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A thread where you you can recommend stories.

No. 9209
Why the emphasis?
No. 9211
Before Teruyo turned the last thread in a shitstorm.
So Treia (despite the fact he's supposed to be sick, yadda yadda), is reminding us that this thread is to recommend stories. Not criticizing them.

So, I'll open the dance, and I hereby ask if there's a good story with an original interpretation of danmakus and spell cards.
No. 9212
Two people arguing is hardly a shitstorm.

Anywhoozle, there isn't much room for originality with the spell card system (at least from what I've seen so far), it's either there or it's not. I could say... Merchant's quest? Because it allows for melee attacks in it.... That's not really particularly unique or interesting, though. I don't know.
No. 9214
I’ll try again since last time the results were inconclusive.

I’m looking for a Youmu story, slice of life/romance/not shounen-esque battlebuggery-like. And don’t you go and tell me it hasn’t been done. Youmu ain’t so unpopular for me to believe that.
No. 9215
Yeah, with how popular Youmu is, there's no way she doesn't have a story or two. I mean, look at Reisen!
No. 9216
I can see where this is going.
Looking forward to your contribution.
No. 9217
If you were talking about "Merchant in Gensokyo", thank you, I'll try this one.
No. 9218
The Adventures of Kotohime.


One of the best humor based Touhou stories you can find.
No. 9219
Get out of here, Azure. Don't start advertising FF.net.
No. 9220
Since when was advertising a story the same as advertising a site? Or is this one of those "Logic has no place here!" type of conversations?
No. 9221
This is one of those "fanfiction.net is overall terrible so don't fucking link it" types.
No. 9222
And THP is considered the shithole of 4chan's /jp/ board. Do you have a point regarding the quality of the story itself, or are you just bitching for the sake of bitching?
No. 9223
>And THP is considered the shithole of 4chan's /jp/ board.
By who?
No. 9224
Amusingly enough, the first time I'd ever heard THP described that way was from a discussion in /jp/. Even more amusingly, it came from a thread discussing Touhou stories.

However, this discussion is offtopic, and you should be more focused on discussing stories, rather than bitching about places you hate and why you hate them. There are threads in /blue/ for that purpose.
No. 9226
No idea as well... /border/'s been near dead since Patchwork abandoned it. And what few stories that do pop up are neither no route or Yukari or Yuyuko.

Isn't it said Lunasa, Merlin, Lyrica, Shikieiki and Komachi? ; ;

The feeling is mutual though as many consider /jp/ these days to be a weeaboo shithole.
No. 9227
So much about recommending stories.
No. 9228
THP is described as "full of dicks and assholes" according to Spacebattles.

Nowadays, /jp/ is full of spammers and shit threads like "How do I commit suicide?", "I'm feeling lonely", etc.
No. 9229
I'm pretty sure the general concensus at SpaceBattles regarding THP was "The majority of THP's residents are ok, but at the same time they also have a lot of overly vocal cunts who enjoy spamming their own self-inflated egos in some sort of pathetic dick-waving contest. Tread at your own risk."

You can thank >>9219 for that, along with everyone else who felt like responding to his post and continuing the offtopic discussion myself included, it seems.
No. 9230
Recommend me something.
I'm bored and want something to read, and I'm not looking for any character in particular. Hit me.
No. 9231
Try reading the recommendation from >>9218 and tell us whether it's worth our time.
No. 9232
Heh, like they're any better.
No. 9233
I read it once. I can't really recommend it since it's not my type of humor (i.e. I didn't laugh reading it).
No. 9238
Oh for fucks sake, already? Not even 50 posts in and it's a shitstorm.

Can someone recommend me a good writer? As in, someone whos actually finished a storymade more then one good story?
No. 9240
Are they butthurt that we don't find Kahi's stuff the greatest story ever? If Kahi's any sign of what Space battles are, then it should be sealed off at least.
No. 9241
Can we take that to /blue/, please?
No. 9242
Nope. It's something like "this is not a recommendation, this is a fucking ad". Don't go around assuming that people are always hostile toward FF.net I'm hostile because it looks more like a copypasted ads than a genuine recommendation.
No. 9243
I hate most of you, just FYI. Feel the hate.

I'm looking for a rather simple, but engaging story (preferably completed) for a friend of mine whose English skills are questionable at best. No particular affinity for any touhous, just light on the wordplay and ridiculous prose.
No. 9245
Owen and Fell are pretty good and have finished at least one story. Definitely check out A Fairy's Tale, which is by Owen under the name Princess Tepes because silliness.

Don't Read This's writer does funny shorts, check out his CYOA Do the Right Thing if you like them.
No. 9246
Tell him to read Ddyk's stories. His writing is pretty simple the last time I checked.
No. 9247
Tenshi Is In This Story.
It's a very good story for a foreigner, and its style is very unique.
No. 9249
A unique style is the last thing a foreigner needs.
No. 9250
Oh, yeah. Especially if said friend isn't very good in English. My bad, forget I recommended Tiits, would you kindly.
No. 9251
Klaymen's stories are pretty simply written and decent in general.
No. 9252
Remember kids.

Only Space Battles would attempt to derive accurate and canon calculations of both firepower and yields from a cartoon featuring talking ponies.

That's not me talking by the way. I got it from the sig of one of its members. And they're damn proud of it, as they put it on their TvTropes page.
No. 9253
Here's a story that someone bad at English will utterly fail to read.


Please stop talking about spacebattles unless you're recommending a story from there, as that is what this thread is for.
No. 9254
My God, that story was hard to read. Please stop using gimmicks like that in your story.
No. 9258
>recommending TiTS
Yeah, you don’t do that.
To say the blunt truth I never said any-a-thing about a contribution, friend-o. Well yes, but I’d still like to read something first, if you catch me meaning. There has to be something about Youmu. I honestly can’t believe nobody’s thought of giving the girl some exposure. She main character now, no? Hell, I’ll settle for anything, long as it’s not grimderp or hacking at people’s guts with swords because it’s cool. ANYTHING?
No. 9259
Nothing that's mainly about Youmu that I can remember. She does appear in a few stories, but it's in a supporting role.
No. 9260
All I know about Youmu is that she's forever alone in GH.

It's sad, really.
No. 9261
the only story remotely on a Youmu route is K-S's /border/ story. I don't remember the name of it but it's the only thing that comes to mind in terms of complete Youmu route stories.

Poor Youmu, a victim of her board having hard times and sharing it with both Yukari and Yuyuko.

You'd have better luck doing a Youmu story yourself.
No. 9262
There's a story on /th/ currently - Tainted Bonds - That has some Youmu potential, however it's early on and it's a "hacking at people’s guts with swords because it’s cool" kind of story, as you eloquently put.
That's all I can think of.
No. 9263
What’s the dude’s full name, again? Can’t find “K-S” in the story list.
No. 9264
He's certainly butthurt about the place. Makes one wonder if he got banned for being as much of a faggot over there as he's being over here.

Not bad, but the first chapter is kind of slow. The last chapter is probably the best out of the bunch. I found it comparable in some ways to Do The Right Thing. If you don't like Do The Right Thing, you're probably not going to like this story.

Yeah, these two are great humor stories, but as >>9233 points out, not everyone is into that sort of absurdist humor, regardless of how well done it is.

I haven't stumbled across any. The closest I've found is an "Askudonge" tumbler which answers questions by well drawn pictures and photoshopping, but it's more oriented on Reisen than Youmu, even if Youmu does feature quite heavily in it.

If I do somehow come across something like that, I'll make a point to put up a post regarding it for you though.
No. 9265
>recommending FF.net fics and Tumblr roleplays
Yep, definitely a Spacebattler.
No. 9266
Oh, would you quit it already.
Though you have a point about the tumblr thing. Who would recommend that? This thread is about stories.
No. 9267
How nice of you to show up >>9252. Tell us, are you still butthurt? Now now, we won't judge you for being angry over the fact that you've been more buttfucked than a cheap parisian whore, but that's still no excuse to continue spewing shit everywhere you go from that loosened asshole of yours.
No. 9268
>trying to identify anon
Lurk moar.
No. 9269
>thread is about FF.net, tumblr, spacebattles and faggots
Screw you guys.
No. 9271
Just a sidenote, but people as a rule don't carry around the sort of vehemence you see there unless it is somehow personal. It is very unlikely that you will get more than two or three people with similiar personal distastes exactly the same as that in a small group size sampling, and the chances of them all showing up, in the same thread, in the same general timeframe, is even more unlikely.

TL;DR >>9265 and >>9252 act like the same person, and both are posting in the same general timeframe. If they're not the same person, then the Red Sox are likely to win the Super Bowl.
No. 9273
Fuck logic.
No. 9277
>>9238 here, pretty much completely ignored because everyone decided to shit up the thread. Can we got some kinda mod in here or something to get rid of all these stupid posts?
No. 9281
Sukima's supposed to be good. I've never liked his stuff, but maybe you would.

Stay classy.
No. 9283
Stop the insults and inane bickering. For now, some posts have been deleted. Next time there'll be harsher consequences.

It's natural for a thread to deviate to another topic but flaming and the like is not part of that.
No. 9284
Keine_sensei, I think. Did Scarlet Horizon, Kaleidoscope Midnight and Magical Rhapsody.
No. 9285
No. 9286
Any stories where the villain is really hated by the readers?
No. 9288
Anyone can explain what that Creeping Shadow story is about? I'm kinda interested in it since it looks like a dark Gensokyo story. I also wouldn't mind a plot summary, so I can just jump right in to vote in the story.
No. 9289
MC , patchouli and friends are magical gensokyo FBI, demons are attacking.
I haven't read it in a while though, so things might have changed
No. 9291
The Game would qualify.

This is pretty accurate.

It's fairly heavily AU, and the protagonist has an interesting gimmick for magic usage, basically split personalities with different specialties.

The plot's not very complex, but it's well-written and intriguing (and yes, rather dark). Go read it.

If you really need a summary, what's happened so far is an arc of investigating the SDM and afterwards gathering allies to fight in the capital against Makai's forces.
No. 9293
Any fun story where fourth wall is frequently destroyed?
No. 9294
>The Game
Wasn't Sanae the villain of that story?
No. 9295
Your point?
No. 9296
[spoiler]She/spoiler] was still quite reviled by the readers as some worried about the story starting a trend of that character in a malicious role (similar to how the early stories started the uber bitch Reimu trend)
No. 9297
Not all of them.
I was never able to hate her, and never will be. The ending saw to that.
No. 9298
You mean the part where she kills you even if you give her a chance to repent? Yeah, I can see where you're coming from...Not.
No. 9299
What? No. What?
No. 9300
Suffering from selective amnesia?
No. 9301
How does it come there's no decent /at/ story about Cirno?
No. 9302
How does it come that a touhou wearing a Santa costume is much sexier?
No. 9303
Go back to /at/. Your kind ain't welcome here.
No. 9304
No, no, I know what you're talking about, but that wasn't the ending. It's got no relation to what I was saying.
No. 9305

Yeah, the actual ending provided more than enough closure to make up for the bad ending, and the story as a whole.
No. 9306
Because she's eternal little sister tier and thinking of horribly perverse activities makes most THPers feel dirty. If anything she'd much sooner be in something with tender loving.
No. 9307
I would gladly kill for a story with proper loving. Something else than the usual "meet girl fuck girl smoke leave".
No. 9308
>thinking of horribly perverse activities makes most THPers feel dirty

Are we on the same site?

If you want stories like this, look elsewhere than /at/.
No. 9309
I think the bad ending was just to prove a point.
Yes, the ending was a as good as it could be, and it really couldn't have ended many other ways...but it still makes me unbearably sad.
No. 9315
Moral's Aya story on /at/ made me hope that someone would follow his lead and write a decent story, with FEELINGS, LOVE, and of course some SEX.
No. 9317
well if one wants more caring /at/ fare there's Winemaker. It may not be quite a full blown romance story ,but it's not some kink exhibition and sometimes the main character hits it pretty well with a girl. By the time it ends, a bunch of girls will be sharing him.

And the closest thing to a main girl in that is Daiyousei, sometimes nicknamed DaiWaifu as she maintains the homestead while he's out.

There's some of the sorts to look into as some of them hint at a relationship before the short starts.

tl;dr /at/ isn't 100% kink-filled smut.
No. 9318

Urge to write Cirno rape story rising.
No. 9319
Goddamn, we have a lot of /at/ escapees nowadays.
No. 9320
If you do it, do it on /at/.
No. 9325
Go for it. Post it in /sdm/.
No. 9327
Cirno rape story at /sdm/ it is, thanks for the great idea guys!
No. 9329
Please tell me that Cirno's the one doing the rape.
No. 9330
It's going to be horrible both ways anyway.
No. 9332
We might actually see sagebombs and bannings
No. 9333
Isn't it forbidden to post NSFW if it's not in /at/?
No. 9335

Rule 2 #
All not safe for work (NSFW) content including, but not limited to, pornographic material of any sort, should be posted with the NSFW tag when outside of /at/ (the adult material board).

When uploading such an image check the NSFW box in the post box for the image to be automatically hidden (and viewable on click).

NSFW text is fine and doesn't need to be covered up. Reader discretion is advised.

NOTE YOU MUST BE AGED 18+ (or whatever the age of majority in your country) TO VIEW ADULT MATERIAL.
No. 9337
So as long as he writes "NSFW" in the title or something like that, it's all right then?
No. 9339
Not even then, the NSFW tagging is for pictures outside of /at/, text has no such requirements
No. 9350
This is probably a long shot but are there any stories with Akyuu?
No. 9351
As a main? Ai Ai Akyuu by YAF before he was chased off the site, unfinished like 80% of his stuff (for every one story he finished, there were 4-5 that he didn't)

As a supporting cast, people have said Akyuu in that wriggle story in forest is pretty good.
No. 9368
Any stories were Utusho is present, without being an antagonist? Reav's TiiTs makes me want to read one.
No. 9369
That are still going? Closest thing is Patchwork's story in /underground/ it's slow but it's not dead.
No. 9370
Still going, or finished if there's one. As long as it's not an abandonned story, it'll be perfect.
No. 9371
>As long as it's not an abandonned story, it'll be perfect.
Say that to GH fans.
No. 9372
I'm a GH fan, and that's precisely why I don't want to be recommended an abandonned story. In my opinion, an abandonned story is automatically a shit-tier story, no matter who wrote it or how many readers it had.
No. 9373
No. 9374
No. 9375
So I just watched some "Osana Reimu" video, and I wondered if there was any story with Reimu and Rumia?
Heck, even with just Rumia, I'm fine with that. But don't recommend Wintertime Alchemist, please, since it's dead.
No. 9377
Any story where Koishi is insane?
No. 9378
Koishi's Heart-Throbbing Adventure.

Any story where Koishi is autistic?
No. 9379
>he recommends a japanese video when he's asked to recommend a fanfiction
Nigga, you're doing good at being idiot.
No. 9380
It's practically a fanfiction anyway.
No. 9381
No. 9382
Well, thank you, but if I'm asking here, it's because I'm looking for a story from a THPer.
And beside, Koishi is just too insane in that story, it's scary.
No. 9383
There's one completed Rumia story.

All others were abandoned. I'd say she's cursed, but lots of characters don't have that much.
No. 9384
We need more writers.
No. 9385
AFT and DdRT both feature crazy Koishis.
No. 9386
> Over a hundred posts
> Only a couple recommendations
> Filled with hypocritical bullshit

Good thread guys, good thread. We sure have come a long way since the /jp/ days. Truly, I am proud of all of you.

Seriously though, how about we stop raging at people from being from different sites, or liking different things, and we actually work on making our own site not shit. I really can't see how we can feel so full of ourselves as to mock those from other places when our own site is in such discord.

As for a recommendation, how about someone recommend their favorite story that is going on right now, and hopefully there will be one that will restore my faith in this place. I want to believe this is going to get better, I really do.
No. 9387
Mind telling me why you're referring to /jp/? We're not on 4chan right now, we're on THP. That's different.
No. 9389

Because this site originated with stories on /jp/ and elsewhere. Many of us have been here longer than THP has actually existed.

My reasoning for mentioning it is that I think it is deplorable that we haven't really gotten any better as a community than we were a few years ago. We left jp because of venomous people and bans and such, and we ended up becoming even more venomous.

"No THP, you are the trolls", basically.
No. 9390
Not our fault people keep on asking for stories that don't exist. But yeah I wish more people would try writing instead of sitting around and complain.
No. 9393
>Not our fault people keep on asking for stories that don't exist.
That is absolutely no excuse nor reason for how this thread's turned out.

It'd have to be A Wizard Is You. All the other stories I've been following have just stopped.
No. 9394
I thought you left /jp/ because the mod swung down the banhammer.
No. 9395
>because of venomous people and bans

The venomous people were you.
No. 9396
You know, I dont know about you anon, But personally? I'd like to read a recommendation thread thats, gasp, a recommendation thread! Hell, If you really want Anon, Make a Recommendation Bitching thread in /blue/!

Any stories with Rinnosuke? I remember seeing one that died out a while ago on /th/.
No. 9397

The one with the perma-sky, yeah? I wish that had continued, the writing was nice and fluid. Some of the facets he implanted on the village were nice, too.
No. 9398
I'd like to recommend Expectation of Sanguine Disorder by Hungry Youkai.
No. 9399
Any Ragnarok Online based story? Besides the one with a swordgirl with a crush on Youmu and Momiji?
No. 9400
Not that I know of, such 'gimmick' stories don't exactly have the best lifespan as most aren't that well planned at all.

I'd like to see some recommendations for /th/ stories that are good and/or very likely to live through the month.
No. 9402
Do the Right Thing is first to come to mind, it's the best story on /th/ right now IMO (yes, I even think it's better than Wizard). Humanity of Gensokyo is all right. Wizard is You is good but likely won't update for far more than a month. Doll's Quest will update reliably but isn't good.

Pick your poison.
No. 9405

As far as I recall (it was a long time ago), it was actually a mix. There weren't actually that many stories on /jp/, that was just where this whole thing got it's start. But it was a mix of the mods not wanting to put up with it (I can't blame them, it really had no place being on the site) and then trolls. Of course it being 4chan, I'm sure we can agree that "lol trolls" is the default state of any thread.

Personally, I read a few of the threads on /jp/, then lost track after the bans. A couple months later I stumbled across THP and continued reading.

What you have to remember, though, is that when the site started, everyone involved was well aware that everyone was writing shitty fanfiction about flying magical girls. But as time went on, we developed more and more of a god damned ego about it.

I mean, take an inventory of all the places "we" apparently hate people from. We're apparently "better" than all those places, but we're still writing fanfiction and bitching at eachother just like everyone else.

Our shit stinks. We shouldn't act like it doesn't.
No. 9406

Wow, what the hell, I managed to quote myself somehow. This was in response to >>9394
No. 9407
I think people only developed an ego because we were lucky to have some people with talent writing and perhaps for a time we were truly better but these days with all the people who do nothing but bitch and complain about things and not do anything productive, one has to wonder if this remotely true.

I think this overinflated ego and tainted attitude that's proving to be toxic as I'm certain a few writers have been driven off because of these things.
No. 9410
I really don't see any reason why we're objectively better than most other sites. THP has just as much idiocy, particularly in the form of raging at others' "idiocy", and the overly elitist attitude isn't doing us any favors.

Now, to keep this remotely on-topic, I'd like to recommend the new-ish Alice story in /underground/, it's pretty good.
No. 9411
>we're objectively better than most other sites
Do I need to copy posts from those other sites here to prove that this is true?
No. 9413

I'm pretty sure I could find quite a few examples right here on THP as well. It doesn't matter if our ratio is better. There mere act of acting better than someone else makes you a lesser person.
No. 9414
Random Anon and Wiseman's posts don't count.
No. 9415
congrats on making this thread objectively worse

A story about a newborn fairy. Has two updates so far. Try reading them if you're interested and aren't paralyzed by fear that the story will be abandoned.
No. 9416

Blame >>9386 for starting it.
No. 9417
Guys, let's at least try to keep this on-topic, okay? Okay. Keep the raging in /blue/.

Really? You're going to recommend a story that new and insinuate that it won't be abandoned? It doesn't even look that well written.
No. 9418
It's better than the other new story, at least.
No. 9419
>You're going to recommend a story that new
Yep. I like it. That's reason enough.
>and insinuate that it won't be abandoned?

As for abandoned stories, I'm extremely fond of Hunter's Dream. Have an excerpt.

>Meanwhile, you're busy gawking at the multitude of humans and human nests around here. It's like, a hive. A human hive. You idly ponder what a queen must look like. Some kind of great bloated creature, laying human eggs all day as lesser humans tend to her, and specially selected pairs are given the honour of raising the young?

>...How do humans reproduce, anyway? You make a note to ask your human that later.

It will never be updated again. ;_;
No. 9420
>Meanwhile, you're busy gawking at the multitude of humans and human nests around here. It's like, a hive. A human hive. You idly ponder what a queen must look like. Some kind of great bloated creature, laying human eggs all day as lesser humans tend to her, and specially selected pairs are given the honour of raising the young?
>...How do humans reproduce, anyway? You make a note to ask your human that later.

I laughed my ass off. Hunter's Dream, hu? I'll check it out.
No. 9423
What "other new story"?

The one on /youkai/ or the other one on /sdm/?
No. 9426
The former.

The other /sdm/ one was made after I made that post. Looks alright too.
No. 9427
I'd like to recommend Tainted Bonds, Balistafreak's first(?) story on this site. For one, It's kinda D&D-ish, but not to the point where you need to know much, if anything at all about the series, and all the spells pretty much explain themselves. The writing is also really good, Dare I say even better then most stories on this site, especially for only being a few threads in. Along with the fact that so far it HASNT died out past the first thread in /th/ is a big thing in itself.
No. 9430
What's it about?
No. 9434
Stopped reading there.
No. 9440
It's actually pretty good and this is from a guy who tries to avoid /th/ shit.
No. 9445
How does it come that the only decent story featuring Renko is actually dropped? Is there any other story featuring her?
No. 9449
Well, there's Fallout Gensokyo. That's likely dead, but what's there is pretty good reading.
No. 9451
For a second there, I thought this wasn't the recommendations thread.


If you can't even find the good stories in ff.net then you're worse than the ones that you insult.
No. 9452
Oh, fuck you for recommending a ZnT/Touhou crossover fic.
No. 9453
well such a thing can be largely redeemed by one thing: Tiffania and Komachi comparing their racks.
No. 9454
What's up with the rising amount of perverts in this main board nowadays?

Did a jailbreak happen at /at/ or something?
No. 9456
what's up with the whining prudes? Did a jailbreak happen at Shrinemaiden?

But to get back on topic, could the knowledgable folks here list stories with Komachi in a major role?
No. 9457
Hey, I'm proud being a prude.
No. 9458
>Man Yuuka
This is NOT okay.
No. 9459
>Does not consider Man!Yuuka awesome
No. 9460
>thinks that genderswap is a good thing
>thinks that his opinion is interesting

I would like to recommend the story A Fairy Tale, for this is interesting, long, and well-written. Characters are loveable, plot is complicated enough to keep you interested without being too complicated, and it's the goddamn Owen, so it's good.
No. 9461
I'm sure someone already recommended it in the past.
No. 9462
Probably, but I don't want to post in this thread without recommending something.
No. 9473
What's Tainted Bonds about?
I saw it was apparently about The Yakumo family, but is it interesting? Would you recommend it?
No. 9474
It's more complicated than that, but I would recommend it. Ran route is a nigh certainty.
No. 9475
Okay, thank you.
No. 9476
Hunter's dream has finally been revived over in /forest/ just in case anyone was reading that before the writer got hiatus'd.
No. 9478
Since Hunter's Dream broke out of its hiatus after being mentioned here, I'll recommend another dead story, The Idea of Alice (this was rec'ced already, but in the first thread). Nice characterization, excellent prose, very intriguing concept, likely never to update again but still very worth reading what's there.
No. 9479
Stop recommending dead stories. You'll break its readers' hearts.
No. 9484
Since we're recommending shit that's come back from the dead I'm surprised to see no recommendations for Gensokyoland Saga over in /forest/

Features badass shit, some of the best writing in any story here and of a coherent and interesting plot if that lazy faggot writing it would ever get it moving because the fucking pace is beyond glacial.

Overall a good read though.
No. 9485
All these recommendations of old THP stories remind me of Spacebattles. Recently, they're on a roll on recommending stories from here, ranging from some of our classics like "Expectations of Sanguine Disorders" to Kahi's Quest stories. They also recommend FoM. Hope they don't screw up the ending with their votes. Then again, I'm pretty sure Lion already had the ending in mind and no anon votes would change that. I have faith in you, Lion!
No. 9486
You're doing it on purpose, come on now.
No. 9487
>I'm pretty sure Lion already had the ending in mind and no anon votes would change that.

Conversely, I'm pretty sure that Lion is not Bioware, and does let his readers' votes have some impact on the story.

Also, >implying nobody is allowed to recommend old stories
You're either trolling or have gone full retard.
No. 9488
What I meant was more akin to that Lion's not going to let his readers make the ending not up to his usual standard of quality. I'm pretty sure he won't just let his readers write the ending. And may I remind you that the votes in his story are mostly write-ins nowadays?

By the way, still mad about ME3 ending? Take a chill pill, bro.

>implying I implied that recommending old stories is a bad thing
No. 9489
FoM's probably too close to the end for us to be able to significantly change the ending unless Lion decides something we suggest would lead to a better ending. I wouldn't be surprised if the current vote is the last significant one.
No. 9490
I'm pretty sure the current vote is the last one, period. It seems rather final.

And maybe I'm being too optimistic, but it does seem like a better answer here would lead to a better ending. Or do you think, say, [x]Die and [x]Be forgiven/forgive yourself would have the same result?
No. 9491
I worded that kind of weirdly. It's the last significant choice in that we're deciding what the epiphany will be, but it probably won't significantly change the ending because I doubt he'll pick a choice that would betray the spirit of the choices made in the previous 30 threads.

...What is it about Lion that causes me to speculate intensively about what his writing processes are and how he writes? I don't do that for any other writer, period.
No. 9492
That's because you love him.
No. 9493
Considering the only thing I know about the guy is that I like his stories, no.

And to get off this topic, can anyone recommend any stories where Mokou is a major, not necessarily main, character but not a (potential) love interest? She's my favorite character, but it just feels wrong for me to look at her as a romance option for some reason. It's like dating my sister.
No. 9494
I mean you love him as a writer. You like his stories, no?
No. 9495
Not everyone is gay for a writer, for your information.
I know for sure I'm gay for Robin Walker and his towering tower of hats.
No. 9496
I say the closest thing at the moment is Winter Alchemist. Harker's story when it was running had Mokou in a decent role, but it's dead now.

I have a question, what story is FAG? I heard "FAG" a couple times recently but I can't remember what it stands for.
No. 9497
You shouldn't bother with that, it's nothing interesting.
No. 9508
It's ddyk's Gensokyo in a nutshell.

Why is he called Hartmann anyway?
No. 9510
Because he used the name Hartmann when he started writing. And when he started using a trip, he switched to ddyk.
No. 9520
Sanaek's Nue story just updated twice within a few days of each other (!!!). This warrants a recommendation.

It's about Nue, obviously. She was just unsealed and is a paragon of centuries-old youkai values (mostly awe-inspiring arrogance). This is doing her no favors in modern Gensokyo.

Here's a link to the first thread.
No. 9521
>everyone voting for tentacle rape
No. 9523
It was imageboard summer.
No. 9524
A question for anon: Of all the new stories having popped up lately, which are recommendation-worthy?

I've picked up and am liking the /sdm/ fairy one mentioned earlier, as well as HY's story and Eastern High, any others looking notable yet?
No. 9525
The highschool story in /others/ that started up looks more reassuring than EH. Everything else in mind is still in "Still has to prove itself" status as most of these stories are going to die in a few months anyways.
No. 9526
I dropped that /others/ story once I read "self-proclaimed fiancee".
No. 9527
It's not as bad as you'd think, even with such a tropastic remark.
No. 9528
This is simply a selection of all the (mostly) in-progress non-dead stories I'm actively following. I've read almost everything on the boards, but I'm not, say, invested in all of it. And I'm certainly invested into more than I'm putting down here; this is a tl;dr sort of posts, highlights of what's been recently updated. (I made this by skimming the first page or so of each board like I normally do when checking for updates.)

By board:


Eastern High: AU Highschool stuff. Writer has admitted to not being the greatest at the job, but has actually bothered to actively seek advice for it. Worth following just to see how the writing will improve over time, even if high school shenanigans isn't your thing.

Tainted Bonds: ... okay, sue me, obligatory self-plug. Those who recommended me earlier this thread, I'm flattered. I'll warn you that it's a little heavy on the /tg/, but I do my best to write around it.

Do the Right Thing: A long runner, of relatively consistently high quality.

A Wizard is You: Even more /tg/ heavy in its own way, but if Crazyawesome!Protagonist is your kind of MC, then this is your story.


... sorry. ;_;


In the Forest, A Dancing Light: Slice-of-life stuff with a Gensokyo Human Village native, for those of you who are tired of Outsider!Protagonist.

Gensokyoland Saga: Because Vikings.


Renko's Adventure: Hungry Youkai is damned prolific yet still maintains a higher quality of writing, showing that you don't always have to sacrifice quality for quantity or vice versa. While the extremely short update size might be a turn off to some, half the fun is voting on the updates before they get called - extremely fast.


A Wizard Foxes Thoughts [sic]: Another native Gensokyo protagonist, the eponymous (titular?) fox that is a wizard. Again, worth reading just for the refreshing change of pcae.


The Eldest Scarlet: The Scarlets have an eldest brother, and he returns to Gensokyo after many years away from home. I must personally admit that I find the spellcard battles a drag, but the character characterization appeals to me. Noticing a trend here with the Gensokyo native stories? I have a soft spot for them.


Fragmentation of Memories: Another long runner that's reached it's conclusion, but everyone's still waiting with bated breath for the epilogue, Q&A, after-action report, or whatever you want to call it. An epic to enjoy over a rainy weekend, because this thing is long.


Tenshi May or May Not, Possibly, Might (etc.) Appear In This Story and Finally Has: Don't let the title fool you, the story has focused mainly around Satori and her household of pets until recently. Has a unique writing style that will either intrigue you or induce rage. Just what is romance like with a mind-reader, anyways?


Continuation of Mantis Story: Because someone from /blue/ actually went through with it. As can be inferred, the story is about a praying mantis. It seems to have come to a conclusion, though, although I desperately wish for a sequel/continuation.


The nature of this board means that "following" a story isn't really possible.


Writing Advice Thread: Not a story, but I make a point to lurk here. Feel free to stop by and ask for advice, raise questions about writing in general, or discuss a few other STRICTLY WRITING RELATED topics, and we writefags will try and aid you.
No. 9529
On /others/, I'd like to recommend that story called "Another Excuse for Aya". It was probably dropped, but it was fun while it lasted. In a nutshell, it's a story about Aya and her lack of common sense trying to live peacefully and secretly in the Outside World and failing pathetically. Not big surprise if you ask me.

On /forest/, I'd like to recommend that story called "In The Forest, A Dancing Light". It's cheesy and kind of silly, but it's somehow relaxing (kudos for Wriggle and Yuuka's relations).

On /shrine/, there's Archetype of Self. It's leaning on the video games aspect too much for my own taste, but it's popular, so I guess I just have shitty tastes. Go see by yourself.

On /underground/, my former lair, or so I heard, except YAF's story, there's also that nameless story by that nameless tripfag. Can't say much without spoiling. It's a bit silly sometimes, but it makes a good read. And it has MAGIC!

On /shorts/, my other former lair, according to the legend, there's that thread called The Fall of Gensokyo. I don't really like the style (because there are not real paragraph, just a bunch of 2-3 sentences each time), but it's still interesting. Mostly about Gensokyo, and those nameless humans going here and here, and trying to survive while the girls are fighting and drinking tea. The writefag said it would be grimdark, I just hope he's not going to ruin everything by overdoing it.

On /others/, there was Border House, which is a good story on hold. You hear that sound? It's me, crying and throwing garbage at Fragmentation of Memories while screaming "ARE YOU GOING TO END SO THAT BORDER HOUSE RESUMES?"

And finally, on /youkai/, there's Human Divinity. That's about the Akis. Can't say more about it. It's always nice to have stories about forgotten characters.
No. 9530
You really shouldn't recommend my story, at least not until the next update, which wouldn't come soon since the writefag's busy writing the paper for his Associate's Degree.

I'm sure many will get turned off once they know what's the story's really about.
No. 9531
For some reason, I read that as "I'm going to make it really grimdark".

People, I take back what I said, don't read his story.
No. 9532
No, what I mean is that it's a crossover.
No. 9533
I'd like to know if there's any story where the lunarian cast isn't made of manipulative and arrogant assholes.
No. 9534
but that would be breaking character
No. 9535
There is, actually.

It's on FF.net though. Do you want me to link to it?

>manipulative, arrogant assholes
That would be Yukari, thank you.
No. 9536
Well, not at all, but if it's the only place where I can find an original interpretation, I'm willing to sacrifice my pride and my sanity and check it out.
No. 9537

Here it is.

It stars Satori though, not the Lunarians themselves. After all, they're currently being incapacitated by the villains.

Check out Chapter 2 to know what happened with Eirin and co. and Chapter 5 to know what happened with the Watatsukis.
No. 9538
Huh, I know that guy from TVtropes. He seems at least mechanically better at writing than other FF.net people, and was a decent poster.

Not all that interested by his story, though.
No. 9539
Huh, he's from TvTropes?

Never seen him there myself.

Then again, I only stayed there for about a week before I got sick of its people.
No. 9540
>that awkward moment when you realize that one of your favorite writers is from a site you hate

Well, fuck. I'm feeling very conflicted right now.

That's quite odd though. I'm pretty sure the guys at TvTropes are never fond of the Lunarians.
No. 9541
Wait, is it in that story that Yorihime get killed for some reason?
No. 9542
Because everyone who frequents a site has the exact same opinions and is equally worthy of your scorn, right?

If you like his story, I don't think it really matters where he's from.
No. 9543
>>9533 here, I checked that story, it was that story from before, with that bitch Shinki somehow destroying the Lunar Capital.
I don't want that. Thank you anyway, >>9535.
No. 9544
Yeah, it is.

Though there's a chance she will return if Yukari agrees to manipulate the Netherworld's boundary so that she could go back to the world of the living.

Agreed. I'm still waiting warmly for the next update.

I'll just try to forget that he comes from that site.

Besides, it's the only story where the Watatsukis aren't portrayed as bitches for once.
No. 9545
>Besides, it's the only story where the Watatsukis aren't portrayed as bitches for once.
No. 9546
What's the angry weaboo eyes for?

It's the truth.
No. 9547
I guess there's really nobody to read my stories.
No. 9548
Your story doesn't count, Ddyk.

I said "it's the only story where the Watatsukis aren't portrayed as bitches for once" not "it's the only story where Yorihime isn't portrayed as bitches for once".
No. 9549
My bad.
No. 9552
I thought Toyohime was the nicer one with only slight traces
No. 9553
Umm, are you talking about Ddyk's fic or canon?

Well, yes, Toyohime is the easygoing, laid-back one while Yorihime is the serious one.

I don't quite get the meaning of your statement.
No. 9554
the point of my statement was since Toyohime is the nicer one in canon, making her a bitch requires some going out of the way compared to her sister.
No. 9555
Ask Ddyk then.
No. 9556
>Toyohime is the nicer one in canon
Mmm... She's the most easy-going, but there's a disturbing thing she says: "This fan can cause a wind that will instantly purify this forest at the atomic level". And she wanted to use it against Yukari if she were to fight back, causing her to surrender, while saying "I hope you'll reconsider returning this place to nothing with that fan". In short, Toyohime is the kind of girl burning down the forest to catch the thief hiding in it.
I dunno, in my opinion, while Yorihime is using more and more powerful attacks (that's kinda fair-play), Toyohime doesn't play game, and just uses the nuke. Beside, Yorihime is willing to try those danmaku things (even if she completely misses the point and don't understand that she's supposed to avoid the bullets instead of eating them), while Toyohime just wants to "arrives, nukes, leaves".

In canon, Toyohime is probably the easy-going one as long as you don't try anything foolish.
No. 9557
Hard to say if it's bluff or not as if she seriously used it, it may catch other unwanted targets in it. But whatever the case, Yukari wasn't foolish enough to test the bluff. That and she already played her role in her plan
No. 9558
Yeah, that too, but Toyohime's sudden seriousness always worry me. Reminds me that thing called Zui Quan, except that instead of punching, elbowing, and kicking, that woman is using a fan theorically able to turn everything into nothing. Not just dust, but nothing.
I have to find a stupid nickname for the moongirls too.
No. 9561
No. 9563
No. 9564
yo, where da recommendations @
No. 9568
Favors Owed over in /th/ has three updates, it hasn't displayed a consistent update schedule, and the writing isn't amazing. But I'm recommending it anyway because Reisen's narration pleases me. Yes, a story from Reisen's point of view. The plot seems to involve forcing her to kill Touhous? I don't know. It's been three updates.

There's your recommendation, you damn dirty ape.
No. 9569
Here's a old good story: Little Soldier Lost in /eientei/; while the MC is a soldier, it's not a /k/ type story. The characters are nice and while not the fastest updating, it's still ongoing.

It used to be pretty popular before people stopped voting.
No. 9570
I've never read anything in Eientei. Who's the heroine?
No. 9571
Kaguya, but it's a nice Kaguya (Closer to canon), it's not like DoLF2 at all if that's what you're worried about.
No. 9572
Never read either of them.

I'll give it a shot, I guess.
No. 9573
I never understand that whole fiasco with DoLF.
No. 9574
Don't really know either. Never passed the first thread. There was that part:
"You lost me."
"I see what you did there."
I gave up on reading that story when I saw that.
No. 9575
From my understanding the original DoLF fiasco was a mix of a new writer trying ill-timed jokes, anon being particularly stupid, and some folks who were upset at said jokes and wanted to shit things up. The situation would be pretty hard to control until a swarm of Alice fans came in and complicated things even more.

The second run while much better still has some flaws. And as far as Kaguya's go in /eientei/ Serial ATA's has been the most likable by far.
No. 9576
Isn't that the one with the commie soldier?
No. 9577
I read the first thread of that story and I'm not interested in it. Maybe that's because I'm not a Kaguyafag and I'm not interested with all that World War 2 stuff.
No. 9581
I bet you don't dislike the spell card duels in TES as much as I do, and I'm the one writing the thing. Thankfully, there will only be one, maybe two more of them in the story.
No. 9583
Russian soldier, he's far more a nationalist in nature than ideologist.

It gets more into Gensokyo stuff, and I did say this Kaguya was good (i.e. not like the commonly seen fanon variety)

The main problem with the one I seen is that updates are wasted on it could be spent on better things (actual character interaction)
No. 9586
Compensation Adequate

A noir detective ends up in Gensoyko accused of a murder he didn't commit, then commits several of them as to prove his innocence (Good work)

I can't fathom why it has so little readers. And it's even on /th/!
No. 9588
You do know that the writer is considering dropping it, right? I believe this is after a decent length hiatus too. You can see his question in the writing advice thread in /blue/.
No. 9589
Any story focused on Kourin and not portraying him as an obsessed dumbass?
No. 9590
Perhaps the persistent use of a Problem Sleuth motif while having nothing to do with Problem Sleuth.

Perhaps because it's, in a way, similar to the Roman poet Ovid's work. It will make you laugh at horrible things, and then turn around and make you feel bad about having laughed at such things. Some people don't like that.
No. 9591
>It will make you laugh at horrible things, and then turn around and make you feel bad about having laughed at such things.

I love you for having encapsulated it that way.
No. 9592
I wasn't hearing much laughing at most of the horrible stuff.
No. 9593
It’s pretty much what FMJ does.
No. 9595
So, what's Human Divinity about? Would you recommend it?
No. 9596
It's a new story with about 50 posts in its thread. Just read and see if you like it.
No. 9597
It's an Aki-focused story in a slightly different Gensokyo (monsterous seeming Kanako, human sacrifices), hopefully the author's decision to make us choose between them won't end badly.

but its overall quality is pretty nice, I'd consider it a promising story overall.
No. 9598
I don't remember any Kanako.
No. 9599
The boy remembered a monsterous snake woman and the implication was that she was Kanako.
No. 9603
Incidentally, I've figured out what to do with the story. I've actually got an idea of where it's going to go, all the way to the end, thanks to this thread, that thread in /blue/, and cold showers. Those always help me think.
No. 9604
Also since I'm in a recommendations thread I'd like to recommend Fleet Fox in /th/. It is an excellent story, and the most recent update has one of the best-written fight scenes I've ever seen on this board.
No. 9605
Give me a story with lots of plot twists.

I love plot twists.
No. 9606
Tenshi Is In Story.
There's only one plot twist at the very end.

Or there's also A Scarlet Stained Memoir, but I heard that its plot twist was universally hated.

And there's also that other story about a crazy dude who's not really crazy, but I don't remember the name. I just know it's about the moongirls.
No. 9607
I've already got spoiled for ASSM and I hate those other two stories.

Thanks but no thanks.
No. 9608
Have you read Fragmentation of Memories?
No. 9609
Yes, I have.

Only the recent threads though. Shit's interesting as fuck even though I knew nothing about how it all began. Guess Lion's just that good.
No. 9610
Damn, if that's the way you've been reading it the twists won't have been nearly as impactful. I'd recommend going back to read the whole thing anyway whenever you've got the time to, it can seem a bit slow-paced at times but it's definitely worth it to see how everything progresses to reach the end.
No. 9611
I'm curious now. Did Lion already planned the plot through before starting FoM? I already see some foreshadowing right in the first thread.

It's fun seeing anon speculate and getting their guesses wrong.
No. 9612
The story's opening quote is eventually revealed to be from some 25 threads later. So yes, it's safe to assume that he had the entire thing planned out, which is rather awe-inspiring.

And yes, that is always fun.
No. 9613
Strictly speaking, a callback doesn't mean that the whole thing was planned out. Something can wander and go off on other tangents/directions than originally planned and then return to something else. It's only for the writer to say what the case really was.
No. 9614
And looks like we've hit autosage.

Treia or somebody going to make a V4?
No. 9617
You do have stuff like "Have you heard the story of the man who hunted youkai, then turned into one?" mentioned early on and then expanded much later. I think it's pretty clear he had that part planned out from the start at least.
No. 9620

You also forgot the quote from the first bad end too.
No. 9703

I'll make it when I wake up, if I can find a good image and if somebody else hasn't.