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So, since today is apparently Valentine's day, or another L-word fest, is anyone interested in writing a valentine themed story? Or am I a bit too late? Or do I just suck at making people interested in some romantic day or whatever?

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Huh, so it's Valentine's day already?

Never cared about it.
No. 8637
Damnit, I did one for christmas already this year! (Or close enough) Isn't that good enough?!

Coincidentally, it was romantically themed. Hint hint, nudge nudge.

I must say, though. It might be a little late to try and get people together for a short parade though, given it's already the 14th.
No. 8640
It is kind of late to ask for a story on the day itself. People need time for ideas/to actually write. Tell you what though - pitch me at least 3 different characters/premises and if there's one I like or feel confident about I'll write out a short.
No. 8650
I screwed up; I was supposed to have a short ready for today but I have to delay it until my birthday because I didn't get everything I wanted on paper.
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I did one. Except it's all OCs so no one is going to care.
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I liked it.
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Thanks, bro. I have not written in vain.