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So, what's this all about, eh?
Possibility of Interminable Reciprocity is a Touhou based play by post roleplaying website where you take control of one of Gensokyo's citizens and lead them in their lives, whether it be incident solving, drama, power plays, relationships, political intrigue and maneuvering or just everyday slices of life. You can find the website at http://rp.mokou.org, and with the release of Ten Desires, we'd like to invite you, posters of /touhou-project/, to join us having fun here!

-Right, now the succinct viral marketing summary is out the way, what's next on the list... ah yes, anyone still reading? Excellent.

Our community is around 42 individuals, and as said, we're looking for more enthusiastic players to sign up in our various travails. We've got a minimum standard of grammar and canonicity for entry, judged through an application to our moderators, and you'll need to take a ZUN-character (no original characters please!) who isn't already solely played by an existing player.

The grand list for currently available characters is here- http://rp.mokou.org/viewtopic.php?f=76&t=13
And the application information can be found here- http://rp.mokou.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=10

Please note some characters can't be applied for, namely nonhumanoids and moon residents due to the fact it's unlikely they'll pop down from the moon often enough to participate regularly. Ten Desires characters are open for application, too!

Speaking of participating regularly - players joining up will need to meet some activity requirements to stay affiliated.

Having said all that, it's not too much of a time investment of your free time for a fair bit of fun, and I, as a writer from here, can say from personal experience it's definitely enjoyable.

If you've got further questions, feel free to ask them here or in our IRC channel on darkmyst, ( http://darkmyst.org/?page=webchat , channel #touhou ). Come join us for a chat!
General FAQ: http://rp.mokou.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2452
Rules and regs: http://rp.mokou.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=882

In the meantime, I'll be posting some pictures of danmaku-spewing touhous to spice the place up. Feel free to join in on that, too!

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I'm going to be Rinnosuke and fuck everything.

Really though, This is a terrible idea. Roleplay's either are extremely stupid due to other players or extremely stupid because of new players. Though if you get a group that isn't full of complete and utter faggots, more people will join in.
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>judged through an application to our moderators
Good luck breaking 50 people.
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FYI This site has been going for about 2-3 years now.
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We moderate and regulate everything that goes on in this site. There isn't any blatant douchebaggery, absolute godmodding, or general stupidity that goes on in the roleplaying. It's actually a pretty respectable community.
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>a pretty respectable community
Yeah. Without me, then. I don't want any over-intrusive moderation, telling me how I'm supposed to act.
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File 131377770535.jpg - (552.50KB , 723x1023 , sorry but necrophilia is just WRONG.jpg ) [iqdb]
Ok, that's fine too, I'm sure it won't suit everyone. Generally the application process weeds out most crazies so that's most poor roleplaying gone and not much need for moderation in terms of the RP itself, but again, if it doesn't sound fantastic to you, thanks for reading, I guess? Have an undead touhou.
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Bleh. I bet every good character is taken. I want to be Remilia and beat every character in single combat, then change their names to poetic Japanese metaphors and bring them into my service as perfect maids.
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Already 42 strong? I might check this out.
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File 131382937177.jpg - (546.76KB , 507x738 , 7b7dbeaa6b684dda72b0c041f565dc0c[1].jpg ) [iqdb]
Unfortunately, yes, Remilia is taken. So is Yuuka, Yukari, Yuugi, Reimu and Kaguya, who are... mostly the ones who have the ability and even slight inclination to be doing that sort of thing, perhaps, maybe.

Satori, Eirin and...Kanako and the Ten Desires crew are open, if you think you'd be able to turn Gensokyo into your mind-cleansed toys by thought-reading or drugs or faith or act of magic?

I personally wouldn't suggest it, though. Getting temporarily kyuu'd might result, or Hakurei'd, or any number of things.
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What, exactly, is someone roleplaying Ichirin doing all day? I tried looking but couldn't find Myouren-central.

I can't imagine why anyone would want to pretend to be her.
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At this precise moment, she's going on a pilgrimage tour around Gensokyo, half to meet people and half to know herself (and a bit of training, because this being Gensokyo, wandering ends in danmaku more often than not).

And since where Myouren was was undefined in canon, we set it at the middle point between the Forest of Magic and the Human Village. So Myouren threads have historically gone in either of those subforums, as the OP wished.
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File 131385296269.jpg - (171.16KB , 950x673 , 251478ba5da4d31bf515f19192ef2964[1].jpg ) [iqdb]
Myouren Temple is currently being situated in the Bamboo Forest (because it was near the village, which seemed to be in the bamboo forest in Imperishable night). With the advent of Ten Desires, though, it might move to a different forum. The layout of the subforums is slightly different to the /eientei/ /forest/ /border/ /shrine/ etc boards, but fundamentally it's the same kind of groupings of similar places.

Ichirin's been most recently on a pilgrimage up around Gensokyo - first up Youkai Mountain where she negotiated a dispute between Rumia and Shizuha Aki, and then promptly got beaten up by Komachi while on the Road to Liminality (in the Gensokyo Flower Plains) as an enlightenment substitute.
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Ichirin player here.
Well, the character I choose doesn't have much background compared to other characters of the UFO cast like Byakuren or Murasa, but hey, that's the fun of the forum, we can create new situations with the information that is given to us.
Most PC-98 characters have little to no information, and even so we have some interesting situations created by their players. Same with Ichi, I just have to follow a line and the rest is up to the development of the thread.
And in the other side, we have popular characters like Reimu, Marisa, Sanae and others that have a lot of background, so the player should be more careful about his/her RP. Both sides have their challenges, you just have to choose based on your preference.
Maybe you'll get to like a character you don't thought of only by playing her, that was my case. My favorite is Suika, but since she was taken, i gave a chance to Ichi, and now she's one of my favorites.
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Blank slate appeal, huh. Fair enough.

Good luck with the site~
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Oh, hey, it's these guys. I used to play Aya a while back and it was pretty okay, but I got bored.
No. 7981
Nice to see you~ Hope you don't get bored again if you do pop by!
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I've heard of the site a while back. I'm the Mokou roleplayer from youtube, FujiwaraNoMokou (that I guess, started the YT RP community, along with a few others?) back in early 2009.
It's a shame, because almost the entire community is dead now, and there are no more serious roleplayers anymore, so it's impossible for me to use my full potential. I really miss those days when ElRln was around...

Well, I would go to your site, but it looks like Mokou over there is already taken. Oh well. I don't think I'd have the stamina to write pages of outstanding-quality roleplay everyday (I'm a perfectionist), at least not right away. On a side note, I don't like the way that roleplayer presents Mokou. It's just something about her that's just not her. But it's not really any of my business since I'm not part of that community right now, so I'm not going to say anything.
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>My fanon Mokou is better than your fanon Mokou
No. 8026
lol, that's not what I'm implying
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I should check /gensokyo/ more often.
Well, all right. (Though, uh, you kind of did say something, but, well, nevermind, I guess)

How exactly did a youtube-based RP work? Through.. videos, or something?