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I heard it got taken down, but I'm not too sure on the full story. Pic unrelated.

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A bunch of seafloor cables got wrecked by an earthquake. It'll be back in due time.
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I can't access Megaupload any more! What's happening?
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Have you been living under a rock?
The feds got it. Some bullshit about it being a global pirating/copyright infringement criminal conspiracy.
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I though that Internet was lying!
I mean, Megaupload is hosted god-knows-where (I heard it was hosted in Hong Kong), the owner was living in New Zealand (or so I heard), so it's nothing american-related, and they really managed to get him?
Damn yankees. I hate 'em.
No. 8560
It was renting some servers in Virginia.
Note that this comes the very next day after the big internet blackout. I can't tell if they're just flexing or if they realized that SOPA is never going to pass and are doing as much as they can now.
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Money laundering
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The reasons for the sites take down is leaning on both SOPA/PIPA business or them actually being involved with illegal activity (some suggest fraud is an issue).

A lot of other file sharing sites are starting to get a bit spooked too, FileSonic just shit itself and closed up another did as well. Uncertain if Mediafire will be next on this list or if any others will follow, but with the way things are looking now, there's a possibility.
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>leaning on both SOPA/PIPA business
What does that even mean? Those weren't passed.
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So what?
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I don't think Mediafire is in any danger of shutting down (They deal with mainly businesses, not music/video files)

Also update your stories already!
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BTJunkie is dead.