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90 No. 90
goddamn where are the stories >:v

No. 93
Us writefags are incredibly lazy. Far too lazy to put a story together.
No. 95
Hey, gimmie a break. I set up the damn website.
No. 96
No. 105
The stories are in holy's little bag of fun. We need that bag of fun to restore the site, as you've heard; I won't go on, since his name now seems to send me into a bit of an irrational rage.

As for any new stories... well, that's just because nobody wanted to try and do it yet. Shanghai's is the only one atm.
No. 107
File 125142549078.jpg - (65.79KB , 400x510 , Shanghai___.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Shanghai's is the only one atm.

And it's fucking terrible. Seriously, don't read that shit.
No. 108
I have something going over in /nue/ namely for testing the board software because I'm bored.
No. 109

Eh, we all have to start from somewhere.
No. 111
I don't even plan on continuing it once the backup arrives. It was just meant to test the boards and whatnot.
No. 112
Wish we had our stories back, I've had an update sitting and collecting dust for about a week now.
No. 113
That makes two of us, Ninneh. I hope holy actually pulls through for once with the old board backup.
No. 125
This whole little mess sure did delay many things. Tomorrow I think I'll have the grammar guy check the newest adjustments to my update so it'll be ready when the new site is up.
No. 131
I dont even know what you write
No. 137

He's started up Chaotic Variations in /sdm/.
No. 143

I'm joining the club. My poor little update has been rotting on my laptop all this time.
No. 145

Patchwork! Was worried we'd have lost you during the switch. Good to see you made it.
No. 146
File 125143712539.jpg - (507.97KB , 1055x1500 , patchy086.jpg ) [iqdb]

Aw, I'm not that easy to shake! I am everywhere at once.

In all seriousness, nice to see you too, HY! Everyone else too.
No. 151

Hopefully, you'll get to say hello to more. And I suppose I'll join that club, too...
No. 169
I cant express how glad I am to see so many writers in this thread. I just hope the rest come back as well.
No. 171
Yes it truly is sad, not getting to update... Well, at least I got to finish Cross Channel during the downtime.
No. 183
OP here, I just hope the anon writing that story in /shrine/ with the guy working at the alcohol store who becomes friends with Suika finds his way here
No. 191
Mm, I guess I should probably polish up the update I have ready, myself... maybe.
No. 193
File 125146462965.png - (292.76KB , 600x450 , 6aa593a338247a0cedd4cec6ae9e848837669fa9.png ) [iqdb]
Updates, what a strange word. I guess I'll be sitting out of the circle until I get my acts together.

In the mean time, getting past stage 1 of any game.
No. 194
DO IT. I have been waiting.... 2 weeks for that Remilia chess play.
Your story is the only i read anyway, if it wasn't for you i would have left THP for good already.
No. 196
File 125146850586.jpg - (511.80KB , 1000x1364 , 1251467912589.jpg ) [iqdb]
Delicious Flandre
No. 199

Oh he knows about the new site, most of the major writers do

I'm currently refining my update a bit before having it checked. That and since I regained caffine, I'll have more time to write.
No. 200
I helped set up this server and board, and will probably be handling restoring the site from the backups holy will give us. So I definitely am here.
No. 213

Why's that the only one?
No. 306
File 125150489785.gif - (10.79KB , 299x302 , MrBurns.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 314
Yeah, I'm sitting on an update also. Might as well fix it up with this time... probably a good chance to catch up on what I've been missing. Well, glad to see everyone here.
No. 315
Not so excellent when you consider I haven't even finished my updates and I've been generally slacking off but for setting stuff up.
No. 318
Been a while. How's the readerbase? It seemed to be dying a few months back.
No. 319
It'll probably *really* die out the first month or so the site comes back online, since nobody outside of IRC seems to really understand what's going on. After that, we'll just have to see.
No. 324
Hmm. Guess I'll just take another peek in a month then. Good luck.
No. 330
Wouldn't that kind of thinking just make things worse?
No. 334

Basically. But it can't be helped.
No. 335
We can only give out predictions at the moment, nothing more or less.
THP is up, you just can't post, that is a better sign then it being down.
People will not forget it and check back to see if it works from time to time.
Once everything is up and running we just got to spread the word everywhere over some time to let the people know its up again.
And put up a summary on the first page sticky with what went on, link to the new page etc etc.
HY probably has it better planned out than me already.
No. 352
I have a plan, mostly constructed during the last 3 days of no sleep and panic of setting this new place up. But yeah, soon going to the old address should take people here instead, and we can set everything up and post something explaining what happened.
No. 396
So, uh. When the backups arrive and are uploaded and whatnot, will all the posts currently on the test boards be purged? Just making sure.
No. 397
>Guess I'll just take another peek in a month then.
We're about to get the old database and revive the site. It will not take a month. Stop it.

We're going to make /i/ the new /dr/, and some of us are thinking we should keep /gensokyo/ as well. Maybe make it a general discussion board or a second /th/?
No. 398
When the backups are obtained, the site will be restored to the way it was. That is to say, no new boards. However, it should then be possible to merge part of the databases so as to incorporate both /gensokyo/ (which would be renamed) and /i/. That is, of course, provided that mysql chooses to cooperate.