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Just wondering, is there someone here reading stories on something else than a computer? Cthulhu made a thing to turn stories into text (http://westisblue.com/), so are there people reading stories on their iPad or things like that?

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Well I've read plenty on my Tmobile G2X.

But the absolute worst and weakest platform? Pic related, it's a Sony Ericsson TM506. It will only load around 100 posts at the very most. It will randomly decide to crash and only load anywhere from 5-60 posts. The tricks and the timing of hitting buttons to actually load and read stories was VERY frustrating. A damn analog calculator would've been better then this hunk of junk....

Think I also read a bit with my PS3, not easy on the eyes was that.
No. 9562
I read on my iPad and iPhone most of the time, but since Safari is junk, it doesn't let me copy and paste votes. In order to vote, I usually just use my PC. It's also annoying when I load up a new page, go somewhere without internet, and then watch as the bloody page tries to refresh itself.

So while it is nice, there's a few things that really make it frustrating.
No. 9565
I'll sometimes check up on the site from my Android (like I am now), and I haven't had too many problems. Copy and paste is a little borked for imageboards, though, so I usually wait to post my votes till I get back to my computer.
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This site crashed my PS3 (my own damn fault for downloading something at the time) which was straining on the eyes, and then I decided to read on my Wii since my computer was down.

Never again.
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Read stuff on my Nokia C5 sometimes. Kinda cramped and tiny, but it works well enough when I'm bored at work or on a bus.