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9701 2012/06/22 (Fri) 03:29 No. 9701
So, what's the threshold beyond which a story would be lumped into /others/ as AU, as opposed to a regular story? How "different" does it have to be?

2012/06/22 (Fri) 14:06 No. 9710
If you're just using Touhous without Gensokyo, put the story in /others/.

Otherwise you can put it wherever else it would fit. People have been putting stories in /others/ that would have been fine in /th/ or elsewhere since forever.
2012/06/22 (Fri) 18:09 No. 9712
/th/ and /others/ are basically the go-to boards, so stuffed with different ideas that they just don't care what crap they have to eat next.

So really, there is no difference between the two other than a few more stories about this or that.

It'd be great if the other boards were just as popular. Alas...
2012/06/23 (Sat) 15:42 No. 9722
How do OCs figure into this? Would an OC-heavy story lean more towards /others/ or would it not matter?
2012/06/23 (Sat) 17:32 No. 9725
Doesn't really matter. We've had OC's from outside and inside the border get put into /th/ and /others/ - it's mostly just about story location (or not giving a fuck and posting wherever).
2012/06/23 (Sat) 21:51 No. 9726
Yeah, what >>9725 said. OCs are pretty much everywhere, in many stories on all boards. Granted, in a lot of cases they're just the protagonists, but still.
2012/06/24 (Sun) 08:45 No. 9727
The way I've always thought of it is placing your story in the board of the location where most of the story happens.

Gensokyo-trotting? /th/. Globe-trotting? /others/. Focusing somewhere specific? There's a board for that.

Unless it's /nue/. /coriander/ still exists, though.
2012/06/24 (Sun) 08:51 No. 9728
And a point I forgot to add, if you cannot figure out where your story will likely end up: You probably need to do some thinking on your plot.
2012/06/24 (Sun) 12:35 No. 9729
Maybe /th/ and /others/ were popular because they won't get 'restricted' on the characters or pairings.

For an example, when reading a story in /shrine/, you'll expect it have Reimu/Suika. Now imagine if Treia's dead story in /th/ moved to there, since it's supposed to focused on human village. Reimu was only makes an appearance in three updates, Suika even less, and that other shrine maiden get much more screentime that both of Reimu and Suika combined, not to mention that she is the more potential love interest, since anon rooted to her. Isn't it kind of weird to have a story in /shrine/ but the protagonist ended up with Sanae?

Yes, I hate him for being lazy ass and leave my favorite story on page 2.
2012/07/01 (Sun) 01:38 No. 9800
Newbies are fond of the freedom despite being unable to fully handle it.