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You have use of Yukari's control of boundaries for one hour. What do you do with this?

No. 7628
At least post full size images, goddamn.
No. 7629
Okay, I went along with the first one because it had the potential to generate interesting discussion, but this is too far. Either drop the trip and keep the banal questions to a minimum or go bother Pooshlmer.
No. 7630
You have a site mostly run by Anonymous, and keep making shitty threads that is even below Pooshlmer. What do you do with this?
No. 7632
I am pretty confused by this....

I gather then that this is almost entirely a shipwriting website disguised as a chan... I write all my ships in google docs though and am too lazy to be social about them except on IRC; I'll stop posting here now then.
No. 7633
Did you say shipwriting? I suggest you lurk much, much more before posting anything.
No. 7634
Wow, did you look at the main page, the threads at the top of this board, or any part of this site before posting? Because it sure sounds like you just jumped into making shitty posts here before even knowing a thing about the place.
No. 7635

Great. Another bleeding little shit. Please come back when your balls have dropped, mkay?
No. 7636
>shipwriting website

I must admit, I am not well versed in faggotese. Just what the fuck is this guy getting on about?
No. 7637
Perhaps he meant to imply we were a Shipwright website?
No. 7638
I've never seen shipwriting before, but ship is fan slang. It's easiest to just link tvtropes for this sort of shit, sorry.

Oh, and this guy is totally a troll. He has a tripcode. Do you really think someone like that would know how to obtain a tripcode?
No. 7639
Yes, sadly enough.


Imageboards stopped being the least bit counter-cultural/underground a while ago.
No. 7640
I don't like when that stuff leaks, but seeing it in its natural habitat isn't so bad. It's like a safari.
No. 7641
So I suppose it went from there to him searching for Cirno, and then Touhou imageboards?
No. 7705
My god. Almost everyone on that site uses a name. I mean, come on. That's what forums are for.
No. 7768
Make myself able to fucking draw and write.

Jerk off.


Jerk off.
No. 7769
>11/07/29 (Fri) 15:29
>11/08/12 (Fri) 21:14

Even ignoring that, why the fuck would you post in this awfully shitty thread anyways. You're not able to read the atmosphere, are you?
No. 7962

Because I occasional HERP my DERP. Apologies.

Can I post about how shit it is?