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Google translate translated it as "The third case was started. Was summoned to the bride, but the shop class Lunatic"
Google translate sucks balls, yeah, but the "bride" part annoys me. Is it what I think it is?

No. 8728
What? Reimu becomes a bride?
No. 8729

ZUN got married or something, apparently.
No. 8730
Now I know where Mamizou's design came from and why SoPM was delayed.
No. 8731
No, Yukari's based on her.
No. 8733
Nobody's based on her dammit. Can we not turn into one of those places where everyone talks about famous people? Yadda yadda, good for ZUN, now back to fanfiction.
No. 8734
Why you...
No. 8739
We're not worrying about people here. We're worrying about the only guy making touhou by himself, with next to no help.
In case you don't know, touhou games aren't created by a studio, but by one guy.
No. 8741
Hmm, I wonder...

Will she be participating in the makings of Touhou? Or maybe ZUN will make a Touhou based on her?
No. 8742
Supposedly she's been helping since IN
No. 8745
As I recall, she hasn't actually been involved in Touhou. That's just how long she's known him.