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Who in Gensokyo or connected areas (makai ect) would you be most afraid of and why?

Pic sorta related, her mindgames would be hellish.

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Nice thread.
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All right, I'll bite.

I would be afraid of Remilia. Why, you ask? She's an extremely powerful, extremely bored, and near omniscient due to her ability to see fates.

And she's childish.

A new person, an outsider, comes into the fold? I can see her obsessing. She has a time-stopping maid and powerful magician at her disposal, plus a superhuman (per se) gate guard and an insane sister for a last wildcard. If you get her attention, she'll probably play with you like a toy. Kept around as long as you're entertaining. One wrong move and she gets bored and next thing anyone knows, Sakuya is feeding bits of your body to the giant catfish in the misty lake.
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So you got eaten by Rumia, listened to Lunasa's music until you slit your wrists, or one of Tewi's pranks went horribly wrong. So? It takes longer to get to and from the store than it does the land of the dead. It's gardener teasan games and ogling incorporeal ghost princess bosoms (or, in the event that you had some major regrets, satori teasan games and ogling corporeal oni bosoms) for the rest of existence for you.

Unless a certain yama happens to hold you in contempt, and then it's "there are some troubling remarks here on your permanent record sir" and "well we just had a free spot open up in Judecca from a sinner's soul being snuffed from existence by Satan's gnashing maw" and all of a sudden the short jokes and playing keep-away with her hat no longer seem worth it in retrospect.

Remember, it's not the fall, it's the sudden stop at the end, and in Gensokyo, the sudden stop is an uptight, workaholic bureaucrat.
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Yukari Yakumo.
Because she's extremely powerful, and she's a youkai. Which means that she doesn't have any real empathy toward anyone else.
And, she's also unpredictable. Ran might kill you and eat you, but Yukari can abduct you, throw you away fora while, and come back at you without any obvious reason.

And since there's no justice in Gensokyo, she's free to do what she wants. She's neither benevolent, neither malevolent, and she's never making the perfect move in a chess game, making her unpredictable and extremely hard to defeat, even with just danmaku.
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Shinki, mostly because seriously fighting her would be fucking playing Pray to God on DooM, and the demons are all cyberdemons.

Also, standard Yukari response for everything.