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I'm sure some of you have already seen this on /jp/, but I thought I would post it anyways.

This is a small project some dude whipped up for his class. As of current, you can select a touhou (temporary service, since people bitched about it,) and fight them against other peoples touhous. You gain experience as you level, go up in ranks, increase your stats, blah blah blah, that sort of shit.

The developer has grand plans for this now that people are interested in it, and he seems to be updating it at a incredibly quick rate. It has some potential to actually be pretty cool.

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It seems good at first glance, But whats stopping higher-ranked players from beating the shit out of lower-ranked players? The fact that theres XP could only make the game even more unbalanced.
No. 7424
Absolutely nothing at all. In fact, this is a major complaint from most of the people playing it. You must understand the game is less than a single day old. The dev-guy is working pretty had to balance it up a bit, but he can't do it all at once.
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OP isn't clear enough to interest me.
Is it a strategy game, like Final Fantasy?
Is it a fight game, like Soku?
No. 7428
Yes. It is a full-on fighting game, made in java for a school class project. Don't be silly.

It's a rock paper scissors type of deal, with some strategy and luck thrown in for good measure.
No. 7430
I made a Street Fighter clone as a midterm project for a sophomore-level OOP class. Not as complex as Soku, obviously, but 2D fighters aren't hard to program.
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>>7423 here, And the game is literally Rock Paper Scissors only without the Rock. You can either attack, shoot, defend, or evade, And none of these are guaranteed to work. You can attack someone whos defending, and that's literally the only action in the game that has 100% chance of hitting. You can attack someone whos shooting, or get shot instead. You can randomly miss your opponent with a head on attack, Or they can miss you, Or you can miss each other. The stats are not explained, There's already a hacker on the scoreboards, And you can only choose two touhous from what I see. The fact that you literally have to lose at least 170 times to get one touhou to level 20 at the least is a bad thing. This game is really just a giant rock, With a small topaz in it. Yeah, It's good for a school project or what the fuck ever its for, But other then that its crap. It could be good though, But at most its a timekiller, no matter how good the creator makes this game.

I'm going to give it an unimpressed out of ten.
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Match making has been implemented, stats have been slightly altered to fix most of those problems, and the dev is around to tweak things every day. Most of the things you have complained about don't exist in the game anymore. I imagine that is what happens when you judge a game on its merits when it is barely 2 days old.
No. 7447
Note the fact I pointed out that the game is a really big rock with a small jewel in the middle. It was me saying its horrible as it is now, only good for throwing at old peoples windows.
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What are the sprites from? Unless you made them all yourself, which is highly doubtful given how difficult that would be.

Also, the chatbox is full of faggots. Make it only so two people fighting can talk to eachother.
No. 7457
The sprites are from Pocket Wars iirc.

>the chatbox is full of faggots
I think you see why.
No. 7458
Tons of people from /a/ and other unsavory places have somehow found that site. The dev is making it a priority to implement a ban and mute system.
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Correct, the sprites are taken directly from the Touhou Pocket Wars games.
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I hope you give credit to them.