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Original thread linked here: http://www.touhou-project.com/words/res/890.html (I don't know if there's an easier way to post a link to a URL...)
And massive credits to the original Artist of this image, I'll be using it for Harlan's Portrait as well.

Under normal circumstances, I'd have gone to the IRC before doing this, but it's being strange and not letting me connect... So I'm doing this!

First things first; Basic notes.

The main story is from the perspective of "Harlan "Wayne" Waynewright", a Cynical New-Canadian RCMP officer and (by the fifth chapter of the story) Gun-For-Hire.
Another character, Terrance Courtis, Accompanies Wayne across the winter wastes of England, France, Russia (Or Greece),and eventually Asia. It should take another 5, or maybe 7, chapters to get to Asia. At least, that's my hope... Bonus points if I can do it in less!
Joining the two men along the way will be one of five (Depending on choices made)Touhou characters. Why five and not just Yukari dropping her unique sense of humour on two relative nobodies? Well, I wanted to be different, or at least, that's the cop-out answer...

The long answer goes thus: almost (ALMOST) everyone uses Yukari as a scapegoat for getting random people into an inherently messed up place. Thing is, Gensokyo is still a part of our world, but separated (Like a demi-plane if you play D&D. Or at least, that's my understanding of things).
As a part of our world it has easily accessed entrances and exits. Plus, to convey my thoughts and story properly, both of my main characters have to be fully aware of the world around them. Makes for some interesting situations.

Of course, being the facetious Canadian bastard that I am, you aren't gonna know which five I've chosen, but there will be subtle hints on the way there, and a fairly major hint before the characters meet the purveyor of their eventual doom

Now on to; Characters!
*Disclaimer: Not one character in this story is going to know anything about what's going on in America. As this story does not take place in the States. So, artistic license ho'!

Harlan "Wayne" Waynewright (As I've said earlier) is a cynical New-Canadian "Police" officer. In this version of the fallout world, post-war Canadian's have once more reverted to their Colonial era mindset. Meaning that they're a proud and cautious warrior tribe made even more dangerous with the inclusion of automatic weapons.
RCMP Officers are still trained to ride, but now they ride anything that doesn't try to eat them. Harlan himself, however, does not yet have a mount. RCMP officers are now trained as soldiers in the most inhospitable areas of Canada, and the US. They have amazing tolerance for extreme temperatures, they have amazing long-distance travel capabilities, and they are amazingly proficient Guerrilla fighters.
Harlan received his final year of training in Zion Valley, earning a spot in a (When New Vegas rolls around) long dead tribe that is not yet named. Harlan carries a salvaged Pip-boy 2000 from his time in Zion Valley.
Harlan's primary weapon is a pair of .45 caliber pistols (Possibly H&K, I have to find a good one that can survive harsh use or, barring that, near constant repairs and care). Pistols will be named "Valiance", and "Honour"

Terrance Courtis, or Terry for short. Is a "Rayleonard Institute" (Not to be confused with "The Institute" of FO3) combat scientist/medic who was sent to Ireland to track down and render useless a Rayleonard prototype combat robot that ran rampant during a test.
Terry's weapon of choice is an unmodified Glock 86 plasma pistol.

This robot has become something of a god figure among a tribe in the Southern Irish mountains, sharing it's schematics for several Rayleonard-made energy weapons and power-armour. It's an important character in the story around the fourth chapter.

So onto part two; Outline chapter notes!

Chapter one: Winter Sabbatical.

Harlan arrives in Ireland and begins his long three day hike from Galway port to Dublin.

Hears a rumour from a local bartender in Galway about strange goings on in the area pertaining to a god that "Spews thunder and fire from it's fingertips" fighting a "Strange girl" before being forced to retreat.

Walking tour of post apocalyptic Ireland before Harlan sets up a small camp for the night.

Chapter two: Old roads never traveled.

Day two of Harlan's journey begins as he comes to a unique dilemma, take the quicker and easier path down the N6/M6, and N4 roads straight to Dublin. Or go as the crow flies and try to map a different path across the uncharted Irish wilderness.

Either way, Harlan meets Terrance in this chapter and the two converse before deciding to travel together.

Setting up camp after more walking.

Chapter three: A slap across the wrist.

Harlan and Terrance stray into tribal territory and are mistaken as residents from another tribe, and are told to return with the tribe to their camp so they can speak with the elder.

Harlan and Terry choose to go, not wanting to start a fight being out-numbered and out-gunned.

Short conversation with the "God" of the tribe, a prototype combat robot, before the chapter ends.

Chapter four: A .45 caliber slap across the face

Harlan and Terry formulate a plan to destroy the "Calg" (Short for "Teimel Calg", or Exotic blade of Shadow in Irish Gaelic)

The plan fails and the two are taken prisoner and offered an opportunity to make a few final statements before being publicly executed:
*Vote specifics are set in stone. Wording, however, may change a little.

[Branch 'A'] Vote: "Do something, anything. As long as it's loud and stalls for time"

[Branch 'B'] Vote: "Pick the lock on the cuffs, the tribals clearly don't maintain them very well and picking them should be easy enough."

[Branch 'C'] Vote: "Balls. Show them how large yours are. Tackle the big one with the axe off the stage."

[Branch 'D'] Vote: "Go out with a laugh, at least come up with a snappy one-liner they can tell their grand-kids after they horribly maim you"

[Branch 'E'] Vote: "Tell them off, rant as loud as you can about how immortal you are and how you'll come back to haunt them after they kill you"

Depending on the winning vote a large fight breaks out in which [INSERT HEROINE HERE] basically saves Harlan and Terry from a near certain death. Terry gets shot in this fire-fight.

Chapter five: Passage (This chapter will mostly be used for character establishment and development, while revealing info about Harlan and Terry that isn't readily apparent.)

Harlan, Terry, and [INSERT HEROINE HERE] Finally make it to Dublin port, rest for a night, and then charter a boat to England.

Harlan muses about his past and current life, while at sea.

[INSERT HEROINE HERE] sees him alone and begins asking some complex personal questions.

Terry helps out around the boat as best he can.

Night falls and the group heads to their beds.

[INSERT HEROINE HERE] is unable to fall asleep and goes out on deck, musing about her own state of affairs.

Harlan is unable to sleep due to sea-sickness, and goes up on deck.

Harlan starts asking some complex personal questions about

Chapter ends as the boat pulls into a here-to-fore unnamed English Port (I'll poke through my Atlas again)

So that's what I've got so far! Hopefully I'll soon complete all seven character sheet examples and post them here so you can be a little more informed before chapter four. These sheets will detail perks, traits, current equipment, S.P.E.C.I.A.L., and skills of each character. I also hope that I can get the first Chapter done soon and have it posted. But I'll add more to this thread as time goes on.

Oh yeah, and I apologize in advance for any spelling or grammatical errors. I'm tired and I lack a preview function to proof-read my own post.

And feel free to pitch me ideas in this thread too, I'm always open to suggestions.

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First things first, I want to say go read Fallout Gensokyo. Right now. Do not even attempt this story without reading it.

Alright, now thats outta the way, I'm going to ask you, Are you sure you want to be putting this topic in here instead of /words/? I mean, after all, you are spoiling the first few 'chapters' of your story, albeit really tiny, but still there.

I'm not going to say this is good, nor am I going to say this is going to be worse then /blue/ during its period, Just get the story started when you feel its a good idea. Pitching for ideas is never a good idea for any writer, unless they're just general ideas.

Though, my advice is shit as the only thing I write is a whole fuckload of nothing.
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Way too long, so I didn't bother reading it all.

Either write something and post it up, or just stop. Also, nobody gives a shit about the character sheets. In fact, that would be something better left unseen. Usually in these sort of neckbeard stories, those are just flavor.
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Some of the most loved stories started with nothing but a concept. Just saying.
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replying to post 2.

Point the first: I don't see any point in writing if you aren't going to write a lot.

Point the second: There's that word again... "Neckbeard" I mean. I've seen it before in another thread. It was used under a derogatory context (not that I take that as an insult, I just don't understand the terminology). In any event, I always try to flesh out as much as possible. Food without flavouring is just bland paste, after all. But in that regard you do have a point: To much flavouring can be overwhelming. I'll take your advice to heart, though, and improve on that. There's always a happy middle-ground somewhere.

Reply to post 1: Two things; I've posted what I want people to know coming in, so that they know what to expect from the first little bit. Mostly coniferous trees, hills, wasteland, and talking. Things will pick up later in the story (Go, Cocky Assumption!). The second thing is; there's no such thing as bad advice, I value everything everyone posts, and is going to post, in my threads. I pride myself in that regard for being open-minded.

Reply to post 3: That's a very good point, but I find that I can't write that way.

General personal update (Although I'm sure no one cares about that...):

I think after I get back home tonight I'll post something a little more solid, in another board. General, or others? I'm a little confused as they both seem to have the same basic content.
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/th/ tends to be focused on gensokyo-roaming stories with no particular focus. /others/ is more for alternate realities and the like. You'd probably be more welcomed their, if only because of the saturation of /th/.
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/others/ and /th/ are both good choices, but I'd recommend /others/. Why? /th/ would land you in the 'shitty writer' territory in half a second. Unless you are 100% sure your story will be THAT story, then dont put it there, lest you want to be known as another 'one of those /th/ faggots'

Also, Putting it in /th/ may make some Anon say 'lolripoff fallout gensokyo faggot'. I'm not sure this would happen, but either way, stay away from /th/ at all costs.
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Thanks for the advice guys! Expect something there from me around... 12:30-ish am. Eastern Time.

Maybe less, depending on how distracted I get.
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Personal update:

Yeah, Never mind. I'm laying here in my bed trying to type this thing and I'm finding myself falling asleep. Hell,I was out for thirty minutes before my Budgie woke me up (Fucker bit my nose...) and screeched at me to go back to his cage for the night.

In any event I got a bit done. I'll see if I can finish the first post tomorrow and get it up in the morning, or at the latest (Because I'm heading out in the afternoon) evening.
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If you're having this hard a time finding inspiration/motivation, Dont post it yet. If the story drops though, dont say I didnt warn you.
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Why don't you just use the site's quote system? Click on a post's number and master the art of quoting.

>putting > before a sentence might also help you in your quest.
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He-Hey! Thanks for the tip, man. I was wondering how to do that.

Anyway, for the thread. Sorry I haven't been around, I had a project due for com-tech class that I needed to work on for the past week. And when I came back to this project I found that I wasn't writing as well any more. Plus my Eberron D&D campaign threw me into a really weird funk about writing.

But I'll post what I've got to prove that I am still alive (kind of...) and to prove that I have been writing (If you can call it that...).

Thanks for the warm reception guys.
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The warm welcome thing is something that actually surprises me. I always feel a good bit of reading helps stir up the whole writing process. Trying reading some of the Fallout-related storys on this site, maybe you'll get your grove back.