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[X] Attempt to move silently past him

The idea of facing the immense man alone, wearing but a pair of pink frilly panties and wielding a knife, is rather disconcerting.

You instead wisely choose to sneak along the bush-line, heading past the man and into the village market place, now all but abandoned due to night-fall.

You hear voices closing in from all sides, likely the search parties returning, think fast.

[ ] Forge
[ ] Stables
[ ] Weird corner store
[x] Forge
[X] Weird corner store
[X] Forge

kill it with fire
[x] Weird corner store
[X] Forge

We shall temper our knife while we wait.
[x] Weird corner store
[x] Forge
We need to dual wield!
[ ] Weird corner store

Ok I will archive the threads
[x] Ford the river
[x] Forge

sounds more fun

While occasionally 'write-in' answers work, Andross? Caved?

You're not even trying, E-Mouse.
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[X] Forge

You decide to head for the forge, swiftly taking action and darting across a clearing into safety just moments before a large party of what appears to be peasants return.

Stealthily making your way into the primary building, you take note of weapon racks, although some appear empty there are indeed a few remaining.

Taking a weapon however could be risky, you sense movement immediately outside the forge, possibly entering at any time...

Additionally, out the back entrance you can see the weird corner shop as well as a few other buildings.

[ ] Sword
[ ] Hide
[ ] Head for another building
[ ] Head for another building
[x] Sword
I like swords!
But of course!

[X] Seppuku porn!

oh god why am i still awake
Real men have the only sword they'll ever need on themselves at all times.
[x] Sword

We all know it's why we came here.
[x] Sword
File 1206778486113.jpg - (85KB, 793x652) [iqdb]
[X] Sword

Moving as quickly as possible, you deftly appropriate a sword from the weapons rack, taking up a stance and preparing for battle.

A figure enters the room, however they appear to be caught off-guard by your presence, giving you the element of surprise.

[ ] Flee
[ ] Dual-wield
[ ] Scream
[ ] Scream
Also, /r/ing guy wearing only panties in battle stance with sword along with injured arm.
[x] Tsubame Gaeshi
[x] Dual wield attack!
[x] Anemia
[X] Anemia
[X] Scream

This is winnable through intimidation alone.
The thought of a man wearing only panties, wielding a sword in a battle stance who then screams like a girl is awesome.
Anemia = lv up

[X] Anemia Attack
File 1206778887164.jpg - (577KB, 971x1200 , 1206778887164.png) [iqdb]
[X] Anemia

You decide against taking action, instead your anemia acts up, the world becomes a hazy red and black as you stumble.

Landing on the ground you used the sword as a make-shift crutch, barely stabilizing yourself and bringing your eyes up to see the approaching figure become illuminated by the light of the forge.

A small girl with rabbit ears stares at you, cocking her head in abject curiousity at your pathetic attempts to regain your balance.

[ ] Charge
[ ] Faint
[ ] Yell
[X] Vomit.
[x] Yelling charge
[X] Faint

This better lead to Tewi rape.
[X] Quantum physics
[x] Faint
[ ] Act like I'm fainting
W-wait a minute! This is a trick question!

[X] Breasts

changing my choice to [x] Breasts
[X] Yell
[X] Yell

[X] Faint
File 1206779265362.jpg - (998KB, 2145x1514) [iqdb]
[X] Faint

Fainting seems like a good idea, especially given that the mere idea of attempting any sudden movements nearly sends you vomiting.

The world blackens... again, like seriously, what the fuck, you really need to boost your constitution next time you level.

Fever dreams occupy your sleeping mind, vague images of a rabbit girl cooking 'human' flavored stew...

[ ] Awaken
[ ] Continue sleeping
Me too.

[ ] Breasts
[X] Intelligent design vs. evolution "debate", damnit.
[x] Awaken our inner Archer
[X] Begin chanting Unlimited Egg Works.
[ ] Awaken
[X] Sleep for a full 12 hours, come back in a week
[X] Awaken
D-don't reveal our trump card yet! It's our most powerful option! We must save it for when our need is greatest.
I agree

[X] (9)
[X] Awaken

File 1206779758051.jpg - (389KB, 528x750) [iqdb]

In the darkness of your sleeping mind, terrifying dreams surface, the odd image of a lone man standing amidst an endless field of eggs chief amongst them.

Eventually you shake yourself free of your demented imagination, eyes creeping open to the sight of... another forest.

You instantly become aware that you're still lacking in the clothing department, even more so, the frilly panties you previously had worn now having vanished into the night.

Your natural weapon shrivels in cold and despair, forest closes in on all sides, choose wisely.

[ ] Left
[ ] Right

Suddenly, Utawarerumono?
[X] (9)

[X]It's fucking naked time, bitches. Dance in place!
]X[ Up
[X] ⑨
[X] Stroke myself hard again
[X] Left


[X] (9)

We must yell:

[X] ⑨
[x] Dance naked
File 1206779943903.jpg - (423KB, 600x604) [iqdb]

Still standing in a daze amongst the clearing, you reach out with heartfelt feeling, calling with all your might for someone as stupid as you are to become your savior.

Huddled and freezing you become dimly aware of a sudden blast of cold air passing above you, a shrill voice letting out a laugh of delight.

[ ] Go to sleep
[ ] Stand-up
[X] Right
[X] Stand-up
[x] Stand erect, if you know what I mean.
[X] Stand-up
[X] Stand-up
[x] Stand-up
> In the darkness of your sleeping mind, terrifying dreams surface, the odd image of a lone man standing amidst an endless field of eggs chief amongst them.
One step closer to the true meaning of our existence. The anemia and eggs are a sign, anon.
File 1206780074673.jpg - (111KB, 500x500) [iqdb]
this doesn't make any goddamn sense

[x] Floaty question marks
[ ] Stand-up

In more than one way, if you know what I mean.
[ ] Spin-on
File 1206780170843.jpg - (80KB, 435x200 , 1206780170843.gif) [iqdb]
[X] Spin~
File 1206780171327.jpg - (163KB, 400x565) [iqdb]
[X] Stand-up

As you stand up you feel a sudden pain on your forehead, you upward turning gaze leaving you vulnerable to the assault of a sudden falling frozen frog... ouch.

Dismissing the projectile you stare up at the floating girl, shivering occasionally as a blast of cold air emits from her presence.

[ ] Ask for help
[ ] Breasts
[ ] Flee
[x] Breasts
Don't touch them directly though. Don't want our hands frozen off.
[X] ⑨
[X] ⑨
[x] Spin-on
[ ] Breasts

The original. Except no substitution.
[X] Breasts


[x] Breasts while stroking myself
[X] ⑨
[X] Who the hell do you think I am?
[X] ⑨
[X] Breasts
[X] Announce the coming of spring
So that's 9 votes for (9), 1 for for breasts, correct?

File 1206780470286.jpg - (52KB, 339x255) [iqdb]
File 1206780530216.jpg - (134KB, 504x560) [iqdb]
[X] Breasts

What the hell, given your current utterly naked predicament, why not go for the breasts?

Kicking reason to the curb you charge the girl, ignoring the constant blasting waves of chilling air that pummel your dashing figure.

A flying leap bring you mere inches from touching delight, however the girl instead floats immediately out of reach, giggling as you fall to the cold, painful forest floor.

[ ] Ask for help
[ ] Writhe in pain
[ ] Option 2
[x] Option 2

[x]Spiral Energy


[x] Help
[x] Ask for help
and by help, I mean "help finding some more breasts"
[X] Mou ikkai
[X] Ask for help with my cock
[X] Writhe in pain. And whimper.
File 1206780739406.jpg - (11KB, 246x281) [iqdb]
[ ] Option 2
[x] Make sweet love to the earth
[x] Player 2
[X] Ask for help

[x] Up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start
[X] Ask for help

You decide that asking for help is a good idea, genuflecting as you begin to beg your possible savior.

"Please great 9, I mean cirno, as you are the strongest I humbly request your assistance."

The girl stares at you with a childish delight, you gain the distinct feeling that you're current status is much more that of a new toy than a human.

Regardless, after considering the question for a brief few moments, she nods her head in excitement.

You find yourself lifted from the forest floor, flying through the freezing air at delirious speeds as Cirno exclaims something about the strongest being generous to humans.
[x] Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start

I got it mixed up the first time. Haven't used that in forever.
[x] Option 2
[X] Install Fate/stay night english UBW patch

No options?
[X] Breasts
[X] Dance naked, goddamnit.
File 1206781135885.jpg - (475KB, 1280x960) [iqdb]
As you gain velocity, you realize that you never specified what 'help' you desired, furthermore you aren't quite certain how Cirno plans to help you.

Looking up at the speeding savior currently carrying you across the dark sky, you get the distinct feeling that you'll freeze to death before you reach your current destination.

[ ] Ask to stop
[ ] Let her lead
[X] Breasts.

Search your heart, you know it to be true!
[X] Install Fate/stay night english UBW patch
I have too agree.
[X] Breasts

[x] Let her lead

Suck it up like a real man.

[ ] Let her lead she looks like she knows what shes doing
[x] Let her lead
Even if I die, it'll be naked in the arms of the strongest. BEST DEATH EVER.
So we're naked and clinging to Cirno? What kind of position? Is our cock anywhere good or can it be maneuvered into place?
[X] Let her lead

Has a strong point.
[x] cast endure elements
File 1206781421697.jpg - (752KB, 1867x1050) [iqdb]
[X] Let her lead

Ah well, with the strongest leading you to safety, what could possibly go wrong?

Finding your worries to be unneeded, you slowly drop into a cold slumber, bodily heat fading as you inescapably drift off to much desired sleep.

Alright, that's it, I've exhausted my creative mind, breasts must continue later.
[X] 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494459230781640628620899862803482534211706
79 8214808651328230664709384460955058223172535940812848111745028410270193852110555964462294895493038196 4428810975665933446128475648233786783165271201909145648566923460348610454326648213393607260249141273 724587006606315588174881520920962829254091715364367892590360011330530548820466521384146951941511609
Ok, I will finish the archives and go to sleep as well.

Thanks for the threads, eh?

There are archives to this too? Link? lol
Okay. All updated. Enjoy.

Although, it's more funny overall reading the responses by anon, so I probably should've just been saving the pages themselves.
If you have the post numbers you can see it on the /jp/ archive.
Ok. I guess I can include those in my archives in the future.
didn't know you were a weeaboo eh
then again i don't remember who you are
Ok, I mostly read 4chan for the installer RAGE threads, but got interested in YWUIG along the way.

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