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From ZUN's website:
"Seems it's already time for Comiket 2011 to kick off.

I got caught up in a whirlwind of personal affairs, like moving to a new place, after I finished the master map for Ten Desires, but somehow the finished product came through.

The jacket seems rather calm. This will be what I have on sale tomorrow, so please come by and get one.

Touhou: Ten Desires is ¥1000, so please have your ¥1000 bills ready.

Whew, I've just been swamped with physical work, so I figure I might collapse even before the con starts, but I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

It'll be nice if the ground doesn't sway."

No. 7764
File 131316427352.jpg - (9.17KB , 284x328 , beermug.jpg ) [iqdb]
>It'll be nice if the ground doesn't sway.
That rascal.
No. 7765
File 131316562418.jpg - (506.45KB , 850x956 , Stupid Sexy Cirno 3.jpg ) [iqdb]
Considering that the earthquake happened just when he decided to release the demo, I can't blame him for being worried.
It's the 13th touhou, after all.
No. 7766
13 isn't an unlucky number for the Japanese.
No. 7770
4 and 9 are considered the unlucky numbers in East Asian tradition, right?
No. 7771
4 because it sounds like death. Maybe 9 too; I haven't heard that before though. Wiki mentions 4 but not 9 in the article on Triskaidekaphobia.
No. 7772
so, Nue is the Ex-midboss, and some tanuki girl is the EX boss. It's hilarious watching /a/ and other secondaries capslocking away in /jp/'s Ten Desires thread.
No. 7773
Torrent is up for anyone who hasn't grabbed it yet. Get to downloading and seed goddamnit.
No. 7774
Thnaks for hiding the names.
No. 7775
Look like there's no torrent yet.
No. 7776
MU link, if for some reason you haven't found one already: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IUONWS2A
No. 7777
I am incredibly disappointed with the entirety of this release. None of the music is particularly awesome, and I am not enamored with any characters so far. I pray my feelings will change upon a translation, that I might know what they are saying. Also, worst EX-boss yet.
No. 7778
That's the same way everyone felt right after the last two or three games. Give it time.
No. 7779
I agree with you about the EX-boss. For what I saw, I couldn't find any charisma in her.
I don't like her.
No. 7780
sounds like how folks reacted to UFO at first before the characters started to grow on them.
No. 7781
They reacted like that to every Touhou game. All of them. Even Highly Responsive to Prayers.

Tojiko has a sweet hat. Look at that thing.
No. 7782

Some of us still don't like them.
No. 7783
If you put some of us in front of something you can say whatever you want and it'll either be accurate or impossible to discount without a site-wide poll about the damn thing.

Some of us would rather sleep in a pile of rocks than beds.
Some of us hate Touhou.
Some of us find Hawaii to be beautiful this time of year.
No. 7784

This is true. I retract my statement.
No. 7786
From Mamizou's profile:

"She doesn't get along with foxes, though, and there's a rumor that no foxes live in Sado.
She would end up causing trouble with the foxes of Gensokyo, but that's a story for another day."

Next game is her vs Ran?
No. 7787
It's true that with time you come to accept them.

Right now I feel Mamizou's style doesn't fit with the Touhou universe, as if she's from a different game. She is cute, though.
No. 7788
That might be intentional. She does live outside of Gensokyo.
No. 7790
Yep and with each new group, there's a different sense of style. Nue herself had style that 800 years back, was ahead of the times.
No. 7792
Guess I should get the fuck back onto the wagon and do my due homework. Although the appearance of the newcomer cast is, gently said, not very encouraging.
I'm in it for the tits and frills and such, not furry bloody animal tails.
No. 7794
File 13135379339.jpg - (899.80KB , 4000x778 , 73c1e2b62bb1cda1eed9ba64c921e7d0.jpg ) [iqdb]
>I'm in it for the tits and frills and such, not furry bloody animal tails.
No. 7795
What the hell are you talking about, YAF.

There is only one character with a furry tail.
No. 7801
What about the zombies? I fucking hate zombies.
No. 7802
What the hell, you fool! Zombies are awesome!
No. 7803
They're not awesome, they're DEAD. That ain't right, man!
No. 7805
Being dead isn't incompatible with being awesome, as far as I know. Many painters became famous after dying.
No. 7807
Agreed, but those painters and other such artists didn't blithely hop and throw about in their graves, aside from a few rather special occasions, did they?
Although I'll give you that they've been doing it somewhat more recently, the internet being around and all. Still, I like me broads alive and warm, thank you very much. And free of superfluous appendages, if circumstances allow.
No. 7808
And here I thought YAF had a secret fetish for laser shooting lolis.
No. 7813
File 131358717930.png - (191.26KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2011-02-26-17h15m02s30.png ) [iqdb]
Related to Ten Desires, a patch is out: http://t.co/Rit48nl

Thank me, I'm a a nice person.
No. 7814
File 131360221871.png - (203.56KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2011-02-26-17h27m57s130.png ) [iqdb]

From 1.00a to 1.00c. I don't know if you need to upgrade to 1.00b before.
No. 7823
Just tried it. You don't.