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It was working fine last week and now I cant get on it anymore, and I havent really changed my computer since then. I completely forgot the process to fix it too.

Picture related.

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You have to manually edit the cookie to give it the impression you're registered.
I call that hacking because I love to pretend I'm a hacker and stuff, but that's so retarded I doubt it's really hacking. More like lockpicking an old and rusty lock.
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If you do it wrong, you won't be able to see restricted content, so it'd be no different from e-hentai. Check to see if you can see lolicon/shotacon when you get in, and if you can, you're gold.
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Get a wife.
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Ok, first off, you need a cookie editor. I use "Advanced Cookie Manager" for firefox, but you can use other editors as well. Second off, you need to be logged in to e-hentai, as the cookies give you all the info needed. From there, copy and paste ALL the details of the various e-hentai cookies over to notepad, as you'll need that data when making the cookies needed for ex-hentai. Once that's done, you're going to have to edit the first ex-hentai cookie listed, and copy/paste over your e-hentai information. That should be the first cookie. Then, you're going to have to make the other cookies. Start with the titles, then fill in the relevant info from there. Once you have copied ALL the information over, you should have full access to ex-hentai again. However, one word of note. Make sure to pay attention to the cookie dates, along with when they expire. If you don't alter those, the cookies will expire within a day.

There you go, you should be set.