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806 No. 806
Every Day until the Site is up again.

No. 807
File 125172875789.jpg - (130.21KB , 600x600 , 1465f224ac82709983fb4a65ea5bbd8d.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 808
File 125172917665.jpg - (478.82KB , 1000x579 , fgsfdsfargeg.jpg ) [iqdb]
I approve of this thread.
No. 810
File 125173254211.jpg - (316.99KB , 815x800 , 1b1e2896d88f509f1be641bf393263c1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Glad i am not the only one who loves her. Have the best remix of Septette for the dead princess
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gjc5IVCAxn0 while we wait.
No. 811
Delicious, delicious thighhighs.
No. 812
File 125173282297.jpg - (399.18KB , 648x906 , 57a80a41dc450908e55954fce60ba206.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 813
File 125173316922.jpg - (318.77KB , 980x735 , 121247992986.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hello, Remi.
No. 814
File 125173344664.jpg - (120.17KB , 1280x1083 , e13fdcd22b14aa39b90935c5b7cfd99a.jpg ) [iqdb]
Too nice, i prefer evil Remilia like Owen did portrait her.
No. 815
File 125173384246.jpg - (239.00KB , 720x540 , 7efec2b2e20df2afbbc884a5669f8bb3.jpg ) [iqdb]
>the best remix of Septette for the dead princess

You seem to have accidentally linked the wrong song. Let me fix that for you.
No. 817
File 125173424886.png - (810.29KB , 1130x1000 , f5a0150402c0677955aba0bee1ae5f8b.png ) [iqdb]
Or maybe nice and cute Remilia?
No. 818
No, just no. Let me show you a superior one.
No. 819
File 125173533957.jpg - (324.30KB , 1000x750 , 268f4372a8a1f86e79deed3dff74f97c.jpg ) [iqdb]
What a perfect picture of her. Fits her perfect.
No. 820
File 125173554658.jpg - (542.58KB , 691x850 , 200129.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 822
File 125173591790.jpg - (582.17KB , 1045x803 , remigarden.jpg ) [iqdb]

...hm, better. Much better. In fact, I like it a lot.

I offer this in return, with my thanks.

No. 823
File 125173897195.jpg - (668.93KB , 800x600 , f54b0c6f7c69c82f66feca910a9d6daf.jpg ) [iqdb]

This one is very relaxing.
No. 824
File 125173909387.jpg - (204.59KB , 767x500 , Remilia long haired.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 825
File 125173923948.jpg - (930.07KB , 4919x6047 , Remilia dolly.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'd spear her with my Gungnir.
No. 826
File 125173950980.jpg - (226.66KB , 834x1249 , remilia.jpg ) [iqdb]

I'm reminded of that one Sakuya comic on Danbooru.

'The Gungnir between your legs' has got to be the best eupheism ever.
No. 827
File 125173962169.jpg - (39.87KB , 427x302 , Remilia and hamster.jpg ) [iqdb]
Obligatory Remiblock.
No. 828
File 12517398346.jpg - (733.76KB , 1347x1620 , Remilia almost naked.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 829
File 125173992387.png - (211.25KB , 600x600 , Remilia 02.png ) [iqdb]
No. 830
File 125174021181.jpg - (86.70KB , 1205x335 , remiblock.jpg ) [iqdb]

On a random note, "The Young Descendant of Tepes" is one of the most under-appreciated song in the series. Barely any remixes of it around that I've heard, at least.

Second most would be The Centennial Festival for Magical Girls, but this is a Remi thread.
No. 831
File 12517405641.jpg - (795.08KB , 1200x844 , 3aa06e5be30f19ab0842dcc1052a9062.jpg ) [iqdb]

Flandre in a Remilia Thread? Always relevant.
No. 832
File 125174096133.jpg - (29.79KB , 474x354 , and2.jpg ) [iqdb]
inb4 Flandre hijack.


^I really like this one for some reason.
No. 833
File 125174139837.jpg - (549.08KB , 1007x1508 , IMG_0005.jpg ) [iqdb]
Flandre is a good girl.
No. 834
File 125174172132.jpg - (229.29KB , 1040x1400 , Remilia morning.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 835
File 125174236625.png - (243.47KB , 512x512 , Remilia small.png ) [iqdb]
No. 836
File 125174249452.jpg - (607.04KB , 1017x1510 , IMG_0007.jpg ) [iqdb]
I really hope that tomorrow the site will be up. Long downtimes are what kill sites.
No. 837
We're actually just waiting on holy's upload at this point. We need the old database to restore stuff, but if we can't get it we're looking for other ways around the problem. It'll be up soon, one way or another.
No. 838
File 125174576015.jpg - (337.54KB , 1000x1000 , f804039de4caa7500ff4ae68e053d8ed.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry HY, i know you are doing your best, but i am just pissed off.
A few weeks to get a site back up again is just insane.
No. 839
Few more days, max, even if we have to rebuild everything from the html. Which will be long and complicated and annoying, but we can do it if we have to. Just hold up a little longer.

Actually I should add a note here that the other two admins have done the majority of the technical work for the site and any praise about how fast this place comes back should be primarily directed at them. I just organized things and brought people together.
No. 840
File 125174654866.jpg - (123.15KB , 500x442 , manyyearslater.jpg ) [iqdb]
Also, more Remi.
No. 841
Does the censoring hide a penis?
No. 842
File 125174884672.jpg - (133.86KB , 944x700 , remi.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Remi with long hair


brb re-reading SDMLA.
No. 847
Did you lose any Writefags or are all still in full force and willing to write?
No. 848
File 125175246957.jpg - (649.01KB , 1000x1415 , 724822897b7b4a522bac5a5d227a6eab.jpg ) [iqdb]
far superior
No. 849
We don't actually know. Everyone who visits the IRC is aware of what's been going on and I'm pretty sure none of them have left because of the downtime. My concern is with writefags who don't go to the IRC and might not have any idea whats going on. Off the top of my head, Norseman and Fallout Writefag are both missing.
No. 850
I understand you may be reluctant to post the full details of what happened to precipitate the site change, but can we at least get a summary of the final outcome? It sounds like the owner just freaked out, but he's clearly at least somewhat amicable if we're getting the backups of the site back. Is there any chance of getting whatever site goes up at the old domain name to link back to us here for everyone who got lost in the shuffle?
No. 851
File 12517579645.png - (626.79KB , 900x900 , 174072e0c6b8243f9de9b4da519ca821.png ) [iqdb]

What the fuck, get together a search party and find him.
No. 852
Of course. The old owner was far more interested in other projects and didn't want to have to host THP on the same server with them anymore. We generate enough traffic to have an impact on a smallish server, so. At first he simply didn't move the site properly, but after a slew of emails from IRC people he decided it would be far better to simply pass the site onto somebody else. We have a new server, all to ourselves, with plenty of room and at least 3 active admins.

Yes, he is supposed to be repointing the old domain name, so www.touhouproject.com should link here, but for some reason this hasn't been done properly yet and he hasn't got back to me since. He's amicable, just slow.

As you can see, we have a new domain name too, so both will be usable in the future. Other than that we're just waiting for the database backup so we can restore all the active CYOAs from the old site. In the meantime, the archives ( http://z4.invisionfree.com/touhouvn/index.php?showtopic=176 ) are still up and working, but the guy who maintains them is currently working on getting this site back on its feet.
No. 853
I wonder how many people this cost the site and fucking find Norseman
No. 857
I love Norseman and all, but if I had to pull a Sophie's Choice, I wouldn't hesitate to pick Fallout Anon.

Now, keep in mind that I really do like GLS, and dearly wish for Norseman's return... But I'm just a little appalled that nobody is clamoring for FA's return.
No. 858

I thought he had posted here already. The fact he doesn't use any tripcode really makes it hard to spot him.
No. 860
Perhaps I could get a little roll-call in here? See who else might be missing? The Touhou fandom isn't that large, I'm sure we can find people again if they hang out anywhere else.
No. 863
I might be one of the few J to the E fans in here, since his Gensokyo while a bit crossover heavy, was interesting and different than normal Gensokyo.

And his write ins for my story always helped to flesh out my bits even if I didn't accept it.
No. 896
File 125178402343.jpg - (123.90KB , 600x705 , Remilia cute.jpg ) [iqdb]
Getting back on track.
No. 901
When the site is back up, you better get back to finishing all your stories HY. We are sick and tired of you starting one, continue for a few threads, then leaving it to rot so you can do the exact same thing from the beginning.
No. 908
Advertising the fact that you're a J2E fan is like having "Sephiroth," "Ninja," "Dark," or "666" anywhere in a screen name: It doesn't guarantee they're a moron, but it doesn't do wonders for their image, and it's really just a bad sign overall.
No. 909

I never said he didn't have his share of flaws, and it's elitism like that that stifles growth here.

Even Norseman reads his story, and if he's as bad as a writer as you say he is, Anon would have ripped him a new one.
No. 912
File 125180641894.jpg - (709.69KB , 900x900 , 74aafb16cd05f68d06b6bd2b5cf08b27.jpg ) [iqdb]
Another day, another lucky day.
No. 913
File 125180647271.jpg - (504.56KB , 874x1086 , 1800dd849eef4ec5fdeb0f1b1398b3d1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Every day is a Remilia Day.
No. 914
File 12518065725.jpg - (472.86KB , 462x800 , 0712dafeb91b2c69bb042620e2a5ce4c.jpg ) [iqdb]
No exceptions.
No. 915
File 125180666373.jpg - (402.40KB , 1280x1024 , 648213afe9e1aeb23cea9a3233e3436b.jpg ) [iqdb]
Looking lovely there Remilia, because she is lovely.
No. 916
File 125180703087.jpg - (238.87KB , 600x800 , remi_011.jpg ) [iqdb]

Goddamn as if the fact you're from gamefaqs wasn't bad enough. Please keep your name when the boards are back so we know not to listen to anything you say.

Sage and a Remi to stay on topic.
No. 917
File 125180707613.jpg - (271.59KB , 600x800 , remi_003.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 918
File 125180712792.jpg - (295.92KB , 600x800 , remi_005.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 919
File 125180716572.jpg - (49.50KB , 480x706 , 262fa3853990bd575df2aace003f5838.jpg ) [iqdb]
Here have another remix for today /th/
No. 920
File 125180735217.jpg - (230.91KB , 879x1200 , b60f826240e91369b259774e8830f3d7.jpg ) [iqdb]
Loli Remilia wants everyone to behave in this thread please.
No. 921
File 125180742473.jpg - (283.41KB , 800x800 , remi_014.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 922
Actually anon on these boards has grown lazy and complacent, and is far too happy to kowtow at writefags. Thus, we need an influx of population from sites like 4chan, if only to keep the inevitable deviatartification at bay.
No. 923
File 12518084095.jpg - (265.21KB , 1020x680 , 5a93808027a92582783b11122bc7ab44.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 924
File 125180846359.png - (631.57KB , 1100x1200 , 87e345dd24eb4c0e0d4e95fc72436ef3.png ) [iqdb]
Let's take it easy and just blame **l* and not each other.
No. 928
File 125182406946.jpg - (306.15KB , 800x566 , Remilia bikini.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 931
what the fuck are you talking about
No. 939

He's remarking on how J2E is too deviantartish, and he suggests the best way to put out a fire is to throw gasoline on it. (That's what inviting Modern 4-chan will be like anyways)
No. 946
File 125182853775.gif - (52.55KB , 593x668 , Remilia tease.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 947
File 125182860852.jpg - (162.40KB , 528x838 , Remilia contemporary.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 948
File 125182868357.jpg - (195.35KB , 800x800 , 3207532.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 949
File 125182880956.jpg - (153.64KB , 731x729 , Remilia cheongsam.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 954

It'd be far better than putting up with people like J->E.
No. 963

I don't see what the big deal is.
No. 996
File 125184545863.jpg - (692.43KB , 1000x1304 , f80bd859f50ddddfa893f0171fd3fa67.jpg ) [iqdb]
Another Night, no luck again.
No. 997
File 125184559960.jpg - (947.23KB , 1000x1500 , ffd93423793703acf808bd652383a643.jpg ) [iqdb]
Time to Grab my iPod, fire up my favorite IOSYS album
No. 1048
how about no porn in the worksafe board?

No. 1062
File 125186024818.jpg - (77.39KB , 746x865 , 1251686520839.jpg ) [iqdb]
2 days ago it was okay, but okay, no more NSFW pictures.
No. 1063
That was before we knew that we were going to be needing this board for more than a couple of hours. Anyways, we have /2/ for those kind of shenanigans.
No. 1113
File 125188567899.jpg - (293.66KB , 661x800 , f72154f6aa3269331ed206c396122123.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 1114
File 125188572394.jpg - (457.64KB , 625x925 , fa23124de73d050d2de6a3d45987f6c4.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 1119
File 125188759650.jpg - (213.19KB , 642x800 , 1e687223f7af71dda7716dcaabd5a9d7.jpg ) [iqdb]
i've reported this thread for being too sexy
No. 1122
File 125188893160.jpg - (638.29KB , 1350x1350 , d4cd23e01275133d0e4c9eb73f4d8809.jpg ) [iqdb]
Damn right.
No. 1128
Who would have thought, the border of SFW and NSFW being that thin.
No. 1132

Dammit, Yukari!
No. 1143
File 125191319485.jpg - (1.32MB , 1280x1024 , fallout big book of scarlet devil.jpg ) [iqdb]

This Anon writes the Fallout story. Found the new site serendipitously through bunbunmaru, which I'd in turn seen linked on /jp/.


I read J^E's story and enjoy it. I think it's charming, principally because it's brazenly exploitative in its crossover references, even if the author is sometimes heavy-handed in coaching a particular response from his readers.
No. 1148
Hey Fallout Writefag, glad you see you made it! There's a rollcall thread somewhere down this page, if you wanna check in.
No. 1153
File 125191537934.jpg - (250.51KB , 749x749 , ca6f74b2e1e5544da7a1dc5f7099bcfe.jpg ) [iqdb]
bunbunmaru is a please don't hurt me/be mean to me Site.
I would go to /jp/ before there, but that on only on the site.

More important, have some evening Remilia.
No. 1154
File 125191550656.jpg - (1.49MB , 1300x919 , 23651808ffb1a42b74e132abf93ec615.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 1155
File 125191559850.png - (649.10KB , 518x771 , remialtoutfit.png ) [iqdb]
No. 1156
File 125191570355.jpg - (954.49KB , 1465x2000 , 0a921bb25a1dcb47dfcf5f4c5cfe90ce.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 1158
File 125191609699.jpg - (680.22KB , 1000x600 , 80c40a4fa5fa8efd90925ca9e2bda339.jpg ) [iqdb]
That should suffice for now.