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First off, Happy Valentine's. Or Single Awareness Day, whichever applies.

So I have an idea for a FSN/Touhou crossover story of sorts, but would anyone be interested if I actually wrote it? Or for that matter, has it been done before?

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It exists, it's called Mary Sue in Gensokyo.
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>implying that the Touhous wouldn't be the one doing the curbstomping
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Not crossing the characters over, but a FSN-style story with Touhou characters.
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I think there's Silver of Sovereign, but it was dropped. It was a F/ST kind of story, with Tokiko.
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What an original idea, OP.
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That reminds me, is there a Twitter account, a RSS feed, or anything like that to notify when stories are updated?
Because, yeah, there's a 'bumped threads' on the front page, but:
1) a bumped thread doesn't mean the story is updated,
2) I often have trouble reaching the front page, because of some weird error blocking the page.
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Well, you can use watched threads.
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Those watched threads thing, it is based on a cookie? Because I never keep them.
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I believe so.