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I've been considering starting a story here on THP after lurking for a while. Does anyone know any good sites for information on Japanese/Chinese demon/spirit mythology that would prove useful in prepping? Not just the basic oni/kappa/tengu/etc... but also some of the more obscure ones? Wikipedia only gives a name to a number of youkai, but no actual info, as do a number of other sites I've found.

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It's not much, but here's a list that I looked up for you. It has bits of information here and there from both Japanese and Chinese mythology. Though, if this is the type of research you were looking for, Google would've been an easy way to find this shit.

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Please believe me when I say that I wouldn't have asked for "this shit" unless I really was having some difficulty. often enough when I DO try to directly google what looks like an interesting youkai, most of what I end up getting is a glut of video game enemies and/or facebook/deviantart/whatever profiles.

Didn't need the various gods, though they do make for some potential down the line either here or elsewhere, so thanks for the effort anyway.
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