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Recommend CYOAs and plug your favorite stories here. Take your bitching to /blue/. This thread is for complimenting good stories and directing readers their way!

New thread for auto-sage and the old thread falling off page 1.

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I want to recommend “One Knight in Gensokyo” even though it’s already dead by now.

It has an interesting premise, that is “A devout catholic (a crusader precisely) enters Gensokyo.” I mean, what will happen when a monotheist enters a land where magic clearly exists and there are gods that you can directly see with your own eyes? Besides, it has a potential for Byakuren route.

Too bad it’s never finished. Damn you, Karesh!
No. 8266
Hard to say when or if he'll finish it as his life seems busy on top of the IRC laziness.

if you don't mind the occasional fumble, someone resumed ACiG for paperboy, though not much attention has been given (good or bad), but ComradeWriter is an earnest writer.

Curses Foiled again is a nice if kinda slow updating story in /youkai/, i.e. something other than Lion's story.
No. 8292
When I have the will, I don't have the time. When I have the time, I don't have the will. God, has it already been two weeks?
No. 8302
I understand, I must mentioned slow as to warn people of its update speed. It's still among the best stories that most people aren't reading.
No. 8304
I do intend to pick it back up at some point or another in the future. Though, as far as intentions go I never really intended for such a hiatus in the first place.
Time will tell I guess.
No. 8310
Whoa, Karesh, you still lurk here? I thought that you've already been swallowed by the IRC Cabal.
No. 8316
Na, I'm actually barely on there anymore either. I just lurk around to read some stories at this point. Most of my freetime is either schoolwork, Skyrim or Saints Row for the near past and future.

If I remember right the last time I actually went on to chat with the Cabal was a few weeks ago to announce something to them.
No. 8320
No. 8336
Here's a pretty good story, called Merchant in Gensokyo.
It's got the potential to be a Reisen story.

No. 8337
Could we stop with the overpushing of Reisen routes? Sure she's a possibility but the story doesn't need brainless Reisen fanboys voting solely for Reisen, even if it screws up the story.
No. 8338
It has as much potential for a Reisen route as it does a Reimu, a Marisa, a Patchy, etc etc. How is pointing that out going to shit up the story?

Also, Are there anymore stories with a child-protag aside from the one in /th/ going on right now, akin to Kindred Inalterable Dependancy?
No. 8339
I've seen some brainless votes with the aim of time with Reisen in that story already and it's something that shouldn't be allowed to become a trend as it'll backfire for all Reisen fans.

As for your second question? The closest thing would be I,Youkai in /forest/ and its sequel stories as the MC is a very young youkai.
No. 8350
I forgot the name of that one story with a crazy Kogasa with a even more crazy Sanae and Orange. Can someone link me to it? I was almost finished with it before my bookmarks got all fucked up.
No. 8351
The Game
No. 8356
Fourth-wall breaking story about a proud fire fairy with actual preexisting relationships.
It only has a few updates, but it looks promising.

get in now before it dies or slows its update pace to a crawl, like every other /forest/ story
No. 8359
Can anyone recommend a good "text adventure"-story?
No. 8360
Spider and Web
Best text adventure of all time.

Seriously, I have no idea what you mean.
No. 8361
No. 8365
As far as the Wriggle guy's concerned, I think he mentioned being busy and it's not the first time he too a bit of time after finishing a chapter.
No. 8366

>Curses Foiled again is a nice if kinda slow updating story in /youkai/, i.e. something other than Lion's story.

Thank you for recommending this. I just started reading it last night, and I'm already loving it.
No. 8391
Calm down, man.
I was doing what
said, pointing out that it can end up as a Reisen route, since this one has the potential to go down that path.

I don't see anything wrong with that.

Yasaka Kanako - is there any story focused on her?
I'd really like to read one.
No. 8392



For the main offenders.
No. 8393
Expressing preference for a character? Fuck no, we don't do that on THP. We're better than that.[spoiler]Take your bitching to /blue/.[/spoiler]

The only ~completed~ Rumia story on the site, as of this posting as far as I know. Actually a pretty good story on its own merits, though! It's about a child surviving on her own after a train crash. Some stuff happens. It's pretty cool. And it has Rumia in it, a big plus for people that like Rumia such as myself.
No. 8394
Yeah, how about you stop bitching about what others are posting/voting, in this place?

From what you've said, you don't seem to really care much for Reisen, but stop complaining about it here.
I've no interest in reading your complaints.

Hot damn, an actual Rumia story?
Going to check it out - thank you very kindly for the link, good sir.
No. 8395
It's not that, but rather such brainless voting will end up causing a backlash against Reisen in that story due to being associated with such morons.

It's like how that fucking idiot Wiseman basically gave Flandre fans a bad name in GH.
No. 8396

No. 8397
We just talked about GH in IRC. Taisa said that he still wants to continue it but he's just too tired to do so.
No. 8398
He's not tired. He's mental. In fact, too mental to go and see a bloody shrink.
No. 8399
Him wanting to continue GH probably isn't a good thing. I'd bet a small sum of money that thinking about GH tires him out emotionally, and he doesn't think he can continue GH until he feels better. But maybe I'm just projecting.

anyway this is all incredibly rude

Dolls in Sync is a great little story about Alice's dolls. Very cute. Warning: Sporadic update rate.
No. 8400
>We just talked about GH in IRC
Yeah, sorry, I have something of an attention-whoring problem...
Sorry about that.
No. 8402
Talking about your stories isn't attention-whoring. Well I guess.
Attention-whoring is more like telling in your story thread that you opened a youtube channel, a livestream, or that you're playing TF2 on a very specific server or something like that. Giving private informations when nobody ask you, m'kay? That is attention-whoring.
You can say that asking people to read your story is attention-whoring, but it's not. It's more like... publicity or something like that. Since you're not seeking attention for youself, but rather for your story. Unless it's a self-insert. Or a Mary-Sue story. Or something like that. Wait, I'm losing myself.
Point is, unless I'm really wrong, the Cabal is for THP-related things, right? And GH is part of THP, right? Therefore, speaking about THP-related thing to the Cabal isn't really attention-whoring, since it's more or less the topic. Unless I really miss the Cabal's goal.

Well, I say that, but I'm not dumb enough to use my tripcode while posting this.
No. 8404
>Talking about your stories isn't attention-whoring.

You're correct, but you seem to be forgetting Taisa has been using the same excuses for... maybe more then a few months, if my internal clock isnt completely fucked up.
No. 8405
I wouldn't say that's a Rumia route story, but rather a story with Rumia in an important role. Now Dr Q's holidanon stories are closer to a Rumia route, too bad he drags out the moment so much.

You're more right than wrong. He's not in a good situation as if he leaves GH be, it'll linger over the board while trying to finish it may prove more self-destructive.
No. 8408
I didn't say it was a Rumia route. Just a Rumia story.

Holidanon is more one-sided stalking, anyway. Kind of like Wintertime Alchemist. And arguably Gensokyo High. ... And the story I just linked She had a crush on the protag's mom, if I recall correctly.
Rumia will never be involved in a consensual romantic relationship. Makes sense, I guess, she's a predator in love as well as life.
No. 8409
Nearing two years now, actually.
No. 8414
On the note of >>8395

Someone posted this in /blue/ recently: >>5319

But on topic, Landscout's story in /sdm/ is pretty interesting though I fear that he might have invoked a terrible force in the latest vote.
No. 8425
>last year
I laughed.

By the way, following that link leads me to full drama thread. Good thing we don't have any of those things any more.
No. 8426
The proper link should be >>/blue/5319 if I remember my intra-board linking.
No. 8427
Any fun/comedy story?
I want something that makes me laugh, I need it.
No. 8428
Quite a few. Do the Right Thing, Compensation Adequate, and Let's Gooooooo (not going any more, sadly) are some of my favorites.
No. 8437
He did said something about continuing the story if we provide him with some Nitro Unknown's porn.
I looked for some, but all I found was a dakimakura.

That aside, is there a story with the moon girls from SSiB? I want to read one right now.
If possible, a story where they're not bitches.
No. 8438
>Not bitches
Haha, good luck finding that!
No. 8439
I can still hope, right? I'm not the only one liking them, right?
No. 8440
Don't worry, I like them too.
No. 8441
Look up their chapter in CiLR (on the touhou wiki) as it shows their softer side in regards to a stray human. Stories here are lacking in them in general as /eientei/'s not that busy.
No. 8453

Go away the moon sister rock
No. 8454
Guess what?
No. 8461
No. 8503
So, There we go. I'm running low on threads to read, because I just went on a binge in the last few days. Are there any ongoing stories that Anon would like to recommend to this guy? I've been thinking on reading more /forest/ as right now i'm catching up on /shrine/ and a bit of /border/ stories I missed.

Oh, And FatalErrors stories are really cool. Hate how he's in everything thread though. It's kinda dumb.
No. 8504
What stories are being read right now? I'm just asking as to know which ones not to list.
No. 8505
in /th/, None of the threads but the Exalted/Touhou crossover and the CoD Zombies/Touhou Crossover. I've been thinking about picking up Fleet fox and Stiches of Time, though doll's quest isnt something I'm going to pick up.

Roll the Dice and that Mokou origins story in /eientei/, catching up on Little Lost Solider.

The Fire Fairy 4th wall breaking story in /forest/, Dont really know if the other stories in there are good.

Just an Average Joe, That 9-ball team in the outside world story, Not too sure on Shikigami of the heart in /border/.

Ace Combat, Dead and hating it, Clothes make the man, Not sure about Wintertime Alchemist and Archetype of Self because S.L.D.T. never updates in /shrine/.

http://www.touhou-project.com/sdm/res/29518.html#29904 That thread. I think it had something to do with a fairy in SDM, though the URL apparently doesnt work so I dont really remember where I left off, so nothing in /sdm/.

Pretty much everything in /youkai/'s first page barring A little fact and Curses foiled again, Mortals and that Sengoku Gensokyo story.

Everything in /underground/ barring Tenshi isnt in this story (which i dropped) and Infiltrator.

City Quest, Merchant in Gensokyo, Metropolitan, An excuse for Aya, and Violet Sky are the /other/ stories that I read.

I've finished The Game, and Archetype of Self's first run. I cant really remember anything else though.
No. 8507
If you want a good story in /th/, Wizard Is You is where it's at, can't really think of much better in that board other than Do The Right Thing (a wandering in Gensokyo story in the modern age)

It might have lost a step getting stuck in the underground, but it should recover in due time.

Fleet Fox is an interesting story, though it's not exactly typical either.

Stitches in Time is a nice read, interesting and good.

As far as /forest/ goes, Stardust by Serial ATA, and That wriggle story by Oracle are pretty nice.

I'm not convinced on that Fire Fairy story as it seems to be copying Dolls in Sync (/forest/ story by the guy who writes Stitches in Time)

As far as old stories, I,Youkai is a great slice of life story.

It's good you're reading little solider lost. If you feel like reading something interesting, try reading Word of One, also in /eientei/.

Curses Foiled (Again)! is perhaps the best story in /youkai/ that people aren't reading. Sure it might not update much but the updates are quite nice.

I can't really say much for /border/ or /undergorund/ as their writers seem very inactive.

Good /others/ stories would be Border House (on hiatus until Lion finishes his /youkai/ story.) and Creeping Shadows by Klayman.

As far as /sdm/ goes, There's A Fairy on Scarlet Lake and The Eldest Scarlet though both update pretty slowly. As far as the Fairy Maid thread problem, someone will tell the guy running the archive about it and he'll fix it.
No. 8508
>I can't really say much for /border/ or /undergorund/ as their writers seem very inactive.
No. 8509
We are, don't pretend otherwise.
>Tenshi isnt in this story (which i dropped)
You maek me a sad panda, friend-o. I'm going to have to go and munch on some mans now. I hope your conscience can take it because they're all on you.
Srsly tho, if you don't like it, you're better off not reading it. You'll save yourself a lot of time this way. And the irritation of waiting whilst I not update because I'm too busy munching on mans.
No. 8510
Dont really like it because its kinda... confusing really.

And yay, Now I have a lot more bookmarks that I'm likely not going to look at until I go on my next reading binge!
No. 8511
YAF, I respect you, but if you say that I'm inactive, I'm going to challenge to a medic duel.
No. 8512
Well, you don't really count.
No. 8513
Shadow over Gensokyo. Just finished up on it a few days ago, it's confusing at times and also very dark but it gets intense. Overall a pretty cool and substantial story to read.
No. 8514
Semi-newfag / lurker here.

Just wondering, what are the stories that you can generally take for granted people (should) have read?

Both of Lion's stories seem to qualify (and I can see why, they're incredible), along with MiG and I guess WUiG. Not really sure whether GH is infamous enough to read or avoid. Were there any real problems other than the flamewars? And are there any other "classic" CYOAs here?

Sage for newfaggotry and request, inb4 lurkmoar
No. 8515
Expectation of a Sanguine Disorder.
No. 8516
You absolutely must read GH. The one who wrote it (Taisa) had done an amazing job making all of his characters likeable. The shitstorms there were very hilarious as well. Trust me, you won't regret picking it up.
No. 8519
Any good Prismriver story?

Personally, I would suggest A Scarlet Stained Memoir. That story brought me here, and was epic enough to lure newfags here.
GH is fine, as long as you focus on the story. I avoided all shitstorms, and I still think it's a GREAT story, and that it's a HUGE shame that it's "on hold".
No. 8520
Not really as anything in /border/ is too Hakugyokuro obbessed. And the cloest thing to a Merin route story, Gensokyo Futures is on hiatus again.

There's one or two stories with subplots involving them.
No. 8521
I don't usually do this, but there will be an upcoming (and significant) Prismriver arc in
Curses Foiled (Again!). Not for a little while yet, but it's not distant.

No. 8522
I need Aya. I know about the Treia/Moral collaboration...but it's on hiatus. I've also read most of that Solid Snake story; didn't care much for it.
Lay it on me, guys. I'll take anything you've got.
No. 8523
If you like Aya, I suggest Moral's story. It's on /at/, but it's not a "fuck every girl" story.
Well, last time I checked, at least.
No. 8524
I think it's >>at/12682
No. 8525
Mmm, yes. That's a nice story.
What else?
No. 8526
There's Ddyk's pseudo-radio-show on /shorts/.
It's shitty, awful, and not funny, but it should keep you busy until someone else suggest a better story.
No. 8527
I've read that too.
I liked it a lot.
No. 8528

You should check again.

I mean, uh, not this instant, but like in a few hours.
No. 8529
Belated but try this:

http://www.westisblue.com/ As it might have that fairy maid thread archived in its own files.
No. 8530
No. 8531
Why you do this.
No. 8532

You're not looking hard enough.
No. 8533
I suggest The Game, HLA, and RaAN, on top of the other stories that were recommended.
No. 8534
Any story with normal protagonist? A college or highschool student if possible, since most story that I find with normal character is a businessman, a scientist(SCIENCE story, great story, but not what I looking for since he's gaining power in the end), or something like that. I prefer stories that is already finished, but ongoing stories is fine too, as long it's not a abandoned story.
No. 8535
Gensokyo High-
>as long it's not a abandoned story.

No. 8536
>that feel when no one ever mentioned me out here
Well, I guess it's my fault for being so slow. ;__;

That is where I get into the fray. On /border/, the one with Cirno on top of the frozen car.
No. 8537
most leads are normal, it's only recently that people tried to mix things up. The leads of MiG, SDM LA*, and so forth were typically normal guys with little talent besides striking up friendships with touhous.

*Before getting a bunch of vampire hunter abilites stunted on to him
No. 8542
I recently stumbled upon Silver of Sovereign, which had several good things going for it. The main thing I appreciated was how a feeling of consistent peril and underdogness managed to be maintained ... most of the big shots didn't even know Tokiko's name.

It had its problems, sure, but it had a lot of potential and its a shame it ended like so many others, I think.
No. 8543
Any good Sanae route guys?
No. 8544
Humanity of Gensokyo?
No. 8545
Fragmentation of Memories has an excellent Sanae route, but it takes a while to really get to it, and it doesn't end very well.
Also in youkai, Curses Foiled (Again!) has an awesome Sanae. Probably not what you're used too, but she's still tons of fun.
No. 8546

You might be jumping the gun, methinks.
No. 8547
Well, I already followed that one. I want to find another Sanae route.(although the writer is not actually said not routelocked yet, it seems the readers has routelocked to her)
now if the writer post the actually continue the story and not short story, not that I hate short story,it's nice, but it's already one month plus.(Yes, I'm looking at you Treia)

Will look at these stories, although maybe I'm doubt I'll read all the Fragmentation of Memories one.(Too confused about what happened at there, and the spoiler too...)

Anymore story guys?
No. 8550
that are completed? Nope. It's just like Sakuya stories in /sdm/.
No. 8551
I would like to recommend Moral's Rumia story.
I thought it was a good read about her origin, presented in a different light.
No. 8552
Are there any stories where either Maribel or Renko is the protagonist or plays a big part in the plot?
I'd also like to hear about anything good where the main character is NOT a male OC from the real world. I just can't stand that setting, ugh.

Also, I'd like to recommend Patchy Quest. It's really well-written and characterized, even though the plot moves a bit slowly at times.
No. 8553
Metropolitan in /others/ is both of those. Tokiko (yes, really) is the protagonist and Renko's her coworker.
There's no Gensokyo, which sucks, but it's written by Fell, which is good. Try it!
No. 8554
Would anything with a male villager be included or excluded from what you're looking for?
No. 8555
Go read Sukima's stories.
They are entertaining if you don't mind a few cliches, plus the porn he writes is glorious.
No. 8570
No stories around on Kanako, then...?

Also, Merchant in Gensokyo story has updated, in case anyone is curious.
No. 8571
Not really, most folk are too busy with Sanae and if not her, Aya in /youkai/, sort of a shame as a Kanako story could be interesting, but the problem with that is that it requires more effort than a simple story with a popular character.
No. 8598
Everybody knows all stories involving Kanako will make her evil.
No. 8599
Of course. Just like every story involving Sanae depicts her as a slut or a delinquent or BOTH.
No. 8600
All my hate.
No. 8604
This is an evil Touhou.
No. 8605

She's evil the same way that Flandre is a crazy psychopath.
No. 8612
Any good story with Tenshi? One where she's not a spoiled bitch?
No. 8689
There's a story called Tenshi is in This Story in /underground/. Just you run your pretty eye over the first thread. Tenshi everywhere, man. It's all about the Tenshi. Yeah.
No. 8690
Seems legit. I probably shouldn't worry about the fact that the second thread's name turned into "Tenshi Isn't in This Story", or about the fact that the guy writing this story seems very fond or Satori, or about the fact that the whole story happens in /underground/.
Yeah, I shouldn't worry about petty things like that.
No. 8691
I remember where was that story about Tenshi going to the Outside World. Seemed interesting, never really paid attention.
But I don't remember the name.
No. 8692
That story wasn't finished by the way.
No. 8711
Anyone can recommend me a story written with a style like ZUN's? Been wanting one since reading WaHH.
No. 8712
Go read that story called Cage in Lunatic Runagate. That's an awesome fanfic, with awesome drawings.
No. 8713
Oh you.
No. 8750
You know, I've done a lot of well-wishing in this thread, asking if there were any stories about this Touhou or that Touhou, when already I knew there weren't any or that I was already reading them. Not this time, I guess.

I want Youmu. Feed me.
No. 8751
Kaleidoscope Midnight
No. 8752

That one was a lot of fun, but also one you could tell from the beginning was not going to end well for anybody. Rinnosuke & Wriggle were total bros, though.

Claw hammer.

Other completed stories that had grimdark without the derp were the Rumia-centric A Different Story in /shrine/ by Dr. Q.

The Game, of course, is legendary.
No. 8753
I'd only recommend The Game if you like the style of its writing (stream of consciousness).
No. 8754
I remember a short story where Yamame lays eggs in the main character.
What was that story's name? I couldn't find it.
No. 8761
Not sure if I want to read that....
No. 8762
Nah, it was a funny story. Because the spiders ended up being little Yamame.
No. 8764
Aw, that was nice. A little amazed that every single voter completely forgot about Hakurouken until the very end.
What else?
No. 8779
So, Mononobe is the most popular character from the Ten Desires crew, and there's not a single story about her? How does it come? Who's to blame?
Tell me before I start a Mononobe thread on /blue/.
No. 8780
not many dare write new stories breaking new ground (most prefer writing low quality /th/ stuff rehashing MiG and focusing on popular classics)

And those that do write are most likely planning TD's inclusion.
No. 8781
>rehashing MiG
What's this? You're talking about Do The Right Thing, aren't you?

The best part of MiG is Anon freaking out at the trainwreck.
No. 8782
Mildly passive-aggressive remarks aside, >>8780 actually does make a good point in that, although Futo and the rest of the TD cast have yet to figure prominently in stories, it's probably not for lack of willing writers.

Perhaps someone would like to write about them, but have too many other things on their plate to deal with before they even think about starting a new story. Perhaps someone would like to incorporate them into their current story, but need time to set up their entrance. Some may simply be waiting for more information on them before committing themselves, especially with Symposium of Post-mysticism coming out in another month or two.

On top of waiting to learn more about the characters themselves, there's also that whole "Taoism" thing writers might want to take the time to research before attempting to write about characters who have built their lives around practicing it, assuming they wouldn't rather just gloss over that aspect of the characters.

Just be patient. We've already got a story featuring Yoshika, so it's only a matter of time before Futo and the others get their time in the spotlight.
No. 8783
Not really as unlike most attempts, DtRT has a talented writer, enough to make it work.

Many newbies get told to read the old stories and as a result end up ignorant of current board culture (and the fact most of the popular concepts, such as MiG have been done hundreds of times), and end up making a story that's a lackluster rehash.

This is what meant by those planning TD's introduction as it takes some time for a new game's characters to make it into a long running story.
No. 8795
Not strictly the purpose of the thread, but others have been making requests, so:

I'm trying to find a short which crossed over Planescape: Torment with Touhou.

This is because I have a vague idea about starting a CYOA with this premise, assuming anyone would be interested, but I want to avoid ripping off the original writer.

Anyone remember this that could help me find it?
No. 8796
There's one in FF.net.

It's a curbstomp fic though.
No. 8798
SHaG, I think?

No. 8800
I don't think SHaG deals with that, though I can't dismiss any related shorts in that regard.
No. 8801
No, I'm sure it wasn't on ff.net. I don't read the Touhou stories there.

Pretty much what >>8800 said.

Thanks for trying to help, though.
No. 8802
I'm still here, by the way.
Is there really only one good Youmu story on the whole site?
No. 8803
I would have tried my absolute hardest to steer HLA that way had I been around back then, but alas...
No. 8804
/border/'s been in pretty pitiful shape ever since Patch stopped writing there. And out of the remotely active stories there, it's either too early to tell or no chance at all.

My advice is to write such a story yourself as it's very unlikely that writers that favor her will cover her. Just look up a proofreader and some good people to toss ideas with and you'll have a working story concept.
No. 8805
At least it is finished.
No. 8806
What, like go onto IRC, get a name, wait for a lull in the conversation, and say "I've got a story idea for X, anyone want to help me with it?"

Would that work, or would people just ignore / troll as responses?
No. 8807
It should work.
No. 8809
Was Kyouko already featured on an /at/ story?
No. 8810

No. 8863
Has there been a story with Youmu for the main focus? I'm making some notes, and I'd like to see if the thing I'm thinking of's been done already.
No. 8865
I honestly can't remember, but I somehow doubt it. The only thing I can remember ever reading with her as the focus was a short by Scorn that ended about as well as a short by Scorn would be expected to end.
No. 8868
Kaleidoscope Midnight
No. 8871
That one lookeys to me like a battle story of some kind. Is it? I’m thinking something more slice-of-life-like.
Don’t tell me Youmu hasn’t yet got any lovin’ on the boards?
No. 8874
Isn't it sad?
No. 8875
Sorta. There's battle, but not that much.
No. 8876
Not really, /border/'s been dead since Patch left and anyone that does write there seems to focus on anyone not Youmu or the Prismrivers.
No. 8883
>anyone that does write there seems to focus on anyone not (...) the Prismrivers.
I accept your challenge. Give me enough time to write and proofread, and I'll give you something short but nice.
No. 8896
Any good story with Rumia? Abandoned stories like Wintertime Alchemist don't count.
No. 8897
Gensokyo High.

I have faith in you, Taisa.
No. 8920
Any good story with Kaguya?
And by good, I mean one where Kaguya is not a NEET.
No. 8922
Closest would be Little Solider Lost by Serial ATA. Sure she might have had some NEETish tendencies but she's still nice. And those tendencies started getting toned down after a certain point.
No. 8936
You might like Imperfect Metamorphosis. It's got both Rumia and Ex-Rumia! Fair warning: It's really long and not yet finished and most of it isn't about Rumia.


No, Rumia does not die in the first chapter. That's a fakeout.
No. 8939
Fuck you.
No. 8944
>judging a book by its cover

You see its funny because 99% of fanfiction.net is complete and utter garbage but this is the 1% that isnt complete shit.
No. 8945
Why don't you recommend that zombie apocalypse Touhou fic why you're at it?

You seem to like grimderp very much.
No. 8949
Keep the shit in /blue/. Someone recommended it, and I did too, and that's that, okay?
No. 8950
Oh, so now we're recommending stuff from FF.net, eh?

Alright. Here's my rec.


It's a crossover with Super Smash Bros. It focuses mainly on the fighting aspect but it doesn't make the Touhous overpowered like many other Touhou crossover fics do.

It has 121 chapters up until now and it's going to be finished soon (just waiting for the final battle). Also, it's the most reviewed (553 reviews to) and the longest (700k+ words) Touhou fic on FF.net. Yes, that includes Imperfect Metamorphosis.

And if anyone disagrees, I'll just tell them to bring their bitching to /blue/.
No. 8953
What's Tainted Bonds about? I heard it was a Ran story, but it's written by ballistafreak, and I heard bad things about him, but is the story good?
No. 8954
>bad things
What's this? I've never heard of such a thing.
No. 8955
It's one of those stories. When a write in like >>/th/155093 flies, you know there's something wrong.

Still, the story itself isn't looking too bad, even if I have some reservations about the powerlevels and reader schmuckery going on.
No. 8956
Oh, it's a crossover with some kind of tabletop game right?

Reminds me of A Wizard Is You. Too bad I'm not familiar with the tabletop game. I only understand DnD.
No. 8957
Okay, thank you.

Any good story with Ran? I vaguely remember one when she wakes up in a hotel room with protag, what happened to that story?
No. 8958
The MC is a DnD Sorcerer with a crazy ass build. I don't play that class, so I wouldn't be able to give you any details unfortunately.
No. 8959
Wait, it's a Dnd crossover?

Doesn't matter anyway since I'm already sick of your usual "OC romancing Touhous" plot.
No. 8960
Take that shit to /blue/ if you want to whine.
No. 8961
Hey, I'm not whining. I'm just stating why I don't like the story.

Whining is more like complaining about YAF being a cancer on this site and so on and so forth.
No. 8967
It's not a romance story first, maybe some may come up. But if you don't like OCs romancing Touhous, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE!? This site was founded on OCs screwing around and romancing touhous.

I think it died.

The writer's not a bad guy and the story is good and this is from someone who thinks /th/ is 99% retarded newbie shit.
No. 8968
That's a very good question actually.

What am I doing here you ask? First of all, I have no other place to go. /jp/ is in ruins (full of spammers and threadshitters), Poosh is slow as hell (and who's that TARDIS guy?), and I still refuse to go to MoTK.
No. 8970
Any good story with Reisen?

Any Reisen is fine.
No. 8971

No. 8972
MiG, I guess. If only so you can read "...Bang" afterwards.
No. 8973
I still think of "Bang!" as non-canon though.

I prefer the original despair ending myself.

Also, Fell clearly had taken some liberties with canon when writing that.
No. 8974
... Yeah...

But I already read that "Bang!" story. Is that the only Reisen story on the entire website?
No. 8976
>I prefer the original despair ending myself.
...why? How can you actually like that? It's not even an ending.

He means canon to MiG, obviously.
And yes, Reisen is criminally underused around here. It's a bit of a meme that Reisen will never get a route.
No. 8977
I like it because of the "out of nowhere despair"-ness obviously (well, not exactly out of nowhere since there are already a lot of despair-inducing plot twists before it)

It's like Kira made it to troll the shit out of THP. And boy did he succeed.

This is how you become a legendary writefag folks. Make the readers really attached to the characters and then without pulling any punches make really bad things happen to them.

Oh, and it's really hilarious to see anon freaking out each time things got worse.

Bang! reads more like a fix fic than anything, for anon to get their happy end with Reisen.
No. 8978
You just listed every reason why I didn't like that story. You are bizarre.
Oh, and no, that's not how you become a legendary writefag, that's how you become a legendary asshole. Nobody remembers Kira for his actual writing prowess.
No. 8979
People remember Kira because he'll never update his stories.
No. 8980
People remember Kira because he's dead.
No. 8981
I once asked him about that in IRC and he answered basically he was at a loss of what to do with the story flying off track at that point and decided on the snow end to put the story out of its misery. No trolling intended.

Feels really bad, man.

But on the Reisen matter, how about trying to make a Reisen story instead of sitting on your ass and expecting other people to do it?
No. 8982
Because I am already trying to write a Reisen story, and I wanted to see other interpretations of that cute moon rabbit.
No. 8983
Honestly even in few attempts, they haven't exactly done much with Reisen in variation. And digging up all the dead Reisen stories would be a massive pain.

But with how desperate her fans are, you could do just about any characterization and they'd eat it up.
No. 8996
Any stories where there's some major disaster that threatens Gensokyo and its entirety?

Or a story that focuses on the lives of normal humans in the Human Village?
No. 8997
"Pirates of Gensokyo"
No. 8998
Thanks for recommending one of HY's dead stories.
No. 9000
No problem.
No. 9018
"In the Forest, a Dancing Light" shows some village life as its MC is a villager.
No. 9027
Wow, just started reading that story and I already like it.

And I'm afraid anon would ruin it, looking at the stupid posts they made on the first thread. They're talking about rape for God's sake.

C'mon now, don't ruin another good story again, anon.
No. 9028
I wouldn't worry as the writer seems to have a firm grip on things and there isn't any really silly/stupid votes.
No. 9029
Well, just finished reading all three threads of it.

I've gotta say, my favorite part of it is the worldbuilding, not the romance. I kinda miss the point of the story, don't I?

So, any other stories like that?
No. 9031
Honestly nothing that shows village life too well as the only other example, (A)DEFT is too close to the happenings of Touhous to show it well.

Worldbuilding appears to be a lost art these days in the world of plotplotplot. But if it's that you're interested in, I'd highly recommend Curses, Foiled Again as NARH's gensokyo in that is different but interesting. He could merely take a break from Hina's adventures and just go on about his gensokyo and I'd still be interested.

as far as the romance in it, it's definitely not the only thing but if you have any issues, you should voice them as he seems good about listening to reader comments.
No. 9034
Nah, it's not the writer's fault. It's just I'm not interested in "romance with Touhou" story.

But he writes it unlike the usual way of writing that kind of stories, you know, without the worldbuilding aspect. That's what makes it interesting to me.

Still no story that really focuses on village life, huh? Oh well, beggars can't be choosers.
No. 9042
Talking about life in the Human Village, is there a story that focuses on that anti-youkai secret society?

The only story I know is that wizard story. That story's more about wacky wizard hijinks than anything. And it's dead.
No. 9043
Not to toot my own horn, but I'm trying? Maybe I'm not doing a very good job...

'Humanity of Gensokyo', specifically.
No. 9045
There was one in /shrine/ that sort of used it as a driving conflict, but it was bad and you shouldn’t read it.
No. 9048
YAF is talking about Memoria in Discord. It's on hiatus, so I suggest not starting it, otherwise you'll be frustrated.
No. 9052
Wait, the anti-youkai secret society is canon? I thought Denetrious just made it up.

Where's that referenced, PMiSS?
No. 9057
It's referenced in Aya's interview with Keine (BAiJR)
No. 9065
You weren’t supposed to say the name! YOU’RE RUINING EVERYTHING!
No. 9066
Bring it on, mOtHeRfUcKeR! My .44 magnum is waiting for you!
No. 9068
So, any story about Futo?
No. 9070
No stories about the Touhous having an epic adventure of some sort, huh?
No. 9083
None yet though I think one or two possible stories have her appearing in a very minor role. We'll have to wait until the new book comes out before we see anything centering on Miko's group.

I can't recall of anything fitting the bill exactly.
No. 9087
Any story with sex scenes? Precisely, I want to see a writefag incorporating sex in a story without ruining it or seeming forced.
I don't know if I'm clear.
No. 9088
That's way too subject to even try asking about as what may pass for someone might not for you.
No. 9089
But I still want to read by myself if anyone was interested enough to go as far as decided to write even want to go look more like not forced.
No. 9090
Try that sentence again one more time. Reading it hurts my brain a little.
No. 9091
Just a little? Too bad. I was aiming to the maximum brain screw.

But anyway, Renko is love.
No. 9099
Someone, anyone, give me a good story. And one I haven't already read.
No. 9100
Any stories where Yukari is the one getting trolled instead of the usual other way around?
No. 9101
There's this, if it counts for anything. >>/border/25438
No. 9102
what have you read then?
No. 9103
Well, there's Touhou Mother, but it's a fangame, not a fanfic.

The villain trolls the shit out of Gensokyo and gets out scot free at the end.
No. 9113
But anyone who really have decided to go since you want to fuck around with Google since that day, it was very painful.
No. 9119
Any decent story about one/both Aki?
No. 9121
I wish.
Think Udonge fans have it bad? Try liking the Aki sisters, Yamame and Kisume.
No. 9122
You think those three have it bad?

Try finding a story about YuugenMagan, the Five Magic Stones, or any of the PC-98 midbosses. Or one about Kikuri that keeps her as a coin/moon.
No. 9123
There's Fragment of Memories where Shizuha was a good friend (and perhaps more potentially), but then Sanae happened.
No. 9124
A story where the main character is not human?
No. 9126
The Game.
No. 9127
I, youkai
No. 9128
It would be great if the storylist has some kind of summary for each story, along with a small review.
I like to know if the story I want to read is mostly about romance, or about action or is just a slice-of-life.
No. 9129
How about a rating system? Like 1 to 5 stars or something?
No. 9130
It would be abused too easily.
No. 9131
Yeah, what >>9130 said, far to easy to abuse and prone to bias as well.

This could have possibilities, though, IMO. Maybe written by / approved by the writefag (if they were still available, at least?)
No. 9132
Some sort of tagging system ought to work.
No. 9133
This would be much better for finding stories. Still partial to the idea of summaries/reviews, though.

More on topic, any stories focusing on or with major parts for the fairies? (By which I mean Cirno [well she's in many stories, but...], Daiyousei, Lily White/Black, Sunny/Star/Luna, fairy maids, or just OC fairies.
Because I'm putting some serious thought into writing a fairy CYOA and want to look at what's been done.
No. 9134
A Fairy's Tale and Fairy on the Scarlet Lake are both good for OC fairies.
No. 9135
There's a Fairy Tale, by U.N.Owen. It's a cute story. It's completed, I suggest you to read it.
There's Fairy Maid in Gensokyo, I think it's the one with some sex scenes. It was dropped.
There's also Fairy on Scarlet Lake, but honestly, I don't know this one.
No. 9136
And I forgot to mention A Scarlet Stained Memoir, still by U.N.Owen. It has Cirno in a major role.
Not gonna spoil the plot, but it's a mystery story, with some investigation parts, and a lot of red herrings. And it's kind of dark.
No. 9137
Fast responses, thanks, I'll check these out. In retrospect, maybe I should have Ctrl-Fed for "Fairy" in the story list beforehand...

Speaking of which:
>A Fairy's Tale by Princess Tepes
How many names has Owen gone by, anyway? (They are the same person, right?)

And from summary glances, doesn't look like those featured any named fairies besides Cirno (I have read ASSM, for the record, but nice description). Are there really no stories that have? HLA featured Lily Black, of all characters...
No. 9138
As far as I know, only two. U.N.Owen, and Princess Tepes.
I'm not sure why, but apparently, it's because he wanted to avoid a reaction like "It's U.N.Owen so it's daaaaark and people are going to die once they are killed".
No. 9140
>doesn't look like those featured any named fairies besides Cirno
Well, there's an /at/ story featuring Daiyousei, but it's /at/, so it brings anyone, and it has no real plot.
No. 9142

More or less. I explained all my reasons back in >>6253 and the following responses, so catch it now before it falls off the site.

Nice to see my stories are still being remembered. Thanks for caring!
No. 9143
You're still here, dude?
No. 9145
It's your story that brought me here. I can hardly forget it.
No. 9146
That's not fair, there's a lot of plot! Like, how many thing's the protag can have up his asshole?
No. 9147
You're mixing up stories as Winemaker has Daiyousei as the MC's nigh-wife (who even sets him up for a 4some with her and the three fairies)

Mind the gap is the one with things going up the ass.
No. 9149
Any story where Rinnosuke is something else than a comic relief? I knows he's got a sword, and yet I never saw him using it.
No. 9150
Oh wow, I've never thought /at/ is that bad. Wonder why SA hasn't put this site on its "website to mock" list. It's practically a goldmine of creepiness, even more so than TVTropes.
No. 9152
I was kind of hoping for the commonly accepted meaning of plot, not the brony meaning.

We're probably just not well known enough. TVtropes is and is mocked for it, even with a lot of goons using/having used it. (But as someone who frequents TVT, there's definitely a larger amount of creepy stuff there, though we might have a higher ratio.)
And anyway, there's worse shit than insertion on /at/, like the frequent scat threads (ohgodwhy.jpg).
No. 9153
Yeah, we're somehow not well-known at all despite having some of the most high-quality Touhou fanfics in the Western fandom.

Wonder if that Chagen guy ended up in /at/. It has some diapered Touhou porn, if I'm not mistaken. Oh well, he'll probably become a whiny attention whoring tripfag there.

Dammit, this reminds me of that fantasy of his involving a diapered "Genki Girl" Keine.
No. 9154
Always expect the worst from bronies, and you'll never be disappointed.
No. 9161
Any stories with a neverending "You'll never win and get a happy ending. Your efforts are absolutely futile" feeling?

I need my daily dose of anon despair.

Besides MiG, since I've already read that one.
No. 9164
Deluge of a Lunar Fantasy.
No. 9165
I've already read the first run. It was a hilarious trainwreck. Is the second run like that, too?
No. 9174
There are less shitty references, but more complains from the author.
No. 9177
But how about the despair?
No. 9178
Simply put, it's a "you'll never get the girl because you're not making the good choices" kind of story. And last update was in January.
No. 9186
>"you'll never get the girl because you're not making the good choices" kind of story
Except for the fact, of course, that both in premise and execution it's the exact opposite of that statement. Fair is fair.
No. 9189

Hey! Go defend your story somewhere else. This is a thread for recommendations from readers to readers. This is certainly a common sentiment, and we don't need you dragging this entire thread off track so you can feel better about yourself.
No. 9191
Take a minute to read the thread. A significant chunk of posts are writers talking about themselves or their stories. There is absolutely nothing wrong with me saying something about one of my stories. And yeah, you're still wrong about the earlier statement - the story is about relationships, if there were no progress or development there would be no story. You're entitled to your opinion but some things, like what actually happened in the story, are not a matter of opinion.
No. 9192

Talking about your story and actually having to defend your story (in a recommendation thread at that!) are two different things. Let the readers recommend.
No. 9193
I'm recommending stories because they're interesting. I recommend stories I liked. Therefore, I'm following my own opinion when I'm recommending stories.
And your story is depressing.
Either you're making fun of your readers, either you're downright insulting (for example, there was that guy asking you if you were all right, your answer was "lurk more ive always been liek that"), and most of your meta post are like "your not making the right choices". And I find that depressing, because you're taunting your readers, but at the same time, you're repeating them that it's hopeless.

In other words, I think your story was perfectly qualified to be suggested to a despair seeking anon. Now, if you want to defend yourself, we can turn this thread into a trial thread and spoil the whole board, or you can act like an adult and ignore it. After all, it's a recommendation thread, not a "this story is bad" thread. Anon wanted some despair, I gave him your story.
No. 9195
The difference depends on the context. I'm not saying "my story doesn't suck", that your opinion is wrong or anything like that. All I am contesting is the claim that it's a story where you don't "get the girl". The whole story is about just that! ie. you can't dispute that with time and updates the romantic relationship advances. That is often literally what the votes are for. I don't really care much if you don't like me, or you don't approve of what I've done in the past - that's not relevant here. Just be accurate. Save your melodrama for elsewhere, there's middle ground between mild dissent and a "trial thread". Again, I'm not doing anything new in this thread.
No. 9196
>I don't really care much if you don't like me
That's totally not the point. The point is that, during your story, I had the impression that, whatever I was voting for, it was futile. And I was right, since you ended the story with a joke update while making fun of your readers.
And you're the one bringing drama in this thread. Not me.
No. 9198

This is exactly what what I was trying to avoid you idiots.
No. 9199
Is there any decent story with PC-98 characters only?
No. 9201
I remember seeing one or two stories that had characters who were predominately PC-98 but not to the point of exclusivity. I think one of Klaymen's stories and, I want to say BA but I'm not 100% on that. It's been a while since I've seen that sort of thing.

Just chill, buddy. It's fine to know what people think about a story in a recommendation thread. I'll go back to posting anonymously, as usual, after this since I already made the point I wanted to make. I see that this has the potential to go back and forth for a while longer but I'll abstain from more posts, so yeah sorry if this detracted from the rest of the thread too much.

>That's totally not the point
I know it's not but the point of that sentence was to tell you that your opinion is fine. Like > I had the impression that, whatever I was voting for, it was futile
is entirely valid. What's not valid is saying that it's not a "get the girl" kind of story, because it is. Or your line that I ended the story with a joke update while making fun of my readers. I never did that. In fact, it'd be impossible given that the story doesn't have an ending. See the difference between opinion and impressions and what actually happened? So once again, say what you will about how you liked something or not but at least get the facts straight.

Dude, you're the one who is name-calling and otherwise making a big deal of everything. Not to mention talking down to me. It's okay to talk to people on the internet without treating them like garbage. See global rule #4.
No. 9202
>I'll abstain from more posts

Please do, starting immediately. The fact that you even put this in your post should've told you that you should not be making this post in the first place.
No. 9203
No. 9204
Black Amethyst. The story in /th/, specifically, I think. It didn't get very far.

Hahaha, drop the sanctimonious act or I'll be tempted to use my name/trip more just to piss you off. After all, no one objected to the other tangents in the thread. Protip: the new thread was a little too on the nose.
No. 9205
>It didn't get very far
Is THP cursed or something like that? I mean, seriously! Most stories on THP are either abandonned, either on "hiatus".
No. 9206
It's just a hobby, you have to realize. There's no obligation for people to finish besides their own drive. It's not all that bad though. I try to look at it from the perspective that it's more about the ride than the destination. I mean, there are tons of stories that are at least novel-length and they're still fun despite not having an ending. Being able to read something fun is better than not having anything at all to begin with the way I see it. Also the medium factors in as well. If people were just writing normal fiction without reader input, there would be less excuse to pause/stall.
No. 9207

I don't have a problem with you using your trip (and that much should be obvious). I have a problem with you dragging this thread so far off track for your own sake.
No. 9208
Stop being a hypocrite. Look at the posts in this thread: authors talking about themselves/their stories, a good lengthy discussion about GH and Taisa, talking about rehashes, hartmann and YAF posting off-topic things, irc and even attention-whoring by yourself. Three or so brief posts that are to the point hardly count as a detraction. What's more, they're on-topic. Knowing that a story contains this or that falls under the purview of this thread. So, yeah, you're making a big deal out of nothing. So in the future I suggest you take your own advice and avoid taking things off track just for your sake. Hopefully thread 3 will be more to your liking.
No. 9210
Yeah, but reading a story without a proper ending... I dunno, it's like a cake without frosting, it feels incomplete.
No. 9225
the whole journey is better than destination logic falls flatter than Suika as said journey is left hanging FOREVER.
No. 9234
I enjoy the laughter and other emotions I got from reading something more than endings most times. I mean, the fact of the matter is that The Good Soldier Svejk is great even without an ending because of the antics and social commentary. So yeah, I focus more on the messing around with touhous and doing things together aspect of a cyoa. I mean, you as a reader are choosing to do these things, it feels great to see how your actions change and influence things. Sure, an ending is good for closure and I won't argue that it's not necessary. But, you know, it's just a matter of not getting so hung up on a certain aspect. In the end you can use your own imagination to create an ending if it's that big a deal.
No. 9235
>social commentary
What, there are stories here with social commentaries?

About a story having an ending, it really depends on what type of story it is. If it's like LoTR, of course you must have a proper ending. If it's like K-ON (most of the stories here), then you can get by without an ending.
No. 9236
>What, there are stories here with social commentaries?
In no way was that implied.

Funnily enough you bring up LoTR which has a pretty average ending. The battles and the journey with the ring are a lot more satisfying than the final bit with the departing. Yeah, I'm avoiding spoilers
No. 9237
Well, I didn't expect Frodo surviving at the end or Gollum was the one who destroyed the Ring, albeit not intentionally so that's a plus to me.

Using spoiler tag for LoTR is quite silly, isn't it?
No. 9239
For me it gets ruined by the fact that it got dropped.

The chronic drop rate of stories may explain why everyone's so motherfucking bitter.
No. 9244
That's all climax or falling action (if we borrow terms used mainly for plays), not so much the ending in of itself.

You have to ultimately make peace with the fact that it's just a hobby and take it for what it is. You can't expect better from random internet people. It helps to chat with the author a bit as well, it lets you see if he's committed or not, or if he needs the occasional push.
No. 9248
Yeah, but it doesn't hurt anyone to add just a little "and they lived happily even after". It doesn't ruin the story, and it doesn't give the impression that the author just got bored of the story and threw it away.
No. 9255
I'd say that a bad ending, or a rushed one, is often worse than no ending at all. That "happily ever after" can feel like an anticlimactic cop out.
No. 9256
How should an ending be anyway? Should it explain and wrap up every single plot point in the story? Or should it be an open ending where the readers can decide for themselves how the story ended?
No. 9257
That, my friend, depends on the author and the story he's telling. There's probably no real consensus here, just whatever feels right. It might also depend a little on the genre, since thrillers and whodunnits tend to wrap up plot points more often than not.
No. 11881
Suddenly, ten thousand dragon the emperor changes s è, he discovers the woman without pubic hair way goes into mouth Cape to hang blood stain and peep out contented absolute being s è.