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I've been thinking of writing a story here for some time, and I believe I found something interesting to base it on; thus, everyone's favorite Iraqi enters Gensokyo. So, is anyone interested in the idea of Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay Night entering Gensokyo?

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Nope. Save it for ffn, if anywhere.
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Wait, Gilgamesh is an Iraqi?
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I was thinking of doing it in a CYOA style which would admittedly be difficult to do on ffn.
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>Gilgamesh was the fifth king of Uruk, modern day Iraq. According to the Sumerian king list he reigned for 126 years.
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Hell, I'd be down for reading about it.

Gilgamesh interacting with some of the Touhous around would be hilarious.
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My thoughts exactly. This story will be a mix of both crack and seriousness due to the character of focus. I'll get this story up on /th/ later on then.
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Not Final Fantasy Gilga?

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That man is a pitiful faker when compared to the King of Heroes.
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He'd be a better fit that Gilgamesh (whos deeds include attempted mass murder, tearing the heart out of a girl, etc), honestly Fate Gilgamesh wouldn't be a good fit in Gensokyo.

FF Gilgamesh would be a better fit as he's a goofy sort of guy who does his own thing, not really evil since his last boss banished him to the void.
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I got it up.

One can say that Gilgamesh is more of a whimsical man than an actual force of evil. It's due to his disgust of how the world changed for "the worse" from his perspective; thus, he performs his actions to either rectify the problem or entertain himself.
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There's only one Gilgamesh.
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The true Gilgamesh is the one with the least amount of forms.
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So many namefags, that thread is no good.
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>Gilgamesh in Gensokyo
Oh hey, how about that: http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/888607/
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Didn't YAF write this story years ago?
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I thought YAF only wrote about Nanaya.
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He had one story involving Gilgamesh, or someone with the exact same personality and ability at least. I don't think he had the same name.

There was also a talking sword.
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I'm not YAF. In fact, I'm more of a newfag than anything else.

That, for some strange reason, sounds more like Saito than anyone else? I blame the talking sword.
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>I'm not YAF.

I'd be surprised if you were.
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Does YAF even still write in this site? I thought he already said his goodbye with drama in one of his threads.
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No, that's Taisa you're thinking about.
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But, he's still on IRC.
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He did, and more than once.
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Maybe he's tsundere to this site.
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Taisa said goodbye? Where?