civilization.

"Hey, where's the nearest city?"
"Hah? What's a city?"
...This is getting annoying.
"A place where people live, Cirno."
"You mean the human village? It's that way." She points towards the west. The direction you had a feeling human civilization was.
"But it's boring there and everyone tries to drive me out."

Well, it's either going to the village or circling around the lake that you can think of.

[ ] The human village. If it's a village, and it contains humans, that's where you want to be.
[ ] The lake. Might as well continue that way; you can always turn back.
[ ] Does Cirno want to go anywhere?
>> No. 11981
[X] Does Cirno want to go anywhere?

Good decisions are boring decisions.
>> No. 11982
[x] Ruffle her hair and smile at her gently.
[x] Does Cirno want to go anywhere?
[x] Ask her about her friends.

> Cirno has joined the party!
- I don't really feel much better about it, for some reason...
>> No. 11983
[ ] The human village. If it's a village, and it contains humans, that's where you want to be.
>> No. 11985
[x] The human village. If it's a village, and it contains humans, that's where you want to be.
>> No. 11989
[x] Ruffle her hair and smile at her gently.
[x] Does Cirno want to go anywhere?
[x] Ask her about her friends.
>> No. 11992
[x] Ruffle her hair and smile at her gently.
[x] Does Cirno want to go anywhere?
[x] Ask her about her friends.
>> No. 11996
Well, then again, civilization isn't THAT important. There's still lots of time left in the day. You might as well play with your new friend a bit before leaving.
Of course, you can't play with her in the way you'd like to, but... This'll have to do.
You raise your hand and place it on top of her head and begin ruffling. Hmm, this would be a good grip for...
No, not right now. Maybe later...
NO. That won't do. You don't know how likely she is to rip you to ribbons with ice shards if you did that.

"Hey, you're doing it too hard!" Looking down at Cirno, you see tears forming in her eyes. It appears that while thinking perverted thoughts, you unconsciously started ruffling her hair too hard.
"Ah, sorry. Cirno, do you have any place you'd like to go right now?"
"The shrine!" she enthusiastically shouts.
Shrine? Sounds like you can accomplish both playing with your frie-wait, no. Sounds like holy land. Even though you're agnostic, it's still best to be careful. Especially when you've just now met a girl who can freeze things with her mind and shoot razor-sharp floating icicles at things. But still, you can probably accomplish some other method of having fun, if Cirno wants to go there. And if it's a shrine, there's got to be civilization somewhere nearby, and if there's stuff to do there, there's probably also people there.

"Alright, Cirno. Let's go to the shrine."
"Awesome!" she delightedly flutters off into the sky-wait what? She can fly too? Are you in some sort of wonderland? You don't remember following any rabbits.
Oh well, that's not important enough to worry about right now. What's more important is that you can't fly yourself.

"Hey, Cirno! Where're you going? I can't fly!" you shout up at her. She immediately stops and looks back at you.
"Eh? You can't fly? I'll carry you, then! I'm the strongest, after all!"
She flutters down towards you, flapping those ice crystals like wings. Is that what they're supposed to be? Those things can't be capable of moving enough air to lift someone, right? But this is also irrelevant, because you're FLYING JESUS CHRIST

Before you're able to brace yourself, Cirno has landed behind you, grabbed you around the waist, and lifted you up into the sky at least a good thirty meters.
Your adrenaline gland agrees with your brain on this one. The adrenaline immediately rushes through your bloodstream. This is very dangerous. You don't believe that you'll be able to repeat this experience.

After a good seven minutes of flying, you finally calm down to attempt to talk to Cirno.
Earlier she mentioned having friends and them being stronger than you. You're curious about this.
"So, what are your friends like, Cirno?"
"Ah, well. They'll eat you for a light snack. They're mean to humans."
...Well, you'd rather not think about that for now. All the shit that's happened so far, you don't know whether to believe that she was joking or telling the truth when she said "eath you for a light snack." And you don't particularly desire to find out right at the moment.

You remain silent for most of the remaining time flying towards the shrine. Eventually you arrive at a Japanese-style shrine and land right in front of the donation box. Cirno quickly runs straight past it into the front door.
There's a donation box here. That means that there should be donations. However, when you look in the box, there's nothing in it. Well, almost. There's a couple coins. They're not of the currency you're carrying. Your money won't likely work.

[ ] Donate money anyway.
[ ] Well, you have a bag of candy. Might as well drop a couple pieces in.
[ ] ...No one's looking, right? No one would catch you doing it, right? You've got a certain special donation to give to the shrine.
[ ] Fuck donating. Cirno didn't do it, you don't need to either.
>> No. 11997
[X] ...No one's looking, right? No one would catch you doing it, right? You've got a certain special donation to give to the shrine.

We're supposed to do this.
>> No. 11998
[ ] ...No one's looking, right? No one would catch you doing it, right? You've got a certain special donation to give to the shrine.
- tempting, but this isn't FUG.

[x] Donate a few coins. They make a nice tinkling sound.
[x] Hurry after Cirno. She is your friend.
>> No. 12001
[ ] ...No one's looking, right? No one would catch you doing it, right? You've got a certain special donation to give to the shrine.
>> No. 12013
[X] Well, you have a bag of candy. Might as well drop a couple pieces in.
I already told you earlier, we should select candy power instead!
>> No. 12016
[x] ...No one's looking, right? No one would catch you doing it, right? You've got a certain special donation to give to the shrine.

>> No. 12034
Hahahahaha. Yes. That's the best option, that right there. In fact, you could say there is no other option, this one is so perfect. It's like Jesus had an idea, fell down from heaven to tell it to you, and you bitchslapped him with this idea because it's so much fucking better. That's how awesome this idea is.
Donations? You're asking for donations? I'll give you donations!

You almost RIP your pants off of your legs in your excitement to go through with the awesome idea. No one's looking. This is perfect.

Immediately you begin vigorously stroking your dick, hard and fast, keeping the tip aimed at the bottom of the donation box. Heh, you'd love to see the shrine maiden's face when she sees your donation.
...Hell, you'd love to see her face with your donation all over it. Just the thought of it. You close your eyes to better visualize her face. A black-haired Japanese shrinemaiden with detached sleeves and a large ribbon in her hair. Why did you visualize this? No explanation. But there doesn't need to be. You're thinking too much.
Her face, drips of whiteish liquid dripping down, face beet-red...
Opening your eyes, you see that exact same face. Except less jizz-covered. But the same nonetheless. The sight of it makes you come instantly.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" the girl shouts. Wait, shit; she's real? Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK you're FUCKED.
"I'm going to fucking KILL YOU!" the girls shouts. Not good. You attempt to reach into your backpack to pull out your knife, but the girl is quicker. Pulling out a couple razor-sharp nine-inch long needles, she throws them at you with insane accuracy. They embed themselves in your arm, making it useless. Movement is made impossible due to the pain.
Wait, this can't end here. You can still defend yourself. You just have to get some cover, and...

From behind, you're knocked forward hard by what feels like a thin stick of some sort. Rolling to see who it was that did something as cowardly as to attack someone from behind in the middle of a fight, you find out that it was the same girl. But she was over there a second ago, surely she couldn't have moved that quickly, right?
But that's irrelevant. You scramble to your feet as soon as you see her pull more needles out. You don't do it quickly enough, however; two needles stick themselves in the back of one of your legs and one just barely misses you. This limits your movement, but you'll be damned if a bit of pain in your legs stop you from taking cover. You dodge her next set of needles and make a mad dash for the forest.

It doesn't work, though. The girl appears right in front of you again, but this time she's holding a card of some sort. She says something that you can't make out, and suddenly eight brightly colored orbs of light come flying at you. On impact, they send you flying backwards, causing you to land on your back. In doing so, it drives the needles that were embedded on the other side all the way through your bone to the other side.
You're unable to recover from the pain quick enough to get up, however, and she's on top of you.
"What." She places her foot on your chest.
"The fuck." She pushes down, making it harder for you to breath.
"DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING." She pushes her foot into your chest so hard, you feel the cartilage connecting your sternum to your ribcage ripping. The pain at this point is too great, and you pass out.

"Feh." The shrinemaiden picks you up and carries you a ways into the forest and sets you down on a tree stump.
"I'll let whatever youkai finds him first take care of it." she speaks to herself.
Upon returning to the shrine, she finds the ground outside covered in frost, and the air immediately surrounding the main building to be very, very cold. Of course, the culprit is easy to figure out.

Entering the sitting room where she had left Cirno before, she prepares to scold the ill-mannered fairy.
"Cirno, if you're going to cool my shrine down to a normal temperature, you can stay; but if you're going to make it feel like winter in here, get ou-" Her sentence is cut short by a popping noise. The very noise a fairy makes when you hit it with a bullet. Of course, the only fairy inside the shrine was Cirno.

"-t. Well, alright then." Reimu sits down at her spot at the kotatsu and begins sipping her tea.
"...It's cold."

Cirno, being a fairy, reincarnated quite quickly. A couple days later, she was back to carelessly freezing frogs around the lake, having completly forgotten the man who had become her friend... As well as having killed herself over his death.


Continues left: 6.

[ ] Back 1 choice.
[ ] Back 2 choices.
[ ] Back 6 choices.
>> No. 12035
[X] Back 1 choice.
[X] Fuck donating. Cirno didn't do it, you don't need to either.
>> No. 12036
[x] Back 6 choices.
[x] North, towards the lake. If nothing else, it's water.
[x] Affection.

Perversion skill tree got nerfed hard in the last revision. Better to pick up something with a more obvious application.
>> No. 12037
[ ] Back 1 choice.
[ ] Fuck donating. Cirno didn't do it, you don't need to either.
>> No. 12039
[x] Back 1 choice.
[x] Fuck donating. Cirno didn't do it, you don't need to either.
>> No. 12040
[x] Back 1 choice.
[X] Well, you have a bag of candy. Might as well drop a couple pieces in.
>> No. 12041
[x] Donate a few coins. They make a nice tinkling sound.
[x] Hurry after Cirno. She is your friend.

[ ] Burn the shrine down in a fit of insanity.
>> No. 12044
[x] Back 1 choice.
[X] Well, you have a bag of candy. Might as well drop a couple pieces in.
>> No. 12045
We can't help it if the perversion tree got stealth nerfed in the latest update. They hide that shit, so now we know, and knowing is half the battle...
>> No. 12048
[ ] Burn the shrine down in a fit of sanity.
>> No. 12050
[ ] Back 1 choice.
[ ] Fuck donating. Cirno didn't do it, you don't need to either.

I don't care if it was obviously a BAD END or not.
It was hilarious, shut up.
>> No. 12088
...No, that idea you just had was horrible. More horrible than the one you had earlier about forcibly kidnapping Cirno. It's just too dangerous on an even higher level than before. It's not worth it.
Since you don't really have anything else to donate, you decide to just skip the donation box. Cirno skipped it too, right? Must not be that important.

You step in through the front door just like Cirno did. Inside, you find a low table, or you think it's a table at least, covered in a blanket. The whole room looks very Japanese. Well, so does the outside, so this is to be expected.
Sitting at the table is a girl dressed in red and white with a red ribbon in her hair. For a slight moment you think you recognize her, but then that thought disappears. She must look a bit similar to someone you've seen on the street or something. Yeah, that's it. She didn't kick your ass and leave you to be eaten by horrible monsters or anything like that. That would be crazy.
...Wow, where'd that come from? Your imagination runs wild sometimes, but nothing like this before. Oh well, maybe you're just getting internet withdrawal. Usually you'd have spent some time on it in the morning, but your computer had to die. Hopefully no other symptoms manifest.

"...Who're you?" she asks...almost neutrally. There's a bit of an edge to it, but barely noticible.
"And why did you come inside uninvited?" She aims a weak glare at you.
"Well, uh. Cirno came inside on her own, and I was with her, so..."
"Oh, I see." she pauses for a moment. "...Take her with you and leave. Even if she does cool the room down, she's problematic."
That's a bit rude there, miss shrinemaiden. Then again, so is entering someone's house without their permission, so I guess she's justified.

"Reimu, that's mean! I just wanted to have some fun!" Cirno whines.
"Usually when you have fun, the results are something getting broken, or the place becoming a mess, or the room getting cooled to colder than winter."
"Aww, but, Reimu..."
"Out." Reimu commands. Not coldly, neutrally. Like a parent telling their child to leave the room for an adult discussion.
"..." Cirno sulks as she leaves the room.
You turn around to leave. Well, that didn't get any-

"Wait." Reimu interrupts your thoughts. "I have a couple things to ask you."
...So your earlier simile was somewhat accurate, it seems.
"Alright, ask ahead." You take a seat at the blanket-table thing... Kotatsu, was it? Your memory is a bit foggy.
"First of all; who are you, where are you from, and how did you get here?"
That's a bit personal of a question. You're not sure how to respond. Should you lie or tell the truth? It shouldn't matter, you're supposed to be trying to find your way home; but for some reason, you get the feeling that you'll be here longer than you intend, and people will need something to call you by.

[ ] Write-in.


Choosing Neil Armstrong won't make you an astronaut. Likewise, anything else you could chose will just be a name and have no affect on anything else in the game.
>> No. 12089
[X] Those are nice armpits, god damn.
>> No. 12090
[X] Those are nice armpits, god damn.
>> No. 12091
>Choosing Neil Armstrong won't make you an astronaut. Likewise, anything else you could chose will just be a name and have no affect on anything else in the game.

But faith is everything in Gensokyo, so yeah!

[x] John Armstrong, brother of Neil Armstrong
[x] You got here through your front door.

Neil Armstrong single-handedly fought the entire Lunarian army to a stalemate. It must be true, because I read it in the Bunbunmaru Newspaper.
>> No. 12092
[x] Those are nice armpits, god damn.
[x] Oh, the questions!
[x] (insert something here)
[x] Walked through a door and just... landed here.
[x] Just an ordinary guy with a bunch of voices in his head, telling us what to do.
[x] Fucking voices are a bunch of assholes.
>> No. 12093
[x] John Armstrong, brother of Neil Armstrong
[x] You got here through your front door.
[x] Those are nice armpits, god damn.

I sense another death oncoming but who cares?
>> No. 12096
Those are nice armpits, god damn. Seriously. You can see it now, delicious armpits wrapped around your dick...
"Those are nice armpits, god damn." Fuck, you said it out loud.
A vein pops out of Reimu's forehead.
"Are you going to answer my question, or am I going to have to BEAT it out of you?" She is now visibly and audibly quite irritated. You shouldn't have said that out loud. That was a stupid move.
"Oh, right. Sorry. I am John Armstrong, brother of Neil Armstrong. I got here... Holy shit, how DID I get here? last thing I remember is walking through my front door, and suddenly I'm in some field somewhere and my laptop's broken."
"I see. So you are from the outside world. Well, good luck, avoid getting eaten by youkai etc. Get out."
Once again, you'd call her rude, but you can't really say anything about her when you just said something like that about her armpits out loud.
She glares at you for the moment it took you to think that. Taking the hint, you stand up and leave. Immediately outide the door, you find Cirno, who appears to have been listening to the conversation.
"Your name is armstrong? Awesome! That means you have strong arms!"
The only response you can think of is to nervously ruffle her hair.

Well, you decided to let Cirno decide where to go before coming here, might as well let her decide where to go to now.
"Hey, Cirno, is there anywhere else you want to go?"
"Hmm." She screws up her face in thought.
"Ah! Let's go mess with humans! To the human village!"
Without any regard for your safety or feelings, she grabs you by the wrist and immediately takes off. This obviously doesn't feel too good, so you ask Cirno to let you down.
"...Cirno, let's just walk. Flying is...scary." Well, not really the flying, but the person who is in control of the flight. But that's probably not enough to convince Cirno.
"And you can't freeze interesting things in the air because they aren't up here. If we walk, you can freeze stuff."
"Ah! You're right! Why didn't I think of that!" Cirno almost drops you in excitement. Good thing your grip was strong enough for you to hold on for a second or two.
Landing on the ground feels so good. Especially your injured shoulder no longer being pulled on. That hurt like a motherfucker.
Before you can finish rubbing said shoulder, Cirno's already taken off on foot towards some small moving animal that you don't particularly care enough about to identify from this distance. As long as she's happy and not putting you in danger, it's alright.

Hey, wait a second. She's moving a bit too far from the path. She might be able to fly above the trees to find her way out of the forest, but if you get stuck here, you're dead. Reimu said something about "youkai", right? Japanese demons or spirits, if you remember correctly. If it weren't for that flying ice girl who caused this thought, you wouldn't believe her. However, you're not quite so skeptical right now.

Right, Cirno.
You begin following her. She sure chose a troublesome path. Fallen trees, potentially poisonous weeds, huge bugs. Seriously, what the hell. What could be chasing this far, anyway? And how could she forget so easi-

The sound of a twig breaking is punctuated by a sharp pain in your leg. Looking down to see what it was, you find some sort of shaharpp arrararowwwwwwwwwwwww

Some time later you wake up to the sound of a campfire. It's awfully close to you. It almost feels like you're getting cooked.
You open your eyes and attempt to move your hands to rub your eyes. Something prevents that. Something around your wrist.
Looking over, you find that it's been tied to a rather heavy-looking stone with rope. Rather thick rope. You couldn't rip this, and likely couldn't bite through it in time to escape whatever tied you here. this is bad.
Looking around, you notice your backpack laying on the ground a few feet away. It's right within your reach. Inside, there should be your hunting knife, your Zippo, and your bag of candy. These three items are just about the only things you can attempt to use to save yourself with. But how to do that?

[ ] Cut the ropes, genius. The knife can also be used as a weapon.
[ ] Burn through the ropes. When this is done, turn the rope into a flaming whip of death.
[ ] Offer candy. If they're planning on eating you, candy's better, right?
[ ] Do nothing.
>> No. 12098
[x] Burn through the ropes. When this is done, turn the rope into a flaming whip of death.

>> No. 12099
[X] Burn through the ropes. When this is done, turn the rope into a flaming whip of death.

Why would you give us this option Jerl?

We're gonna pick it man

>> No. 12100
[x] Burn through the ropes. When this is done, turn the rope into a flaming whip of death.
>> No. 12101
[x] Burn through the ropes. When this is done, turn the rope into a flaming whip of death.

Oh boy!
>> No. 12104
[x] Burn through the ropes. When this is done, turn the rope into a flaming whip of death.

This was the only path from the beginning
>> No. 12113
[x] Burn through the ropes. When this is done, turn the rope into a flaming whip of death.
I can't break the flow. I CAN'T!
>> No. 12116
You're not going to be able to do this. You didn't choose pyromania as your skill.
>> No. 12117

Shit. Alright fine, then how about...

[ ] Cut the ropes, genius. The knife can also be used as a weapon.
>> No. 12124
File 122858647073.jpg - (160.26KB , 750x1000 , sample-74df8998dd1a5d3e5c0e60383c32b773.jpg ) [iqdb]
but what can "perversion" do?
Tortoise binding yourself?
>> No. 12130

We'll use our dick as drill. Just like that guy from Dead Leaves.

Yes, THAT guy.
>> No. 12139
Hold up, I just thought of something....


This shall be our hero.
>> No. 12157
Logic says to cut the rope with the knife. But awesomeness says to burn it off and use it as a flaming whip of death. Fire... You've never really been that interested in it, but when applied correctly, it can be an effective weapon. For example, napalm.
You reach out for the backpack. After a couple tries, you grab on and drag it towards you. Opening it up, you reach inside and feel around for your Zippo. Removing it, you flip it open and rotate the wheel slowly. Yes, the flint's good. And the wick looks fine.

Rotating the wheel again, this time much quicker, you're rewarded by... Sparks. Alright, might just have needed to get the excess fuel out of the chimney. You wave it in the air a couple times, then try again.
Nothing. This lighter isn't going to light, it seems.
Pulling the main part of the lighter out from the outside sleeve, you lift up the tab that holds the cotton inside and stick your finger in. It comes back completely dry. It seems you've let the Zippo sit too long and the fuel's evaporated.

"Damn it, he woke up. I thought this was going to be easy." a harsh female voice comes from in front of you. Looking up, you find a girl with long black hair and old-looking, worn out clothing that appears brown. The shade of brown blood turns when allowed to sit for quite a while.
Well SHIT.
"Let's fix that." Reaching into a pocket inside her clothing, she pulls out what looks like a dart. Pulling back her arm, she makes to stab you.
Shit, this is bad. You can't let her touch you with that thing, you'll get eaten. Or at least killed. Whether this is one of those youkai or not, it's a psychotic bitch who wants to kill you. No, you're not going to just let her. You're going to at least try and stop her.

You grab her stabbing wrist midway into the swing. She's stronger than you, it seems. You can barely keep her arm from moving forward on you.
"Argh, just still and stop squirming, or I'll cook you while you're awake."
Well shit.
Wait, hold on. Why isn't she trying to kick you or something? Surely that would be effective. Does she not realize this? Is it going to turn out that everyone you end up fighting here is an idiot?
Well, just because she isn't using her legs doesn't mean you can't use yours.
This might not work though. Eh, better than the alternative of eventually losing this arm wrestling contest and getting cooked alive, or just plain getting cooked alive.

Swiftly you kick her as hard as you can in the shin.
"Oh, you fuck!" she shouts. She also drops the needle.
Just as planned.
Quickly you lift it up and jam it into her arm.
"Ack! What do you think you're doing, you little fuck? Do you really think that thatts goooinnngnng to stooosps meeeeee?" she slowly begins mumbling. However, she doesn't seem to be falling asleep.
"Iiiiii''llllll kiiilll yooooooouuuuu"
She begins madly swinging at you with her fingernails. You'd just ignore it if the first one that connected didn't give you a nice, deep gash. Them's some sharp, hard fingernails.
Her attacks slowly begin to slow down, as does her reaction time.
You can take advantage of this.
Just as she's about to give you a nice cut on your arm, you move just right so instead she cuts right through the rope holding you there. Perfect.

You quickly roll out of the way, grabbing your backpack and a bit of the rope in the process. Moving over to the campfire, you proceed to initiate your original plan. Lighting the rope on fire, you move back over to the youkai girl and swing it at her. The flame goes out mid-swing, but the youkai girl seems to have fallen asleep from the dart.
Well, if she wakes up, she'll try to find you. And since you have no fucking clue where you are, you can't risk that. Tying her up would be best.
You proceed to do just this. Going above and beyond simple tying, however, you do a full tortoise binding on her. Might as well, she's out cold.

It's about time to get out of this place. But you have no idea where "this place" is.

[ ] You have plenty of reason to stay right here.
[ ] Call out for Cirno.
[ ] Wander off into the forest. You'll find your way, right?
>> No. 12158
[x] You have plenty of reason to stay right here.

She missed out on her turn to eat us. Now we're going to eat her... out.
>> No. 12159
[x] You have plenty of reason to stay right here.
>> No. 12161
[x] You have plenty of reason to stay right here.

Nice to see our powers finally in use
>> No. 12162
File 122863168369.jpg - (123.61KB , 719x750 , 1228026660920.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] You have plenty of reason to stay right here.
>> No. 12165
[x] You have plenty of reason to stay right here.
>> No. 12173
File 122864926850.jpg - (68.97KB , 555x516 , 3a355576a43160930f61d746db907c25.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh you perverted anon.
[X] Analyze the surroundings. Plan your moves after that.
>> No. 12174

What the fuck Kirin.
>> No. 12224
Holy shit, Kirin. You are awesome.
No, that won't do. That would be very much a waste. This girl here... Well, honestly, she's not that much. Probably hasn't bathed in quite a while. But it's better than nothing, and quite a payback for trying to eat you. On top of that, you haven't fapped today. Normally you would have fapped in the morning, but for obvious reasons couldn't. And instead of fapping, you've been presented with this opportunity.

You sneakily, as if you were avoiding getting caught by someone, sneak up to her and slowly begin removing her panties, so as not to wake her up. You're not certain how well you'd be able to keep her from just killing you upon waking up, being at such a close proximity.
Once they're removed, you waste no time removing enough of your clothing to continue with what you're doing. Once they're removed, you're ready to proceed.

You're in a freezing cold room. There's a warm, thick blanket. You dive inside, and embrace its warmth. It's a reassuring warmth. If you could feel warmth this good all the time, you'd have no problem standing strong no matter the circumstances. This awesome warmth.
You reach up and unwrap the meat buns lying in front of them, taking one delicately into your mouth and biting softly. The taste is incredible. Normally you don't really like meat buns, but these are so delicious you can't help but eat them up.

You focus more on the sensation of the blanket on your skin. It has a soft-silky texture that makes you want to stay inside it forever.
It feels best when it's moving against your body. You slowly begin sliding it up and down yourself, almost completely removing yourself from it before burying yourself almost to suffication. You continuously repeat this process, each time feeling better than before. The slippery feel of the fabric is too much, you eventually reach a point where if you kept going it would only overstimulate you.

Suddenly you snap back to reality as your jizz begins to fill up the youkai's fuckhole. She appears to have woken at some point during this process, but by some miracle you managed to hold her down long enough for her to stop resisting. Looking at her face, her expression is blank and tears pour down her face, dirtying her face as bits of dust land and get stuck. The sight is beautiful. You come again in a fit of glory.

Well, you're done here. You wipe your dick off with her panties and stuff them in her mouth. Now she won't be able to scream, and probably won't be able to untie herself. She'll either die of starvation or have the dumb luck of being stumbled upon by another youkai who decides to free her for whatever reason. Whatever, she deserves it. No doubt she's killed countless humans just for a meal in the past. This is just divine retrobution.

Well, you're still lost and you still have to find your way out of this forest or rist starving to death. Eating this youkai girl doesn't seem like a very appealing idea for multiple reasons, so unless you're going to suddenly learn to actually hunt with your hunting knife, you're going to have to return to civilization in order to continue living. But how?

[ ] Call out for Cirno. She has to be looking for you.
[ ] Wander into the forest in an attempt to find your way back onto a path.
[ ] Wait here for rescue.
>> No. 12225
[X] Call out for Cirno. She has to be looking for you.

None of these options look all that good.
>> No. 12226
[x] Call out for Cirno. She has to be looking for you.

Fuck yes, you are the best H Scene ever.
>> No. 12228
why u do this things

[[x]] Call out for Cirno. She has to be looking for you.
>> No. 12229
[x] Call out for Cirno. She has to be looking for you.
>> No. 12230
File 122879472834.gif - (617.58KB , 270x203 , AsymmetricBounce.gif ) [iqdb]
[X] Call out for Cirno. She has to be looking for you.
I lol'd.
Here, have some asymmetric bouncing tits.
>> No. 12251
Oh yes, your cute little fairy friend. How could you have forgotten about her? Your pride takes a hit from forgetting it. You hit yourself in the forehead with your palm. It's the least you can do to punish youself for such a blunder.
Right, her. And she's likely looking for you. Or she better be. Knowing her, she could be looking for frogs to freeze instead or something. Oh well. It's worth a shot anyway.

"CIRNO!" you yell at the top of your lungs. It's a louder yell than you intended, louder than you thought you could do. But that's all good, probably. Cirno's more likely to hear you.
...So are other monsters like the one you just...yeah, though. Which is a bad thing. Then again, you survived this one. If life is anything like an RPG, you leveled up and are now better at combat. Right? You'll do better next time so that even if they're a bit tougher, so are you, and it'll be about the same.

But that's going off on a tangent in your thought. What you need to do now is find icicles. Yes, that might be a good nickname for her. Icicles.
...Cirno's shorter. Oh well.

This isn't particularly helping.

"Mnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng." A long moan comes from the youkai girl you tied up.
Suddenly her mouth...no, more accurately, her panties IN her mouth, go up in flames. Flames that happen to be a strange shade of magenta that you wouldn't expect to see from fire. Strange... After a bit of burning, she spits them out when they've burned enought do so.

"You mother fucker. I'm going to fucking kill you now. You hear?" She makes threats that at the moment seem empty. After all she's tie-oh fuck no

The ropes, just like her panties, erupt in magenta flame and burn off, not even leaving a slight singing on the creator.

"Just as a warning," she pauses for a second. "RUN." she shouts maniacally, then rushes at you.
Fuck, you're through. You're going to get ripped to shreds and-

The claws, they never come.

"Ugh..." looking up, you see the same girl as before, only this time she's covered in icicles.
Wait, no. She's been impaled by them. That means...

"Cirno!" you shout out. Your childish companion quickly jumps between you and the youkai girl.

"Heh, you think a little fairy's going to protect you? DIE!" She begins a mad rush towards you. However, she's stopped by a giant, and this thing's fucking huge, ice hammer slamming right into her face. She's been knocked out cold.

"Holy shit." you can't find the words to describe the situation you were just in. That was terrifying.

"I told you I was the strongest!" Cirno shouts, beaming. Beaming, after basically murdering someone.
...Right, this wherever you are is starting to feel really creepy. The lake felt creepy as it is. Suddenly you don't want to be alone out in the forest. You want to be in civilization, or at least have a way to KNOW you won't get separated from Cirno. Somehow you feel Cirno will never hurt you at this point under her own decision. You can't trust anyone other than Cirno. Maybe not even yourself...

Right. About that. Civilization.

"Cirno, how far from the village are we now?"
"Oh, about..." she uses her fingers to count. "Eleventeen minutes!"
...Right. 21 minutes, huh? Not that far, unless you get distracted again.
"Let's go, then."

Quickly you find your way back on the path towards the village. Along the way, Cirno tells you a few stories about her daily life. Something about freezing a frog girl and then being eaten by a snake. Or something. You're not sure. She's talking so fast it's hard to follow.

Eventually you reach the village and find the large gate wide open, with two gards sleeping at attention.
Fair enough, you'll just slip right on pa-

"Hey! Who do you think you are, trying to bring a fairy into the village!" one of the "sleeping" guards barks at you.
"And especially one like HER. Last time she was here, we had to stay inside all day waiting for the ground to thaw so we didn't break bones!" Geez, that's a bit far, Cirno. But you imagine it would be a lot less troublesome if they had ice skates. Judging by their appearance... yeah, no ice skates.

"You think HE is bringing ME here? I'm bringing HIM here! And just so you know, I'm the strongest!" Cirno gets right up in the guard's face. By floating off the ground a couple inches, of course.

"R-right. Just come on in, don't freeze me..."
"Awesome!" Cirno bursts through the opening. You shrug at the guards and follow her.

She stops in front of a large dragon statue in the middle of what looks like the town square. Looking around, it looks like the market area is going at full force just near by. There's also a residential area, and you can recognize the belltower of a schoolhouse from here. Looking down one of the two paths that cut straight through the village at a right angle, you find that all three directions other than the one you came from extend on to the forest with a medium-sized agricultural area.

"Hey, is there anywhere you wanna go?" Cirno asks.


[ ] Schoolhouse. Cirno needs it.
[ ] Residential area.
[ ] Farms.
[ ] Market. (specify what exactly to look for.)
>> No. 12252
[X] Schoolhouse. Cirno needs it.

A schoolhouse full of children. This is exactly where a sex offender should go.
>> No. 12253
[x] Strip club

[x] Schoolhouse. Cirno needs it.

And you need to see boobies.
>> No. 12254
[x] Schoolhouse. Cirno needs it.
>> No. 12256
[x] Schoolhouse. Cirno needs it.
Molest a loli.
>> No. 12257
[x] Schoolhouse. Cirno needs it.

It calls for us!
>> No. 12285
Alright, this seems to be moderately popular, so the required votes an option needs in order to win is going to be raised up to 5.
Actually, there is, Cirno, and it's for you more than anyone else.

"Cirno, let's go to that schoolhouse over there."
"Eeeeeeh?! But Miss Keine always tells me to leave and headbuts me when I don't!"
That sounds like a strict teacher. No, wait. Why is she kicking Cirno out? Is it because of those wings? Or did she not pay tuition or something? Well, whatever it was, you're sure you can talk her into letting Cirno stay. And getting Cirno in school is a really, REALLY good idea, judging by your interactions with her so far.
But that's not going to be a convinging argument against her.

"I thought you were the strongest, Cirno. If that's true, you shouldn't be afraid of her headbutting you. And she always tries to teach me things! Someone once told me something like 'innance is strength'! If I learn things, I'll get weaker!"

That... Just... There's no way you can go without correcting that.

"...Cirno. The principles of Ingsoc do not apply to the real world, and even if they did, strength is useless without power. And power comes from knowledge." You remember that book. All the talk
"...What?" Looking up at the reaction on her face, she looks really, really confused.
...Sigh. Like she would have ever understood that anyway. Oh well, like it matters. Cirno's going to school if you have to melt and refreeze her to get her there.
"Cirno, just come with me." You grab her hand. It's freezing cold, just like always. "F-fine." She pouts. Hey, intelligence is good for you, Cirno! Embrace it!

After a bit of walking, you eventually end up in front of the schoolhouse.
The large bell starts ringing suddenly. You jump in surprise, fucker's loud. Cirno doesn't seem that starled though.
Children rush from the front door of the schoolhouse, almost stampeeding over you. And they would have gotten away with it, if it weren't for your cool-headed friend pulling you above the crowd.
Shortly, all the children have run off somewhere in town. Did school get out? You've lost track of the time.

...Ah right, you wanted to talk to the teacher. Standing here thinking about the time will get you nowhere towards warming up Cirno to the idea of getting an education.

Stepping through the door, you find the inside of the schoolhouse to look like... Well, a schoolhouse. It appears to be kept quite clean. There are various poster-like things hanging on the walls, but you can't read them. It's not that they're too far or anything, you just never bothered learning JAPANESE.
Either those kids were all geniuses, or something's not right.

Holy shit, you keep getting distracted by useless thoughts!

On the side of the room opposite the entrance, there is an open door that looks to lead into a small room. Teacher's office? Store room? Torture chamber? Does it matter? You're going to look inside anyway, no matter what's inside.

Luckily your first thought happened to be the correct one. Sitting behind a largeish wooden desk covered in lots and lots of books of various thicknesses and apparent ages, a silver-haired woman dressed in a dark blue dess and wearing a strange blue hat that looks like the combination of a bento box and a traditional Japanese building, a woman who you can only assume to be the teacher writes something on some papers. She looks quite absorbed.

"Um." You attempt to get her attention.
"Hmm?" She looks up from the paper at you.
"How can I help you?" she asks. You notice her looking you over. Well, you do appear to be dressed differently from everyone else you've seen.

Right, Cirno.
"Well, I was wondering if you'd teach Cir-"
"No." She finishes your sentence. That's a bit rude.
"...Yeah, that's her name. Cirno."
"I wasn't finishing her name for you, I was saying 'no.' No, I will not teach the ice fairy. She's too much trouble, and no matter how hard I try it won't work anyway."
Well, that's disappointing.

"But I'm the strongest!" Cirno exclaims as she stands up and slams her hands on the table.
"Oh? I'll be sure to tell Akyu that her encyclopedia is wrong, then."
"Yeah!" Cirno doesn't appear to pick up on the teacher's sarcasm.
Well, this isn't working. But you can probably find a way to reason with her, right?

"I'm sure you can find time to teach her." Wait, no. That's probably not true. She's a teacher.
"The only time I have free time..." She trails off.
"Anyway, no. You can teach her yourself using whatever outside-world technique enables teachers to have the free time to teach idiot ice fairies." Keine's words are cutting and harsh. The sarcasm smashes into you like a fucking brick house floating down a river of acid.
Wait, outside world. That's not the first time you've heard something like that, you think. Didn't Reimu say something about something?

"What's this about the outside world? Reimu said something about me being from there, but promptly told me to beware of youkai and to get out of her shrine without telling me anything more. What's that all about?"
"Well, you probably irritated her. Most likely by bringing a troublesome ice fairy into her shrine."
Cirno isn't very well-liked around here, is she?
"Well, I guess I ought to explain things if she hasn't." She lets off a sigh. The irritation that was showing on her face disappears.

"This place you are in now is called Gensokyo. It was sealed off from the outside world generations ago by the Hakurei Barrier to protect the balance of the world and prevent youkai from just disappearing. Outside, faith has begun dropping in the existance of youkai-" And Keine goes on with an explanation of the apparently short history of Gensokyo. If you hadn't already befriended an apparent ice fairy and been attacked by a monster that can burn ropes off of its hands without even getting singed, you'd find it hard to believe.
"-such weak spots in the border let people through quite often, mostly in places like Muendzuka, a ways north of here. That's probably where you entered from."
What? No, you suddenly awoke in a field just east of here.
"What? No, I suddenly awoke in a field just east of here. With my brand new laptop broken."
"...The field, you say? That's odd. That's a bit of a distance from any weak points in the border for you to have fallen through. Well, there's always the possiblity that Yukari got bored again or something. If so, you could alwa- Ah!" She suddenly exclaims mid-sentence.
"Look at the time! It's already four o'clock! I need to get these tests graded! I shouldn't have let myself get distracted so easily! Now I'm going to have to stay late. Argh." Keine appears saddened.
"And I was planning on visiting a friend too." Oh. Shit. Suddenly you feel bad.
"Ah, sorry. We should get going then."

Back on the street, it seems to have gotten just a bit busier since you entered.

"Ah!" Cirno floats off of the ground. "I have to go do something! I'll be back, wait for me!"

And like that, your only companion leaves you.

Well, standing here like an idiot won't do anything but make you look like one, so deciding on the next course of action would be prudent.

[ ] Residential area.
[ ] Farms.
[ ] market. (Specify what to look for.)
>> No. 12286
[X] market (cloth)

To keep people quiet.
>> No. 12287
[X] market (cloth)
>> No. 12288
[X] Market. (Condoms/Contraceptives)

Hey, if Keine won't teach Cirno then we're going to have to at some point. And oh the things we'll teach her.

And if the market doesn't have any of those, well, hey, they're not strictly necessary.
>> No. 12291
[ ] Residential area.
Nothing to do.
>> No. 12294
[X] Market. (Cloth, Condoms/Contraceptives)

These men have plans. Very perverted plans, but still plans.
>> No. 12295
[x] Market. (Cloth, Condoms/Contraceptives)

Also Jerl, I think you missed the proofreading stage. A lot of gems in that update like

"I thought you were the strongest, Cirno. If that's true, you shouldn't be afraid of her headbutting you. And she always tries to teach me things! Someone once told me something like 'innance is strength'! If I learn things, I'll get weaker!"

where Anon and Cirno's lines got mixed together
>> No. 12316
Right, the shopping district. You really could do with some supplies. You only have a knife, some candy, and an empty, useless Zippo lighter. If what Keine told you was accurate, this isn't enough. You're going to be stuck here for at least a few days. From what Keine said, Reimu should be able to open the barrier and send you back through, but you seem to have irritated her last time you saw her. Perhaps if you hadn't made stupid comments about her sexy, lickable armpits she might; but you failed to keep your fantasies inside. Because of that, you're now stuck in this place, sectioned off from the rest of the world, with less stuff than you'd normally carry walking to a convenience store to buy dinner. Clearly you need more stuff.
But the problem arises of not having any stuff you're particularly willing to part with to give. If you could find some cheap stuff, you'd be willing to do away with a few pieces of your candy to buy stuff. It's really good candy too, you should be able to trade it for at least some bread. However, you're not at all willing to give up the whole bag. For some reason, it feels like it's too useful, and it also feels like it'll be useful in other situations. Like if you ever get attacked by a youkai again. You could tempt them with a huge bag of candy and hope that either they're dumb enough to know that they can get them anyway by killing you, or civilized enough to accept it as a bribe not to eat you anyway.
Well, of course, there's always the possibility of offering your help for whatever it is you're trying to get from them. But would they trust you?
Bah, worrying about it solves nothing.

You begin your walk towards the market area. The walk there goes by rather uneventfully. The houses all look rather plain and simple, nothing extraordinary or beautiful. Other than that one mansion you passed by, but that was a completely different case from the rest of everything else. Mostly this small village feels like a small village, nothing more and nothing less.

You arrive at the market and find there to be many, many stalls with various foods and tools. You walk by them idly, looking for anything that is cheap and that you could use. There is lots and lots of farm equipment, as well as lots and lots of meat, grains, and produce. However, none of this is particularly important to you at this very moment. For some reason, you find yourself wanting rope. And cloth. And for some reason you can't pinpoint, condoms. That last thought goes straight out the window, however; the chances of finding condoms here are near zero. Instead, you look into the other two ideas.
You come across a shady-feeling stall ran by a shady-feeling man selling merchandise that is definitely shady. For some reason, this shady man chose to hide almost all of his face. All you can see is his golden eyes staring into your soul.
Among his merchandise you find everything you were looking for. By chance, this man happens to have just exactly what you wanted in stock- a nice binding rope of quite good quality, some cloth that could be used to gag someone, and what you didn't expect to see, a box of condoms. There's also a very small black bottle of something and what looks like an old, small medical kit. THe kind that only has a few bandages, some alcohol swabs, and some antiseptic. You idly open it to look inside, and find that instead of stick-on bandages it contains a roll of gauze bandages. Well, that's to be expected, and not necessarily unwelcome.

"So, uh. Are you going to buy anything?" the vendor behind the stall inquires. His voice sounds faked, like he's talking in an octave different from his usual tone. Really, this man is quite shady.
"Well, uh. Here's the thing. I happen to be what Keine described as an outsider. I don't have any local money, and I don't have that much to barter. Unless you'll take money from the outside world."
"Oh? Money from the outside world is fine. I know someone who will buy it from me for a price."
That's convenient. You have a bit of money left inside your wallet. This makes everything a lot easier.
Pulling out the wallet from your pocket, you open it and look inside. There's a $10 and a $20 bill. Well, you can't assume their face value will have any affect on what you'll be giving this guy.
Hmm, what to get. You're severely less limited now. Maybe they could take your various cards off your hands? But if you ever go back, that would be a hassle. Best to make it a last measure.
But in any case, everything here is interesting. The bottle... You need to find out its contents.

"What's in the bottle?"
"Well, Y- ...I mean, my supplier called it 'lighter fluid' and said it was used to burn things."
Lighter fluid!? Awesome! This means that either he'll buy your lighter, or you can buy this and get some use out of it yourself!
How odd, though, that everything and exactly everything present is something you recently thought about wanting or needing. Well, this whole place is weird. Maybe the contents of the shop magically dynamically change for what the person looking needs. Whatever.
"I'll give you this for all of this." You pull out both the $10 and $20. It's probably useless anyway, might as well give both.
"Ah, ten dollars is enough. Really." Well, okay, that's good for y- Hey, wait. How does this vendor know what dollars are?
Before you can ask, however, the $10 bill disappears from your hand. Looking up, the whole stall has disappeared, leaving behind a small paper bag. Looking inside, you find the stuff you just purchased.
Well, great.

After finding an empty spot on a bench in what seems to be the village square, you refill your lighter and take a look over the rest of your new equipment.

A hunting knife. A bag of delicious candy. A now-full Zippo. A bottle of lighter fluid from which half of the fuel has already been poured. A length of rope. A bit of cloth. A box of condoms. A bandage box. And a towel.
Wait, a towel? When'd that get there? Oh well, never look a gift horse in the mouth and all. Then again, that's what Troy did, and they ended up getting beaten. But every man needs a towel, and it was apparently free. Win-win, nothing to complain about.
You shove all of your stuff back in your backpack and set it down on the bench next to you.
You decide to take a moment to rest and think. man, this has been a fucked up day.

After a while of sitting on the bench, you realize that sitting on the bench for any longer might not be a good idea. There's nothing to do on the bench, and you can't stay on the bench forever. It's probably been about an hours since Keine said it was 16:00, so it's probably best to try and secure a place to stay before anything else. Or maybe dinner should be first. But one of those two, you have to choose between them.

[ ] Attempt to find a place to stay.
[ ] Attempt to find someting to eat.
[ ] Attempt to find something to buy (specify)
>> No. 12317
[X] Attempt to find someting to eat.

>> No. 12318
[X] Attempt to find a place to stay.
It's necessary.
[X] Attempt to find something to buy (A big, red candle.)
A must for BDSM user.
>> No. 12319
[ ] Attempt to find someting to eat.
>> No. 12320
[x] Attempt to find a place to stay.
[x] Attempt to find something to buy (A big, red candle.)

We chose this power set so we must play to its strengths!
>> No. 12330
[x] Attempt to find a place to stay.
[x] Offer to work for your room and board.
>> No. 12345
[✓] Attempt to find a place to stay.
[✓] Offer to work for your room and board.
>> No. 12348
[x] Attempt to find someting to eat.
>> No. 12421
[x] Attempt to find a place to stay.
[x] Offer to work for your room and board.
>> No. 12426
There's not much you can do. The only things left are eating and going to sleep. Since you probably won't be able to buy any food, due to not having the right money and not really have anything to trade for it, you're going to have to survive off of the candy for tonight. Luckily this candy is really, really full of calories. You can't make candy this good without it being massively unhealthy to eat too much of.
But there's the problem of sleeping left over even after deciding that. Once again, you have no money to rent a place to stay. However, sleeping on this bench would not be a good idea. You can't stay here forever. Sleeping outside, you might get mugged, robbed, or kept awake by some troublesome kids who snuck out of their house to bug the new guy sleeping on a park bench. Yeah. You need to find a place to stay.
And the shrine's right out. It took far too long to get here, and you got attacked on the way. And you only survived due to some great luck that you're sure you don't have any of left. Then again, you never believed in luck; however, the probability of surviving against a monster like that girl twice while unprepared is rather low. Hell, you got shot by a tranquilizer dart. If that happened again, how are you to know that whoever it was wouldn't be smart enough to keep your backpack a good distance away, or kill you for sure while you're still asleep? And what if you ran into one of the stronger youkai Keine talked about, one of the ones who don't even need traps? You'd not stand a chance. Not at all. And Keine isn't likely to let you stay with her. It's too late to ask, anyway. She might even be in bed. From what you hear, teaching children is tiring. Waking her up would be rude.
So you've got to find a place to stay, and you don't have enough money to rent the place. What should you do?
Well, unlike with goods like foods, it's not easy to stay a night, promise to pay back or work for stuff, and then leave. They'd make sure they got their pay from whatever method you would use to pay them before even letting you leave. Renting a hotel room with the promise to pay back sounds like a good idea.

Getting up off of the bench, you sigh. This isn't the best day for you. And it doesn't seem to be getting better.

Walking down the street, you find it to be quite empty. This isn't the same street as the market, but you can assume that the market even would have had lots of people leave already. The sun is beginning to set. It must be about six o'clock. It does seem a bit strange the the sun is setting this early in August, but whatever.

Ah, a person! And she's walking this way, too! You can ask her where to get a room for the night. It's at least worth a try;.you haven't the slightest clue. It's not like you can read the signs above all the buildings; they all happen to be written in Japanese. You can recognize maybe ten characters, and only because you know the words they combine to form. In other words, the signs are completely useless for you.

The girl gets closer. As she nears, you can make out details of her appearance. She's wearing a mostly blue dress with pink and white accents. Her hair is short and blonde with a pink hairband. She's carrying a large book, and there appears to be a doll floating next to her.
The doll is floating.
Well, whatever. It's a doll. You've seen much stranger things today. And she doesn't seem creepy. That much.

When you get close enough to talk, you call out to her.
"Hello." She continues walking without stopping. That's rude. Is everyone here in Gensokyo rude? Well, that vendor you bought stuff from wasn't rude, just shady.
"Uh." You attempt to get her attention again.
She stops walking and turns towards you.
"What?" She asks completely neutrally.
"Well, I was wondering if you could tell me where I can rent a room. I'm new to this Gensokyo place and I, uh, can't read Japanese."
She looks at you for a moment with eyes that are filled with, well, neutralness. She seems to be trying to judge what kind of person you are. As if telling a bad person where to rent a room is a very very bad thing that she wouldn't be able to stand doing.
After another moment of looking you over, she begins to speak.

"Well, you could stay at my house, I guess. As long as you don't make a mess and come up with a way to pay me back for any food you eat, I don't care."
Well, that's quite nice of her. It's really nice. You will have to pay her back sometime for helping you out so generously.
"Oh, really? Thank you very much. I don't have any money, so I was worried about finding a place to stay."
"That's fine." She, still neutrally, turns around and begins walking again.
Wait, are you supposed to follow her?

Well, deciding to do just that was a good idea. You'd have never figured out where she lived otherwise. She walked straight out of the city and started going down a path leading into the forest from the opposite direction you came from. After about a half-hour of walking, you decide to find out exactly where she lives. This seems quite far off for someone to live. Does she perhaps live in a different village? She can't possibly live alone in the forest.

"So, uh. How much further till we get there?"
"About ten more minutes." She uncaringly replies. She seems a bit unsocial. Well, that doesn't really matter. As long as she's not a serial killer or anything, you should be fine. And she doesn't seem like a serial killer.
Wait, isn't that one of the signs of someone being a serial killer, them not seeming like one?
...It's best not to think about unimportant things.

After a bit she turns down a smaller side-road leading into the forest. After a longer bit, you arrive in front of a solitary house in the middle of the forest.
...No, this can't be her house. You just decided that her living alone in the forest wasn't possible.

You were wrong. She walks up to the door, pulls out a ring of keys, and begins unlocking the six or seven deadbolts holding holding the door closed. Is she that conc-wait, that's reasonable. She's in the middle of a forest, that many locks should be able to keep out most youkai with similar strength to the one you fought earlier.

"This is it." She steps inside, same neutralness as always. Her doll follows her inside immediately afterwards.
Well, that's enough of an invitation for you.
You walk up to the door, and walk...right into it.


>> No. 12427


Ow. That hurt. You didn't expect it to be closed, so you walked into it full speed. Which is odd, considering that the exact moment you walked into it, it looked like it was still open.
You open your eyes that you seem to have closed as a reaction to the pain and take a look at the door. Yes, it's quite a solid door. But...Only one deadbolt? There were six or seve-
WAIT. This is YOUR door. The one to your apartment. It's got your apartment number in brass letters near the top and a peep-hole you can look through to see, well, barely anything.
You try the door and find it to still be open. You never had a habit of locking your door when you're just going out to buy something, especially when your computer doesn't work.
So, hold on. Does that meant that that whole thing about that Gensokyo place was all a hallucination?
Looking back out the door, you see the sun setting. Looking at the clock on your wall, it agrees: it's about 7:00.
...That was one LONG hallucination. Wouldn't someone have called the police or something if you were standing outside your door that long?
Wait, you don't have a brand new laptop in your hands. And your backpack feels a bit heaver than usual.
Removing it from your back, you look inside and find it to have a nice, high-quality rope- something you definitely didn't have before. There's also that bit of cloth and the medical kit, as well as the small bottle. All things you bought from that shady vendor.
You can put the pieces together. This means you really were in that Gensokyo place, and suddenly aren't any more.
Well, that's good enough an outcome for you.
Stepping inside the apartment, you head to the kitchen and start on a simple dinner of cup noodles and beer, then go to sleep. You're tired. You've walked miles and miles and barely ate all day. You fall asleep almost instantly.


To be continued after intermission.
>> No. 12428
File 122930559369.jpg - (52.60KB , 383x400 , intermission21.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 12429
You wake up on your chair.
Gah, you shouldn't have let her convince you to drink last night. It never turns out well. Your alcohol tollerance is, well... A couple of those tiny cups usually used for drinking sake will get you smashed.
You can remember up to the point where you'd drank a half bottle. After that, everything's blank.
Oh well. You can guess what happened after that. Everyone continued partying without you, neglecting that you happened to be out cold.

That all aside, your whole body is telling you to kill yourself. Your head is pounding so hard it feels like an oni is smashing an organ pipe with a warhammer using all its strength and you've been nailed ot the inside with the back of your head glued to it.
Yeah. Painful.

That girl, she's too troublesome. The fact that she makes you drink every time there's a party means that this happens far too often.

Well, that girl. She's been your best friend for too long to refuse. What's it been, 50 years? Such a long time already. But you've had lots of good times with her. Like that time a few months ago when you accidentally set off one of those weapons you've been buying. That hurt a lot, but it let her exercise her ability to speed up healing. It wasn't quite enough, though, we still ended up going to Eientei to get the shrapnel removed. While there, the owner of the place kept saying something about her being a ripoff of a character from some game from the outside world, but when you asked her about it, the only similarity was the name. Everything else- her physical appearance, personality, and, well, everything was different.

But that doesn't matter. All that matters is GETTING RID OF THIS PAIN JESUS CHRIST

Somehow you pull yourself up out of the chair and move into the kitchen. You down a cup of water. It's the only thing you can really do to get rid of the pain. Some people would say to drink a little alcohol, but that would just get you drunk again. No need for that.


You've been sitting in agony for a couple hours now, and finally the hangover disappears enough to be managable. Last night's party, it was to celebrate what's going to happen today. And what's going to happen today will only happen if you make it happen. And you just so happen to be not sitting here, not making anything happen.
Well, that means it happens to be time to make something happen. And you just so happen to be ready.

[ ] Make it happen immediately. You don't really need help, it'll go smoothly even without HER.
[ ] Go see HER, she'll be a big help. It might even be impossible without HER.


Post your vote for this with the vote for the main part. And DO vote, it's importatnt and has an affect on how shit plays out in the main game.
>> No. 12431
[ ] Go see HER, she'll be a big help. It might even be impossible without HER.
[ ] Towards the shrine.
>> No. 12432
>What's it been, 50 years?

Oh you

[X] Go see HER, she'll be a big help. It might even be impossible without HER.
[X] Into the forest.
>> No. 12433
Holy shit long fucking update jesus christ AND I HAD TO REPOST IT DUE TO SOMETHING STUPID


You awaken in the morning to your alarm clock buzzing. Huh, funny. You thought you broke it and never got it replaced.
Sitting up in your bed, you look in its direction. Sitting on top of the broken remains of your old alarm clock, another alarm clock is doing that annoying alarm clock thing that makes you wake up before you want to. You don't know how it got there. That doesn't matter, though. You could care less about that. Stranger things than this happened to you yesterday. Your worries instead shift to your computer. You need a new one. And you probably don't have enough money after yesterday to buy one.
But you can't simply sit here! Instead of that, you've got a plan. Before moving out, you and your parents moved all of your stuff to a storage locker. Your old bed was too big to realistically fit in your apartment, so you bought a smaller one. In the process, you bought all the other furniture you needed, and decided to buy a new computer at the same time. This means that everything you owned before moving out of your parents' house is in a storage locker somewhere. You'll have to look through all your bits of paper with things written on them to find out.
You look towards your desk.
There are probably sixty such papers.
A groan escapes your lips.


Alright, you've found the proper bit of searching. Just your luck, it was the last bit of paper left undisturbed. Well, it was on the very bottom of the pile.

After about an hour of traveling by bus and foot towards the storage locker, you find yourself in front of it, key in hand. Opening it up, you find that it is remarkably full. Stuff you don't fucking own, specifically two large wooden crates, are jammed in with your stuff. Whatever, it's your parents' storage locker. They can put whatever the fuck they want inside.
After a bit of digging, you find your old computer. This should be good enough for your purposes.


Getting it home was a fucking pain. You had to carry a computer box far too far. You couldn't quite set it down on the floor in the bus either. The bus was completely full. To the point where the aisle was packed with people standing. It's Sunday, they must have been going to church or something. Such a useless thing such as that causing them to cause such an annoyance for you... Well. That's unimportant too, you guess. It's only a passing inconvenience.
You find yourself at home and setting up your old computer in no time. Luckily you have USB-PS/2 adapters, since there aren't enough ports on this to waste with a mouse or keyboard. Once you've plugged everything in, you press the button to start the computer.

It comes to life with a light buzzing noise that an old hard disk will tend to make. It's a bit of a comforting noise, reminding you of times before you had to live on your own. Before you had to keep a job, and before you had to pay your internet bill. Before you had any worries about falling back through a hole into Gensokyo.

After a few minutes, the old Celeron processor finally gets the Windows XP login screen up. You enter your password and log in.
After yet another few minutes, your computer has started. MSN Messenger starts up immediately after the important programs, namely antivirus and firewall software, start. Just as you're about to fire up Firefox, a little window pops up asking you if you want to add a contact.

八雲 紫

That's what it says the name is. You remember yesterday and being unable to read any of the signs everywhere. You feel a headache coming on.
Well, whatever. Doesn't matter. Your contact list is cluttered with two-year old contacts that you never talk to anyway, might as well add this person. You click the button to accept the contact add.

Immediately a message window pops up.

八雲 紫 says:

... says:

八雲 紫 says:
You sure are slow getting your computer running, you know? I've been waiting for you since last night. I didn't even go to sleep.

That's a bit creepy.

... says:
...Okay. Who are you?

八雲 紫 says:
Someone you will meet quite soon. Listen, I need to take you back to Gensokyo. Something's about to happen, and you need to be there. It seems like you being there slows her down, and slowing her down enough for Reimu to find her and stop her is something that needs to be done.

... says:

八雲 紫 says:
Well, even if you don't understand, it doesn't matter. In a couple minutes, I'm going to be taking you back to Gensokyo, whether you want to or not.

The tone that rings when someone signs off plays, and the notice saying "八雲 紫 appears to be offline. Messages you send will be delievered when they sign in." is displayed.

...Fuck, you didn't want to go back. You promised Cirno that you'd go back, but you don't really want to. You're home, man. No more worrying about your stuff.

Well, might as well get prepared. You grab your backpack. You pull the Zippo and hunting knife and put them in easy-to-access places: your belt ran through the belt loop on the knife and the lighter in your pocket.

A couple minutes later, a...hole in space appears before you. It's purple and filled with creepy eyes. From the hole emerges the blonde-haired head of a woman.
"Here, walk through this gap here." She points her head to the side, where another "gap" opens.

"...And what if I don't want to?"
"You want to. And if you don't want to, well... Trust me, you want to."

Well, that was an effective thread. You take it seriously and step through the "gap."
It's quite a different sensation from the last two times. The last two times you just suddenly were in a different place than the instant before. This time you feel like you're passing through something. You are completely enveloped by the eyes just long enough to notice before falling through the hole on the other side.
And fall you did. When you entered before, you were facing forward. This time, however, you were pointing straight down and a good five feet off the ground.

"Have fun~!" the woman's voice comes through the closing gap.

You take a look around. The surroundings are familliar. You're at the place on the path where Cirno ran off into the forest at. That means the shrine isn't too far. The village should be a walking distance away as well.

Well, you've got to choose a direction.

[ ] Towards the village.
[ ] Towards the shrine.
[ ] Into the forest.
>> No. 12434
[x] Go see HER, she'll be a big help. It might even be impossible without HER.
[x] Towards the shrine.

Who's Reimu looking for?
>> No. 12435
[x] Go see HER, she'll be a big help. It might even be impossible without HER.
[x] Towards the shrine.

What the fuck happened while I was gone? Seriously...
>> No. 12441
[X] Go see HER, she'll be a big help. It might even be impossible without HER.
[X] Towards the shrine.

I don't know what's going on anymore.
>> No. 12499
Yes, HER help would be greatly useful in this situation. You're not sure if you could convince Reimu without her, and she's surely got enough firepower to be reliable for help in most situations.
Convinced that this is the correct logic, you leave your small house and leave for your destination.


Annoyance. This is the first emotion that forms once you fully calm down from the shock of suddenly falling out of the sky. Whoever this Yukari person is, they sure seem like a pain.

Well, trying to go towards the village through either direction wouldn't be that smart of an idea. You don't know the way there concretely, and you are at least a bit scared of running into that same youkai. Who knows what she'll do to you if you don't miraculously save your own life once again. It's not like you simply tied her up and left in self-defense.
Ah, well. That doesn't really matter. What matters is taking the final available option. Which happens to be heading back to the shrine.

So you do just that. Traveling goes mostly smoothly. Along the way you ran into a small girl who you could accurately describe as a fairy despite being much smaller than the person you know for sure is a fairy. She ignored you, though, and flew back into the woods. Looking the way she went, you find there to be a whole group of them in there.
You left them alone, though. No sense bothering them. There's only a couple results you can expect to get from something like that. They could all suddenly decide to swarm you and rip you to shreds, they could play pranks on you, or they could ignore you. None of the above possibilities sound very appealing. Much less than getting back to the shrine
Back to the shrine to do...what, exactlY? Ask for help? Ask for a lift to the village? Stare at Reimu's delicious armpits? That all seems so trivial. Well, the justification for choosing this direction is obviously the fact that the other directions weren't better.

After not much more walking, you reach the steps leading up to the shrine and begin climbing them. It's amazing how much difference the direction you're traveling on stairs can make- you didn't even really notice they were here going down them with Cirno, but now they're blatantly obvious. You're not in bad shape, but you're not in particularly good shape either. Climbing the stairs is at least a bit of a bother.
Eventually you reach the top, however, and find Reimu sweeping around her donation box.
Good, this means you don't have to enter her home uninvited. But you still need to talk to her, at least.

"Hey, Reimu." You make use of your vocal chords in Reimu's direction.
She looks up at you from her sweeping.
"Ah, it's you. I must say, by coming here yourself you made my life a lot easier. Now I don't have to track you down to beat you into submission."
Reimu sure seems chee-WHAT.

[ ] Uh-oh, this can't be good. It'd be best to just leave.
[ ] Beat you into submission? Not going to happen. Well, not without you putting up a fight.
[ ] Try and find out what the hell is going on.
>> No. 12501
[x] Yell out "Yukari told me to come here and help you" as fast as you can while maintaining dechipherablity and RUNNING LIKE HELL
>> No. 12507
>Who knows what she'll do to you

She'll take us to her family for a shotgun wedding, and then we get to name the baby~

[x] Try and find out what the hell is going on.
>> No. 12509
[x] "Wait, beat me? Shouldn't you get some ropes and candles first?"
>> No. 12511
[x] "Wait, beat me? Shouldn't you get some ropes and candles first?"
[x] "P-please be gentle, it's my first time."
>> No. 12512
[X] Try and find out what the hell is going on.
>> No. 12513
[x] "Wait, beat me? Shouldn't you get some ropes and candles first?"
>> No. 12517
[x] "Wait, beat me? Shouldn't you get some ropes and candles first?"

Let's get killed by Reimu again. Should be fun.
>> No. 12524
[x] "Wait, beat me? Shouldn't you get some ropes and candles first?"
[x] "P-please be gentle, it's my first time."
We lied, of course. It's not our first time.
>> No. 12592
Beat me, Reimu? Are you out of your mind? You're completely ill-equipped for such a task. What does she have, just that little stick? That's not enough. It surely won't satisfy either of you. You can't let this be.
"Reimu, you want to beat me? Aren't you a forgetting a few things?"
She just stares at you.
"Shouldn't you get some ropes and candles first?"
And with this, you can just see the rage wash over her face. You're not sure whether you really meant that or were just trying to irritate her, but you succeeded quite wonderfully if the second was your intention.s
"You... You..." She steps forward. "I don't even want to reason with you now. Burn in hell!" and with this, Reimu charges at you full-force.
Of course, you can't let yourself just die here like this, so at the last minute you swiftly move out of the way. She stops just past you, and quickly attacks again with a spinning attack with her gohei. You duck just in time for her to miss.

"...Alright, I thought that since you're from the outside world, I could resolve this without resorting to spells. But you're too troublesome, and I'm pissed. Spirit Sign 'Fantasy Seal -Spread-'!"
From Reimu's hands erupt dozens and dozens of what look like Japanese paper charms. Floating in the air. Or rather, flying, at high speed. There are also some large balls that look like a spherical yin-yang symbol.
Remembering fighting with Cirno earlier, you do your best to dodge them. But your best isn't enough, and you get hit quite a few times. Well, it hurts, but you don't recieve any physical damage. It feels like you're hit by a large brick when the yin-yang orbs hit, but no matter how much it hurts it seems your body isn't damaged.
Either Reimu is holding back because she knows you're weak, or Cirno was being careless and letting her attacks be dangerous. You're pretty sure getting hit by those wouldn't have resulted in just a bit of pain. It would be a lot of pain, and blood.
After a few minutes of this, she suddenly stops.

"You going to cooperate now?" She shouts at you hostily.
"Reimu, where's my candles and ropes?"
She stands there, looking at you boredly.
"There are no ropes or candles, idiot. Stop being an annoyance and go back to the outside world where you bel-"

Reimu is interrupted by a large blast of energy smashing into her from the side. A huge... is it a laser? Wouldn't surprise you at this point. It hits her from the side, knocking her on her down.
You look to the source of it. A green-haired girl wearing a red plaid skirt floats in the air pointing a parasol at Reimu.
"Reimu, I thought she told you to kill him."
"Y-Yuka? What the hell are you here for? Get back to your flower field and stop inter-"
Before she can finish, she's interrupted by the sound of a jet aircraft taking off. Or at least it sounds like it. The sound actually happens to be another one of those large beams, pointed in your direction.
You barely avoid it. To get out of the way, you jumped to the side and slid on the ground.

"Oh well, it can't be helped. Even by lying you can't properly be controlled." Yuka sets the parasol on her shoulder, apparently ignoring you for now.
"Lying? Lying about what?"
"This man here did nothing wrong. That was all a lie. We were just trying to make you kill him for us so we didn't get interrupted with what we were doing. Oh well, we finished it anyway. Now quickly move out of the way so I can kill him."
Reimu's glare is filled with more anger than she showed you the whole fight.
"Yuka. Get the hell out of my shrine right now."
"What are yo-"
"NOW." Around her, a bunch of those yin-yang things form.
"Stay out of my way." Yuka points the parasol at you.
And it falls to the ground, along with the rest of her arm.
"Gah. Reimu, don't make this harder on yourself." Out of the ground, a bunch of vines start growing, tangling Reimu up like ropes.
"I see the ropes arrived, then." You step forward. You can't even understand yourself why you're trying so blatantly to kill yourself.
"Oh, trying to be brave, are you? It's useless, you'll die just the same." dropping to the ground, she picks up the parasol with her good hand.
"Where are the candles, Yuka." you state forcefully. Reaching into your pocket, you grab hold of your Zippo.
"I don't know what you're talking about, but walking towards me so briskly is just asking to be killed." She smiles evilly at you.
"Or are YOU the candle, Yuka?"
Before she can finish her single word, you dash forward with both the knife and lighter in hand. Knocking her to the ground, you somehow hold her down.
"Look at Reimu over there. She's tied up so perfectly, but there's no hot wax to pour on her."
"Is something wrong with your brain?" She glares at you. In an incredible feat of strength, she frees herself from your grip and quickly grabs you by the throat, holding you above the ground. The sticky red wax of her fingers digs into your throat.
"Well, it doesn't matter. That brain will soon cease to exist."
But you don't pay attention to the rest she says. What has your attention is the green wick its head. It's odd, you've never seen a candle with a green wick before. You're sure they exist, but it's just so odd. It's not even christmas, why are they using a green wick with a red candle? It's too much contrast, and it hurts your eyes.
Wait, you remember. In the past, you've bought candles with a bit of wax on the wick to make it light better. So if you just light the wick, the wax will melt and the wick will stop being green. It'll ease the pain on your eyes.
You carefully lift up the candle before you and light your Zippo. You always hated having to angle the candle instead of the lighter when lighting them with a Zippo, but it can't be helped. This lighter isn't meant for candles, it's meant for cigarettes. But it will still light them.

The wick wasn't covered in wax, though. It was actually green from being green. That's odd. But it's not green any more, it's black. No more problems.
You quicly carry the candle over to your partner and begin to pour the wax on her bosom. Except it's not liquid. Instead of melting, it's...Burning? It's turning black. Why? Shouldn't it be melting and giving your partner the delicious pain she longs for?


Goddamnit why was this so long it wasn't supposed to be this long
>> No. 12597

Wait. Did we just set Yuka's hair on fire?
>> No. 12625
I think we set a lot more than just her hair on fire
>> No. 12627
Ugh. Blame the lag, the shitstorms, and Tsukihime for this taking so long to get put up.
Suddenly you gain a massive, painful headache. It's like one personality is trying to take control of your current one. But failing. Only managing to force a tiny bit of its existance into the dominant one's thought processes.
You open your eyes. Before you, you find Reimu glaring at you like you did something horrible, tied up in Yuka's vines. And Yuka, her head burnt black and not movi-
No. This is too similar to that scene before in the forest with that youkai. You remember removing her panties, and cumming inside of her. For some reason, the memory that should be there, of you raping her, is replaced by something to do with a blanket and meat buns. That's just like right now. You don't remember lighting Yuka's head on fire. What you remember was trying to light a candle for the purpose of pouring hot wax on someone who was tied up. Why? Why are your memories, and most likely your conscious thoughts, replaced by these falacies? To tell the truth, it's bothersome. Not because it means you're crazy. You've known that for a long time.
The true reason being that it means you missed out of something awesome. You'd like to have felt the satisfaction of lighting Yuka's head on fire as the satisfaction of lighting Yuka's head on fire, not a failure to light a candle.
Ah, yes. It's not that bad to be crazy. No, you embrace it. What's the problem? It's only helped you so far. So why are you even worrying about this?

"Oi. What the hell are you doing? Do you expect me to finish her or something? She's dead, stop showing her broken face to me already." An irritated-sounding Reimu breaks your reverie.
"Ah. No, just showing off my kill. She didn't bring any candles."
"...Yeah, Yuka was right. There's something wrong with your head. But if you can kill her like that, it's worrying. Well, you did seem to catch her a bit off-guard, but whatever. Unless you can prove that you're not going to be using that power to rape random youkai in the forest or something, I'm going to have to send you right back."

Shit, shit, shit. You already did just that. So how do you prove it? There's no way to prove it. None at all. But Yukari said you're needed here. Something about slowing down a "her" enough for Reimu to stop her. You don't really care, but from the way Yukari threatened you earlier, you get the impression going back would be a very, very bad idea. But how do you prove your innocence? It's not your fault that suddenly something snaps in your head. Well, maybe when you raped that youkai it was your fault in the first place, but that doesn't matter. If you were going to do that again, you probably would have done it with Yuka before killing her. Yeah. But Reimu won't believe that. What to-

"Ow, fuck." you swear at the sudden intense burning pain coming from your right pocket. It feels someone dropped a piece of metal they were smithing in your pocket before letting it cool. It really, really hurts. Of course, you're going to grab it and remove it before you need to go to a hospital for the injury.
As soon as your finger touches the object, it suddenly stops being burning hot. You'd just leave it alone if it weren't for the fact that the object is something you never, ever carry around with you. It's a note.
You pull it out of your pocket, and open it up.
"Is this somehow supposed to be proof?" Reimu irritatedly asks. But you ignore her.
"Duck <3" that's what the note says. ....<3? A heart? Someone loves ducks? Someone's lovingly telling you to duck? The product of D*u*c*k is less than than 3?
On its own, your body interprets it as a warning to get the fuck on the ground. You do just that. Just in time to avoid Yukari smacking you in the head with a paper fan.

"Ah, Reimu. I see you seem to be having troubles recently. Don't bug this guy, he's helpful for you. Even if you make him leave, I'll bring him back myself. He's that important. Now, go make some tea. We've got things to talk about." Yukari disappears back into her gap.
Reimu's irritated glare that she fixed on Yukari disappears. She sighs.
"Well, if Yukari says not to bug you, there's no reason to. I'd like to make you stand out here while Yukari and I drink tea, but she won't let me. Let's go inside.

Inside, Reimu makes tea. It's delicious tea, a nice strong green tea.
Meanwhile, Reimu and Yukari talk about some circumstances you don't know anything about.

"Reimu, you know that friend of Keine's who always seems to help at the village? The one who loves reading?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Do you remember her less-social friend?"
"A little. Why?"
"She just recently found a way to move things in and out of Gensokyo, from two specific points that seem to be somewhere in the middle of the field south of the lake and this guy's apartment. She also appears to have gone nuts. I don't know what exactly she's planning on doing, but for some reason the fairies recently have been behaving really weirdly. Suddenly large groups of them will attack random people walking around outside of town. Usually they're easily waved off like usual, but recently some of them have been carrying weapons from the outside world. There have been a couple deaths caused by this. Usually I'd go and make her stop myself, but I don't know where she is, and you're more used to these kinds of things, Reimu. Oh, and this guy. If you send him back, it's helpful for her. I don't exactly know why, but him being here slows her down."
What!? In your name? Your address? Fuck, she didn't ruin your credit, did she? That would be fucked.
"I see." Reimu responds boredly. Hey! This isn't a small thing!
Yukari nods.
"But he can't stay here. I don't trust him."
Well shit. Last time you tried to find a place to stay, you walked into your apartment door.
"Well, Alice already offered to let him stay at her place last night. I'm sure I could convince her to let him stay there longer."
"...I see. Well, there's also Remilia's place. This guy's nuts, so he may get along with her sister. Also Eientei, Eirin might be able to medicate him or something."
"What, you have a problem with insanity, Reimu? Didn't it save you back there?"
"...Whatever. That doesn't matter. Just make him leave."
"Fine, Reimu. Be cold to a poor guy who just had his ability to live in the outside world ruined." Yukari turns to you. "Hey, of the places we just talked about, which sounds the best?" She asks you with an impressive smile.
Hmm. Alice's house... You don't really want to impose when you don't necessarily have any reason to be there. Remilia's place sounds a bit dangerous the way Reimu described it. And you just earlier embraced your insanity, so you don't want drugs messing with it.
What to do?

[ ] Alice's house.
[ ] Remilia's place.
[ ] Eientei.
[ ] Insist that Reimu let you stay here.
>> No. 12628
[ ] Eientei.
>> No. 12629
[x] Insist that Reimu let you stay here.
Insanity. Fire. Shrine. Sounds familiar, somehow, I wonder~ I wonder~
>> No. 12630
[ ] Eientei.
>> No. 12631
[X] Eientei.

Nightmare Mode Eientei should be interesting.
>> No. 12632
[x] Insist that Reimu let you stay here.

>> No. 12634
[w] Remilia's place.
>> No. 12636
[x] Needle-time, er Eientei
>> No. 12637
[x] Insist that Reimu let you stay here.
>> No. 12642
[X] Remilia's place.
>> No. 12655
[X] Eientei.
>> No. 12659
[X] Eientei.
>> No. 12691
Welcome to chapter 1.
You don't want to lose your insanity, but...
It sounds like a hospital. Or at least a pharmacy. You're sure that it's at least a nice place to be just because you'll be so close to help if it is needed. It might not be much, but it's a security. Getting along with someone's sister because they're insane... That's a bit dangerous. Who knows if you'd even last a night. That's scary. And Reimu's too irritable it seems. You wouldn't get along with her well enough to stay here. Alice seemed nice enough, but something about her was faintly creepy. Sure, when she's your only option, it sounds perfect. When you have other choices, though, she just isn't as good as the one you've chosen.
Well, the place you really want to go is home, but...

"Hey, Yukari. I have the perfect place for you to take me."
"Oh? That's a bit odd, you haven't been around much. What could this place be?"
"...My apartment."
"Denied~" she denies your request musically.
"Denied." Reimu simultaneously denies your request quite firmly.
"Argh. Eientei then, I guess. This time, try not to make me fall so far."
"Ufufufufu." Yukari mischeviously laughs. "I'll give you a nice and comfortable landing then~" Something sounds off about her voice.
But before you can think about exactly what it was, you suddenly find yourself falling again.
This time your landing is much softer. You seem to have landed on some pad of sorts, meant for landing on. Or maybe sleeping on. Either way, it's not as painful.

You take a moment to look around. It appears you've landed in a bedroom of some kind. Which means you landed on the bed. Ah, no. It's a futon. Which means Yukari really didn't drop you that far.

You realize your hand is pushing against something soft. Soft and warm. That's odd, what's something soft and warm doing in a fut-

You almost yell out in surprise when you realize she dropped you in someone's bed just right so you ended up with your hand on a delicious flat chest. God damn it Yukari, you'll pay for this later.
Looking down at the person you have accidentally started molesting, you find her to be a small girl, just a bit older-looking than Cirno, with black hair and white bunny ears. She's wearing pink pajamas with a carrot pattern on them.

Shit. Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit.
If she wakes up, you might find yourself out a host, and perhaps dead. This is bad.
You quickly remove your hand from her chest. Part of you wishes you hadn't, but that's the same part as what led you to raping that youkai.

But what to do? This is critical. Fuck.

[ ] Wake the girl up.
[ ] Sneak out of the room sneakily.
[ ] Wait for the girl to wake up.
>> No. 12693
[ ] Look for panties.
[ ] Sneak out of the room sneakily.
>> No. 12702
[x] Look for panties.
[x] Sneak out of the room sneakily.
>> No. 12714
{X} Look for panties.
{X} Sneak out of the room sneakily.

>> No. 12717
[x] Look for panties.
[x] Sneak out of the room sneakily.

What could possibly go wrong?
>> No. 12737
[x] Look for panties.
[x] Sneak out of the room sneakily.
>> No. 12739
[x] Sneak out of the room sneakily.
>> No. 12801
Thanks to Tetrominon, who helped a bit.
Also thanks to migraines, for giving me an excuse to write this painfully slow.
Well fuck, this isn't good. Then again, it's not particularly bad, but that does not mean it's good.
Wait, no. This goddamn sucks. Yukari dropped you in a room you're unfamilliar with, on top of a bed someone you don't know is sleeping in. It's like she's trying to get you killed. Killed by a cute little bunny girl, but that's still getting killed. And this leaves only a few options. Waking the girl up. That's obviously a bad idea. She might get the wrong idea and kick you in the nuts or something, then get you thrown out of this place into the wilderness to get attacked by another youkai. That's a path you'd rather avoid. The next option would be to wait for her to wake up, but that's bad for almost the same reasons. There isn't any place to hide in the room either, so if she wakes up you'll get caught almost instantly. And besides, you're not sure you'll be able to control yourself from doing something stupid to this cute sleeping rabbit. That's not good, not good at all. The remaining option would be to sneak out of the room.
And of course, this is the best option. It's the least dangerous. It really doesn't seem like you'll get killed for avoiding confrontation like this, and it's just overall the best option.
But it's also a bit boring. You feel a need to do SOMETHING before leaving.
What? What's that something?
See if there's any loose panties laying about.
You check the room as thorougly as you can without risking waking the girl up or taking too long, and find... Nothing. Either this girl doesn't wear panties, or she's very particular about where she keeps them. Either that or the laundry was just recently washed and that's why there's none laying around. In any case, there's none to take, so it's time to leave.
Stepping over to the door, you put your fingers on the handle. Something feels somehow off. Like opening the door is a bad idea. But that's fucking dumb. You haven't follwed your instincts when they were dumb much in the past and there's no reason to start here.
You quickly slide the door open and step through.

Unluckily for you, another rabbit girl seems to have been just outside the door with a basket of laundry, and you've knocked her over by carelessly walking into her.

Well, now you've got a situation to get out of.
"Uh, sorry. Need a hand?" you offer her your hand. She takes it, and you pull her up.
You briefly look her over. She has deep red eyes and light-purple hair that reaches to her hips. You notice that she's dressed oddly for someone in this place, wearing a formal white shirt and a red tie with a carrot ornament on it. Her long white ears appear crumpled, like if they were paper and someone gripped them in their hand.

She doesn't let go of your hand, holding it firmly as if not to let you go away.
"Alright." She takes a breath. "Who are you? How did you get here? Why are you here? What were you doing in Tewi's room? Did Fujiwara send you? Are you hear to steal things?" She assertively hits you with a volley of questions, holding her firm grip on your hand.
"Uh." It takes you a second to form a response to her rapid-fire interrogation. "I'm John, a woman named Yukari dropped me in the bed in that room, I have no clue who this Fujiwara person is, and I don't even know if there's anything here to steal."
She looks you over for a minute, as if trying to decide whether you're telling the truth or not.
"...I don't believe you. I'm going to take you to Miss Eirin so she can decide what to do with you." In a quick movement, she pulls you down the corridor strongly enough to make your arm hurt. After a few minutes of almost running through the corridors, she suddenly stops in front of a Japanese-style sliding door. You weren't expecting this stop, and had to use emergency measures to prevent yourself from knocking her down again.
She knocks on the door, then stands patiently waiting for it to open while you rub your arm.
"Come in!" a feminine voice sounds from inside. The rabbit girl opens the door and puls you inside.
Inside, a silver-haired woman wearing a rather odd red and blue outfit closes up a book she seems to have been writing in.
"Ah, Reisen." She pauses for a moment. "Who's this?"
"An intruder. I found him exiting Tewi's room. He claims to have been dropped in there by Yukari."

"Oh, I see. Reisen, you may leave."
Reisen steps out the open door, closing it behind her.
Miss Eirin turns to you.
"Have a seat." She points towards a chair sitting off to the side. Following her instructions, you slide it in front of the desk and sit down.
"Now, who might you be, and what were you doing in my pet's room?" She asks with a normal-sounding tone, but her demeanor is paralyzing. It makes you feel like if you do something wrong, she'll turn you into a test subject or something. It's quite threatening.
"I'm John. Yukari dropped me in there. I don't really understand why myself."
"Oh, I see." She opens a drawer in her desk and reaches her hand in, as if to grab something.
"You know...", she says with an audible ellipsis, "it's not good to lie to someone who can break your mind in a manner of minutes. And it's even worse to lie to her employer."

With a thump, she slams a syringe and a metal ampoule onto the desk.

"Now, I'm going to ask again. What were you doing in Tewi's room?" She inserts the needle into the ampoule and pulls the plunger, flooding it with an amber-colored liquid.
"Uh, like I said. Yukari dropped me there. I don't know why."
"I see. Reisen!"

The rabbit girl rushes into the room.

"Restrain him please."
"Yes, Miss Eirin."

With considerable speed, Reisen has you strapped into the chair quite tightly. You can barely move.

"Now, you've got one more chance to tell the truth before I MAKE you tell the truth. Why were you in Tewi's room?"
"Goddamnit, I told you why I was in Tewi's room! What the hell do I have to do before you stop suspecting me of being a thief or whatever you think I'm here for? Fuck!"
This is quite irritating. It's getting on your nerves. And even if she injects you with whatever truth syrum she's about to inject you with, she'll get the same damn answer. That is, assuming it really is a truth syrum and not some sort of poison.
...That's a worrying thought. Reimu said she could medicate you into sanity. You're pretty sure that means she could medicate you into even further insanity, if not just plain death.

"Alright, since you're not going to cooperate on your own, I'm going to have to go all-out with this. Reisen, make sure he doesn't somehow break the chair or something." She says with a smile that's, well, the same kind of smile you'd probably wear if you were about to defile the innocence of something. It's a bit disconcerting.

>> No. 12802
"Yes, miss Eirin." Reisen grabs your arms quite tightly.
"Roll up his sleeve."
Reisen complies, rolling the sleeve of your shirt up so that your upper arm is unobstructed.
"Now, this will only hurt for a moment. After that, the pain won't matter any more."
She pulls a small packet out of her pocket and opens it. Inside is a small cotton swab that she swabs your arm with. Ah, probably rubbing alcohol or whatever it is they use to disinfect to insert a syringe.
"Try not to twitch too much; it'll just be a pain for both of us." she slowly, painfully pushes the needle of the syringe into your arm. Well, not really that painfully, but it still hurts more than if she just stuck it in and pulled it out.
"Alright, almost done." She pushes the plunger in all the way.
"Good. You're now vaccinated. Reisen, give this man a room."
"What!?" Reisen vocalizes your reaction for you. That's quite convenient.
"Yes, this man is a guest. Yukari came by just before you brought him in and told me to mess with him a bit before giving him a room. She didn't explain why, but I don't doubt her. She usually means good, or else she's doing something amusing that's fun to take part in."
If you could move your arms, you'd facepalm. Wait, no. Screw that. You'd slam your head on her desk.

The sound of a palm meeting a forehead tells you that Reisen once again acted out your reaction for you. Really, you have to thank her after this.

"...Alright, I get it. I will assign him a room then, Miss Eirin."
"Thank you, Udonge." You can feel contempt from behind you. Eirin is smiling warmly, however.
"And make sure there's a spot for him at dinner too."
"Yes, Miss Eirin."

You feel Reisen's soft fingers on your arm as she undoes the straps holding it in place. She goes on to the next one, then to your legs. When she's done, you're capable of moving once again. However, your arm, the one that Eirin injected that...vaccine into, isn't going to be very useful for a while.
"Come with me." Reisen states neutrally. You comply, and she leads you out of the room and into the hallway.
You walk alongside her as she leads you through the large building.
"Um." Reisen starts talking as you walk along.
"Sorry for not believing you. I'm in charge of the security here, so I had to be cautious. Your story just sounded too convenient, so I thought you had to be lying. Ah, here's your room." She stops in front of another sliding door and slides it open.
"I'll go get whatever stuff you might have left in Tewi's room. Uh, if there's anything missing, be sure to tell me. Tewi can't be trusted."
That's not good to hear. You just woke up in her bed.
"Anyway, just wait in this room for now. I'm sure Kaguya is going to call a meeting to meet you and ask you the same questions Eirin and I both asked you. If you go off wandering, it wouldn't be good. And you should get settled in your room anyway. But I'm too busy right at the moment to sit and socialize, I've got to go clean up the clothes you made me spill all over and hope Tewi didn't mess with them too much."
With this, she closes the door.
...Eh. Might as well do what she says and sit here waiting for something to happen.

In the time waiting, you decide to take a look around the room. It's mostly empty. The futon is rolled up and stored in a closet. Other than that, the room is mostly empty. There's some folded yukata in a drawer, but they probably don't fit you and you just plain don't want to wear them anyway. You like your normal clothes.

Just as you're done examing the room, you hear a knock at the door.
You get up to answer it, and find a small girl with rabbit ears holding your backpack. After you've taken it from her, she quickly runs off to do whatever it is small rabbit girls do in large mansions.
Remembering Reisen's warning about Tewi and being able to trust her, you check inside. Everything's there, but in different positions. Looks like she went through it and either didn't find anything interesting or isn't as untrustworthy as Reisen had said.

Another knock. You get up and open the door and find Reisen on the other side.
"Kaguya-sama called a meeting like I had predicted. Please follow me." Reisen is back to being formal it seems.
"Alright." Nothing you can really disagree with.
You follow her just as asked into what appears to be the sitting room of the mansion. Eirin, Tewi, and someone else who you assume to be Kaguya are sitting at a kotatsu. She has long, silky black hair
There appear to be two spots open at the kotatsu. One across from Kaguya and one right next to Tewi. Sitting next to Tewi doesn't really sound like a good idea, so you take the seat across from Kaguya. Reisen sits next to Tewi.

>> No. 12803
"Alright, we're all assembled now. Time to get on to business. Who're you, why are you here, and why were you molesting my pet?"
Yeah, same stuff Eirin and Reisen asked you, down to the-wait.
"...Molesting?" Reisen asks while shooting you a glare.
You ignore her and answer Kaguya's questions.
"I'm John. I'm here because Yukari gave me three options of where to stay while she holds me captive here in this strange land full of magic and little fairy girls with razor-sharp ice wings, and this one seemed like the best one. As for the molesting part, I have absolutely no clue what you're talking about." Your response this time is more wordy, because you're not trying to keep yourself alive this time.

"I see. But she was quite descriptive on how you were touching her. I don't think even she could make that up."
This is making you nervous. Was she awake at the time? That's worrying.
"Well, I don't particularly mind unless it's doing anyone harm. Reisen, you shouldn't either. Tewi's older than you, treat her like it. She doesn't need you to protect her from perverts." The way she says that makes you flinch. Reisen glares at you again. This is uncomfortable. It feels like Reisen hates you now. That's not a good thing.
A mischievous grin appears on Tewi's face. Is she planning something? This can't be good, not at all.

"But why exactly is she 'holding you captive in this strange land full of magic and little fairy girls with razor-sharp ice wings' in the first place? It seems a bit odd. And I'd normally expect her to keep you in Mayohiga if she were going to keep you here. Do you have any idea?"
"Not one. She hasn't gone into specifics, and it seemed to me like she didn't know the real reason herself. I remember her saying something about fairies acting weirdly and using outside world weapons, and for some reason someone wanting me either dead or outside of Gensokyo and me being alive and inside of Gensokyo slows them down doing something for some reason. It all makes no sense to me. I don't really care either, I just want to go home and live my normal life."
"Oh, I see. That's troubling. She didn't give any reasons when she asked me to let you stay here. I'd really like to know why. Oh well. Eirin, how's your medicine stuff doing?"

And with this, the conversation shifts to something you are completely unable to follow. For quite some time, they talk about their own matters, such as feeding the rabbits and how well Eirin's newest drug is selling. Not that well from what you can tell. After some time talking about these subjects, Eirin excuses herself.

"Well, I've got some experiments to finish. Sorry to leave so suddenly, but it's quite complex stuff that I'd like to get finished as soon as possible."
With this, Eirin stands up and leaves the room.
"Well, I guess we've been chatting for long enough now. I guess I'll be excusing myself now as well."
Kaguya stands up and leaves the room.
"I have to go make dinner." Reisen directs the statement at no one in particular/
Reisen stands up and leaves the room.
Tewi stands up and leaves the room wordlessly. She seems to be plotting something. This makes you scared.
Well, you're now alone in this room with no one to keep you company. Sitting here like this is a bit boring, finding something to do would be best. Eirin seemed too busy to bother her, so that rules her out. You don't really want to track down Tewi. You don't trust her. Helping Reisen prepare that dinner is an idea, maybe you could make her stop hating you. But then, you'd like to go outside and get a breath of fresh air.

[ ] Help Reisen in the kitchen.
[ ] Go outside for a bit.
[ ] Go see Kaguya.
>> No. 12807
[x] Go see Kaguya.

Dat hair.
>> No. 12815
[X] Help Reisen in the kitchen.
>> No. 12820
[ ] Go see Kaguya.
>> No. 12823
[x] Grab the backpack from the room (in case we don't have it with us).
[x] Inventory
[x] Go see Kaguya. Ask if there is anything you can assist them with, preferably something not too dangerous.

Let's fill up the quest log with a few simple tasks before we try getting close to anyone in particular. Gives us a good excuse to explore the place without looking too suspicious. Apparently, in nightmare mode, everyone starts to hates us by default. This might be trickier than befriending Cirno, though.
>> No. 12833
[x] Grab the backpack from the room (in case we don't have it with us).
[x] Inventory
[x] Go see Kaguya. Ask if there is anything you can assist them with, preferably something not too dangerous.

I think the only one who really hates us right now would be Udonge, and the rest are somewhat indifferent. Though Tewi's standing can be easily determined by how lethal her traps wind up. We could easily swing her over to our good books probably though with a good apology and buttering up.
>> No. 12837
voting this.
>> No. 12838

Vote properly. Jerl's being a lazy ass and not counting that as a vote for some reason.
>> No. 12839
[x] Grab the backpack from the room (in case we don't have it with us).
[x] Inventory
[x] Go see Kaguya. Ask if there is anything you can assist them with, preferably something not too dangerous.
>> No. 12871
[x] Grab the backpack from the room (in case we don't have it with us).
[x] Inventory
[x] Go see Kaguya. Ask if there is anything you can assist them with, preferably something not too dangerous.
>> No. 12889
I've had a flowchart for a while now. I just now decided to start doing something using it that makes sense given the recent format I've been using. I'll post each scene separately. There's often multiple scenes per update. I'll post them when I'm done with them.

Scene 10
Inventory: Backpack (Bag of candy, half-full bottle of lighter fluid, rope, box of condoms, bandage box, towel), Zippo, hunting knife, note, marble
But seeing Kaguya is a good idea too. One you'd like to go with. She seemed interesting earlier, and you really don't know her very well. Taking a walk outside sounds like a good idea, but that's not very beneficial when you could be getting to know your hosts. Which is something you'd like to do. Reisen seemed to be in a bad mood, and you'd rather not make her in a worse one by bugging her more.
But the problem of not knowing the location of her room is, well, a problem. How does one find out such information?
Well, generally by asking someone, obviously. But there's no one in this room to ask, which means you're going to have to find someone. If Eirin's busy and Reisen hates you, that leaves... Tewi.
...Not good. She might lead you to a storage room and lock you inside. That's really not a good idea. Not at a-goddamnit this fucking note.
The sensation of being stabbed in the leg with a white-hot knife covered in salt erupts from the location in your pants that is approximately the position of the note.
You remove the goddamn note from your pants and the pain is immediately gone. Your dislike of Yukari just went up.
Might as well read the note.

"Kaguya's room is right in front of you. <3"

"...What? No it isn't. The table is in front of meEEEEEEEE" you say just before falling through the floor.

You land on your knees in the middle of a hallway. In front of you is another sliding door.
"...God damn it, Yukari. Thanks." You mumble to yourself as you stand up and knock on the door.
After a few moments of waiting, the door slides open, revealing the beautiful Kaguya. And, less noticably, a few computer screens glowing in the darkness of the room.
"Oh, come in. I'll make some tea." She re-enters the dark room, and you follow, closing the door behind you.
The room suddenly lights up, revealing that the room is, well... It's clean, but given the nature of the prevailing decorations and such, you can guess that Reisen has at least a hand in keeping it that way. It basically looks like the room of your average otaku, only quite organized and orderly. To your right is the living part of the room, where her bed, furniture, and computers are kept. To your left is a room decorated quite differently, much more like the sitting room. It's a mostly empty space with a kotatsu and tatami flooring.

"So, what brings you to my room?" Kaguya asks while setting down a tray with a teapot and two cups on the table.
"Well, I was without anything to do, and thought that getting to know my hosts better would be a good idea."
"I see. It is indeed a good idea. I'd like to get to know my guest as well." She pours herself a cup of tea and takes a sip.
"I have to say, after coming in your room, my image of you has changed. I really didn't expect computers."
"So you know about how technology is uncommon here, did you? Well, Eientei is an exception. The Kappa are another exception, but they don't seem to have many computer-type things. They source their electricity from generators, we source ours from our rabbits."
"I see. Rabbits. Earlier you said something about feeding them. Did you domesticate a bunch of rabbits to run dynamos?"
"Not quite. The rabbits are all youkai."
"Youkai? You mean like that thing that attacked me?"
"I wouldn't know about what may have attacked you, but it probably wasn't very much like our rabbits in any way other than being a youkai. There are lots of types of youkai. Not all of them behave the same. Some, like our rabbits, won't attack unless to defend themselves."
"Oh." That's a bit reassuring. Now you know you probably won't become rabbit food in your sleep. Unless that's what Tewi was planning.
You shudder.
"Oh, are you cold? I could turn on the heater."
"No, I was just thinking about what Tewi must be planning. When she left the room earlier, she looked like she was scheming."
"Ah, don't worry about her. She's not very dangerous. Unless you get on her bad side, her pranks will only result in some short-term inconveniences."
Ah, that's quite a bit reassuring.
"...Am I on her bad side then? She DID accuse me of molesting her."
"Only if she was telling the truth when she was accusing you. If you really did molest her, maybe. If not, probably not. She's a bit hard to understand."
"I see. " You decide to pour your cup of tea now.
"So tell me your story of what's happened to you since coming here to Gensokyo."
"Alright, well. Yesterday I woke up in the morning and found my computer dead. That's a bad thing for me, since my computer is my life." Kaguya nods. "So I go to the electronics store to buy a laptop. Everything goes just as planned, until I walk through my apartment's door. I found myself laying in a field south of a lake. I decided to go north, where I met Cirno, an ice fairy. I manipulated the fact that she's an idiot-" Kaguya nods. "-to avoid getting accidentally impaled by her flying icicles of death. After that, she took me to Reimu's shrine, where we immediately got kicked out and sent to the human village. When we got there, I tried to get the local school teacher to begin teaching Cirno, which didn't really work. After that, Cirno had to do something somewhere and left me in the middle of the village. I decided to find a place to stay. On my way to the center of town to ask people about it, I met a girl with a floating doll who offered me a place to stay. I accepted. When I got to her house and started to walk through her door, I instead walked head-on into the door to my apartment. I decided to just ignore everything that happened up until then and sleep. In the morning, I decided to get my old computer out of storage. When I got it running, Yukari contacted me over MSN and forced me to come back. She dumped me a bit north of the shrine, so that's where I went. I got attacked by Reimu due to a misunderstanding, and while she and I were fighting, we got attacked by some bitch with green hair and an umbrella." The image of a candle comes to mind. "I lit her up like a candle, and then Yukari gave me the choice of going back to the house of the girl who offered me a place to stay, going to a Remilia's place and entertaining her insane sister, or coming here. I chose here, and woke up in Tewi's bed. You know the rest."
"I see you've been busy. Say, that green-haired girl. Did you catch her name?"
"I think it was Yuka."
"...Hmm. It seems like an incident is occuring, and I don't even know about it. How annoying."
You take a sip of your tea.
"Well, I ought to tell you about myself too."
She tells you about herself. About how she's basically Kaguya-hime from the old Japanese story, only instead of returning to the moon, the envoy sent to bring her back was all killed and she escaped and eventually ended up in Gensokyo. About how the daughter of one of the princes she gave the impossible requests to stole the elixer she had left to the emperor as it was being sent to Mount Fuji to be burned and drank it, becoming immortal. About how the two of them have been fighting ever since then.
"Oh, by the way, if you ever run into her in the future, I'll give you something nice if you bring me her panties. Humiliating her with them would be fun, I think."
Yeah, that definitely doesn't fit with how you originally thought of her. Oh well.

The two of you continue talking about various things after this for a few hours until someone knocks on Kaguya's door.

>> No. 12909
Scene 14
Kaguya gets up to answer the door. After a few moments, she returns.
"That was Reisen. She said that dinner was ready."
"I see. Let's go eat then."
"Indeed." She smiles at you, then walks towards the exit. "The dining room is this way, follow me." She leads you to the dining room.


Alright, you've arrived at the dining room. Inside, Tewi, Reisen, and Eirin are already sitting at a table similar to the kotatsu before, but blanketless and longer. On the table, various food items are laid out. They seem to be a combination of Japanese foods, foods made with carrots, and some strange foods that can only be from the moon. They seem like some sort of colored blocks.
Everything is delicious. You can't remember consuming anything quite so delicious in the outside world.
Dinner passes like you'd expect dinner to normally pass given the circumstances. You engage in more conversation with the residents of the place. Reisen seems to have given up on hating you for some reason. Perhaps Tewi did something to make her hate you less.
...No, that can't be true. It's not possible.
You also pick up during the conversation that Eirin finished her experiments.

Anyway, dinner is finished and you've got to find something to do.
Your first thought is to sleep, but you realize that it's quite too early for that. You should probably go find something to do.

[ ] Visit Kaguya again.
[ ] Take a walk outside.
[ ] Find Reisen.
[ ] Visit Eirin.
[ ] Wander around randomly.
>> No. 12913
[x] Wander around randomly.

Trying to talk to Tewi before she decides to have any fun would probably be a good idea
>> No. 12914
[x] Wander around randomly.
>> No. 12917

Hmm... Should probably append
[x] Look/ask around for Tewi while you're at it
to my vote to make it easier to actually encounter her since there are two choices that creat a chance of encountering Tewi. Why not improve upon those odds then?
>> No. 12918
[ ] Visit Eirin.
>> No. 12935
[X] Find Reisen.
>> No. 12936
File 123069765752.jpg - (189.63KB , 667x1000 , flowchart.jpg ) [iqdb]
Flowchart time. This is only for chapter 1.
I censored shit you're not supposed to see.
>> No. 12937

Any reason you're showing us this?
>> No. 12938
>> No. 12940
[x] Wander around randomly.
>> No. 12947
[x] Wander around randomly.

I wonder if Mokou lives at Eientei in nightmare mode.
>> No. 13009
[x] Wander around randomly.
[x] Look/ask around for Tewi while you're at it.
>> No. 13130
[z] Wander around randomly.
>> No. 13131
Scene 23
The best thing you can think of is to wander around the mansion for a bit, getting to know the place. You're probably going to be staying here for quite some time, it's best to get used to the place. Another purpose of walking around would be to see if you can catch Tewi and find out exactly what she's planning, but that's on the backburner. Doesn't matter enough to actively pursue, but you will do so if you see her.

You begin walking through the hallways. Occasionally you'll see a group of rabbitsin the hallways, but as soon as you see them they'll disappear down other hallways, into rooms, or outside before you get close enough to ask them about Tewi. Seems they're quite skittish. Well, if you were a little girl, you'd be scared of yourself, so it's not hard to imagine these girls doing it.
Come to think of it, why wasn't Cirno scared of you?
...That's right. You weren't that insane then. Just a bit perverted. Something psychiatrists would perscribe drugs for, but that isn't a real mental disorder. Now you're not like that. You have strange metaphoric hallucinations instead of actually seeing yourself do certain things that were already quite insane. Like lighting that woman's head on fire, or raping that girl. It seems your sanity disappeared overnight. Well, suddenly finding yourself in a strange place filled with magical girls isn't that good on the thought processes, especially when you get attacked by them in deadly ways.

In any case, your walking hasn't given you any better information than you already had. Sure, you know where a couple of bathrooms are, but this place is goddamn huge. And you don't particularly want to walk in on someone changing or anything like that. Well, you do, but you have a feeling you wouldn't survive as well as other protagonists of different stories who found themselves in similar situations. And the insanity you were just pondering about might fuck you over even more. One second you're opening a door, the next you're hallucinating about putting batteries into a flashlight and making it light up. But instead of lighting up, it explodes on you and you lose your arms, then the hallucination goes away just long enough for you to realize that someone just killed you.

Yeah, opening random doors isn't a good idea. Not at all. For the reasons stated above, it's too dangerous. There may be a few doors you'd risk opening, but they'd have to be quite interesting to cause that. Something like one with a sign on it that says "FREE BOOZE" or "PUBLIC COMPUTER ROOM." Or this one here.
It calls for you. It definitely calls for you. For one, it's the only door which you can see light coming through the paper of. For another, you hear a television inside. And the final point, the door is just a little bit open already and from this angle you can see a pair of panties cast aside on the floor.

Oh, damn. You're thinking in thesis format. And on top of that, your fear came true. You're acting on a bit of your insanity. This is craziness, barging into a girl's room because you saw panties laying around and got an urge to take them. And with them being on the floor, it's likely that she's currently changing. But your body won't stop, no matter how strongly you try and make it.
Alright, you're in front of the door. If you don't stop yourself, you're going to barge in without knocking. Concentrate, focus, etc.
Alright. You stopped yourself in a fit of sanity. Hopefully you won't have another fit of insanity. You might burn down the whole mansion or something.
Quickly, you knock on the door before your body can take control. You're not likely to be able to just leave the place, but it's best to let the person inside know that you're coming in, right?

>> No. 13132
"Eh? Who is it at this hour? Well, come in." A feminine but tomboyish voice shouts from inside. You comply automatically, sliding the door open and stepping inside.
Laying on the floor, watching a small television, is a girl dressed in a shirt that looks like it was originally white but covered in soot, and striped blue panties.
She turns to face you.
Finding you not to be who she expected you to be, she stares for a moment. Either this means you're about to die, or it means nothing.
"...Who're you?" Her voice isn't necessarily hostile, but quite questioning.
"Uh. I'm John."
"...Oh. What do you want?"
"Well, uh. I heard the television and started to wonder who was in here and how they got the electricity and signal for a television in a closed-off bubble world."
"Ask Eirin. Or that bitch Kaguya. I don't fucking know. Hold on, let me put my pants on."
She picks up a pair of rather poofy red pants off of the ground, and slides them on, holding them up with suspenders.
"Alright, since you aren't dead yet I take it you're not here to kill me. Which means I can probably trust you." Her expression goes serious. "Right?"
The wording she chose made it sound like a threat. It's best not to get yourself killed.
"Good. I'm Mokou." She holds out a hand , as if expecting you to shake it. You're not sure if customs here in Gensokyo are the same as in the outside world, but you don't want to leave her hanging. You shake back.
"Now tell me all the lies she's told you about me, and I'll tell you some truths about her."
"Kaguya? Well, she told me that you were hotheaded, tomboyish, flat-chested, and-"
She interrupts. "Flat chested!? I have bigger ones than her!" she rages. "Argh, that bitch!" Hmm, looking at it... Yeah, you're pretty sure she's more developed than Kaguya. Not by very much, however.
"Next time I see her, I'll have to- Eh. Whatever. I'm tired of this. I don't give a fuck anymore." A sudden shift to apathy gives you whiplash. "Haaah, this has gone on too damn long. Recently I've been thinking about how stupid it is to get worked up over stuff from so long ago. Yeah, I still hate her, before you ask. I just don't care anymore. It's annoying." she stares at the table.
"So what's your story?" She suddenly becomes cheerful. You're almost ready to attempt to make g-force a standard of measurement for mood swings. "You're not from Gensokyo, are you? You're dressed all funny and stuff." She's quite straightforward.
"Yeah, I'm from the outside world, as it's called here."
"What was it like?"
"Well, uh. Different from Gensokyo. There's a lot more technological stuff, like televisions and computers. And there's no fairies with ice wings." Even though you've seen much stranger, your first experience with something abnormal like that in Gensokyo will always be the example you give.
"Oh, you met that idiot Cirno? Heh. Calls herself the strongest. I could melt her with my weakest spellcard. In seconds."
...Damn. And you barely stood up against Cirno. You really, really don't want to get in a fight with this girl. And you don't want to get in one with Kaguya either, if they've been fighting each other for so long.
"So how'd you end up here in Gensokyo? Yukari decide to fuck with you or something?"
Hmm, Yukari must be pretty famous around here. And not in a good way, you suspect.
"No, but she forced me to come back when I fell back outside. And she didn't really tell me anything that makes sense for an explanation for how I got here in the first place."
"Oh? It wasn't Yukari, but she brought you back? Suspicious. Usually she won't bother with anything that won't help Gensokyo as a whole unless it's entertaining. Ah, wait. That's right. The fairies have been actin' weird. Burnt down my yakitori stand while I was sleeping. I didn't wake up until it was already lit on fire, and by then the only thing I could do was beat them until they imploded. And that's why I'm here, it was the closest place and I get along alright with everyone except Kaguya."
Ah. You were wondering exactly what she was doing here in the back of your mind.
"Yeah, that was definitely weird. They've never done anything like that before. I've had small groups of them attempting to do it with their weak magic, but never with an outside world tool that I'm certain they wouldn't be able to figure out how to use. Hey, what's this thing, by the way?" She reaches into her pocket and tosses something at you.
Looking at it, you find it to be a Zippo lighter similar to yours, but with a polished chrome finish. It also appears to be brand new, no real scratches on the finish and the hinges don't feel worn at all. You turn the flint wheel only slightly and it gives off enough sparks to light it five times over. Brand new flint too, it seems. And it's fueled.
"This is a lighter. I have one myself." You pull your own Zippo, colored red, out of your pocket. Compared to this one, yours is quite worse-for-wear; scratches all over the finish, the hinges have a slight horizontal movement, and if you pulled out the insert and pulled up the flap to get at the cotton inside, you'd find it to be a bit of a mess.
"Brand new, too. Did you get this from the fairies?"
"Yeah. I also found an empty yellow bottle with a blue cap laying by the cart after the fire went out. It was made of that strange material stuff from the outside world. Eirin called it plastic. Said it contained an accelerant, but I have no idea what the hell she was talking about. It sure as hell didn't make my cart any faster."
Heh, if you're right, that was Ronson lighter fluid. Cheap stuff, but it works alright if you're not picky. You yourself are picky, except earlier when you bought that bottle of fluid from that salesman.
"So anyway, after that, what happened?" She asks. You tell her the whole story up to this point, including Kaguya asking you to steal her panties.
"Heh, a dumb request like that? And here I thought she was serious about hating me. I tell you what. You can take that pair over there, as long as you make sure to steal a pair of Kaguya's to replace them with." She motions towards the pair you had originally seen through the cracked door. I bet she said she'd give you something, right? Pull it off and I'll give you something too. Unless you're scared or something." Her eyes tell you she's challenging you. Challenging your masculinity. You can't take that from her, can you?

[ ] Yes, you can. You're too scared to steal a pair of Kaguya's panties.
>> No. 13134
>> No. 13135
>> No. 13136
>> No. 13137
>> No. 13191

no regrets
>> No. 13219
Scene 24/24A
This woman, she's challenging you. As if she thinks you're not able to carry out such a simple task as she asks. Who does she think she is?
Scared? How the hell could you be scared? Such a simple thing, you've done much more dangerous things before and survived! Yeah, like when you lost your mind and lit that woman's head on fire! There's no way you're going to let something like fear stop you! You've got nothing to lose in a situation like you're in! Well, you could lose your life, but you really, really don't think that's how Kaguya would react.
And you're too damn sneaky when you need to be to get caught.

"Mokou, are you trying to pick a fight or something? There's no way in hell I'm scared of doing something like that. I'll go do it right now if you want."
"Oh? Be careful. I probably know how she acts when angry better than anyone. Watch yourself, or else have words to back up your pride."
"Feh. You'll see." You get up off of the floor and walk out the door.
"You better have whatever it was you were going to give me ready by the time I get back."
She laughs at you. You leave, slightly angered.

The anger dissipates during the walk to Kaguya's room, thankfully. Wouldn't want her getting suspicious.
You knock on the door.
After a minute or so, it slides open.
"Ah, come in." Kaguya invites you inside warmly. You accept her offer, and go to sit down at her kotatsu.
"So what is it that brings you here this time?"
"Well, I was bored, thought I'd see what my host was up to. Kaguya, what have you been doing to pass the time? I was spending it exploring the place, getting a mental map of the hallways."
"Ah. I was sitting at my computer, reading these CYOA things. Someone decided to write thier update really weird, as a person telling someone about an update for the story rather than just a direct telling of what happened. It was annoying to read, but at least it made the story move, you know?"
"..Yeah. I have no idea what you're talking about."
"Eh, doesn't really matter. Ah, I should make some tea." Kaguya seems to be in a really good mood somehow.
"Ah, thanks."
You idly talk about random things waiting for the water to boil. Specifically, computer related things. Kaguya offers to lend you one of her computers for your stay here, but you politely turn her down. You never felt comfortable using someone else's computer. You'd like to get your computer back, but that's not happening.
Your pocket buzzes. It feels quite a bit like a cellphone would if it were set to vibrate, only just a touch stronger. You do the thing you always do when someone calls you in the middle of a conversation: reach in your pocket and press the "hang up" button. Only with there being no button, it's more like you randomly poking at the note until it shuts up.
Hopefully it has voicemail.

The teapot whistles as the water begins to boil. Kaguya takes it off the heat and pours it into two cups, each containing loose tea leaves of a variety you wouldn't be able to identify. You thankfully accept your cup when Kaguya offers it to you, and take a sip.
The tea is delicious.
But tea isn't what you're really here for! Goddamnit, you're wasting time.
"Oh, Kaguya. By the way." You decide to bring it up now.
You told me to steal Mokou's panties if I ever ran into her. Here they are." You pull them out of your pocket and hold them out.
Kaguya looks at them for a while before pulling them out of your hand. It's probably just your imagination, but her skin appears to have just a tiny bit more color.
"Oh man, what to do with these. I'll have to find her an-WAIT." Suddenly her expression and personality shift. She climbs up on top of the table and grabs you firmly by the shoulders, then asks you quite forcefully the obvious question.
"Where the HELL did you run into her?"
Ah fuck, this won't end well.
"Ah, well..."
"TELL ME!" She practically yells. Goddamnit, not good.
"Well, uh. She was watching TV in one of your guest rooms." Fuck, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck this is bad this is bad this is bad you won't survive this is bad
"Which one? TAKE ME THERE!" She rolls of the table surprisingly gracefully, then grabs your hand and forcibly pulls you up and out into the hallway.
"Take me to her!" This...This isn't the Kaguya you know. You've got to calm her down.
"Kaguya, calm down. There's nothing to get this upset over."
"The hell there isn't! I was having such a good day, until I find out my arch-nemesis has been staying in one of my guest rooms without my goddamn permission!"
You get the feeling that not complying right now would almost be as bad as being Mokou. Erring on the side of caution, you agree to guide her. She calms down just a little bit.
Actually, on the way there, her anger seems to disappear the same way yours did during the opposite trip. Walking is good for the mind, it seems.
You arrive at the door and knock on it. The sound of footsteps approaching the door are to be heard. It slides open, and Mokou notices you first.
"Back so quick, huh? Did she throw you out or-"
Before she can finish the way, Kaguya pushes you out of the way and SLAMS her fist into Mokou's face. Hard enough that she goes flying backward a couple feet.
"The hell that hu- Oh goddamnit. Fuck you, Kaguya!" The smell of smoke and the increased light coming from the room tell you that it's a good time to RUN.
And indeed it is. You just narrowly escaped getting burnt to a crisp as the room basically explodes with fire, causing the paper in the walls to catch fire. Quickly enough, an overhead sprinkler system comes on to put out the blaze, but you're sure it can't put out the flames between Kaguya and Mokou.

From here, it devolves into horrible fighting. This isn't the kind of stuff you videotape and watch again for being a catfight. This is the kind of stuff that, if you didn't know both of them were immortal, would scar you for life. By the time it's over with, Kaguya's right arm has been turned into charcoal and Mokou has had her head caved in onto the floor at least once. They both appear to be just fine, however, if in lots and lots of pain. Eventually they just get too exhausted to continue swinging at each other and collapse onto the ground. Once you stop hearing their yelling, you decide to check on the damage a little closer. The whole room is either black or whitefrom ash, except for Mokou's clothes which don't seem to have burned much if at all. Laying on the ground gasping for air but both visibly perfectly healthy other than the soot covering them are Kaguya and MOkou, both of which have had a large portion of their clothing basically destroyed in the fight. You'd admire it, but you don't have time. As soon as you notice this fact, Eirin comes out of nowhere and pulls you aside.

>> No. 13220
Once again, you get interrogated for the fourth or fifth time during your stay here.
"Alright, I want a few answers. First of all, what the hell are you doing here?"
"Uh, well. That's a bit of a long story. Can I answer it last?"
"No, answer it now."
"...Alright, well. Earlier, before dinner, I visited Kaguya and she told me to steal Mokou's panties and bring them to her, and said she'd give me something in return. After dinner, I wandered around and found Mokou in this room watching TV. When I told her what Kaguya asked, she told me to just take a pair as long as-" you stop yourself so you don't say something stupid. "-I got her a replacement. So I went to Kaguya's room, talked with her a while, then gave her the panties. Five or so minutes later, I'm hiding at the end of the hallway watching them kill each other in many different painful ways and wondering why the fuck I chose such a dumb course of action."
Eirin rubs her forehead with her palm. "...I see. That answers all of my questions, actually, except the one of "why didn't you attempt to prevent the mansion from this destruction."
"...Do you REALLY think I'd last long if I tried to stand between the two of them?" That's got to be the dumbest question you've been asked in quite a while.
"Yes. Recently they've gotten a lot more reasonable, especially Mokou. But I can understand that you didn't know that, so don't worry about it. Now, to make up for all this trouble, you're going to carry them BOTH to the infirmary. At the same time. Get to lifting." she turns and walks out of the room, down the halls towards the infirmary.

>> No. 13221
Scene 25
Man, you made some big mistakes today. Carrying the two girls wasn't easy. While they were both quite far from heavy, it was still awkward trying to ballance them without grabbing anywhere inappropriate. The reason for trying not to grab anywhere inappropriate isn't that you don't want to look perverted, it's that you don't want to make it goddamn OBVIOUS as it would appear. And you still don't trust yourself completely in this kind of a situation.
But anyway, they're both resting in the infirmary tonight. In separate rooms, of course. Hopefully when they wake up they'll get along well enough not to rip and tear each other's not-so-huge guts.
Yourself, you're done. You're ready to go to sleep. Too much shit happened today. Waaay too much. You lay down on your futon and find that sleep comes quite easily.


Your dreams are quite chaotic. At first it seems like you're having one dream, then it feels like a completley different one. And then it feels like both of them, and then suddenly you're lucid.
...Wait, lucid dreaming. This isn't something you're quite used to. You never visited /x/ much, and never cared enough to bother with trying too hard anyway. Your thoughts were that if you suddenly found yourself realizing that you're asleep, cool. Otherwise, don't bother.
In any case, it's quite interesting. Lots of things you can change just by thinking about. You can summon a tiny ball of light into your hand to see into the ever expansive darkness. You can fly, you can float straight through the floor; you can even push your hand through your own head.
The only things you can't do anything about are the small table and the statue of a girl sitting at it. No matter how hard you will it to change, it won't change. It's as if it's a part of your subconscious that you wouldn't be able to change if you tried. Either that, or it's part of someone else's dream.
Eventually after what feels like hours of messing around in this massive dark space, you decide that you're bored and that you want to wake up. Since this doesn't work either, you settle for sitting at the table until morning.
As soon as you sit down, the statue-or rather, person who kept themselves as still as one-begins moving. She holds out her hand, and in it appears a small teapot that appears to hold exactly two cups worth of water. In front of you, a cup containing loose tea leaves similar looking to the ones Kaguya used earlier appears. She pours both of you a cup. You take the time while she's doing this to look her over.
She has short, silver hair. Deep red eyes. Not red like Tewi's or Reisen's, this is completely different. They appear both brighter and darker at the same time, both a dark ruby red and a bright blood red. Thinking about how this works makes your head hurt, so you stop. Instead you focus on her clothing. From what you can tell, it's a long black dress with short sleeves. Compared to most people you've met, it's neither frilly or overly formal. All it really has for decoration is the red bands around the end of her sleeves.

After both of you have taken a sip of the tea, which you can't taste at all, she begins to talk.
"Alright. Since you're here, you should feel lucky. It means I've decided that you're not too bad of a person to just ship out to the outside world where you won't be a problem. But I also decided that that was no fun for either of us. You see, I've stumbled into a point where my plans won't be slowed too much by you being here more than they already would anyway, so I decided that spending it finding a way to kill you would be more fun. But of course, I'm going to leave the option up to you. You get to choose right now: wake up in your bed in your apartment, or choose to wake up in your futon in Eientei. Choose the former and I'll think better of you, even if you get brought back. It shows that you're willing to do the right thing. Choose the latter, and we'll be back where we originally were, no change in either of our opinions about each other. Choose wisely, because it's not like I'll be giving you another chance.
Oh, and I'll answer a single question, should you choose to ask one, if I feel that its's not too much of a bother to answer."

[ ] Wake up in the apartment.
[ ] Wake up in Eientei.

[ ] Ask a question, or don't. Ask a dumb one and you might not get an answer.
>> No. 13234
{X} Wake up in Eientei.
{X} "What are you trying to do?"
>> No. 13241
[x] Wake up in Eientei.
[x] "What are you trying to do?"
>> No. 13244
[x] "What are you trying to do?"
[x] Wake up in the apartment.

Just to annoy Yukari.
>> No. 13245
[x] "What are you trying to do?"
[x] Wake up in the apartment.
>> No. 13247
[x] "What are you trying to do?"
[x] Wake up in the apartment.
>> No. 13248
[x] "What are you trying to do?"
[x] Wake up in the apartment.

I want to go back home.
>> No. 13254
[X] "What are you trying to do?"
[X] Wake up in the apartment.
>> No. 13258
[x] Wake up in Eientei.
[x] "What are you trying to do?"
>> No. 13270
Scene 26
Thinking about it... You don't want to get on her bad side any worse, right? And you DID want to go home. This... Actually, this is probably a good thing. Yukari is GOING to bring you back, you just know it. But this is a situation in which you can make your adversary dislike you less, which is good for everyone. Hell, maybe you could make her like you enough to be able to reason with her about what she's planning. Whatever that is.
...Wait, what is it? You really, really want to know. No one has told you a fucking thing, and it's annoying. Here she offered to answer a question for you.

"Alright, I have a question. What is it that you're trying to do, exactly?"
She grins at you.
"Conquest. I intend to invade and conquer Gensokyo. Of course, I'm not going to tell you how. I'll tell you what I'll do when I'm done, though: Feudalism. At the moment, no one really has control over the humans around here. While that might be good in one way, I'm intent on making this wonderland even more perfect than it already is. And once I'm finished with that? Who knows.
Now about your involvement. Well, your house is the point on the outside world where whatever it is that I figured out how to use connects. I can move things freely from that point to the other point inside of Gensokyo. I can move things to different places limitedly; not very far, and you have to be within range of the big one. I've been using you, your house, and your credit score to get, uh, stuff.
And the reason I want you back there? You just...Get in the way. I'm not going to tell you how, because that'll make it easier on you to stop me. And it may make it worse. And neither of us want that."
All of what she's saying sounds like it's full of good ideas, but... You have no way of knowing whether making Gensokyo a better place is her motive or not. And if it is, you don't know if her idea of "better" is the same as anyone else's.
But... She sounded sincere. And she, your enemy, gave you much more information that your friends have at all. And she gave you the choice to avoid conflict.

"I see. I don't know whether to believe any of that or not, though." She just nods.
"If everything you're saying is true, then I have no problem with what you're doing. I will remain neutral, and I'll let you teleport me wherever you want." She nods again.
"But if I find out that you lied, that's not going to happen. I'll do whatever it is I can to stop you." She yet again nods.
"Now, what proof do you have that what you're saying is true? How do I know you're not just lying?"
She grins again, then holds out her palm. Out of nowhere a card appears, floating and rotating above it by an inch.
"Because I'll give you the means to stop me. This here, I'm sure you recognize it from when you fought Cirno. I was watching. Actually, I was a bit surprised that you survived, but that's not what matters. What matters is that this is a spellcard. In this dream, it can be used as many times as you want. After all, you have complete control over your own dreams when you're the only person dreaming them. However, you're not that lucky while awake. Normally you wouldn't be able to use it at all, but I built in a magic battery that will allow even a magicless outsider to use it. Of course, it only has enough energy for one use. There are people who can recharge it for you, but I'm sure they won't do it for free. In any case, save that until you really need it. And don't damage it either, the drawings and scripting was done by a really good friend of mine, and I don't want her sign of friendship getting ruined. Understand?"
"Then I'll let you have this card for now. I want it back when everything's over, no matter who wins."
"Ah. Thank you." You reach out to grab it, but it disappears into thin air.
"This is a dream, stupid." She says while smiling. "Even if you grabbed it, it wouldn't be real. You'll get it when you wake up." Her face shifts to seriousness again. "So, where are you going to be waking up, then?" She asks. Her red eyes burn into yours.

Hmm. Trust her, and she'll be less likely to hurt you. Distrust her and everyone else will.
Trust her and you get a shiny new spellcard. Distrust her, and you probably won't get anything.
...Trust her and you get to go home, distrust her and you're stuck here in Gensokyo.

"The apartment. I'll trust you for now."
She smiles at you.
"Great! Now wake up so I can teleport you."


Suddenly you're awake again in your futon, Yumou standing over you. She waves at you, and you're suddenly surrounded by green light. Fuck, did she trick you or something?
...No. Now you're in the field. Must be the spot on this side she has to send you through.
Another flash of green light and you appear in your bed.
"Now go to sleep. Think of your whole stay at Gensokyo as a dream. Once I'm done, if I decide bringing you back isn't dangerous, I'll invite you into Gensokyo. But for now, forget this all happened."
With this, you suddenly become really, really drowsy. Or maybe you just stopped not being drowsy; it IS the middle of the night after all. In any case, sleep comes quickly and with barely any warning.

>> No. 13279
>> No. 13280
Scene 27


You're awoken by the sound of that irritating alarm clock. Man, you hate these things. Except when you're almost late for work; then you love them. But it should still be the weekend. Sunday. Wait, is it? Yesterday was a weekend. The day before yesterday was a weekend as well.


Shit, it's Monday. That means you have work.
Or, wait. All of that, it had to be a dream. None of that could possibly have been real, right?


But you're uncertain. It could be that you slept through the weekend. Wouldn't be the first time you slept enough in one day for your waking hours and your dreams to blend together.


...It's best to check anyway.

You peel open your eyelids. They sting slightly from drowsiness. You've never been easy to wake, even after fucktons of sleep.


The alarm clock's annoying noise is ended as you depress the reset button. Forcing yourself up, you look around the room.

Hmm, everything seems normalish. Except... Your computer. It's sitting over there. And your OLD computer is sitting where it originally was, plugged in and running. Its old hard disk from when you were a kid buzzes with a comforting nostalgic sound.
Your backpack is also sitting out. It appears a bit beaten up. It's sitting on your computer chair, and appears full. Huh, you don't remember doing anything with it. Maybe in that dream, but it was a dream. Eh, maybe you just don't remember loading stuff up into the backpack. Like you said, it must have been reality and dreams blending together. If that happened, you might hvae thought you were still in the dream, and decided you needed to equip yourself.
Yeah. That's what happened.

Well, best not to worry about it. You've got only a little time to get ready and go to work. That's how it always is.
You quickly eat breakfast, get yourself ready for work, and grab your things. Your cellphone obviously. Wait, no. It's useless. You haven't charged it recently. Instead, it goes on the charger.
You feel like carrying your lighter around. For some reason, carrying a lighter feels like it would be nice. For some reason you feel like being able to gaze upon fire at any time would soothe you.
While you're at grabbing unusual things to carry with you, you also grab a pocket knife. You'd take your hunting knife, but that's too big. And hard to justify. People don't think twice if they see you carrying a pocketknife, but a hunting knife would make them worried. This knife is almost as good as a hunting knife, though. It's a Buck Folding Hunter, model 110. the type of knife that makes you feel secure and classy at the same time.
On your desk, there's an envelope of some sort. Disregarding its contents, you shove it in your pocket as well. YOu don't remember it being there, and you're going to be bored at work. Might as well read it there.

Time for work.


You arrive at work and sit down at your desk. After signing in, you decide to open the letter.
You do just that, and find inside of it three pieces of paper, as well as a familliar-looking red marble.
You take the red marble out first. Ah, this marble. You recognize it somehow, even though you've never seen it.
The slips of paper come out next. The first one is just a simple note.
"Because you're going to need them anyway. -Yumou"
You discard that one and move on to the next one. A blank piece of paper with a heart in the center.
...Ahh. Guess it wasn't a dream after all, huh?
The next piece of paper is Yukari's note, still in mint condition even after being folded up and shoved in your pocket. No creases oranything. It must be superpaper. Right in the center is that small sideways heart. Well, it'd be sideways if there were text. Without text, the paper is too square for that assumption to be assumable. In any case, it's the note. You pocket all three items, but only after noticing exactly how awesome whatever the note and card are made out of is. No matter how you fold it, it'll never permanently crease. It'll crease untill you bend it back, but the crease magically disappears afte-ah. Magic. Of course, of course.
The note spontaneously catches on fire, then puts its self out. Nothing ended up burnt, but it got your attention.
"Uwah. I wake up and find you back in the outside world. What'd I tell you before? Did she get to you? Well, in any case, I'm arranging for you to take the rest of today and the week off. I'm sure you have enough sick leave for that, right? By the time you finish reading this, you'll be excused from work and I'll gap you back to your apartment so you can gather your things before going back. That means right now. <3"

You're suddenly sitting on your bed, the backpack next to you.
...eh. You don't have anything else to take. The cellphone's dead, and probably useless in Gensokyo. Other than that, you have everything you need.
BUT WAIT. You just got out of Gensokyo. That place gets irritating after a while. It's either boring with nothing to do, or a fucking life-or-death situation where fucking up slightly will make you die. Contrasts like that aren't good for your mental state.

...Yukari isn't going to listen. You already know that. It's no use bothering to argue or fight with her.

One of Yukari's holes in space open up right in front of you. It almost startles you, but your tiredness overcomes the strength of your adrenaline and you don't feel a thing.
Yukari pokes her head out from the hole, followed by her two arms, which she rests her head on.

"You ready to go?" She asks as if it matters.
"...No." You really aren't. But she won't listen.
"Great! Just step through the gap, and we'll both be back in Eientei!" she cheerfully ignores your protest.
"Sigh." You sigh and step through the hole in space, and fall through the other side in the middle of...the bamboo forest? Well, fuck.
Actually, you landed on a path. You don't know which way is which, though. You can't tell by the sun, since you can't see it. nor by shadows, as they're everywhere. Shadows of bamboo stalks and rabbits, and little girls with bows in their hair...
Wait, no. That wasn't a little girl with a bow in her hair. It was a little girl with rabbit ears. Or, you think so. If it was, it can be either a good thing or a bad thing. If it's a good thing, it's either just some random rabbit who can show you back. If it's a bad thing, it's a youkai pretending to be a rabbit or else Tewi is going to be pulling something evil.
Right now you have to decide what to do, though. Both paths look equally dangerous, and the forest definitely looks dangerous. What do you do?

[ ] That was Tewi. Go find her.
[ ] Take the path on the left.
[ ] Take the path on the right.
>> No. 13282
[x] That was Tewi. Call out for her while trying to find her.

Why only try to find her when we can also call out for her?
>> No. 13283
[x] That was Tewi. Call out for her while trying to find her.

Good idea.
>> No. 13284
[X] Develop a philosophy of civil disobedience and nonviolent resistance. Take inspiration especially from Satyagraha.
[X] Come to an understanding regarding the cycle of life and death. Become at peace with existence.
[X] Call out to Aya Tewi.
>> No. 13288
[ ] That was Tewi. Go find her.
>> No. 13431
[X] That was Tewi. Go find her.