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Congrats, everyone! 3,000+ Replies!

Your pleading is useless. "Yes, we should go see sister." She smiles cheerily and ignores you, dragging you along behind her. "Byyyeeee, Patchouli!" She calls cheerfully behind you. As you are carried away, you see Patchouli, set down her book and watch you as you leave.

You leave the library; Flandre is about to carry you up the stairs.

[ ] "Can't we go play in the basement?"

[ ] "Flandre, can I go to the bathroom first?"

[ ] Remain silent.

[ ] "Flandre, does anyone else live here?"

[ ] "So, how are you, Flandre?"

[ ] Attempt to escape her grasp
[X] "Flandre, can I go to the bathroom first?"
[ ] Remain silent.
[X] "Flandre, does anyone else live here?"
[x] "So, how are you, Flandre?"

I am kind of curious as to her exact stance towards us.
[x] Remain silent.
[x] "So, how are you, Flandre?"
[ ] "So, how are you, Flandre?"
[ ] "Flandre, does anyone else live here?"
[x] Remain silent.

Fuck it.
[x] "Flandre, does anyone else live here?"

// this seems ok, maybe we can meet Sakuya and find a way out
[ ] "So, how are you, Flandre?"
[X] "So, how are you, Flandre?"
[X] Remain silent.
[ ] Remain silent.
[X] "Flandre, does anyone else live here?"
[x] "Can't we go play in the basement?"

and by play I mean brutally rape
[x] "Flandre, does anyone else live here?"
[X] "So, how are you, Flandre?"
[X] Remain silent.

Can't really do anything else anymore. Go upwards, with pride that you have entered so far in the mansion without dying
[x] Remain silent.

Asking if anyone else lives here is downright suicide, since we already met one and are going to see another.
In my opinion:

[ ] "Can't we go play in the basement?" (attempt at distraction, BAD END)

[ ] "Flandre, can I go to the bathroom first?" (attempt at distraction, BAD END)

[ ] Remain silent. (OK)

[ ] "Flandre, does anyone else live here?" (genuine interest, OK)

[ ] "So, how are you, Flandre?" (Kind of bad questions, it's obvious she's joyful and doesn't care much for you at the moment)

[ ] Attempt to escape her grasp (BAD END)
[X] "Flandre, can I go to the bathroom first and lick my hand you were holding the entire time afterwards using it for masturbation"
With good luck she may introduce uss to Sakuya or Meiling
[x] "Flandre, does anyone else live here?"


We already know China....

But Flandre doesn't know that
Yes, but we need to keep her interested. If we won't talk or do anything she could get bored and dispose of us
[X] "So, how are you, Flandre?"
Did remaining silent just win?
[X] "Can't we go play in the basement?"
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And Cirno should still be waiting outside, and could either engage in an epic battle with Flandre or flee and bring Mokou and Keine to help.
I know what you mean, but she seems firm on dragging us to her sister, any question or action that seems to hinder that goal, is possibly bad end.
Therefore I felt remain silent or asking whether anyone else live her are two options that do not interfere so much with her intentions.

Yes. We want to see Remi. One loli vampire isn't enough. We want sisterly love.
Epic Battle?

Cinro will last like 1 second
Cirno is the strongest. It would be a copmlete steamroll; nothing epic at all about it.
Cinro is the storngest
[X] "Can't we go play in the bathroom?"

Best option for day 5.
Cirno would want to held back so you could see her power, since you were unconscious the entire time she was violating Reisen with an icicle.
Cirno would want to hold back so you could see her power, since you were unconscious the entire time she was violating Reisen with an icicle.
Cirno melts. Cirno route FAILED
Come to think of it, does Flandre even really use any fire attacks aside from Laevateinn?

In EoSD it seems more like bolts of pure chaotic energy.
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VN Cirno is the greatest
According to GM, China's weaknesses are genuflections. Easy target for Anonymous.

So...you bow to her, she bows back...and while she's bowing, delicious raep?
She bows, you bows, me thinks all you get is a sore forhead
You can approximate the result by replacing "rape" with "run past."
I think you forgot what happened at second BAD END.

We got into the goddamn mansion just by asking.
We could probably be boning China by day six if we start politely asking now.
Remilia probably won't kill Flandre's toy, but it still seems like a bad idea to go meet her.

Hey Remi, can I please borrow your Door Guard?

... Sure.

And then China was in Anon's clutches.

>And then China was in Anon's clutches.

So... we're the alliance of evil or something?
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You remain quiet. Continued noise may irritate Flandre, and you prefer to not be disintegrated. You obediently follow her up the steps, and Flandre knocks delicately on the study door at the forefront. "Hello? Sister?"
You could hear voices from inside the study, which stop almost as soon as Flandre raps on the door.
The door is opened gently by none other than Sakuya Izayoi, that knife toting maid. She looks at the both of you with a hint of surprise that is rapidly concealed. She moves aside gently.

You see Remilia sitting idly on a chair behind a small desk. She smiles at seeing Flandre. "Sister, what a surprise." The study has bookshelves along the sides, also having various curios and mementos. Behind Remilia is a large window, however, the grand blinds are drawn. Looking over at you, however, the elder Scarlet sister frowns, although more in a puzzled fashion. "Sakuya, I do not remember inviting anyone into the mansion as of late."

"I apologize, mistress, I will-" Sakuya begins to move toward you, but is stopped by a simple raised finger on the behalf of Remilia.
[x] "I dunno."
[X] "I swam."
[x] "Meiling let me in."
[ ] "I snuck in through a window."
[x] "I swam."

Well, we did technically swim to get there. Although that attempt failed miserably. I don't want to trouble China. ;_;
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[X] "dunno lol"
Of course!
[x] "I swam."
[x] "I swam."
[X] "Sakuya let me in."
[x] "I snuck in through a window."

Don't ruin your Meiling route Anon! Lie for her sake!
[x] "Flandre let me in."
[x] "I swam."
She doesn't know how long we've been here.

[X] "I swam."
[X] "I snuck past the gatekeeper."
[ ] "I dunno."

Let's not betray the poor gate guard and just act dumb. We're just a hapless human, it'll seem realistic.
But Anon isn't wet.
[x] Remain silent.

// fuck it, all answers seem bad
Inb4 we get thrown in the lake for saying we swam.
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If I see that fucking lake one more time...
[x] "I snuck in through a window."
I won't betray China ;_;
Hey, GM, could we still be wet from our previous BAD END for no particular reason?
[x ] "I swam."
[X] "I dunno."

I think this answer will probably make Remilia rage, but I can't betray China.
[ ] "I snuck in through a window."
Ever seen a anime/manga character wet longer than 5 seconds after swimming?
The 'I swam' answer will probably lead to the 'show me' response. DON'T DO IT ANON
... No. *Facerock*
I foresee a 95% chance of BAD END
File 1205944862506.jpg - (313KB, 574x800) [iqdb]
Meiling. Day 5!
[ ] Attempt to open the window behind her
swam or window in is fine with me

don't you dare get china in trouble
But maybe...maybe Flandre or Cirno or China is able to save uss from drowning!

Un Deux Treux
[ ] "I flew."
[X] "I snuck past the gatekeeper."

Time for more detailed assessments via anon.

[ ] Remain silent. (Pissing off Remi is a bad idea)

[ ] "I dunno." (Worse than remaining silent)

[ ] "I snuck in through a window." (Risky, she'll probably think you're lying)

[ ] "I snuck past the gatekeeper." (Risky, she might like your sense of courage, but she might also turn you to ash on the spot)

[X] "I swam." (Probably the best answer. She'll probably just let Flandre have you.)

[ ] "I flew." (She might let you go if you seem powerful. But this also means instant death if it fails)

"Then let me send you back the way you came."

And then anon was in the lake again.
I already voted, but in retrospect think that:
snug through the window seems a good option, BUT if Remilia comes up with a smartass reply like "you can't open any of the windows, they are magically sealed" you're dead.
Dude, we got attacked by Koakuma, cornered by Sakuya and forced to play Hide and go Seek with Flandre. Of COURSE we're wet.
File 1205944982796.jpg - (312KB, 687x2600) [iqdb]
"So show me how you swam, Anonymous."
"Oh? That's interesting. There are many powerful youkai in the lake, it should be impossible to swim. Care to show us how?"

"I lied, I rode on Nessie. Uh, she doesn't seem to be in at the moment."
Yeah... it's obvious the I swam answer is a bit stupid since she knows no human would survive that and your clothes aren't even wet.
Enjoy your BAD END anon.
There are no good answers!
[ ] I flew - "Show me your skills then. Sakuya open the window and have our guest demonstrate..."

[ ] I swam - "Show me your skills then. Sakuya escort the human to the LAKE"


It's like the church in UBW all over again...
[X] "I snuck past the gatekeeper."
All of the answers seem bad...
how big is SDM? I may jump depending if it is only 2 stories
[z] "I snuck past the gatekeeper.
and yet she might lie not to loose her new toy

[X] "Flandre let me in."
[x] "I swam."
[x] "I snuck past the gatekeeper."
By somehow dodging her FALCON PUNCH

You're on to something.

Yell out "FALCON PAAAAAUUUUUUUUUNCH!". At least it will be an interesting BAD END.

Although I'm kind of sad at how bad this route is turning out. And we won't get a second chance. No loli vampires ;_;
Sakuya knows you're lying.
Flandre loves her sister and wouldn't lie to her, and she's probably not smart enough to realize the predicament we're in. I wouldn't expect any help from her.
The inside of SDM is HUGE because Sakuya manipulating space with her ability since being able to manipulate time also means you can manipulate space.
It's obvious. Light's swimming lessons will prevail.
hence I opted for "Remain Silent" first and see how she reacts, we might get some better options next time. I don't think remain silent automatically results in pissing Remilia off, causing bad end, she might see our nervousness and be able to guess, we're trying to hide something.
Also the option of saying "Meiling let me in" might not be that bad, it's not like she's killing Meiling because of that, she might want to ask for a reason and so on...
>[ ] "Flandre let me in." (Possible. But Flan isn't exactly enamored with you. And sh'll probably point out you're lying)

Remilia wasn't specific. Flan did let you into her room.
The third "Wait and remain silent" leads to a BAD END against Nrvnqsr.
This thread could use the Kaiji narrator right about now. The setting is perfect.
Doing that will most likely result in getting SPEAR'D THE GUNGNIR.
doesn't she already know the answer by seeing our fate?
"And then, on his deathbed, Anonymous realizes... this life he was living is the real thing."

ざわ... ざわ...
She knows the way you'll leave the mansion.
she might already know where our fate leads, but it is her choice to act ignorantly or to change this fate
And then there was none.
Secret question: "Remilia U.N Owen was her?"
Please chance Anons fate for the better Remi~
zawa zawa
you better say swim, you bastard
In the trash bag...
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I know about the novel but i still don't get it
File 1205945786871.jpg - (66KB, 1024x576) [iqdb]
It's sink or swim! Or both!

A choice of life or death! So many choices, but none of them can be the right one! A devil's riddle with death staring him right in the eye twice! Can Anon's wit save him?
[X] Say "I'm the sax slave you ordered, my lady."
why did I lol?
"Well, Miss Scarlet, I'd be happy to explain how I got into this fine mansion of yours, but first... IT'S TEA TIME."
Fragrance of black coffee is now playing in your head.
Remilia: Uguu
I hope Remilia likes jazz.
Anon, rosin up your bow and play your fiddle hard,
'Cause hell's broke loose in Gensokyo and the devil deals the cards.
And if you win you get these shiny lolis made of gold.
But if you lose, the devil gets your soul.
Did swimming win guys?

Oh fuck, I literally lol'd at my own typo.
File 1205946119815.jpg - (20KB, 155x289) [iqdb]
Who needs Danmaku when you can sax your opponents into submission
I'm fairly certain I have a jazz remix of Septette for the Dead Princess somewhere.
Jazz option for next set of choices please.
why can't we blame marisa?
Who needs danmaku when you can just sit down and drink tea?
[x] "My name is Jum, and I am here to pour your tea, mistress."
[X] "Die monster! You don't belong in this world!"

Oh... wait...

Why can't anon use his outside knowledge of Touhou loev? Claim you're Marisa's friend, and Flan and Patchy will likely stick up for you.
Flan might.

Patchy'd probably accuse you of wanting to steal books too.
You are already dead!
All these choices will end in either BAD END or ruining our chances with Meiling D:
>It is not sure whether or not she is not using it consciously, but her ability to manipulate fate can make people just being around her have a lot of ups and downs in future, and just speaking to her even once could sometimes change the fates drastically.
>As a start, you become more likely to encounter rare things (*2).

>Vampires are surprisingly polite.
>Especially since they try not to eat the humans in Gensokyo.
>However, it might be that your fate to 'just die in the streets' has been altered (*3).

>Since she has abundant curiosity, she may choose to invite humans to her parties or play in the human villages out of nowhere.
>However, because she is childish, you must be careful not to render her in a bad mood. Otherwise, there may be terrifying consequences.
>You will have to put up with her selfishness.

So basically, we just need to not do anything to piss Remi off.
[X] Resist arrest.
oh shit now i'ma go play my fiddle.
Can't they tell that we didn't go swimming in the lake by looking at us? Why did we choose swimming?

We chose to become her sax slave. I don't know what you're talking about.

We pissed ourselves when Sakuya appeared, remember?

And again, they don't know how long we were here before Koakuma found us.
File 1205946547626.jpg - (137KB, 638x800) [iqdb]

Maybe we thought being around all the hotness would dry us off.
Mention of the lake forces Anon into instant LAKE END.
it's not that bad, you could have bind your clothes together and put it as a bag on your head and then swim across. The problem is that the lake is fucking cold.
File 1205946582462.jpg - (135KB, 577x687 , 1205946582462.gif) [iqdb]

Unlimited you should have paid the fine works.
File 1205946587050.jpg - (9KB, 202x418) [iqdb]
[x] "I swam."
Compared to the other options, the lake seems pretty tame.
File 1205946611258.jpg - (130KB, 635x807) [iqdb]
She gave Anon her towel.
[x]Meiling let me in.

for fuck sake, just tell the truth
[X] Through the front door.
Also the lake might be several kilometers/miles in diameter. I wonder if our Anon would have enough stamina to pull this off. 1-2 km would probably drain him.
File 1205946748203.jpg - (49KB, 657x598) [iqdb]
[X] "I flew."
[X] "I swam."

If you know what I mean.
Looking kinda fishy there Anon.
[X] "I defeated your doorguard"

If we say China let us in, then China will get knifed.

Therefore, by extension, if we choose The Lake let us in, the The Lake will get knifed.

Thus, one of our objectives is complete.
oh fuck, Anon stew for dinner
Only the really strong ones are never let in intentionally.
The wait is killing me like the lake kills Anon

He's wither writing an awesome BAD END, a lot of different choices, or has forsaken us ;_;
At the first bad end our anon was sick and the water was cold and dark, so we can defeat the lake in daylight!
I hope Gensokyo Man implements an original character (+art) that would be the Goddess of the Lake (the embodiment of the lake so to speak).
Just get Cirno to freeze the damn thing.
Gensokyo Man here.
Swimming won. Writing reply.
There's always Daiyousei you know, Cirno's friend.
Where's the Rinnosuke route? I want more UBW

there's Cirno, you know
>for fuck sake, just tell the truth


just imagine Rinnosuke finding a vibrator but not knowing how to use it... then anon arrives and gay action begins (fuuuuuck)
Yeah but wouldn't you want to literally rape the lake that killed you twice now? And possibly third time since the swim option went through.

Why not go all the way and just have an orgy with Rinnosuke and all of our growing toehoe harem?
File 1205947319521.jpg - (7KB, 202x418) [iqdb]
day 5. be patient.
So what are the odds of Marisa showing up to steal books and creating a distraction before we get thrown into the lake?

We're not going to last until day 5.
_, ,_ ∩
( ゚∀゚)彡 F5!F5!
File 1205947576070.jpg - (195KB, 675x506) [iqdb]
Can you still hate THE lake Anon?

Broken Phantasm version, of course.
the "swim" choice doesn't really answer her question. She wanted to know how we got in here.

How about, anice fairy flew us here and distracted the gate guard for us
Emiya is now playing in the background as you decide your choice.
Okay. I have set up more framework for the GM VN project.

-Dev forums

-Script-development wiki
Bitch lured me to my death with her seductiveness. I can't fucking swim.
Yeah. It used Lake Sign [Hypothermia] and broke our spell card.
File 1205947711441.jpg - (148KB, 750x600) [iqdb]
[Scarlet Sign] Fate of the many
damn it keep this quiet
if the media or $cientology finds out about this, we're in trouble

i'm having enough trouble with all these closed curtains
_, ,_ ∩
( ゚∀゚)彡 F5!F5!
Silly Anonymous do you forget you can't show them because vampires can't fucking go outside during the day?
[Anonymous Sign] Eternal loneliness. - Lunatic Mode -

The gensokyoan sort can. It just weakens them.

I'm going to have to ask you to keep that off this board in particular, sir.
You can still show it to Sakuya though...
File 1205948037681.jpg - (177KB, 500x500 , 1205948037681.png) [iqdb]
"You swam." Remilia rests her head on bridged fingers. "Has it ever occured to you, that lying is a bad idea?" She turns to Sakuya. "Bring in tea for three, please." Two chairs promptly appear in front of the desk. "Sister, human, please, take a seat. Perhaps you'd like to tell me why you came here?"

[ ] "I dunno."

[ ] "But I really did swim?"

[ ] "I heard there were hot vampires."

[ ] "I heard there was a hot maid."

[ ] "I was bored."

[ ] "I was seeking adventure."
[x] "I wanted to see the library."
[x] "I heard there were hot vampires."
[x] "Hello, I'm selling these fine leather jackets..."
They can go out at night, and Remilia is known to often go out during the day using her parasol.

Actually, based on the ending in EoSD where Reimu headlocks Remilia in the sun, it's not incredibly effective in the first place.
[x] "I wanted to see the library."
[X] "I wanted to see if the rumors were true."
they can under my umrella
[ ] "I wanted to see if the rumors were true."
[x] "I heard there were hot vampires."
Lolful way to die...
[x] "I was seeking adventure."
[ ] "I wanted to see if the rumors were true."
[X] "I wanted to see if the rumors were true."
[x] "I heard there was a hot maid."

This is true, you know.
[ ] "I was seeking adventure."
[X] "I wanted to see if the rumors were true."
[X] "I was seeking adventure."
[x] "I wanted to know what was inside."
[X] "I heard there were hot loli vampires."
[x] "I was seeking adventure."

Everyone loves a picaresque hero!
[ ] "I wanted to see if the rumors were true."
[X] "I wanted to see if the rumors were true."
[x] I'm seeking the aid of powerful youkai to defeat the moon people.
Oh you got lured in by her brea.. eh pads.

Fuck yeah, blood tea!

[x] "I wanted to see the library."
[X] i want to make sweet love to your door guard, and wanted to ask your permission
suddenly, options, thousands of them
[x] "I was bored."
[X] "I heard there were hot vampires."

You get sax or die. These odds, I like them.
[X] "I wanted to see if the rumors were true."
[x] "Moon people made me do it."
[X] Break through the window, use curtains as parachute
So as I pray, Unlimited Dick Works.
Come on, it needs some fighting scenes.
fuck i can't decide remilia and sakuya end? kaguya mokou end?
[x] "I heard there were hot vampires."
[x ] "I was seeking adventure."
[x] "I wanted to see if the rumors were true."


also, autosage is almost here. time for thread 16
either of these
[X] "I wanted to see if the rumors were true."
[x] "Screw you, bitch."

[X] "I heard there were hot vampires."
[ ] "I wanted to see if the rumors were true."
God damn anon, keep it to five choices! We are being overwhelmed!
[x] "I wanted to see the library."
[X] Rumors
Fuck yeah, luckily Remilia is pretty cool and took "you swam" as little amusing joke. Many ok choices but I go with this.

[x]"I wanted to see the library."
File 1205948289943.jpg - (439KB, 600x600 , 1205948289943.png) [iqdb]
[X] "I heard there were hot vampires."

its true


[X] "I heard there were hot vampires."
[ ] "I was seeking adventure."
[x] "I'm a wandering sax player here to entertain."
[x] "Screw you, bitch."

>>Open the curtains

I lol'd
You guys realize that 'I wanted to see the library' will likely amount to 'I wanted to steal from the library' for them?
So far

[x] "I wanted to see if the rumors were true."


[X] "I heard there were hot vampires."

are close. I'm rooting for the latter.
[x] "I wanted to see if the rumors were true."

How are we going to get out of this Anon? ;_; This bad end is inevitable...
[X] "I heard there were hot vampires."
Talk to her long enough, maybe someone will come in and cause another ruckus.
There are lots of things that we can tell from this point on.

I find I'm able to fap rather slowly and elegantly with jazz playing softly in the background.

It truly complements my partner's cries of "YAMATE!!" which I assume means "fuck me harder" in Japanese.
>Remilia rests her head on bridged fingers.

[X] "I heard there were hot vampires."

Fuck yes, you are the best BAD END ever!
File 1205948521141.jpg - (16KB, 448x158 , Remilia.png) [iqdb]
is she?

Who says it has to be a BAD END? Maybe she wants a male around... if you know what I mean.

+1 for

[X] "I heard there were hot vampires."
>>I'm able to fap rather slowly and elegantly

So you hold your pinky straight out or something?

I remember when someone said that the first time...

"Oh, you think we are... "hot," then? If you find it such an admirable quality, allow me to bestow it upon you, intruder.

Cue immolation via red the nightless castle.

"I'm sorry, sister, we'll find you a new plaything. This one was defective."
Why the hell arn't we telling the truth? We wanted to see the library.
no, I voted for this option, thinking the library is pretty large and famous
maybe Reimu appears and we hang out with her a little while
File 1205948728463.jpg - (47KB, 683x512 , 1201207717903.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] "I wanted to see the library."
Reimu? Too lazy.
Marisa or Cirno could appear, or Ran with plans for the moon.
[ ] "Screw you, bitch."

Obvious bad end, or the flag for the Unlimited Sage Works route?
Too many bumps... thread falling...

Ah fuck.

We're in auto-sage, compadre.
Did "Rumors" win?
[X] "I heard there was a hot maid."
[X] "I heard there were hot vampires."

It's still close between Hot Vampires and Rumors. I actually think the former is winning by my count.
dammit, rumors is the better option

If it's still first to seven, then rumors won
You know, maybe someone could convince the mods to sticky Gensyoko Man's thread? I doubt they could be swayed, but it would mean not having to deal with autosages and "what did I miss?" moments.

Plus, this is one of the more epic things to happen on 4chan, IMHO.
do you really think she understand what "hot vampires" mean? She might just say: "oh our temperature is not much different than those of humans, wanna touch my skin"?
>wanna touch my skin"?
Eh, good enough.
>>250989 wanna touch my skin

but it won't happen
I support stickying these threads, but I doubt the mods will do it
GM could please both parties, assuming it wasn't meant to lead to a BAD END

"To see if the rumors about the vampires of unmatched beauty are true"
Remilia counters: "So, do you think it's true?"
Regardless of your response (lying or sweetie talk): BAD END
I could handle no Alice, and dying a cold death in a lake... but...




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