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So, I've decided to take a short break from The Eldest Scarlet. In the meantime, I plan to write one or two short side stories related to it. Do I start the thread in /sdm/ or do I start it on the Short Stories board?

In return, have some Raymoo.

No. 9580
[x] /shorts/.

Don't let it be ddyk and tree's lair.
No. 9582
No need. Balistafreak is writing there now.
No. 9584
/shorts/ as it needs more life in general, but be sure to link it to your main thread so your fans can know.

I hope you come back soon. I'd like to see something happen between Wallace and Patchouli before Glasnost updates.
No. 9585
This break will be about two weeks, I think.
No. 9587
>implying glasnost will ever update again

Will be waiting warmly until then, looking forward to the side shorts as well.
No. 9600
The first story is done. How do I link the thread in /shorts/ to my thread in /sdm/, or can I not do that?
No. 9601
Like that:
No. 9602
I think that 'before Glasnost updates' means 'Before the end of time'
No. 9627
You'd be surprised.
No. 9644
Glasnost more-or-less finished a /at/ short at least a month ago and hasn't posted it yet.
No. 9646
if it's not posted it doesn't count.
No. 9648
That's what I meant.

Sorry, should've added the "No, you won't be surprised."