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Right, there are stuffs I need to get out of my head just because I can, mostly about the Touhous that frequently get Anonymous' attention. I just can't help asking: why?

For the record, here are the Touhous in question, as far as my observation goes:

+ Dolls
+ Fairies
+ Fairy maids (I put them here as a separate entry because they are essentially different, fairies or not)
+ Yuuka
+ Meiling
+ Koakuma
+ Hina

This is all I can think of, and I don't know if I missed others, so yeah.

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Aya's on the up turn too

Just sayin'
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Define "gets attention." Do you mean Touhous that get written about a lot, or Touhous that anonymous is easily distracted by when they appear?
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I'd argue that's mostly you and Moral. Anon usually rages or avoids Aya when she shows up if she's not the story focus. Now, Momiji is the tengu that gets lots of positive attention.

As to SATA's question, I think it's because these characters fall into one of two categories:
1. Blank slate. The character has little to no canon background, so the writer has a lot more wiggle room to make the characters interesting. Daiyousei and Koakuma didn't even get names in ESoD, yet anyone can give you various descriptions of them based on fanon.
2. Woobie. The character in question is usually mistreated, making the reader want to comfort them. For example, Meiling being called China and suffering abuse at the hands of fanon Sakuya. People screaming and running away when Yuuka shows up, or shunning Hina because she's a curse goddess and misfortune follows in her wake.
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I have to ask how did "fanon" become so powerful in the Touhou fandom? Most fandoms I've interacted with aren't nearly as saturated with fanon as Tohou's. Is it due to something like the canon personalities/characters being more staid/boring or something? I remember that was something someone once said about Tenshi and Yuuka that one reason why you see things like fanon Tenshi being a masochist is not only because of misrepresentations/implications of some of her quotes, but also because her personality and motives are rather one-dimensional?
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Koakuma is a sex symbol. Like, even more than most Touhous.
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For all the love fairies in general get, there is disturbingly little Daiyousei around here.
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ZUN leaves most things vague, giving the fans ample room to expand on both Gensokyo and the cast. People like to spread their ideas and have people agree with them, so they post them online as fanon, some of which will catch on.

Now add on the fact that most fans got into Touhou through the sheer number of fanworks (there's a genre for everyone), which are naturally rife with fanon, and Touhou fans are usually more tolerant of fanon in general (specific parts of it, like "China" or "lol PADs" can still annoy people though).

At least, that's what I speculate.
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I think its moreso the fact that none of the characters really have a true canon personality. No character is really known outside of what they do when shooting eachother. Reimu could be as bitchy as she is in the games themselves, yet be a complete Saint when she's not dealing with an incident. Fanon makes up for that with creative personalitys for different characters. Yuuka being a sadist was creative, but not its pretty much the thing people view her as simply because its so widely-'known'. I would attempt to make much more sense and go on to explain things, but frankly I cannot.

tl;dr Canon = Plastic Fanon = something thats not plastic
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>+ Meiling

...Meiling route where? ;_;
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What would make a Meiling route interesting? She's usually stuck at SDM, outside, and barring an extraordinary characterization I can't see a way to make that entertaining.
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The author, sir. The author would make a Meiling route interesting. There have already been a great many well-thought out, unique, wonderfully characterized Meilings. People just never choose her.
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Yes, a good author can make a good Meiling. But that same author can make an even better [other, superior character]. That is why Meiling will never be chosen. She's inferior goods.
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Sir you forget yourself.
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aw hell naw i know you didn't just diss china
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Problem? Prove me wrong, if you can.
No. 7911
Prove what wrong, exactly? Your opinion?
Cause I can tell you mine if you'd like but I don't think it's going to make either of them less or more valid than the other.
No. 7912
Okay, you are now proven wrong due to my opinion, which is you are completely and utterly wrong. Also, I like the number 7. Prove me wrong.
No. 7913
Wrong. You like the number 0. Because 7+9+1+2=19. 1+9=0. Prove me I'm wrong.
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I was thinking this bit:
>Meiling will never be chosen.
That's what I want disproven (by making a Meiling route). I wasn't clear; sorry about that.

She's outside. You're inside. And the two shall rarely meet. That's the way it's been up to now.
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that's due to people being too uncreative and being a closet Sakuya, Patchy, or Remilia fan. YOu know characters most folks go after in SDM-centered stories.

as for the question.

Dolls: Hard to say other than they're small and cute, though there's some folks who like them in impure ways.

Fairies: See above, though they're usually more living and such in a way that going after them wouldn't make you a pedo.

Fairy maid: Take a fairy, add a maid outfit, it's like mixing chocolate and Peanut butter.

Yuuka: honestly she's not choosen, but people have a soft spot due to her youkai moe.

Meiling: She gets atttention? In places outside of THP, she's popular due to her big sister personality and the undisputed fact that she's the nicest SDM resident. Too bad we have too many folks obbessed with maids and sickly magicians.

Hina: A rare 100% nice touhou, and a generally lovely woman with a exceptional sense of fashion.

List of chronically ignored Touhous per board?

/eientei/- The board itself, but excluding that, mainly anyone that isn't Kaguya or Eirin, with the lack of Reisen particularly distressing. Work on LSL so anon can get their Kaguya route and have hope of moving on to other folks in the sphere of influence.

/forest/ - Mystia and until rather recently, Wriggle. Too many folks set their sights on the blonde magicians, even from a writer's perspective.

/border/- mainly anyone outside of Yukari's circle (i.e. Prismrivers and Higan area) Isn't it sad, Komacchin?

/shrine/- the board in general, no thanks to YAF. Not sure if SLDT's improved efforts will be enough to revive it.

/sdm/- Meiling and serious attempts at Flandre (not the usually cutesy little sister figure she's eternally pigeon-holed as)

/youkai/- Anyone not named Sanae, especially the Akis. The move affected this board the worst out of all of them, reducing the number of active stories to such a state.

/underground/- The board as the good writers take their time if not driven off the site and hacks tend to pop up.
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please stop trying to explain other people's opinions and preferences
No. 7927

>Hina: A rare 100% nice touhou, and a generally lovely woman with a exceptional sense of fashion.

So did anybody ever write a story about becoming Hina's shrine maiden?
No. 7928
Something's Happening at Gensokyo by Vodka. Sadly, has not been updated in nearly a year.
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How do you mention overused Touhous and not put down Cirno? She gets used in like every fucking story ever, usually as a sidekick. It is boring.
No. 7939
Cirno's Main Character status now, and technically was before Fairy Wars. I'm pretty sure she's going to be used a lot. After all, having not a single cirno mention in a story is like not having a single Reimu mention.

Also, Cirno Day.
No. 7975
I really, really like Cirno. That is why I don't find her boring.

but shitty portrayals (most of them) can jump in the lake