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Has any story ever had a scene where the protagonist shares a shower with another character?

No. 7473
Every CYOA in /at/ is one example.
No. 7474

Except that one Aya CYOA where anon was too stupid to let a dumb thing such as a locked door get to Momiji. Yes I'm mad.
No. 7475
Gensokyo High.
No. 7476
Link. I do not remember this.
No. 7477
I don't remember the protagonist sharing a shower. What I do remember is that there was going to be that scene, but Taisa stopped writing it.
No. 7479
Archetype of Self over in /shrine/
No. 7481
Fallout Gensokyo with Renko
Gunman in Gensokyo with Aya
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Why couldn't you have asked this over in the recommendation thread? Goddamn, that's what the fucking thing is for.
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To make you upset.

Oops, forgot my sage.
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>more threads on my touhou-project?

it's not like this board is being spammed.