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Alright, basically I am decently new to this site, only being here for a month (last I remember), and after reading a few stories I've come to the decision I was to start up one of my own, focusing mainly on the daily life of Akyuu. This will be my third/fourth attempt at writing anything, and any comments will be helpful on my writing style, (when I get around to writing that is). I kinda wanna know if every story is required to have some sort of action or mystery or drama in it for it to not be a troll-attractor, as I'm really only good* at slice-of-life fanfiction.

Since my story is a slice-of-life, I'm bordering on the fence here to decide if it will have some sort of general plotline or it will be a completely open write-in only story. So, I kinda want a few suggestions on what to do and not to do, aside from 'dont be a complete faggot'. Any help appreciated.

good* as in meaning I am just barely below-par compared to everything I've read on here

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Don't be a complete faggot.
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Don't be a complete faggot.
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Frankly it's good that you're asking questions. Especially before writing. Write-in only probably wouldn't work, even if you are an experienced writer. You have to have an idea of where you're going, but let anon wander (or jump) off the trail once in a while, to enjoy their own ideas. Plan out some events you'd like to see - And then recycle whatever doesn't get used. For example, let's say RAN FLEAS ATTACK. That's a pretty generic situation, not dependent on other factors in the... ahem, "plot". If you can't find a good place to put it in one of the story days, you could always put it in the next, or the next...

I mean, it's not like anybody but you has a game plan.
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First, I would recommend starting with shorts. A long story, even if it's just a slice-of-life, is a burden to write. You have to be in the mood to write, and it's not easy.
Second, you should have a plot. Just a "waking up, doing shit, writing" story is NOT interesting.
Third, whatever happens, don't give up on your story. It's really lame and pathetic for a writer to abandon a story, and it should be forbidden.
Fourth, even if english is your native language, don't hesitate to ask for proofreading. It may be more useful than you think, and most proofreaders here are legit. They can give you good advices, like if you're using too many commas.
Finally, never start a story with a write-in. You must first expose your character to Anon, in order for them to understand the character.

I can probably write more things, but one last thing for now: don't loiter too much on IRC. It's time-consuming, and really bad for your self-esteem.
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>even if english is your native language

Especially if english is your native language.

Also, disregard comments. Totally come to IRC. It is time consuming. It is bad for your self-esteem. But we are totally cool and have uh... proofreaders. Yeah, those things!
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One more thing about IRC: they will says your story sucks. Because they are mean. Listen to them, and ask them why your story suck. If they have arguments, listen to them. If no, ignore them.

IRC is often an asshole, but sometimes it can be useful. Just don't piss the Cabal.
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What's been said covers it pretty well, near as I can see. Write a few short stories - either in the traditional sense or the "CYOA that only lasts a thread or two" sense, though you'd probably only need one of those - and get critique on them. Plenty of people on IRC (myself included) are good for that. Make sure you keep the critique in mind at all times, but don't let it get in the way of your own writing style. It's hard to know what's a valid complaint and what's just differences in opinion sometimes, but it can mean the difference between legitimately improving and forcing yourself into someone else's ideal style. You won't be able to pull it off, you won't have fun, and it'll show.

>>7946 makes some very good points, listen to him. Having some degree of planning is important, unless you're extremely skilled. Even then, the story is likely to feel disjointed, and without some serious bullshitting skills things like foreshadowing will suffer for it.

>>7947 makes some good points, too, but I disagree on some. Writing a long story can be a burden, for certain, but for the very same reasons it can be so much better. You do have to build more of a...base, let's say. Longer story means more happening means more characterization, setting, and plot to develop. I, however, choose to think of it as freedom rather than responsibility. You have time to really make people into people, to let your world build itself. As long as you're enthusiastic about the story (which isn't hard if you're writing what you want to write) it isn't that hard to keep on updating.

You do need a plot, even if it's not a particularly intense one. Just getting up and doing stuff, though, that's what makes a story. The small scenes where nothing much is happening are just as important as the big scenes, if only by sheer volume. Especially in a slice of life, these are the scenes that define a character. People aren't just how they react to crises, they're people. Little interactions and details about behavior are what carry a story through lulls.

Don't abandon your story. Even if you need to scrap together a quick ending from where you are, it's better than disappearing forever, with or without reason. I'm probably not the best person to talk about all this, having abandoned mine once, but I came back god damn it.

okay that's enough of that. For serious, though. You will miss little errors, including stylistic ones like mood dissonance or repetition. Hell, it's a good idea to sit on an update for a night and look back over it for bits you could change the wording on or add something to. Once an update's posted, it's going to be there for as long as the archives keep it - take your time, do your best. Your story deserves it.

IRC is full of dicks, but there are some wonderful people there. It can sap your time very easily, though, so make absolutely certain that you have the necessary willpower before even going in there.

Now, I've spent a lot of time talking about what other people have said, but there's still one thing that I need to stress - and I cannot stress it enough.

Reading is as much a part of writing as writing.

If you do not expose yourself to other people's styles, yours will stagnate. If you can't make time to absorb literature, you can't hope to produce your own. I don't just mean on the site, I mean book books. There's something about it that I can't really put into words, but I've seen the difference in my own writing and my own thinking after making it a point to read more novels.

If I think of anything else, I'll post it, but I think that about covers anything I can say without an example to work off.

...Oh. And don't post it in /th/, please. Way overcrowded in there.
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>Writing a long story can be a burden, for certain, but for the very same reasons it can be so much better.
>>7947 here.
Just for the record, I'm not saying he shouldn't write long story, I'm just saying he should start with shorts. OP said he had 3/4 ATTEMPT at writing. He never said how many stories he wrote.

And, frankly, I don't trust a new writer to write a long story. Most of them end up losing their... how do you call it? "Steam". Or "mojo". Whatever.

If OP feels confident enough to write a full story, he can try. After all, you learn from your mistake. But if he's hesitant about something, then I suggest writing several shorts before starting his story. Just to make sure his writing style is okay.
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Also, should I use my trip, since everyone else is doing it?
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Quoting this mainly because it has pretty much everything discussed. Knowing myself, in all honesty I'm going to end up dropping a story that's longer then 3 threads, if that.

Plot is something I can easily come up with; I've literally 20 different stories written down and could have had a chance at working. However my problem is mainly describing everything. I can try to find some of my old stories in another sites archive, if anon just so wishes, though its fucking terrible.

Long stories from me is something thats not going to happen for a long while. ADD ADHD OCD You name it I think I have it and therefore get sidetracked with my dogs/skype/whatever the fuck else.

Other then the I suck at descriptions, problem in that, I also know that slice-of-life isnt that popular of a genre. I know it can very easily get some mixed reactions, ranging from 'random' to 'this is shit and you should feel shitty'. Of course, I'm fairly confident I have more self-esteem the the average bear, but this is really my first time working with an imageboard/anon. I know there are some dicks out there (read: me) but I know you guys arent all terribad sons of satan that deserve to burn with being trampled by an elephant.

I either abandon something from the near start, or I dont abandon it at all, and this is decently rare. Proofreading is something I can easily do by myself, but I'll take your word and get someone else to proof it. When I get writing that is.

IRC full of dicks isnt a problem at all, again, I have willpower like the power of motherfucking greyskull.

This is something I know about much more then I actually know, despite the giant fucking library I have for an room. Name a book thats a classic or was decently modern in 08 and I can easily say if I know it or not. However, reading a book twice isnt that appealing to me, though I'll check through them to see if they really change anything.

I was at the very time of making this topic deciding between /th/ and some other place, then I think to myself 'why the fuck would akyuu be going underground' and promptly smacked myself.

Anyways yeah, I've got a story or two I believe I can nab from an archive at another site. Be warned though, its extremely shitty and was mostly written up in an hour or two for a contest with no proofreading whatsoever.

am i the kawaii yet uguu

Also, how do I pick up a trip? Imageboards havent been my forte, just normal boards, so there's a few things I dont really know aside from what a sage is.
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Knowing who you are would make your advice seem much more valid to me depending on who you are, so if you want to go straight on ahead.
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If you want, bro.

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It's me.
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Okay, so I've figured out how to make a trip, but how do I make a trip with certain characters in it?

whipitout all day erryday
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There's 2 ways:
-you find a software allowing you to test trips until you find the one you seek.
-Trial & Error.
No. 7963

This. If you jump into IRC I would be more than happy to turn my CPU power towards generating a trip, or pointing you towards the software so you can do it yourself.
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Hopping on right now then, might as well as there's nothing else for me to do.

Also is there anyway to change the site time to my time? I know sure as fuck you arent posting from four hours into the future.
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Ignore this
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alright so it works the only problem is that I actually need to get my computer to read asian letters and shit but that's my own personal problems

however, i think pretty much everything I've needed to ask has been asked and hopefully you'll see a story from me sooner or later
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I just hope you're not planning to put a 'mud' before that tripcode.
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I just hope you're not planning to put a 'mud' before that tripcode.
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... Why would I want to be mud?

Anyways, double testing trip as apparently my east whatever pack installed overnight and now I can see the characters.
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Oh... no reason.
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I am wondering why there isn't one of those glowing pink confession pictures with a blushing mudkip on it.

You'd think someone would have had the idea by now.
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Oh yeah. This one's optional, but I highly endorse it. Pick up one of those tiny little notebooks - avoid pads, they'll tear - and carry it around in a pocket. Make sure you carry it and a pen like your car keys; you never know when a moment's idle thought will result in That Perfect Scene! In fact, almost all of my planning is done during dull moments at work, when I'm free to daydream. Were it not for my notebook, a good portion of my story wouldn't have come out the way it has.

Speaking of, keep notes. Detailed ones, not shorthand that doesn't make any sense the next day. Trying to keep them organized is infinitely easier when they're comprehensible, and if you continue writing for any appreciable period of time they'll multiply to the point of being cumbersome - and that's far more ideas than what you can expect of yourself to remember without them.
No. 7982
How would you organize your notes?

I generally do mine shorthand, but for some reason or another, they all make sense to me later. That's not to say organization isn't helpful, I'd still like to know your method(s).
No. 7983
I basically have a document that's split by big letters, sorting them into relevant factions or story arcs. First is general "This should happen eventually, if I can find a way" ideas, like snippets of dialogue that I want to use but don't know how just yet, or cameos, or just ideas about the world itself. If you're gonna get really deep into world-building you might want a different section for those, though. From there, there's sections for the SDM characters, the tengu, and other characters yet to be featured. I start sections with things like character motivations and backgrounds, then (in chronological order) any scenes or bits of dialogue I want to write for that specific arc. Naturally, things get shifted around and deleted as people vote and the story progresses, but for the most part it works out. Each idea is given its own paragraph (or line if it's a small one) and I make a point of skimming over them before I set about writing each update. At this point, I've got about a dozen pages worth.

My notebook however is a jumbled mess filled with unintelligible chicken-scratch. All the notes are there, but having them on my computer is so much nicer.
No. 7984
I see, thank you.