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So this writefag has had a hardon for some sci-fi setting lately. Involving touhous, of course. I'm just curious if anyone else is interested in a short.

[ ] Worldships! Worldships!

[ ] "Favors trading"

[ ] Suggest something.

This isn't a vote~! It's merely an interest check. Even if you vote overwhelmingly for something, I could still kick back and say "Fuck you."

Just sayin'

No. 7917
[x] Deus Ex Human Revolution.

War between companies + mercenaries touhou girls fighting themselves or augmented humans + philosophical debate about the world being rotten + lies and manipulation = Epic.

I'm not going to lie, it won't be an easy story to write. But if you can create a good plot, it will be an epic story. Good luck.
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>So this writefag has had a hardon for some sci-fi setting lately. Involving touhous, of course.

Like Warhammer40k crossover with Touhou?
No. 7919
>I'm just curious if anyone else is interested in a short.

I'm not interested in anything you put out. I would much prefer you simply leave.
No. 7921
There is never too much spaceship battles. NEVER.
No. 7922

Too bad I'm staying.


And ever

And ever~

And ever!
No. 7923
Please, do not made more story that you can handle, I'm afraid that your update time goes slower...
[X]Star Wars
I want to see stromtrooper's accuracy vs touhou characters.

(I'm still waiting on your update of your story in /th/, you know...)
No. 7924

Make a few well-aimed, but ultimately missing shots.


Don't worry, though. Like I said, short, not full on story/CYOA. Mixing things up whilst I work on my normal update.
No. 7925
Knew this exact thing would happen. Comeon anon, surprise me a bit more will you?

>>7917 makes a good point, so I'll go with a [x]Deus Ex Human whatthefuckever vote as well. aya confirmed to be jensen
No. 7926
I wanna see Aya fighting against an augmented human in order to capture Nitori and bring her back to Safir Industries.
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So I got asked about the choices, because evidently I didn't include any more than 2 words of description.

Worldships (for lack of a better title):
Most of gensokyo is transported to a (what else?) worldship, whereupon they find out there's a bit of a war going on, and the worldship is not exactly the winning side.

The main character would be Reimu, from a first person perspective. I have no fucking idea how I'd write that. I already have a few scraps for it written up, and they suck.

"Favors trading":
Yukari swoops in in the middle of a system wide famine, gaps emergency relief food & supplies across several lightyears, and then makes her own invitation to visit the emperor, bypassing the guards, taking all the credit, and demanding repayment... in the form of their greatest soldier.

Whom she uses to sweep the floors, trim the trees, run around and check the border, do laundry, entertain Chen, and do the dishes.

Oh, and put down an upstart celestial or two. Maybe some vampires, too.

Hijinks and Ran loving ensues.
No. 7930
Wanna read about that soldier. And Raymoo, but you don't seem optimistic about that one.
No. 7932
The "Favours trading" better not be including the Warhammer 40K universe, as there are so many ways where her actions would be thought to be acts of Chaos, thus sentencing multiple worlds to Exterminatus. Plus, the whole 'Shoot the Purple Clad Daemon-Prince on sight' thing that would end up happening.
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File 131547465468.jpg - (876.13KB , 826x1169 , 634c5f3f98dfbd2579527320291765b9.jpg ) [iqdb]

I just like my empires for political system in the space-faring future. No WH40k here, although you may encounter "space marines" in name only.
No. 7934
>having a space marine
>use it to silly tasks

That doesn't sound epic, but that sounds excrutiatingly funny.
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File 131547554072.png - (225.88KB , 340x400 , a6928.png ) [iqdb]

Oh I do love the phrase "For the Emperor/Empress!" though... Our future space empires may be utopias, but they are not exactly on the liberal side of things.

According to me, anyhow.
No. 7937

But I herd orks liek Touhou for moar dakka stuff.
No. 7938
I'd like to see the second one to be honest. Seems like it'd be funny.
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Probably going to end up doing Favors Trading. Still open to suggestions, if anyone has them. Not like I can *only* do one.
No. 7941
[x] Update the /others/ story.
You know which one.
No. 7942
File 131557918767.png - (575.86KB , 700x990 , 5ad8b1889a547481bac12d1c9aa71747e1d5d363.png ) [iqdb]

The update's up to 1000 words, but after feeding it through my proofreader, there's some major mood dissonance. I put it down and picked it back up again and lost my mojo mid update. Trust me, I am trying.
No. 7971

Favors trading part 1 is up.
No. 7977

Here's a scrap of the afformentioned "worldships", if anyone is interested. Last modified the first of July!
No. 7980

That will be updated today, if you're watching.