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Thread 48466 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 136202761625.jpg - (247.35KB, 800x1007, 4694c06e2d4fc83549d03ff694f28447.jpg) [iqdb]
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Previous thread: >>27865

I was tempted to change the C in ACUTE to Chuunibyou.


Your first thought is to just take a big drink. After all, you have Irish blood, and because of it, as well as your stature, you can handle your alcohol.

However, a more sensible thought stops you. You may have Irish blood, but you have absolutely no idea what she's drinking. If it's everclear, it doesn't matter if you grew up in a bar, you'll be in trouble.

...And you can remember a similar situation in which you tried new and interesting forms of alcohol, and managed to get completely sloshed with ridiculously little effort. That red stuff was really good; hopefully you'll get to have some again someday. It seems like it's not something they drink very often.

Still, it would be impolite to just flat out refuse a free drink. Actually, even if you do, she may force it down your throat anyway like she did with Reimu.

It's best to take the middle ground here. You should ask what it is before imbibing.
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>> No. 56084
.>I bet you have to look through the eye in that document!
>> No. 56214
.>The connection between a supposed mystical land and this city
>> No. 56247
.>The connection between a supposed mystical land and this city

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File 138191976764.jpg - (219.76KB, 900x612, 1000 eyes.jpg) [iqdb]
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I never thought I would be here. No, I thought this would be impossible. Then again, I suppose the past year kinda trained that out of me. Now all I have left is time.

Time. It's so weird. Ever since she threw me in, it seems to come and go. Sometimes it feels like it takes days to blink, others it feels like days passed after I blink.

Well, there's no lack of eyes here, that's for sure.

Opening my eyes, I see the gaze of a thousand, a million, I don't know how many there are. But eyes as far as the – eye – could see. Though oddly, it doesn't creep me out. No, it's almost soothing in a way. It's like she's watching over me.

Even then, I guess it doesn't matter. There's nothing to do but think, and all that leads up to is what lead me here. Shouldn't have let my guard down, shouldn't have listened to them. Could have been able to keep her, to keep them safe.

I wonder how long I've been here. And I wonder if she hates me now. I wonder if that whole thing was just a plan to get rid of me. I've done nothing but distrust her friend. And given what Renko could do, I guess I shouldn't be surprised if she could do the same.

Everything's just so fucked up. A year ago, I'd never think this'd happen. Magic was in fairy tales, where it was supposed to be, and yet after the bomb hit... after it hit, everything went to hell.
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>> No. 55530
[x] Grapes
While all three are great I love me some grapes. Delicious green grapes. Mmmmmmm.
>> No. 55594
File 138347485238.png - (363.97KB, 778x708, Five.png) [iqdb]
I do enjoy citrus in the morning. Does poor Maxwell?

= = = = = = = = = =

[x] Oranges: 3/5 win.

= = = = = = = = = =

Run. Run. Run. Run. Run. I don't care if it's pointless, I have to run. Have to stay safe. Have to keep Maribel safe. Can't stop.

With a glance back, I see her still with me, and nothing behind. Good. If it's still chasing, we can find a place to hide. Out of the corner of my eye, there's a hotel. A large one. Maybe we can lose it there. “Maribel, the hotel!”

“Are you crazy!?” I look to her and rush towards the hotel. Her footsteps follow me, so she's coming, at least. “I hope you know what you're doing!” I hope I do, too.

With a quick kick, the door is forced open. No time to open it. With a glance around the room, I notice the access way downstairs. Forced open, it looks like. No time to be picky, we gotta go! I quickly head down, waiting for Maribel, before shutting the hatch. Looking through the room, it seems to lead to a large hallway, with a bunch of rooms on the sides.
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>> No. 55595
Sweet. Lookin forward to it.

Thread 55053 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 137833649575.jpg - (1.32MB, 1920x1200, Wish upon a star.jpg) [iqdb]
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Since time immemorial, mankind has looked to the stars. They've made myths and they've studied, wondering at the mysteries the universe holds. At the forefront of many minds was the question "Is there life out there?"

It was right on their doorstep.

They called it "The Great Lunar War". The Lunarians called it "The War of Gaian Aggression". A decade later, both sides were worn down. With their cities in ruins, they had no choice but to agree to a truce.

Five centuries have passed since that time. Faster-than-light travel has developed to a fairly reliable state, rendering space the new frontier. When pioneers and adventurers took to the stars, so too did pirates and smugglers. But most were just looking for a job, a chance at money.

While there are certainly a fair few larger than life figures and deeds, this isn't some grand tale of conquest.
This is a story about a particular crew. More specifically, it's about the...

[] - Pilot
[] - Co-pilot
[] - Navigator
[] - Communications Officer
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>> No. 57262
You there, bro?
>> No. 57322
I'm still alive. November was the month of deadlines of all sorts and December was occupied with collapsing health and overall tiredness, partly due to November-related burnout.

I really do plan on continuing this, I just haven't been able to get much written since November ended.

It's nice to know someone cares enough to ask after me. Maybe more writers would continue their stories if this happened more often.
>> No. 57323
It's not like we don't care, bro. Most of us just don't post because a) it might just annoy your and b) there's always the possibility of bad news ie fucking trucks.

Thread 55251 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 137947863871.png - (445.68KB, 720x1280, Rinnosuke not covered in women.png) [iqdb]
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Border Operational Rider Detainment Elimination and Restriction

Honestly, you haven't the slightest clue of what that means, and you've learned not to ask. They do pay you a pretty penny to keep your whole mouth shut about the company. As far as you knew, they held down the border between Japan and... the water? Pirate attacks haven't been happening recently, so maybe they deport illegal immigrants? Though, if they did, the “Eliminate” part of the acronym would be illegal in so many ways that you couldn't count. “Rider” didn't make much sense either, did they ride trains? Motorcycles? Although “Driver” wouldn't have been as catchy, and it didn't fit in the cool acronym that they must have spent hours on, I mean who puts the word inside the acronym?

You wipe the thought from your mind, what if they had some sort of secret mind-reading machine in the building? Tin-foil hats will help protect your freedom! You look around the waiting room for something suitable for your new found paranoia, grabbing a potential magazine. Paper might not work as well as tinfoil, but it's something.

You flip through the pages to make sure you weren't destroying a valuable piece of literature, and you stop on a page of latex wearing superheroes. “Pfffft. Fruits? Things really got strange after Magiranger...” You kept tabs on the show, making sure to watch it air every week and downloading the episodes when you do miss them. It was a childhood dream to fight giant monsters and control a giant robot, but everybody knows that the world would be flipping out if they ever caught wind about the thing.

“...” You couldn't bear to rip apart a magazine talking about your childhood passion, even if your friends called you a manchild. There's nothing wrong with being a kid at heart! They should feel bad about letting their inner child die! They're the reason that truth and justice doesn't exist in the world!

“...Excuse me, but could you sit down like everybody else?” A voice scolds you after you jump from your seat in heated passion.

“Sorry.” Yo
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>> No. 55438
File 138205683185.jpg - (32.18KB, 850x1063, Cold.jpg) [iqdb]
“I don’t think we should split up until I get used to fighting.” You shiver, the first and only fight ended with Youmu bailing you out..

“I see. I was hoping to cover more ground...” She sounds disappointed, “Where should we look?”

You understood a bit of the layout, there were three major locations, the production line, the freezers, and the packaging centre. It would take little over 30 minutes to search through all of them, but it would be safer to do it together. “The freezers.” You say, it was the nearest one to you, and it was the largest part of the facility. You had a hunch, if the youkai was causing the cold, then it might like the coldest part of the factory.

“Understood.” Youmu leads the way, with you following closely behind her.

If the air was cool before, then it’s freezing now. The suit manages to block most of the chill, but you can see Youmu’s face going red and her breathing starts to slow down. You offer your coat to her, but she refuses, saying that it would only slow her down when you needed to fight. You pry open one of the vats to check inside, revealing nothing but frozen milk and sugar. The pipes are covered in icicles, the metal looked frail and easy to shatter.

Obviously, this was not the normal temperature for the facilities to run at, either the youkai was messing with the conditioning, or it had control over the cold. Both possibilities were terrifying, if they knew how to work machines, then that meant that they were intelligent enough to learn. If it had control of the cold, Youmu would be a human popsicle by the time you find it.

You spend the next 15 minutes opening up vats, checking every nook and cranny before finally deciding to move on to the production line. That’s when you notice that the doors are frozen shut, the handles would break off before it ever opened.

“Youmu, can I kick this door down?” You ask her advice, she knew more about these things than you did. The noise could scare them off, and you didn’t want to take the risks of another youkai running through the streets.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 55441
[x] Do what she says, the faster you seal the Youkai, the faster you can get real help.
>> No. 55447
[X] Do what she says, the faster you seal the Youkai, the faster you can get real help.

Alright, let's believe in Youmu.

Thread 48127 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 135915358463.jpg - (101.32KB, 850x429, sample-b0ceea62bb80ca31967b4af6897859a5.jpg) [iqdb]
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[X] Give her a hug and just let her cry for as long as she needs
-[x] Offer to be her friend
You don’t know what possessed you to do so, but you wrap your arms around her. In response, her grip on you tightens. Her sobs bring back memories of your mother’s funeral.

Mom was well liked by everyone she knew. Your friends liked her and treated her as a second mom. You remember one of your friends being overly distraught at the funeral, partly because she was sad at your mom’s passing and partly because she knew that you were going to have to move away. The whole time though, you just sat there without saying a word. But once it was all over and you walked into your house for the final time you simply broke down in your friend’s arms.

As you drift off into your memories, Kogasa starts calming down. Though she is no longer hysterical, she is still crying a little. Realizing you have more important things to deal with than a trip down memory lane, you release her and look her in the eyes.

“Why did you stay?” She asks with a hiccup. She still hasn’t let go of you.

“I’m not entirely sure.” You answer truthfully. “But, I do know what it’s like to need a shoulder to cry on.” She finally lets go of you and the two of you sit there for a little while longer as she tries to stop crying. When she does stop, you ask, “Feel better?” She nods. “Good, now we should get back to the others.”

“Why?” She looks like she’s about to cry again.

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>> No. 55329
Calling it for old friends! I'll likely just go ahead and post the shorts over in /shorts/. I'll be sure to link it, but I don't think I should start a new thread when the first and possibly more will be shorts that don't contain choices. I'd like to have this done before tomorrow/tomorrow night, but I'm at AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta). So it's unlikely I'll actually finish anything unless I'm sitting in the car on the way home.
>> No. 55498
Oh, hey, A thing...


On a related note... I'll have an actual update for you all by the end of Monday. Hopefully...
>> No. 55515
File 138308123712.jpg - (142.17KB, 850x566, sample-8d07640684c5d359fffad70c7f0f8fdf.jpg) [iqdb]
>>55514 New thread!

Thread 50340 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 137018357591.jpg - (121.25KB, 450x657, Purty.jpg) [iqdb]
50340 No. 50340 hide watch expand quickreply
It's been a topsy turvy sort of a time, recently.

Your name is 'White Coat', a moniker granted from your street-orphan days, when you ended up being distinguished from a few other pieces of gutter-trash as 'That kid in the white coat'.

You also go by Hakui, which you're pretty sure means the same thing in Glorious Nippon, and makes a bit of sense since you're told that some of your features are vaguely asian in origin. You don't speak any other languages, though, so you're just relying on the google here.

In any case, things started out basically as bad as they could get, what with your first memory being the inside of a dumpster. You don't really have any idea how you got there, but that's how it is. Starting out from a bad place, life was a series of ups and downs, but in a very general sense, there was only one way to really go when you started from absolute rock bottom. Though you were re-introduced to it a couple of times along the way.

It's how life has gone. Picked up for a bit, get reliably employed, have income, and then suddenly the manager's girlfriend needs a job and someone has to go, or you make an unwise bet, really in hindsight almost any bet at all, and lose everything all in one shot, or there's a downswing in customers and someone has to go, or the whole shop just mysteriously burns down in the night after a couple of people comment about how it's such a nice place and Wouldn't It Be A Shame If....

Well, you'd thought that things had evened out, though.
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>> No. 55230
[x] Door.

Keep intruders out.
>> No. 55231

The door was originally built in an effort to contain the Yuuka. needless to say; it failed.
>> No. 55287

Thats what I figure it is, and I say we go for it. Word cruncher programs seem to indicate we covered all the possibilities with generic, genetic, and genesis. Generic makes no sense, genetic is obtuse and doesn't sound like a suitably foreboding choice.

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File 137550467386.jpg - (72.58KB, 850x554, sample-0cb837e895cce2cb20ea785d236b05e2.jpg) [iqdb]
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Thread One: >>/others/50686
Thread Two: >>/others/51316


After rescuing Flandre, You and her escaped the clutches of the Camarilla. Along the way, you met up with Reisen Udongein Inaba and Nazrin, and together you took off to rescue another member of Gensokyo, Hatate Himekaidou. Along the way, you stopped at a town and learned how to use firearms.

Once you reached Berlin, you enacted an operation to rescue the tengu. It was almost a failure thanks to a foreign group of vampire hunters, but you managed to rescue her, at cost. Nazrin was injured, and Hatate had lost her wings.

However, not all was lost. After escaping Berlin, you met up with a group of friendlier hunters, one of which being Sakuya Izayoi's mother. After becoming allies, you have been given the chance to forge a new weapon. It's night in Europe, and you are in a small household, and as the moon reaches its apex, you decide that it is time...
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>> No. 57852
I wont give up on you.
>> No. 58964
still over here. checking weekly for update...
>> No. 59117
Seriously though. It was a lot harder rebuilding than you think. Losing all my oWoD books, my notes, and my computer set me far back. A new job didn't help either.

Either way I think the story is back on track. I might have something written after LCS Super Week concludes.

Thread 50302 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 137011457699.jpg - (50.00KB, 600x324, that thing you do.jpg) [iqdb]
50302 No. 50302 hide watch expand quickreply
It is the dead of winter in the Plateau of Leng, the coldest, most inhospitable land in Gensokyo. When you came here two weeks ago, the sun set; by the time you leave in three and a half months, it will still be night. You can't complain, though. It's for science.

Weyland-Yukari is the 'Soak's leading research, development, and manufacturing outfit. They've got their moist, cavernous gaps spread out over everything: medicine, action figures, sticker books, the works. To keep their product lines nice and gravid, they've funded a string of research stations spread all throughout Gensokyo, from its most urbane and domestic to its most wild and esoteric, the better to lop off samples and reverse-engineer the whole place. Some might call it measuring the marigolds, the antithesis of magic and beauty. But those people are jerks, and Weyland-Yukari pays, like, ungodly well. Like, seriously. That's why you signed up.

Mind, you didn't sign up for this place exactly. You were looking to serve some time in one of the furthest outposts, some place that saw hardly any action. Easy money, right? What would you have to worry about out there? You weren't signing up to hunt monsters, after all, and the wilderness would be nice and serene compared to the hustle and bustle of city life. When you stepped out of that helicopter and saw the shape of Station Fun In The Sun in the dying light, you had a feeling you might've bit more off than you could chew. Then you set foot in the station and walked past the station's murderers, Reimu and Marisa. They were on their way to the labs, and they were dragging behind them a monster so hideous a momentary glance at it made you puke in a water fountain. That set the tone for the first two weeks, and some people still haven't let go of it. Cough cough, Mystia cough cough.

It's the dawn of your third week Station FITS. You've gotten your routine down, you've gotten the names of your co-workers down, and you can finally sleep without focusing on how you're sharing a room with seven other women, or how tremendously loud the vile, soul-shredding noise of
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 55068
Re: Gas-Powered Stick!

There are small instructions written beneath each weapon's mount. Cryptic as they are, and in Nitori's famously terrible handwriting, they give you an idea of what to expect!


RT (tap): SINGLE
RT (hold): AUTO

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 55069
While the uniqueness of 'block' there made me briefly consider, I would expect a decent firearm to have at least some components that would be usable for that in an emergency, even if it would damage the weapon. Especially when damaging the Nuke Cane likely means detonating.

The Party Cannon may be entertaining, but the weight worries me; we need to be reasonably mobile and able to keep up with life. So...

[x] Favor the ol' reliable Uboinik shotgun.
>> No. 55233
Finally gonna get around to writin' the next part! (It's been a heckuva week at work.) This is just an announcement askin' those that seconded the Uberplan if they also wanna vote for the Uboinik or if they want to hedge their votes on more esoteric hardware.

Thread 41935 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 133228896510.jpg - (190.35KB, 800x812, IDEApic1.jpg) [iqdb]
41935 No. 41935 hide watch expand quickreply
A girl rolls around restlessly in her sky blue sheets in bed, her short pink hair swaying across her face and her soft pillow.

"I can't tell if I've slept enough or not," She ponders. "Maybe I'm just really worried..."

The girl turns one last time to stare at the metal door in the darkness. Her purple eyes look like they are drooping, yet her body kept signaling to her that she was not the least bit weary. She exhales and sees her own breath in front of her. Even in her warm lavender pajamas, the girl slightly shivers from the cold.

"If I can't sleep, I could just get ready now."

[ ] Turn back to the wall and try to get some more shut-eye.
[ ] Jump out of bed and get prepared.
[ ] Get up, sit down and think about things for the time being.
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>> No. 51443
[x] "It's an Inugami frame with... a few customizations."

Well I think we dug ourselves a massive hole as Seiga's planning something and we're not in much of a position to stop her.
>> No. 51543
[ ] "It's an Inugami frame with... a few customizations

Not. Telling. You. Anything. You. Bitch.
>> No. 55225
Someone delete this shit.

Thread 49888 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 13683882412.jpg - (134.46KB, 724x463, JPEG (1).jpg) [iqdb]
49888 No. 49888 hide watch expand quickreply
You open your eyes to what is the beginning of your very first memory. Color, large splotches of color, a lot of greens and browns, with holes of bright shinin—

Ah… it hurts if you look directly at the brights. You blink, and find your vision plagued by phantoms of the brights. They dot your vision, even with your eyes closed. A lesson learned, the brights do not like to be looked at.

You begin to lower the hand that reflexively shot up to your eyes’ defense; once halfway, you let it fall. A splash, wet, cold; no, you were always wet, all over even. Upon sitting up, you investigate the source of the wetness, a puddle; clear, shallow, wide, wet, cold.

A nod comes unbidden from you —acknowledgement— your upwards motion continues till you find yourself standing on bare feet. A glance side to side reveals that the browns… trees you think, extend tall and wide, as if they were afraid of nothing; not that they have much to—

Something that chirps, flaps, and flies interrupts your thoughts as it swoops before you, barely more than a blur. Once again your hand reflexively reacts to the stimulus, reaching out, far too slowly, to a now empty patch of air, and curiosity begins to burn away at you as you take your first step towards…

[x] Perhaps over to where the bright is abundant…? Maybe it won’t mind as long as you don’t look at it.
[x] More puddles? Surely there is more cool and wet around to be had.
[x] Those… trees, they are tall and wide many times more so than you.
[x] The thing that swoops, flies, flaps, and chirps. It runs; you must chase.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 54350
[x] There is an odd shadow on that wall over there… kind of short.

Boundless curiosity.
>> No. 54372
[x] There is an odd shadow on that wall over there… kind of short.

We must make more friends! Friends with hats! Hats we can be friends with!
>> No. 55209
[x] There is an odd shadow on that wall over there… kind of short.

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