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File 125182706299.jpg - (108.30KB , 690x500 , Doll Army.jpg ) [iqdb]
932 No. 932
As suggested by HY in another thread (>>860), let's get a roll-call. As of right now, I don't know who's accounted for and who isn't, and I really don't feel like asking, so! Every writefag from the old site, both active and inactive, should make a quick post here, along with what you were writing and on which board. Look lively, maggots! This is not a drill!

No. 933
File 125182715638.png - (72.13KB , 363x486 , be5588c96147970add82eb1672d2dc4c.png ) [iqdb]
No. 934
SDM LA Chaotic Variations /sdm/
No. 935

I had Touhou: Graze the Rainbow on /th/, and Touhou Persona: Disconsolation of Oneiric Subsistance on /others/

I'm also one lazy git. In case no-one noticed yet.
No. 937
File 125182734031.jpg - (562.79KB , 1000x1400 , 7dd655b7307a14726af05c875ec5787d.jpg ) [iqdb]
I have Ordinary Rhapsody in the Bohemian Sense.
No. 938
Legend of Youmu is mine. It was on /th/ and had lots of pictures. (It also changes it's name to a SNES rpg reference every time i name it.)
No. 940
File 125182746734.jpg - (304.25KB , 700x495 , patchy118.jpg ) [iqdb]
Patch reporting in, with HLA R2.

Hopefully something else soon too...
No. 941
File 125182753966.jpg - (63.50KB , 806x625 , gensokyohigh.jpg ) [iqdb]
A little piece of garbage called Gensokyo High on /th/.

At least I tried to keep updating semi-consistently.
No. 942
Oh right, the stories.

FLA, Captain Rex, Cluehou, Jig, 4N0n, various shorts. Mostly done in /forest/.

Currently holding the "laziest nigger" title belt on THP.
No. 943
File 125182764143.jpg - (96.49KB , 754x1396 , Momi_tea.jpg ) [iqdb]
SHaG in /th/ is what I've been writing forever.
...Maybe I should try something new.
No. 945
Nameless garbage in /forest/.
No. 950
DEATH in /border/. Don't have my trip at the moment.
No. 951
Random shorts here and there, ONI in /shrine/.
No. 952
Resonant with Vivid Tones in /eientei/, aka "that one with Reisen in space".

And until recently, I would have said you have competition, Scorn.
No. 955
Flea in the Dog House in /sdm/.
You guys should know this already.
No. 956

Involuntary Pedagogic Fantasy on /th/
Fairy Maid on /sdm/
Scarletvania on /sdm/
SDMLA on /sdm/
A Different Place on /th/
Pirates of Gensokyo on /th/

Yeeeeah okay. I'm carrying on with IPF when the site is back. Wait warmly for now.
No. 958
I'm a shit writer

DSiG and that story that had that outside perspective.
No. 960

You will finish all of them before you start anything new. We are sick and tired of you starting something, working on it for a few threads, then leaving it to rot while you start a new one and go through the process all over again.
No. 961
I'm here, of course, and already writing again.

Flight of the Lost Soul - /th/
Gensou Coil - /th/
'Second Project' (cancelled) - /others/
Doll's House (pending site restoration)
No. 962
I swear this post is a direct copy-paste from a previous thread somewhere. That, or I'm having a major case of deja-vu here.
No. 964
Advent of Reality Bender, on /others/ board, though if there's a crossover board, it should probably go there.
No. 965
I'm here. Alive, too.

Echo - /youkai/.
No. 966
No. 967
Present, with:

Underground LA in /others/ (and, in all likelihood, /underground/ on the new site)
Memoirs of a Vampire on /sdm/

So who's missing so far? Norseman and Fallout Anon were mentioned in the last thread, and I haven't seen Princess Tepes, ???? from Landlord of Mayohiga, and the other author in /youkai/ whose name and story title I can't recall.
No. 968
...Shit, late for rollcall.

Nine here, writer of Aria of Deception in /border/ and not much else.
No. 969

You're thinking of Lion.
No. 970
We're chill on Princess Tepes, I know for a fact he made it to the new site.
No. 971
>So who's missing so far?
Off the top of my head... Harker, Teruyo, Blazing Vangogh/Nasu Grave(?), Thirty Terawatt Satellite Cannon, and the anon doing the Suika-party story on /shrine/ are unaccounted for (though I suspect the Teruyo can be found on #eientei).
No. 973
Along with Dune, Memento Aurora in SDM.

The newly adjusted character limit should be an enormous advantage, so thanks and congrats in advance.
No. 975
Milly here. Deleted my old post due to forgetting my own trip.

I write Insert Original Title Here on /th/. Also known as the story in which Reimu tries to make a harem out of Gensokyo, I suppose. I'll try to construct a huge wall to compensate for the three weeks' delay since the past update, for my readers out there.
No. 976
Gekko's in the IRC

There's the Anon that wrote that Sanae High school story.

And there's the Double My Combo guy (The one where Anon gets Nero's powers)
No. 977
File 125183941123.jpg - (235.48KB , 650x774 , 3a8edf1c7c8e4b804f4aff9218a560f3.jpg ) [iqdb]
Teruyo's one of the main contributors in getting this site up.

I write (wrote?) Ace Combat: Gensokyo in /shrine/, though I doubt anyone remembers. I mean, I'm in Scorn's league in the update category.
No. 978
Snake is dead. He is no longer here. But... On my back and in my heart, he lives on as a part of me!
No. 979
>Thirty Terawatt Satellite Cannon

Dan? He still comes on IRC.
No. 981
File 125184027744.jpg - (326.51KB , 1209x1740 , kazuki.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm not dead!

Actually, I was waiting on the board resurrection was all. The next bit of FoSL is ready to go.

Speaking of: I write A Fairy on Scarlet Lake.
No. 982
Norseman seems to be missing as well.
No. 983
File 125184044862.jpg - (48.00KB , 500x419 , scarletmaids.jpg ) [iqdb]
Princess Tepes here. I write "A Fairy's Tale" on /sdm/. Ready to update whenever the site is.

For your enjoyment, Scarlet maids while you wait.
No. 986
File 125184193786.jpg - (70.77KB , 788x525 , Ha-ah!.jpg ) [iqdb]
None? Or... Is there?
No. 988
Has Dr. Doujin and Dr.Q been accounted for?
No. 990
Oh hey. I'm still here. Ready to start up the ol' snow machine again!
No. 991
Hey what's up.
No. 992
File 125184461626.jpg - (13.67KB , 400x320 , exploding_head_3.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 993
Sorry, that title still belongs to GM.
No. 995
guess what happend today 70 years ago?
No. 998
File 12518458222.jpg - (133.19KB , 600x464 , what.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 999
File 125184587690.jpg - (140.17KB , 819x612 , sikieki.jpg ) [iqdb]
... Ahem.
No. 1003
Fragmentation of Memories in /youkai/.

Hey guys.
No. 1007

Holy fuck.
No. 1009
This makes me feel a bit... naughty.
No. 1010
Duck yeah you found us.
No. 1012
File 125184769017.jpg - (36.33KB , 576x534 , true bro.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Teruyo's one of the main contributors in getting this site up.
No. 1017
File 125184879989.jpg - (281.71KB , 1200x1200 , 4cb779e7778aa836fb7d7f21fba0c356.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm here. Working in /shrine/ last, with Hakurei Shrine of Cards.

Still developing Restorer in Gensokyo. Numerous side projects now going around in my head, though.
No. 1021
Doujin is an IRC regular, although he hasn't been around in a week for some reason. He'll hear about it when he comes back.
No. 1051
Chronically flaky writer of Contemplations Under the Moon and Stars on /eientei/ reporting in.
No. 1068
The writer of that one story with out a name where the progagonist is looking for Sanae is here as well. I suppose I should get a name and a tripcode.
No. 1069
TAiG, Nightmare, VTAiG, CTAiG, ACUTE on /others/.
TVTAiG on /gensokyo/ until /others/ is back.
No. 1072
File 125186410613.jpg - (19.55KB , 283x386 , KoutarouShinomiya3.jpg ) [iqdb]
Still working on the same confrontation between Detective Harker and Shinomiya here. I am slow, I am slow. I shall wear my trousers low.
No. 1074
File 125186510329.jpg - (449.90KB , 715x1000 , 5897443.jpg ) [iqdb]

I don't care what its reputation is, I fucking love /eientei/. Now where's Serial ATA and Black Amethyst?
No. 1076
>Serial ATA

He's around.
No. 1079
No. 1082
I've already used my cirno hooray so you'll have to settle for a regular hooray.
No. 1085
Late...but, I'm still here, nonetheless.

Metal Touhou /others/
Resonating Anthem of Makai /border/ (could have been in others as well, but yeah...)

Also I'm going back to Vangogh,
No. 1087
File 125186749961.jpg - (169.88KB , 1023x907 , 253398bb2ff2a16ebf4fb0bcecd1545f189.jpg ) [iqdb]
Reporting in.
No. 1090
Writer of the nameless random seeming /eientei/ story checking in.
No. 1092
Huh, so this is our new hangout huh? Well, at least I know it's not dead like I originally thought.

Also - Integration of Cryptic Paradoxes in /others/
No. 1094

I think BLAme knows about the new site. He's on IRC occasionally, though I don't pay attention to if he's on our IRC channel or if he's mostly being a maidrpgfag.
No. 1100
File 12518711353.jpg - (112.29KB , 424x600 , 1245241889875.jpg ) [iqdb]
Forgot to add: Little Soldier Lost @ /eientei/, the only story I have as I don't have plans to write other CYOAs as of now.
No. 1111
He's an #eientei regular, I think.
No. 1112
BLame is >>986
No. 1163
Looking good so far, seems like we can get them all together without problem.
Just need to inform all the readers that the site is here now, get the normal layout and start things anew.
No. 1164
File 125191898166.jpg - (238.74KB , 467x640 , fd522fac859308a5dd54a0b5ed7ceb7e.jpg ) [iqdb]
Finally made my way here thanks to some kind folks. Pardon my tardiness, but yes --- "A New World Fool, Pursuing My True Self?" from /th/ will continue on here come rain or shine, so be prepared for more dramamedy action that makes life interestin'.

Sempfer Fi. Keep your powder dry.
No. 1166
Yeah, I read your latest update.

Is there any chance you could have mercy, bad end us, and start out fresh for the new site?
No. 1171
or in other words, [x] Jump in the lake and [x] Roll back to damn near the beginning.
No. 1176
Just before Gin agrees to take on one of the two offered jobs should be far enough back I think.
Just have to think about the consequences of our actions this time.

Also, not a writefag, but I have a few ideas bouncing around and plan to at least do a trial run. I have to settle on one idea and get organized though.
No. 1182
Kira is here.
No. 1183

No. 1186
Well, um... I didn't think that through too well.

How about before the writer got overwhelming PMS? Is that possible? There must be some sort of science to fix that.

Anonymous shouldn't have to fucking think about the consequences of his actions. It ruins the whole point.
No. 1187
The lack of Owen in this thred makes me sad...
No. 1188
He knows about the site, at least he should since he frequents the IRC channel.
No. 1201

I don't think that's possible, until he gains more experience as a writer, and possibly a few sage bombs sad to say; otherwise we have to put up with him dropping the hammer on innocent screw ups How the hell were we supposed to know cute little Koakuma WAS THE DUKE OF HELL!?

Sure his story is interesting, but I did not intend to compare him with the greats, such as HY.

Though thinking on it, his CYOA is something like a shounen manga; one reads it because they have nothing better to do, occasionally complain about it, occasionally marvel at the awesome moment.

And in some CYOAs you do have to think on the after effects of your actions, others not so much. Stories these days are more story intensive that the days of using the lake option are kinda gone.

Personally it feels better to do an awesome well thought out write in to something absurd.
No. 1203
File 125193178426.jpg - (274.07KB , 586x721 , fbb37c1cb99bbdd95a3e59e53e4969ca.jpg ) [iqdb]
>I did not intend to compare him with the greats, such as HY.

HY is more like a Big brother for all of us here.
No. 1216
File 125193749453.jpg - (148.06KB , 330x500 , Gintama_1.jpg ) [iqdb]

>his CYOA is something like a shounen manga

Considering the character is named Gintoki, not a surprise at all.
No. 1219
>Anonymous shouldn't have to fucking think about the consequences of his actions. It ruins the whole point.

I should be feeling something like rage, but I just feel sad.
No. 1221
>dropping the hammer on innocent screw ups
Hard, and on the very first one. Details you don't forget too easily.
>And in some CYOAs you do have to think on the after effects of your actions
Only to the extent of common sense (I bold this because the bar is pretty low there) and only when trying to keep on target to a certain girl. AKA, "harem" ends, "married normal girl" ends, and "lol, lost your dick" ends. And of course certain death which = lake option.
>Personally it feels better to do an awesome well thought out write in to something absurd.
Sometimes, yes. But not when the writer feels he'd rather throw you into the ravine instead of following through with the winning option of tying your shoes. I jest, but stupider shit has happened before.

Regardless, I agree with you.
No. 1222
I taste your sadness; it is delicious.
No. 1226
I'm still relatively new to this, so bear with me if I sound like a nue new guy.
If I wanted feedback on story ideas, should I do so on IRC, start a topic on this board, or (while I belive it would be frowned upon) temporarily hijack this thread with a nice pic to do so?

I have four ideas but only want to do one since I'm still inexperienced.
No. 1227

Some people go on IRC, some people make a post. Either or both is fine, but don't hijack if you can help it.
No. 1231
File 125194572460.jpg - (201.96KB , 550x700 , 4ee10cf318e13cbdca83ae1099e43746.jpg ) [iqdb]
I couldn't make a post here based on the fact that I was gone for two weeks not too long ago. But I am here and I am ready.

My stories were A Shikigami's Life and Shikigami of the Heart, both in /border/
No. 1235

No. 1420
Im the name of the Allfather, this tale-smith forges the Gensokyoland Saga in /forest/.
No. 1421
File 125205993850.jpg - (1.55MB , 1600x1200 , 34930.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's me!

I'm still working on Spirit Within in /shrine/ like usual. Drop by sometimes!
No. 1422
No. 1424
File 125207026643.png - (85.27KB , 300x300 , d9c323d68b7df008d56b195efc3b17fa.png ) [iqdb]
Update, please, for all of us hunger for some delicious Communist Suika.
No. 1450
File 125211431192.jpg - (8.51KB , 126x220 , keine_sensei.jpg ) [iqdb]
First of all, I certainly disapprove of this board. Keine's hat is not silly at all!

Just another Anonymous here, though I do use name k_s when I have to.

Related Literature:
/sdm/ - Scarlet Horizon (complete)
/sdm/ - A Crimson-Veiled Christmas (complete)
/forest/ - Magical Rhapsody (hiatus)
/border/ - Kaleidoscope Midnight (hiatus)
... and a few other things not worth mentioning

Glad to see that this place is still alive. Don't mind me though. I'm already dead.
No. 1451
No. 1453
I hope you write again server anon.
No. 1467
YAF~.. glad to see you're still here, what have you been up to?
No. 1499
I love how you saged that.
No. 1517
YAF isn't here. It's just that a lot of people on the IRC know his old, extremely easy to guess, tripcode.
No. 1588
Ignore me
No. 1753
No. 1755
Oh hey!

I'm Dr. Q(u), and I write A Different Story, over in /shrine/.
No. 1757
File 125313965558.png - (6.78KB , 125x125 , tenshi.png ) [iqdb]
anon drawfag may or may not be here
No. 1760
Wait, are you that cunt that abandoned his story in /border/ due to 'baww I can't draw?'

If so, get your ass back there and get drawing.
No. 1762
File 125314537554.png - (6.12KB , 125x125 , tenchi.png ) [iqdb]

Maybe later...
No. 1763
File 125314635752.jpg - (106.59KB , 447x600 , keine_sensei.jpg ) [iqdb]
I politely refuse. Also, Keine has the best hat.
No. 1765
No. 1766
Header changed, just for you.
No. 1767
File 125315639274.jpg - (237.65KB , 862x1121 , keine_sensei.jpg ) [iqdb]
How sweet~

Maybe I'll cook something up, after all~
No. 1768
You needn't bother sweetheart, I'd much prefer to have you as my main course~
No. 1772
Only 17 days late.

I write I, Youkai over in /forest/. Also I wrote SCIENCE! in /youkai/, though I'm not doing anything with it currently.
No. 1774
...Ah well. A little late.

I'm currently authoring the Landlord Story and drawing in my spare time.

...best for last?
No. 1782

>Doll Army.jpg

When Arisu~ says "We ist de Master Race!", we Heil, Heil, right in Arisu~'s face!

Not to love Arisu~ is a big disgrace! So we Heil, Heil, right in Arisu~'s face!

When Herr Shanghai says "We own the world and space!", we Heil, Heil right in Herr Shanghai's face!

When Herr Hourai says "They'll never bomb dis place!", we Heil, Heil, right in Herr Hourai's face!

Are we not the Superdolls, Aryan pure Superdolls? Ja we ist de Superdolls! Super duper Superdolls!

Is this Wonderland so good? Would you leave it if you could? Ja this Wonderland is good, we would leave it if we could!

We bring the world to order!
Heil Ari~'s world new order!
Everyone of foreign race will love Arisu~'s face!
When we bring to the world dis order!
No. 1789
File 12534533971.jpg - (124.22KB , 1072x1045 , stare.jpg ) [iqdb]
I don't know whether to hate or love you for this.
No. 1801
Gekko reporting.

The Machine of Artificial Sin on /youkai/
No. 1804
Love sounds like a safe bet.

That said, it reminds me of a song... but I really can't put the finger on which.
No. 1805
No. 1810
File 125365425399.jpg - (131.16KB , 800x600 , 0f40ad656c89404c76fecd97eb0f160f(translated).jpg ) [iqdb]

You must mean this:

Pic Related, I'd Heil right in Arisu~'s face, if you know what I mean.
No. 1811
Damnit, some mikufag should make that song. The lyrics are awesome.
No. 1839

This was...something.
No. 2870