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Gentlemen! New (ish) writer here, already got a few threads under my belt. Just a minor question for the anon that I don't wish to ask within my own story thread. With all the language faggotry going on, from Japanese MCs speaking japanese to english-speaking MCs magically speaking Japanese, I have to wonder. Let's assume two people are speaking in Japanese, which has to be typed out in English lest the anon not understand, like so:

"Oh hello, Keine! How are you doing today?"

"Hello, Mokou! I am doing quite well, thank you."

Now, these two are speaking Japanese. Presumably. However, a big part of the Japanese language is honorifics. Would it be appropriate to add them, in this instance? i.e.:

"Oh hello, Keine-sama*! How are you doing today?"

"Hello, Mokou-san*! I am doing quite well, thank you."

(*Note: This OP does not know if these are the correct titles. His knowledge of Japanese is limited and considered extremely poor.)

Do you think it's acceptable? Is this the same as adding them in for the entire damned story? Would it only be appropriate when characters are speaking Japanese?

Pic related - Bracing for shitstorm.

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Hahaha. If your Japanese is that poor, don't bother.

if your japanese isn't that poor, don't bother
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Personally speaking, you shouldn't use them. Don't get caught up on the meta-issue of what language the characters are technically speaking. Treat this like a translation if you have to; you're conveying the essence of the conversation, not transcribing everything as literally as possible. You should be able to express the different levels of familiarity, formality, and intimacy between characters with your dialogue and narrative without having to use honorifics.

Still, "opinions." Feel free to do whatever. Your story, your rules. Just expect to catch some shit and/or have a damn good reason for your decision.

Sage for obvious reasons.
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Test it and find out. Asking questions on here yields to little answers, let alone a good one. However >>7733 is kinda right.
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Please don't.
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Chill fellas, it's just a crazy idea.

If I didn't pursue them on the occasion, we'd be down one (shitty) story.

If anyone else would like to weigh in, I'd still be interested in listening.
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I usually use whatever is an acceptable English equivalent, but sometimes there are none.

For example, if you want to convey that two characters are friends but are still comparatively distant, in Japanese you would have them use -san to address. While Mr./Ms. would be correct in most other cases, in this one it puts a little too much distance and formality between the two characters. There's no equivalent for "senpai," for that matter. You can refer to someone as your senior, but you can't call them senior.

Still, I don't really recommend using honorifics at all, since they're usually the first sign of weeabooism and will not earn you any respect around here.
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Throwing in honorifics is no different from throwing in random Japanese words for no reason. It doesn't matter if it's a meta-issue; if your story is in English you write it in English. There's also the applied Black Tewi clause in effect. Because you are writing a story within Gensokyo, it is your own Gensokyo. As long as you imagine it, it's your own contained little canon. There's no such thing as a meta-issue if you don't make it yourself, as is evidenced by nobody doing that shit, anywhere.

And besides. I don't want that on my site.
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>my site
Even if I agree with you, you're kind of sour.
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>i dont want that on my site, yet i clearly said its your story

I thought most admins had majored in some form of english, or at LEAST bullshitery. But you do have a point. Some of Anon may like your story, some of them may not. If half the thread is telling to to get the fuck out, or saying it more 'politely' (i.e. kindly get the fuck out), dont do what many other writers do and think of it as joking between friends, or just some 'stupid trolls'. If you want to take the risk with honorifics, just go for it.
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Honorifics are kept in translations because there are potential subtleties involved that are pretty much impossible to translate. If you're already writing in English, those subtleties aren't going to exist, so there's no reason to use them.
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Japanese honourifics in English stories are for fags.
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u's after o's are for limeys.