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Guys, It's 2012 and still, no one has made a Castlevania Dracula CYOA?


Are you telling me there is no one on this image board who has played a vast majority of of Castlevania games, played Serios Castlevania fighter, reads the wiki, has read Bram Stoker's Dracula, seen the movie, seen a few of the more mediocre hammer and universal films, Watched Hellsing up to OVA 9, played the Tsukihime VN, read up on the actual historic Vlad,and knows Touhou well enough to drop him in for a holiday?

I mean, we could have an intruder cast a spell on Castlevania, and warp the entire place with The Count, Death, and Carmilla in tow to Gensokyo, where upon arrival Dracula decides a vacation is in order, as after the events of Symphony of the Night Dracula has pretty much given up on the whole war on God thing, and has pretty much resigned to his position of being the Dark Lord, forfeiting any kind of social leisure for himself because he just can't find the motivation to give a fuck about being a blasphemous prick because he now realizes how much of a hole he has dug himself into and so he resorts to the common Vampire archetype of trying to find thing to amuse himself with.

It could work.

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Stop trying to bring more godddamn crossover stories to this site.
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Write it yourself if you want it. But don't count on me, cross-over are not a good idea.
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Because original content do not steal CYOA's have worked so well in the past, take That one REALLY popular story on undergroud for example.

Inspired and already established characters are easier to work with, as writers need not dablle with inventing backstory, or resorting to null ideas such as amesia, "you have been dropped in gensokyo what do?" scenarios, all of which end with people picking a touhou of choice to fuck, with the most cliche of love confessions involved, with pre established characters you have to work along the lines given, making sure they conform to the character's personality, otherwise it comes off as an impression of a crack pairing. As you have guidelines to work along, you also present your skill with working with diffrent trains of thought, inproving your ability to write characters on par with the established material given.
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>popular story
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I think he's talking about either Deeper Underground, either Underground LA.

Or maybe TiiTS.
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Wow. I was not aware there was someone on this site that was able to produce such an avalanche of bullshit at will.
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There were at least two Castlevania type stories on the site.

The Authors were Hungry Youkai and Taisa.

That should tell you what happened to them.
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I want a Touhou Mother CYOA....

With Porky as the main character of course.

Oh, and also, Tenshi route.

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Touhou Mother starts with a reasonably interesting premise, but the creator seems to have a fundamental misunderstanding of the youkai/human relationship in Gensokyo, and they absolutely ruin many people's characterizations.

It stops being Touhou+Mother and descends into HUMANITY FUCK YEAH.

The original's not nearly as bad as the sequel, but they're both still crap.

And if you're that guy from tvtropes who keeps shitting up their thread by talking about Touhou Mother, leave.
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>implying I visit that hellhole called TvTropes
Hey, how's that Fetishes thread holding up?
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>the creator seems to have a fundamental misunderstanding of the youkai/human relationship in Gensokyo

Could you elaborate more on this part? I'm always interested in Touhou stories that talk about that kind of stuff.
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Basically, it's not your usual happy-go-lucky relationship. Just play the game if you want to know more.
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>youkai/human relationship

You mean that thing that ranges from "Let's have tea!" to Akyu paranoia spasms? There's plenty of leeway for it to go either way, it just depends on what you want, or perhaps even need, for a story. It could be a glorified game of Tag for all you know. Or, perhaps, it could be an actual life or death struggle with people cowering in the village because everything outside the village wants to eat them.
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Exactly. It's not necessarily wrong if a story decides to use the latter interpretation instead of the former.
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And if a few nameless humans die... well, who will shed a tear?
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Exactly. No one would mind if we thin out their ranks a little.
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Are you saying you want to become a monster, Yaf? Because that's what your words are implying.
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He's already a monster.
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Didn't HY finish his?
And wasn't Taisa just a few updates from finishing his, as well?
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Castlevania is a shitty series anyways.
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Made me rage for a second there.
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You know, there's already a Touhou Mother CYOA in the past.


It's not what you'd expect it to be though.

For starters, it doesn't talk about the conflict between humans and youkai like in the game. Porky's also not in there. It's more like a modern Gensokyo AU than anything. Too bad the author never finished the story. Think he died from flu or something.

Oh well, at least he never got on to write that H-scene between the MC (a little boy) and Yuuka. Lemon fanfics and the Mother series should never get along.

Never knew that THP is full of shota lovers myself.
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>>Inspired and already established characters are easier to work with, as writers need not dablle with inventing backstory, or resorting to null ideas such as amesia, "you have been dropped in gensokyo what do?" scenarios

No, instead writers have to come up with some explanation as to how characters from Series X are meeting with characters from Series Y, even though the two have nothing to do with each other. Working with established characters can be easier to work with than original characters, true, but not so much when you're dealing with bringing together established characters from two completely different things.

Sure, you don't have to come up with the characters or their back-story, but you do have to come up an explanation as to exactly how and why they're now drinking tea with a bunch of magical girls in funny hats. Depending on how common tea-drinking and hat-wearing magical girls are in the other series, this can be rather difficult, especially if you're trying to not have your explanation sound completely insane, idiotic, or both.

Which do you think is really easier; coming up with an original character with a back-story, or coming up with a non-retarded explanation as to why Meta Knight is in Gensokyo?
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It's easy to explain why Meta Knight is in Gensokyo.

Just use the excuse of Tabuu attacking Gensokyo and the Brawlers have to help them repel the invasion.
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>No, instead writers have to come up with some explanation as to how characters from Series X are meeting with characters from Series Y

1) Yukari did it.
2) Eirin's shady new drug.
3) It's a Moriya shrine conspiracy.
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Thanks for the list of retarded reasons, YAF.
No. 8859
4) It's all Satori's fault.
5) A wizard did it.
6) It was fated by Remilia's power.
7) They become legends and went to live in Gensokyo.
8) Because 42.
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That's not the customary answer.
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That's not the good picture. Have this Hartman instead.
No. 8866

That's not the good Hartman. Have this Hartmann instead.

9) Goddamn it Koishi.
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TvTropes is not all bad though.

That Clarste guy who translated the recent chapters of WaHH came from that site.

Shame on you Glasnost, to be beaten by a guy from TvTropes.
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That's not the good Hartmann. Have this Hartmann instead.
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>Thinking its hard to expalin why said character is in the land of hats
Let's see, pre-established fantasy setting small mention in the series by name, a nice space for said character and residence to occupy (see gensokyo map) between forest and Yuuka's garden. In his canon he is referred to as is God 2.0 and fucks with the night, a wonderfull common theme in Touhou alreay, his final attack is equal to the power of a NUKE. He Is a master of magic, alongside alchemy, something that would help him relate to Patchy with, His second hand man is a goddam physical embodiment of the entity of death which he has some degree of power over as if Dracula essentially controlled death he would need not give a fuck about anyone opposing him. Death also fills the castle, with a good chunk of the demons in it directly handpicked from hell, all of which are also the count's familiars.

Essentially the count is already OP as fuck, it's just never portrayed correctly in any of the mediums shown.

And on top of interaction with the SDM, theres the Youkai moutain gods to think about, and all the things available in his castle that would attract black white, from treasure to lost ancient magical knowlege, the fact that some kinds of Youkai already delve in his castle, alongside faries too.

Death's interactions would also be interesting considering that whole fan-theory about Sakuya being the missing Belmont from the 1800's during OOE, and how he is treated at Higan and at Yuyuko's place.

As for coming up with reasons why the count is in Gensokyo his castle could have simply materialized there, Or group of batshit Catholics transported it because they are all Assholes.

Hell, Death might even already know of Gensokyo's existence, considering it's the last place that has A reincarnation branch.

As for Danmaku, if anything, the count was already prone to shoot mass projectiles at his enemies and has mastered the school of magic, so give him a spell card, and watch the wonder's of Hellfire raining down on you as you are limited to the space not taken by the massive blast of demonic Megido.

Dracula pretty much already has a lot to relate to gensokyo.
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Worst problem is that Dracula is an asshole, while almost everone in Gensokyo is nice. After being defeated and forced to have a tea with everyone, he won't know what he's supposed to do. Except eating a pot roast.

>>Thinking its hard to expalin why said character is in the land of hats
I though you were talking about TF2 for a second here.
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>group of batshit Catholics transported it because they are all Assholes.

I hate this cliche with a passion.
No. 8884
>group of batshit Catholics transported it because they are all Assholes.
Shut up, you stupid huguenot. Go suck Luther's dick all over again.
No. 8885
>stating an opinion

Also, stop bringing some other site's drama here. We have enough of those already.
No. 8886
>refering to an old post that everyone forgot
>thinks he's better despite the fact he's still giving an opinion

No. 8888
>while almost everone in Gensokyo is nice

This doesn't have to be true!
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Take your bitching to /blue/.

This is now a Dracula crossover brainstorming thread.
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Ancient vampire mating ritual.

Dracula being the most long lived, only he knows of it! Now he has run out of available mates, and must instead travel to foreign eastern lands for a suitable prize...

dickings ensue
No. 8891
Lulz because Remilia claims to be his descendant.

How about this?

Dracula hears rumors of a vampire claiming to be his descendant, living in a far off eastern wonderland
Due to his broken relation with his son,Alucard, Dracula wishes to build a relationship with this 'descendant'.

Remilia is too proud to admit that she was lying. Dysfunctional family hijinks occur.
No. 8892
A family sitcom?

Well I didnt know you were such a big fan of dick!
No. 8894
At least it's not as bad as Concealed the Conclusion.

Turns out Gensokyo is only Reimu's dream and it's going to disappear soon LOL LOL LOL!!!

Sacrificing canon for your usual grimderp crap.
No. 8895
At first, I was thinking "another shitty crossover idea from a stupid gay ass faggot".
But your idea seems interesting.
No. 8898
I thought it was Marisa's.
No. 8899
It was both.

Dont ask.
No. 8909
It's a touhou fangame, where cruddy misconceptions run wild. It's rare to see a fangame that actually does canon some measure of justice.

Heh, Gainax goes touhou. But seriously even here there's a bit of a trend towards grimderp and/or crapsack futures for Gensokyo.
No. 8913
However, it's also rare to see a Touhou fangame that has an engaging plot like Touhou Mother.

When I just started playing the game, I thought "Hey, this game is probably just about Reimu going around Gensokyo searching for the Macguffins while beating the crap out of anyone who looks suspicious to her (you know, just like in canon, except for the Macguffin part of course)." If the plot was like that, it'll be just another mediocre fangame filled to the brim with references and memes. I was the one who complained about it using fanon characterizations for its Touhous back then.

Oh, how I was utterly, terribly wrong. When the plot started to kick in, I fell in love with the game instantly. I no longer cared about how they portray Alice as a lovestruck girl. I only wanted to know what would happen next.

Sorry, but for me, a good, engaging plot is more important than sticking to canon characterization.

Also, could we just bring this to /blue/ please? There's a new, freshly made rage thread there.