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Since people have been wondering where to post UFO and 10D stories, I've been thinking about updating the board titles to be more inclusive, and/or listing all of the settings the board should cover in the subtitle.

/eientei/ - Eientei & Lunar Capital
/forest/ - Forest of Magic & Flower Fields
/border/ - Hakurei Border & Points Beyond (including Hakugyokurou, Higan, etc. - maybe "& Afterlife"?)
/shrine/ - Hakurei Shrine & Human Village (including Myouren Temple)
/sdm/ - Scarlet Devil Mansion & Misty Lake
/youkai/ - Youkai Mountain & Heaven
/underground/ - Underground & Makai

Something like that. And maybe a better title for /others/ to make it clear that it's for alternate universe/reinterpretation kind of stuff. What do you guys think?

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Sounds good to me. I prefer "& Afterlife" to "& Points Beyond".
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Other than the fact the makai stories I know of are in /border/, it's a great idea.
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Yeah, I was thinking about going with the angle that /border/ includes the realms that are technically outside of (but connected to) Gensokyo, so that would cover the afterlife and Makai. That seems like a lot for one board to cover, though, and it leaves /underground/ as the only board covering a single area.

Also, we wouldn't be forcing stories to move or anything, this is just to make it easier to decide where to write.
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Nice picture.
Also, how can I move a story?
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You could probably just wait until a thread limit and post the link to the new thread in the new board once you've hit it.
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What about /th/?
No. 7810

/th/ is /th/. General. Everywhere.
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You forgot to mention the whole "Not exactly the best place to post a CYOA" part.

I'm fine with the new names, and there's really nothing I could add to be of any value, but cant. However, Eientei should obviously involve the Bamboo forest.
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Huh, I thought /border/ was pseudo-/th/ with a larger emphasis on locations near the border or the Outside World. Then again, I haven't seen many stories focusing on Higan and Hakugyokurou as locations for major plot development.
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>with a larger emphasis on locations near the border
Mayohiga is part of /border/, but what else is there? The Hakurei Shrine already has its own board.

>or the Outside World
That would be included. The longest-running story focusing on Mary and Renko is already on /border/.

>Then again, I haven't seen many stories focusing on Higan and Hakugyokurou as locations for major plot development.
Hakugyokurou LA, Kaleidoscope Midnight, Days in Eden. All of them on /border/.
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We need new banners now.

All hail the overlord.
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I can post some banners later if the admins are interested.
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>You forgot to mention the whole "Not exactly the best place to post a CYOA" part.

Why's that exactly?
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Go look through the latest two pages of /th/, read every thread from the start to end, and tell me how good most of these threads are. I'll give you a hint, not too many. Of course, This is just, like, my opinion, man.
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>Do the Right Thing
>Fleet Fox
>Fallout Gensokyo

Even still I'm not really seeing your point. Unless you're suggesting that the rank stench of whatever threads you dislike will fester and consume all that surrounds it.
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Because most stories will draw moronic anon to it. And it's where many mediocre wannabe tries to write and 90% of the time, quit.

These are the exception to the /th/ rule of rank stupidity.
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I certainly don't read every story on /th/ but it seems like the stories I've listed aren't exceptions to anything there. There's absolutely nothing wrong with /th/.
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I thought /th/ only got the reputation of a shithole as of late because of the Average Joe story and the shit-storm that came with it. Aside from the that, most every story on /th/ is of okay qaulity, at the least.
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Some folks managed to derp some things up in that Doll Quest story as the mix-max build they choose has brought as much bad things as good if not more.

I miss Ancient Gensokyo LA anon as while that story was running, /th/ was among the smarter boards as he made it think.
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Even that reason doesn't make any sense. Average Joe was on /border/, not /th/.
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The Saxton Hale story was on /th/ though and it ended up the way it did thanks to anon taking advantage of a then inexperienced writer.
No. 7847
While that was a major factor I don't really think it reflect /th/ as a whole. There were a lot of things that went wrong in the situation.
No. 7848

Thank you ;_;
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>/sdm/ - Scarlet Devil Mansion & Misty Lake
Fuck no. SDM gets enough attention on its own.
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Certain /th/ stories being festering cesspools of filth isn't even a new thing. Remember GH?
At least they usually stick to the one story. Usually.
No. 7854
Perhaps the same could be said of all boards.
No. 7855

What is a Touhou?
No. 7856
A miserable pile of frills.
No. 7857
Nothing but a miserable little pile of danmaku. But enough talk... Have at you!