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I remember seeing something similar to this last year but I was too busy planning then, that and two weeks isn't much time to plan a good special.

There's already a few folks lined up to do some specials.

It's the same as last time, a short, a poem, whatever it is being Christmas themed. There's no hard deadline, but having it done by or around Christmas would be nice.

No. 8418
Are there rules/guidelines to this? I would be interested in writing a short.
No. 8419
The main rule is that it should be christmas related, though I'd rather not see any sick twisted guro shorts or smutty ones. Not really festive.
No. 8420
Very good, I have something in mind. Shall they be collected into this thread, or put wherever appropriate, or what?
No. 8422
Thinking about having the main thread in /th/ so it'd be most visible to people as not every reader checks this board.
No. 8429

Beat you guys to the first one.
No. 8430
Here's mine. Hopefully I won't erase it to correct some typos again.
No. 8431
/shorts/ could work... though I'm not sure how many read over there.
No. 8432
I'm planning on posting a thread with links so people can read it easier and so I can summarize the shorts.

I think this is as festive as anything you write can get.

That's not very festive at all.
No. 8433
You are probably entirely correct in that estimation.
No. 8434
Were you expecting something festive from me? Sorry then.
No. 8435
That's the point of the Christmas special, to make something that invokes the spirit of Christmas.
No. 8436
Santa Claus is created by Coca Cola, from Saint Nicolas. Basically, Christmas was about Jesus being born, and it's about a fat capitalist blad old man who enters into houses leaving things behind him.

I'm pretty sure one can write about a red-white miko entering into other people's house.
No. 8442

You can hardly call giving out free gifts a capitalist act.

Offshoring to the North Pole and enslaving elves to cut costs fits, though. But fuck the elves. Hail Talos!
No. 8443
No. 8447
Who the fuck is Talos?

(User was warned for being an elven apostate.)
No. 8449
What is this? Talos...That kind of talk is punishable by death you know.
No. 8451
Back on topic, I wondering how many people are currently working on a short as there's one week left before christmas.
No. 8456
I do all of my writing in a single sitting. It's not like I need to start early.

Assuming I can pull my sorry ass together and write at all, that is.
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